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Acrostic Romance Poems | Acrostic Poems About Romance

These Acrostic Romance poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Romance. These are the best examples of Acrostic Romance poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Reach For The Stars

Rising before me, are your eyes,.. like the stars
Embracing the light, while reflecting the moon
A room filled with people, ...yet it seems we're alone
Closer you've pulled me, as we dance to one song
Hearing old music, that we knew long ago

For, you and the night, have been here all along
Over the moon, where we wanted to be
Reaching for stars, in our own magic way

The questions I’ve asked, I know you have heard
Here and hereafter are just steps apart
Each step brings me still, gentle heart!

Some things are intended, that we never part
The place I belong, is always with you
All things I have longed for, I've had from the start
Reaching for stars,  .... I climbed over the moon
Stars shine in your eyes, as we dance to old tunes

For the Romantic Contest
Sponsored By Regina Riddle

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Angel Eyes Loving You Forever

Angel Eyes Loving You Forever

Always a dream as the stars wink and smile
Never ending beauty shines picture perfect 
Gifted when the moon smiles silver waves
Endless pleasure in a breath of wind sweet 
Love blowing goodnight wishes to Heaven 

Everlasting happiness sings with such elation 
You bring joy when echoes fall silent smiling
Eyes of emotions sparkle golden warm kisses
Sweetly the sun kisses a new day with you 

Longing for your passionate caress everyday
Oxygen needed to calm me down as we touch
Vivacious you are My Sweet always on my mind
In love always everyday with you my Dearest One 
Never ever wanting to leave your side at all   
Great things in abundance result from our love

You are simply the most wonderful person to me 
Our love is a mutual bond that binds us together
Unique signifies the nature of our love My Sweet

First always you are in my heart and soul My Love
Our love, desire, and passion are boundless always 
Ready always to take you in my arms Dearest One
Ever precious you are as my true love and soulmate 
Very intent and passionate always when thinking of us
Ever present we are now in each other’s life My Love
Remembering the love we share forever always one

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Poem, 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved (January 24, 2015) (Acrostic)

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Willow Tryst

Without words I follow you
Into the willow's sheltering shade,
Leaves softly swaying sweet welcome
Limbing a tree serenade;
Overhead song birds keep vigil
Watching love between man and maid.

Tambour rythym of two hearts
Racing, impetuous and free,
Yearning for love's sacred moment
Secretly shared with a willow tree;
Two lovers tryst, my husband with me.

October 5, 2014

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The Love Affair

That sultry night

Heavenly Hot He came

Endearing and Exciting

Like a summer scented waft

Oceanic eyes all over me,

Vulnerable and virtuous  to his kiss

Enchanted by the moment's bliss

All I am I  gave to him,

Forbidden fantasies He fulfilled.

Face to face We bid adieu

Away He sailed in distant waves

Iridescent shadows of his smile

Reminisce memories of last embrace. 

Not for the contest,but inspired 
by Regina Riddle's Romance contest

a fiction write

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A tender smile, a fleeting glance
Missed beats of hearts and minds in trance
One feels a sense of something whole
Rest warm and soothing in the soul
Outshining aura’s brilliant glow
Upsurge of passions soon bestow       
Strong flowing currents charged with fire
Now fanned and fed by love’s desire 
Emboldened hearts combine to share         
Surrender fears…lay each soul bare
Soon bond as one, their love declared.

© Sandra M. Haight 2014 
   All Rights Reserved

~4th Place~
Contest: Romantic Acrostic
Sponsor: Regina Riddle
Judged 10/8/2014

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he is her man

Her eyes float like butterfly’s 
Every time he passes by

It is love in his eyes
So much that he cries 

Her eyes glow when she sees him
Enough to be the sun
Ruther than the dazzling blue they are

 Matt’s eyes for Sharon 
Are sweet and with out bitterness
Now they have fond each other they wont let go

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Fighting again – what a shock
Our love seems to somehow be blocked
Really, let’s fix this mess
End bad feelings, distress
Value anew
Every trial we’ve been through 
Remember how much I love you

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                                                     HIND SIGHT

M oment by moment the hours tick by,
I n each one I wonder and ask myself why,
S ince you have left me I feel so alone,
S o utterly empty when I should have known,
I nviting you into my heart wasn#t wise,
N ot when I knew you had other ties,
G one now the laughter of warm Summer days,

Y ou took them all with you, not wanting to stay.
O nly you coulld get under my skin like you did.
U ntil you came along I was just a big kid.

T hen I met you and everything changed,
E xcept for the fact that you were estranged,
R ecently leaving a home and a wife,
R evealing to me you still wanted that life.
I n all that you said and all that you did,
B ut I wanted you so I put in my bid,
L ike a fool I gambled my all and I lost,
Y ou were honest with me and well worth the cost.

                                                                           Judy Ball

Don't ever let yourself get caught up in an affair.
When it's over it's just not worth the pain and embarrassment.
If someone is married they are off limits and if you are married you are not free to sample the other stuff out there.
You could lose everything for a cheap, very temporary thrill.
Let cooler heads prevail and don't let your loins think for you.

This poem was written to convey this message.
It is , however pure fiction so don't feel sorry for me. ;)

For Aye, Aye And A Mistress Contest by Debbie Guzzi

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Between rainfall and the glint of night pearls enchanting is air, a minty cologne where toes go barefoot to wade and unfurl into a pour of lips glowingly sewn. Touches ripen the aftertaste of dew catching a stardust with beguiled ardor heady the flight of promises renewed even the mist hums an intimate lore drenched in words,”You are my forevermore…” Regina Riddle's Romantic Acrostics 10/8/1014

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Generous nature nurturing our plants and family too
Altruism sprinkled with lots of hopes and loving care
Reaching for the sun and spreading warmth to many souls
Daffodils her Springtime flower pushing through the ground
Energetic grandchildren are fertilized with play
Neila My Forever Love, The Gardener of My Dreams

©2013 Rick Zablocki

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Time and fate must have connive as they 
Remembered: You and I..
Unforgettable are your shining blue eyes,
They are more beautiful than any stars. 
Heartbeats then spring in swings of summer blooms.

Accident, they said it before,
But I believe, our rendezvous: a tiger lily style.
Opposite we are, yet our chemistry a perfect mix.
Up down to cold fire situations, 
These differences brought about strengths.

Firework feelings fish to
Oceanic tides as you and me come close in rhyme.
Reasons, a candle lighted dinner of bridge and grudge,
Enveloping us both in warmer lights.
Verdict of love is a truth about forever risk.
Encountering solitary hearts to thrive
Round sick health raptures stroking eternal love.

October 10, 2014

Sponsor	Regina Riddle
Contest Name	Romantic Acrostic 
placed 2nd, to God be the glory.. :)

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Teaching a Young Lover

The first time witnessing the twain mountain peaks,
High above the echoes of our heart beat,
Erected I stood, in awe I stare, with eyes devouring nature’s beautiful souvenir.

Below the Twin crags fingers softly stroll along a sweat drenched path.
Inch by inch digits artfully tread around a shallow furrow.
Racing heart beats are like the wings of a thousand sparrows.
Down in yonder valley two fingers gently creep.
Skin shivers on the mound where the fescue freely grows. 

Along the cleft, in the distal knoll, a tributary streams.
Near the wet land is a cave, a place of fertile dreams.
Desire drives daring digits to dive deeper into the warm unknown.

Tell me lover, tell me more about the birds and the bees.
How did the stork bring mother a girl like me?
Every time you’re next to me, what is it that I feel?

Blazing like a fire is this tension in my blood.
Enthralled me with your touch
Engulf me in your love. 
Serinade me with these words: "I love you, oh so much."

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I caress you in my arms
and your beauty alarms me...
your soft skin disarms me
and your musical voice charms me...
I lose myself within you
everytime our lovemaking begins a new...
And I knew in that moment
that I had to vent my sentiments
I love you and my essence would plead too
that I drink you, I eat you, and I breath you
...I need you!...

By Soul's Floetry 

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Dazzling and inherent beauty
Inspiring ability within
Animating my e-motion
Maximizing my passion
Onto gravitating excellence
Needed to have my precious

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To your lips, I find LOVE...

Upon your face, I find LIFE!

Living with you all through the years

I lived a life that would meant forever...

Promises will be fulfilled, 
       each day that we're together

So many dreams will be accomplished
     with a love that never ends!

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You're The Only One For Me

I love you darling for your devotion and unconditional love
We've had a special relationship since the day we met
I've only to ask for help my dear and you've been there for me
Lying with you everyday you whisper tender words in my ear
Later we'll make love and I'll fall asleep in your loving arms
Lovely romantic gifts such as chocolates, candy and flowers
Over the years you've given me to show how much you care
Valuable than gold are the memories we've shared my love
Evermore to be in my heart and remembered each year from now
You're my sunshine in the morning and my stars at night
Our first kiss is one that I'll remember the rest of my life
Until I met you I didn't know what it meant to be loved
As I walked towards you down the aisle on our Wedding Day
Looking very proud as you stood there in your black suit
Waiting for me to join you at the altar with a smile on your face
As I stood beside you there, together we recited our vows
You and I were now joined as one, as husband and wife
Since that day we've been on a journey side by side for life.

Valentine's Day is very special to us because it was the day that my husband proposed to me as well. It's a time for Lovers.

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Can’t get you out of my head
Oh pretty woman
Under the moon of love
Reach out I’ll be there
Sometimes when we touch
Hopelessly devoted to you
It must be love
Perfect day

Contest: Romantic Acrostic (created using song titles) 
Sponsor: Regina Riddle
~awarded 1st place~

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Like a candle, 
        you sacrifice yourself...

In every tears you shed, 
       I know you suffered

Giving me warmth, hope and life

How noble is your love!

To die and lose yourself,
    just to pull me away from darkness 
          and heartache!

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R – ound-table on romance
O – ver thinking should not even play a role
M – ore a case spontaneity 
A – mple companionship
N – ot afraid to show how you feel
C – lad with mutual love and trust
E – mbark on a journey together for life

Date: 26 December 2011
Name: Wilma 
Contest Name: Romance 


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Roses of love have thorns...
       to protect and guard our hearts

Our love might encountered all kinds
       of hurdles and blocks!

So have no fear,
      always rely on me my dear

Every time, I am wishing for your love
       to cherish your precious heart

Since that day, you governed my life....
     every minute, every second!

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MUSIC to my heart...
        for the melody and harmony is perfect!

ORCHESTRATE and compose, a rhythm so sweet

ZEALOUSLY filled with devotion and full of life

AND THE HYMNS and tones will be synchronized

RIGHT at this moment, what I've felt is love

THE SONG itself that touches one's heart
         fills the emptiness inside!

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The bluest skies

The bluest skies, don't seem so blue. And the stars seem a little dimmer too. Now that your around , you put 'em all to shame. Let me break it down 'cause what I'm tryin to say is, no one gets me, like you when you kiss me. Girl, you rock me harder than some downtown band. I thought I knew what love was, but I didn't have a clue. I've never found anything that makes me feel like I do about you. You know i love u with all my heart and we got the realest relationship ever and im happy ! And i see that some girl is goin to call out my name all because you wont talk to her because of me lmao she can fall back for real ! haha but i guess we gotta get to sleep and i get to be so lucky to wake up in the mornin laying right next to you love you baby and I always will.

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Bridge Over Troubled Water

If you want me to care
You will have to share.
Need someone to love.
A heart for your glove,
Friend with some flare,
I’m the one, which is true.
Sailing across the ocean blue,
Right before your eyes,
Behind your path, below the skies,
Like a forever friend you know.
A guardian with special glow,
Bridge not me before my start.
Over previously broken heart,
Troubled days and nights are gone.
Water washes your heart at dawn.
I want you to believe my words.
Will you listen to singing birds?
Ease all the ills of your soul.
Your heart is my only goal.
Mind not, my passion will console.

written by
Cecil Hickman

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Love: An Acrostic Poem

L ips sending me

O ver the moon with

V isions of

E ternity

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Will You Be Mine,Forever

Will you accept this true seal?
You need to know that my love is true,
Be with me so I can be glee;
Mine is real;love you even when its not fine,
Forever cherish I you;my diamond!.

Decoding:Will you be mine,forever?[diamond!..fine,...glee~~true seal?...]

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Always, I will find no end

Remember with you, there's no room for loneliness

May I hold you tight 

As it is the last?

Give me your love,

Give me your trust

Existence of sufferings,

Days of sorrows

Days of turmoil

Or in whatever wave or storm

Now and forever, you'll never be alone!

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Angel Eyes Loving You Forever

Always a dream as the stars wink and smile
Never ending beauty shines picture perfect 
Gifted when the moon smiles silver waves
Endless pleasure in a breath of wind sweet 
Love blowing goodnight wishes to Heaven 

Everlasting happiness sings with such elation 
You bring joy when echoes fall silent smiling
Eyes of emotions sparkle golden warm kisses
Sweetly the sun kisses a new day with you 

Longing for your passionate caress everyday
Oxygen needed to calm me down as we touch
Vivacious you are My Sweet always on my mind
In love always everyday with you my Dearest One 
Never ever wanting to leave your side at all   
Great things in abundance result from our love

You are simply the most wonderful person to me 
Our love is a mutual bond that binds us together
Unique signifies the nature of our love My Sweet

First always you are in my heart and soul My Love
Our love, desire, and passion are boundless always 
Ready always to take you in my arms Dearest One
Ever precious you are as my true love and soulmate 
Very intent and passionate always when thinking of us
Ever present we are now in each other’s life My Love
Remembering the love we share forever always one

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Poem, 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved (January 24, 2015) (Acrostic)

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Blue and wide is the blanket we have spread absorbing the sun's heat,
Enamored as Romeo and Juliet we feel what they felt: an increasing heartbeat;
Anticipating soft touches, followed by ardent kisses until moonlight arrives... 
Cuddled as they were, we ignore the glances of everyone taken by surprise.
Hushed words must remain whispers, if we are to satisfy our sensual needs. 
Bottles filled with messages are brought in by rolling waves, is ours still unread?
Lovely seagulls gather on splashing rocks, watching a lonely lady who weeps,  
Another heartbreak for someone who was happy in life, now completely sad;
Knowing the pain of betrayal, she will learn by error not to trust anyone again.    
Enticed by desire, we must roll back onto that soft blanket and revive romance, 
Totally unaware of our surroundings, we lose ourselves and become intense;    
Beholding what others never do, we know that faithful lovers always win.   
There's exceeding joy, an indefinite yearning to explore love in ways so new,  
Neither the distant stars nor the close moon refuse to shine on a blanket for two;
Grand as ever is their presence, luminous and breath-taking is their gleam... 
Onward they will slowly move, while we still embrace and continue to dream.

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Summer Sunset

Softly whisper to me
Under the evening sky.
Make my heart skip a beat.
Make my trembling breath sigh.
Endearing words of love,
Repeat them o'er and o'er.
Surrender your heart to me
Until it's yours no more.
Night is swiftly falling.
Sunset's glow is nigh.
Every beat of my heart is yours
'Til the day I die.

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SUMMON the deity of love to become visible
HEAR the cry…of a man’s lost soul!
ASCEND and occupy the throne of my wishes
KEEP all the stars together to fulfill my dreams
EVICT the forces of loneliness and heartache
SUPPRESS the strength of sorrow and grief
PERNICIOUS intentions must be cancelled
EVEN our self-serving and selfish motives must be deleted
ACQUIRE all the divine power inside your wholeness
REAP all the feelings of a good harvest
EXTRACT the juice of a good heart and pureness
	“let our heart and soul be nourished!”

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Youthfully you gaze
Our hearts are ablaze
Uniting us in spirit

Awesome is this feeling 
Rich in my heart
Embracing my being

Moments shared with you are such a pleasure
Your love my darling, I really do treasure

Visions of you, my hearts thief
Astonishingly excites me, beyond belief
Lost in your bliss, I’ll always be
Elated by your presence, naturally
Nourishing my heart, we blend seamlessly together
Twined like rope, infused with love forever
Insatiable is our love, memorable are our nights 
Noticeably missing when you’re not in my sight
Everlasting is our love and intertwined are our hearts.

for "Your Most Romantic Poem of 2014" contest
Sponsor - Rhonda Johnson Saunders
10/7/2014 - date posted

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Up to the sky where there millions of stars
     I've noticed you because you're so bright!

Now deep at the ground where the precious diamonds reside,
     I believe you're the precious gem of my heart!

I know you stand out among others

Very sure this love of mine would be forever...

Endless vows and sweet romance

Right there where God gave us a second chance! 

So our dreams would be fulfilled to accomplish our fate

Every falling star would be a sign of  love that springs within our hearts.

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K ind words expressed with a sure loving heart
S imply stated it brings peace filled with art
Y ou must find gentle romance where there’s none
A lways you will hold your heartfelt loved one

Russell Sivey

Contest: Captcha Acrostic
Sponsor: Adam Hapworth


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touch me

Take my wrists and tie them with your fingers,
Open my lips with your tongue and kiss me deeply.
Undress me in a slow sensuous speed.
Come to me and fulfill my incredible need.
Hold me as you take me high, make me fly.

My life, my love, I surrender my soul to you.
Enter my heart, touch me and make me new.

For contest romance acrostic
date 10-05-2014

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Secrets of love within your heart
Truly shown in your eyes every time you smile
And the moment you give me a kiss
Rolling thunder to my heart exists!

Win or defeated, conquered or triumphed
Always faithful, allegiance is sure
Rely on me, whenever you fell and wounded
So many nights I pray that you come back 
   to continue the love we left behind...

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P act with wild love, suchlike riot act of flames on sun. 
A ttract and magnify love, subtract pain.  
C ontroling motions of sexual act, as I pact you overreact.
T iny sweet taste of vanilla extract, silencing your sensual 
   speech act,enabling the act of you being pact.

W et whispers. 
I  Intensified. 
T angled poppets controlled by lust and love.  
H ermetically sealed and pact, within you,forever loved.

B reath taking, leaving behind love in respiratory tract.
E mbrace, loving impact, created by physical act.
A lways rolling over,in my arms,after accomplished act.
U nder roof, breathing hot air pact with ecstasy. 
T ingling after effects,pact with bliss of a kiss. 
Y awning,we fall to sleep on clouds pact with contentment and 
  dreams pact with beauty.

Pact Poetry Contest
Sponsor:Paula Swanson

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''Grab Me''

Transfer your warmth=passions' embrace.
Ravished love,yet patience refrain.
Embellish the scent that allures me in.
Moistened lips,lay a silk shine.
Breathe your candy apple perfume.
Lavished bliss in satin sheets.
Elusive light on sheltered moments.
Descent of night,still hands entangled.
Loathe the end,''Must the sun rise?''
Eager for unwanted despair to cease.
Groveling eyes that weep.
Solace sweet rosemary cheeks for days of tempted impulse.

written by...Kacey Greenlee
for the Deep and Dramatic poetry contest....
sponsored by ...Constance La France...

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Tell me my love, against the rain, against the dark
If always inside your heart
True love has been truly marked
And it will never sink no matter what
Never will it fade, never will it banish
I will never leave you even in darkness
Can't you see my love for you is endless!

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Night seems so long
And loneliness strikes like a storm
Running away from miseries
Closing my eyes can't hide the emptiness
I know, I can't be with you
Sorry, I can't stop loving you
Saying my prayers that may time run so fast
Up to the moment when fate reaches your heart
So that when I find you again....
      'your love will ease all the pain!

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(Acrostic) Inviting you here in my sweet arms oh my Love Longing more for you I just look at the sky above Over and over I stare at your handsome picture face Visiting in my mind all those times places that I know Endearing to me you are in everything and that's so You are like a refreshing spring breeze very fresh falling rain Over and over in my heart and soul your love is just divine Until you come over all the time and every single day to me More and more and this is the way it will always with me be On you am here resting all my trusting true love and heart Resting and touching with my hands your body to glow start Eternity I'd want to spend all my life only with you And everyday I just want to love you more and more Nothing like this I've felt for anyone else in my heart before Darling, you're the only one that my whole heart wants now Meanwhile my very heart and soul are only yours and that's so Oh yes, I just know that without a doubt that You are the one Reach out for my heart and hand my Love and my whole life Embrace me now in your strong arms, and never let me go cause You're the one! Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 aka ladylove copyright@2014 December,06,2014

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Charles is my man, and cool as can be
And I know he truely loves me
I feel the same about him, with all my heart
I have my times when I want to rip him apart

But he would do anything for me
And I think he is faithful to me
But if he is not, what man is?
It will soon come to light, 
But there will be no fight

I would gone and let him go
And tell him so long
Hope you have a good life
Cause I am not willing to pay that price

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Passion Is My Middle Name

P assionately in love with you, you are the breath stokes
A lasting flame, ignites my senses. Your measured strokes
S teadily calm my screaming desires. Your massage
S oothes aching follow with a barrage
I ntense of seductive touch. Stimulate with your every move.
O verpower me and I submit willingly with nothing to prove
N ow or ever...comfortable in our own skins our own looks.
A lways as one even lying apart reading separate books.
T his confidence we share...revel in the thought of you and me
E ternally swimming safe in the depths of our own private sea.

Oct. 06 2014
Regina Riddle

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Romantic nights acrostic end of line contest

Romantic nights

Remember those times when we were ......young
Or did I dream it all, it wasn't really ...........true
Memories fade when your old
Always I can feel your arms around me, ..... I
Nurture these thoughts, 
Tender times with young ideals we were .in
Intimate touching setting alight ..........................fires
Caressing each other to release the .....................flame
Nights of passion, whispered ............................promises
I cry when I remember the pain of you leaving
Going away leaving me alone ............................ never
Having you close, to kiss and never too  .....forget,
Too many years, fighting for others ............future,
Soon you will return to a lifetime of ..........happiness

Penned 25 April 2014

Form Acrostic/end lines

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My life changer

May Heavens bless you today,
Young Lilly of Yoruba tribe.

Like sun shining upon caked sheabutter,
Is your resurrecting touch on my cheek;
For joy returns speedily to my moody heart,
Even as you wrap me in your nursing hands.

Cold of loneliness once froze me up,
How warm is the sweet smile on your face,
And when you shroud me, like shell its snail;
Newness replaces my sloughing  age;
Goddess of love can not be kinder,
Even when I think my sun is eclipsed,
Rising it is, because you truly care. 

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Endearing Always Forever

Passionately relentless loving me.
Tenderly, gently endearing sweetly me.
Slowly, softly lovingly romancing me.
Wanting relentlessly so passionately me.

Sweetly always forever endearingly.

Romancing lovingly so sweet you are to me.
Gently how you magically swept me off my feet.
Tenderly so gently how you love on me.
Softly so sweetly you kiss me.
Lovingly so gently you hold tightly.

Passionately, wan tingly, relentlessly your
breathing. Softly but heavily showing how
much you so passionately want me.
Holding on to me so tenderly.
Ever so gently kissing me.
Romancing sweetly me.

Endearing Always Forever Me.

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My Love - Word Acrostic

(Word Acrostic) SOMEWHERE, there I have found you IN my heart I just know TIME, will make this love grow MY heart now is no more blue. LOVE will have its golden day I've dreamt so much of you KNOW in my heart that you're my Love YOU are! and that's all I just knew ARE you the one? I heard my name you whisper WAITING for you, for so long, for so many years, FOR what do I know? My heart was filled of fears. ME and you, at last together, for us no more tears. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 November,28,2014

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                           JANUARY WAS ANTARCTICA.....
                           OCTOBER A BEACH IN BALI......
                           ALMOST FORGOT HONG KONG AT EASTER.....
                           NEW YEARS DAY IN SYDNEY......
                           NOW WHERE TO NEXT MY LOVE.....
                           EMIGRATE TO ENGLAND?......

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Moving on through this life is really so hard
Of course, without your undying love
Now that you look straight into my eyes
And I can't decipher your enigmatic smile

Love, cry it out!
If love really hurts
So everything that bothers you would escaped
And dry your tears because my heart would really break!

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R- Ravishing moods that start out the night
O- Only 2 people cause it makes it just right.
M- Mesmerize each other, put tingles on the spine.
A- Adore with the finger tip, make them feel fine.
N- Naughty secrets told in the ear.
C- Captivating conversation, that takes away any fear.
E- Energy at its finest, a solemn tear.

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A Doubtless Mind

One can

Deny my
Overwhelming love and
Uncontrollable desire for you.
Being in your arms and feeling your

Nothing but completely

You have

Made my
Inner thoughts of true happiness feel so 
Natural that I know it's my 
Destiny to share my love and life with you.

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Lovely is this day break, with a new dawns light hitting her face and my window sill.

Opious traits can be discerned, as i kiss her lips, carrying the sweetest taste of amaretto.

Very slowly i arise back into thought and nontheless delv

Excitedly into the depth of emotion only her love can achieve.

Lay your head down my rising angel,

You shouldnt revel, even if so beautifully.



Sleep tight my angel,

Sleep tight my lovely...


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Passion with true love I sincerely seek,
As I set my eyes on you ,my voice quavers,
Sweet sensation runs through my spine as I was
Stunned by your personality and zeal for kindness which is
Inspiring and full of affection that can melt a stone heart,
Over a wire gauze of pride ,weakness and emotion,
No lady has ever made me feel this way-tantalizing!. 

CONTEST:"Romantic Acrostic" sponsored by Regina Riddle.

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Romance Miracle

Really romantic days and knights
Osentacious representations of a divine component
Miracles of friendship and valour
Accurate representatives of God
New and exciting quests of humanity
Comprehensive days at university
Excellence and learning leading to a future kingdom

Now evolving slowly and platonically
Ouvert signs of companionship
Versed with complexity and warmth
Editing passages with God's knowledge
Love intangible and confidential

Author:Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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I ndecisive love
N ever losing touch

T wice is a deadly game.
H ope is always there
E ven when love is indecisive.

M y life is attached to yours.
O pen up.
O pen up.
D o not let go.

F or I am in the mood for love.
O ur total eclipse of the heart
R eal time we will spend together.

L ies have ended.
O ur minds are at ease.
V eracity we promise.
E ffervescent is our vitality.

A gony is not our thing.
G iving each other happiness
A ll we want is bliss.
I n this game of kisses
N ear is our dynasty.

I am in the mood for love once again.
      Our destiny is sealed and we are best friends.
Penned on May 10, 2014!
For In the Mood for Love Again Contest!

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My thoughts are often filled with longing
Yearning for a love to call my own

Thinking of strong arms to hold me;
Hands so loving they touch my very soul.
Overjoyed by his attentions I turn to face my love.
Unabashedly, I give myself to his lips
Grasping his very essence towards me,
Hungry and demanding; we become one.
To him I am his dream, the one he has long
Searched for; meant to be his love forevermore

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February -love month

F-ebruary is the month of love
E-very year on the 14 th day
B-rings lovers to buy chocolates or flowers
R-eminders of the special person in their life
U-sually a special token of affection
A-n act, of pure love
R-ightfully so, for love is in the air
Y-ou and your mate making a date.

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Broken promises a better days love

Yesterday I found a tear stained love letter                                                                       All the promises how it all would be better
My eyes are very clear and dry now 
Troubles of then are troubles of now 
Seemed so long ago those days surreal
So I found a letter of tear stained love unsealed                                                              Far back in the recesses of my broken heart 
Away from the lock and key emotions restart

Now tears flowing growing from a fruitful life
It was not meant that you were to be my wife
Looks can be deceiving giving the benefit of the doubt
As to set it free if it returns it's yours it never was it turns out
Though as cliche as the love crying in the rain
They're with me even today just memories unlike you
Here to stay is another keeping promises away from the blue 
To see the tears of joy streaming down my face 
Stay awhile witness the arms of a loving embrace 

Oh I found a tear stained love letter 
I think it is from you trying to make things better
Believe me it was kept all this time with care 
In the locket of my heart to one day share
Yesterday I found a letter of tear stained love

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For old times' sake, come back to me,
O my Susana, my love. With
Rue my heart is laden.

Listen to the cries of my pining heart,
O my Susana, do come!
Vanquish this loneliness and
Embrace me in your loving arms;
'Save! Save me from this misery.

Susana, my enchantress,
Awaken the passion of yore,
Kiss me with thy burning desire and
Entice my soul with the magic of love!

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kiss me

kiss me like you miss me
tounge me down 
your kisses are so sweet
something like sugar but a little sweeter
it feels so good when your lips touch me
i tingle
i get the butterflies
my oh my a kiss 
a kiss can lead to soo many things
my mind goes other places when we kiss
your kiss makes me weak
your beautiful lips
so soft
omg i love these feeling
im blind as a bat
but i can sense the feelings
the love coming from your kisses 
words cant explain how much i adore your kisses 
lets keep kissing 
i love when we kiss
lets keep kissing non stop
i love kissing im sorry
once i kiss i never want to stop  
kissing is my drug
that im addicted too

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In The Mood For Love Again

     In The Mood For Love Again

Insomnia comes on again 
Night slows the pace of nature
The show girls hit the clubs
Hide from love
Ethereal sounds fill the air 
Music comes from everywhere
On Tuesdays drinks are free
Only police can keep the peace 
Drunks walk the streets like zombies in a sleep
For hours finding nothing there
Ordinary couple’s watch their children slumber
Remembering when they themselves were younger
Love would fill their waking hours
Over bridges and past the mighty towers
Vigilance and light would guide them on their walks
Eternity was always with them in their secret talks
As they found their favorite bar
Geared up to party near and far
And give the night a chance to find romance
Intrinsic in loves eternal dance
Night clubs fill in that void to love again once more

                                                      5/16/14 Acrostic -In the mood for love again contest

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Romance Acrostic

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Acrostic Symbols

Lunar observation  -  vehement eclipse
Insolvable notions suffocate ideas. Dead ends.
Naked  - onerous  - torrent
Dilute obviate
Silent torment inside lost lacuna
Energize vexation   -   every rationalization
Yourself -  odious   -  unquiet

Friday December 5th 2014 

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Dear wife I dedicate love for you in more than one word.
Excitedly you call me your dear husband with sincere love.
Delivering laughter and passion, that we share every day,
I adore every part of you, even words that seem unheard.
Cause my dear wife; I have selective hearing they talk of.
Actually, even when I don’t admit, I hear all that you say.
Telling you each day, I love you; seems not enough to me.
I have love and respect, for the love that comes from thee.
Only the Angels in heaven know my true feelings in esprit.
Now I display eternal love, placing it upon Heavens marquee.

To my wife who is glorious beyond the stars.
She blesses my spirit wiping away my scars.
My love I would embed upon the planet mars

written for

Sponsor Constance La France ` A Rambling Poet ~ 
Contest Name A Short Poem, Please

written by
Cecil Hickman

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FELICIA (dedicated to the efforts of all on the HIV/AIDS scourge)

Rapturous ecstasy emanates from the town
Everyone, everywhere spoke of this damsel
She has just newly packed into town
Gossips could be seen around in their clusters:
"Who is she and where is she from?"

More to that, like a magnetic attraction
Felicia draws the attention of residents to herself
Wives are holding tight to their husbands;
The surely of Felicia is surely a threat.
Not even with her skimpy skirts and dresses

Felicia cuts the image of an angel
With her flawless grammar and sense of humour
The bulge of her regions make lookers apopletic
Her steps typify the menacing walk of a cat
She has all it takes for men to turn around

Society people want to have a taste of her
Women desire her to boost their ego
The mighty, the influential and intellectual inclusive
A King once offered her half of his kingdom
A Governor dangled a mouth-watering contract
A Vice Chancellor even offered her 'Medicine Admission'

Felicia suddenly became cheap and accessible
Initial ego and applause faded into thin air
She went up for the Goliaths to chew,
She came down for the crawling to lick.
She offered her body, a ransom for all
Promiscous men were happy to have their fill

Gloom, sorrow and tears soon pervaded the town
The toll of death was rising by the day
Surviving men depict postures of 'Somalian famine'
Their blood almost drained to the marrows
There was a peculiarity in their deaths
Only those who pitched tents with Felicia are victims

Soon the mist began to clear
I then could see beyond the ordinary
I'd ransacked every material available for clarity
The word of knowledge then came from ABOVE
The second name of FELICIA is AIDS

(c) WP May 1999

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Day At The Beach

Day At The Beach   

Beautiful girls go bouncing by
Each suit designed to catch the eye
Ample bodies lean and tanned
Catch rays while lounging on the sand
Heavenly bodies to be sure
Before the young men they demure
Laughing, teasing, acting coy
Attempting to attract a boy
Neath their amber colored glasses
Keeping score as each boy passes
Emotions rising like the tide
Trying seriously to decide
Between the varied beach-boys who
Intentionally show off near you
Never letting on that they
Get giddy when you look their way
Oh if you'd just come out and play