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Acrostic Philosophy Poems | Acrostic Poems About Philosophy

These Acrostic Philosophy poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Philosophy. These are the best examples of Acrostic Philosophy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Open Sores

I am a coward with open sores. 
I write and wonder who it bores. 
I hear my heart and mind argue repeatedly. 
I see others carrying out my dreams; 
that’s what’s defeated me.
I am a coward with open sores. 
I pretend open doors are closed, and walk the other way. 
I touch base with the fear in my heart, tearing me apart,
leaving nothing to say... 
I worry the world will leave me. 
I cry because no one believes in me. 

I am a coward with open sores. 
I understand nothing comes easy. 
I say I’m happy, but even I don’t believe me. 
I dream I am healed and brave. 
I try to overcome my weaknesses before I’m in my grave. 
I hope you hear me.
I’m on all fours. 
I am a coward with open sores. 

©  2011  ~JSLaM    


* 1st PLACE in Contest "MARCH MADNESS" Sponsored by C. Devonshire 2011

* 1st PLACE in Contest "ONE OFF" Sponsored by Brian Strand 5/11/2011 

* 1st PLACE in Contest "BEST EVER" Sponsored by P.D. 2011

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Moon and Earth whirl in tidal-locked harmony
Undulating across onyx skies and blazing stars.
Lunar pantomime of the galactic waltz
Tripping the light fantastic for millennia.
Invisible spectrums radiate in undying waves
Vibrating, scattering throughout the cosmos.
Eons of celestial biorhythms aggrandize
Reaching beyond the limits of philosophy.
Stellar forces nudge all creation ever onward
Expanding into vast oceans of the cosmic void.

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So You Want To Know Me?

So sensationally super; Sagittarius son of John Spence
Pleasantly personable, and matriarch Maud Spence’s son
Enabling, exquisite, eloquent, evolving and enterprising
Naturally nice, no nonsense, and a nutritionist nobleman
Carrot consumer, constant comrade and cold-war veteran
Equitably enlightened, and just an elegant eggnog taster

Jumping Jupiter, a jubilant sundae lover, and just a jewel
Oppresso de liber, optimistically captivating; oratorical
Saintly passionate, succulent salmon sampler; sweetheart!
Exquisitely enchanting, enchantingly amatorious; éclat!
Playful, painstakingly passionate, pajama wearer, patient 
Handsomely helpful handyman, harmonizer of happiness

Sweet as syrup, shining armor off the shelf; savoir-faire!
Red-blooded poetry connoisseur and radioactively lovable!


Won Seventh Place Position
"Tell Me About You Contest"
June 16, 2010
Sponsored by Amy Green


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The Sun Rises- -The Moon Sets

These were set in motion from the beginning of time.
Heavens abound in each of their glory, power sublime.
Every excursion that they set upon revolves in rhyme.

Solar orb that secures life upon this planet we dwell.
Universally seen around our globe, for all to tell,
Never tiring it revolves, captured within its cell.

Rising up from its core, flares of powerful streams.
I respect what has risen from the sunny beams.
Sharing the glory that it has upon everyone, it seems.
Evident by the life that it supports even in dreams,
Solar star of daylight hours continue as nature deems.

Till nightfall approaches while another completes the set.
Helping to guide travelers for centuries the positions to get,
Evening ignites different phases upon this satellites debt.

Monthly revolutions of this celestial body sway the hours.
Orbital bliss has spoken richly along with romantic flowers.
Opening souls in sensuality and fulfilling romantic powers.
New moon to which many have fell into its magical showers.

Splendor of the night as it falls to set upon the new dawns light.
Exemplary versions follow a pattern, which marvels natural sight.
Take notice of what you may be missing each upcoming night.
Said, I’ve heard, old sailors delight, shining, enchantingly bright.

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Yesterday Acrostic

Yesterday I thought about the fears of tomorrow
All day I was sucked in that vacuum of sorrow
My worries weren’t grounded in reality
Troubles like these are not an extension of me
Seemed like the dread made sense at the start
So authentic, as if it came from a flow chart
Farfetched though, this assessment that I contrived
Away like some theories that are no more than jive

Now I must tell the truth by stating that fear
It is embarrassing, I know, but I need to be clear
Looks like I’m deathly afraid to step on a crack
As I was told, it’s apt to break my mother’s back
Though how could that be?  Well, I never asked
They’re quite certain though, that she’d end up in a cast
Here and now, we are starting the official today
To which I must chance it, by walking a sidewalk all day
Stay in doors?  I wish.  Oh yes, I wish there was a way!

Oh, I suppose I could walk with a certain cadence
I think that I can step on the concrete in segments
Believe me, it’s been done, coz when I look around
In my own neighborhood, and in our larger town
Yesterday I saw mothers; their outlook is sound

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Moments of quiet stillness
Each one a glittering
Diamond to the soul
I cherish.
Teach yourself
At least once a day
To visit the silence
Inside you.
Open your heart
Nurture your dreams.

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New Year (Acrostic)

Never forgetting about history
Ensuring it does not repeat itself
Walking proudly into the future
Yesterday now becomes the past
Elevating the mind to new heights
Action plan created and working
Rising and meeting the new call!

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Judas betrayed Jesus’s whereabouts
End, was near
Son of God, knew this
Universe of the Son of the Divine Father, restored
Sins of man forgiven, Prince of our Universal domain, alive in the hearts of his children

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AFRICA 2 acrostic

                AFRICA 2

Adoration of sunlit bold high plains
Frozen herds torn from creation’s page
Rocking tribal fears—who’s got the reins?
Innocents are hurt while tempers rage
Call for voices high and voices strong
Africans say hide when things go wrong

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My Only Blessing is Peace Earned

The beginning of my thanks begins at knees,
Having my aches eased, or body suffused,
All that comes to mind is sleep and serene.
Nobody that offers bread can empty,
Knives may cut meat and find platter greasy,
Supper ended, dishes done, there’s always cheer.
Give one for the road, one for tomorrow,
Invest within self, hugs or tomato growing,
Venture into unknown so what is known
Is another taste that takes you back to home.
Nothingness can fill everyone’s hands if home
Gives back to our bodies and delivers to me peace.

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Engage not Enable
Motivate not Manipulate
Partner not Pressure
Opportunity not Obligation
Work not Wish
Emancipate not Enslave
Rectify not Roadblock
Mobilize not Marginalize 
Elevate not Eliminate
Now not Never
Treasure not Terminate

Contest: Verlena's "Strength Empowers"
Date: 7-24-14

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Earths people, it is time to wake up, the ‘Prince’ is alive! 
Ascension available, access through your heart 
Seek and you shall find! 
Time is short, personally unite, connect as one
Eternity given
Rise to the occasion, celebrate the gift of life, bond, with ‘our lord Jesus’ and ‘our Universal Father in heaven, building a bridge, experiencing kinship, between human and spirit

                     ***Happy Easter Everyone***

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If You Think

If You Think...

If you think a love like a mother will exist, there and then  
You must have been building castles in the air and thus 
 Need a medic or an injection to kill that feeling of an outcast-
 A shadow of falsehood you’ve been chasing.
 Friends like mothers will exist no doubt about that
I'm but particular about if boldly will exist in instant world, where 
Sailing through has no backfire or low indignation, where  
 Right to freedom and possession would not be denied, where 
 Behind your backs, you would have all sides’ safety
Like the baby in the mother's womb, or the sun in the sky.
 A bounty ground, a must be aftermath of the journey on free
 Bridge on the cross roads, and lanes, and water, and bushes
 Over the mountain; the rock, the valley and the hill, and on the
 Troubled memory of liquors, women, demigods and kings of miseries?
 Water full of love is only a reservoir for the Creator asides mothers. 
I may be viewed as uncivilized or sound barbaric by this logic, but reasons 
 Will proclaim reality in my tone, stand and modest mood.
 “Ease! Be at ease!!” The breeze from the mothers’ bosom’s recollections sway, that 
Your mind would seek forgiveness and refuge from her, then the All Forgiver. Then true
Mind will redeem and have the lasting rest of his life, yield to and fulfill mother’s wish. 


Note: Mothers addressed here may not necessarily be ones biological mother. It could be he or she who is never sick or tired of listening to you, hearing your plights or problems and helping you proffer solutions to them. He or she never discourages, never over-pampers and pray for your success at all times...
________________________________________ Please visit "About this poem"

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© Demetrios Trifiatis
     28 MAY 2013 

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Lost In Thought

Now who would of thought the thoughts that would truly get the mind lost in fragile thought?
 So much on our known life, 
about unknown death when we laugh at others but at ourselves we really cry, 
in our very own hidden truth lies, 
amongst our own poeple who we defy, 
until we fight, 
for wrongs for personal rights, 
**** the darkness is what make us appreciate the light, 
I dont talk the talk nor do I walk the walk because I walk my talk while I swagger and swerve im my talks through these walks,
 Life can get so messy with death that its time for those of us here to grab the broom so God can mop,
 I live life to the fullest with what little I have because I dont have a lot, 
I live life shitty sometimes like almost everyone else like it or not, 
Im not special Im so unique Im individual with word talent I know I got, 
I know what I dont have so its important more knowledge among me is sought, 
I can be wrong half the time but can still make it 100% right I was self-taught among a young soul that seems to be bought,
 I got a bad limp but dont get me wrong I can still gallup through darkness while I jog lost in the early morning fog waiting to be patiently found in the midnight lounge where I trot,
 Truly lost so easily in profound hard thoughts litterally running from the cops waiting to duck and dodge from open gunshots,
 Bodies and shells drop where caskets are made among a dying crop, 
I can still make a splatter where there was just but a tiny dot, 
I used to have merely nothing now atleast I can truly say I have a safe spot, 
I was found looking for truth in lies lost in thought....

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The Big Bad Wolf

Time is going by
Hell is breaking loose
Everybody is running, running, jumping, paralleling by

Bright eyes surround you, they have never, always, sometimes, been waiting
If the stars blink out, the sun burns out, the moon falls down
Great savta's all around, will have never been creating

Bright, bright, bright, living it up
All the blessings and curses of the universes
Dished out in one golden cup

Wish, wish, faith, hope, pray upon a star
Often someone will hear
Like an Angel, They always know where you are
Fall away, and pray that you can hold all you hold dear

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Majestic leaves, trees, and flowers surrounding
Each deep breath feels empowering
Daoism adheres to “all is one” and “one is all”
Instantly… all chalkboard writing vanishes, nothing else befalls
The road to the energy center unveils
Air flows through the lungs, everything else pales
Time itself seems to slow to a halt
Instinct dominates the other senses in a sudden assault
Opening a gateway to a serene dimension
Nourishing the soul, meditation stretches the tension


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© Demetrios Trifiatis
     06 JUNE 2013

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Fluff It Up

<                                  Fluff of billowy clouds
                                     Looking like they have Angelic faces
                                     Utterly smiling down on Mother Earth
                                     Forecasting peace for all mankind
                                     Foresakes for all sinners

Entry For
Carol Browns 
Fluff Contest
G.L. All

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Happy New Year Acrostic

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick"

Another years end came too quick.

Pressing business came and went,

Peoples love they never sent.

Yesterdays youth dies in the mirror,

New Years day is here!

Every dream has a new sound,

When loss brings a tear.

Yet, the future for us is not clear,

Even tomorrow is not sure to come.

Another day working to make you numb,

Rest assured your day will come, this new year.

For the New Year Acrostic Contest.

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M ishigama my love,
I nto your water wonderland of brook trout and deer I
C an hear the cherubic song of chirping robin and rustling pine.
H eavenly harbors and pristine beaches shape a welcoming hand
I nfused with indigo lakes and teeming streams while three
G reat lakes enshroud to form a kirlian aura of rippling verve.
A live for but a flicker of time, my Michigan home away from Home
N urtures and readies me for the final cruise to the Wonderland of Love.

Note: The word ‘Michigan’ is a Frenchification of the Ojibwe word ‘Mishigama’ which 
means ‘large water’.

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The Transformation

Shed the clay that strives to be an anchor
Tarnishing, but for awhile, the dreams of man
Addled hopes can rise in the morning’s mist
Instead of languishing beneath despair
Replenished strength awakens the spirit
With a simple drink from the Milky Way
And flirtations with Perseus opens up
Yielding beauty in heaven’s realm
The grave that holds yet, a soul to Earth,
Owns the judgment of defeat
There is none, but one, that must decide
How to build on wishes made
Even when the faltering of darkness
Shadows well the light of faith
There is a spark that burns the night
As gravity shows force, to mark a trail
Rise! Rise, you fallen man!
Strive to be among the stars

-Virginia Mitchell

Contest- STAIRWAY TO THE STARS (Acrostic)
Sponsor- Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 

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Clutter Free

Chaotic disarray no doubt,
Lost things never found,
Understanding things must change,
Time is wasted searching 'round.
Take control and organize,
Everything must have its place.
Remove the unessential junk,

Freeing up much needed space.
Regroup, remove, refine, refresh,
Eventually you'll have success,
Evicting all your cluttered mess.


(Now if I'd only follow my own instructions!)

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One thing, we all have in common worldwide.
Because we need it to be human to provide,
Secrets fantasies keep most from going insane.
Even though each knows they will not gain.
Sure enough we all have these thoughts or deeds.
Spending money, wasting time to plant these seeds,
Inventions of the desires prepare the mortal mind.
Obsessions vary from the wild to tame we find.
Now step back and think about your life’s fixation.
Seek out your fantasy or reality that steals passion.

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No Respect - Show Me the Anger

Never to be challenged would not be expected.
One’s spirit would truly die, forever being infected.

Respect beyond years of age, enhanced by service scored.
Each day passing seems I am just a little bit more ignored.
Sincerely I see others being from outside welcomed aboard.
Persons with only profit for them are welcomed in accord.
Exasperated I continue to do my job for no extra reward.
Calmness is harder to reorder in my daily extreme restored.
Thwarting abounded, stabbing my abilities with a sword.

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Lies within oneself take a toll on the spirit.
Our minds degrade us, takes away any merit.
Never do we realize the loneliness we shape.
Eventually we blame others, with solitudes rape.
Lack of love for us, others, takes control.
I have seen sadness, rip up others soul.
Never underestimate the voices you may hear.
Each of us hears, some do not let them steer.
Sadness can become a disease, within a heart.
Solitude can be destroyed, right from the start.

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Happy New Year

H olding on to
A tumultuous 
P ast will never bring about any
P roperity in 
Y our life.

N othing is new under the sun;
E specially all the bad things 
W e as people go through.

Y ou always have something good to look forward 
E very time 
A new year comes around because the true
R iches of God's love and hope for us is meant for everyone!

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BOOK (acrostic)

Best way to
Open up
Other worlds, and
Keep the travel expenses affordable!

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My Vision, Her Dream

Mentoring a talent, gifted and mature, way beyond her years
Anchoring a show, on television, serenely she appears.
Narrates the story of Mirabai, I sadly missed the premier
Audio cassettes get released, by an accomplished career.
So very beautiful, yet her soul, is so crystal clear
I feel incompetent to counsel her, if I should be sincere.
Painstaking and meticulous, she wants to be number one
Radiating eyes with a determined look, even while she’s having fun.
Afraid I am that in her quest, not to be undone
Sashay away would she, towards the starting gun?
Aside would she cast her gift away; weighing a thousand ton?
Dream her dream; I hope she does, and reach out for the sun.

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The Agnostic Acrostic

Such a silly concept is this,
killing men they know exist.
everyone all the while,
put their faith in denial.
till all the people with the power,
insist their faiths will be devoured.
can truly someone say they know,
if everybody wants to show.
something unseen that's truly there,
my guess is as good as theirs.

readily I do believe,
everything I can percieve.
in that I know I put my trust,
given truths one knows they must.
never say fire's not hot,
simply prove to me it's not.

so now I sit on my high horse,
under God cannot be forced.
put your faith in what YOU know,
really I can't tell you though.
enter in to your belief,
make me not religions theif.
everything says that though we dream,

Robert Dixon
*Last line is the Acrostic
Thank you

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A Freedom Cry

A long time ago we were plagued with tyranny.
Freedom was their quest, ancestors won it morally.
Real freedom comes with hard work and tenacity.
Everyone wants a free ride, as is happening currently.
Each, of us is becoming an insincere, minority.
Delivering, into their hands, all the precious authority,
Our lives have become, what our ancestors, fled in posterity.
Many liberties and independence, is being taken by piracy.
Causing, loss of stability to our way of life and past warranty,
Rebellion is not needed yet, though it may become an irony.
Yes, we are allowing our choice, to be forced into conformity.

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Choices of Words

Children learn from what they hear and see.
Have you ever heard certain words from a child?
Our thoughts and feelings spread to them from me.
Intentions are good, though prejudice comes wild.
Carefully, we should not press our evil, outwardly free.
Every time, we do, it will come back, oh, so beguiled.
Senses of the child are impressive, guided by thee.

Our parents embedded both wrong and right on each.
Freedom of choice is what everyone has, within reach.

Words, deeds, are what teach the young, indeed.
Our greed can also be pressed inside the seed.
Ruthlessness also transfers, but what does it breed.
Does anyone know for sure, what children will need?
Sacrifice your evilness, or your children’s spirit will bleed.

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You Snooze You Loose

<                                        Artist searching for a muse
                                          Creativity is the key
                                          Recant those memories 
                                          Open your heart and soul
                                          Start spreading the news
                                          There's poetry to be found
                                          Inside each and everyone of us
                                          Can't you hear the music

                                          To the beaten drum
                                          Whistle while you work
                                          Or you'll snooze and lose

Entry For
Jared Pickett's Contest
Acrostic 2
G.L. All

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C hivalry is not dead but alive in a gallant gentleman like me
H ailed as honorable, my desire is to treat each woman like a queen 
I  nspired by the Lord, I live each day dutifully by the Word of God
V aliance, a trait I aspire to, fighting for truth even though I am flawed
A lways courteous and polite, respectful in my speech and actions
L oving my neighbors and enemies as myself in all my interactions    
R eaching for the stars, I dare to dream yet keep my feet upon the ground
Y ears from now, I will have no regrets for I gave love abound  

*The picture is David Beckham on a white stallion. If I'm going to be a guy, I might as well be a good looking one! 

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 2, 2012
For the If I Were A Boy contest (Frank Herrera)

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Born January 31, 1953  – Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson – Died January 30, 2048

HeRe, tell the truth,
   liEs The Right Reverend Hudson
 reBorn almost a century ago –
 thE time was winter,
suCh long, long hours
baCk in cold, cold days
 clAndestine rape

SaFety was unim-
poRtant for women
whO were married –
noNe spoke of
  thIngs back 
  By God! This woman
   refUsed to let that
  get In the way of
 her Living –
she Excelled at life

she Understood her birth
    diD not define or restrict
her Self, her choices, her
      lOve, her presence, or her death –  she
    kNew, with certainty:  only truth is true!

Nota Bene – January 30, 2048 is the 100th anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination

We Thank All That Is Good She Was Here!

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Elusive truth

Elusive truth, but still searching for it 
Loner at heart, but loath to admit 
Life is a game, but she does not commit 
Entering a phase, where her path is split 
Not trying too hard, but I'm sure she will fit.

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They Never Knew

The truth of her was never told to many 
She was to be a hidden mystery to even the old
To understand her there will not be any 
For there is a secret in her heart and soul
She came here with a passion
She will not leave till its done
Her hands are blessed with every mission
She will look different to none
They will never know the truth 
I gave her more than they even thought 
She comes from my very roots
With greatness of many sorts
I know her inside out
And I know they will never see
There will be great power in her mouth 
She is Him that was nailed to a tree
They were always blind to her ways
They never thought she was worth
In her is a number of days
That is crucial to this earth
She will go out and seek 
She will bring to Me the lost
Her humble being will be meek
She is the mystery of the Cross
Her wealth is not of the flesh
I wrote her story before she came
She is a remover of stress
On her will be no blame
I gave her more wealth than all your cities
I know her heart indeed
She will take My name to many countries
It is for her that I have Bleed
They prayed to me for the answer
She held me high above
I sent her so they will know forever
It is because of my love
They underestimated her wrongly 
I told her to see them through
I gave her power strongly 
Yet still They Never Knew
She is here with purpose of Mine
She will do it with a great speed
She will show to even the blind 
This is my child with whom I am well Pleased

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To give everything for nothing
Occupy a desk, to provide something

Work for God every day willingly
Openly pronounce faith, filling me
Right up with all that I need
Kindling a fire, that all may be freed

Forgoing the ego for the greater good
Original, free-willed man better understood
Risking it all

Giving it all
Only to be ostricized by
Devilish lies

                                Altruism is my rallying cry

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Will I See You Tomorrow

Tomorrow is another day
Outstretch your wings and fly
Milestones can be reached
Only if you beleive in thy self
Relic in the thought
Relax your mind and soul
Or it just won't happen
Will be put off and forgotten
Instead of achieving set goals
So bask under the sun
Ask for a little help from above
Never doubt  miracles from God
Or question His motives
To make things happen
Hunger will disapate
Every plate shall be filled
Rejoice and sing aloud
Dance to your hearts content
Another sunrise is coming
You're going to just love to see

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Practice Poem

Practice poem
Today I smile, cus I walked a mile,
Today I’m happy, cus I smile.
Today I gave my heart away,
To a galaxy far away.
Today I lost my leg.
I found it my bed.
Today I lost my arm,
And found it on my mums farm.
Today my soul, decided to stroll,
Happily I had my leg from the bed,
And my arm from the farm,
So my soul was chased and caught,
Placed back in it’s resort.
I wondered what other part of me,
Would flee?
I know this poem sounds a bit strange,
It as no meaning, no  gain.
So why do I write about , parts of me
Wanting to flee?
Cus I’m bored you see.

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A Seeker´s Seeking

A man is sleeping in a bed
Sleeping , when he should be awake
Evolving a body in coldness, when he wakes up
Emotions of a curious mind
Kind thoughts of a distant happiness
Ears stretching to the childrens laughing outside
Rules of eternity struggles with his lonely mind
Sanity´s sanctuary is the longing of his heart
Swimming in oceans of philosofies
Embracing the Hope, when he´s looking at the sky
Enough faith to let the hope grow
Killing old selfpity of the past
Irresistable in his affection on humble hearts
Nagging novice noise is far away
Glad, when he finally found the right ways at last

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Nine dozens of
Eight nothings
Veranda romance inside
Every man for no man
Running in place
Dearest husband
Or dearest wife
Urban legend
Brutal love
Tall tales
Hidden hate
Sex orgy
Three in a couple
Riot in the bathroom
Universal thought
Timeless fashion
Helpless god

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Into pitch
Never black
Way out 
Arms stretched 
Reach for 


Overly opaque bones
Underestimated terror
Trembling shrill tones
Waking the death-bearer
Armed to the teeth
Raging empty sheath

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Setting Yourself Free

Setting Yourself Free

Searching exhaustively for the truth in everything one is taught by others.
Extensively evaluating all things in order to find which path to take.
Thoroughly questioning anything that one is informed by anyone, instead of being
      part of the host.
Trusting that everyone has their own path of truth that they follow, however these
      paths might not be the right one for the individualist.
Identifying the truths of life by thoroughly researching both sides of every fortune
      told by the raja whom is advised by his rani.
Neither believing nor disbelieving one’s knowledge that he has acquired through
      attending the institution.
Gathering data from fervently researching both pros and cons, while using the
      scientific method for truth finding.
Yearning to analyze several paths of truth in order to find the best-fitting for one’s
Overwhelming being inquisitive towards everything that is advised from a wino.
Understanding the content of all things that one reads from a book, and learns for
      one’s milieu.
Radically experimenting through all of life’s endeavors with hopes of finding at least
      one that will catch one’s eyes with grandeur. 
Syllogistically gathering information through questioning everyone that one meets.
Enticing oneself while studying every ideology of the world with the passion of a
       zealot in order to obtain one’s own way of life.
Laboriously diving into a diverse array of the fountains of knowledge and sifting
        through them until he finds the one that will help him prevail.
Fanatically familiarizing oneself with the multitude of ideas that the world has to
        offer including science, philosophy, and religious belief.
Frantically fusing one’s learned knowledge with his experiences of experimentation
        in life, to help him find proof.
Ravaging through the pillars of light and truth while thoroughly investigating the
        words of every prophet, scientist, and philosopher.
Expecting to either find a way of life that is sufficient enough to quench one’s thirst
        for knowledge or to simply live life through experience.
Exploring the falsification of any truths that are mere opinions without any
        substantial evidence.

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Greed is enthralled in us all.
Real or imaginative and never saw.
Each has their own level of call.
Everyone has this code in a fall.
Dereliction is the key for a draw.

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The Demon Inside

Knowlage is power
Nothing can exceed it
Only in death
Will it fade
Power is evil
Another force to corrupt others
In a stranger's eyes you are a hero
Not to any other's though
Killing the problem is fruitless
Instantly after the same power returns
Leaving problems left and right
Leave it to die alone
Power seems good to gain
Against others wishes you do it
In this decision you have fallen
Now you're corrupted too

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The One That Got Away

Tears of the heart wash away what is forgotten.
Heartaches spoil the tenacity of what to remember.
Eventually all things fade, both righteous and ill-gotten.

Our lives make choices even when we do not enable.
No-one will ever say that one person makes their mistakes.
Each one of us has held repercussions of a label.

Truth is we all lost something, though we know not what.
Hearing of others loss we feel compassion to give a lot.
Amid our own losses we harbor guilt, without thought.
Traveling, sometimes not understanding what is sought.

Great loves and friendships are forfeited, for no reason.
Our passion placed on hold, till rise of another season.
Taking tolls on our spirit, blaming all, on a certain demon.

A deficit of affection plays a role in which we become.
Women or men, whom leave or are cast, will succumb.
Another shall bring warmth, building a new rhythm.
Yea though, the one that got away shall bring wisdom.

written for
Sponsor Thvia Shetley 
Contest Name The one who got away 

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Tenaciously clinging to hope
Resting assured
Surrendered to His will
Timeless endurance

has no place here
On the bridge
Prayer and desire…


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 Life is smooth-life is rude,
He stands today where yesterday you stood,
What is your today-will not be yours,
Successes are diseases-failures are the cures!

You were not as this when you were in foetus,
The buds give rise and slowly blooms the lotus,
And slowly you grew-you were born as an infant,
And again you grew-the lotus spread its scent!

Now you were a kid full of joy and life,
Everything was a game to you-you’re so innocent,
And slowly you matured-you owned responsibilities and a wife,
And at every step you changed-be it the kid or the infant!

Yesterday you looked up to your father, now you were one too,
Icy fangs blow during the winters but summers kiss the Loo,
He who was once a kid-now himself has a kid,
For every change in life yourself you sow the seed!

Now you seem to understand what you never paid heed to,
You start believing that the Bible and  Kuran are really true,
And the second childishness returns when you grow old,
The amazing turn of fate-your kid will now be strong and bold,
And gradually the lotus will rise and fall again,
There will again be winter, summer and the rain!

So a keen observer wishes you to learn,
At every step our lives take a u turn,
For human life is an oblivious compact of stairs,
Where ‘all men and women merely players’,
The truth’ll never be known-hidden beneath the layers!

And every day you live-you’re drilling into the reality,
Slowly you’re getting closer but in the end you’ll see,
There is no truth-no reality-life itself is a lie,
You pass into nothingness-out of the cage, the bird’ll fly!!


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T  :  Tears come rolling down my eyes...
E  :  Everytime when I'm sad and Cry...
A  :   Are they salty water or my emotions?
R  :  Rolling down my eyes even when my happiness is as huge as the ocean..
S  :  Salt or saline ..whatever may me,they are an intergral part of me.

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Silly humans!
Everything you think of involves the

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Virgo (acrostic zodiac )

Versatile             [adaptable]
Inspirational        [inspiring]
Resilient              [flexible]
Genuine              [real]
Optimistic            [hopeful]

I wrote one for each sign back in January of 2003

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Every layer amassed vertically on the previous

Quintessentially abdicated from the next’s cornerstone

Upward from yet another illuminated chlorophyll-filled vascular vessel

Inspiring the growth of the next generation

Seemingly taxed at consecutive intervals

Each layer recedes like roman pilasters.

Tolling delicately to not topple the tower 

Umbilical to existence,

Mother of creation is left on top.

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One Peak Moment

Right now
I’m not blaming you…

Pretend I have not had the 
Privilege of hearing those
Lines before. Tell me. 

Eternal glare on my
Sunglasses, which I wear at night.
Only an annoyance…
Never to be worried about.

When with you, I feel like 
An ice pick could go
Through my 
Ear and into my brain, and I’d experience a similar
Reaction. I’d like to

Go drink cheap wine and
Lay in the back of my truck, on an old mattress.

And sing—
Sing anything—as long as it’s 
Santana…or soft Slipknot…

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Powerfully pandered not pondered and plotted 
Ostensibly organic not overtly originally spotted
Liars lipping lethargic lies lavishly construed and truly
Ire inducing ignorance imputing irresponsible foolery
Terrorizing timid tepid taxpayers to respond fast
In an impatient ill illegal inconceivable idiotic mad blast
Callously cold and cantankerously conniving bastards
Assiduously aspiring and aggravating masses mastered
Low lying lingering and living Luddite like lumberjacks
Limping 'long labored roads ludicrously lacking facts
Yet yearning yearly for yuppy snacks

 they wouldn't even know what to do with it, nor deserve it.

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Always on Display

A queen of the magazine layout for dreams,
Lady with the looks, they all want to see.
Wherever she goes they stop and stare it seems.
Angelic face, perfect smile, looking at thee,
Yes she seems happy, is it now, in some degree.
See her life, is always on display, for us to see.

One dream, for life, or until another comes along,
Nearer or farther from happiness, is this wrong.

Don’t you see behind the perfect smile that gleams?
Intimate details shown for profit not reality,
Social discloser, we live in fantasy dreams.
Pain, discomfort, so hidden in emerald eyes,
Looker, she is titled, a beautiful glitter anomaly. 
Aberration, for all to aspire to become, in lies,
Yes, she’s a looker, always on display, not free.

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Life is a right, to which everyone should have,
Independently it is the most valuable possession of each living being
Verifying the fact that we only have one chance in this world to make a difference
Even if we see ourselves as a sap that can’t change the mood in our area and that we

Lower our standards to say that even dirt is too good for us
Irrationally stating that we have a miserable life and we need to change it
Forgetting the blessings and the joy that God gave us in our current life
Eventually with remorse he’ll forget all of these things and start over again

To test his strength and will power to continue so that he can
Overcome the odds to achieve a pleasant life

This just states that if we work hard we might have a better chance of being content
However living with this in mind we might think that life is about work.
Everything in this world should be earned by working but what is work compared to

Fun, having fun always makes our work more worthwhile because we now 
Use our energy to enjoy ourselves while working and earning things that we desire and
Losing the old gloomy feeling about work and the world
Letting new and much more pleasant things happen to us and letting us
Escape to the happiness that we might have missed when we’re not content in our life
Surprisingly this is the most common problem in the world today so keep this as a
Thought in mind live everything in a way you might be pleased life is precious 

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Live, Laugh, Love

Live in peace within your mind
I have found it easier to unwind.
Victimize no one; just be kind.
Evil will run, this, you will find.

Laugh at the world for it is droll.
Always recall, we all have a goal
Universally we are all have a role.
God gave each one, a different soul.
Happiness is having total control.

Love is natural, and cannot be bought.
Only heartstrings may be caught.
Victims of lust, are all for naught.
Every spirit can receive cupids shot.

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There are so many groups
Holding different keys to awareness, 
Reality, understanding 
And truth,
Perhaps, jailor-like, I should collect them,
Yet I have my own set of lock picks.

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Thanksgiving Day

Today and everyday is worth being thankful.
Having warmth and love given is always thoughtful.
All of us should carry this feeling throughout year.
Not being thankful is just selfish, shows your fear.
Kindness should be showed to all each and everyday.
Sure, it may be tough at first, for your heart to sway.
God gave everyone a mind, heart and soul the same.
Individually we must all prepare and play the game.
Victory shall be the joy and happiness, you bring.
Inventory your heart; let your spirit free to sing.
Never let a sour soul, spoil your delightful song.
God is alive, great, awesome, he is never wrong.

Discover loving essence; make it your quarry.
Allow his honor to grace your existence and story.
You and you alone are the keeper of our Lords glory.

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Love can be one of the most enduring things.
Endurance takes strength and honest feelings.
Strength requires staying away from the games.
Staying means be open, but aware of the flames.
Openness is not to be mistaken for nice.
Niceness is earned when we both sacrifice.
Sacrifice comes with these words spelled above.

These lessons are my thoughts on staying in love.

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Deus Ex Machina

god, made in mans illusion
our egocentric minds create
deities of grand delusion
or of demonizing enemies
up before we find our cause
totalitarian reign of gods
or democratic masochists
finding naught but disappointment
together bound somnambulists
heretical self rightousness
ever bring faithful relief
machinations or delusions
always shifting to belief
crusading fanatics, blindly follow
him with nothing more to gain
i have forsaken you
never to find faith again
every time we need a monster

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Transforms the heart to a bigger size,
Raises the stakes in a relationship,
Unseals a new world for someone shunned,
Spurs confidence in the integrity of another,  and
Takes effort for someone hurt in the past.

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Spirit Torch

Souls are guided by interior circumstances infatuated.
Persons are accountable for own actions devaluated.
Internal guidance is always there in some kind of form.
Reading the right or wrong is what will break a storm.
Indirect words may help with any decisions that inform.

Torch within your spirit will always guide you true.
Our hearts and minds will deliver a softer clue.
Recycle the tribulations that you have lived thru.
Carefully make the right choice in what pursues.
Heal mistakes; forgive yourself, before darkness ensues.

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Wait A Minute

Pause a moment for Jesus
Asked not why
Solance is golden
Solidarity is the key 
Obscurity becomes nil
Victory shall be ours
Eternal flame flickers
Relic in thy body of Christ our Lord


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Full Circle

From darkness was where creation started.
Universally life acquired existence slowly.
Light the power which gave life openhearted.
Love which came grew into passion fluently.

Coming from the power of glory as been told,
Imploding creativity of the soul so sincere,
Revolving into the black holes that appear cold,
Cycles of life may begin again, so ever near.
Look into the abyss, see not dark, see the gold.
Everything has an end, though have no fear.

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What Difference

Why is it we think one race or color is different at all.
Have we not seen evil and good in every facet of life?
Anyone know of any color of man or woman ever,
Tracing back in time, all have had devils and saints.

Do not propagate lies and distort one another’s difference.
I have been guilty of judging whole races just like others.
Forgetting, not all persons of one race ever feel the same.
Forgetting rulers have always made decisions for them.
Each one maybe wrong or maybe right, only time tells.
Rulers always set the tone of any fight or war conceived.
Elected freely or by overthrow, they decide the start.
Now you ask the questions of African nature as set.
Criticize I cannot do, since my statements above are true.
Every human upon this earth even Africans; have both clues.

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Can anyone or should they say anything about loves effect.
Only one issue I feel is important, that they are both adults.
Undeniably love knows no bounds, or even any sect.
Granted in the bible, they chose younger women with respect.
Age is just a factor, when it comes to loves depth of realism.
Reason, whether be older men or women, having no schism.

Each day that passes unhappiness rages, in relationships of close age.
Forever love is in the heart and soul; it really has no classic cage.
Forever love is even rarer these days, than ever before.
Every soul has a soul mate, this I do believe with Heavens score.
Craving the closeness and touching of spirits bound, with true tenderness.
Taking to name this the cougar effect, is lending thoughts that are lecherous.

written by

Cecil Hickman

written for

Sponsor Dr.Ram Mehta 
Contest Name Cougar Effect 

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Swag (Bad)

Suffering for no reason
Wanting to give up
Always acting terribly in anger
Growing weaker.

wrote 6-3-10

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My Advice

Mind not the past, not a thing can change;
You are unique, don't think it's strange.

As often as ever give love to all;
Don't be rude, that may be your fall.
Vicarious living- steer clear away
I know only you can lead the way.
Calm yourself, don't let life pass by
Every piece of advice- a hypocritical try.

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Future Dreams

Future dreams revealed day by day
University a memory and resource
Treasures so refined and unique
Us daring to dream
Realistic and powerful
Excellence personified by simplicity

Dreams to live the good memories
Reality a welcome communication
A thesaurus of good deeds and friendship
Miracles blessed by the Lord
Sounds of future accomplishments

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In The Mood For Love Again

Intelligence would desire to never fall in love again.
Never to fall in love or even let it begin.
Though our hearts are smarter than the brain,
Hearts beat to a different drum in a refrain.
Each one desires emotions without restrain.
Many persons have and will fall in love very deep.
Only some will fail; others emotions will keep.
Ones that fail will begin anew; after they weep.
Deep emotional affections will never sleep.
Failure in love is never the end for anyone.
One truly only fails; if they hide or run.
Reality is that love is forever if it is won.
Let your mind’s eye control not any feelings.
Only your heart can regain deep dealings.
Victory after love failures; begin with healings.
Each of us heal differently after passionate killings.
All will heal, but not all will give it a try.
Granted they will miss affection, then cry.
Also may decide they will go out to buy.
I say everyone will have many; before they die.
Never say you’ll never love again; it’s a lie.

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Perseverance of many things that may not be controlled,
Actions not always taken on the fly without any regard,
Truth and value of all things and continually patrolled,
Intentional gain of thought will never end hands barred.
Exceptionally this virtue will allow such deep passion.
Never going off the wall in excitement that makes a fall,
Cleverness in containment of emotions may be old fashion.
Each of us needs to think, before overacting on what we saw.

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God Bless America

Gracious thought has been dropped from human inhabitants.
Our hearts have become cold and distant to almost everything.
Deference has no meaning for us or any other human.

Before we can carry onward, we must remember the beginning.
Lessons remembered are the key to our future roads to travel.
Every soul must search inward to see where we are headed.
Success is truly wonderful and we have fulfilled our winning.
Success without faith is gone, and the road less traveled tortures.

America has blessed each one of us from the beginning in faith.
Mercy is upon our leaders, for they have lost the true reality.
Erasing their hearts and minds of the reality, united we stand.
Refuse greed mongers of their desires, replacing with honesty.
Individuality of the representatives was our ancestor’s goal.
Call out God Bless America in truth, faith, freedom, to all.
Anything less will be the end of whatever time we have left.

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Winds blow through the trees
Hushed messages tickle the branches
Inner meaning withheld for your ears only
Searching for their intended
Playing with the words
Evoking rumors far and wide
Reaching you 
Secrets unveiled

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From soul’s heights All beings of light In existence soar Though, incarnation-worn, through Heaven’s etheric door.

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Look deeper still, look within now;
Etch a fond start, etch a sure line;
Opt firm goodwill, opt clear endow;
Niche mind and heart, niche soul and sign.

Apt as a rhyme, apt as a smile;
Live with pure zest, live with calm cheer;
Love pulse and chime, love word and pile;
Embrace true quest, embrace joy here;
Note this lifetime, note this lifestyle.

Employ and act, employ and set;
Nurture kind wit, nurture clear sense;
Reach poise and tact, reach choice and bet;
Image can fit, image can fence;
Quest can set free, quest can spark more;
Urge primes the feel, urge springs the thought;
Enrich beauty, enrich galore;
Zeal follows will, zeal rewards plot.

Leon Enriquez
25 Mar 2014

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Shes an angels

She looked at me with her eyes
Healing everything even my lies
Even when I am descending
She never gives me an ending

All becomes peaceful with no pain
Not pushing her away I gain

Acting if she is my own 
Never she is harder than stone
Generating pure spirit is a cure
Evening lights shine so pure
Love of all things she holds
Some love stands in time so bold

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People who have no backbone like jellyfish.
Unsurpassed, adapting to various environments like chameleons.
People of this caliber come more than one in a million.
Prancing and dancing graciously to the very, very, every, every
Every beat and singing to every command of the puppet master.
The popping and chopping of their wooden frame puts shame,
Shame, shame, shame, and blame, to their much unknown name.

wrote in college @ ULM 
Summer 2004

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Freedom to Choose

For everyone there is freedom of choice
Remember that everyone has a voice.
Each person has liberty forever more.
Exemplary words will always be the score.
Do not hesitate to say what’s on you mind.
Only remember the goal, be careful and kind.
Make every effort to not block out and be blind.

Take your respect and share with all humankind.
Our freedom managed, on what others find.

Choose to impart your words, on others you see.
Have enough will power for theirs to remain free.
Our freedoms are shared with everyone in agree.
Our freedoms always gave, in total degree.
Since the statue in the bay, so given us to be,
Each person’s guardian, receptor, she’s lady liberty.

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La Revolucionaria

“If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.”
 - Ernesto Che Guevara

S he walks head high, resilient, Che t-shirt on, crimson red
O fficially a Mistress of Passion, armed with Marxist ideals
C an I keep on living like this?? Why must my people suffer for Political Pigs?!
 I njustice fills the world, however equality could be
A chieved if greed was terminated and wisdom was acknowledged 
L iving in harsh conditions, optimism
I ncreases by daily rations of inequality, that’s all that is given, to her
S mashed by life, by government, she strives to change the world
T inkering with timid minds of the meek

The Revolution Starts Today!
Los resultados no quizás sean hoy, ni mañana, pero
Si empieza en todo, debe empezar con nosotros
¡Viva la Revolución! 

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Plastic Friends

Don't be a static'
towards my plastic

Who dare put up a
front, I'm looking
forward as they walk

Really terrorized of
what might appear;
among faces that don't
appeal to me.

It became A criticized place;
I once fantasized about, but
reality of the real world hit
like a time bomb.

As I was rudely 
awakened by just 
being one of the 
regular guy's!

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Unholy quest

In the beginning there was man, alone and complete,
Then he had made discoveries, feats and attempts.
In the time of ancient man we could have seen
Some bright minds whom tried to make some order:
They tried to bring man out of the darkness.
Heroes in textbooks, unique in this world
Every one of them a prophet, a leader of Thought
Making life easier, making it worth to be lived.
Enemies they had; lots of them I could mention;
Allies on the other hand a few, just a handful.
None of these heroes have survived the unholy quest:
Imagining a world tat has something in its chest.
Nothing seems to add up, nothing makes any sense
Getting the answers they have asked from none, hence
Only those can give answers who understand the question
For only those, who understand, can give a definition.
Lost this truth has been for a very long time now
In the end they had to reveal the secret but how?
For or against the question is why to chose life over death
Every man knows the answer: “It is the meaning of life”

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Preferring to accomplish one’s goal instead of listening to the pessimistic angel play
      her harp.
Assertively attracted by the adrenaline rush one feels whenever he has
      accomplished one of the many of his goals in a life’s area.
Salaciously entranced by anything that brings bewilderment to oneself through
       performing repetitive rituals.
Sagaciously knowledgeable in merging time and creativity in order to fulfill one’s
Inflating one’s mind with muscle memory through performing repetitive acts, while
       he inquiries the yogi.
Obliging to one’s self-control to help him maintain continuous endeavors of extreme
       challenges, however still somersaulting in the pools of pleasures that comes
       from being a wino.
Nagging oneself to digest all hindrances that cross his path and to laugh at
       everyone that believes him to be rather plain.
Associating oneself with people that share the same joy as himself when viewing a
       painting of a chimera.
Tremendously full of a vigorous amount of self-motivation that pushes oneself over
       every extreme and limit. 
Engaging in several festivities in order to celebrate his achievements and hopes for
       a progressive future.

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Assassinated or
Controlled by

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Help Lost

Head scrambled, bejangled, and no longer together. 

Everlasting you said, but nothing lasts forever.

Letting me think that, was a trick but not clever.

Percentages say you’re the reason of my endeavor.

Laugh as you will its all good.

Our time dwindles at the rate it should.

Still you’d stop the time if you could.

To bad this is real life, or you would.

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If you listen to the words of this song your soul will display.
Nearer to the truth of faith, will all the words show truth.
Do it in the name of Heaven, be justified in the end.
Every time I recall this line, my heart flutters in dismay.
Lost treasure on mountain, to die for it would be uncouth.
Intelligence to be your guide, all their treasure would send.
Building greed and destruction, sharing was offered to all.
Let peace shine upon the earth, good will and love to all men.
Every war has been fought for good, though it served only sin.

“One Tin Soldier” is the song that had an everlasting thought and impression upon my life.

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Practice makes perfect, is what Mom said.
Regular preparation renders perfection well.
Altruism and faith remembers the Lord.
Corrects the soul and perfects the saints.
Tomorrows arrive steadfastly swiftly.
Imperfections infect spiritual aspirations.
Consideration and repentance corrects errant days.
Expect exaltation while choosing life’s way.

© November 14, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johsnsen

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April My Love

Assured to find a muse
Penmenship must be at its best
Relaxation and motivation is needed
Inspirations will be its bounty
Let the world discover its tale

Tribute To All Poets

Remember April Is 
Poetry Month 
May You All Find That Muse

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Nine One One

Nine minutes, to become a hero, what could be done?
Individuals, gathering, for one goal, act as one.
No one knows, exactly how this tragedy, begun.
Exemplary persons stepped up, under the gun.

Our thoughts and prayers will go forever more.
Near and far memories will live in our hearts core.
Emptiness felt of losses, along with devastating gore.

Our past should guide us, never let down, our guard.
Never again, to let enemies, deal us, a deadly card.
E Pluribus Unum will always guide our spirits hard.

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Human, is part of the word humane.
Universally, we should all be human.
My worries are; have we become insane.
Animals are to be treated, the best we can.
Nearer to God, we should be without distain.
If you mistreat an animal, that would be inhuman.
Tell me why, we allow so much worldly, human pain.
Yet, we all strive to save animals, with much acumen.

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My Crystal Ball

Many say that the future no-one can predict at all.
Yet through our past many prophesize what they saw.

Crystal a metaphysical item that has held much mystery,
Recollections of stories told that so many could see.
Yet not only through all seeing balls are parts of history.
Stars have been used to foretell, in amazing accuracy.
Thoughts brought on in different ways, blind us deeply.
Allusions in dreams have come true rising in lucidity.
Like for me, my dreams, not all but some, pan out literally.

Blessings or maybe a curse, time will show us all veracity.
Another century or after end, our knowledge will hold infinity.
Listen to all the stories being told, some chaos, others indemnity.
Learn there are many things that we know not of our residency.

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Secular Moon

Secrecy of the brilliance upon the night so broad,
Everyone looks though each does not see your secret.
Circular reflection splendidly gifted from God.
Universe surrounding where you bravely sit.
Looking at the different shapes, you display.
Amazes those who truly see beyond simplicity,
Realms of possibilities you appear hidden in day.

Moonlight spreads upon the all in infinity.
Only those who choose to look deeply will see.
Only those with imagination will be guided by thee.
Now that your name has been ordained, you are free.

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Gemini {Acrostic}

Gemini is the third astrological sign traits show they are
Extrovertly masculine and positive
Mercury is their ruling planet And they are
Imaginative to say the least
Norse Gods Loki Freyr and Freyja is associated with 
Inquisitive intellectual and mentally oriented minds 

             Tribute       To 

 G E M I N I      T H E        T W I N S

         May 21st  - June 21st

My Influnces

Gemini      Sun
Cancer      Rising
Aries         Moon

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Thank You ,Lord, This Christmas

Another holiday season.
Lots of success.
Legacy being built.

People may hate on me.
Refuse to let them shake me.
All things work together for my good.
In Your plan for my life. 
Seeds being sown.
Everyday is a winding road.
So, I’ll roll with the punches.

Tough days I had this year.
Owe mighty praises to You mighty Father.

You helped me do things that I never thought I could do.
Only You are the key to prosperity. You Father,
Unlocked the doors that I had locked due to my negativity.

wrote 12-25-09

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Age of Aquarius

A future to dream, we live in peace and love. 
Glorious time for all of Earths humankind, 
Eden reborn as promised from our Lord above. 

Only God knows when this will graciously unwind. 
From the sign Aquarius, we will truly find the key. 

Age of truth for average person and world peace, 
Questions, from the past now known for all to see, 
United as a planet, love will live, prejudice cease. 
Artists of inventions will grow in leaps and bound. 
Rockets beyond our galaxy will fly faster then light. 
In this era of technology, answers to quests found, 
Universe of ours and beyond will be the new sight. 
Songs of love and faith sang the world all around.  

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Desires to be a better person.
Reaching up high even when feeling low.
Everyday going after what you want.
Always working diligently.
Motivating yourself to seeing,
Success streaming as a river.

wrote 1-18-10

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Worlds End

Why is it we always believe profits of doom of words.
Only human nature believes the worst and hope for best
Reality is that we strive to be worried in great herds.
Listening to the worst of times hiding from our zest.
Dealing in hardship and bigotry, when we are all the same,
Seduction of evil seems to be all and everyone’s game.

Evil is not the demon we should be fighting against today.
Nearer to each other, we should be and that would be the way.
Driving away prophetic doom, precious peace would play.

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K eep holding on to the present
A ppreciate what those around you do, cause they may not always be "that" close to you
R eciprocate signs of love with good deeds,- it'll make you smile on the inside and out
M imic who you want to be;eventually you'll just "be"
A ddress your fears as if they were your closest friends

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 Don't try to control things that are beyond you because,
 Eventually they will consume your inner
 Soul. Always try to do right, allow your visions and not your
 Thoughts to guide you when you can no longer trust your
 Inner self. For you to may fall to the temptation of evil.
 Never think about what you should of done because,
 You are the one that has to answer.                          

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Each day gets harder, 
to do what I did the day before.
In the begining change was scary,
now it passes like salt at a full table.
L.I.F.E. four letters.
Short term goals, set during your entrance.

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Mystery rises up to real persecution.
Allowing discrepancies to spread confusion,
Darkness inhibits mistakes, which infuriates.
Now blame turns into irrelevant clues.
Exemplifying jealousy and hatred incriminates.
Sending thoughts of blind truth can destroy.
Suddenly the travels end, prejudice kills.

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W illing
O ccupation brings
R  egular
K  udos

See more @ 1 Cor 3:14 & Mt 10:10

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Louisiana Won't Be The Same

Let’s just face it.
Our Saint’s are marching in the Super Bowl
Underdogs for 43 years
It’s our time to cheer
Since jazz was born in our state a century ago
It’s going to be a celebration 
A year of new beginnings for a
New generation of Louisianans’ to share 
A Super Bowl win and celebrating jazz turning a century.

We just had a major disaster five years ago
Our faith in our state and team was
Never shaken you can’t fade us
The tables have turned over by wind stronger than Hurricanes

Betsy or Katrina, we are declaring an
Everlasting victory and a legacy of loyalty

That will be passed on to our future as the
History of the Who Dat Nation
Educating our youth of the boot that

Success is what you make of it, we won’t 
Always be down, keep on trying, and be
Motivated and just no matter what 
Expect the best and worst to occur to end up victorious for being laborious.

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Bringing real sight without any distraction in ugliness or beauty,
Lonesomeness enhances fields of view unseen by you and me.
I could never imagine a life without vision, nothing to see.
No colors or even light only darkness captured for eternity.
Dealing with what you never had is one thing so differently.
Nearer to simplistic ways, other senses tackle infinity.
Exceptional touch becomes the brains perception for thee.
Senses endure, and compromise, for suited degree.
See truly with your heart and soul, in all things that will be.

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Pentecost (as Simon Peter)

Parler en d’autre langues im Gott der Geiste 
Ecstatically, I will elaborate.
Not knowing Joel’s visions you suppose
That we are drunk this morn.  Don’t be enticed.
Evaluate... wine does not cause this trait.
Commitment to this cause that overthrows
Our roaring lion leads us on.  As Christ
So sacrificed for us, we imitate.
Two seven two two octal bits in rows.

Notes on "Pentecost":

The first line starts out in French (English translation = "Speaking in other 
languages") and ends in German (English = "in God, the Spirit").

In the last line, the 4 octal numbers (when broken down to binary) have a 
sequence of 1’s that form a Roman cross, i.e.

2 =   0 1 0  
7 =   1 1 1  
2 =   0 1 0  
2 =   0 1 0 

This was inspired 'picture-message' that was beamed into space by the Arecibo 
radio telescope in 1974, with the idea that mathematics would be the ultimate 

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Truth lies

Truth a word in tegrous clawed
Regal right admitted awed
Under spell of power old
Time has held it to be told
Hiding naught and standing bold

While the wicked ways of man
Indicate that no one can
Lie in true evasion
Let a pure and simple fool

Offer this assertion
Underneath each lie that's told
There lies a seed of truth

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Fundamentalist Morality

Morality is morality, there's no ifs
Or buts about it, either you obey 
Rules or you throw them aside.
Always for each transgression
Lies a matching retribution.

For every seed that you sow
Is a grain waiting for reaping,
Be it a good one or otherwise.
Exceptions are not options,
Row your boat...or you sink.

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C ostly animal trait
O f one-up-
M anship
P erpetuating separation and
E go
T ripping in humans
I  n denial of the
T ruth that Cooperation
I  s needed for
O ngoing peace ...
N ot this "gotcha" mentality !

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Complacent Desires

Courage and boldness we have forgotten in these days.
Our ancestors had only future expectations to live for.
Maybe, we have slaughtered the ideas; they had in a way.
People relaxed and comfortable, nothing new in store,
Laziness of no dreams or desires; we have it all today.
Anxious not for any changes, let us keep it the same.
Centuries of ruins would not exist, if they had no fire.
Expressing nothing that we have now, without a game,
Now think; where we would be, without their simple desire,
Trapped with no mechanics, science, or exploration aim,

Dreams are what made us, this so-called great nation.
Everyone wants to fight progress, save the past notion.
Salvation of our ancestor’s greatness is in information.
I want to preserve historic ideas, creations in contemplation.
Relics, continued treasure, do not forget about expansion.
Events from the past show we are full of personification.
Secure the now, and then stand firm for forward motion. 

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Get Their Attention

Look to and learn about
Others' interests and
Validate their concerns
Every chance you get.

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Value of love cannot be written in a single word.
A sentence will not truly pay homage toward,
Letting complete feelings be shown undeniably.
Even not a paragraph may allow it victoriously.
Novels may deliver a small detail of my fancy.
Telling in words will be believable for just a spell.
Indefinite knowledge of this must grow from infancy.
Never faulting, never delaying, and continuing to swell,
Effulgence of our passions with focus on eternal intimacy.

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In the Way of the Storm

As the rain descended,
            the floods came, the
Winds blew, and the stream beat vehemently upon a house; but
It fell not.  It could not even be
Shaken because it was not founded upon the
Earth, but upon a Rock.
           The foundation was laid deep, and the 
Man who built the house dwelt safely for considering that the
Assaying would come, he heard and took precaution, and
Nothing of his household was lost.
           But there was another man who seemed right in his way,
And the rain descended,
           the wind blew, the 
Floods came, and the stream beat vehemently upon his house, and at
Once, it fell:  and great was the fall
Of it.  It was laid upon the earth, and the 
Labor that was labored in it was in vain.
It was built with no foundation ans was easily
Shaken by the violent winds and waters, so the
House, moved by the torrents, collapsed,
           and destruction was the end of the 
Man who built the house for considering not that the 
Assaying would come; he heard and took not precautionm, and 
Nothing was left of his household but ruin.

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Jehovah once sent down his only true son for the price of our sin to be relieved
Eternally promising his salvation to every Christian that will simply believe
Symbolizing God in human form, he walked with us here in the shoes of man
Understanding about our temptations - yet pure and righteous he would stand
Sacrificing it all just to save our lost souls - upon the cross his own life he gave

Creating hope for every sinner that is blessed by his mercy when they are saved
Holy is his sweet and precious name that really must not ever be taken in vain
Read all about him and what he stood for - It is found in the Bible written plain
Instrumentally was used by our Father above to give everyone a fighting chance
Saving our sins if we will just ask and repent - He forgives without second glance
Testament for believers with faith in the Lord - eternal life is what we will soon find

But our time's running out to get right with God and no one wants to be left behind

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Far Beyond Deception

These candles wont stay lit for long pretty soon the world wont be so strong, do 
you hear my hate for you can you see my evil intentions shine through is this the 
torment that i expect from you to lay a shotgun in front of me as testament to your 
disdain for me. You want to see me die in vain clip my wings so i cant discover 
how to fly you think that hurts me enough to cry it only makes revenge more 
sweeter. Break me if you want my demon beside me will never walk cover me in 
what use to be the death of man i promise on the thirty first day i will arise new 
with a gift for you. Deceive me for years your will was thrown to me now you have 
created the monster that stands before you suffering i adore you i lay down at 
your feet as god you give me strength. I am not alone chaos in your name 
insanity is our game hold me in your evil arms kiss me with your filthy lips horned 
angel they tried to kill us but they will pay, they will all fear my rage the age of pain 
is near raise up and wash off this caring veneer.

Cole Hodson (c)

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The Gospel of Peace

Greet all men
Of different cultures
Of different races of 
Different places as your

Next door Neighbors;
Especially, when they are
Wounded, ambushed and
Stripped bare.

Pour in the oil and the wine.
Restore to health 
Every breach creating
Amicable relations.
Clothe and feed your
Enemies and let not
Disdain come from

The author of lies and
Of confussion, but let the

Author of Peace give you
Love and compassion for all
Lands of color and culture.

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Darkness Creeps Within

Days of darkness 
Amoung many 
Reluctant souls
Kept locked away 
Never ending
Emotionally drained
Sadened by all
Suddenly dying within

Resulting in
Pertianing to

Infinous others seek
To be
Happy you
Intergrate yourself with horrible
Notions of pain, suffering, and guilt

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C atastrophic, disastrous, in which
O ne is impelled blind,
N othing can define wrong from right,
S ickening, discharging insanity,
C onstructing the destruction of mind,
 I mprisoned reality, in which words are destined to lie,
E luding the truth, for humanity lives to deny,
N o empathy, for no honesty lives to sympathize…
C alling for the nothingness, as we
E xpect to realize…    

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Reasons for Life/ Reasons for Death

F reedom to express yourself
R easonable chance they'll listen
I t's more important than most know
E very person has his tale, everyone puts on his show,
N o need to be self-conscious
D on't expect them to be either,
S omeday maybe all the world will connect together,
A s our closest do well now,
No idea when this may happen, but I know it's likely true
D on't know, maybe you can tell me why
For all the reasons under the sun, I know not why we die
A ll things come to an end, or so they say
M ysterious, the reasoning behind God's plan...
I suppose, maybe, because if it all just lasts forever
L ike lives, loves, knowledge, spirituality and more
Y ou'd soon be bored, no taste of time, no value to life, then just was it all for?

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Unanswered Prayer

Judge this.  We know that since our Father in Heaven hears
Us when we pray according to the will of His Son and in His
Name, whatsoever we ask, He will do it faithfully; so, we
Know that we have the petitions we desired of  Him.  Yet, 

Many have not because they ask not, while some others ask
Amiss to consume it upon their lust, while sinning or warring
In their members.  Then some pray in doubt or without persistence,
Lest, in their desire to prosper and be in health God would hear them.