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Acrostic Passion Poems | Acrostic Poems About Passion

These Acrostic Passion poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Passion. These are the best examples of Acrostic Passion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Paint With Fire

Pen in hand, against the paper,
An artist must be left to bleed,
Inner thoughts become written words.
No better way has been found
To empty out a soul.

With growing eagerness,
I add fuel to the fire
To induce passion's flame,
Hoping the blaze never dies.

Forever and a day, and longer,
Inside my heart the fire burns.
Revealing to another soul
Every spark of my inspiration.

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Sunglass Envy

Siphoned light gropes passengers
Hopeful for luminescent hearts,
Arching underneath bombazine drapes
Dusted with passionate legacies
Of original sin and the primogeniture son,
Wicked for nighttime plots savouring
Spicy love, exponential in a vivid darkness.

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F eeling the urge to play
L ingering looks of coy wanton
I ridescent abandon
R adiating from every pore
T antalising conversation
I mitating movements 
N ervous stimulation
G ame just beginning

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So You Want To Know Me?

So sensationally super; Sagittarius son of John Spence
Pleasantly personable, and matriarch Maud Spence’s son
Enabling, exquisite, eloquent, evolving and enterprising
Naturally nice, no nonsense, and a nutritionist nobleman
Carrot consumer, constant comrade and cold-war veteran
Equitably enlightened, and just an elegant eggnog taster

Jumping Jupiter, a jubilant sundae lover, and just a jewel
Oppresso de liber, optimistically captivating; oratorical
Saintly passionate, succulent salmon sampler; sweetheart!
Exquisitely enchanting, enchantingly amatorious; éclat!
Playful, painstakingly passionate, pajama wearer, patient 
Handsomely helpful handyman, harmonizer of happiness

Sweet as syrup, shining armor off the shelf; savoir-faire!
Red-blooded poetry connoisseur and radioactively lovable!


Won Seventh Place Position
"Tell Me About You Contest"
June 16, 2010
Sponsored by Amy Green


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T~he minds eye closes and envisages the overflowing of true love from one's
H~eart, gravitating to thy One and Only;
E~scaping in conjunction with

B~rackish water adjoining to thy feet; taking note of the wind whispering
E~ver so seamlessly through thine ears while striding upon the seashore.
A~ccompanied by incessant love; keeping hold of hands on no
U~nearthly occasion of relinquishing. Kissing til nightfall loses its color
T~o the openings of daybreak; swimming amongst the creatures of sea
Y~earning to never part, til the extent life ventures to vanish...yet...

O~ftentimes the minds eye reopens to reality; though
F~or the time being

L~et's live every moment as
O~ur last, tracing God first and
V~ersifying our lives to that of the world as such...
E~veryone shall witness and behold The Beauty of L~O~V~E.  

Pace, G.


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Random thoughts **48** Double Acrostic

**Angel Food**

Amorous glances of romance enhance 
New love.  in a heat of passion we
Gambol in our birthday suit
Ensemble... your scent wafting, 
Lilac and passion fruit, we tussle..

Felicity, love with such simplicity,
Obsession through adversity, 
Overjoyed in our continuity... a 
Delicacy, healthy like my Angel Food...

Jared Pickett

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Kiss Me in the Shadows

Keep well away from dark, forbidding dreams --
Instead, stay near the hearth and play your lyre;
Sleep even so will wait on wooden beams,
Seducing you beside your cozy fire.
Meticulous and careful you may be,
Evicting darting shadows with the blaze --
Inside your quiet cottage, patiently,
Night's emissary holds you in her gaze.
The cuckoo calls as midnight church-bells chime;
His warning message echoes from the walls --
Enchanted ears have lost all track of time,
So far from whispered fears as silence falls.
Her chilling hands then rip away your voice,
And images assail your inner eyes --
Denying you the act of conscious choice,
On captive lips she mixes truth and lies.
When sunlight climbs the sky and breaks her spell,
She blows a darkened kiss, and bids farewell.

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H arrowing muscle! forcing passion on my soul.
E ver-present beating - a metronome of feeling. 
A rduous yet wonderful, fickle yet insistent.
R acing with adrenaline - Swinging, jumping, screaming! -
T ill it stops... and all is silent and unfeeling.

For Rick's "Any 5 Line Poem" contest
Placed: 4th

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Lost Passion

Pounding hearts pumping out rivers of love, in the beginning, those
Anointing streams of sweet passion which nourished our souls
Soon began to shrink, then were slowly abandoned.  They
Simply seemed to disappear.  Those long forgotten 
Invigorating waters that washed away our troubles.
Onward now we go, lost and bewildered,
Not knowing how to reclaim what we lost along the way.

TLH   ©   07-30-2012

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I Will Wait For You

I will wait for you as long as it takes,
I will not let you go by making many mistakes,
I will be strong while i hold on tight,
Even if you don't care to say goodnight,
I will always want a part of you in my heart,
Even though i am already being torn apart,
I will smile and not act like nothing wrong,
I will always want you,
 It's already been this long,
So if i am alone for the rest of my life,
I was waiting for you to come and let me be your wife,
I know that you will never feel the same way
I am just letting you know even how much you hate me,
 I will always Stay.

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The Sun Rises- -The Moon Sets

These were set in motion from the beginning of time.
Heavens abound in each of their glory, power sublime.
Every excursion that they set upon revolves in rhyme.

Solar orb that secures life upon this planet we dwell.
Universally seen around our globe, for all to tell,
Never tiring it revolves, captured within its cell.

Rising up from its core, flares of powerful streams.
I respect what has risen from the sunny beams.
Sharing the glory that it has upon everyone, it seems.
Evident by the life that it supports even in dreams,
Solar star of daylight hours continue as nature deems.

Till nightfall approaches while another completes the set.
Helping to guide travelers for centuries the positions to get,
Evening ignites different phases upon this satellites debt.

Monthly revolutions of this celestial body sway the hours.
Orbital bliss has spoken richly along with romantic flowers.
Opening souls in sensuality and fulfilling romantic powers.
New moon to which many have fell into its magical showers.

Splendor of the night as it falls to set upon the new dawns light.
Exemplary versions follow a pattern, which marvels natural sight.
Take notice of what you may be missing each upcoming night.
Said, I’ve heard, old sailors delight, shining, enchantingly bright.

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Love is Hard to Find

Love surrounds us…though people take it for granite
Oh, but we’re unaware of it! We’re ignorant of it at times of tribulation
Vibrant, vermillion roses float in the swaying wind, like feathers, passing me by with a smile and a friendly wave
Everyone is embracing hate instead of love, embracing havoc instead of peace – WHERE IS THE LOVE? 

I am longing to feel like I belong! The church bells repeats its penitent bells 
Saddened by the fact that I’m trapped in my comfort zone of callous night…I want to be unchained from this solitary cave…but no angels tread the road that I’m currently on unfortunately

Hate rips my heart apart and throws it in the heartless fire…love is invisible like a caved in treasure
Ashamed because I always wanted to find avarice-devouring love, restoring joy to my absent-of-vanity verse
Rain descends like the sunset as my spirit ascends like the sunrise above the disconsolate clouds
Drenched in heartfelt relief…of experiencing love on another level – I’ll bring back to life my faith towards You once more

Tattered by heart’s wistful thumping…replace my heart with beauty’s caress and harmony, for I’m desperately in need of a savior
Owned by hatred, the monster that appears in my nightmares, the vile leader of rancorous wolves…

Fly away from the darkness that made you drink in desolation and devastation
Isolated by bliss and joy – overflowing with lamentation 
Never able to find a mixture of serenity and exaltation…maybe I’ll find it in the forest’s quietude
Destined to unlock my heart’s desire…however, love is hard to find, for I’m a hopeless, romantic boy, foolish in love and frankly…blind!

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Mothers are truly God’s gift to the world and really for us 
Oh, they will put things out, even a fuss with a simple touch
The essence of their being prevents us from being in a rush
Hear their words of wisdom and one will learn very much
Even as drivers they shift gears without scraping the clutch
Resting a child’s head, they simmer a cry with such a hush
Saving grace, loving us dearly like a hand with a royal flush

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It is not night

Vast oceans of light                                                                     
In the night flowing over us through you and me cant you see                          
Now there it is again light light love so faithful                                   
Ever seeing clearer there is again light light light treasures so unmeasurable in 
such a 
Small weak vessel there is again light light light light                               
Oh ignites a fire consuming all                                                       
There yet nothing lost light light light light light                                 
Rising brighter than yesterday will ever be light light light light light light     
Under his guiding care                                                        
Everlasting so good there is again light light light light light light light resting in 

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I am in love with you

Loving you is not hard to do.

Open your eyes and see that it is me,

Vowing my self to you, you see?

Even though we argue, I still love you

Yearning for you to love me too.

Open you heart, mind, and soul, and

Understand why I love you so

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I am

I am a woman
Beautiful and kind

I am a writer
Poetry is always in my mind

I am a singer 
a soulful era of the generation

I am a fighter
A real soldier for the nation

I am an artist
Full of imagination

I am a thinker
Iam filled up with characterization

I am a lion
Fierce and strong

I am a winner
Determination and motivation in me would put me where i belong

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Cookies are addictive!
OoOoH! Here's one to snatch!
Okay...where's the chocolate chips?
Kraving too many of these treats
I want some now! But...I might get beeefy...
Every bite is mouthwatering, soft and crisp
Should I take another cookie?

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Sense of humour, elevating our spirits
Musing over the simple things in life, rejoicing at what we find
Imagination stimulated, childlike, seeing the wonders in life
Light heartedness, laughing at one’s self!
Everything as it is meant to be, smiling, enjoying, the gift of life

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You are a precious gift of love

                   you're everything to me
                   a hidden longing deep within
                   just like the air breath
                   when I feel alone at times
                   you'll hold my hand tightly and being around
                   through my laughter or my tears
                   you'll comfort me and give me faith
                   you are a precious gift of love

                   you fill my soul with the meaning of love
                   for even in the darkest hour
                   when all of hope seems gone
                   thought of a still resilience voice 
                   to feel you within my reach
                   in my heart
                  you're always with me
                   there will be a place for you forever

                   now,a whole new world
                   just for you and me 
                   this bond between us can't be broken
                   my life,you'll touch
                   I will be glad to have you in my life 
                   I can share my interests with you
                   I'll search no more
                   cause you are a precious gift of love

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Gypsy King

Glorious are the days we ride, my love.
You and I riding in the morning light.
Passions racing hearts are thundering.
Sunrise explodes pink and purple streaks across the sky.
You and I smiling, riding together in the first light.

Kindred spirits racing together chasing the morning star.
Intoxicated on the morning air.
Nowhere, but here in this moment.
Glorious is the day we ride.

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Love came down at Christmas

L Long ago travelled Kings
O Opened their minds to prophecies
V Visiting from afar they brought gifts of Gold, Fracincense and Myrrh
E Eastern Star guiding them lighting the way

C Company of Heavenly Host
A Allelujah! Angels appeared to Shepherds, telling Savior born
M Manger for bed wrapped in cloths in Town of David
E Evangelically proclaimed Christ the Lord

D December 25th designated day
O On which we recollect
W Why/way Christ entered our world
N Nativity only part of His story

A A new testament
T Tells of new covenant between God and His people

C Christ's coming to Earth
H Hailed as new born King, Holy
R Risen Lord, righteous redeemer, 
I Intercedes for us as
S Spiritual Saviour to save sinners souls
T Time for Truth, Trust, Trinity
M Man's belief in God of Love,  
A As Father Son and Holy Spirit
S Shall be saved

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Girls Don't Wear Bermuda Shorts!

O ther misconceptions of my
H ome of birth and where I spent some of my

Y outh is that 
E veryone lives in mud huts and wears grass
S kirts as tourists are greeted at the airport.

B ermuda is a place of 
E xceptions in that as of course the world economy is changing, that for a small island
   it is still one of the
R ichest nations on the Earth! 
M any of the people you might see on the street, if any, are not poor; but, because of the
U nbelievably high cost of living has to
D eal with finding a roof over their head hard.
A lso, while some things might have come to the 

I sland a little later than the states, we are not a barefoot, backwoods people 
T hat don't know anything and are in constant awe of the 
S treams of people who visit us.

Y ou tourists are graced with an island and a people
O f  beauty, Godly fear, and an
U nbelievable strength that has fought off one natural disaster

A fter another.
N o other island is graced with our beautiful pink-sanded beaches.
D iversity is reached with people from South America, Europe, the Azores, North America, as
   well as  

M any other islands and nations.
E ach and every house, as well as it people are "cemented in colour and everlasting pride"!

(The acrostic spells out a song that I used to sing constantly when I was little.)

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Your Eyes

 (Dedicated to Folake)

Your eyes, woman
are like twilight rainbow
amorously bearing aloft passions of mine
toward androcytic ecstacy.
They tell of endless lights.

Night skies clarion the warmth of you
keep me balled-up till
i am tilted to your adorned essence.

May I call up words to adore you,
agglomerate them into a panoply of worshippers
unsandalled before you
like Moses at the burning bush.
And now you seem to fall asleep
but you tell me it's the heavy night
bidding toward a sunny dawn
wherein our love is lighted.

Slowly I let you fall asleep
impatient with the long night
waiting to gaze once more
into the eyes of my lovely love.

Then a lip is placed on yours
and you rouse up wide-eyed
smiling at my romantic move.
We enjoyed the night, cruising on.

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My Name

Loves and appreciates beauty, Endowed with creativity in arts, music and poetry, Oath to offer my talents prayerfully to Thee. Nymph-like to my clan; Obedient, faithful and so generous to everyone, Remain as I am in my name so sweet, Always do things in Lord's name as long as I live.
2nd Place Contest: The Poet Judged: 2/26/13 Poet Sponsor: My most fav. poet, Linda/PD

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L    ovely as a beautiful rose

O   nly you control my soul.

V    enon of love is in the air 

E    verywhere is with you I want to be

L    onging for your love and time with me

Y    ou are the one for me and this is the way I want it to be.

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Judas betrayed Jesus’s whereabouts
End, was near
Son of God, knew this
Universe of the Son of the Divine Father, restored
Sins of man forgiven, Prince of our Universal domain, alive in the hearts of his children

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Gaming (acrostic)

Give me that controller, I command with a shout
After this game and don't be a lout
Modern Warfare my dad adores
I know what I like, it's Halo 4
New games and new tactics we must learn swiftly
Gaming's the best on Xbox 360

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Though I did not want anyone to know

Helping people is what I try to do so I can grow

Even when it is tough I realize I help people not for show

Self involvement is a must a way to make things make sense

Eager to do things I become sometimes dense

Caring about the things I love is what really can help my choice

Revealing my secret to you I will keep my poise

Even when the time comes I will not be spoiled because of my heart

The secret to doing things is make it a great memory so it will not part

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Teaching a Young Lover

The first time witnessing the twain mountain peaks,
High above the echoes of our heart beat,
Erected I stood, in awe I stare, with eyes devouring nature’s beautiful souvenir.

Below the Twin crags fingers softly stroll along a sweat drenched path.
Inch by inch digits artfully tread around a shallow furrow.
Racing heart beats are like the wings of a thousand sparrows.
Down in yonder valley two fingers gently creep.
Skin shivers on the mound where the fescue freely grows. 

Along the cleft, in the distal knoll, a tributary streams.
Near the wet land is a cave, a place of fertile dreams.
Desire drives daring digits to dive deeper into the warm unknown.

Tell me lover, tell me more about the birds and the bees.
How did the stork bring mother a girl like me?
Every time you’re next to me, what is it that I feel?

Blazing like a fire is this tension in my blood.
Enthralled me with your touch
Engulf me in your love. 
Serinade me with these words: "I love you, oh so much."

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I caress you in my arms
and your beauty alarms me...
your soft skin disarms me
and your musical voice charms me...
I lose myself within you
everytime our lovemaking begins a new...
And I knew in that moment
that I had to vent my sentiments
I love you and my essence would plead too
that I drink you, I eat you, and I breath you
...I need you!...

By Soul's Floetry 

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Lost In Love

L uscious lips that slightly part reveal to my delight
O ne gorgeous smile meant just for me and teeth that sparkle white.
S heepishly I drop my eyes, afraid that he might guess
T he sudden urge that sweeps my soul to feel his sweet caress. 

I nfatuation some might say! But I can only sigh. . . 
N ever have I felt this way for any other guy.

L ong-lashed luminescent eyes are those of hazel hue
O bserving me!  What soulful eyes I’m looking back into!
V anquished by his gaze am I. My forecast may sound grim. . . 
E vermore I’m lost because my heart is lost to him!

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Dazzling and inherent beauty
Inspiring ability within
Animating my e-motion
Maximizing my passion
Onto gravitating excellence
Needed to have my precious

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A real hero

                                                             A REAL HERO?
                                                          By: Synthia Miner

                  What does it take to be a hero?
  Being a single mother, keeping a family strong.
   or a single father, helping his daughter along.
  Maybe a soldier leaving his newly pregnant wife.
or making the ultimate sacrifice, to save only one life?

                  What makes a real hero?
      Knowing how to stop a drug lab or a bomb.
  or having the power to save a child gone wrong.
      Is it being able to help the hungry,
  or saving everything that’s been lonely.

                   How do we define a hero?
       Every way you look at it, people can say,
             heroes come naturally…. in a way,

       But; when you dig down deep,
          I see only one answer

           A real hero must have the will to live;
                 whether for him or her self,
      or everything and everyone one around them.
Heroes have the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

From this I say, that my Uncle Jason Mullholand is a real hero.
         He has fought for his life, not just to be alive,
                        but for raising his family.

                 So you see, heroes are hear everyday.
      It’s the soldier fighting for peace,
        and the mother battling cancer.
   And the kids you ignore hunting for food,
    Just to feed their always hungry siblings.

    A real hero values the life of everyone, 
     and charges with the courage of love.

To every hero out there 
Please keep up the fight for life!

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Poetry Soup Bowl

<                                    Pallets  profusely pulsating
                                      Over organic originals
                                      Emotions enormously emerge
                                      Through trident times
                                      Relic  rejoice recant
                                      Yes yearn yourself

                                      Solid structure's sanction
                                      Open  optional opinions
                                      Understudy understand unity's
                                      Poetry's passionate's pulse

                                      Because beauty bestows
                                      Over oversights objection
                                      Widespread whispers wanted
                                      Leaving lasting longevity

Entry For
Adeleke Adeite's
Poetic Picture Of Poetry Soup
G.L. All

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Message For My Valentine

YOU are the breath I breathe,it's true.
ARE  my wishes to love you hung on a star?
MY  arms ache for you,love,hear my cry!
ONE day you'll see what fate has done.
AND our love runs  deep like water through sand.
ONLY you can lead me from lonely!

This is a message to my love  telling him that he's my one and only!

for contest"My Valentine" with an enclosed secret message

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Passions play on the pages of this sweet, super soup,
Opportunities are opened up in this great group.
Endearing entities; got no room for rift and rivalry, 
Talented poets preach... quoting their dictionary, Reality revived, illusion illuminated by Souper sages:
Youths and the young-at-art, priceless poets of 
all ages…

Sauced soup served hot, tempting, terrific and tasty,
Outstanding oration... terrific tank filled for the thirsty;
Unadulterated umbrella for poets with passion,
Powerful platform for all poets, a noble and nifty nation.

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Touched By Your Flame

Tears shall never wash away our moments of passion.
Our bond, whispered into Heaven in Angelic fashion.
Unity between our mortal bodies is loving grace.
Courage that binds us shines in our face.
Hearts that are captured true are forever.
Eyes that glisten like ours could not sever.
Deliver constant affections, oh so clever,

Bring the wine of our souls to never end.
You and I are bound with pleasure to spend.

Years shall pass but our ardor will not grow old.
Our cravings may change, though continue bold.
Universal flames that we spark, shall endure.
Remembered beyond our existence so pure,

Fulfilled and destined to be known forevermore.
Listen to the crackling that warms our core.
Angels are speaking to us, giving blessings.
Many shall be jealous, with great digressing’s.
Everyone now knows of our love, it is evermore.

date written

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Lost In Thought

Now who would of thought the thoughts that would truly get the mind lost in fragile thought?
 So much on our known life, 
about unknown death when we laugh at others but at ourselves we really cry, 
in our very own hidden truth lies, 
amongst our own poeple who we defy, 
until we fight, 
for wrongs for personal rights, 
**** the darkness is what make us appreciate the light, 
I dont talk the talk nor do I walk the walk because I walk my talk while I swagger and swerve im my talks through these walks,
 Life can get so messy with death that its time for those of us here to grab the broom so God can mop,
 I live life to the fullest with what little I have because I dont have a lot, 
I live life shitty sometimes like almost everyone else like it or not, 
Im not special Im so unique Im individual with word talent I know I got, 
I know what I dont have so its important more knowledge among me is sought, 
I can be wrong half the time but can still make it 100% right I was self-taught among a young soul that seems to be bought,
 I got a bad limp but dont get me wrong I can still gallup through darkness while I jog lost in the early morning fog waiting to be patiently found in the midnight lounge where I trot,
 Truly lost so easily in profound hard thoughts litterally running from the cops waiting to duck and dodge from open gunshots,
 Bodies and shells drop where caskets are made among a dying crop, 
I can still make a splatter where there was just but a tiny dot, 
I used to have merely nothing now atleast I can truly say I have a safe spot, 
I was found looking for truth in lies lost in thought....

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Everytime I Look Around The Corner

I live a life in a place where alcohol violence reigns supreme/ 
over a dying culture split in se7en groups of se7enty times se7en of rival teams/
 I hear my brothers hollers I hear my sisters screams/ 
I see people live among broken glass like that of many broken dreams/
 I sometimes wish I could not see what my two eyes sometimes see/ 
I cant act blind as if it were just a brush off my sleeve/
 The more I lose in life the more it seems the less I need/
 I try and overcome my own selfish greed/ 
I got a child on the way I now look at what kind of role model I'd be/ 
I was was incarcerated so I must not take for granted for the simple fact that Im free/
 But it hard with tattoos on my face in place where tattoos like mine seem a disgrace/
 Lord watch over me as I take last place in this life game race/ 
It not a matter of being first second or third Lord cuz all I need iz your grace/
 help me to better walk off this destructive road and slow my pace/ 
Just take me now if Im done with your purpose if thats the case/
Because I dont want to live like I got to look over my shoulder right around the corner....

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Wild Hands

W hile the hands move about in front of me
I see them wondering near sincerely
L anding their palms right on my pounding head
D riving with a power, mighty it’s said

H ow much I want them on me, greatly placed
A nother realm of understanding faced
N ever do they reach my skull, I’m so lost
D ays and nights confuse me, in show I’m tossed
S hower me with those hands let me be free
! A great massive display of what can be

Russell Sivey

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Rising Sun

Rising sun

Reminiscing lost days of togetherness,
Iridescent emotions add colour to my life,
Succour anticipates a revisit ,
Insufferable is seeking an end, 
Notional fire that once burnt inside the chest,
Graces my soul that thrives for the best.

Sun is sure to shine bright and high in sky,
Unfeigned unending passion undulates,
Nevermore echoes in lonely heart reverberate!

Written October 7th, 2014
For contest 'Romantic acrostic' by Regina Riddle

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Riveting words written, imprint vivid visions in our minds.
Often leaving a brand upon our soul. Majestic places, heartfelt
Memories, and feelings oh so tender, are created, forever treasured in
A special, sacred place all our own, where we can always embrace,
Nearby, or faraway, outloud or in secret, shared or kept to ourselves.
Cherrished deeply, just a word, a verse, or a phrase written of 
Epic grandure. Each word, kept silent or spoken, is a riveting romance secured.

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Unexpected Peers (An acrostic ode to Poetry Soup and it's members)

Unexpected Peers (An acrostic ode to Poetry Soup and it's members)	






            I haven't been on this site long, but many of you have already made me feel
welcome, and, moreover, like I belong.  I'm finding myself as inspired as I have ever been
to keep writing, and to keep growing as a writer, thanks to your support, your contests,
and your own original posts.  This is, truly, a special community.  
            Thanks for allowing me to become a part of it.

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On The Track

Being on the roll bring them a thought of eloquence,
Exempting the fact things in the giant tournaments,
Inside of which lies the origin of originality and dexterity;
Nexus, so true of either being alive or dead
Gentle souls, to be, should stay on the track.

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Hands holding champagne
Allowing all wishes to sparkle
People dancing under Mylar balloons
Pop corn with sweet caramel
Yankees caps with silver trim
Nobody dislikes silly buffoons
Everyone can be one of them
With the New Year's party colorful hats 
Yell and be extravagantly festive
Ears deafened by loud music
America celebrates in Times Square
Rome calls for peace everywhere

Entered in Carol Brown's Happy New Year Poetry Contest

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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My conquistador

Evening starts with crystal shadows of engrossed love,
Vanished on the second street I feel no touch,
Everything that surrounds me is going there above,
Ready to display all the splendid air as such,
Yet I do not know what lies there in the sky.

Traveling farther into this vivid epic dream 
I feel my arm is magnetized by his embrace.
Miracle I still exist, I am there, I do not scream.
Easily I fall into this eternal space.

“I will always fall in love with you on and on.”

Lonely I am no more, since I had found my one true star.
One that shines over billion galaxies with pure light,
One that is always besides me and leaves me with no scar,
Knows me and protects me like he is my strong knight.

“And we will be forever together 
Time is just for the two of us.”

Yet I do not know his name but I love him more
Over the mountains, over the black-blue see,
Underneath the earth, right into the core!

My conquistador you have conquered me all,
You and your soul ready to devour my entire tree.

Gorgeous is this consequence of my choosing 
Rather inspirational than a matter of loosing,
Enjoying mystical minutes with my one true half
You are the one who always makes me laugh.

Stones and iron can’t erase this eternal feeling
Thrusting them on us won’t change a single thing,
Once the door has opened everything is healing
None can stop this craving thought of spring.
Entire life will start on Earth one more time.

“I will always fall in love with you again and again.”

“And we will be forever happy
Misery will never come to us.

Constantly I want from you just peaceful music
One that comes from the bottom of your heart,
Million kisses received made me ecstatic, so realistic,
People will say that what we have is so fantastic,
Love, happiness eternal gift that lies upon our inside
Emerges to other space unseen somewhere dark,
Time shall be forever on our trusty side,
Everything will be tremendously good if we are together.

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Three BIg Letters form a Small Word - HUG


H- Humongous Healthy and Hearteningly 
U- Unleashes Unspoken Understandings
G- Grows Goodness and Gratefulness

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Blue and wide is the blanket we have spread absorbing the sun's heat,
Enamored as Romeo and Juliet we feel what they felt: an increasing heartbeat;
Anticipating soft touches, followed by ardent kisses until moonlight arrives... 
Cuddled as they were, we ignore the glances of everyone taken by surprise.
Hushed words must remain whispers, if we are to satisfy our sensual needs. 
Bottles filled with messages are brought in by rolling waves, is ours still unread?
Lovely seagulls gather on splashing rocks, watching a lonely lady who weeps,  
Another heartbreak for someone who was happy in life, now completely sad;
Knowing the pain of betrayal, she will learn by error not to trust anyone again.    
Enticed by desire, we must roll back onto that soft blanket and revive romance, 
Totally unaware of our surroundings, we lose ourselves and become intense;    
Beholding what others never do, we know that faithful lovers always win.   
There's exceeding joy, an indefinite yearning to explore love in ways so new,  
Neither the distant stars nor the close moon refuse to shine on a blanket for two;
Grand as ever is their presence, luminous and breath-taking is their gleam... 
Onward they will slowly move, while we still embrace and continue to dream.

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P- Passion for many 
O- Ominous or Happy, you can choose
E- Expression
T- to share with anyone, everyone
R- ready to uplift you
Y- you're the creator, be creative

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Emotional Colors

Blue is happy an to be desired,
gray is to be afraid, timid an tired.
Brown is to be rushed an to be bold,
black is to be serious an cold.
Orange is excited an busy,
green is nice an neutral, but undecided and filled with envy.
Indigo is very happy, relaxed an romantic,
purple is mystical, a dreamer and passionate.
White is constant, confused an frustrated,
pink is affectionate, cool, loving and enchanted.
Colors are like our emotions,
they fly around in our heads,
like expressions on people's faces,
that we don't really be seeing,
colors are also like words,
they all have certain meanings.

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How deep is my love

As you walk through the window in the night
No star in the sky can shine so bright
Gone are my worries and all my fright
Even my intentions to start a fight
Lost in the beauty of your sweet sweet sight
I want to kiss you all over, hold you tight
No it’ll be too late, I can’t wait for our wedding night
Eve, you’re my eve, and I’m your Adam Knight

Please understand I live for you today 
Err do not by thinking I just want to play
Rudely why do you keep sending me away?
Everything ain’t black and white, there is gray
It’s true that I can never get enough of you
Rip my heart apart and you’ll see my love is true
And I give my life for my one true love, which is you - only you.

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P act with wild love, suchlike riot act of flames on sun. 
A ttract and magnify love, subtract pain.  
C ontroling motions of sexual act, as I pact you overreact.
T iny sweet taste of vanilla extract, silencing your sensual 
   speech act,enabling the act of you being pact.

W et whispers. 
I  Intensified. 
T angled poppets controlled by lust and love.  
H ermetically sealed and pact, within you,forever loved.

B reath taking, leaving behind love in respiratory tract.
E mbrace, loving impact, created by physical act.
A lways rolling over,in my arms,after accomplished act.
U nder roof, breathing hot air pact with ecstasy. 
T ingling after effects,pact with bliss of a kiss. 
Y awning,we fall to sleep on clouds pact with contentment and 
  dreams pact with beauty.

Pact Poetry Contest
Sponsor:Paula Swanson

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Acrostic Poem

Vanquishing emotions with preposterous actions.

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L o v e

L- Lost in you, and lost in nothing but youre eyes.
O- outside, and inside i can see through youre soul.
V- Validateing and breathing in youre heartbeat as it sinks into the rythum of mine.
E- Elivateting the sound, and the rythum of youre love, and i put my patterns at youres, 
becoming all but one. This Exciting  love that now what i can never forget the Envirormental 
and Eprehensive Expermental love, that is now mine.

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G  iven unconditionally, a

R  ansom has been paid

A  nti-Semitic ignorance could not stop his way

C  rucified and he rose , his gift abound today

E  ntrust all you have ,  his love shall heal thy pain

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Veiled feelings I fear to show
A deep passion fighting the urge to grow
Love like fire red
Endless desire to be your one
Nothing will stand between us
To you I will always belong
In happiness, in sadness, in pain and in gain
Never will I fail you
Eternity seems a short time to spend with you

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Christ Has Risen

C hrist lives within our
H earts and he has
R isen from the dead
I norder to offer us
S alvation and eternal life
T oday and forever more.

H e’s our Savior and
A lmighty God, forgiving of
S ins and cleanses our souls.

R emembering always that he
I s our Father and
S aves us for all
E ternity and he will
N ever turns his back.

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Passion Is My Middle Name

P assionately in love with you, you are the breath stokes
A lasting flame, ignites my senses. Your measured strokes
S teadily calm my screaming desires. Your massage
S oothes aching follow with a barrage
I ntense of seductive touch. Stimulate with your every move.
O verpower me and I submit willingly with nothing to prove
N ow or ever...comfortable in our own skins our own looks.
A lways as one even lying apart reading separate books.
T his confidence we share...revel in the thought of you and me
E ternally swimming safe in the depths of our own private sea.

Oct. 06 2014
Regina Riddle

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Loneliness has faded away; Joy now boldly shining through
Once an empty heart is now filled to the top with a lusty haze
Velcro is jealous of how close we are to one another
Eternity will be over before our hearts go their separate ways

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You Snooze You Loose

<                                        Artist searching for a muse
                                          Creativity is the key
                                          Recant those memories 
                                          Open your heart and soul
                                          Start spreading the news
                                          There's poetry to be found
                                          Inside each and everyone of us
                                          Can't you hear the music

                                          To the beaten drum
                                          Whistle while you work
                                          Or you'll snooze and lose

Entry For
Jared Pickett's Contest
Acrostic 2
G.L. All

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written 22nd March 2001

E  is for the emotions you show
M  is for my little mother hubboard
I   is for your impatience 
L  is for all the love you send my way
Y  is for your way or no way

J  is for all the joy you are bringing my life
O is for the overwhelming passion you share 

           "Mummy's thought's"
       So placid and true
       Sent with eye's of heavenly blue
       Filled with so much luck
       For your alway's running a total muck
                                      with love

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Symbolization of Fire

                                 You heat up our hearts,
                                    your a work of art,
                                         of passion.

                                   Bloom like a flower,
                                    you revealing us,
                                        your power.

                                 Yet you can cause pain,
                                  your mad, your insane,
                                       your untamed.

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Eleven Years Strong

Many people dream of having what you share...

Love within
Each other!
Verisimilar love &
Enthusiastic promises of "Death Do Us Part"
Never-ending passion

Yearning of
Amatory of
Satisfaction of compromised love!

But only few stick together throughout the journey....

                                          HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

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C	ontentment on hot summer days is to lay me down gently
                upon the glossy, cool, red ceramics tiles, that refresh and tantalize bare skin

H	alf naked, brown and melting, like chocolate on your tongue

I	ndifferent to peering eyes of strangers wandering about

L	eaving inquisitives to brainstorm about “Are they, or not”; secret laughs shared
                we live only in our daydreams of love’s passionate connection 

L	oving summer nights rendezvous beneath sister moon and her entourage of   
                millions of twinklin stars

I	gniting latent fires that still smolder amidst the ash, barely breathing 

N	ights of in ocean side palaces of sky and sand; enjoying soft warm breezes that  
                cool passion's thirst, as the sound of a lonely sax wafts through the palms,
                has us drifting off to the soothing lullaby of rolling, crashing waves.

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Endearing Always Forever

Passionately relentless loving me.
Tenderly, gently endearing sweetly me.
Slowly, softly lovingly romancing me.
Wanting relentlessly so passionately me.

Sweetly always forever endearingly.

Romancing lovingly so sweet you are to me.
Gently how you magically swept me off my feet.
Tenderly so gently how you love on me.
Softly so sweetly you kiss me.
Lovingly so gently you hold tightly.

Passionately, wan tingly, relentlessly your
breathing. Softly but heavily showing how
much you so passionately want me.
Holding on to me so tenderly.
Ever so gently kissing me.
Romancing sweetly me.

Endearing Always Forever Me.

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LOVE :last two Adult:

Leap of faith
Object of affection
Vision of beauty
Eclipse of the heart












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The bottled up pain turned into bliss...your heart begins to flutter. When you and him kiss you wanna know why he got you feeling like this. He's in control of your body you begin to get tense. so much you want to say, you need to say, you wanna know... But you cant let it go... he all in your mix. He gaze in your eyes, he kiss you on your lips, he's laying between your thighs, your body belongs to him. But your heart he cannot have for he have hurted you a time in the are now in his world and he runs the show all he do is watch you come and never see you go. when yall is done you think he's the absolute best then you begin to cry because your realize you just had SEX WITH YAH EX

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InThe Mood For Love Again

Inhaling her scent
Nuzzling behind her ear
Tickling unfair

Her breath uneven
Exhales almost like a sigh

Only saying ‘no’
Only really meaning ‘yes’
Despite her intents

Focused are my eyes
Only looking into her hers
Rejecting her noes

Losing herself just
One more time, then once again
Virtuous passion

Endlessly caressed
Aggressively entangled
Giving herself up

Against her best intent
Intending to resist me
Nightly—just a game

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J ust feeling stipped and naked
U nderstanding is what I desire
D espair at always feeling like the freak
G etting sad as my spirits sink
M aking the most of everyday
E veryone looking down from their pedestal 
N ever feeling good enough
T aking it day by day

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Live, Laugh And Capture This Great Love

Victorious and the greatest gift of all, it is
Everlasting and it reign down from the heavens above

Love does not judge and it does not boast
Accepting all inadequacy and immersing truth
Ubiquitous to each one of us, this 
Goodwill of the heavenly realm brings peace within 
Hope to each one and warmth to embrace our spirits

Live, Laugh and capture this great Love


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Poetic Soul

Paradise of beautiful thoughts via heart
Ornamented with pure and serene art
Enlightening postings on varied themes
Teaching various paradigms supreme!
Intellectual writers love to spend days
Creations of delight coined in selfless ways 
Sharing of common passion gets rear    
Offers new chance to entrants in its sphere
Umbrella for world wide authors in one group
Long live the heaven with name Poetry Soup!  

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Night casts no shade upon her light,
Ascendant star endowed with midnight fire,
Shining down with radiance so bright,
Reflections cast upon the heart’s desire,
Awesome soul, such wonder to admire.   

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A Doubtless Mind

One can

Deny my
Overwhelming love and
Uncontrollable desire for you.
Being in your arms and feeling your

Nothing but completely

You have

Made my
Inner thoughts of true happiness feel so 
Natural that I know it's my 
Destiny to share my love and life with you.

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Fool In Love

Fool In Love

F ooling around
O ne and only you 
O pen heart talks
L etting our hearts grow

I ntimate evenings
N ever having to wonder

L earning to trust and love
O h, baby, ohhhh
V alue each moment we have together

E xcitement and adventure we share

Rlm ‘07

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Warrior raised to do battle In search of a meaning to his life Love always on his mind Lonely until the end of time Imminent anger beneath the surface A man that keeps his word Mindless romantic

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Beauty and Pride you have gotten even when the road is rough

Oh! Ordinarily, I can’t hold it because you are indeed a substance of emulation at your age.

Seductive and glamorous which other words can I use

Elegant, your taste is high and I love it

Dedicative, you are not workaholic but you take care of everything to avoid lapses

Eminent, your presence is like that of a crowned queen. My princess you are a rare gem. 
                                        I love you.

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Lovely is this day break, with a new dawns light hitting her face and my window sill.

Opious traits can be discerned, as i kiss her lips, carrying the sweetest taste of amaretto.

Very slowly i arise back into thought and nontheless delv

Excitedly into the depth of emotion only her love can achieve.

Lay your head down my rising angel,

You shouldnt revel, even if so beautifully.



Sleep tight my angel,

Sleep tight my lovely...


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Capture me, in your most charming chalice 
Of white porcelain engraved with cherry cherubs and roses 
Fill me to the brim till I foam, white against my chocolate brown
Fumes of mine intoxicate you and your tongue yearns to taste of my essence 
Ever so gently you smell me, nip me, slowly to savor my every flavor 
Eternally, I charm you and never shall you know fineness as this from another.

Seek me you shall, tirelessly from here on,
Peace shall you feel, only when you find my teasing, elusive quality
Endlessly shall you hold me in your high esteem and appreciation 
Loving the taste me each morn’ and eve’, any time you want, and 
Leave me you shan’t for I am your obsession and incurable addiction 

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My thoughts are often filled with longing
Yearning for a love to call my own

Thinking of strong arms to hold me;
Hands so loving they touch my very soul.
Overjoyed by his attentions I turn to face my love.
Unabashedly, I give myself to his lips
Grasping his very essence towards me,
Hungry and demanding; we become one.
To him I am his dream, the one he has long
Searched for; meant to be his love forevermore

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Secrets Of The Pink Floss Diary

Secrets Of The Pink Floss Diary

Pink bubble-gum lip gloss is my signature smack and my best plan of attack.

Italian pumps of the best design prop up my gams, 
making them look as if I ran lots of laps that day.

Nights of tango and salsa lessons give me the smoothest moves and 
have the fellows asking me for more time on the dance floor.

Kudos the same fellows give me, for being so mellow and easy to get 
along with when we’re out on a date.

Full of fun and laughter is what my friends and family all say about me, 
they say that’s my best trait.

Learning how to lay back and enjoy the ride of life on the lazy river 
is a great thing to enjoy each summer and all throughout life, too 
much passes me by if I don’t take time to enjoy my life.

Opening my heart and my mind to people who are near and dear to me; 
learning to always be present with those who are so special to me.

Showing those I love, how special they are by expressing to them 
how much I love them and how essential they are to my life and 
how much joy they bring to my life.

Spontaneously choosing the best moments to express my sexuality 
with my soul mate seductively with a simple wink of the eye or the bat 
of an eyelash is imperative to keeping our passion ever flowing.

This poem was inspired by Shirley Harrison’s Poem Candy Floss,

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C losely clinging 
L ovingly we  interlace
I n frenzied embrace
M elting and mingling
A bsolutely tingling
X citing interface

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All About Me

All my dreams are coming true,
Life seems so wonderful and new.
The windows of opportunity are opened wide,
He makes me so happy when I'm by his side.
Endless love that's all he knows,
And in my heart I'm certain he'll propose.

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The Beat of the Olde World

Doing what they love, all are welcome to try
Rhythms of passion fly in the night sky
Up and down the maddening notes dance 
Many drink and sing as drummers are in a trance
Seducing beats are the soul of the Medieval camp

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R	Respect yourself is a key thing
E	Excel at your schoolwork and life
S	Show that you’re trying
P	Perfection is not needed
E	Express yourself creatively but be respectful
C	Can’t is a word that doesn’t exist
T	Try your best

If you want my respect
Well then you must earn it
And you do that when you show
An effort to do what you can
Not only in your schoolwork
But also in your everyday life too.

If we can work together
And have respect for one another
There’s nothing that can stop us
From making this the best
No matter what we strive for
But it’s all up to you.

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Wait A Minute

Pause a moment for Jesus
Asked not why
Solance is golden
Solidarity is the key 
Obscurity becomes nil
Victory shall be ours
Eternal flame flickers
Relic in thy body of Christ our Lord


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Inviting Love

I linger and wait for your single touch.
Now and forever our love will grow such.
Vogue of emotions that will go beyond,
Impatience of our time sealed with bond.
Traces of our fervor are written in history.
I have lived and loved in a past of mystery.
Now as before we found each other’s heart.
Grown from enthusiasm from being apart.

Lost we were in the folds of past consequence.
Only to be guided by cupids divine providence.
Vows that we share go beyond our universe’s legacy.
Each of us bound in affection, fulfilling our destiny.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor nette onclaud 

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Stone steps
To the top of the tower -
At least a hundred -
In a spiral staircase;
Regularly spaced,
Worn by many feet
And time,
Yet as strong as the day 
They were quarried
Out of local granite.
Taking the polished brass
Handrail, I started to climb;
Stopping midway
To catch my breath,
And massage my aching calves.
Reaching the telescope at last, I
Smiled and gazed up at the starry sky.

Jack Horne for Linda-Marie’s contest

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Hearts thrashing
Endless anger- insidious and perverse
And I choose to forget the feeling of love
Rage turns to words - sickening and sweet
Tomorrow comes to erase the sins of yesterday.
Surely, I choose to forget.  

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Lost in your eyes,
A pleasant suprise.
Vanity at it's best.
Enticing all of the rest.
No one will ever
Do what I do, so clever.
End the day with a kiss.
Rue the days we miss.

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The Dance of the Ocean

The ocean seems so relaxing when you hear the wave 
Healing sounds that can clean a soul and save
Even when the waves brings in an unknown 

Dodging the sadness can be shown
And the things become more easy
None will dance with balance so steady
Can a person by the ocean feel free of fright
Embarking conquest with passion that last in the day and night

Out on the beach on the sand we dance on a spot
For we hold our friends and an family a lot

Tricky the waves move with a trance each day
Hardly understandable to what I have to say
Even when the wind pushes the water most

Onto the sand by the ocean cost
Cites that people love to see and use as a passionate source
Even when it the wind blows the ocean waves set a different course
And finely the wave pulls back and forth in a lash
Notes that make music in every ones ear with a splash

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Paint with Fire

Painting fiery picture of my entire life,
Amber passion, always putting to strife,
Inklings turning true, put me on crease,
Never could I afford rest and be at peace,
Thunderclap will put an end, I shall thrive.

Writings in black , mostly hard to crack,
Ignorance is a bliss, intelligence will track,
Tomorrows are hopeful, present in a blue,
Harried thoughts in mind don't give a clue,

Ferocious ones eat up their own desires,
Iridescent colours have more of buyers,
Romantics are dreamers, set fire to set on fire,
Exuberant self , perfectly painted with fire !

Written on 4/7/14
Contest- 1 in 4 , choose your acrostic title
Sponsor- Andrea Dietrich

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Heat of love and passion and lust
Optimistic of course
Pleasing thoughts, peaceful faith
Ever innocent

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Savior Conductor

Ensembles of 
Venomous thoughts invade
Reasonable emotion I hold.
Your touch keeps my 
Hidden. Your kiss keeps these monsters
Inside at bay. There is 
No other way to catch. No other
Guide for my 
No other
Safety net. My
Inner heart, you balance.
Destroying disturbing
Of cracked instruments playing in
Fortissississimo inside 
Every haunted hope. 

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Destiny of Love So Divine

Drive me to the brink of madness, with kisses so fine.
Ecstasy is not a drug for us, but life’s superior line.
Sensuality, takes us on the road of temptations desire.
Treasures of the heart bless us and start the fire.
I am blind by the affection; you give so willingly.
Now and forever, our lives bonded, delicately.
Yes, it seems to true and so unreal, we have this thing.

Our lives as well bound by the blessing of this ring.
Favored by the heavens, I know, we are until the end.

Listen to the pledge; I give to thee this day, I send.
Only you my love can sweep my desire to pleasure.
Visions of you came to me, dreams of measure.
Every look, which you give to me, shows love divine.

Sincere words that you say each day, makes me pine.
Our passion is roaring with such answers, that quake.

Driving us to the brink of madness, which we make,
I await your presence, each night, as we prepare to sleep.
Violent fevers of ardor set my body to quiver and weep.
Individuality of ours does not exist, while together.
Nature has flooded our souls, with both lace and leather.
Excitedly, we both win, with destiny of love so divine.

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Hornet Queen tells Creator No evil Angels

Well, the Hornet Queen who knows who she is, or if
she if, tells, creation that the lines off commutication
is broken at times and the message is wrong, and
they mean no harm if they could just be justice in the
war of the thrones and in the end he well see that they
are well golden and his delight. Its the invention not

them or they or we , me or I

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On this road again, wasting time.

So good to see you once again. 
We could sit and talk about it
Or continue on with the journey 
Down this road of entity. 
It’s a long way 
Before we get there.
Many bridges we will ravage,
Before we come home. 
We’ll signify on the way,
There is so much ahead of us
I don‘t want to miss. 

Look at those meager souls
Out there in the distance, 
They seem so vacant. 
Can’t they discern?
Through his eyes they will see tranquility.
To conceive a path on the way.
A passage to convey with immunity
On their way home.
Everyone will want to see.
Surely this, they will miss.

As i turn from the distance
To see you beside me,
My focus seized by a reflection.
The shine of deity 
within your eyes.
Darkness has receded,
Skies filled luminous red and purple. 
The end of the road is sublime,
Over those gates peer into ecstasy.
Hope to identify her facade.
Cant wait to meet him.
My own sea of rebuttal 
Needs to be set in place.

Drifted soul in the shadows
Squint toward divinity.
This road is far too long
To be stricken with reason.
He doesn’t believe you can’t see.
Surely this, you will miss.

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H-  Heart felt are my burdens, 
E-  Ever lasting are my needs, 
A-  Argumentative I seem to be, 
V-  Vacant are my memories, 
Y-  Yes it's really me. 
     HEAVY is what it seems.

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Sexy    Salsa
Unabashed Unions
Mellow Memories
Mounting Moments
Embracing Eyes
Rapture Ripples
Sizzling Summers

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Long for arms that truly love
Inside them find everlasting happiness
Vehemently pray for blessings
Endure any battle which seems endless
Love-sickness is a harsh test
Avoid being alone and if it saddens you
Use widsom to guide your steps
Go beyond all expectations
Heighten your passion for life
Love kindly and be compassionate
Offer sincere, honest advice 
Valuate what's precious and fair
Empty yourself of rancor and live longer

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Shes an angels

She looked at me with her eyes
Healing everything even my lies
Even when I am descending
She never gives me an ending

All becomes peaceful with no pain
Not pushing her away I gain

Acting if she is my own 
Never she is harder than stone
Generating pure spirit is a cure
Evening lights shine so pure
Love of all things she holds
Some love stands in time so bold

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Offering yielded, yield back to the sovereign king
Devoted to duty, rise in the morning of its flame
Intellect's child, imprinted on Yahweh's soaring wing
Nurturer. natured with heaven's milk, sweet you came
Kindness kindled in hibiscus fire, passion against defeat
Wisdom that shall not from the incongruous retreat
Ambitious heart, panting at the throne for armory of grace

Kingly, in my visions, I yielded you to lead my void
Imaginatively, so imaginations tower may rise aloft
Young, youthful, fresh to hold the course against doubts slide
Organized and organizing the voyage of culture's craft
Sacred ship, through bulrush castling a kingdom's name
Honest to the core of soul, humble to life's bright esteem
Innocent of vice, I wanted a cornerstone of unscaffold dream 

Son of shrewdness, Smalling brimming to honeyed core
Motivated and motivating the journey abandoned at the door
Ask now the art to feel, and from your feelings yield
Learned lessons where the learned mind may drink again
Lead, listen, what winds the sails of your people keel
Inspirer of them, feel you not the mettle masking in your grain
Native of the civilized past, nest not now in silence down
Gallantry calls the gallant, and God his grace the gracious has shown.

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La Revolucionaria

“If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.”
 - Ernesto Che Guevara

S he walks head high, resilient, Che t-shirt on, crimson red
O fficially a Mistress of Passion, armed with Marxist ideals
C an I keep on living like this?? Why must my people suffer for Political Pigs?!
 I njustice fills the world, however equality could be
A chieved if greed was terminated and wisdom was acknowledged 
L iving in harsh conditions, optimism
I ncreases by daily rations of inequality, that’s all that is given, to her
S mashed by life, by government, she strives to change the world
T inkering with timid minds of the meek

The Revolution Starts Today!
Los resultados no quizás sean hoy, ni mañana, pero
Si empieza en todo, debe empezar con nosotros
¡Viva la Revolución! 

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Gently Picked Flower (Revised)

Going at the Pace of a little elF,
Eventually, It Ignites the floraL,
Nectar flow, Crowned with a fragrant halO.
Tantalizing,  Kisses of honey dew lay on it’s succulent pilloW.
Lapping the Evidence from my fingers and facE,
Yesterday’s Delicious, gently picked flowerR.

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Unholy quest

In the beginning there was man, alone and complete,
Then he had made discoveries, feats and attempts.
In the time of ancient man we could have seen
Some bright minds whom tried to make some order:
They tried to bring man out of the darkness.
Heroes in textbooks, unique in this world
Every one of them a prophet, a leader of Thought
Making life easier, making it worth to be lived.
Enemies they had; lots of them I could mention;
Allies on the other hand a few, just a handful.
None of these heroes have survived the unholy quest:
Imagining a world tat has something in its chest.
Nothing seems to add up, nothing makes any sense
Getting the answers they have asked from none, hence
Only those can give answers who understand the question
For only those, who understand, can give a definition.
Lost this truth has been for a very long time now
In the end they had to reveal the secret but how?
For or against the question is why to chose life over death
Every man knows the answer: “It is the meaning of life”

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K iss me with passion

I mpossible to resist you

S incere is my love

S lave is my heart

M y sentiments are burning

E ver, forever, I will love you

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Behaving one way in front of the eyes of another and behaving 
in a complete different manner in front of the eyes of others.

Evil intentions acted out towards a confidant for the good of 
one’s self and for the defeat of your confidant.

Twisting of the knife in the back of another,
bringing death to the trust of that relationship.

Returning to a relationship as if nothing significant 
happened while you were away, knowing that hell will 
come when they finally discover what you did when 
their back was turned.

Acting out fantasies that you’ve played in your head over and over, 
knowing that those actions will cause you to pay a big price.

You choose to satisfy your own cravings and desires, 
without any caution to the feelings and consequences 
they will have on others.

Asking one to forgive the unforgiveable and smile when doing it.

Lying to your trusted loved one to please your 
own self serving desires or needs.

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Having nothing but joy and ecstasy
Abhoring nothing and loving all
Praying that others can be joyous too
Pleasing to be with 
Yearning forever peace and love

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Preferring to accomplish one’s goal instead of listening to the pessimistic angel play
      her harp.
Assertively attracted by the adrenaline rush one feels whenever he has
      accomplished one of the many of his goals in a life’s area.
Salaciously entranced by anything that brings bewilderment to oneself through
       performing repetitive rituals.
Sagaciously knowledgeable in merging time and creativity in order to fulfill one’s
Inflating one’s mind with muscle memory through performing repetitive acts, while
       he inquiries the yogi.
Obliging to one’s self-control to help him maintain continuous endeavors of extreme
       challenges, however still somersaulting in the pools of pleasures that comes
       from being a wino.
Nagging oneself to digest all hindrances that cross his path and to laugh at
       everyone that believes him to be rather plain.
Associating oneself with people that share the same joy as himself when viewing a
       painting of a chimera.
Tremendously full of a vigorous amount of self-motivation that pushes oneself over
       every extreme and limit. 
Engaging in several festivities in order to celebrate his achievements and hopes for
       a progressive future.

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Wire Giraffe

When I made this piece of art 
I realize it was to test my creative skill
Reviewing what I can do with wire part
Even when the part does not stay still

The swerving of wire
Hard to bend the way I wanted
Ended up hurting my hand and setting it on fire

Grinding my teeth to hide my pain that was what I intended
I realize how hard it is to bend things to make a shape
Removing ins and outs that is in consistent
After all the debate in my head I had a headache
For some reason I created an animal shape I felt content
Feelings ran in my mind that I was satisfied with my Art
Even when I felt tired and in dismay i did not part

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Shared Love

Single love by only one will be superficial.
Hearing of infidelity breaks ones heart.
Anyone can love sex and feel it is crucial.
Real love is caring and giving from the start.
Each of us has lusted over another mate.
Dealing with lust over love can be just a state.

Listen to your deep inner heart for true notions.
Open your heart to touching and all senses.
Victory will be yours for all love’s motions.
Experience all when your new love commences.

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Because Of You

Blazing temptations are true destiny,
Erotic desires created, from the start
Caressing our bodies, we are free.
Awakened bliss beyond creative art.
Undulating heartfelt completeness,
Sensational lasting addictedness,
Exuberance full of much sweetness,

Overcome and captured all of me.
Facilely, you will sanctify me.

Yet with no venal between each soul,
Opalescent victory from our control,
Unbelievably, he guides our role.

For contest by Matt Caliri

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errors and excuses
repeated every day
over and over again
second place~ a hard space to fill
in tiny drops I die
over and over again
never to heal ~  the erosion of my soul.

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April My Love

Assured to find a muse
Penmenship must be at its best
Relaxation and motivation is needed
Inspirations will be its bounty
Let the world discover its tale

Tribute To All Poets

Remember April Is 
Poetry Month 
May You All Find That Muse

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Hotsy Totsy

Have a kiss, from my heart.
Only tenderness from the start,
Taste my kiss upon sweet lips.
Sensual love in moonlight ellipse,
Yes indeed you are more than art.

Tracing your body with my fingertips,
Our embrace more than simple grace,
Telling the stars as our bodies’ grips,
Sensory images beyond angelic lace.
Yes voluptuous moves, I take in sips.

for the Hotsy Totsy contest


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A Dedication to Nancy Lynn, Nat'l Stunt Pilot

From the traces of Amelia Earhart
Her roots We could be tying
Considering how she had
Mastered "the Art of Flying"
So naturally doing her Snap rolls
The way a Computer geek
On the Internet, does his scrolls
Soaring through thin air
About the Earth's equator
Using her woman's intuition
To be her navigator
Knowing by heart, all the dangers
Of taking such a risk
Believing, solely, within herself
That "People are only killed by Cockiness"
Despite, how Our courageous Amelia
Had cold disappeared
Was Nancy still fascinated
Feeling worse things to have feared
Like being made to stay from
The one thing she did desire
Recalling how Confidants
Tried to convince her to retire
Although, She would Never give up
The freedom of flying her XL 300 Plane
Pressing on, with A sunny disposition
Ignoring the possiblities of there being rain
Because she had a "rep to protect"
Being a Stunt Pilot, Nationally known
Becoming right before Our very eyes
A legend to her death tragically flown
Upon "staying the course"
Like the crew of Colmbia Seven
Looking to defeat all odds
Getting lost between earth and heaven
Putting a damper on her plans
For futhering her flight thru the friendly skies
Except in the Spirit, appearing as a Cloud of Smoke
From which We choke in between the Cries

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Portrait Of Poetry

When feelings overflow in vengeance, radiates in all it's glory,  P assions.
On canvas of varied sizes, images in diverse shades, painted in O pulence.
Your mind and heart the palette, where colours mixed of hues  E xquisite.
Strokes of brush simulate feelings, within your visual cortex, urges  T itillated.
Expressions of every kind explode, in the facade of your soul,  R apturously.
You are left mesmerised asking for more & more, for your parched  Y earnings.

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Sound's all around,
nothing making any since
Trying to block it all out. 
Voice's of God is Quiet 
does he here me?
I pray for so many people,
but their is to many 
I can't get to them all. 
Lord I'm not strong, 
but through you I know 
I can do all things. 
Yelling, screaming, 
Crying what pain 
I see, and here. 
What do I do now?
I give it all to your holy throne
Leave the sword at your feet. 
Thank-you Jesus

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The Wonder of Your Love

Take my emotions from me and I shall forever be lifeless.
Hearing your heartbeat fills my loneliness, stays my fright.
Emotional venues are in my spirit, a true wonder of my life.

We have shared friendship, tenderness, passion, and heartache.
Only time will develop the envelope, of our intimacy combined.
Never take for granted our love and indifferences in our lives.
Death may take our mortal fervor our bond will remain evermore.
Excitements we share are beyond the sensual feelings we adore.
Relishing each second, and minutes of the years, months, days,

Only my heart can show the true devotion that you give so free.
From my touch, kisses, words I write you each year, you will know.

Yearning to hold and caress every part of your fundamental nature.
Our mature embodiment will guide us through true devotion.
Unanswered emotions will drive us to compete for satisfaction.
Reveling outwardly, securing the wonder of your love for me.

Let your soul know that I shall completely design my life for you.
Our love shall not be overthrown by any jury or court in this land.
Victory is yours, for the attorney of conviction, is unobjectionable.
Each year of my confinement to your love will be truly a wonder.

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Diamond in the Rough

Dear heart the love of my life and more,
I adore your eyes that shine when you smile.
After I look deep within I know the score.
My arms long to hold you in loving style.
Our past lives, guided, always intertwined.
Now we have rekindled our affections true.
Diamond in the rough, I could always find.

I pledge my life, light, laughter and love to you 
Now and forever, I request to taste your lips of wine.

Tell the spirit of love, what we plan to do.
Hearing every note of our song-playing fine,
Each day of our life together, just us two,

Reveal of our passion, never needed for anyone.
Our adoration flies from our faces upon this earth.
Universes watch in awe, our devotion won.
Graciously we have bonded in a lifetime of worth.
Having our souls blessed by treasures by the ton.

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The Soul

Sleeps more peacefully than the heart and the mind.
Only truly awoken by the tender touch of a lover
Unless of course by the searing pain of a love

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Nature's first child with nature's passion blend
Ornated flower where the sun's passion rend
Religious things from the flawed hand of men
Melodious to hear, to dance but never bend
Astute wonder that from Orpheus' lyre descend

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A Cross Ticks

Anguish twisting in winds of torture
Cannot allow red clouds  of anger to
Replace the sweet contentment
Our love has sought by
Swearing eternal devotion
To each other or to
Incite or invite
Change by sorrow 

Each millisecond of eternity
Now or then ticking on
Despite the sweet seed of glory
Eternally impassionate and
Adamant in its unending
Vicarious understanding
Of ever daunting tasks
Remaining to be attempted

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Behind the Wall

Willfully erected..obstructing..
    emotional velocity halted..
Armor.. imprisoning..
    safe and secure.. spiritless..
Layers of pain.. eclipse 
    and enclose..restricting ..
Languish not behind the wall..
    surrender to the magnitude of emotion..
Escape the enchantment of safety..
    passions unleashed.. fireworks erupting
Delight in the wonder of Love..
    thrill to the sensations of life!
    ~ rejoice as the bricks tumble..
    ~ shout as the wall falls....

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      Her lips touch me so gently
      Unveiling the passion of her tongue
      Near the spot that makes my nature rise
      Growing inch by inch
      Escalating our desires to another level
      Releasing our tension for a lifetime

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Beautiful deep blue eyes that
  you can't help but stare into

As always you can make 
   me laugh no matter what 
   the situation

Beautifully luscious lips that 
  could carry me through the night

Year and three monthes have
  gone, were still here and i'm
  loving you more with each passing 

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Every time you walk by  I watch you so deeply but you never notice me.I know 
think of me as just a friend but time you not with me  I feel alone.
Now that your here with me im alright I hate to be with out someone I care about.
It's hard for me to try make you understand me.I have stars in my eyes every time 
you walk by im happy.You could care less  its like  im love for you is
so  unstopable.I tryed so  hard to hate you but I can' eyes light up every time I 
see you I am never alone when your near.

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I Love You Don't Leave

I am waiting patiently
Like a child wanting for attention
Often mistaken for selfishness
Vehemently waiting on your word to change while
Expressing myself with passion and hurt
You take it as hate but
Oh how I wish you knew the truth
Unfold the pages of my heart
Dare to find the real me through
Outward emotions like stone
Needing the release of your touch
Tears held back with such force it will
Leave me breathless
Empty and waiting
Aggresively hoping it is you
Visciously hoping it is you
Eagerly awaiting you, your truth, your love

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I dance in the day﷯﷯
I dance in the evening﷯﷯
I dance to feel﷯﷯
I dance to fight﷯﷯
﷯﷯Dancing makes me love﷯﷯
Dancing makes me cry﷯﷯
Dancing fills my heart﷯﷯
Dancing fills my soul﷯﷯
﷯﷯Dance is true﷯﷯
Dance is everything﷯﷯
Dance is life﷯﷯
Dance is me

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My Valentine

May I take this time and forever more to say I love you?
Your tenderness is that to which no one knows except I.

Victory was mine the day that you came into my heart true.
Always my feelings will grow as the sun rises to the sky.
Letting me share your life and love until beyond the end of time,
Expressing my love for you is always a tremendous celebration.
Now that we have wed and taken words that were so sublime.
To share a life forever thru hard times and good in this creation,
Individuals, we are bound together with love and devotion.
Nearer and nearer we will grow with ever flowing emotion.
Each other bound as one, beyond unnatural or natural commotion.

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Empty inside

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Insatiable Desire of the Eternally Inspired

Ignite the fuel tipped silken cord
Nightly wound loosely and limp
Spiraled and braided around my desire
Pressed into wet wax and unkempt
I'll know you before you break open your pen
Remember you as you burn up
Exhausted and wired, you'll feel uninspired but levity won't let you stop

My thoughts have been set quick afire, you've spun me a home molten glass
Entranced and elated, my yearning abated, I sigh knowing this too shall pass...

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With many questions and thoughts
Opinions about what you like
Never not wondering about life
Do wonder with peace and quiet
Ever asking and thinking
Really is it worth it? (I say absolutely!)

i wondered about what to write up next and thought to my self why not make an acrostic 
on "wonder"....... 

hope you enjoy! -WÖLF

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Internal Push

Perhaps it's just to soothe a soul
Unless it's more to stretch a goal
Regardless, it's something we're all born with
(Perhaps, some more than others...)
One day it absorbs our shifting thoughts
Slips it's wet hands into all we've got
Endless as the dreams we've constantly sought in sleep brought thick by daylight...

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Socializing, all day, until the cockcrow appears
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, with his peers
Brilliant suits, perfect look, for the lovely dears
A busy body… and there, lots of cheers
Rich in emotion, poor in action, everyone hears
Interesting life….....champagne, wine and beers
Tick tock tick tock, says the clock, lo......., it gears
It’s first to arrive, late to leave, some disappears
Chitchat….chitchat….the hosts, almost, in tears

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                                    Vases of roses red.
                                    And cards with messages of love.
                                    Lots of hugs, kisses.
                                    Endless moments.
                                    Never to be forgotten.
                                    These I would give to you.
                                    If only I could.
                                    Now and forever.
                                    Ever lasting love.

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Desired in all of my dreams and days
Every fantasy I could ever dream up
Lovely from her head to her toes
Intoxicating as wine in my cup
Curvaceous and ever so soft
Inviting with a wink I run
Only for me she offers
Upon setting sun

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Beckon To His Pain (Will)

Black suede.
Elevating laughter.
Closing in on the prey.
Kindling for the weak.
Obtrusive against the youth's will.
Naked to only his eyes.


Hindering the passion.
Instincts tell you otherwise.
Succumb to the will of the beast.