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Acrostic Halloween Poems | Acrostic Poems About Halloween

These Acrostic Halloween poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Halloween. These are the best examples of Acrostic Halloween poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Dynamic Autumn

Days of autumn enter late September,
Yearly glory in hues to remember.
Naked limbs cling to mem’ries of summer
As cool longer nights lead to sweet slumber.
Mountain tops catch the first drifts of snow
Inviting cold winds to the valleys below.
Copious colors patch a quilt beneath trees

And nature again gifts a harvest to please.
Under horizons of soft orange skies
The gathering of pumpkins soon will arise.
Upon Halloween each carved funny face
Meets with delight as children thrill to place
New costumes on for ‘trick or treat’ fun.

© Connie Marcum Wong

For Francine Roberts's Acrostic Contest

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Trick Or Treat


Toddlers walking the streets at night,
Running from house to house.
Images of candy fill their heads,
Costumes of all kinds abound.
Knocking on strangers doors.

On their faces are smiles galore,
Ready for the next house.

Time consuming ritual,
Right down to the last minute.
Emptying out the jars of goodies,
Always to say thank you sir or ma`am.
Treasures await them when they get home.

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    H aunting continues within the dilapidated old house on the hill

    A  long winding tree lined path may be followed to it's entrance

    U ntil last season the house lay quiet and still

    N ow one can see strange lights and hear faint voices coming from the manor

    T omorrow is "All Hallow's Eve" and the town's children have decided to climb the hill
       following the treacherous path

    I  nnocence and curiosity go hand and hand within the young

    N o one was prepared for what waited for the children beyond the iron gates

    G hostly ghouls and goblins anxious to take their place!


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Vampire Acrostic

Vampires battle the lingering undead
Angles their bloody strikes upon them all
Masters of blood, and surely hates the morn
Personal aggravation to all men
Irritable just where werewolves adjourn
Reality strikes them odd for they sin
Evolution has sure spun them around

Contest: Skipping Six, Going Straight to Seven- Acrostics challenge #3
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich


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Bats and boogie men come out of the
Ominous evening of Halloween when
Offering of treats prevents pranks.

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H- Horrid monsters walk the streets
A- Asking for blood and bones.
L- Lurking in the shadows afar
L- Lamplights offer the light.
O- Ominous  creatures slither slowly
W- Working through the night.
E- Eager witches get on their brooms
E- Empty promises not fulfilled.
N- Night of nights its halloween

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A Warning

Halloween goblins roaming nights halls A goblin party, when the night falls Looking for treats, they all get their kicks Loving to delve into their bags of tricks Oh the unsuspecting… Women and men, their children, protecting Everyone beware Even children, out there and Never look a goblin in the eye!

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Halloween Night

Happily in costume, children walk streets.
All Hallows Day, Halloween. Trick or treat.
Laughing at neighbors’ doors, ghosts under sheets.
Lingering for candy, a child’s entreat. 
Overhead the sky dark black; fathoms fear.
Windy walks, silent streets, goblins appear.
Erie tones of voice, parents watch austere.
Endearing fun and teasing as ghouls draw near.
Nonchalantly, breathing deep, not one tear.

Night is filled with mysteries; souls endure.
Imagination grips and minds ensnare.
Graves and tombstones bedecked front yards, a lure.
Halloween celebrates souls, not yet pure. 
Trick-or-treat; rich or poor, fear fills the air. 

© Dane Smith-Johnsen
September 30, 2011
Written for Halloween Fun Contest sponsored by Russell Sivey
FORM: Acrostic with rhyme

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Stone Cold Gaze

She said,” hurry tommy before the old lady sees”,
Take care not to touch the gate, or you will freeze.
Our goal tonight is to teach her, we are not too scared.
Never to be scared of anything is what we declared.
Each day the old ladies mansion, we all did tease.

Cautiously he did go closer to her front door.
Ogling every square foot, that was for sure.
Listening for noise or creak, deep in his core,
Donning Halloween costume, she wouldn’t adore.

Gently he rang the door buzzer, and then he did run.
Amazingly faster than any other that had already shun.
Zealously he yelled back, the spell we had spun.
Everyone still sees her stone cold gaze in the midnight sun.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Constance ~My Dear Heart ~  
Contest Name A Creepy, Scary Haunted House Poem, Please