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Acrostic Father Poems | Acrostic Poems About Father

These Acrostic Father poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Father. These are the best examples of Acrostic Father poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Seed Of Friendship-A dedication

L-iving in a world of vast 
souls formed from 
another voided world,
E-ntering thru portals 
from their world to earth.
O-ozing spetacular smell 
and wail when the chips 
are down.
N-urtured from cradle to 
entity with a new world 
to face.
O-rganizes oneself for the 
task ahead,passing thru 
hurdles of life unabased 
and unabashed.
R-eaps the fruit of labor 
with joy or heavy heart.
A-ge sets in,mission 
accomplished or not will 
dawn on the entity.

I-n retrospect,he thinks 
about his childhood and 
how life was to him.

L-iving in confidence or 
shame,he bows his head 
in victory or defeat.
O-nly the taste of time 
will tell the durability of 
his achievements.
V-oid of preference the 
aim result bears the 
foundation for his lineage.
E-njoyment or lack lies 
with the works of the 
man,for there is no food 
for the slothful.

Y-oung ones,a stitch in 
time saves nine,make 
haste while the sun 
O-iling your lamb always 
like the ten virgins is the 
key to success.
U-rging you to shun peer 
pressure and focus on 
the course marked out 
for you by fate,so a 
fulfilled life you shall live.

An acrostic for you 
Leonora Galinita.

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Jesus wants us to come with a willing heart
Everyone has free will
Saves all who believe in him and confess in his name
Unto him freely come all to him freely give he will 
Save with his love, mercy,hope,and grace

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Love came down at Christmas

L Long ago travelled Kings
O Opened their minds to prophecies
V Visiting from afar they brought gifts of Gold, Fracincense and Myrrh
E Eastern Star guiding them lighting the way

C Company of Heavenly Host
A Allelujah! Angels appeared to Shepherds, telling Savior born
M Manger for bed wrapped in cloths in Town of David
E Evangelically proclaimed Christ the Lord

D December 25th designated day
O On which we recollect
W Why/way Christ entered our world
N Nativity only part of His story

A A new testament
T Tells of new covenant between God and His people

C Christ's coming to Earth
H Hailed as new born King, Holy
R Risen Lord, righteous redeemer, 
I Intercedes for us as
S Spiritual Saviour to save sinners souls
T Time for Truth, Trust, Trinity
M Man's belief in God of Love,  
A As Father Son and Holy Spirit
S Shall be saved

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P atrick is a special kind of man
A lways there to help folk if he can
P erfect is the way his children see him
A nd now they have to watch his lights go dim.

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Pillar of the home, backbone and strength
Astride, sitting on mama's needs
Providing, caring for the kids
Always working, caring less for rest.

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Earths people, it is time to wake up, the ‘Prince’ is alive! 
Ascension available, access through your heart 
Seek and you shall find! 
Time is short, personally unite, connect as one
Eternity given
Rise to the occasion, celebrate the gift of life, bond, with ‘our lord Jesus’ and ‘our Universal Father in heaven, building a bridge, experiencing kinship, between human and spirit

                     ***Happy Easter Everyone***

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Can there be more solid man
On the couch he’s planted here
Under blankets and old books
Calling orders for more beer
Has he grown a set of roots

Planting him eternally
Or is it possible
That he ‘s related to a tree?
As I glance at him again
Taking drinks and giving smiles
Oh, I’d rather have him home--
                       TV’s cheaper than gas miles

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Were Going To The Florida Keys

Were going to the Florida Keys! Were going to Florida Keys!
As I mentioned we were on our way to the Florida Keys... 
it was my mother, father, my sisters and me the brother of the family, 
driving down the road for what seemed to be an eternity, 
we always stopped at different places between the two this time especially, 
the reason being, the mother of the family is now to be excepting. 
So she's extra hungry! Eating for two and craving the craziest of foods,
she pretty much had the whole East coast to choose.
My dad driving, my sister Debby and I going back and forth, 
if were not for the sake of that game boy!
Now we have reach our destination, 
were on Cudjoe Key! It is about 80 degree  
and first I run straight to the edge of the of peer, were it looks
out and over the clearest water anywhere near Dela-Where? 
The peer looks out and over the Gulf Of Mexico just amazed, excited 
and anticipating exactly what ever it is that they have plained to do next,
The next day we were out to sea, all on board the The HammerHead outboard!
My Pop-pop being just as excited as me, to show us all the secret fishing spots!
my dad and I at the captains orders.
With fishing lines casted in crept the board-em, 
then the noise of the reel on the pole humming the tune of something, finally something!
as my pop-pop flung back on the pole "hooking" the fish, he calls for me to take control 
reeling and getting tired quick, we all soon realized it wasn't just a fish for us to consume
it was actually a Hammer Head shark!
it wasn't any bigger then about 3 foot long it was still very strong, and still as dangerous
as it looked,
Not second guessing the situation, the adults took control with all their 
experience cutting the fishing line, but not before we got to take a good 
long look and a couple pictures of this...
this shark the particular one that my pop-pop named his boat after, 
now with a story to last a lifetime and a few kodak memory's of this specific time
only to hope as I'm watching the sun set that me and my family will soon have a story 
just like this one to rewind.

Robert c Bessel jr.

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Grave is where you lie
Remembering who you are
Attributes you instilled in me, guided fleets 
North Star

Dedicated soldier 
Fought in World War II
Agonizing pain from cancer 
Tried to hold on to you

Home back to God you went
Eternally peaceful as can be
Respectfully loving all you were for me

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The Birds And The Bees

They both dreaded that day,
Having to 
Explain to their only child about the

Birds and the bees
In stepped mom with the flowers
Ready to explain all about pollen and fertilization 
Dad looked bewildered, rubbing the side of his head
Stating, “Did I forget your birthday”? While eyeing the flowers

Anxiously he said, 
"No! Don’t tell me your are pregnant again, I 
Doubt I can go 

Through this again,"
Having to sit there and 
Entertain herself the daughter decided to ease their pain… 

Both looked traumatized when she 
Eventually said, “I know all about being in love, all about sex, it’s part of our curriculum
Even the difference in male and female anatomy gets explained”
So mom if you are pregnant, I can tell the baby all about the birds and the bees one day!!"

Contest: The Birds and the Bees
Placed: 8th

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My Dad

I did not want to say goodbye,

To you my friend, my special guy,

You always made me get things done,

At the same time we had fun.

Missing you, I feel such pain,

The way you left was such a shame,

You left so quick, I don’t know why,

I just know it made me cry.

I always tried to do my best,

Although sometimes I was a pest,

You taught me manners and virtue,

I became a soldier because of you.

You made me what I am today,

I love you man in every way,

I know that I was sometimes bad,

I miss you big guy, you’re my Dad.

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G  iven unconditionally, a

R  ansom has been paid

A  nti-Semitic ignorance could not stop his way

C  rucified and he rose , his gift abound today

E  ntrust all you have ,  his love shall heal thy pain

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Fathers Go Home

“The role of a father in a family is crucial for his offspring to flourish”

Foundations are built however flowers will wilt,
After a dad leaves his young and never nurtures what they become,
The first love of a young girl’s life and what she will allow when she becomes a wife,
Happens by the love invested in her,
Early years can taint her,
Responsibility was put on the man, to show Gods love and hold her hand,
So she will know her worth from the time of her birth.

Gang violence and drug abuse has become a growing noose,
Our generation of boys and girls are crying our children are dying.

Healing can come if the men in our society don’t run,
Open your EYES, stop believing those lies,
Mothers are in need; help raise the children that are from your seed,
Evaluate your heart and realize that BOTH parents need to play a part.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written 9/2/11

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Why Do I Love You

Why Do I Love You?
©2011 C. Brent Cloyd

When I tell you that I love you
Hurriedly you ask, tell me why?
You laugh when in dismay I sigh

Dare now, listen to some reasons
Obsess and parse them if you please

I love because God gave you to me

Life is good when I see your smile
Observe your wittiness and style
Valuable are your hugs so snug
Each time you travel I feel a tug

You bring pride and make my heart dance
Overawed I choose to love, not perchance
Utmost I love because you are you.

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You Snooze You Loose

<                                        Artist searching for a muse
                                          Creativity is the key
                                          Recant those memories 
                                          Open your heart and soul
                                          Start spreading the news
                                          There's poetry to be found
                                          Inside each and everyone of us
                                          Can't you hear the music

                                          To the beaten drum
                                          Whistle while you work
                                          Or you'll snooze and lose

Entry For
Jared Pickett's Contest
Acrostic 2
G.L. All

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God is King

G lory to the heavens door,
O f our angels apostle,
D eticated on the eye's,

I n the sky that;
S hine against earth's,

K ingdom knowing,
I nsperation can only show,
N atures beautified
G eneration of children reborned life.

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Almighty's Ora RICHARD

R evives the heart of others, with upholding,
I nsperation baring, all lost souls, to see loves,
C hamber, thru guiding hands of The Almighty's 
H umbled Ora, shining star, You are,
A mong the Islands of,
R edemtion to set forth, new life, for peace to,
D eliver us all from destruction and havoc....

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Eleven Years Strong

Many people dream of having what you share...

Love within
Each other!
Verisimilar love &
Enthusiastic promises of "Death Do Us Part"
Never-ending passion

Yearning of
Amatory of
Satisfaction of compromised love!

But only few stick together throughout the journey....

                                          HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

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What Makes a Dad


Once God was in crafting mood,
He had to gift something precious to the world.
And the Imagination Bee had gone far to play.
The God was blank.

So he took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need.

Then the God combined these qualities.
And there was nothing more to add.

He looked at it,
And knew His masterpiece was complete.

He called it ... Dad,
And sent it on Earth.


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Plume Of Honour

It Was An Era Mankind  Groan’d
Brute, Its Ruthless Fangs, Apartheid
Regime So Repressive, South Africans Moan’d
           A Wail Of Laments, Less Than Slaves
                            O, Wept The Zulus, Aliens At Home
                                                         Where Is A Redeemer?
                                                                             Where Is God?
Freedom Zealots Are Kill’d, Jail’d
          Oliver Thambo, Nelson Mandela
“God Save Our Peoples”, Arch-Bishop Tutu Wail’d
             And Fellow Libertarians, Ungather’d  Abroad
                                     Minutes, Years, Roll’d! Androll’d By
                                                                Where Is A Redeemer?
                                                                                    Where Is God?      
Of Immortal Presence His Invisible Light
From The Heart Of Mandela Breath’d Forth This Torch
               A Promise Of Love
                    A Promise Of Freedom
                          A Promise For Forgiveness

Virtues, Hate Or Death Could Never Overcome
                In Praise And Resilience Scann’d The Minutes
                                      In Faith And Hope Waited Mandela
                                                   In Dream Of Freedom
                                                   In Dream For Forgiveness
O, Madiba, Within Thy Ribs Beats The Heart Of An Angel
                                              An African With Plume Of Honour  

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His Name is Jeremy

Justice his goal, his words polite

Eager to help friends with their plight

Relies on small things for delight

Expressive in what he does write

Mighty in love, peaceful and quite

Yields to actions that are forthright

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The Talk

The Talk


"The Talk:",
 He hesitated, 
 Interested in
 During different, developmental 
(Assurances are always awkward;
 Nothing new.)
 Dad dodged    
"The Talk" 'til I turned twenty two.
 He honestly
 Bewilderment by
 Even though everybody knows, each infant grows in a secret station
 So its strong enough for the long aviation of being taken, by delivery stork, to it's home.

(This poem was written specifically for Carol Brown's "The Birds and the Bees" poetry

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Angel Eyes Are True

Angel Eyes Are True

A cross this world life loves and beams,
N obody sleeps and never ever dreams.
G one are years that were so very bad, 
E ach day spent missing my loving Dad!
L ingering memories sail my hopeful ship,
E veryday brings such a very joyous trip. 
Y our love is sweetly sent each happy day,
E ternal love binds our hearts every way! 
S ent back were promises in my dreams,
A wealth of love in such gentle streams.
R emembering Dad's solemnly sworn vow, 
E very word rings so important even now!
T he vow was to always safely guide me,
R eturning fruit from Heaven's finest tree.
U nder family's loving and hopeful view, 
E yes watching me very wise and true!


Dedicated to my dad......

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Double Trouble! ~ ( a shadow acrostic)

Terrible two? or Normal ToT?
Rolling jumper; bouncing; kickeR?
Over head in the tree; what will you be? A dynamO?
Under the bed? Behind the door? Where are yoU?
Behave! be sweet! Yes I'll give your back a ruB.
Little boys are rough and tenderly tough as welL.
Everyday; Every second; a new adventure in LovE!

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here i am

Here is where I belong
Here is beside you I shall live
Here we shall make love
Here were our pact live
Here will be our home of joy

I was taken aback by your courage 
I quiver as you look at me 
Your eyes were blazing like gold
As I abase myself to your figure
Little boast did I have as your smile rack my nerves
Your presence opened many thoughts 
The thought that were trapped in my belly button

Here I am
This is I who you once dreamt of in the days and night
This is l that you shared something stronger than stones
This is I who whispered to ear with a harmony voice
This is I that will forever be your guide

Here I am
The time has come for me to hold your hand
This is the time I give you my all
This is our time to show the skies that have seen us.

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Real Concern

Right when I think
And every thought I have is cared about with real
Love by him it's dashed with his thoughtless

Over and over it's seems like
Nothing I do is really appreciated.
Can I really take on the 
Reaching task of taking the first step and feeling 
Nothing but "lost" in the process?

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F= Faith is a powerful thing, Almighty Father you
A= Accept all equally without any discrimination 
I= In all you are the only true and finest spirit
T= Teach us what the life and love are and their real value
H=Heavenly body and with heavenly existence you have, you teach us

I= Illusion is false
S= Strength of belief to you brings miraculous safety 

A= Already told to the heart

P=Prayer purifies heart and soul 
O=Omnipresent and omnipotent you are only
W=Well wishing and well doing beings 
R=Ready peace
F=Faith brings

T=To the infinity
H=Home is a place to live along with the world
I=Integrity is to achieve
N=Nobility of simple thought 
G=Gains all gains

For Contest: Sponsored by Mystic Rose
Written on: 8th January 2015

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A Long Lonely Year

Afghanistan. far away from those I love.

Leaving was tough this time, the kids tears tore at my heart.
Only as I turned to watch them drive away, did I see my wife crying
Never has she cried, always pretending to be strong
Going away for the fourth time must have been too much for her to bear.

Letting myself believe, I will make it through this fourth combat tour.
One year seems like a lifetime, the minutes ticking slowly by.
Never letting tears of sadness get the better of me.
Everyday, I think about my wife and our four kids. Are they ok?
Lost is how I feel.  Something is missing, I can barely breathe.
Yet this is what must be done, I took an oath. I made a promise.

Yearning every second, for my wife's kisses, and my childrens hugs.
Every hour of the day I pull out their picture, to see their smiles. 
Always in my dreams, my family is there for me. Never losing faith.
Reunited we shall be, after a long lonely year.

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Father, I love you, though we never talked of love
Appropriately, we did what out of love was composed
Traded looks, talked and sensitive the tide between us flows
Hugs were rare, but you rubbed my head, spoke great things
Encouraging a disposition of confidence in me
Regal all the while, I patterned you, aloof of mutterings

Incontrovertibly, you excelled in that sufficing individuality

Legally saged, you banked emotions in stocks of poetry
Orchestra of the village choir, pen upon the paper, genius aspired
Virtue, and virtue made me walk humbly in the village syill
Emulating that same witty humor, and efface of self

Yielding where the need was great, submitting self to pain
Onerous though the burdens were, your spirit great shed
Utility in every gift of service, in every act of uplifting, I love you still.

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The Girl With No Name

November 26, 2009
She walks with her head down,
She wonders with no purpose,
She has a mother who forgets her,
She has a father who dosnt want her,
She has parents who cant handle her,
What is she to do with herself?
She has two sets of parents,
Neither seem to want her,
She has a big family but,
None have time for her,
She hides her tears,
She hides her pain,
She hides the abuse,
She blocks people out.
This is her legacy ,
This is her story,
This is her life,
This is the girl with no name.

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It runs in the family

All my life,
Love was lost,
'Cause of my daddy,
Oh what the cost.
He must suffer,
Over what he has done.
Little do I know,
If I'll be one.
Surely don't want to,
Maybe I won't be, hopefully.

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So Sweet

S yrup covered biscuit W ith fresh sausage E verytime I heard daddy say, "E ating high on the hog" T o eat that rich again______sooo sweet!!!
Sponsor: Craig Cornish Contest: Sweet July 11, 2012 date of writing July 12, 2012 date of posting

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rest in peace

r est
i n
p eace

d andy
a rmstrong
d aredevil
d ad
y our loved

                              rip to my dad

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I Pray ( My Jesus )

J  oined in love  an

E  ssential surrender,

S  aviour of mine

U  se me in the midst of your grace

S  earch my heart , pure

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S= Surprising


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Swamming Sea Turltles - Inspiring beauty

#### Swamming Sea Turtles ~ Inspiring beauty!! ####

Solacing the land,Coast to coast,
Love, fire and Toast to toast,
Erotic Love ~ The god's gift resulted into Young baby chap!!

Sea bracing golden sand,
Sun blossomed with the early dawn,
Carapace shell ~ Turtle mingled with the outside world easily!!

With the early day spring,
Rose to fame on the Sea shore,
Peck on cheeks ~ Baby turtles ejecting out of the shell!!

Moonlighting the world of parents,
Holding the fragile soft feet,making insane,
Blessed armour ~ In its peer way, removing the blues down the lane!!

Twinge of guilt, Parents pays,
Moving slowly and steadily blinking the rays,
Finding hard, trying to hold them,
Thatcher moment ~ To act in a sensible way!!

Dainty delicated tender arms,
Ohh my sweet little lucky charm,
Fueled up energy,triggered my heart,
Chyming Heart ~ You Resolved the riddle of my life!!

In an autumn, 
Prairie grass lying at the base of elevated mountains,
The words melted in my mouth,
Pleasant sheathe ~ Enrapturing attention seeker, You flared my cotton sky!!

Oh my rabbit eyes,
You changed my world!!
Luminous asteroid ~ Miraculously, You changed the stars of my planet!!

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Carrie Mae

NOTE: I was recently asked to write an acrostic piece for a father to his daughter 
on her fourth (I think) birthday. This is the resulting work. Luckily, the requestor 
seemed to like it, so I am posting it here. T.

Cherished as you are throughout each waking day,
Amazement that you bring to light my weary way,
Residing in my heart, forever you will stay
Recipient of my love that never fades away,
Internally I sing and sometimes even pray,  
Evermore my love, in all you do and say.

My child you are the sun when skies have turned to grey,
A beauty and delight, a vision to portray,
Evermore my love, my darling Carrie Mae.

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What's In Your Name

Sensationally super, and Sagittarius son of John Spence
Pleasantly personable, and matriarch Maud Spence’s son
Enabling, exquisite, eloquent, evolving and enterprising
Naturally nice, no nonsense, and a nutritionist nobleman
Carrot consumer, constant comrade and cold-war veteran
Equitably enlightened, and just an elegant eggnog taster
Jumping Jupiter, a jubilant sundae lover, and just a jewel!

Comments:   During my twenty plus years of military service I was always called 
Spence, J.   That's just the way the government does business.  This acrostic is 
about Spence, J.   It's crafted on a combination of alliteration, assonance and 
consonance sounding words. Eggnog at Christmas is my favorite. Having a 
Sunday afternoon sundae at the ice cream parlor is oh so tasty. Wow!  I just love 
it!!!  Anyway, here are some comments on writing an acrostic. The basic acrostic 
poem is formed by writing a word vertically down the page, which may also be 
the topic of the poem.  It’s recommended to use one letter per line, and the 
beginning letters should be all capital ones.  Each line of the poem should begin 
with the letter on that line and the line should pertain to the word or title being 
used.  Some may recommend using one word or a phrase which does not have 
to rhyme; however, one may move beyond the basic acrostic form and use a 
complete thought with a rhyming sequence.  It’s also recommended to use 
adjectives and phrases that describe the word or subject of the acrostic. Finally, 
one may take the quantum leap and write a double acrostic where the first and 
last letters of each line are the same.

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Father And Son

Faithful and a friend who will defend to the end.
Always there when you need a friend.
Thankful for a loving son who cares.
Helps you and he gives you hope with his prayers.
Especially tries to know and meet all your needs.
Regardless of your circumstances, helps you do good deeds.

Acrostic poem of a father and son.
Nurtured in love just having a little fun!
Doing all he can to teach his son to be a man.

So here I stand, and dad I'm grateful for your helping hand.
Occasionally I was hard to handle but I made it to the end.
Not only were you my father, but you were my best friend!

*Collaberation with Marty Owens ( He did FATHER and I did AND SON)

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Dancing With Wolf

Dancing With Wolf

Dreamily dancing, dancing, dancing
All enthusiastically, romancing, romancing
Night-time, daytime, anytime, even dreaming
Causing illustrious animal magnetism
Initially anytime dancing through the day and night in anticapation
Not dancing without showing animal resolution
Giving into dancing, dancing, dancing

Without the wolves through-out the day and night with no hesitation
In the afternoon with the wolves in mid-Montana
The wolves near Great Falls, Montana; sure do dance enthusiastically with Grandpa
Hello Great Falls, for Tess is coming home to visit, visit, visit

Welcome, Great Falls, Grandpa, I really do miss dancing with wolves that sit
Openly, I’ll be happier than thou, may even be overly-ostentatious
Lovingly, lusciously saying and watching gloriously with much over-zealous,
Familiarity of how my fore-fathers enthusiastically knew how to play and dreamily ended dancing with wolves.

Written: Aug. 28, 2014

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Silent Night

So much for that in my childhood.
Irrational idioms slinging often.
Loads and loads of arguing.
Everyday from 6am to 6am.
Not at home anymore in my own place,
To get over him.

No night I had peace had to go to bed angry at dad.
I hated the awful experience of him opening Hell's
Gates with his hurtful words of hate towards me, my mom, and others
He did not love. He loved some but not all
The awful turbulent troll rolls in guilt while I'm at my own home with silent nights.

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Because of you

Happy from the very day he was born
Amazing, I would never want to see his heart torn
Rich in thoughts, always stops and thinks twice
Respectful, never rude and takes just the one slice
Intelligent, always working things out in his mind
Sunshine so bright, careful or he can make you blind
Open hearted, to wear it on ones sleeve
Nurturing, in Harrison, I will truly believe 

Jokes being played on each other every day
Adoration we have for one another in every way
Mild mannered in nature, brings a tear to my eye
Excited seeing me each day, never wanting to say “Bye”
Saviour of my life, Harrison I’m so happy I could cry

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A little baby dying, 
A mother crying,
A father hoping,
A broken heart, 
A pray sent out, 
A dog lost, 
A grand father searching
A funearel
The sky,
The stars,
The dark, 
Bright lite,
A golden gate,
I'm home.

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There is a man,
his name is Shane.
he is my father.
and for that i am eternally grateful.
he gave me life
and encouragement.
he wasn't always there
in the beginning of my life.
but now i am here living with him
and i couldn't be happier.
he gives me strength 
and keeps me safe.
there is a man his name is Shane
and i am proud to call him dad.

" This poem is dedicated to my dad the best dad ever. I love him very much. I love you dad "

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They Know Not What They Do

Tell me again father in Heaven, why I must die for their sins.
Hearing your voice, shall prepare my way upward to you.
Early this year you said, I would be with you so very soon.
You told me, I would be sacrificed for all their sins on earth.

Kindness and love, is all I ever give here, to all I have met.
Now I must die, so they will live again, lest they forget.
Our love, father, is the greatest gift, that we share with all.
Who would be the traitor, denier; others will just let me go.

Now they judge me, send me to prison; force me to break.
Only you my father in Heaven understand their mistake.
They know not what they do to their savior, your son.

Whosoever believes, that I suffered on the cross for them?
Hear after and beyond, shall never parish from thine eyes.
Along shall have a place in your kingdom forever more.
They know not what they do, these torturers upon me.

Tell me again father, as of now, they know not what they done.
Hear my prayers my lord and father, I give my life for them.
Each one who believes in what I have done, preparing way.
Yet, this humanity now, they know what they < must > do.

Dear father and lord of mine, I forgive, what they have done.
Our love together shall await, choice is theirs for what to do.

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© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Betrayed Again

Before you say you failed again, you must start.
Even before pride can be lost, you must try.
Tell me you have begun, without any part,
Realize that waiting is not enough for a cry.
Again you say, tried I have and failed myself.
You must commence an action for it to fail.
Early on, we learn that pride sets on a shelf.
Dear sweet one; you have my faith for sale.

Another year has passed; I shared your burden.
Gaining hope; expecting some movement at first.
Ageless drug obligation in youth an overburden,
I had faith, funds of love, I made matters worst.
Now betrayed, I await downfall, I unburden.

for contest by Olusegun Adelana

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A Father's Verdict

coursing through our veins,				
our contempt has reached its pinnacle.
nay! we disapprove sympathetic verdict. We 
demand death by way of life!			          Two counts.
every breath that is taken must be
manipulated by tight cement room.				
never again will your eyes taste freedom. we want your life.

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Hallelujah Christ Arose

Hallelujah Christ Arose

Heavenly hosts and angels with God sing.
Man, enlightened, living Truths, great joy brings.
Jesus Christ was strong; so, He came to earth.
Living to die a mortal death since birth.
Everlastingly outshining evil.
Loving all peoples and teaching the right,
Understanding God’s ways, He brought new light.
Inuring to us freedom from sins, blames.
A loving Savior, Jesus Christ sustains.
He pleased our Father and praised His name.
Charity was by His examples taught.
Heavenly Father, through Christ, mercy wrought.
Remembering Father and eternal loss.
Instead of self-love, He died on the cross.
Subjected to Satan, Christ overcame.
To earn back our lives, steady love remains.
Atonement for sin was paid on that hill. 
Reliving in heaven, He won God’s will.
Omnipotent love He gave us, forever.
So we could live in Heaven together.
Eternal death by God and faith, fettered.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
March 7th, 2010
Poetic form: Acrostic

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First man to be
A part of my life
Thankful to hive 
Had one. I 
Enjoyed listening to music with him and the eating the 
Results of him reeling in fish.

wrote 2-17-10

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The Lighted Man

Lighting and burning inside 
            As his breading frails, 

A building and overflow 
            Drips through his face and nails.

The world has his flesh 
            Tied and lashed, still giving sweet exhales.

Shedding loved tears
            As his crown is to bash.

But a light that goes 
            And awakens the few, 

Yet kept and kept 
            Even in struggle with brother foes. 

And just when a call 
            From questions face,

With a dim shine 
            And a fallen grace.

Humbled is asked, for roads 
            To nobler days.

In shadows a beaten man rises 
            To light paths, to untaken ways.

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Greater is He that sits upon the Throne.
Omnipotent is our Lord God alone.
Devoted is he and ever true, forever I will serve you.

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I look Into my glass.
Viewed or wasting grace
Set, "would God It came to light
My Heart had melloy as rhyming
By Champagne grown fill cold to Me.
Could loney wait my endless rest with equanimity.
Time, to make me a poem understandable lines
Steals, lets part abide; and shakes this Champagne a toast
At Eve with applause of no even from the Outside I could sense
Inside of welcome, lack of abiding Life like Balloon's In the Air, a certain
Melody sounded a show loveness faith one now It's gone and read at this
Radio, each poem neatly my Ears He foundly call who He noctice wrote

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Fat cat with the paunch in his belly
Always eating the jam and grape jelly
Talks with a soft voice when sleepy
Hates back yard critters that’s creepy 
Elevates his family with much love
Reveals his heart with a soft touch

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Daddy I love you!

Daylight almost always found you
    ~ Bible in hand rocking by the fire.
Already you had done more than some
   ~ men do in a day and were about to leave for work.
Doing the work of two men Half your age
   ~ a factory slave for most of your life.
Daring to marry a young 'un they said wouldn't stay
   ~ staying together to raise eight. Praying us grown.
You left to soon you know. That Sunday before day
   ~ Bible at hand, Sitting in your chair. One Last I love you.

I wanted to tell you so many things.
   ~ I wanted to ask you more questions.

Longing for you. Sometimes I smell your cigar
   ~ and I feel that you are near.
One of the cool breezes I feel touch me.
   ~ If I turned would you be there?
Very Likely wearing that Dark green sweater
   ~ that Mama knitted and you wore so often.
Every day I think of you rocking
   ~ eyes sometimes closed but not asleep.

Yes, I know you loved every one of us.
   ~ your children, your brothers, sister, Wife.
One day, we are taught, that we will meet again
   ~ in Heaven where some circles will be broken.
Until then we miss you Daddy. Mama is lonely
   ~ and I just wanted to say Daddy I love you!

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My Kids

Matthew was my first, named for my brother
Agreat heart he has, a good 14 year old he is
Truly a miracle, when first he was born
To the top of his blond head, I gave him a kiss
He, from the start, became my best friend
Everything he ever does, meets with success
Will always be my baby boy, until the day, I lay to rest.

Kayla, my first girl, an angel from heaven
Arrived in this world just twelve years ago
Yelling to all that I had a daughter, proud dad I am
Letting all see her beauty and my love that showed 
An angel she is still today.

Megan, my second girl, still such a beauty
Earned all my love even before she was born
Gives to me, now, for the ten years I’ve known her
A love that is genuine, sometimes funny and always warm
Never leaving anyone without a smile.

Daniel, the baby, is just now eight years old
Actually tries to do everything, always alone
Never gives up when things might be difficult
In fact sounds quite older, when on the phone
Ever the one to jump without thinking
Leaving me scared, but proud to call him, son.

My every wish for them in life is all their dreams to come true
Young typical children they are and good children, too!

Knowing them is to appreciate them even more
Inspiring others, somehow they really can and do
Deepening my love for them each and every day
Simply because they’re about and giving love, true.