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Acrostic Angst Poems | Acrostic Poems About Angst

These Acrostic Angst poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Angst. These are the best examples of Acrostic Angst poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Open Sores

I am a coward with open sores. 
I write and wonder who it bores. 
I hear my heart and mind argue repeatedly. 
I see others carrying out my dreams; 
that’s what’s defeated me.
I am a coward with open sores. 
I pretend open doors are closed, and walk the other way. 
I touch base with the fear in my heart, tearing me apart,
leaving nothing to say... 
I worry the world will leave me. 
I cry because no one believes in me. 

I am a coward with open sores. 
I understand nothing comes easy. 
I say I’m happy, but even I don’t believe me. 
I dream I am healed and brave. 
I try to overcome my weaknesses before I’m in my grave. 
I hope you hear me.
I’m on all fours. 
I am a coward with open sores. 

©  2011  ~JSLaM    


* 1st PLACE in Contest "MARCH MADNESS" Sponsored by C. Devonshire 2011

* 1st PLACE in Contest "ONE OFF" Sponsored by Brian Strand 5/11/2011 

* 1st PLACE in Contest "BEST EVER" Sponsored by P.D. 2011

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Through the Looking Glass

The mirror reflected her face, pained with
Hate and self-loathing
Rueing her actions from the night before
On waking to find herself naked, lying beside him
Under the influence of alcohol, she had
Given in and made love to him, now, she chastised 
Herself for letting him make his move

There had once been a time, when
His touch was all she desired, but that fire had been
Extinguished many years ago

Love had disappeared in an instant
Once he had started playing his game and his
Omnipotence had came to the fore,
King had taken Queen
In his opening play and he’d taken control
Now he was on the offensive again and
Giving herself to him, had gained him the upper hand

Gathering her resolve, she put aside her
Lamentations and regrets, closing her door silently
As he lay quietly, still deep in sleep; 
She stepped into the shower, the water removing all trace of him as
She contemplated her next strategic, defensive move.

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Kiss Me in the Shadows

Keep well away from dark, forbidding dreams --
Instead, stay near the hearth and play your lyre;
Sleep even so will wait on wooden beams,
Seducing you beside your cozy fire.
Meticulous and careful you may be,
Evicting darting shadows with the blaze --
Inside your quiet cottage, patiently,
Night's emissary holds you in her gaze.
The cuckoo calls as midnight church-bells chime;
His warning message echoes from the walls --
Enchanted ears have lost all track of time,
So far from whispered fears as silence falls.
Her chilling hands then rip away your voice,
And images assail your inner eyes --
Denying you the act of conscious choice,
On captive lips she mixes truth and lies.
When sunlight climbs the sky and breaks her spell,
She blows a darkened kiss, and bids farewell.

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 Grovel for blood, grovel for blood you bastards
 Hunger for bodies of innocent children and flee
 Amidst webs of mayhem you throw the world asunder
“Zionists we are, all so powerful, all so free!”
  And again the injustice of war compels me

                   To speak in anger and utterly be
                   I am sorry fellow poets if harshness comes with words
                   But the news gives me not any joy, not any glee
                   For the people of Palestine are now in torture
                   And all I can do is watch Ghaza fall to become debris 

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T	hose beautiful little girls you tried to kill
A	 s they waited in their school van at the end of the day
L	ive another day to remind you, once again, you've failed!

I	n terrible suffering, yet they shine for the whole world to see
B	e it known, innocent blood cries for better tomorrows
A	nd like the dust beneath the feet of these little ones
N	ever will you rise to the heights for which you murder to attain!


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Five Letters

These are the five letters you left me with:

So you are leaving, walking away,
Old wounds grate against silence.
Realizing a moment too late, what’re you doing,
Reading through all those beautiful lies,
You never meant what you said.

And, I read them, over and over again
but five small letters never seemed so big. 

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Cowboys Cry Too

C  casually stands next to his saddled horse
O  openly he weeps (so) full of his remorse
W  what is left of pale pink running rose that grew
B   blood floods from thorn pricks he's getting his due
O   oh! tangled web with his love he did weave
Y   yesterday she discovered all his cowboy lies believed

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Teeming pools of spawning thoughts
   Irrational coiling tendrils and knots
     Restless limbs and rattled brain
        Exquisite need for some slight refrain
          Deprived of basal corporal need...

...I am so...tired.

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Gone With The Sin

Giving up on all I believe in,
Opaque is the road that I walk on,
Not even the brightness of a hundred stars, is capable of
Erasing, all the wrong I've done.

Wandering the streets of wrong-doing,
I'd watch people pass me by, life is much more complicated
Than I thought it would be, it's just so mystifying, 
How everything wrong feels so right, everything is a 

Trap, in the web of life. 
How everything that gives delight, in fact, has
Existed to reveal the true meaning of remorse, yet until this day, a 

Sinner I am, carrying a bundle of sins
In my hands, 
Not knowing what road to take. 

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Battle Within

She's fighting a silent battle within.
No one notices, no one cares.
She wants it to end, but not knowing how.
The torment is so strong.
In her mind she wants to die. 
No matter how hard she tries.
She cant fight no longer,
Tears will flow but she will know,
it will get better with her gone.

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Curry Favor

C larifying your hidden lies,   I see
U nderneath your opaque disguise…  I
R ead your eyes,   I 
R ead your eyes…
Y ielding despise,  it’s only I…
F rustrated with echoing laments and cries,  just to
A nswer your fake words and smiles…  I
V enture my life,   I venture my emotional life
O nly to end it all… until it’s demise…
R eading your eyes… I can always read your betraying eyes.

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Carnivorous disease
Advances on its
Never erring 
Course of pain
Eating all before it with no
Respite for its host.

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Happy New Year (acrostic contest entry)

H ope and faith
A re in my heart,
P erhaps this year,
P erhaps a new start...
Y esterday is gone.

N ow I look to 2010,
E ying the dates,
W ondering when.

Y earning for health,
E veryone's worried.
A nother day gone:
R ainy and blurried.

©2009 Danielle White

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

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For Site Crashers

L acking the common sense of a maggot
O bviously attention starved as a child
S orry excuse for a human being
E merging from a place where dung was piled
R ejected for a lack of talent
S tuck in a self pity life beguiled

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Girls Don't Wear Bermuda Shorts!

O ther misconceptions of my
H ome of birth and where I spent some of my

Y outh is that 
E veryone lives in mud huts and wears grass
S kirts as tourists are greeted at the airport.

B ermuda is a place of 
E xceptions in that as of course the world economy is changing, that for a small island
   it is still one of the
R ichest nations on the Earth! 
M any of the people you might see on the street, if any, are not poor; but, because of the
U nbelievably high cost of living has to
D eal with finding a roof over their head hard.
A lso, while some things might have come to the 

I sland a little later than the states, we are not a barefoot, backwoods people 
T hat don't know anything and are in constant awe of the 
S treams of people who visit us.

Y ou tourists are graced with an island and a people
O f  beauty, Godly fear, and an
U nbelievable strength that has fought off one natural disaster

A fter another.
N o other island is graced with our beautiful pink-sanded beaches.
D iversity is reached with people from South America, Europe, the Azores, North America, as
   well as  

M any other islands and nations.
E ach and every house, as well as it people are "cemented in colour and everlasting pride"!

(The acrostic spells out a song that I used to sing constantly when I was little.)

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I.  looked inside of me for the answers but they were invisible.

    Blindness over took me and you taxed my patience.

    Internally is where I live and my body is what carries me.

R. IP address wasn't found and you stayed hidden.

    I waited for my refund and even called upon you with your wealth of information.

    I tried to cash my disability check but there were insufficient funds.

S. ince you left I wandered without a plan except to keep it moving.

    But I'm no longer available, I'm on the go.

    I taxted you but your number was no longer listed.


            The taxman always win except when one dies

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My trip

Our trip

W e went up to Exmouth, it took us five days
I  nto hot furnace winds, the days were ablaze
N o relief was in sight for north we were bound
T here it is so rare that cool weather be found
E veryone goes there,  cause fish can be caught
R eports of good fishing make these places sought.

26 August 2013 @ 1203hrs.

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S himmering girth cloaking my footsteps
H ologram dredging my fleeting essence
A bridging lines covering time and space
D iminishing returns of temporal being
O utline coarsely cloning my dimensions
W ispy figment mocking my visual acuity

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DISAPPOINTMENT acrostic English sonnet

Destiny made a way out of my reach,
Instead of welcoming with open arms
Spread wide. To each his own! On my own, each
And every day, I did life no harm.
Priorities, other than me, came first,
Prior to closing my eyes and dreaming
Of better days. But, bad days made the worst
Inceptions; Days and nights double teaming.
Nothing prepared me for what I would get,
Though I really should have seen it coming.
Most of the time, both my eyes were too wet,
Evidence that God did not do something.
Next time, I will choose to abandon hope,
Trying to get by, while trying to cope.

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Drunkenly we fall once more
And wake up weaker than before,
Not dense enough to question this,
I simply savour every kiss,
Evidently, in my bed
Lies nothing more than just a friend.

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I'M wanting a sleeping fairy
NOT pills but somnolent fairy dust
SLEEPING all night would be a dream
OVERNIGHT rest would calm my memories
MORNINGS well rested, luxurious fantasies
NEVER take a good night's sleep for granted
IMPROVE yourself, manage stress and relax
AT ALL times

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The Invisible Man

The end of us breaks open both old and new cracks in my heart.
How come I couldn't see where my blind love would lead us,
Ending it again, you have, before our love could fully grow.

In the many, many years since I first fell in love with you,
Never did I think we'd find our love and then lose it.
Vanishing appears the only option left to me now,
Incredible loneliness once again my friend.
Surely God didn't intend our splitting?
Inside my heart you are big as ever.
But, I am a silly old romantic,
Long ago laden with love,
Ever waiting only for you.

Madness to love you?
About to find out.
Now I fade away.


Am I,



Gone: breathless, cold, deceased, dead, departed, done, fallen, lifeless, lost, obsolete, vanished.

Invisible: concealed, discreet, hidden, inconspicuous, unnoticeable, unseen.

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Memories are all I have,
Intense and suffocating.
Churned out emotions needing salves
Healed, yet unrelenting

Abject surrender to your wiles
Embittered by time
Looming reminiscence of your smiles
Sealed in my mind

Anguishing on a future lost
Grieving over what once was, 
Agonizing at what it has cost
Remembering mem'ries of a distant past

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Grate them like cheese, these
Hushed memories, so I no longer
Obsess, on my perforated chest,
Scrape them off of my plate, no    
Time to waste, Sorrow

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Hope such an allusive thing
Only the despair that each day brings
Memories of a dignified life
Every day overwhelming strife
Living again for just one more day
Empty eyes see the world as gray
Seeking compassion from their fellow man
Surely each of us needs to do what we can….


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The Gulf Oil Spill

Gulf oil spilled
Useless big waste
Lives were taken
Foolish mistake

Oil will spew
In such turmoil
Loss no one knew

So much damage
People showed care
Invading land
Like a nightmare
Let’s clean this up!

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A Drone No More

Beyond the safety of the trees
In heaven’s realm of azure seas
Relying on the lifting breeze
Defying earth’s unwelcome hold
Serenely soaring as they please.

A feathered freedom calls to me
Neath humbling burdens of a bee
Despite the heart of one who’s free

Before I’m crushed beneath the strain
Escape, I must, this droning bane
Emerging bravely from my hive
Swept up, my flight I will obtain.

(For the Birds and the Bees contest)

I wrote this while trapped in the car pick up lane today, where I felt a bit too much like a 
drone bee!

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O ut of control
I t shouldn't have happened
L ots of destruction

S hame on BP
P lease stop this disaster
I irrate and upset
L ots is at stake
L oss of God's creations

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Across Ticks of Losing

Menaced by a triumphant chanting of lament
Entrancing the soul of Hades’ kin
Missed eruptions of the sensory nerves
Onomatopoeic of hollow gongs 
Resonating, maimed through the indescribable facets of
Your  forgotten youth.

Adjudged 3rd Place in Black Eyed Susan's Acrostic Contest
© 07-31-2012

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Interesting to realize…
 Resolution of the matter of suicide
  Only requires a few pills,
   Nonchalantly handed out by
    Indiscriminate Doctors, treating me for depression
     Completely oblivious of my intentions

But I did tell them…

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Reprehensible by Garrett Murtagh 7th grade

From the perspective of the main character...

Regrettable decision that I made
Early in my life.
People calling me murderer.
Regretting that terrible day.
Everyday I look at my peers,
Having to lie to them. Secretly knowing...
Everyone knows I am hurting. I'm
Not really okay!
Still hating myself!
I can't look at myself!
Behavior slowly changing...
Incredible pain!
Living through that terrible
Event everyday.

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He thought to himself
If I could go back, I’d tell
No one, not even the police, that I’d
Driven by and shot him with ease, 
Silence, would be my clutch, so 
I wouldn’t be judged 
Guilty, nor lambasted like that, by
Hypocrites in mass, for killing a  
Toddler thug, with candy bar drugs

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Everytime I Look Around The Corner

I live a life in a place where alcohol violence reigns supreme/ 
over a dying culture split in se7en groups of se7enty times se7en of rival teams/
 I hear my brothers hollers I hear my sisters screams/ 
I see people live among broken glass like that of many broken dreams/
 I sometimes wish I could not see what my two eyes sometimes see/ 
I cant act blind as if it were just a brush off my sleeve/
 The more I lose in life the more it seems the less I need/
 I try and overcome my own selfish greed/ 
I got a child on the way I now look at what kind of role model I'd be/ 
I was was incarcerated so I must not take for granted for the simple fact that Im free/
 But it hard with tattoos on my face in place where tattoos like mine seem a disgrace/
 Lord watch over me as I take last place in this life game race/ 
It not a matter of being first second or third Lord cuz all I need iz your grace/
 help me to better walk off this destructive road and slow my pace/ 
Just take me now if Im done with your purpose if thats the case/
Because I dont want to live like I got to look over my shoulder right around the corner....

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L ow clouds droop as she sits on rumpled gown 
O aths of pale secrets falling through ravaged sleeves
S omber cheeks line a hollowed tract, cast down
T iredness all around; steep as barb- wired leaves. 

T ainted droplet hides on eyelid’s corner
E ncasing her passages streaked with pain,
A s black stars perch on withered flowers
R eflecting shadows ruptured, glimpses wane.

S ilently her thoughts prick sparse winds, to blow
O pening dam of jarred beats from love’s past haze;
B eyond snuffed wails, lost tear plunges full flow
S ullen as thorns, she weeps in requiem sways. 

Black-Eyed Susan's Lost Contest

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Overhearing her shriek
At the trees, he 
Keeps gardening, whispering
Soothing sounds to the soil

for andrea's acrostic contest

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Don’t know why
I sit here
And resentful,
Pathetic expectations
Of your
Nothing will relieve
This hollowed hope
Manufactured almost
Now reduced to  

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C onstruction of causes often concluding at an undesirable end
O menous clouds hover over head
N oticing some circumstantial happenstance not consistently NEGATIVE
S ystematically obligated to change results
E effect becomes the antidote
Q uickly questioning motives
U nderlining reasons
E existing in riddles
N othing is ignored when the end is near
C ontinuous uncontrolled events
E very action has them
S tate of mind, similar occurrences down the line

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Clarissa's Valentine Diary of Passion- serial Acrostic

February 2009

Pretty in red, her tears start to flow
All dressed up and nowhere to go
She got dumped after he had his way
Sweet revenge follows this Valentine’s Day
 Into the river his body will go
One knife, an alibi, no-one will know
Now what better day for his bad blood to flow

to be continued…..

February 2010

Proudly relieved that she didn’t get caught
Alibi solid, her story they bought
Sweet Valentines’ Day will be all she wished for
She’s found a new love, couldn’t ask for much more
Incidentally she’s hoping and praying that he
On this day will make her a new bride-to-be		
Nothing good lies ahead, if he doesn’t  agree.

to  be continued…..

February 2011

Perfect in white, this she didn’t foresee,
Alone in the church, where the devil  is he?
Standing alone in her wedding gown
Somebody whispered the groom had fled town
Into the limo so no-one would know
Once again Valentine tears start to flow
Nobody dumps her, she won’t let this go.

to  be continued….
February 2012

Payback is lurking, his receipt she found
A step behind him she’s Canada bound
She has revenge written all over her face 
Smith and Wesson, in her case
It might convince him to take her advice
Or face consequences, without thinking twice
Nasty Clarissa, will he pay the price?

to be continued……



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Of Pink And Grey

Before I
        Confess the crime you
        Turn a blind eye to,
Tell her
        Not to judge
How much
        You based on
"I loved"
To be
A part of
        The lying claims
Her life
        Meant nothing, so
I lost
        The argument hence
        Killed --

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Like a Tumor

Tethered to you by an 
Umbilical cord of blame
Massive heart attacks 
Of rejection serrate
Ripping through vagina of hate


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Shadow dwelling in the heart
Over a rain of raw pain
Retrieving light from the soul
Reducing fire from the spirit
Obscured by night so dark
Whirlwind of emotions’ tearful train
Falling helplessly in the undertow
Unable to go on, wishing to quit
Lost, until one must surface to breathe air.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 2007

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No Respect - Show Me the Anger

Never to be challenged would not be expected.
One’s spirit would truly die, forever being infected.

Respect beyond years of age, enhanced by service scored.
Each day passing seems I am just a little bit more ignored.
Sincerely I see others being from outside welcomed aboard.
Persons with only profit for them are welcomed in accord.
Exasperated I continue to do my job for no extra reward.
Calmness is harder to reorder in my daily extreme restored.
Thwarting abounded, stabbing my abilities with a sword.

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Justice must see day in all situations

Universe is calling to those with ears

Society must listen and understand

Too many times, much is said no one hearing

Invisible attention in action

Creating and promoting hypocrisy

Enough is Enough, Justice must Reign!

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Lost Love

L ife without you is not the same
O ut in the dark alone
S till hear the echo of your name
T aunted by the unknown

L ost without your loving touch
O nly you can give to me
V oid now, I miss you so much
E veryone can see

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Low self esteem,
Animal instincts,
Ill mannered,

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Why Do I Love You

Why Do I Love You?
©2011 C. Brent Cloyd

When I tell you that I love you
Hurriedly you ask, tell me why?
You laugh when in dismay I sigh

Dare now, listen to some reasons
Obsess and parse them if you please

I love because God gave you to me

Life is good when I see your smile
Observe your wittiness and style
Valuable are your hugs so snug
Each time you travel I feel a tug

You bring pride and make my heart dance
Overawed I choose to love, not perchance
Utmost I love because you are you.

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Crazy Bi'w'atch

What you sayin?
We own it
For the morning of the lord
To the night
Don’ start
Tarty mart

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F ear is pulling at his mind
R eeling rolling trying to find
I s there nothing in this life?
G  oing to blow away his strife!!
H  e knows what he must try to do
T  he answer, soft, and sweet and true
E nter beyond what mind can see
N ow absorbed in endlessly
E nding all the strife and fear
D aily asking ‘Am I here?

 9 September 2013hrs.

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A bond is tied, a new liaison is made
N ovel experiences are satisfying, but the price is paid
G one are the days, when the dinner was just laid.
E very moment is work, and stress is high
L onely labor at toil, she lets out many a sigh
I help out not at all, and she can’t understand why?
N ow I know I am a fool and inconsiderate alike. 
E ach has own choices, unfortunately ours are unlike. 

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Stinging, sweat upon sun burnt skin.
Underestimated the temperature, cannot win.
Motivation melts like the child's ice cream cone.
My dehydrated lips curse in a melancholy moan.
Exposed skin showing from the guys and girls of summer.
Reminding me why I think this season is such a bummer.

For contest, season acrostic
date 09-29-2014

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Are you Jasmine?

Pathos - I feel - people feel for me, prior failure for the world to see.
Only you can see, only you can save; myself from the world and me.
Obtuse days, fills my dull life, fleeting by like a winter sun.
Natal phase it no longer is, our alliance had too far in the past begun.
Abide my time, no longer shall I; shall seek what true heart has always cared -
'Magic carpet of Alladin' to fly away with my Jasmine; and host a toast to us in air. 

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A mania she could not explain made her devise the plan:
No one could know where or what place she may have gone
If so, I’m not sure they’d tell; conclusions would be drawn:
Tomorrow, perhaps an answer will come, before the setting sun; but,
Really does it matter to anyone? Are we not all out of ‘town’? 
Actually, yes I think it matters for many; especially matters to one. 

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Hurried - Acrostic

Hit return or hit the gas; either way will do.
Unrelenting is the mantra that I've subscribed to.

Racing every moment, even during sandman’s quest.

Really, I’m not kidding; day and night I feel so pressed!

Idleness deceives me behind his simple mask

Exactly what was my goal when starting out this task?

Deliver me to a real life; that is all I have to ask.

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                                   P ouring through an old box I foun D,

                       O ne postcard, THE postcard, from last Novembe R.

                       S uch an innocuous front, with its Chinese pagod A,

                      T ricked me into thinking it was something Romanti C .

    C onsequently your words, laced with arsenic, poisoned my unprepared hear T,

      A s you confessed you didn’t love me, in ALL CAPS, for everyone to witnes S.  

        R eading it again, before I ripped it to shreds, it was all I could do not t O

                                           D rown in memory's tra P.


(double acrostic and shape poem)

(last line used to be "down a forbidden nightcap", then revised as above.)

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October 18, 2012
Searing pain
Catches in the brain
Rendering frantic panic
Telling no one-for the demon made his mark
Carrying the darkness in my heart
Hell will find its prey...

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So thoughtfully planted, these treats for your sight
Long awaited blooms rising up to the light
Under your care as they thrive poised in the sun
Gorgeous petals admired one-by-one 
Beckoning those who should happen upon them 
As the slow and sly grasp roots for ascension
In expectation of the coming reward for their hikes
Thanks left in slime for the delectable bites.

Written on 03/21/2013 for Garden Contest

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It Takes Two..The Birds and the Bees

Inquiring minds want 
To know how it all works

Ticklish subject
A question that can get your
Knickers in a twist
Especially if they look you in the eye
So, I suggest

Take them out for ice cream
When you get back defer to father/mother
Oh, parental duty..spare me!

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Lacy black shell
Ever so fine
Asymmetrically designed
For a love of mine.

Fingertips touched
Ever softly.
Asked whom this was for
Tell not my heart.
Her name I cannot reveal.
Eve of the year
Reunites us.

She rejoices now.
Her sadness subsided.
Evicted from her sylph
Enriched her temperament,
Lust love laid-up luxuriously.

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Yesterday Became an Empty Shell

Yesterday, before I found your love, life seemed dim and days grew dull. 
All I ever did was mope and cry; without true love, I thought that I would die.
My future faced each stumble fearlessly, artfully; I was an empty hull.
Troubles ripped my soul most every day; lost in your pain, I could never fly.
Seemed that problems never found a lull; steadily streaming to my throbbing skull.
So, sometimes I’d stop and scream for you, oh, perfect love, the angels sigh.
Far beyond all hope is Heaven’s flight from hopelessness to eternity.
Away I’d fly, free from the lonely plights; too many nights without love’s band.

Now, it seems so very long ago; that time when hope would never grow.
It was impossible to understand how your precious love could help me stand. 
Looks like love came knocking evermore upon loves’ door with her face aglow.
As if the dawning light would never come, should life return with one command?
Though my days with you by death grew dim, forever love, more than a whim.
They're here within my heart and mind to stay, sweet memories of yesterday!
Here I dream; kissing your face again, thinking life is grim, oh sweet cherubim.
To forever your sweet smiles have flown; I am left all alone; all I do is moan.
Stay close, my love, I need you, now.  Comfort my dreams; I will not groan.

Oh, I know your love could lift this empty shell from the depths of hell.
I need you now; please come somehow; I beg you, now…I beg you, now!
Believe, and miracles will come your way; that’s what they say the Scriptures tell.
In the future life beyond the Vail before our Lord each head shall bow.
Yesterday we two walked together cheerfully; but yesterday became an empty shell. 

Ó January 26, 2014
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Yesterday's Acrostic 	
Sponsored by: Roy Jerden

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The Agony of Scorpio

Standing on a pedestal provided by my friends,
Carrying the weight of both worlds.
On one side, the love I have for order,
Reasoning, and equal justice;
Placed against the world of inner animalia,
Inner lust and inner fantasy.
Only one can win, and I have to unwillingly choose.

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Pain is never embraced.
Agony is a defeated place.
     Incorporated with grace,
Nice to know you made second place.
This competition did not bring humiliation.

While your solitary stance brought forth happiness, you strive for more.
It is not unusual to yearn for the original.
    To zenith as an author, is so magnificent.
History is an hourglass to capture.

Face up to your inadequacies in the bamboozling.
     Inform yourself of all strategy necessary to win.
Run amok with your first place masterpiece.
Educe a focus for others to perceive. 
PENNED ON JULY 03, 2014!

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Drain out the violence from the paintbrush and smear it to the canvas 

Aggressive creatures scuttle into my expanding cranium

Memories of him echoes through the forest…into the atmosphere

Astonishing screams of misfortune filter the forest where he once trailed

Great solitude and rage tortures us all…we will not fall!

Everlasting breakage paints me a portrait of turmoil and what not

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A path of endless sorrow
paved by the destruction in my wake.
I can see no bright, beautiful tomorrow
that's not a kind of future I make.

An ocean of endless tears
flowing from the hearts the cry out in pain.
Their anguished cries bring forth my inner fears
which drag me under with a dark heavy chain.

A tale of endless woe
full heartaches and immorality.
These are the seed I sow
grown by my faulty personality

Memories of endless regret
the ones that can't simply be erased.
I promised I would never forget,
all the lives I have disgraced.

The ashes of a finished flame
extinguished by my devastating crime.
Before, it was all a sick little game
but now, I'm completely out of time.

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Mad as a hornet
Aggressive mindset
Debt piles up

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BP: Brutal Performance

Broken       “Perfect”       
Blowout      Preventer
Billowing    Petroleum
Burning       Profusely

Bodies          Paining
Burning        Peeling
Bleeding       Pleading
Buried           Passing

Blighted       Preserve
Bayous         Profaned           
Beaches        Polluted
Biosphere     Poisoned

Banned            Products
Boats               Parked
Businesses       Pinched              
Breadwinners  Penniless

Beleaguered      President
Bluntly               Proposed
“Billions             Promptly”
BP                        Provided

British               Petroleum
Blind                 Profiteers
Bloody              Pumpers

British               Petroleum
Broke                Permits
Betrayed           Public

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Summer rain

Summer rain

S ummer rain is beautiful
U nending sun’s, no good at all
M ind gets stale, when it’s too dry
M e, I Iove the rain, do I
E ndless heat is terrible
R ain makes life more beautiful

R ain comes down, and makes folk happy
A ustralians they get quite snappy
I n our summers harsh and hot 
N o rainfall, well most like this, not.

28 June 2014 @ 1140hrs.

Written for Francine Roberts 'Summer acrostic'

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Political Corruption

Partisanship hinders compromise
Oblivious voters put cronies into power
Likeability trumps substance
Idiotic commentators bicker
Tension builds amongst the people
Idealouges pollute the system
Charming individuals manipulate
Society falls apart

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Gloomy and empty
Unable to have inner peace
Insatiable feelings of forgiveness
Losing the trust of others
Trying to rid thyself of sin

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Halloween Night

Happily in costume, children walk streets.
All Hallows Day, Halloween. Trick or treat.
Laughing at neighbors’ doors, ghosts under sheets.
Lingering for candy, a child’s entreat. 
Overhead the sky dark black; fathoms fear.
Windy walks, silent streets, goblins appear.
Erie tones of voice, parents watch austere.
Endearing fun and teasing as ghouls draw near.
Nonchalantly, breathing deep, not one tear.

Night is filled with mysteries; souls endure.
Imagination grips and minds ensnare.
Graves and tombstones bedecked front yards, a lure.
Halloween celebrates souls, not yet pure. 
Trick-or-treat; rich or poor, fear fills the air. 

© Dane Smith-Johnsen
September 30, 2011
Written for Halloween Fun Contest sponsored by Russell Sivey
FORM: Acrostic with rhyme

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Nine dozens of
Eight nothings
Veranda romance inside
Every man for no man
Running in place
Dearest husband
Or dearest wife
Urban legend
Brutal love
Tall tales
Hidden hate
Sex orgy
Three in a couple
Riot in the bathroom
Universal thought
Timeless fashion
Helpless god

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Erasers Removed Just Like Prayer


Empty souls enter the room
Rush to the waiting desks
Answer questions from rote
Spirit filling is left (out in street)
Erasers no longer in the room
Removed just like prayer____

(Most schools no longer have chalk boards and erasers but have electronic equipment)

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Pretty Ms. Jackson in her daisy dukes
Upsurges her mental state to entice Luke.
She sashays her body to the booth.
Her crowd adores her to.

My my my...
Easily she is to use.
PENNED ON JULY 04, 2014!

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War should be no more - I hope everyone could be together in unity & 
accord & sing in a chorus of pure, dazzling bliss! I smell the odor of remorse and 
hatred in the atmosphere...leaving me with scraps of terrifying fears & reducing 
me to tears...stains of scarlet regret and pride is smeared on the swords of murderers - and they blame it on their frustration, pain and determination...competition is encouraged on these killing grounds and a peaceful frame of mind was never built here.
Aim towards the bull's eye - concentrate with your might...we're gonna get 
through this plight whether we like it or productive things to deal with 
our anger and angst - reap what you sow and face your fates like a 
strong, be brave and be prepared to face your fears tonight! HUMBLE YOURSELVES and MOVE ON...move forward and dream of brighter days...the smoked-up, ebony and vermilion skies will fade away sooner than you think . . . confrontation embraces you all...but keep your head above the surface 
Rage is thrown back and forth like a hot potato - who wins? Who has gone 
missing? N-no one knows on the mysterious battle grounds or fields of endless smells of death and determination all in one...fight the fantastic fight 
with triumphant victory close at hand! Here's some grand land that serves as our 
resting spots - be peace-makers; be not back-biters, discord-makers or commotion-
brewers, sowing discord from head to toe! Graze in your own mazes of graceful grasslands of plenty and you'll be found in peace, instead of lost in chaos

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Blow hard

Back Biter
Anti - Christ

Oval Office                             
Assault Rifles                         


And 3 others  





One more
More and More


now that I have your attention, please read and comment 
on my other pieces of work
Thank you

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Really Angry, Getting EasieR
Actually contemplating ferAl
Godforsaken acts, FURY Goading,
Effortlessly Growl, A Roar Ending.

So it would seem, rage has brought me full circle,
 wondering why I ever thought I was here.

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Accountability by Ulyssa Vinarta 8th grade

Andy was driving.
Caused a
Car crash
On the highway.
A friend has
Been killed.
It has caused chaos
Leading him
Taking responsibility for his own actions,
Yet, he still blames himself.

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Janna Parke 2

Juxtapose two conflicting minds.
Against one another they tassel.
Never to complete their argument,
Nick is stuck as mediator.
And it is not a fun job.

Proposition after proposition,
All movements are mirrored.
Rather than agree, they fight.
Kind Nick is torn apart.
Everyday he worries about the outcome.

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My stomach churns - so sick of crying
Eyes wide with fear - at a loss
So many mistakes - now you're dying
So sorry - wish I could be the one you need

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My pain. My name.

          Take back your misery.
          Return to me my heart that you stole
  I will Avenge myself.
     My Vision was clouded by love.
          I was incredibly naive,
   You Stabed me in the back and made love to her as well.
      BuT now it’s to late for your apologies. 
          I’m broken but no longer yours.

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Violent is the Mind Feeble is the Tongue

V is for the violent images created by the ID
I  is for the immaculate figmentations that come to play
O is for the opticals of illusions
L is for the lucidness I have yet to succumb to
E is for the evolution of child's play to harmful reality
N is for the nonsense my tongue blurts out  in insanity
T is for trickery schizo-affective plays on me like a leprechaun

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Accountability by Toi Ruiz 7th grade

Count on yourself!
Can't take anyone else's responsibilities.
Only you can!
Understand why you should
Not make
The mistake
Andy made by driving drunk.
B.J. should have driven that night
If Andy was so drunk.
Learn from your mistakes and bad choices.
If you do not
Then the same will happen to

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A Long Lonely Year

Afghanistan. far away from those I love.

Leaving was tough this time, the kids tears tore at my heart.
Only as I turned to watch them drive away, did I see my wife crying
Never has she cried, always pretending to be strong
Going away for the fourth time must have been too much for her to bear.

Letting myself believe, I will make it through this fourth combat tour.
One year seems like a lifetime, the minutes ticking slowly by.
Never letting tears of sadness get the better of me.
Everyday, I think about my wife and our four kids. Are they ok?
Lost is how I feel.  Something is missing, I can barely breathe.
Yet this is what must be done, I took an oath. I made a promise.

Yearning every second, for my wife's kisses, and my childrens hugs.
Every hour of the day I pull out their picture, to see their smiles. 
Always in my dreams, my family is there for me. Never losing faith.
Reunited we shall be, after a long lonely year.

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My stomach churns - so sick of crying
Eyes wide with fear - at a loss
So many mistakes - now you're dying
So sorry - wish I could be the one you need

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Happy Birthday

A birthday present to my Gramps, Hugh McCorkidale Young.

Heaven has a place for you
Unswaying was your faith in such
Goodness always will shine through
Holding on to that has been my crutch

Many others knew you well
Cokey, heard of through the town
Countless tales they had to tell
Of all the men, you held the crown

Real though it is, it's hard to believe
Know as I do the ways of the world
In the fact that you could ever leave
Darkening my mind till my thoughts unfurled

Aloud, I cannot bring to bear
Lonely I must hold my heart
Even by myself I fear
Your absence will tear me apart

Onwards though the world must move
Unendingly your memory will stay
No-one has forgotten you
Gone though you are, you'll never fade.

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Turning over and over through the
Hours, my friend. My
Eyes see yours and I know you’re here.
When you say “will you still come to see me when
I’m alone and
Not how you remember me?”
Do I know you enough to know?
But, see…
Like when the trees bend,
Or when the rain falls…

What am I
True love waits? What the
Hell is that? I was beginning to think the only thing I’d 
Over for would be for a good Cheetos bag.
Upon that occasion, I’d be sure to look
Good for the cashier at the local store. 
True love waits? What the 
Hell is that? I don’t know
Everything, but I know something.
Trees bend.
Rain falls.
Everything dies,
Everyone dies,
Sooner or later.
And the only way out
Now is to
Die before something else can kill you.
Telling me about something 
Other than me. My concerns. My
Pathologies. And for God’s sake
Stop saying “true love waits!”
Don’t you have somewhere 
Else to be? No? 
Are you lonely? Ah, I see.
Damn you. Leave me be.
Sooner or later, all
Things die. But…
I’ve got to admit you’ve taught me something. I 
Learned that all things somewhere, someday also

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Teenagers not taking
And causing
Madness, sadness
Trauma while

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Are we to blame when our expectations are too high?
No I contend we are ashamed when they go awry 
Oh, can't complain much though, just like a fool
To blind to see and too proud to succumb to a rule
Hastily set upon, shoulda followed them to the letter,
Easy now, anger won't get ya anywhere in life they say,
Rubbish says you, rue the day will they, damned fools.

Only that isn't true young man, you are truly to blame
Never understanding, never fully comprehending the game
Eager to win, able to lose, just sit back and relax... snooze.

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Maybe Without...

Can’t see her face anymore when I think of 
her. Not even her eyes. 

Everything beyond myher reach, this
each day mundane way of life.

Still, you always told me 
each day—each lie.
Back when, well…

And then maybe she’ll live. Perhaps she’ll

Live to be transparent.


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Hidding My Soul

                                             hiding From your eyes
                                    so they cant Enter my soul
                                                  i feAr that if they do 
                                           you will Run away from my love

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Leaning towards you
    Over the shining shade
       Very quiet, very dim
          Ethereal men look for their gods
       Gods that take you nowhere  
    One by One they fade away
Defying their lives, glorifying their ghosts



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Acrostic~Name Poetry for Titus x 3

Tormented! I have words but no way out
In spite of the encouraging conveys 
Towards me, that this darkest hour plays
Unusual, how much emptiness is about,
Should read no more, by ending all this praise.   

This quite direct proposal finds myself,
In retrospect, a fool with not a worth
Transcending thought and should I say, what wealth?
Unrest, with all this literature at girth
So I may ascertain my mental health.

Tremendous time and patience do you all
In time, deceive yourselves a crying shame
To think compared with effort you are small
Unsure, as well, for greeting all 'this' fame,
Surrounds us with a promise to enthral.

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Yesterday wafts softly down as this days echo fades
All but hushed to whisper by time’s ever binding glue
My dreams this night will richly form and dance between the two 
Troubles displayed within my mind without the albatross of time 
Seem now to be soliloquy from some angst left behind 
So thin this veil which clouds these fears 
Far moved from truth as dawn appears 
Away cool sleep and move this play from long ago forgotten tears

Now bright as day my thoughts do sway
It seems to me so far away
Looks as if the light has played, embalmer to the night’s foray  
As yesterday now locks it’s door
Though with some mild chagrin 
They're foolish all who would ignore
Here lies the keeper’s spin 
To yesterday there are still ways to tweak you from behind 
Stay gently present or you’ll drift with rearward fettered mind

Oh, think not back or you will feel, this specter from the dark 
I think it triggers off some long thought vanquished spark
Believe this as you close your eyes 
In some subconscious stream
Yesterday waits quick to pounce as night includes your dream

Written for acrostic "Yesterday" contest 

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   Having the first experience with girls isn't easy,
   And especially when you're on a first date.
   Such a quandary...making sure you look your best.   

   All the while, he keeps thinking...
  "No, don't say that or she will think you're a jerk!"
   Yet, no one has prepared him for that moment
   Of awkwardness, when he is supposed to kiss her.
   Now, comes the big question for him ..."Do I keep my
   Eyes open or closed?"

   Every fibre of his being knows that the time is 
   Very close.  What a delicate situation for him.
   Each of his nerve endings will be jumping as
   Rivers of emotion will break over his being.

   Then, the moment comes.  In a flash, she gets close,
   Opens her mouth just a little,
   Lifts her head to just the right angle...
   Dry and parched lips are all he can offer in return.

   Yet, their lips come together, and like the 
   Ongoing tide, the kiss takes place
   Under a moonlit sky in some secluded lover's lane.

   All that he will remember is that
   Beautiful moment, that one instant, that
   One singular happening when 
   Under that sky, he had achieved
   The manhood that he had dreamed about for so long.

   That singular moment will be forever frozen in time for
   Him.  Sixty years hence, it will be like only a moment ago.
   Each time he thinks of it, it will bring a smile to his face.

   Both the young man and that girl may have long parted
   In their lives, perhaps on to other dates and encounters.
   Reality though, is that the first time is always one that is
   Deeply remembered for the intimacy that was
   Shared by them at that moment.
   Although they may have grown apart,
   Neither of them will ever forget that sweet encounter,
   Dipped in the pen of both love and romance.

   Throughout a lifetime of loving encounters,
   He will certainly never forget that first
   Emotional tidal wave of romantic relief after a first kiss.

   Being all too overcome with the
   Enchantment and the 
   Excitement that it had produced, he can hardly wait for the next big moment...

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Punitive by Cristie Rivera 8th grade

Punished because I was
Underage and drinking.
Not the fault of my friends.
It's my FAULT!
The car crashed
In flames and ended in a 
Very powerful

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Beginning of an End

On this 
Everything that 
Loves will loose.
Everything that lives
At last will die.
Forts will crumble.
Fate will step back
And nap.
Lovers will cry and heartache will
Laugh. Tonight in the 
Still Wind Cold.  

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E - seventh part of EXPENSE series - the non-messed up version

End this madness inside of my cranium and numb the pain that’s making me 
feel this sensation, as if I was drunk off of rum…I’m not a drunkard that’s 
dumb and that’s a fact that has made a big impact in my life…especially my 
brother’s life to be exact!! Do you have any clue what I’ve been through? Do 
you have any brain cells in your empty brain? Are you damaged by your 
suicidal depression? Anxiety took a toll on you – you’re in its session…it’s 
controlling you like a puppet, doing whatever the puppet master tells it to do! 
You demand attention immediately without further ado…pay off your expense 
of your emotional suspense! Dispense and you shall receive no more expense! 
You are fenced in by the absence of hope and the approval of avarice appeal! 
Ignorant to the time, drifting away from your grasp! You hold your breath and 
you gasp! At last, you understand how important it is to immediately dispose 
of your expense! Just reap what you sow and pay up for your sins! The 
consequences lay in someone else’s hands and the two grand lands split! You 
are way, way more worthy of praise than being in chains in this pitiful pit of 
yours! All because you didn’t pay up your exceptional amount of expense! I’m 
going to drop off reality for the time being until the end! Deplorable Reality’s 
strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees, swarming around 
me like my crowd of fans, family and friends – what’s the expense of fame? 
Will I be feeling this shame with a grand name? Will it be astonishing beyond 
say or just another bill to pay? Ignorance is bliss they say…I’ll type no more of 
this verse today…Or I’ll pay my expense of writing too much! At least I give 
my poems a great punch of passion, inspiration, and it’s moving, even with 
the slightest touch!!!!

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Influence by Crismarie Perdomo 8th grade

From the perspective of the main character....

I drink so I don't feel left out. I
Need to follow the cool and not the lame. Your
Feelings do not mean anything to me. Your
Life is not yours but theirs.
Used you like a dog and you follow obediently.
Everyone has a fun time and you follow and pretend. I
Need to follow to be cool.
Crash! Wake up! The

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Delicate Girl

Delicate Girl

Dancing to the private tune in my head. 

Effervescent, as always,

Loving life,

Insofar, as it will allow.


Alongside my faith, while I wait for

Tomorrow's new sun.

Escaping the blues by a fine hair, without


Instigating a sea of divine happiness followed by,

Relief and knowledge that,

Loving head over heels shall happen, yet again.

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Ascending on my own
Lamenting positively while no one's around
Orbiting and subsiding
Negotiating with my imaginary ghosts
Eager to reach my goals

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Of life
Emerges with doubt
Tame the INEVITIBALE rage
Return once again 
Your soul

Prime the feast
Alabaster to rouge 
Liken the INFUSION 
Akin to the essence that 
CREATIVITY will always 

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A Mess


Love unseen and binded
Over me you collided
Sifting in the vortex
Taking life as it is—a mess

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Earth Power

Liberty is free.
Come together, freedom.
Light power, Radian god of Lightening.
Strike per se.
Go together, a usefulness, power to be.
Gragh, power to the gun.
Welcome to liberty, freedom.
Liberate the world.

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A choo! Achoo! Oh geez, here we go!
L ousy allergies putting on a show.
L ingering effects of pollen's assault,
E yes weeping, nose running, I wish it would halt.
R ecurring miseries with each seasonal change,
G uaranteeing discomfort, plans rearranged.
I ndecent exposure to dust mites and such,
E nergy draining meds a necessary crutch.
S niffing and sneezing - I've had enough!

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Traumatic by Pamela Espinal 8th grade

Tries to kill himself.
Rather die young than
Achieve goals.
Unsure about
Making a bright future.
Acts like a follower but can be a leader.
Tries to get out of trouble but
Instead, continues until something bad happens, then
Cries when not heard.

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Alone part 2

On my own...I'm walking on my own...
Never talking
Except solitude

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In this dream...

Scream -- the figment of a dream, but so much more
Confusion rakes my brain, closes each door
Right from the start, he has meandered through my visions
Empty and cold, I find him making my decisions
Adding painful secrets that stain my real life...and there's
Much more to come...with the force of a knife...

In this dream of reality...

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-a collaberation with my friend who wishes to remain anonymous -


Separated by the emotion barrier
Pierced by your absence of words
Anguished by annoyance and abnormalities
Calling out your name
Emptiness is your reply

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Tall                            Structures
Offering                     Shelter
Withstanding              Blows
Evaporating               Lives
Raping                      Families
Security                    Needed

An acrostic poem about the twin towers of 911.

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Quotation Mark.....

There is no limit
to what you can dream....
or reach~
she used to say.....
and until she was gone....
I never forgot....
the wisdom....
between the words......

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A Gross Understatement

Just once, could you
Understand my 
Side of

Over and over again and we
Even get to the point that I'm

Mostly right!
Open your eyes to
Even a child can see

That it's your fault and you're the
Only one to

Let go
And just deal with your
Even though I don't know how that feels, I'm always here for you.

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Serpent Woman

Mirrors remind her she must live alone
Everything she sees, she turns to stone 
Dismal future she now faces
Ugly snakes upon her head like laces
She is a gorgon, Medusa is her name
Athena punished her, for beauty was her shame 

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Unspoken Words

Undeniably, I have been held in bonds of tears.
Not knowing how to show feeling in years,
Speech has never been a strong point for me.
Points of life are all that my heart will see.
Our words have been unspoken for so very long.
Kindred views between us have always been wrong.
Even though our passion was fleeting, beyond repair,
Now you come to me with self-loathing and despair.

We were then and this now, never to return again.
Once again, you come forth to take all the sin.
Reality is our love was only lust, so we must,
Deal and surrender to the discipline and disgust.
So you and I have a need, burying past in the dust.

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N - fifth part of EXPENSE series

Never-ending aftershocks of yesterday’s tomorrow has settled in my mind’s eye…there’s so much out there to look forward to…I’d rather not die, but indeed, I must live to see the light of day take wing from on high! Cleanse me with your hope, oh Lord of Accord and you are so perfectly imperfect to me…and you shine bright like a diamond in the cave and you mirror my pain with healing, crystal-clear rain! I’m out of my mind in the past, present and future…what’s my fate? What is there in store for me? Why do I hestitate? I hesitate for the sake of Your honor-packed jubilance, not his blasphemed envy! Good news (It’s intriguing! Very!) – I’m suriving and still standing tall; bad news (nothing brand-new or exciting really): I failed the test with a F- for failure to the extreme…your sub-zero eyes see right through me and I can feel the coals heating up in my heart! I’m mad to begin with and I’m sick of breaking apart! Deplorable Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey dens or hives! Deal with the cards, roll the dice. Feel my words – you’re my livin’ sacrifice! We need a happily ever after after all! Deplorable Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey dens or hives! You kill’d me inside and out and I won’t pout like a child, running about! You killed me with your lonesome song and I have no slight doubt about that, if you know what I am speaking of no doubt! Are you damaged by your suicidal depression? Do you have any clue what I’ve been through? Deplorable Reality’s strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey dens or hives! I am a money saver, but a worthless beggar or an ungrateful waster OR a real big spender ~ I don’t mean to offend a single soul or drive anyone insane in any way, shape or form…I am just telling you the truth straight out of my brain while I lay down and type this verse up in my solitary, yet unique, wild and stunning-blue dorm…avoiding a bee swarm like escaping a windstorm with stingers flying all around me every direction I turn! Every angle I watch, there is danger looking at me straight in the eyes…replicating the death stare of the Lord of the Flies…my hope and faith withers and dries like a weed, left in the sun…pulled up from the ground by the gardener himself…rotting away…today…

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D i s c o m b o b u l a t e d

D i s c o m b o b u l a t e d
     By Dane Smith-Johsnen

Deeply hidden
In the back of my mind
Somewhere, somehow
Closets of pain 
Open and bombard
My consciousness.
Blistered by young loves' scorches
Overbearing.  Smitten.  Why?
Bewildered factions of trust
Undeniably eroded
Laughter to hide the pain
Altogether crushed
The heart of me cried.
Endless tears for I am

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Dramatic Events

All things take their toll
Must we suffer so?
Always lamenting loss or change
Till we know not why we exist
Is it just to suffer?
Can we not see past the pain?
Eventually we must move on
Virtually dragging our minds out of the
Eternal darkness that drags us down into chaos
Nothing is worth the heart ache and the pain
That  these dramatic events drag us into
Seize the opportunity to grow!

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If you listen to the words of this song your soul will display.
Nearer to the truth of faith, will all the words show truth.
Do it in the name of Heaven, be justified in the end.
Every time I recall this line, my heart flutters in dismay.
Lost treasure on mountain, to die for it would be uncouth.
Intelligence to be your guide, all their treasure would send.
Building greed and destruction, sharing was offered to all.
Let peace shine upon the earth, good will and love to all men.
Every war has been fought for good, though it served only sin.

“One Tin Soldier” is the song that had an everlasting thought and impression upon my life.

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Fluttering on the brink
In agitated motion
Insecure butterfly
Filled with erratic notion

Hidden away, out of sight
Flying the safest course
Never far from her cocoon
But filled with sad remorse

This is not the motion of nature
This is no way to live
Smothered in your silken shell
You have nothing of yourself to give

Choose to take a risk
Take a chance
Insecure butterfly
Learn to dance

Spread forth your wings
Sojourn to distant places
Be spontaneous, adventurous
Eager to meet new faces

Not living in the threshold 
Scrutinizing trouble
Playing life safe
Living in a bubble

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Livid with unexpected rage,
Intended as a cure, 
But fraught with
Ravenous venom,
Antipathy runs amok.

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Lost Love

L eaving home for distant ports and trying to make my way,
O nly my own sense to guide me to wherever it is I’ll stray.
S ome may say that’s not enough and I will disappear,
T hey can’t know that I’m alive as long as I am here.

L aughter echoes to my ears from a room just down the hall,
O verhearing their conversations as I listen to the wall.
V oices tinged with sweet regret and longing for a touch,
E very time that they have met they’ve missed out on so much.

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Not That Smart

Only does
This get my goat; but my

Tiger, my lion, my ape, and entire jungle!
Having people use their "intelligence" to make you feel stupid.
A two-year old child's smile can solve more problems
Than one

Sentence that comes out of their
A certain desire to
Reach out and choke them into silence overwhelms me at times; but, knowing 
That not answering them can shut them up is the "smartest" thing to do.

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Fluttering on the brink
In agitated motion
Insecure butterfly
Filled with erratic notion

Hidden away, out of sight
Flying the safest course
Never far from her cocoon
But filled with sad remorse

This is not the motion of nature
This is no way to live
Smothered in your silken shell
You have nothing of yourself to give

Choose to take a risk
Take a chance
Insecure butterfly
Learn to dance

Spread forth your wings
Sojourn to distant places
Be spontaneous, adventurous
Eager to meet new faces

Not living in the threshold 
Scrutinizing trouble
Playing life safe
Living in a bubble

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Marriage, True Love

M ind games 
A bandonment by you 
R eap what you sow 
R age against you
I nsane fighting
A nger like you've never seen
G irlfriends on the side
E rratic behavior

T ormented on a daily basis
R ighteous Indignation
U nfaithful too many times to count
E ndless tears streaming down my face

L ies so eccentric only a fool would buy it
O bstinate are we both
V ile names you call me
E vil is what you are

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True Love

T he only thing she ever did was to be there when he needed,
R emoving all of the barriers that left him weary and defeated.
U nrequited love should not be attempted by the faint of heart,
E very ounce she’d give happily if only she could play the part.

L onging looks from across the room she’d sneak a little peek,
O nce he returned her gaze and it made her knees grow week.
V ague inferences and unclear signals fill her spinning head
E vading all possibility of rejection by ever asking what he said.

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To Die For You

Little did I know you were to take me.
Over and over I did fall. And never relenting.
Verse after verse I wrote to your admiration.
Everything I saw was inspiration towards you.

Last week, I got your letter to me.
Over and over I did read. My tears flowed.
Vaguely I understood your statements.
Engagement was breaking me in two.

Last year, you got married away.
Over and over I have cried. I want to die.
Vindication is not possible. You hurt me.
Evacuating you from my mind is the only hope.

Leaving my whole self behind is hard.
Over and over I have assayed. Too much of me was you.
Vying against my own self is destroying me.
Emancipation is my only hope. Goodbye.

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Trouble Mind

Tick Tock Tick Tock
Racing around like the hands of a clock.
Oscillating about with no rhyme nor reason.
Undoubtedly attempting to control me.
Banking on immediate changes
Laughing as you make me scream
Emphatically forcing yourself upon me 

Mystifying my decisions as only you can
Instilling uncertainty and definitely hesitation
Never looking back to lend a hand
Doing as you wish hoping I understand.

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Rigor Mortis

          The Madness Continues

Rigid as steel he sleeps, stiff and lifeless,  
Inert, a shell of a man who liked to laugh.  
Gone through the valley of death him who   
Once was filled with much capacity to love.  
Rest in peace, brother, whoever you are.   

More of the same will most certainly ensue      
Out in the harsh, unforgiving desert sands.
Rue the day when leaders set forth agenda  
To pursue wily enemies with phantom WMD.   
In the mortuary a chaplain kneels in prayer,
Soldier takes his last, long journey home.

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Determined to forget all that has happened
A life of regretts
Managing to get by day by day
After the storm settles another begins
God has but kept me strong in adversity
Every thought of him helps me through the pain
Day after day I wish for a new life for this one is damaged

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Obviously out of his depth, unsure of what to do,
Pursuing allegations that he knows to be untrue,

Prompted by minions working behind the scene,                
Robotic leader signals with the stroke of his pen.

Oh, for the sake of his do-it-alone foreign policy,
Bumbling despot orders his army across the sea.   
Rumble the tanks along a vast desert highway,
Insurgents and snipers having their field day.       

Until the day when at last he finishes his reign,
More innocent blood will go down the drain.

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Missing/Exploited Children

Li'l Angels, Child-aged old
Long time, lost out in the cold
Like clay were you shaped into a mold
Of What Not To Be, after you by Momma had been told
Now, for your safe return, We must be bold
Although, the rainbow's end lacks a pot of gold
On the idea that it's a loss, should We not be sold
Ordering the Authorities more areas patrolled
As if fate in Our hands is controlled
Wanting back What from Us had been stoled
Despite, it could cause Our heads to be swolled
But, for this should it be life without parole
The conviction made based on the Windows of the Soul
For it hurts MEMORY LANE being strolled
Repeatedly, taken on Our hearts a toll
Not having Our child, in arms to hold

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I Love You Don't Leave

I am waiting patiently
Like a child wanting for attention
Often mistaken for selfishness
Vehemently waiting on your word to change while
Expressing myself with passion and hurt
You take it as hate but
Oh how I wish you knew the truth
Unfold the pages of my heart
Dare to find the real me through
Outward emotions like stone
Needing the release of your touch
Tears held back with such force it will
Leave me breathless
Empty and waiting
Aggresively hoping it is you
Visciously hoping it is you
Eagerly awaiting you, your truth, your love

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Of One Mind

Only you would have the ability to
Fight against your

Own better judgment and do
Nothing to gain
Eternal wisdom and be a

Massive pain!
It's time for you to bind your
Destructive thoughts and be of one mind, not four.

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P   enetrating my skin,
A   shadow of darkness conceals,
I     gasped loudly;
N  othing is seen…

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H esitant, tenuous, an inconspicuous mind,
Y ielding incoherence, as reality collides,
S ubtle, grim, emotions strive,
T ormented, distressed feelings glide,
E ncrusting the soul, as fear ignites    a
R ambling fire of strife…
I ntimidating, terrifying, an adversary of might,
A n aspiration to fight…

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L earn that nothing's what it seems,
I nfancy to shattered dreams,
F ate will have you in its grip,
E ndless tears escort your trip.
T rust in others soon betrayed,
I njured, healing oft delayed,
M ortal flesh that's born to die,
E ndure the pain as years creep by.

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Simply running won't deter them
Hiding under beds and tears
All the hope you caught and hoarded
Drain like liquid with your fears
Owls clasp the bulging moon
Wishes snatch your feet
Simply running won't deter them, shadowed, incomplete...

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Prone to debating every insignificant dot, mark and comma,
Energetic, talkative demagogue on every subject and dogma,

Trapped by a belief that you have the last word on everything,
Truth truly escapes you now in your fanatical pursuit of a win.

In your desire to appear knowledgeable in every legal matter,
Freely you cite precedents not relevant to the circumstances.

On things that really count you have none to give except your 
Gargantuan shyster ego that recognizes no limit in its excess.

Go then to the canyons and there debate with your own voice -
Empowering it, fueling it, then stoking its fire - until it finally 
Reverberates across space before coming right back at you.

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S ilently creeping, 
L eisurely seeping, 
I nfiltrating, penetrating stealthily…
No one hears the weeping,   trying to
K eep breathing… breathlessly wheezing…
I ntensifying… even seconds are freezing,
N othing heard, but vocal screaming…
G argantuan bewilderment, as I hear my thoughts breathing…

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R evulsion, as it pierces my skin,
A  nger within me, as I feel the burn,
G argantuan, immense…in which I can’t persist,
E ngulfing my every feeling…I’m insensible. 

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Beckon To His Pain (Will)

Black suede.
Elevating laughter.
Closing in on the prey.
Kindling for the weak.
Obtrusive against the youth's will.
Naked to only his eyes.


Hindering the passion.
Instincts tell you otherwise.
Succumb to the will of the beast.


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Lies Unseen

Loyalty gone sour.
Enabled against our friends.

Usually portrayed as faith.
Stranded to the aknowledged.
Erased love between two people.

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Reasons for Life/ Reasons for Death

F reedom to express yourself
R easonable chance they'll listen
I t's more important than most know
E very person has his tale, everyone puts on his show,
N o need to be self-conscious
D on't expect them to be either,
S omeday maybe all the world will connect together,
A s our closest do well now,
No idea when this may happen, but I know it's likely true
D on't know, maybe you can tell me why
For all the reasons under the sun, I know not why we die
A ll things come to an end, or so they say
M ysterious, the reasoning behind God's plan...
I suppose, maybe, because if it all just lasts forever
L ike lives, loves, knowledge, spirituality and more
Y ou'd soon be bored, no taste of time, no value to life, then just was it all for?