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ABC Wife Poems | ABC Poems About Wife

These ABC Wife poems are examples of ABC poems about Wife. These are the best examples of ABC Wife poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Every marriage has its bumps in the road
And they can pop up at any time.
We must learn to navigate them safely 
With fairness, faith and open mind.

No matter how far in your marriage you’ve gone
The highway of love has its rules.
The excitement of sex, trust and affection
Never tolerates self-serving fools.

They say marriages are made in heaven,
But so are tornadoes, lighting and thunder.
Cold hearts and hot heads never solve anything
They just destroy what we love by blunder.

 Boredom, frustration, irritations and anger
 Douse the spark between you and your mate.
 More of the same fails to feed love’s flame
 Till you wake up to find it’s too late

Human touch sustains the release of endorphins
For both the giver and receiver.
Never be afraid to hug your partner.
For the language of touch is a reliever.

Always remember to support your spouse
When times of dilemma arise.
The fortress of love will sustain your marriage 
If you speak less and listen more, you’re wise.

By Tom Zart

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“Some other time, I’m not in the mood
Why cant we just cuddle and watch TV”?
When couples drift into the celibate zone
It’s not long till someone will flee.

Sexual fulfillment helps preserve love,
 Parenthood, marriage and self-esteem.
Those who maintain it avoid saying no
To be blessed by its pleasure and gleam.

While dating we tend to be more romantic
Putting forth the best of our charms.
Sharing dinners, long walks, and lustful weekends
As we spend more time in each others arms.

How many times have you said “not tonight”?
Exposing your happy home to harm.
Today’s crushing deadlines leave little time for love
Leaving partners with sorrow, sadness and alarm.

So share one another with red wine and time
Dial your own number and leave the phone off the hook.
Enjoy some romance, sex and laughter
Improving your mood and the way you look.

By Tom Zart


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For a moment i held your hand,
when it became empty, i walked in hands with the devil

Wishing for my very last breath for when i hold you next.
knowing i can die over wiled 

Time never moves without you.
Time moves to fast with with you.
Time does not excise when you say those three words.

for i fell too deep, tryying to deg my way out.
For my heart is made of glass.
and yours is entwine with my soul. 
for is this a dream for do not wish to wake.
For just like a dream everything is possible when your there.

for i do not feel this way for who you are, 
its for who i am when  im with you.

because once apron a time i fell in love. <3

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XY XX xfactors envision extracurricular xraydoms

Yearning yoyo yesterdays calculate clearcovert yeilds

Zen zealous zions mirror maginfy Zoneotones 

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Never Thought It Would Happen

We began so little and young, 
Life beat us bad and twisted our tongue.
You and I walked a pretty rough road I can say
When you stumbled I was always there to make you stay.

Stay and not give up, I didn't give up on you than, so I wont give up on you now, 
We danced our life so brutally and softly, but this time you didn't look my way and bounced. 
I thought we would go on like this forever, but I guess like people say, 
Nothing lasts forever.

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Oh, lord lovely lord
almighty father 
and help me 
be with me 
send the saints to me 
I give myself to the wild dogs
to devour it apart 
take the pain inside me
Oh, lord!
Lovely lord
I do not deserve to live
but yet I do not want to die.
Almighty father you are the might power 
saviour of the world 
and omega,
lord father
life sucks down here
take away my soul
show me 
the way 

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To my wife

She wore kindness, forgiveness and the romance crown, 
Loved her when she laughed, yelled, groan, cried or croon,  
Silliness, jokes, laughs, rivers of love, kisses above us flown, 
Young lovers we were, holding hands, with devotion upgrown. 
I was once lost in the darkness of life, and gave up the fight,
She hold my hands, "come" she said, to open field to sunlight,
"Let go" again she said, run, play, sing, spin and whirl in might,
I was luminary again, radiated like celestial fire on moonless night.
She is the one, who ignited the stars, and planted the roses, 
Decorated my life with her musical cords, and magical gnosis,
So special my darling, possesses the miracles and the stick of Moses,
Happy 27th anniversary my gorgeous wife, and with love I closes.

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Sometimes I Like To Pretend Things Never Came To A End

Sometimes I like to pretend, things never came to a end. But over time, our love became a crime. I didn't know what we had, would ever end so bad. But then I knew things weren't right, when we started to fight. Now I walk down memory lane all the time, the pain is worst then committing a crime. We only caused eachother pain, but we were eachothers maine. I thought things would be alright, but I cried alot that night. I don't want things to change, without you my life is strange. You said you wanted me so much it started to hurt that you couldn't wait, now im just another person you hate. When you said you didn't care, I knew the person I loved was no longer there. You aren't the same, the new you is lame. We both fell, now it's hell. You use to always be here for me, like family. But now your nowhere in sight, things aren't right. Empty is all that I can feel, I still can't believe this is real. I didn't mean to let you get away, I didn't know what to say. Am i with the right guy, or am i telling myself a lie. I was afraid to loose what we had, but to you that choice was bad.

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No compassion for killers

I killed my feelings...
For you.
I killed my dreams... 
For you.
I killed my hope...
For you.

You killed your time... 
For me.
You killed your beauty... 
For me.
You killed your future... 
For me.
We killed our love.
We killed our marriage.
We killed our family.

We are Killers.
But we are still alive and out from the prison!

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Cris K
Right man to be a husband 
I love him so deep 
So much 

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Never in a million years

Never in a million years would i have thought 
this to be,
my bestfriend, companion, and so special
to me.
if i wouldnt have opened my eyes,
she could have just passed by and walked right 
outta my life.
but in Gods weird since of loving humor way,
today he brought Brittany Back to stay,
a life from my past that i had lost,
never knowing what would be Gods cost.
Now i sit hear always waiting to see,
her simple smile brighten up for me.
The friendship, hugs, smiles and the tug at my heart,
now i know it was just the start.
I may not always be the best,
but yet she still chooses me above all the rest.
all i ask is please let this be I love you Brittany,
and God please bring her home to Me...

By:Devin Frost

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this way (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

You are clean
I still think you 
can be

this way

I met a man in a bar
I'm sure you won't understand
we talked of our lovers
we held hands

felt like we understood 
our unfufilled lives
then realized
we were just lonely

this way

You are mine
I still know you 
can be 


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Four Words

four words

Come closer let our hearts beat together,
Close your eyes and let us fade away forever,
Let our bodies lie close like hands when in pray,
let us stay like this, until our dying day,
let me whisper four words, let them echo together,
Those four words, i love you forever.

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Love, Your Lonely Trucker Wife

Another night alone
Because the road is all you know.
Carry my heart with you please
Do with it what you will.
Every moment that you are gone
Fear consumes my soul.
Giving me reason to feel this cold
How hard to live this lonesome life.
I've given you all of me
Just to watch your tired eyes
Kill my ounce of hope.
Living this life has grown so old
My mind understands 
Never will my heart.
Of all the things in the world
Pulling that load hurts me the most.
Questions flutter across the room 
Regrets unspoken and how they consume.
Struggling to survive day to day
Torn to nothing
Unaware and ashamed.
Vigorously searching for what is unknown
Warmth of your touch is all I long for.
Xanthic flesh from our years
Zealous no more from these tears.

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Inbred White Trash Cream of the Crop

You call the police on my son 
You pull a knife, he has a gun 
You call my wife a tramp, I call you a loser 
I drive an Escort, you drive a junked up Cruiser 
I ask my wife what's for dinner, she says slop 
We are inbred white trash cream of the crop 
We finally move in together and become one 
We do the horizontal bop until the morning sun 
We are now husband and wife, sister and brother 
Our kids won't know what to call us, maybe father and mother 
She is now pregnant with our child 
We are exhausted from our rituals and breeding style 
The neighbors say this is wrong that we should just adopt 
We must have our own or there will be no inbred white trash cream of the crop 
Now after 19 months, we have 2 
We steal from the goodwill box to get clothes for me and you 
We use electrical cords for belts and to discipline the children of ours 
We always encourage our kids to reach for the stars 
Their potential has yet to be achieved 
My wife says she has something up her sleeve 
We believe our kids will always be on top 
It helps to be inbred white trash cream of the crop 
Billy Sue is twelve and in the fourth grade 
Charlie does addition, he's got it made 
Our kids will bring us fortune and fame 
Too bad all kids ain't as talented as ours, what a shame 
Now our son hosts an AM radio program called the Swap Shop 
Our kids can feel privileged being inbred white trash cream of the crop 
The love between us is very strong 
We feel as inbreds, it's where we belong 
Our kids have impairments, which brings government  funds 
We keep our inbreds on the priority list they are still number one 
Now my daughter does unbelievable hip hop 
All other kids are jealous because they are not inbred white trash cream of the 

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Always be compassionate!
Demand equality.
For giving has its joy.
Kept lies may never offer partnerships!
Quickly, romance slips through useless void!
Who exits your zone?

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In Sky.....

Seems Too Much
I'd Rather Paint Red
For My Dawn
and My Emotional Sun......

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dear deepest lover

                                     Take my hand for it all i have to offer.
                                We will go on this adventure one day together
                                             Dear my sleeping beauty 
                           This is not the end for all this is a temporary good  bye.
                                      Close your eyes for i wish for life.
                                          For this is all you wanted. 
                                            Dear your truest lover 
    I know you can make her happy for she has not been sense you left that dark day.
                   Dear weeping heart dear soul that is stained by which you once held.
                              I will morn and grieve my weeping heart  will never heal.
                                         I loved you tell my dying day.
                  Because you touched my heart in such a special so i always pray.
                            Dear deepest lover dear my sweetish mother.
                                                         RIP  NAN

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Married But Still Alone

•	Doing what I thought I’d love doing with my life
Spending it with my lovely wife.
•	We sit watching TV in the place we call home
I’m happy to be married, but yet, why am I still alone?
•	I thought this union was for love and not lust
Just knowing it was partly because of the trust.
•              Slowly drifting away was that trust
And quickly thoughts entered, echoing; this marriage is a bust.
•	Sign after sign appeared before me
But they faded because, “She Married Me” was all I wanted to see.
•	Caught in what she considered to be just a small white lie
Was big enough to have me break out into a cry.
•	What’s really going on? I asked myself.
I had no answer, so I looked above for some help. 
•	Lord, we said our vows and danced to our wedding song.
How is it that we’re married, but yet, I’m still alone? 
•	We entered our suite; ooh, to make love to my wife was my anticipation.
But, low and behold, there was no consummation. 
•	Oh Lord, that was the very first sign, 
But my love for my wife had me foolishly blinded. 
•	Maybe she was tired and needed sleep, 
Oh how, I so wanted to weep.
•	So, for a couple of years and a few more months, I stood strong, 
But no more could I take being married, but still alone. 

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The bottle had become my friend and companion
When the sun rises I stroll to my favorite drinking salon
Leaving my wife and children in bed to quench my thirst 
And spend my monthly salary on my best hobby drinking
Till when i feel that I have bought all the patrons a drink

My children are better sitted at home
Than wasting money educating them
My boys are better at rearing my herd of goats and cows
While the girls can assist their mother in cooking and doing home chores
While I their father can drink and do my usual routine; drinking

I abscond from duty because I can’t miss to drink
My work mates remind me to resume work but that’s is none of my concern 
As long as I serve my precious master the “bottle”
If am not the one to leave last the drinking joint last am not faithful
So I make sure I leave last 

Now am sitted all alone at my veranda wasted
Having become a laughing stock by my village mates
I had turned into a greedy father and bread winner
I failed to provide for my family needs
I gave up on educating my children
My wife had to endure regular beatings and insults from me
All this I did under the influence of alcohol
Not knowing that my family was being ruined.

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A Feeling of Love- E.Oriedo

My love book wasn't written on,
Until that day I saw you,
And before I even made a step,
I felt like something was written on it.

A feeling of love,
A reason to live,

And when I started chasing you,
When I started thinking about you,
When I felt I should tell you,
What I felt became cristal clear to me,

A feeling of love,
A reason to live.

And today nothing has changed,
And today I still feel the same thing,
And I realise that this feeling,
A feeling that hacked the rest of my life,
And set every other thing to a pause,
This feeling that I never had before,
Was a true feeling of love,

A feeling of love,
A reason to live.

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Na trágica nudez das noites silenciosas a minha amada reza
eu nada espero por isso quero morrer não sei rezar.
Oh, minha amada! 
Bendita seja tu entre as mulheres ...
nos teus olhos tivera visto o fantasma da traição
que ignoro nas noites silenciosas.
Quando eu morrer orai por mim minha amada!
A hora chegou 
orai por mim 
não sei 
tenho um rumor de aleluia encontrando
nas minhas palavras o sofrimento
perseguido pela desgraça cheio de dores 
porque eu peguei portanto insistir
portanto amar-te
orai por mim minha virgem santa ... 
pela semente implantada no seu ventre humano.
Bendita seja a mãe que te gerou!
Eu já não sei rezar... 
orai por mim

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Farewell, my love
I mean goodbye
I am leaving
cause you want me gone

You chased me once
Today no more
You will come back
to find me gone

I was not rude
Just a lazy man
We made history
but today, I'm gone

I'll pay my bills
first thing tomorrow
Stress no more
I'm now gone

Farewell, I say
I mean goodbye
I am leaving
cause you want me gone

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Sarah's Smile

Sweet as honey from the hive
Warm as the hearth on cold winters night
Bright as the sun of a new day
Cheerful as the song of a bird in flight

Strong as the blade of a swordsman posed to strike
Steady as the north star at night
Soft as a kitten's coat
Beautiful as the northern light

Gentle as a babbling brook
Playful as a puppy at her best
Pure as the new fallen snow
Peaceful as a babe at mother's breast

It can comfort when your in pain
It can make you happy when you are gray
It can tell the tale of 1000 words
It can be the perfect end to a long stressful day

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life's insight

I had to be strong and not falter
Remember our wedding day?
You ran from the alter
Didn’t want to talk to anyone wanted to be alone
Remember our conversation on the cellphones?
You expressed your doubts
And began to shout
Recalling a fight from moths ago
When friends and us all went out

I embraced you with words
And foiled your concerns
We both couldn’t ignore
What our hearts yearned 

We shed our tear
And shared a cry
Look at us now 
We’re doing fine
2 years later a beautiful lady
Hugs, kissed, and endless smiles
Expecting our first baby

What a good mother
 You never scold
Lilly Ann we hoard like treasure
That’s our precious gold

We shed tears
And shared a cry
Look at us now
We are a family with our own house 
And we are doing fine

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Our Wedding Day

Though we have no expectations
we're committed to our love
as we stand upon life's altar
before the Lord above
Oh blend us Lord together
'neath the heavens and the sun
each heart unto the other
'til we become as one
And in thy mighty power Lord
set angels 'round about
to seal our love forever
and to keep the world without
Then across the mighty heavens write
for all the world to see
all you have placed within our hearts
a love that comes from thee

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The best parent in the world,
she's my mum at home,
the source of joy.

Mum is mum,
the best gift of all,
although she can act  wrong,
sometimes at home.

I have to trust her,
the lonely hero at home,
day and night.

The best hero i know,
she's only my mum,
the best  of all.

Mum is mum,
the best flower in the world!
To miss her at home,
you live a dull life.

I praise her alot,
the incomparable gift of all,
the source of  my hope,
my joy, my life.

She's joyful for us,
all the children at home,
father and others.

The best  parent is mum,
the best  judge of all,
except God ,
the creator of every thing.

I can't  familiarise her,
the sweet fruit in the world,
my mother, my angel.

The ingredients of love,
starts from her,
and goes arround the world.

Men and women,
the number one is mum,
you have to respect her,
the hero of the nine months.

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My heart
my wife
your wife is good

I really love her
your wife is good
I can't hate her
your wife is good


I call her sweet
your wife is good
I think about her
your wife is good

She behaves like a wise
your wife is good
She really love me
your wife is good


My joy
my  heart
your wife is good

My love
my sweet
your wife is good


My wife
my guard
your wife is good

My blood
my twin
your wife is good


I really love her
your wife is good
I can't  abuse her
your wife is good

She's really my heart
your wife is good
She's really my life
your wife is good


My wife
my queen
your wife is good

She really love me
your wife is good
my Angel, my joy
your wife is good


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The Truth

Whats this love for? Is it worth it this time?
Are you gonna break my heart? 
Are you truly gonna be mine? 
Guys will say anything behind those jail walls , but 
the sad thing is I wouldn't believe you even if you 
weren't in jail at all.
You've done some horrible things Bobby. 
You truly broke my heart.
When I lost you my whole damn world feel apart.
I'm not saying that to make you feel bad.
I'm saying that cause when I lost my whole world got sad.
I'm not perfect never have been but , I truly loved you 
and still remained your friend.
Now 7 years later the same words you once said.
I love you Megan , I need you so bad.
The sound of your voice is still the same and hidden in your words are lies.
Things are different this time. I'm not the same girl.
If you try to play games with me I promise I will get the highest score.
I won't fall for it this time I'm mean it I do.
I won't let another guy put me threw what you put me threw , not even you.
If you love me we can hold each other threw all this bad weather.
We can get threw it together , but if you hurt me its gonna be bad. 
Not trying to sound mean but my pride is all that I have. 
I promise to love you & be there till the end , and if *****gets to 
deep I promise to remain your friend. 
I hope you do the same , but I hope even more you mean what your saying.
Just be honest Bobby thats all I ask. If you do that I willing to let go of the past.
I wont bring it up no more , if you can show me there's a reason I fell in love with you.
I want to know there is love behind all this pain we've been threw.
If you can do that then the sun will truly shine , and the gas is greener on the other side.
Most of I will be your everything and you'll be mine.
I'll love and cherish you and when you do time I'll do time.
Like Bonnie & Clyde if you show me you love me , I'll ride or die. 
To the end of time , you could be the only man that's on my mind.
That's precious. Getting me to say some *****like that is a blessing.
I hope you learned your lesson. Your 34 I hope your ready to man up , and be all 
that you can be and more. You owe to it yourself but even more to your kids.
You need to show them their dad's not as bad as everyone says he is. 
I know together we can make it. If I didn't it would be heartbreak that I'm risking
So please hear my words their is more to life than trying to put yourself in the dirt.
Stand up and realize what your worth I want you to love yourself and remember I 
loved you first. 

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Trailer Park Body (

I could not afford a Bow Flex, costs too much 
I get diagrams to build my own from a man named Henry Clutch 
The instructions say if I build it right 
It will make me lean and my stomach tight 
The first step, according to the instructions, is to collect empty beer bottles and 
I go across the road to see Inez and Stan 
They open their closet and tell me to take what I need from empties in here 
I was kind of disappointed when none of them were from Busch Beer 
They ask me what are they for, I tell them they're for a hobby 
I smile as I see myself in 32 weeks with a trailer park body 
The next step is to collect some full sand bags, I know who to contact, the 
National Guard 
I know a female Sargeant there, he name is Louise, but her troops call her Black 
She has the looks of her dad Stew 
But she has a singing voice like Julie Andrews 
She hooks me up with three full sand bags, which is more than I need 
Step three I can't do, it would violate the trailer park creed 
I guess cheaper isn't always the way to go 
I bragged to my wife about the new me, but now I must eat crow 
I decided to use the stuff I collected to decorate the front yard, but my wife said it 
would look too gaudy 
I look around at the heroes here at the park and realize that after all I do have a 
trailer park body 
Now I am back to square one
This trailer park is rippin' and roarin' fun
That couch sitting out in front of lot nine
After it's dark it will be mine

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this is a love song

so cool  you
and you made me laugh
let me go to my places
brought me back

I remember the day that you loved me
I wasn't sure how to feel
I needed to know it was real

I hate to admit it
you really took care of me
I don't generally like that
but I really did, see?

And on the day that you loved me
I wasn't sure how to feel
I started hoping it was real

you were kind, my kind
a sexy, good person
and you're my husband

On that day that you loved me
I realized how to feel
I loved you too

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No one is immune to the pitfalls of stress 
Though some seem to avoid its toll.
The three qualities that set hardy people apart
Are love of challenge, commitment and control.

People who are happy tend to see challenge, or change
As an opportunity for growth not a threat.
Their commitment means involvement and engaging life
In marriage, children, the work place, the battle field or debt. 

Those who rate higher in their duties of commitment
Feel more meaning and purpose in what they achieve.
The third trait control, is essentially determination
To have triumphs in life by how we respond and  believe.

There are skills, habits, and traits to adopt and cultivate
Which help make the smart decisions we depend on for life.
It also helps to take time for prayer and self evaluation
To make sure we haven’t changed from the dilemmas of strife.

Optimism along with positive thinking come naturally
When our need to serve others we refuse to deny or ration.
Contentment takes hard work, grit, faith and spirituality 
Lots of love, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion.

By Tom Zart


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Have You Met My Merry

Have you met my Merry,
My lover with the big blue eyes,
With beauty and personality
As sunny as God’s open skies?

My Merry girl is one of a kind
For God won’t make another.
It’s just too easy to fall for her;
All the world wants to be her lover.

Year after year she stayed with me
In spite of reasons to run for cover.
She stood by me and shared her love;
God alone knows how much I love her.

Through 30 years in the Marine Corps
And five children to whom she is mother
Merry shared of herself and loved us all.
For all time we’ll stand and say, “I love her.”

With snow on the roof and less fire in the belly,
Whether feet in the dirt or at high angelic hover,
She was my partner throughout this life
And for all eternity I will always love her.

But time moves on and we must follow,
For God has His own plan, straight and true.
Yet down through the hallways of all time
Will yet come this whisper, “Merry, I love you.”

by E. Marshall Evans

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my husband

I know I can't live without you
I wouldn't want to
I mean this, so much
I am humble
I am in love you 
I am in LOVE  with you
nothing is in between us now
it's just you and me
and a cigarette
some dogs
some bills
so why are we not all over each other?
I've not forgotten you
have you forgotten me?
I'm gonna finish this poem
I'm gonna quit talkin and wantin 
and I'm 

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Fame, wealth, prestige, and wild women
For too long were my passions of life.
One day I found sweet liberation
When God gave my heart to my wife.

33 years we loved one another
Sharing all we possessed and more.
Last year she passed in the middle of night
Never to shadow our door.

I’m sure in rapture, she awaits
For me to arrive in heaven divine.
I’ll miss our children and grandkids too
But we’ll all reunite in time.

By Tom Zart

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So dear to my heart are my loved ones at home
As I toss and I turn in my bunk all alone.
Everyday I see death, hate, and corruption
Combat is God’s proof of man’s malfunction

For family, comrades, and myself I pray
To my love with this poem I wish to convey.
I knew I loved you though never how much
Till by war, I’m forced beyond your touch.

Where violence thrives, there’s the stench of death
With the taste of fear on every breath.
Who shall prevail, who shall die
As the sadistic kill beneath God’s sky.

Baghdad has become man’s highway to hell
Where the hearts of darkness are alive and well,
I count each day till it’s time to come home 
And be with my love and never alone.

Love You
Your Marine 

By Tom Zart

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Don't make me

I walk
I walk real fast
and you keep, keeping up
but I 
am not in your best interest
So why
do you keep huggin on me?
Cuz,  you got a bunch kids
a heavy debt
won't love down on you
I don't know or care 
what you think of me
but I am MARRIED
I am Happy
Don't make me be mean....

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Over any man who feels lost without love
God gives women divine powers.
They can break our hearts or deflate our ego
And cause us to buy diamonds and flowers.

They have compelled kings and presidents to beg
Wild singles to commit to change their way.
Loving us with pleasures problematic to replace
With flashbacks of their passion night and day.

Women mother our babies who we love till death
For us to raise, protect and provide for.
They contribute revenue, affection and direction
With love, companionship and more.

They insist we never abuse or disgrace them
Cheat, lie or take their love for granted.
Which helps us to become more than we are
In love and totally enchanted.

By Tom Zart

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You saved me and our boys
when you count the matchsticks
you might think you came out
on the side that don't flick

And so we fight

You love a slightly unbalanced wife 
you endure an unbalanced checkbook
you live a life that keeps you breathing
a life based on a chance you took

But you were right

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An angry woman opens her mouth
And shuts her mind to reason.
She who stays slow to anger
Is loved by more each season.

Anger snuffs the lamp of thought
And it's hard to stay serene.
Where anger rules hatred thrives
Then the world we love turns mean.

She who fans the coals of hate
Has no reason to complain.
If some hot sparks scorch her face
Her anguish is thus her pain.

Anger is a human madness
Which consumes the heart and mind.
She who rules her spirit with love
Shall be praised by all mankind.

Tom Zart

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Broken hearted and busted by the woman I trusted
When she fooled with the bachelor next door.
He’s tall, good looking and works out with weights
Living off income from family before.

She claims it is I who must shoulder the blame
For her ongoing need for a another.
I worked to much and played to little
Though she still loves me like a brother.

So here I dwell in my sportsman’s camper
Parked at a rest stop just outside of town.
She got the house, child support and alimony
Which will last till I’m dead in the ground.

What was I thinking of when I married her
I must have been blinded by lust.
Thank heaven I’m free of her wicked ways
To search for my angel of trust.

I pray for a women to love me again
Though I’m stripped of my worldly wealth.
Lost in the haze of tears and sorrow
As my sadness overwhelms my health.

They say all is fair in politics and love
So prepare for the unexpected.
There’s nothing worse than to give of yourself
To wake up and find you’re rejected.

By Tom Zart

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IM writing what I call a poem story.
IM writing this poem story,
for all the fathers just like me.
 Who wasnt giving a chance to be a daddy.
My first job was working on a golf course being a caddy.
Watching the fathers, and their sons playing golf.
Wishing one day I would be a daddy.
But that wasnt meant to be.
My dream was to get married and raise a family.
Be come a proud father and a daddy.

My first wife delivered to me.
A bundle of joy,a baby boy, we named bobby.
I was a proud father as I could be.
When I saw my son smile and look at me.

My first wife delivered to me three more children.
At last I had a family.
Needles did I know,I was a father.
 But never had a chance to become a true daddy.

I got us a little house,and a blessing from the LORD.
He gave me a good job at a motor company called FORD.
The more I worked to put food on the table.
The harder I worked,the more my wife and I drifted apart.
Finally one day she left us all alone with broken hearts.
I never really knew reason for leaving and her reason why.
She never even said GOODBYE.

Some time I look back to the past.
I asked the GOOD LORD,were we to young, and had a family to fast?
I tried to keep the family together,but it was hard on me.
So the CHILDREN DIVISION,step in and took the children from me.

My children didnt understand,they said I was to blame.
My oldest son,was so hurt he even changed his name.
From that moment on,I knew it wasnt meant to be.
Never again was I giving a chance to be a father or a true daddy.

GOD saw I was fit from above,
And he sent me down another ANGEL to love.
Her name is BARBARA,a mother not giving a chance to be a mommy.
 I am a father,that never giving a chance to be a daddy.
But together with our cats,GOLDIE,and CALI.
BARBARA and me love each other,and we are still a family.

Sometimes our lives,dont turn out what we want it to be.
Even though we never became a true mommy or true daddy.
BARBARA and me love each other,and we are still a true FAMILY.

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Like a school boy who turned red as the little girl batted her eyes,
   like puppy love at summer camp two weeks was like a life time,
       like a snow cone on a hot summer day... melting down the sides,
            38 yrs.old, time chiseled yet you bring out the sissy no one can find.
A smile as wide as a 9 yr.old on Christmas morning,
    a laugh as heart felt as a little baby or a child at three, 
          like the early bird eager to raise and to perch and sing, 
               after all you still love to see that sissy smile you bring me,
to buy roses not any ones the ones that I now will make you smile
           to sit and write you a poem of love and forever
                 to dress to impress you even for just awhile
                      no one would even think this of me... a sissy never 
no one knows no one can see,
    you make me fill like a young kid,
         to hold your soft hand is to be free,
             look can you see?heres that sissy I hid.
as life washes over me,
   as it rains problems we all have,
      by my side looking waiting to see,
           that sissy... and it makes you glad,
my heart is you,
   my world ... I see,
      in your eyes of blue, 
           that sissy you see in me,
my valentine,
   you are to me,
        my every thing, 
            love your sissy.



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My Wife Beater Shirt

I buy the Hanes three in a pack 
I have a house, not big, but not a shack 
I drink my juice sitting on the couch 
I have no ambition, I am referred to as the slouch 
I sit out front and drunk before the morning sun 
With My Wife Beater Shirt I Get Things Done 
My girl gets a welfare check every month on the first 
I have her brainwashed like Patty Hearst 
But then again, I have many hoes 
With my smooth charming ways, I keep them close 
I am the spider, they are the flies, what a web I've spun 
With My Wife Beater Shirt I Get Things Done 
Sweat causes me to change my shirt too soon 
Maybe I should switch to Friut of the Loom 
I just got a new ho with a love that stuns 
With My Wife Beater Shirt I Get Things Done 
The Marios come by to sell me some heat 
Stolen fresh from up the street 
Huge discounts on plasma tv's 
They say I can choose from several dvd's 
Now the cops have got me on the run 
With My Wife Beater Shirt I Get Things Done 
Now I'm sitting in the clink 
No hoes, no welfare, no juice to drink 
Now I wear orange and pick up highway trash 
Free meals, a bed, a roof over my head, there's no need for cash 
According to my coveralls, I am inmate number 101 
Without My Wife Beater Shirt, I No Longer Get Things Done

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My Wig (

We leave on vacation to see the Grand Canyon 
I ask my son when is the last time ha changed his socks, his feet smell like 
My wife laughs and says that isn't his feet, it's his breath 
I tell her no more equate toothpaste, we're switching to Crest 
My wife says in a panicky voice, I forgot my social life line 
I tell her to calm down, everything will be fine 
She says, turn around and head toward home with the speed of a Russian Mig 
We can't take this trip, I can't be without my wig 
One hour and two tickets later we finally arrive back home 
Now she has her wig in hand and her voice has a nice, calm tone 
She says what are we waiting for, let's be on our way 
It's only 9:30am, it's already been a long, long day 
Now we are back to the area where we had to turn around 
I remember that singles club called Lost and Found 
As evening settles in, we stop by an eatery called The Autumn Twig 
She says please bear with me as I put on my wig 
My son and I sit in the car quietly, as we are close to death from a lack of food 
My wife tells us let's enjoy our vacation, you two need to adjust your attitudes 
We sit in the car and watch as people come out of this greasy spoon diner 
I keep reading their slogan, If you're lookin' for rib stickin' food ain't none finer 
I keep having these visions of me at the table, eating so much, my wife and son 
call me a pig 
Finally she is done fixing her wig 
I watch in horror as the Diner's lights go off 
My dream is gone, no pig, no trough 
She says in disgust, that's just great, where can we get a bite to eat now 
I tell her about a barbecue joint five up the road called Four Sides of a Cow 
She says okay, but I could not belive what she just did 
She smiles and says I told you everything will be okay, as she removes her wig 
We arrive outside the place rated as some of the best barbecue around 
She throws her wig on the dash and laughs like a circus clown 
She says my hunger has taken over, I believe she's flipped her lid 
She says let's go on inside, these people don't know me, they have never seen 
me without my wig

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10 years +

The next time you decide
to lock me outta my house
you BETTER be ready to ride

Look, I don't want to be crass
but lock the door we both picked out?
and I'll be kickin some ass

Baby, I get it, I even understand 
your goin thru some kinda "crisis"

But the next time you lock that door?
Take a picture, it will be "priceless"

Do you REALLY think I'm messin around?
strangely, that makes me hot
Open that damn door
and make it more than a thought

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My Life

It is something sometimes I feel inside
I have tried over the years to hide
I thought at one time suicide was the right choice
As I swallowed the bottle of Tylenol I began to rejoice
I thought to myself no more loneliness, no more pain
At this point, I could not ride tall in the saddle like John  Wayne
I figured I would really not be missed at all
It was here I hit a brick wall
Now I would not abandon my wife or son
Depression did not defeat me, I've won
I can tell you so much more, if you want to know, please ask
My life is an open drink with plenty more from the Flask

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since you lef this morning

our love is over now
since you left this morning
we burned our bridges 
theres no goin back

i ask myself how
we both got this way
what came between us 
what took my life away

now im fallen
into darkness
and i feel im
just giving in

i dont know who i am
dont know where im goin
pack my bags
and leave today

as the world goes by 
as i look out my window
i see the world is burning 
in the wind

cos ive fallen
and my hearts in chains
bound and broken
on the floor

our love is over now

our love is over now

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our mouth

You tryin to work my mouth?
this mouth attached to my face?
It ain't your's baby
so it's gonna say, what it say

my mouth, it loves you

But don't you ever
be thinkin
just because
I been drinkin


I don't know where
my mouth has been
my mouth is your home

I think, and You Know
You got doubt
but honestly
when was the last time
you listened to my mouth?


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Trailer Romance

We're getting married and you say you wanna wear white 
I tell you, your chance of doing so ended last night 
I punch you in the arm and say now you can wear black and blue 
You kick me between the legs and say now you're hurting too 
I laugh and stand back up in a fighter's stance 
You say in a sexy voice, ain't nothin' like trailer romance 
Three hours before the ceremony, we each pop open a 24 oz Bull 
Then we puke in stereo as our ceremony comes to a close 
With beer cans clanging behind our Pacer 
I tell you I am with the FBI and they have attached a tracer 
People laugh as we request a spotlight square dance 
She says it will be alright, our honeymoon will have a lot of trailer romance 
One of wedding gifts is a gift card from Big Lots 
Now we can by a dish set, flatware and a couple of pots 
Kissin' cousins, now we are two 
My wife just had our first son, we named him Big Blue 
Next one she bears, girl or boy will be called Bubba, what a great name 
Marrying your kin folk should hold no shame 
Find out how good life can be 
When your cousin is your wife to be 
Go ahead, roll the dice, take a chance 
Now I am a firm supporter of trailer romance

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Not PG

Ok, this is not PG

I don't want to be illegal
but I want to break the rules

Love, I am tiring of being your best friend
I know this would upset you
but won't you please, PLEASE
upset me

If I pick a fight with you
will you have make up sex with me?

I fantasize about you
in every imaginal situation
lot's of violition
sinning beyond redemption
biting me cuz I'm itchin
nasty soliction
doin things badder than fiction

I am so bound up
wound up
wish you knew
how much
I want to just
to wake you

make the walls cry out again

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If I knew how to fly, I would show you the world and how I see it 
full of life, joy, harmony, and wonder for that is how you helped me find it,
If I could sing I would sing you a song that warmed you on the coldest day
you see from the time I raise till I fall asleep your tune lightens my day,
If I was rich and could give you any thing in the world
I would buy time to spend with you because thats all I want in the world,
If I was father time I would stop...
for every moment with you, any time by your side every thing stops...,
If I could give you any thing on this plant 
it would be the greenest of fields,the bluest of oceans and the sweetest plants,
If I could show you how I fill having you by my side 
you would see the world,
           hear my heart beat
                        see how you fill my day, 
                                          know what it is to have the world,
                                                   then stop.....
                                                             as I enjoy this planet
                                                                            to see how
like a plant 
this love has grown,
           and you would see why
                         I'm blessed to have you
                                  by my side.



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To you.

To you I give my heart and soul,
       Endless love and some one to hold,
To you I will say forever and always,
       By your side for all days.
To you and you only faithful I will be,
      To you only for you love me.
To you this poem from my heart,
      with prayers that we never part.
To you and for you I give it my all,
      The one who catches me when I fall.
To you my undying love,
      for it`s you who fits me like a glove.
To you words to remember,
     I will always love you tender.
To you I wish the best,
     To have you I`m truly blessed.
To my beautiful wife,
     This I write.  

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My Cerification

I've worked hard to have my franchise 
I am surrounded by bleach blondes with green eyes 
I was no homecoming king, I received no coronation 
Please take a stab at my certification 
I don't study the existence of life 
I am a working man, no time for a wife 
My certification is not a Biologist 
No study of the mind, I am not a Psychologist 
I've gone to the school of hard knocks 
My business covers many city blocks 
Every night is a celebration 
I have yet to tell you my certification 
I don't like Dinosaurs, I am not a Paeleontologist 
I can't put anyone in a trance, I am no Hypnotist 
My education is from up and down the streets 
I am not on doughnut patrol, I don't walk a beat 
I am definitely not into Claymation 
Are you still in suspense about my certification? 
I am no womanizer looking for a tryst 
You can scratch an actor off your list 
I am no Polar Bear coming out of hibernation 
Soon I will reveal my certification 
I am not into sports, I am no Analyst 
My work is tax free, I don't have to deal with the I.R.S 
I have no fruit baskets on a sofa, I am not a Psychiatrist 
I will now tell you, I am a Pimpologist 
Now that you know, keep in mind how much dough I make 
No cheap wine, no pot pies, just champagne, shrimp and steak 
Constant growth, all women are welcome to become part of an industry leader 
Most of my women come from men who are wife beaters 
I hook my women up with my patented 201k plan 
I am the CEO, I am the man 
5-2-9 can give you my specifications 
5-2-9 helped me achieve my certification

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What will be said.

The day will come when I will pass away and I wonder ....what will be said,
my journey in this world, this life time is some thing I would do again.
left behind will be memories, stories, and poems left to be read.
times of a love smitten husband to his wife and best friend.
Times my kids how they laughed and played in their parents bed,
memories of my struggles, my triumphs and the smiles along the way,
I wonder what will be said.
my kids will raise a glass and toast all that I use to say.
As my wife whips her tears for I told her I will always be near,
my daughter will say Romero's fear nothing while smiling and looking above,
my son will say family is the most important dad made that very clear.
my wife will say remember  all that he did, he did it with love.
She will tell them how all I wanted was for them to be happy in life,
that to every dark day there will be light, for every bad day there is a good find it,
how I wanted them to be like me and find true love like I found in my wife.
to always hold your head up, and never no matter what never quit.
When my time comes I hope they will all know the love I have for them,
that my life, my poems my strength they were my inspiration,
that I will always be their dad, her husband and most of all their friend.
that even in death there is no separation,
I could not have had a more beautiful wife or have found the love I found in her,
or could I have been blessed with the kids I feed,
My life with my wife and kids is a story book no one ever read that's for sure,
a day will come, but for now I live in this moment, cherish every smile, hold a little 
tighter and love endlessly for I can wait to hear what will be said    

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The love of my love

The love of my life is the man who made me his wife. We always fight but end up moving 
on with our busy lifes sometimes it seem to be ungrateful to me. I always think the simple 
little things in life is what kwwps us going. The love of my life dont see how hard i try to 
please and fullfill his needs. I 'am only a house wife witch means i dont get alife  i live for 
you and our kids.The love of my life dont know how many tears ive let go i miss you 
rubbing my hair for no reasonor telling me that you care. The love of my life, you and i 
made a vow togetther ill keep our family in order until they get older. The love of my life is 
my only friend in my eyes your the best man alive. thank you for making me your wife i just 
wish you could see how hard i really do to please you. i love you and ill never stop untill my 
heart quits beating . thank you for our life that we share your my love of my life.

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top 10

10. the way you look at me.
9. how you found that some body I wanted to be. you fill my heart with all your love.
7.when your around me I know some one heard me above.
6. the way you smile after all these years.
5. the way you found my heart and drowned my fears.
4.right are wrong you stand at my side. you still love to look in my eyes.
2. the passion I fill in your kiss.
and the number one in my top ten reasons why I found true love.
1. because about you I could write a forever list.

                                                               o                 m  
                                                            v         I       e      e  
                                                            e             I            v
                                                             t                        o
                                                               h                   l
                                                                  e             u
                                                                    w        o 
                                                                     a     y

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The Way I Feel About You

Girl let me take off your shoes and rub you feet and legs they so smooth,It's ok to 
cry I'll be gentile. I want it to be special, just let it go, let me how you how much I 
miss you. I know what you been through , I know I been a fool but you man is 
cool ,you my type I know what like.You want me to make love,afterwords 
hug&kisses you my misses, let me hold you around the waist and let de go 
down to have a taste and look you in your face,cause at nite I want to fite god take 
me home to my wife.When I with you I feel good I don't feel hood, I'm a gentil man 
let me hold your hand and love you the best way I can.You more then a friend you 
down to the end. When I first saw your eyes I been hypnotized , while in your mind 
you say I'm a dime. You my queen let me fulfill your fanasty and your dreams, 
relax close your eyes open your mind and let me know you feel inside. Tolste you 
can't hide it let the temperture rise, I know you in heat i'm your soul to keep. I let 
you know when I'm complete I love you to death to part, I have a special place for 
you in my heart, I'll be your bodygaered while I take you to heaven and stars keep 
eveything to yourself . Catch a breath slowly inhale and exhale until you holla 
damn, you is a hundred miles away in a zone just imagine we home alone with 
no lites on. We having romance crazy sex candles lit with soft music in the 
livingroom, let me know when you let it go soon then I tell you this is a blessing 
and a new lesson. To ease your stresses give you love and passion i can make 
it  everlasting, I will squeeze you , please you not tease you I'll make you feel free. 
Let me know if you feel me

For my wife Vanessa Woodberry I Love You Baby

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My love

I have worked all the rows with my back to the plow;
She has served me my dinner and encouraged me somehow.
I know that she loves me but why I can't see;
So I give what she asks for that's how it must be.
Life without love is a signing of death;
A world without woman is a world without breath.
I struggle to bend with the winds that might blow;
Like I've struggled to keep the love that I know.
I've won and I've lost and I've prayed to go on;
So that love will stay with me till I'm long dead and gone.

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Eyes of blue; : ) Valentine's.

   I've writen you notes, letters, and poems to say how much I love you and how 
much I care,
I bought you roses, flowers, cards even a few teddy bears,
   There have been ways and days that I showed you how much you mean to me 
and how deeply I am in love with you,
I've showed you in a kiss, you felt it in a touch, I see it in your eyes of blue.
   We felt it over the years, thought we lost it in fights we had when we cried in fear,
felt it when we were apart knowing all we wanted was the other one near.
  I love you is done in so many ways it's who I am, it's what makes me smile, it's 
all the little things you do,
   can you see how safe I am, what a proud husband I've become can you see 
how much you mean to me from your eyes of blue?
  If there ever was a saying in history that never really expressed how one felt 
about the other it would be I love you,
    you can say it, write it, sing it, as you try many different ways to show it, it never 
catches it's true meaning how it makes another fill they are no longer 1 but 2.
    If I could gather all the love songs, love poems, and love letters I still couldn't 
trully tell you how much for you, my heart grew,
   your smile, your kiss, your touch, the look in your eyes of blue,
   So on this Valentine's day I wrote these words for you, I love you is a word 
tossed around without people knowing it's true meaning,
    It's not I think I do, it's not teenage lust, and it's not puppy love it's two souls 
finding each other and learning love's filling,
   It's respect, honor, it's putting another before you,
I know love, I know for I found my love in your eyes of blue.