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Soldier ABC Poems | ABC Poems About Soldier

These Soldier ABC poems are examples of ABC poems about Soldier. These are the best examples of Soldier ABC poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Cry of A Successful Man

With love comes consequence
With hope comes failure
With triumph comes fear
With peace comes worry
With riches comes pain
With poverty comes envy

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The Letter S

I can use the letter s with so many s words, 
I am the seventh sign supreme soldier from the reservation suburbs, 
I fly like seagull in the open ocean sky supreme like an serpant eagle eating birds,
 I am so solid Im siked and sipped up from the sizzy sizzurp, 
I stagger until I swerve swiftly as snake in the souless society lost curbs, 
life so crooked it stained with soaked blood life around death curves, 
I cant believe so many lost soveriegn souls *****on they own siblings as the culture turns,
 I know I am sure of being sure of what I sought to learn, 
The brain with suicide can sometimes burn. 

Souless savage in society I be among little certain satans, lost in circles saying "7th Sign Empire Engraving"like my own still souls of savage culture on certain colors discriminating,
 But whats even worse is soul on souls hating, 
Society severed in broken circles still forsaken, 
Serpants searching society split in seven different groups of seven hundred seventy-two,
 Forsake my Se7en and I forsake thee seven times seven fold because truth be said Im souless to you,
 Se7enth Sign Supreme Solid Serene Soldier of of the sacred seven, 
I say I have always said society on my word S

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Like a beaten snake,
he looks very tough,
and he can't smile at all.
His food is a gun,
and killing for him,
it's like a play.
He never jokes at all
because anytime,
he believes not to survive.
When hears the bullets
his eyes turns to red,
and quickly he becomes alert.
When it's night,
he can't sleep at all
though he feels tired.
When the rain falls
his life becomes hard,
and when the sun rise
little can change.
He faces a hard time
because all the times,
he suffers like a slave.

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Street Soldier

My baseball cap is my helmet and my Nike's are my boots, 
My country is my hood and my colors on my flag are niether red white or blue, 
My weapon of choice is my two hands, 
sometimes it can be whatever when I am threatened with a great fall from my stand,
 I have no general or soldiers but I have family and above all I got heart. 
My battlegrounds remain in my own home and sometimes even in the local Wal-Mart.
 Every inch of my hood is up for friendly fire, 
Violence remains apart of life around here searching for peace is far from desire,
 Everyday remains but another day someone will die, 
but more importantly is that another mother, brother, sister or father will cry.
 But I am a street soldier so I am prepared for anothers or worse yet my own demise,
 And as a street soldier I must keep the battle in check, no not with what I see with my two eyes, but what war is really going on inside the mind,
 My battles dont come from without but from within......I am a street soldier fighting through time.....

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A letter to a soldier

A letter to a soldier.
Dear Solder:
   I saw you the other day. You had on a uniform so neat. With shinny buttons 
and shoe.
I like the way you carried the flag. Nice tall For all to see.
My dad says, You fight for our freedom and for me to be able to write this letter.
My dad says freedom doesn't come cheap. And many of your friends.Have gave 
their lives? 
He told me about the American wars and how the first war was for our freedom 
and rights.
He told me how a man tried to kill us all and take our country. How the soldiers 
stop them all.
We solder,. 't time for me to go to bed . But I'll say a prayer for you tonight.
Thanking you for my freedom and my life.
                Thankyou American solder,             

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Who am I

Who Am I ?
I am many. I come from the rich and the poorest of families.
I sleep in mud ,the rain and snow. I eat when I can and where I can.
I only carry a rifle to protect those I am asked to. I ask nothing in return.
I do so because I am proud to love  my country. For what it stands for.
I am an American solder and I will die for you.

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Daddy are you

Daddy are you
Daddy are you a soldier?
Are you one of them, that marches down the main street?
Do you care a gun to shoot?
Will you go away to war? 
Will it be too far?
I want to know if you will come home a hero. 
Daddy are you one to me!