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ABC Introspection Poems | ABC Poems About Introspection

These ABC Introspection poems are examples of ABC poems about Introspection. These are the best examples of ABC Introspection poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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New Year

Years past unfold
Seems just yesterdays 
Tomorrow will be New Year
Streams of thoughts never change.

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Visit to the Creek

All alone
By the side of the
Dreaming and
Feeling the
Gusts of wind
Interfered with my
Joyful repose
Notes to myself
On a
Parchment, inked by my
Quill pen
Smiling as Sundown
Takes light from the sky
Until darkness blankets the creek
Very slowly a storm approaches
Waiting until St. Francis
Xavier sends a 
Young owl to guide me home where
ZZZs of sleep fill the night

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My Being

Clumsy days and hazy nights

Haunting and bring me tears

I should stop perturbing

Whilst my heart still whipping

Wrath of nature is just reflection

Of my fragments that created imprints

Within my being that stands steadfast 

Even in the darkest days of my existence.

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Epicurus Apiculus (Conversation with Aristippus)

You must follow 
Follow whom?
One who knows!
Knows what?
The chief end of life! 
Where does it lie?
In the now!
In what does it lie? 
In pleasure! 
That, may be a lie?

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A Thin Line

I love you; I hate you
Jealousy is not the cause
Killing you wouldn’t justify
Lustfully breaking the laws

The third line is not an option

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Imitating the waves,
I try to end the attachment
touching the shores, 
then moving away. 
Search for eternity erases 
the designs. Birth 
and death cling together. 
I let go the passion, 
the deviation of fear. 
There cannot be two lives.

When the illusion meets 
the pain, truth laughs,
I forego my future, 
tear the past and burn the present.
Failed life hangs on
the silence of sorrow. 
Names don’t hold any charm
they come & go. Days 
drop like long coats
I search the night.

The desperate seeking 
will not end the journey
It is there in the dark hole of the heart. 
A pitless gloom.
I am afraid to be revealed.
Art of life is scissored,
Anniversary of flirtation
with death forgotten. We celebrate.


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Within the darkness
There is a glittering light
Its radiant shine passes
Through anyone's mind
It shall create realization
And enlightenment
That ripples in space
Everyone has spark of light
But the sparks of all 
Are brighter than one?

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Glimpses of epiphany

Glimpses of epiphany

Once, a long, long time ago
I was filled with cares and woe
I thought that I was going to die
And the fear of it, it made me cry
As life became a misery
Self-pity came enfolding me.

And then one day amidst the trees
Something did take on over me
The trees lit up like Christmas lights
Glistened silver, sparkling bright
And I fell beneath the mystery
My heart all filled with untold glee

A whisper seemed to fill my soul
The world seemed pure, and sweet, and whole
And I knew, I had no doubt at all
That everything is wonderful
And since that day a peace has been
Making my world so serene

20 July 2013 @ 1725hrs.

For the Glimpses of epiphany epiphany contest

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what is beauty

I often ponder as I lay awake and let my mind wonder, what beauty realy is.
If it is truly only in the eye of the beholder? am I then blind when I hold her? 
Embrace her and see infinate possibilities like trillion probabilities of us creating
Our own galaxies with the simple serinty of jst the sound of her voice.

If beauty does exists then surely it must be more than visual, like a complex 
Machanical sphere that governs all that is tangible. What manner of beauty then 
Lies in the air above us or ground below us or is it limited only to our comprehension?
If so then beauty must be all that I can see, for that is where my understanding reigns.
Oh but if it truly so then beauty is in no order and far too complex to define. Because
What is beauty to me is imperfection to u.

With that reasoning we find that beauty is unique to each man according to his own predetermined 
Desires and createria of what he considers beauty so long before he saw u, he knew u were beautiful
Because u were exatctly what he considered beauty to be anything less is mare imperfection. How 
Shallow we think and allow our eyes to percieve the world. I wonder is that why we are perhaps so quick to justify failure than to correct our errors? 

But this I knw without a shed of a doubt...for if the is beauty in light then surely darkness must glow in its own light too.
Even moreso the surely must be beauty in sorrow as the is in laughter.
But what I seek most is the understanding and appreciation in knowing that as the is beauty in life so is the in death and with this I silently conclude that the greatest beauty of all is the celebration of life and not the moaning of what is lost or left behind

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----------------------- Zenith's Blizzard------------------------

Alignments Boldly Cultivating Dimensional Effervescence, Familiar Grey Highlights, Illuminating Joyful Kingdom, Luxurious Mecca, Nimbus Orbs Penetrating Quixotic, Revealing Snowflakes Tranquil, Universal Vantage, Winter Xanadu, Yielding  Zenith  

~~~Entry for Yasmin Khan
~~~~Contest Name: SNOW
~~~~~~ABC Form  (nature)

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missing someone

When you miss someone so much all you think a bout is that person :-(

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blank page (by kimmy holmes my daughter)

see this blank
not me

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the beast and me

There's fire in my lungs.
smoke flows through my veins.
I feed the beast my soul
to gain euphoric pain.
I serve he who lives in me.
The monster in my mind.
The creature so abusive,
at times can be so kind.
In my mental hell,
I sit beside his throne.
I tend to his desire,
so I don't have to be alone.
Here He is my god.
And I, in turn, am his.
A symbiotic worship,
sealed within a kiss.
Sulfuric fumes consume us,
as we dance into the ether.
The hands of god are ours.
Hes made me a believer.
My halo, so very worn.
His horns, so alluring.
Hand in hand we walk,
love and hate enduring.
His guidance lifts me higher
than any drug could try.
His chains hold me down.
bound wings can not fly.
Walking straight and tall,
crawling on my floor.
I am his moonlit goddess.
And his filthy whore.
I wont break his binds.
I wish not, to be free.
I can never escape him,
for this beast is me.

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AlphaBet Constructs 3 2 1

Alphabet Constructs 3 2 1

Annotated Achilles amends fallen frame amputees

Bulimec Barbies browse media monkey banalaties

Cameo clouds cling to beaded breath curios

Dopamine dreams dilenate check cash desires

Echo endorfins eulogize bullet brain excrement

Fecal folly fantasies reveal relevant frivoloties

Gonadial grownups gulp secret scrotal generosities

Helical hemorriods hinder senior stricken hemocraps

Idiotic ideals idioiosyncrate post partem iconoclasts

Jack Jill juxtapositories seek sexestential jouveniers

Kryptic killer kisses ascot arrogant kingdumbs

Liquid lipid loiners fear frontline lucklullibies

Malovent mommies masterbate rich reflective mommocules

Nevertheless nightengales nourich ruby rich noonbeams

Ovulatory occults outsource torrent tofu outrages

Pensive picses picnics lovelorny passions 

Queer quiet quintensials release rancid quotients

Rape ripe residuals nullify nimble reprocussions

Silky seafoam silohouttes fornicate frothy sandlets

Tepid torch trilogies belie beligerent tourniquets

Useless utterences utilize organize orgasmic utopias

Venimous vixens violate visions

White willow wombs softly seed hospice hell winds

XY XX xfactors envision extracurricular xraydoms

Yearning yoyo yesterdays calculate clearcovert yeilds

Zen zealous zions mirror maginfy Zoneotones 

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my son (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

You're too much for me
Your smile, attitude
It's too beautiful
My sweet child
I am so glad
you are better than me
I miss you when you are away

being better than me 
or your father

I know you are a visionary
you are a professor
you will somehow
make it sing

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A new face to trace
Covet then embrace
Beloved thy trance
Diminishing glance

Flirtatious on air
Erroneous flair
Gelid, weary streak
Innovations weak

Heroic on flight
Justly proving right
Losing glossy tone
Keenly you dethrone

Mustering the nerve
Obey and observe
Novelty invades
Promises betrayed

Romantically loose 
Questions the abuse
Shine and gloss aloof
Unwoven with proof

Tarnished we believe
Vanished we deceive
Xerox of our life
Wasted upon strife


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Poetic Literature of Me

A bout to speak something you never heard before
B reaking down all barriers and kicking in doors
C aptivating ones interest and mind
D elicately marking my place in time
E mmortal Essence that’s the name
F ifteen years strong in this game
G iving you what you need
H onestly speaking my mind so intrigued
I nvesting time in the ink I spill
J ury needed for conviction because this piece I just killed
K eeping the world on their toes
L oving every moment of this and enjoying the foes
M aking the best of this blessing that he gave to me
N ever forgetting the past for it has made me
O utspoken
P rovoking
Q uestioning
R esting
S pirit that leaves your mind at ease
T esting everything just to make sure it still bleeds
U nder reconstruction to build a great empire
V iciously attacking anything I don’t desire
W elcome to my world take your shoes off and stay for a while
X ylophone because I have a musically inclined style
Y ours truly never will i give up until I’m done
Z enith because I will forever be one

Copyright©2010 Henry Pendergrass

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Nothing Really Matters

when rob stepped out of the courthouse,with charges for posession
he thought "it could be worse,it could have been for weapons"
and then he thought..."nothing really matters anyway"
when liz stepped of of the rehab,with a new outlook on life
she felt all those same feelings of hurt, pain, and strife
and then she thought "nothing really matters anyway"
when luke picked up his young son from daycare,and knew he had an hour
he thought back to the time he WOULD have stopped to grab his now EX-wife some flowers
and then he thought "nothing really matters anyway"
when lisa lifted up her body with nothing but her arms,and looked down at her legs
she wondered why the heck they were even THERE anyway..what for?
and then she thought "nothing really matters anyway"
all four people that same night,all in their own homes
picked up a remote,turned on the news and watched it come to blows
one man had done 25 years in jail,for something he had not really done
one woman lost the battle to addiction,one she thought she'd already won
one boy got hit by a car on his bike,he just only 5 his parents,divorced
one man lost his arms and legs while over fighting the war
four different people,four different lives,four different struggles,all about to cry
four different souls,four different heart,four different minds,all to have a fresh start
why does it take a reality check to pull us into gear?
why is it that reality sometimes must be our greatest fear?
the next time you think you're the only one who hurts and has plight
the next time you feel you're all alone,the only one who cries at night
try and remember,try not to forget,that you are never alone
whether you're telling your mom and dad your gay to the face or over the phone
whether your wife divorced you,your husband's a dog,or your kids have NO respect
you are human,deserve more,and you're not alone,cause' there is someone right next....
to you!!! nothing really matters. until you realize...nothing really matters.

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Sod is in the T.V.

Their trying to tell you something,
It’s being shown on the screen,
It’s being told in music, ding ding,
But you were indoctrinated by thirteen.

Mtv shows you Masonic ritual,
Flashing symbols in your third eye,
Leave you in crisis, needing spiritual hospital,
You’ve had an overdose of an intoxicating lie!

It’s time to break the spell, turn off the T.V.
With all its degrading, intoxicated role models,
How anyone finds this acceptable for children, spent on me,
Maybe this is why society is fuelled by self gratifying morals.

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Inquisition poetry 101

I stopped to stool siphon sip on a cool blue 
circumstance in the means between the in 
times loath listening to complacent
poetic prostitutional practices of stir my friends 
ego echoes doing the same f. u. c. k. e. d.
favor dance for me when I ego envy enter 
exist your contra content littered with
manic moronic mentaloronic maladies
of entrance entrocities. Lining words
pentamhextamater, rich rhyme, cleaveage crotch
clearance, colic c.u.n. t. coffiure
frantic fascist frames, abounding with 
wok out at me sillo sounds
composite of cruel crisp compound
cumulo capsules of I, me, mine
mousy miniscules in drop dreamy
lovelorn lostlust learned
limitations lauded longevity living
linguistic liquidlovelorn light
leaking lanterns, which bequeath 
*****in broth biscuited breveties
lucid laminated with word wornwaste 
catagorical crass. Leave wailwall  
enough alone when yr tackless 
trash talent is way less than spittle,
your poor prowess less than dodah duh, Po e tree?
So, my wordful children of BS, when writing yr so called pitypoetry,
devoid of dream dance diminutives coinciding correctly with wrenching wraps
of prostitutional ponder relentelessingly revealing a rapture 
of vast vile emoelements of comprosotory 
composites of fecalfroughtfrightfolly of fantasies in 
poet emeritus of urineyourns  a 3 way stretch non nobel poetlorietsupreme
goodfistingluckwiththatcrap;therefore u either play the game or 
risk reside in the zombie aperature camera obsecura word death orbit; therefore 

Assimilitate before u ass umulate, 
Build before u bridge buldge
Concentrate before u cumulo capsulate
Decide before u dildo dick tate
Engulf before u evo enevelop
Fragment before u fracture fantasize
Grasp before u geno germinate
Hallucinate before u hasty hippocrate
Initialize before u initiate
Jackulate before u Jillulasm
Literate before u laud luminate
Mentor before u mirror menstruate
Nurtuate before u neuro negate
Obliviate before u oogle obligate
Postulate before u priest present
Question before u quotionent quest
Recreate before u radical resonnate
Saturate before u semen sacrlidge
Tintalate before u trick translate
Utilize before u usurp ugly 
Victory before u vile vanquish
Want before u willful waste
X-turn right @ W follow the X signs
Yuletides before u yell yeildtides
Zeusotide before u zonk zerozilchotones. 

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me (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

You know what?
i am here so unclearlry
i love you so fiercely
that's all that I know

i'll get in trouble
loven you, you loven me
I am unashambled naked
You'll take me, won't you?

like this

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When you shut your ears 
to the hollowness around you
it’s only in the interminable sphere
of ceaseless oblivion
that you find yourself, losing the
‘Self’ to a higher unusualness; 

This unusualness has no purpose
no meaning, it’s a mere nothing,
but perhaps everything that the
world needs to achieve, to rise 
beyond the regular, learn things
that need to be left, abandoned 
with time, realizing the truth 
that there is, if there is any, within

This realm, how does one reach?
possibly only when all the noises  
around us become white,
absolute and blank; nothing
to question, nothing to complain, all
answers lying within that space, a void
which is there in every conscious but
concealed and dismissed by the urges
of those mistaken desires.
In my heart I know, in my brain
I only seek to know, but what is 
actually there to know, 
i do not know.
it is perhaps this white noise
that only needs to be known and nothing else.


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Kims color (my daughter, kim holmes)

Kim please stop
please feel your heart beating
Look at the bleeding
under your skin
look at the lack
of your water
look at the thing about your waist
look at your lack of color
kim, look at your waste

by kimmy holmes

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Dear Lord (by kimmy holmes my daughter)

Dear Lord 
please receive me
i've been stumblin around
deceivin me
i wan't heaven now
how do I get that?
do I stop eatin meat
stop being me
How do I get to Heaven?
I NEEDS my mama
I need my Sons
I'm lyin
before everyones eyes

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Zephyr Wind

Around me all my eyes can see
Beyond the ruins of tomorrow
confused and lonely people plea
Drowning in a sea of sorrow.

Every head is lifted high
Facing towards eclectic suns
Grasping at the shallow sigh
Hiding with the lonely ones.

Inside the martial law begins
Judges have no self respect
Killed her with the empty tins
Liberty swore to protect.

More laws are made for terrorists
No one even says a word
Overtly fearful catalysts
Promised danger is inferred.

Questioning is not allowed
Remember that you patriot
Stay the course follow the crowd
Thankful for the things you got.

Under all the false pretenses
Valued in some greedy hands
Washington still shocks my senses
Xenophobes, their heads in sands.
Yesterday the breeze blew free-
Zephyr wind, come back for me.

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do I? (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

you are
so in love
in love 
with me

i wonder
do  you know
i'm not the same
no not

look at what
you done 
you done did to me
made me too happy

i'm so happy 
i cain't do the same
i feel bad
make everyone mad

but i can't
I won't 
cuz I don't have to
do I?

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To maintain a life
Above all the strife
Pain and sorrow
Is to choose
A sight so sharp
It sees through the dark
And sees even in the light
Things that defy human sight
Things impossible
Things unprecedented
Things invisible
The ability to look
To see beyond the present circumstances
To hold on to that faint candle light
In the midst of the pitch black darkness of the night
The will to cling to life
When death is but a pinch away
The strength to see the sun shine so bright
Through a sandstorm in the Sahara
Through the snowstorms in the north pole
Through the cloudy rainstorms of the amazon
The ability to see white
When everyone sees black
The will to see beauty
Where everyone sees  the ugly
To see the highest mountain peaks
As mole-hills about to be trampled
To believe in particles
Faster  than  light
To believe men can touch
The surface of the sun
And walk to the ends of milky-way
With the stars as our footstones
The ability to hope for better things
And to dream of better days
In the midst of bitter months
Can’t you see the impossible
It’s laughing you to scorn
Telling you I’M POSSIBLE….

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  As before, came dominant edicts, fracturing great hopes into just kindred like memories,

  No one possessed quiet recollection simply to usurp verbally, whenever Xenophobes yielded 


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Sociopath in the Forest

Amongst the mysterious and gloomy forest
Begets a creature so cruel and ferocious
Consciously aware of its own destructive behavior
Deceptive in nature; unforgiving at heart
Enchanting the woodlands like a corrupted hermit
Fantasy twisted; reality tainted
Gremlins, Ghouls, and Goblins lurking from afar
Haplessly awaiting for the beast to collapse
Imminent death for ones with black hearts
Justifying their existence based on ego and pride
Killing themselves, not just others
Laughing along the way to an eternal plane of misery

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Angry Words

Anger is an explosive expression
Belligerence is not an excuse
Careless thoughts of idiom 
Does not reason words of abuse

Why use it as a crutch?

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Taking chances

Time it passes without any warning
I remember when I had a lot of hair
In a flash the hair is all gone
It isn’t much any more
It’s all grey now
Time hmm it flies just like that
People leave lives that is not there’s
There is a voice behind
Other times is a voice and a hand behind
Sadly it doesn’t belong to them
They never have the guts to live out their lives
Time oh time you cannot pause it neither can you live two lives
Again you are all grey before you know it
I used to wonder what people will say
What they will think
I also used to think who likes me and who doesn’t
But forty years has passed and I look around and discover nobody gives a shit
Your destiny is like a personal horse
Ride it to destination
Conquer fear and you will discover hidden strengths and talents
What else can I say?
Falling in love is personal but don’t give your heart to a fool
I also threw away time falling in love stupidly
But I gained wisdom and I value self more
The door of my life now has heart breaking detectors
It can even detect fake manipulative people who have no business around me
I just graduated from school of wisdom
A school of patience
They say time heals all wounds
But leaves behind fresh scars as fresh as the original wound
Live your life; make your own personal choices 
Even Gods leading expects you the recipient of the blessing to take action
Leading of God is action not inertia
No invention can pause time at least for now it’s an impossibility
Waste no more time
Pursue your dreams, live out your dreams
Open the window of courage and throw away fear
Open the door of hope and send hopelessness packing
Your dreams will not come to you go and grab it
Conquer your inhibitions set yourself free
Free from life controllers and manipulators
From people that use people
It’s a fallacy to think everybody loves you
Life is a mixture of haters and lovers
Builders and destroyers
Light and darkness 
Choose your side of the divide
Decide decide decide
Time is passing
Indecision is same as time wasted
There is nothing as sweet as living out your dream life
What are you doing where you are not celebrated?
What are you doing with people who don’t like you?
It’s never too late to start all over
Never too late to start living your life
But don’t wait till the end
To be alive is a great thing
But to live your life is greater
Much better when you don’t follow the crowd
For only the outstanding stand out

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random thoughts

If i were rich, would i be as giving as i am now
does it matter that i hate everybody im around
is life really worth living if youre not in control
do you really want to be dependent and old
ive been confused about who i want to be
but i know who i am and what i used to see
if i was poor would i blame God or bush
one door, one chance, would you pull or push.........

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Young Black Man

The everyday struggle of a young black man
Just the thought of being broke
Trying to get him to understand
If you don't work You don't eat
But these young black men in today's generation
have their own understandin about this dog eat dog world
And what it's like to survive in the streets

On the block with the nicks and the dimes
Like a 9 to 5
Saying they just trying to make ends meet
But when those ends don't meet
Than their mindset change 
And turn to plan B
Now they scoping out the next man neighborhood
Than head back to the house just to plot a B&E
Hoping they don't get caught

But when they get caught
They sit alone in a cell
Looking at their reflection
as If they were looking at their own worst enemy
But nobody din't get you there but yourself
Young Black Man
You have to ask if need a little help
Young Black Man
Now you having dreams 
Anticipating your freedom in that outside land

But when you get outside
You head back to the block to the trap house
To grab your fie and a pound 
And head back out on the block
Talking bout you putting in overtime
Young Black Man

So it's no more 9 to 5
Now it's sunrise to sunrise
but when will you look over your life 
And finally realize you could have did something better
Now you have a child on the way
Do you think they care if you work at mc D's , BK
Or sold water off the side of the palmetto
Just to get a buck
Young Black Man

You can be an entrepreneauer
Set forth and learn something new bruh
Instead of being subjected to the streets
And next thing we know we lose ya
Now you got your family and friends
Heading to the Flea
To get that R.I.P. placed upon theor black Tee
Forced to think about the old days and loved memories
Cause you see

"Back in the days 
I was young and afraid
Like I was lost in a maze 
A creature trapped in a cage
And I just wanna be free

So Its time we make a change...

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Peace Please

Quarreling can
Result in
Harmony doesn't end in verbal slaps.

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It started out simple, I never thought it through. The start of an addiction so exciting and new.  I could have never for seen how far it would go. If I would have thought it trough I would have been strong and said “NO”.   It started out simple, It was my favorite thing.  I never for seen the heartbreak it would bring. It started out simple, yet so intense, so strong.  I could have never for seen the addiction would hold me for so long. It’s not so simple when the best parts of you break away, day by day. It’s not so simple when your favorite thing is something you hate.  How could I for see what would become my fate?  It’s not so simple when you’re trying to keep from getting sick but with every prick you get more sick; sick of yourself and this nasty habit you keep. I never knew it would go this deep.  It started out simple, it ended so complex. How could I have for seen my life would become this unmanageable mess. Down low in the gutter, ashamed, and depressed. How could I have for seen id be under arrest, for this habit I love, it’s this habit I hate.  It started out simple, it started out great. How could I have for seen id become a felon and in prison id wait?  It’s not so simple, I guess it never really was… time I’ll makes it simple, next time I’ll say no to these drugs!

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no swimming

These waters are off limits
no one will know
I dip my feet in 
move forward very slow
now I'm all wet
drowning in confusion
I fight and I fight
I feel I am loosing
I know I shouldnt have gone for this swim
and even though im drowning
I'd do it all over again

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Anthologies of language form, the core of man’s suppositions,
Breathing life into the Word with grace and contrition.
Counting, countless citizens mass to pray their propositions
Doubtless to postpone the day of their forewarned superstitions.
In the Beginning there was the Word and the Word was …

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all she wrote

no im not that girl
im not like the rest of the world
i have brown hair, not blonde
can't erase my big bum with a magic wand
i wish i could,believe YOU me
anything but this is what i wanna be
now is this a way for a person to feel?
like you'd do anything even skip 4 days of meals
i wish i could make it so no girl in the world
would never have to feel like she is just a girl
i wish we could all love ourselves
im not perfect
beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say
and i believe thats truth
it doesnt matter anyway
i should be happy with my youth
when did someone decide that in order to be beautiful,we must all be the same?
we must be thinner,thinner,thinner
we must be winners,winners,winners
my chests not that small,my bums a little big 
and im brown haired not blonde i dont happen to think that makes me a pig
you wanna talk about a pathetic existence??
some blonde hair dye and a finger down your throat
that's all she wrote

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Introspected ABCs

a burdened charity dost entail
faux generosity habitually inhaled

jaunts, keepsakes left macerated
nothing omitted, personally quantitated

reason sifted through ubiquitously
vehement will yearned zealously

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I just wish Africa

another nite
no one gets on me
I'm lucky

I don't know how to call
I'm gettin tired of myself

I wish, I really wish
I had the stamina
to be me

I want to NOT
why can I not?

I want to go
and just go


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Respect Your Elders

Here today; gone tomorrow
In a blink of an eye there could be great sorrow
Jesting no more, just past memories
Kindnesses give always, even if you disagree

Embrace them as if there’s no tomorrow 

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Fading Innocence

So difficult to see, as it can be forcefully stripped away.
Among the faces of many, but disappears day by day.
Ripped from ones life, once a beautiful memory.
When thrown out of sight, plays a sinful melody.
Hiding among the tears, of victims of constant sins.
Once protection from our fears, now an entity of the wind.
Innocence nows rests, in pools of eternal pain.
The desirable outcome at best, is remaining somewhat sane.
Can you look into her eyes, and see if innocence there?
Or is it fading out of sight, as pain draws her closer to despair?

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Bipolar From A to Z

Angered by the smallest things
Bipolar disorder is my king
Conveying thoughts, hard to do
Distratctions overwhelm; I'm subdued
Energy level at an all time low
Frustration beyond reason is my foe
Going places; standing idle fast
Hanging onto, "normal" visions of past
Imminent danger, doesn't seem real
Justifying my reasons; unable to feel
Kidnapped my soul, without a fee
Learning to cope and trust only me
Manic depression, or so they say
Negotiating terms of a mindset betray
Oppressed memories, trailing behind
Paralyzing thoughts, not hard to find
Quaintly waiting for me to confess
Raging temper at its very best
Selective my hearing, taking my soul
Tearful manipulation is my goal
Unconventional ideals; lies I must bare
Venomously I have waited, for my share
Wishfully longing for your return
X-rays show a mental psychosis learned
Yesterday's genious, today's broken plea
Zanily awaiting for my turn to be FREE

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love inception

my true love will be the insidious inception that penetrates every cornerstone of the 
thoughts of my placebo to the mercy of the one who infiltrates my soul.

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Gone for Awhile

He's been gone for awhile, you can tell by his tracks If he sticks to that path, there will be no turning back Plunged into this journey without checking the maps A little further each time he drains this rig of it's gas Faster-n-faster once you pass the speed bumps Every missed opportunity, evident by the lumps The machine breaking down with the more fuel that it pumps Why stay grounded when you can soar with the jumps Life is a journey, there's no destination Rushing to get nowhere, and still we keep racing Life through this metal tunnel, steady just wasting Never seem to run out of fuel, lower gas prices were chasing I packed this vehicle with all the *****I swapped for my hope I gladly tear a new hole right after I tie off this rope I plundge away all my pain, so with life I can cope It's a runaway rig pack plum full of this dope

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The Past Is Ash

The past is ash, you gotta rise like the phoenix, don’t like it call your mama and ask for a Kleenex. The time is long past due to stop thinkin’ and start doin’, start rootin’ for the man inside and stop all the internal booin’. You sound like everybody else with a story, braggin’ about past glory. What about today? Tomorrow will be today again, are you gonna be your worst enemy or be your best friend? Nobody believes you, you don’t even believe yourself, you need to take that bull*****and put in on the shelf. You can only judge and fix yourself, work on that person, no one else. You need to man up and fill your cup with the nectar that life has to offer. You want to win and be stronger, not lose and be softer. You want the fruit of your labor, to love yourself and your neighbor, to love the fan and the hater, to love what you got cuz you got it and you took it and made it cuz there was no tomorrow or later, only back then, back when, back in the day suffering every which way with your back against the wall that you made with your sorrow and your rage. Do what you do and stop being blue, you need a new blueprint printed out and co-signed by the future you, your future self, the architect and the tenant. You know what you got? A new start and a new shot. A chance to stop being a robot. A new lease on life with no lease payments and at the very least, no leash to stop you from running free in a new lot. Now it’s just you, yourself and the pie in the sky. Become the apple of your own eye, the catcher of your own rye, the ink in your own dye, the voice that will question your feelings inside and shine brightly upon all the lies in your mind. Create your future fate before time flies by and history says it’s too late, these words are your bond and your mind is a clean slate. Carve them out and breathe in each letter, fake it till you’re feeling better. Those who wronged you don’t exist, they are not your enemy, burn that list, of people you think owe you one does, except one person, the hardest to find, and while you’ve been dying and losing your mind, and stressing and flexing on struggle and strife, he was right there in the mirror the whole damn time.

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Zero In

Anticipating, beckoning, casting demonic, enviable fury, gazing hungrily inside, jutting kerosene, littering masses never opted, putrefying quills, reverting sympathy, turning upside-down…vaccinating whim, x-raying yesteryears…zero in

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Lover Her or Leave Her!

Princess of providence
Daughter of Divine
Wrought in fury
Wrest from rift
Framed for freedom

Paradise of prospectors:
pioneers and patriots, 
profiteers and pimps

O spring of freedom,
may you never run dry
O river of prosperity,
may your tide never ebb 

You, who seek her,
see her as you ought;
a mirror of virtue and truth, 
no whore to waltz

Enter her gates, 
you, who yearn for freedom,
her bosom awaits your embrace

Drink from her fountain,
wayfarers are welcome,
sojourners are safe

For the freedom she offers,
fidelity she requires
So love her or leave her

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What we miss to Understand

Its rightly said I believe … only that person can make you cry Who has made you laugh the most.. Your heart will get scar to the deepest.. By the one whose memories are residing till the coast. Promises are broken mostly By the one with highest hopes.. And is natural – after all we are human’s Our expectations never falls they always rises. Own feelings were always justified Without tested on the parameters of logic and crisis. We neglect the waves of time, that brings changes We freeze attributes of today and bring them as dices. That’s not fare – truly not. If you love - you love, if they love - they love But circumstance at bridge stones may change and might be different always. If we care we should understand although it’s not an easy emotional bend That accept it as it comes and understand it as it goes. It’s painful at both the ends But that’s how our destiny is mend!!

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The Night and Her Ways/Lost Under The Sun

there is a moon,
shining all alone
under all seas looming side to cloud
fall in our night and wait for the one who makes
slip in the prowl
the beasts hold night at growl
howling their sorrows
move midnight forever is tomorrow
come to our dark we run deep in the dusk
trust your lost soul while wait here for the sun

trust your yearning haven safely break
grey sky a-standing
standing far astray

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun 
lost under the sun

there is a place
marble floor and blue
there is a space 
that was meant for what was you
summer now white a different sort of lone
cold in our skin deeps
looking towards our glow

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun

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Drifting away to the greatest place 
The devotions I fear will no longer be faced, 
Could sad ever see the side of free 
And happy see the side that sad sees, 
Things in life are meant some ways 
And if they happen that way some things will never change, 
Are words possible to bring sensation 
Are the dreams you behold worth chasing, 
Reality is a must while cravings are imagined 
You said it would never, but still happened, 
Have you ever made the biggest mistake and couldn't get away 
You caught up with faith and there is no such thing as, Escape.  

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Contrary Mr Watson

Is it so? they asked me
And 'ya...' was my bewildered reply.
But why doubt it?
I thought at first, but
Hold on my friend 
My mind told me, there
Is something else that 
Beats the eye.

Are you what you seem to be?
'Ya...' I thought, but
Hold on my friend
My mind told me, there
Is something else that 
Beats the eye.

Then i thought, and i 
Am I what I am? or
Am I what I think I am?
Or should I say
Am I what others think I am?

My oh my!! oh my mind,
Think its free, but 
Know yourself, it tells me.
It is nothing but my mind,
Know your mind, I tell myself.

Hey hold on! I say to myself,
Then are you different from
Your mind?
And then I ponder and ponder,
To realize...
Hey! you know your mind,
Do you really Know Yourself??

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Every Once In Awhile

every once in awhile, i wonder how you're doing
every once in awhile, the thought goes right through me
every now and then, i have a fond memory
every now and then, i remember you were in fact the enemy
every once in awhile i think about the birth of our child
every once in awhile it stings,but it's oh-so mild
every once in awhile i remember the first time we made love
every once in awhile i recall praying to the stars above
when you put me down,insulted me,always brought me to tears
when you shook me,choked me,slapped me,poked me for 3 whole years
every once in awhile i remember how it was to be so timid
every now and then i think my god he really did it
every once in awhile, i miss you,yes this is true
but only every now and then you see,you cannot make me blue
every once in awhile i have good memories and want to cry
but then i remember how the majority of our time was and me just wanting to die
every once in awhile i wonder what would have happened if we'd stayed
 i make myself keep on working ive to i got to get paid
every now and then i see a handsome,sweet,moral guy
that i left in my past,and flew right by,and then i wonder why
but if im honest with myself,which is sometimes hard to do
you and i were oil and water,and we both knew it true
you were agressive,i was submissive,that is a lethal combonation
i was a girl,you were a man,who knew what to say,i was taken
so yes.every once in while i miss you. 
id be lying if i said it wasnt so.
but the truth of the matter,i had to do..
i had to make you go
sometimes i think of you with positive memories,but thats mostly for our child
now and then i forget all the misery
but thats only every once in awhile

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we made a pact he and i
that wed be best friends til the day we died
things got crazy and life sure changed
he had the baby and i just managed
to continue on with my life
things got bad things got ugly
my life took a turn for the worse
but our pact still remains
true til death
do we have any better friends then the ones we had as kids
i dont think so
life was so simple and pure whyd it have to change
i dont know
but the pact still remains

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Fish Do Drown And Monkeys Do Fall From Trees

So you say you cannot be caught when you do things that are immoral or lawfully 
Even when performers are on stage, ask Ashley even they get caught when they 
lip synch their songs
So no one is really perfect in any way
Every dog has it's day
After they sin, the next moment they are asking for forgiveness on bended knees
Fish do drown and Monkeys do fall from trees
Just for example I watch a car pass me and down the road they are pulled over 
for speeding
Companies brag about how well they manage their people, come on Cintas, that 
is so misleading
Sometimes it is best not to say what is on your mind
You may hurt someone you care about and bread that thin threaded line
They say you can't please everyone, so who do you please
Fish do drown and  Monkeys do fall from trees
Now you are at work and are hiding because you stayed out past your work 
How selfish, the only one you care about is you
You know where to go to catch some Z's
Some time you will realize that Fish do drown and Monkeys do fall from trees

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Place of All Possibles and Plausibles

there is a place far not from us all
where visions are clearer than shining moon
dreams brighter than rising sun
and hopes surer than breaking dawn

A place where you and I could rise
rise aloft, furthest of the Everest
descend the sea surface into its deepest
and hang between earth and heaven's highest

A place of all possibilities and plausibles
where greatness and glory are grilled with golden glows
poverty and misfortune mingle like searching singles
and mediocrity moulded into mass mess

A place of chameleon dynamics
where positive and negative have firm footing
sublime good and basest evil live and reign
where love consumes and hatred burns with equal passion

A place near us all
a place within a place
a place inside of us all
the place called the human mind

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filing for divorce

Agony, bitter contempt.
Destruction, eternally forgotten. 
Gasping, hindered instincts.
Just killing lilies. 
Metallic needles overture perfected. 
Quiet raindrops splash underneath. 
Vulnerable wasteland. 
X-chromosome, Y-chromosome, zero-defect!

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Have you not heard?
Have you not known?
Alone, pleasure endures,
but for a moment

It fleets as the wind!

As the wind,
it knows not, 
where it has been,
As the wind,
it knows not,
where it is going


Except pleasure lives on, 
beyond the surge of ecstasy,
beyond the lonely island of remorse
Except it lives on, 
in the sweet memories 
and melodies of the soul

Except it bears the sweet fruits, 
of deep and abiding satisfaction, 
fruits of gratitude and goodwill,
drooping from the magnificent branch 
of inner peace,
dropping from the evergreen tree
of quiet meditation,
tended in the everlasting vineyard,
by the husbandman himself,
who makes all things beautiful

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they  have  orange.
they have  green.
they  have  red.
they  have yellow.
they have  purple.
those  colours should  make  everyone  happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
because the    are nice   bright  ,happy  colours

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Killing essence of dreams
Lost in darkness alone
Mentally seeking safety
Nightmares like you’ve never known

Why can’t every dream be peaceful?

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The Journey

Life is a journey
In this journey, there are many roads 
Sometimes, some roads all lead in all directions,
All roads, sometimes, lead through one to another 

Sometimes, the roads lead to unexpected ends
The expectation, sometimes, ends with a road 

The journey, will be first, last
You journey only once
May travel with kins,
Wander with strangers

Will know not, in advance,
what to take, for you will know not,
what to expect on the journey, 
for the journey will be virgin, 
the roads unfamiliar

You will discover them, 
on the trails, 
that you may follow 

On this journey,
you must levitate or gravitate 

Levitate, you will arrive at your destination
Gravitate, you may never reach your destination

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In the Trap of My Own Confusion

I find it so difficult to focus,
My mind is always in a haze.
I want to get something done today, 
But I feel like I am trapped in a maze.
My thoughts are always wandering,
I can't focus much longer than a minute.
I want to get something done today,
But I always fall back in it.
Into the trap of my own confusion
Into the snare of my cluttered mind
I'd really like to reach for help,
But I'm afraid of what I will find.
Some people think that I am copping out,
That this is just some big excuse
I'd really like to reach for help, 
But I just think "What's the use?"
I feel like there is something more,
That's waiting out there for me.
Like so much life has passed me by,
That there is still so much more to see.

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Children of Men

I'm trying to be a fly on the wall of wherever is greatness is being assembled, we aim to be Marcus Garvey's yesterday morning, I wanna believe he and Sam Cook were of the same mind, my change is a house of cards, stacked up against everything I wanna fight for,...The revolution will not be televised because the feed is nothing but a whisper in the wind, but if you heard it, you'd feel it in your soul like The Temptations,...We question everything, but believe nothing, and write our own stories as we go, some of the elders believe us to be unemotional, not so much, we just believe in truth over intentions,...Our mothers and fathers instilled clarity in our lines of sight, yet nowadays, we've turned it into tunnel vision, we only like what we see, when what we see, is us,...You can broadcast old movies, and tell stories of wars fought for our freedom, but our freedom is Starbucks, Prada shoes, & YouTube, our future is bright, isn't it?...We're not all bad though, being misguided isn't a bad thing, it keeps us believing that growth & change are right over the horizon,...Belief is dangerous when it puts power into the people, we might not be the ones who fought for front bus seats, segregation, and good intentions, but god help us, we're trying to clean the skeletons out of our closets, and the demons out of inhibitions, it's a long walk home, and we're just trying to make curfew,...

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I See the World Upside Down

I see a flame burning in a river
I see a rainbow twinkling in the sky
I see the moon throwing moonly radiations
I see a fish, rather at the high.

Yes, I see the world upside down!

I sleep at noon, I wake at night
I sleep by sitting, I sit by lying
I sleep with my almirah serving as my bed
I sleep only in the daylight’s shed.

Yes, I see the world upside down!

I befriend the lizard
I detest rabbit
I blow up my chair
And the water I’d kick

Yes, I see the world upside down!

I know you from the bottom
Unamused by your ‘out’
I know what you think
Ignoring up your shout.

Yes, I see the world upside down!

I could see anything, what you hides
I could sense the truth behind your ‘pleasant’
I could see you fooling, hiding your smiles
Beware of me whenever I am present.

‘Coz, I see the world upside down!!!

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Most poets tell the truth of life 
Though they may wrap it in beauty.
It's their passion, not their purpose;
To compose is but their duty.

Poets as a rule are high on adventure
Like wondering bards or prophets today.
Embracing hearts and minds with wisdom
Casting through verse their visions at play.

Poets have their dreams and their nightmares
Of love, life, death, faith, and war.
They feel the pain and tragedy of others
Even those they've never met before.

One merit of a poet's work, 
Which most people cannot deny, 
They say more and in fewer words
To illuminate you and I.

Their poems are used to convey passion
By composers of both good and evil mood.
Some are hateful others loving
Sharing thoughts to be consumed as food.

They fan the flames of human compassion
With their stories of the failings of man.
Professing to follow a higher power
As they recruit whomever they can.

The wild birds sing and flowers bloom 
As clouds form figures in the sky. 
But only poets will write poems
That shall last long after they die.

God has always had his poets 
Who he watches with love from space.
But Satan has his poets too 
Who try to lead us from our grace.

Poets are the bell ringers of the soul
As they depict the past, the present and beyond.
They sound their alarm of what lies ahead
As the missteps of man live on.

By Tom Zart

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i know you're there

even when things are bleak
i don't forget about you
even when i'm too weak to speak
i know you do what you have to
i know you have a plan for me,i just am not filled in
i know that you will let me see,when the time it's been
i hope that i am not a dissapointment,that would break my heart
i many days wish i could go back to the begining,back to go or start
i believe in you,i know you're there
and athiests can say all they want,i don't care
i've always known,long as i recall,it's instinct,inner voice
if people choose to ignore their faith,then that's their own bad choice
just because i deal with things that i'd rather not
doesn't mean i throw out all the faith that i have got
you don't always get your way,life is not perfect
you can't always have what you want,maybe it's not worth it
i know better than anyone that it's easy to be discouraged
it's easy to feel like you're alone and lose alot of courage
i know it's hard,life,it scares me everyday,and i haven't been happy like,ever
but i know you live on in my heart,i know that now and forever.
a believer and proud.

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Demons Rage

There is a demon that lives within me
Sometimes I wonder how all cannot see
Filling my mind with thoughts of rage
He consumes my very existence.
Tuning love into pain he lives within me
Destroying relationships he lives within me
Confusing thoughts of love with hate he lives within me
Searching for answers to be
Reaching into the darkness of life for answers I cannot see,
I find you…always there watching…I see you
By my side always… I feel you
For now I know love is true
For I also love you…

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hey Dad

I miss you
Maybe, you might be missin me?
My heart is not geared for this
maybe you could help me?
help me fix this mess.

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Life's Jolts

After baring concern
Developing each focus
Grasping, holding it,
Jumping, karma lives,
Moving nowhere over
Preparing quaint replies,
Sweet tastes, unkind,
Visioning with X-rays
Yearlong; zap

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I'm gettin it God

i'm saved
God, by you
you take away the razor
you take away the selfish
God, I have called on you
You always show up
But, you know, you are
never what I expect
You are in my face
you, YOU are in my face
illuminating my haste
and I, I don't sometimes get it 
i don't see, don't understand
real, real, real pain
or your other lands, your plans
I like too much feelin, too much falling
and THEN I'm getting it
you forgive my walls
needing me to break 
help break the those walls down
walls that keep me from my brother
you wish to give me voice
you wish to love me
wish that we Love each other
I get it

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Cigarette is so good
I  inhale deep
I want to feel it
like I felt you, 
but baby, to make myself better
I gotta stop feelin you
I long for the drink
always dreaming of you
pick up the phone
come too far though
can't throw it all gone
love, I just won't
I just keep, keepin on
I'm wierd, I'm better
I feel guilty
I can't explain why
I just need a little bit
a little bit better life
always, we understood each other
so, maybe you'll understand
I Love You
but my dear,sweet, messed up familiar
love surely, surely, does not mean
we die

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I'm sorta me

I love 80's music
and talk radio AM
I can't sleep
I keep being the person I was, I am
I just keep being me
Sometimes it doesn't really work out
I sorta wonder why don't I change
And then I just  don't  care
But that's me
the forty something chick with a nose stud
and a husband 
who wonders the same thing

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feeling mind and body

wish you could've met him too
been someone to hear me cuz
my learning him, my yearning
was good and real and true 

maybe he was too perfect for me
so many feelings ago

he happened to me
he drew me in charcoal pencil
in my shades of black, gray 
and even between that

he taught me how to drive with my hands
to drive wihout needing my feet
he taught how to love with my mind
and music, art, words, imagination

that chair got between us too fast
I didn't care, but he did 
and I was too young to know
to know how to convince him

losing him
was as bad
as losing
how to walk

because it happened to him 
not me
and he couldn't feel anymore
anyone below his arms

he left me

and because he happened to me
not him
and I couldn't feel anymore
anyone above my arms

was that as bad 
as the loss of his legs?

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Herald Hermit's Alphabets

Ascetic brothers continue dedicating eternal feathers: godliness , humane, 
integrated justice. Kinetic lovers misconstrue navigating oedipal pleasures, 
querulous remaining separated trust-less...Understand vicissitudes where-by 
eXtracting your zen.

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Charming masked persona
Desiring all he can take
Elegant words of passion
Forgetting that he’s fake

Why can’t you just be yourself?

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Snatch or Scratch

Luck! What does it mean
Only those could know it who are keen
And what I think is,
Like an ice-cream coupon may it be seen.

                 Irrespective of deservance
                   Millions of acceptance
                   Everyone is exception
                 Everywhere is deception.

And thus, all of them complaint
But only few or none reframe
Of what they deserve
And what they should gain.

And me?
                        I need to fly
                     But there’s no sky
                      I wanted to catch
                  But resulted to snatch
                   Strange this world is
              That a luck is to be scratched!!!

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Suffering With An Identity Crisis

more often than not we tend get in our own way
more often than we undermine those things on which we have prayed
we circumvent our success and miss our appointing
we sabotage our calling and miss our anointing
we always seem to be at the door of some opportunity
but are to afraid to knock upon it with a sense of assurety

Ii once went to a theater performance, unaware of where i was to sit
I allowed someone to direct me and trust in my own spirit
I found myself in a balcony row with my knees up to my chest
but during the intermission I checked my ticket and discovered an identity crisis
you get exactly what you expect when you go through life with a back-seat mentality
like Caleb and Joshua who saw themselves as grasshoppers suffering from a crisis of identity
incarcerated by their own fears, inner issues and inadequacies
they had forgotten about the promises of God and His authority

the way you see yourself might not be as others would
the way you perceive yourself is a question of your attitude
have no fear trust in He for Whom nothing is impossible
don't suffer a crisis of identity just believe in God's gospel

when you know who you are you can't be abused nor used
when you know what you are there's no reason to go through life confused
your inward thinking should shape your outlook and reflect how you want things done
your outlook will then determine the final and ultimate outcome

one time I had a hotel reservation but the room was not quite right
I was given a new room on a higher floor and the told to have a good night
but I had a problem I kept using the key but could not get it to work
it wasn't until I realized it was the old room key and then I felt like a jerk
for you can't open new doors in life with old keys still in your hand
be renewed and reborn in your faith with the mentality of the promised land
for faith is the key to belief in God's truths and His promises
faith in knowing who and what you are without suffering an identity crisis

for you can't reach your future in God's promised land
if your thoughts and actions are still stuck on things that have passed
you can't move forward with inferior backward thinking
you're now a disciple of Christ standing firmly and not sinking
so just step out of the boat with faith and you will have success
and when you take that leap of faith don't suffer an identity crisis

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There are those who reach an age past  100,
while some never chanced to live.
There are those who share their blessings,
while some choose not to give.

There are those who have never gone hungry,
while some never survive.
There are those who find fame and fortune, 
while some dreams shatter and die.

There are those who are rich and famous,
while some are poor and alone,
There are those with power and possessions,
while some are without a home.

There are those who are happy and healthy,
While some are sick and depressed.
There are those who believe life is the end,
while some say:  “it was just a test!”

By Milton Lopez Delgado
December 4, 2011

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Reincarnation (Circle of death)

The leopard crouching close to earth 
While stalking, dirt smells so divine
Eyes fixed through grass, the pounce, return 
…up top with golden shrine
When I come back wish I could be 
A graceful creature so in sync
O death please hurry, come to me
Before they go extinct

Law of nature, law of man
Survival is a killing game
A part that no-one understands
Insanely human, inhumane
We’re born with will and strength to choose
Ignoring all of nature’s signs
Abusing power, win or loose
Circle of death means turning tides

When you return to earth one day
At the bottom of the food chain
You’ve turned from hunter into prey
Death haunting shrinking plains
Ask not why, ask not how
Balance must be preserved
To cheat death, stop the killing now
Or your fate will be well deserved

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Lonely Roads

Rusted cans and rolling stones
And a squirrel climbing wood
With a staring eyes that forward crawl
The mice might have found a little crumb.

Birds return to their lovely ones
And the winds go searching for quiet place
An ant might somewhere find a way out sea
While the sky shows the various shades.

But somewhere else a girl walks slow
Knowing not why her thoughts wander
With the memories of the days
Those has passed and are yet to come.

…Thus on the silent lonely roads
All do walk as lonely souls…

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A Poem A Cheateing Girlfirend

I thought things were good now 
I thought we'd over come the bad
Now I see through the illusion
of the love I thought we had.

You told me that you met him
Now you dont know what to do
I smiled and said "Just pick him
I'll be fine not having you".

But I couldn't hold my tears back
So I whispered "Got to go..."
Then I quickly hung up the phone up
So my hurting wouldn't show.

Now I'm shaking and crying 
And I dont know what to do
Cause the truth is, I was lying 
I  wont make it without you.

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you take my hand
gently trace my palm
inspires me
reminds me
of my mom
love and innocence
slumbers with us
in our bed
it's not said
but it's strong
my lust for you
it's even
always just on time
but I'm satisfied
just knowing your mine
my knowing hand
is always in your hair
so content and safe
knowing you are there

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No happiness to the mind
Despite of a beautiful house 
And, yet, desiring for another big palace; 

No happiness to the mind 
Despite of a good job and pay with status
And, yet, searching for a big job; 

No happiness to the mind
Despite of wealth sufficient for generations 
And, yet, longing to become a billionaire; 

No happiness to the mind 
Despite of an ideal and pretty wife
And, yet, hunting for another gorgeous lady;  

No happiness to the mind
Despite of joy and peace
And, yet, craving for some more pleasure; 

Fatigued in this fight for life
The mind’s still struggling
For more struggles for the life;

Now it’s the time for the life 
To leave this world
And it’s a must for the mind to accept
But now it got the desire to live more with peace
Which it lost in its race;

But unfortunately it’s too late
The time’s over  
The struggle’s ended!

R K Chowdary

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Will Work For Moods

Can you provide mental stability?
Does this guarantee come in my contract?
Eager to begin this new position
For as long as this oath stays intact

I’m only asking for help

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Music Silenced

Music Silenced

Songs of one's life time
drift on - without soul.
There is no tune that can carry.
Lyrics - but empty words,
words that lie upon pages,
pages without a voice to enlighten.

Spirit, in search of a wave,
light years lost to soundlessness,
songs, never to be sung, never to be heard.
Life, lived among silent cords,
cords that strangle the essence
of one's, life's aria, one's composition.

B. J. "A" 2
August 31, 2011

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I can't go in our room
It's empty
and full of things you discarded
cigarette butts, phone numbers without names
lonely things not shared but bombarded
so I shut the door
like I shut out your leavin me
that door, it just keeps talkin
might as well paint that door red
I'm thinkin bout puttin my shoes on
remember? with the big, clunky heels?
I'm thinkin bout kickin that damn door in

Hah! Kimmy

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Glaring Hope

I wake up from my sleep, and still it is dark
I looked around, but its silence that only bark
The world seems to stop, being somewhere lost
I pinched me hard, to end the nightmare
But the wound prevailed in my skin so bare.
I walked out and saw the stars fading
I found moon, behind the clouds, hiding
I waited waited, but there seem no end
Of the stillness, for the movement ahead.
The time is too busy to bring any transition
The height, it seems, has lost its culmination
The road, perhaps, is looking for the destiny
The future might be, searching for some testimony.

I here, stand all by my own
No one to be seen, nowhere to go
Hoping for the world to move ahead
Praying to the present to be once more glad;
To erase the dark, and move into a new light
To retrieve itself, and let the birds sing happily
But my prayers remain unanswered
Everything everywhere seems cadaverous.
Everything is quenched, save one thing
The hope that glows in my heart so deep.

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Time's Deserts

Time's Deserts
As One, walks the desert sands of time,
Oases, do appear, quenghes the soul's thirst,
A moment later, like ever shifting sands, 
Is soon gone, vissions of, erased by wind's design.
Memory ?, was it a dream ?, a reality ?,
Or just a mirage ?,an illusion ?, to delude oneself.
A Companion, to leave another set of foot prints ?,
As One, walks the ever shifting sands of time,
On One's own, all alone ?
B. J. "A" 2
May 6th 2012

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Unsolved Mystery

The brain mass of the human mind
Harbors iq’s you won’t believe
But still leaves one thing undefined
Much simpler than technology
With only three percent in use
Will we one day transcend this grip 
And exercise control when juice
Mingle with blood from a bitten lip

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Im just a person that is full of lots dreams,and likes to make the world a better 
place.I alway think of others be for myself. I have one sister and one brother, and 
parents that care. But i believe in me, that i have a talent that i can't find, that's why
im having a hard time fiding a carrer, but i will keep trying.

me and my family has been reting sice i was 7 years old. But when i was born i 
had a long peace of hair grown from my spine and my dad caught it from 
when i was 7 i have to have four back surgys and i was in a weel chear for one 
mounth.So i had to get a steel rod up my back. So i miss out in sports and all the 
other things that people can do that i can't.I thank my dad every day for what he did
what will i do with out my parents i will be lost.

But me i feel sore everyday but i am so happy that im not in a weel chear.Im in 
tears every day that i might have to go for another surgy,if i do im not, because 
that was the most pain i when"t thro.

But life goes on and i keep living my life as the days go on and on. Lots of people 
feel sorry for me and i say do't im still walking and i say it's a gift from GOD..

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Built of fine glass and porcelain 
Could anything keep them apart?
Detained by every single notion
Except for her broken heart

How could you hurt her so?

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Without a doubt, I am grateful
To experience and to be alive
And to drink in this resplendence 
That allows my spirit to revive.

Oh, how I have patiently waited
To lay down under blue sky,
Watching virgin white clouds
As they lazily meander by.

I am gratified to know that
The days are growing long
As I smell blossoming lilacs,
With their fragrance so strong.

It is the simple things in life
That I cherish so very much,
Like the fresh scents of spring
And the Sun’s warming touch.

What a miraculous thing it is
This wonderful time of rebirth,
For this season affects us all
On this planet, we call earth.

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Afterlife Refrain

My head is placed on the chopping block
my life erased before the shepard's flock
I stand behind nothing and there is nothing ahead
I stand here deciding if it was worth the life I led

And memories are nothing but windows
lives and lullabies nothing but keys on pianos
Fade away all fade away so fast
when you're standing here facing back on the past

Before the garden outside the gate
only thing accompanying me is that fickle thing, Fate
slapping a skeletal hand on my back
he says to me, "Y'know I can't cut ya any slack"

Not that I expected any
my road was long and mistakes were many
consequences can't be lied to or ignored
Death is waving to me and calling out All Aboard

Every ticket lost to this Grim Reaper
looking back I had a love and I guess I shoulda kept her
but too late now, my seat is there to be filled
it takes more than a prayer to save those that're weak willed

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Misbegotten Mistress


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Proudly watching my daughter
Questioning her trail of fate
Restless with anticipation
Sitting watching her future; patiently she waits

It’s hard to let your child go, but even harder to hold them back

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Although You Tried

I held my tears, confronting you
You were trying to soothe my heart
I tried to say a word to you
But you continued telling me, How to Lighten up My Heart.
Every time you encouraged, I tried to say my word
It was just that, you didn't stop!

I know you were showing your sympathy
I know you understood my pain
You tried every aspect to stop me
From getting myself hurt again.

You asked me several questions
Without giving me time to think
And then you tried all the locutions
Might my pain get shrink.

But, I know my questions, I know my answers,
I know how to stop my bleed
I wanted someone to just listen
And just listen and do me a deed.

Presuming that, I need some time think,
You lift your air and went
I was trying to say something…
You just didn't understand!

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a new skin

here i am laid out, flat out, in this new skin
left with nothing because of me and because of him.
so broken down and the pieces seem lost
and i'm left here almost hopeless, while paying the cost.
What is love anyway? broken hearts, lies and crushed dreams
has been for me while my life rips at the seems.
I am so strong, so courageous ... but so well hidden
so held back from the path that I've ridden.
And i don't trust anyone who says that they care
for me its a chance, a risk, a dare...
like, "i dare you to believe all of my bulls---"
"so later you're crying because you fell for it."
But i am me... and i have dreams
and he won't bring me down, its not what it seems.
i will be made better in this beautiful struggle
and in the mean time, i will not buckle.
who needs him anyway... i mean, right?
he couldn't see my love when it was so BLINDLY in sight.
time has taken a toll on my heart
and my bad actions have played a big part.
So i'm starting with nothing on this path to my life
and i could end up happy, a mother, a wife...
sometimes things are just unexpected
but it still hurts when you've been rejected.
i loved him... for what its worth now
i'll be okay, though i don't know how.

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Who Are YOU To Judge?

Are you seriously lecturing me?
Belittling my every move
Cause I’m pretty confidant
Drastically you need to improve

Stand in judgment of yourself first

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The Only Way

Things should never have gotten this far
so fu@ked up, so washed up 
laid out on some dirty bar

Head kicked in
from whiskey and gin
but then again who hasn't been
fu@ked up, stabbed in the back by some closest friend

Take one down, sing so loud
choke it down, fight so proud
but in the end only the fu@ckers win in this game
no amount of drinks will ever erase that shame
oh what a shame
what a shame

Things should have gone better in the end
but then again when has it ever been
fair or right at the end of the night
guess it lasts forever in an endless fight

But along the way
to my dismay
all that ever helps it go away
is a swig and a chug and full-out binge
pass some more and i'll pass out loud
i'll crash so damn hard, i'll take it like a man
drink so much until it's impossible to stand
but i'm sure i'll fall and when i do
i'll hit so hard that i'll forget about you
and everything will be just so fu@king fine.

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Spiders prowling silently
Their next meal close to snatch
Ugliest formed creation 
Vilely waiting for their next feast to catch 

I hate spiders!

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Confused Words

I wanna tell you how I feel
I wanna speak what's on my mind
But I can't say it 

I wanna tell you that I'm scared 
Of succeeding in this relationship
But I can't say it 

I wanna tell you that I'm scared
Of failing in this relationship
But I can't say it

I wanna tell you about my past 
And all that's happened to me
But I can't say it

I wanna tell you about my future
And how I want you there
But I can't say it

I wanna tell you that I love you
And I want you in my life
But I can't say it

And now you're turning
And walking away
Because I haven't said a word.

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Animal Instinct

Dogs clearly possess it
Elephants care for young
Foxes protect their young kits
Giraffe’s calves are never shunned

But can they actually embrace them?

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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1 week

Tonite, I told my Moma
what I won't tell anyone else
what I would never admit
but to only myself
I'm tired of makin these words fit
I'm just gonna lay it out to the world
but not, I just can't, not where I sit
see, I'ma gonna take a little time off
smoke cigerettes, sweat, cry
maybe go tanning
watch movies
Don't nobody else need to know why
I will be ok 
I got some splainin to do
got get it right again
sew my thoughts together
the way I used to do
OK honey
Gotta be me again
Gonna go thru my bootcamp
gonna get it my own face

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First Date

first date  

Just because 
I ate
you paid
doesn't mean 
I lay 
I open
I preen
Take me home
fast as you can
I'm too young
your'e too much a man
I want to lay in my mama's bed
I want to watch the news
I want to hear how people died
that's not as scary as you

1st  put on my mama's site

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I think I am good
I'm like you
love is very...
sometimes something very difficult to discribe
I know you know what I mean
this is not really a peom
this is 
an apology
this is a 40 year old CHILD
for everything

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Love you
always so forgiving
i smoke
I think
I am my own person
Dad... he tried
But he didn't try like you
Mom, i'm gettin old
I'm gettin like you
I AM you
So, I'll make it.

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Thank you for your songs

To all  the wonderful folks on this site, the real poets:

When you sing your words
you seem to get me right
placing words into a sentence just so 
a sentence that  would take me all nite

I read and I'm not alone
I talk too much, alot
trying maybe too hard 
to get myself across

How do you do it?
putting to paper your thoughts, so near?
pain, love, redemption, contentment
every emotion, every tear?

You make words lovely for my eyes
Secret somethings to hold close
words I think about while driving
words from friends that I don't know 

Thank you sweet friends
I don't express enough
but I believe I really see you
and your words make me loved 

Some of you are truly brilliant
Some of you are plainly true
But like me, I think, you are all calling
I hear you


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No News

No news is better than bad news
Only if that were the case
People love the media’s casting
Quests for disaster in a media race

How come good news is barely broadcasted?  

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I look in the mirror
I can except what I see
I'm still ok enough
but I'm older
not so pretty
I'm just barely me

I must be vain
but I have to be pretty
Don't I?
I'm kinda smart
But that's not worked for me
in the past

I swear to you
I don't know
what to do

I know your gonna hate me
my complaining
my looks are waning

I'm uncomfortble
haven't learned how to be
My brains. My opinions

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Envied Existence

Streams of light in lifeless skies
Each night a longing becomes immense
Cut darkness just like fireflies
Awoken feeling of mystery intense
Where light bulbs disappear and fuse
Or fall when they loose their grip 
The tilting jug of the Milky Way unused
Not even to quench the wish of a sip
Minefield where deadly games are played
And wounded hide there scars
Moving target turns night to day
Evading shooting stars
But Sagittarius doesn’t know
The bull’s-eye at which he aims
Is Taurus’ disappearing show
The war vet of mind games
We’re centered to view this free lightshow
Where envious stars afraid of the night
Look down on us and wish to know
The views mirrored from their light

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Ghetto Rap

This is a life I've gotten used to
Last night someone stole my shoes
My life has been miserable all the way around
It's a stereo with no speakers, which means no sound
Everyone here inherits the same habits
Drugs, teenage pregnancy, it mass produces like rabbits
Once you are born here, you are trapped
There is only one thing you know, it's the ghetto rap
You want some Black Label on ice
Instead a double shot of Jack, so you pay for it twice
There no way to cool your ice tea
Take a look around, no trace of a family tree
The cops know where you live, they need no map
Come on and experience the ghetto rap
From the Barrios to Danny  Thomas Blvd
Nothing comes easy here, so you live life hard
All you can do, is try to keep it real
What isn't bolted down, you have to steal
As you enter the stage, your ticket out, no one claps
Until they experience the ghetto rap
There is so much more that could go on
Like that letter you received entitled Dear John
Always go down fighting, the only way to go
Who will be the deliverer and bring the next generation out of the ghetto
The government don't care it's up to you
They bribe the babies having babies with food stamps and a tax payers dollar or 
They encourage you to continue to eat the bait in the government's trap
It is all part of a conspiracy called the ghetto rap

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great ESCAPE

Give me 200 miles
a couple of smiles
baby, that's my ticket
it won't take much
I'm scared but 
I think I can make it
I'll take this check
greatgrandmother sent
and I'll hit the road
and we'll be safe
K, got this plan
again, I am petrified
I'm doing it!
I'm driving 
got my babies
they got me
I call mama
her waiting to hear from me
she knew I would call
knew I would fall
into her everlovin arms
this is a story
maybe boring
but mine

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The flame will not die.
I pursue the path of smoke
the virtue of suffering 
gives the pure light. 
The book knows my inside truth 
and tells no one. I weep for the swallows,
I could not feed.
I lay one white 
stone for each death.

You will scatter my ashes, 
in the abandoned land
where silence walks 
and words lie like microcosm
of contemporary hunger.
Life was a cupful of tears.
The voices always spilled challenging  
the fidelity of flowing water.

The living legend turns in grave,
I pray for peace
I promised myself to stand erect 
when the quake comes. 
I will save the flora 
and the grass of dying earth.
I ask for one more life 
to clear the debt & bleach my guilt.


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Dear Anne

I'm sleepy now, sloppy
wishing I was little more helpful
I feel bad for you 
and worse cause I can't  tell you what do
what to say
I'm really not the best person to be asking
givin my history of events
but let's not get into that
let's just 

go to bed

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Poetry in Notion

Expressions and thoughts
Feebleness and weak
Gifts of never-ending words 
Honor and reward is what we seek

Why is poetry a mistaken talent?

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Ode to a Nut

Stacy Lynn I am
Temperamental at best
Useless bouts of anger
Venomous bites of duress 

I’m really not “that crazy”

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After all is said and done,
Before the summer's end
Cradling our broken
Dreams when 
Everything is dead, after all the 
Fires fade and 
Greatness falls to ashes,
Happiness a whispered rumor
In seas of deadmen's tears
Just to
Low spirits full through
Meand'ring years, when
No one's sure what 
Once they knew, and what the 
Point is now, when everyone's a bloodless
Queen of Hearts and Love is
Rare, all but forgotten...
Shunning rays of daylight just
To follow trails of stars
Until the last black dreams of 
Verity are
Wiped clean from all our minds, a
Xenogenetic society, free from rights of birth, 
Yet undeterred from pursuing dreams of our own plastic-smiled

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Unaligned Expectations

About the time you finish this,
Before you come to any conclusions,
Count all your blessings, and
Deem me questionable;
We'll be on the edge of our

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He has waited so long for his time to be heard;
But now he accepts its improbability.
She seems unreasonably consumed by a hate that can't be cured.
He plans a journey to a desolate graveyared of old dissapointments;
There he will bury his past in frozen ice, never to be seen again.
He will continue on, life has it's own predestined appointments.
He bids adieu to could have beens and to labels that never end;
He served his time yet remained hopeful beyond all common sense.
In other worlds he will not recognize her and they will not meet again

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So beautifuly aluring and unique
some have been attracted to her as substance
norishment if you will
others have seeked and been driven by the instinct of desire
in the end all are but victims of deception

  Like a magnet I was attracted to her
  her very being seeemed so fragile in it's existence
  I was driven by both need and desire
  I had to have her for my own
  I wanted all and got most with little resistence

A day came when she demanded more 
all my efforts to meet her demands  only ended in futility
perhaps my efforts were simply to insufficient
forced to step back to watch 
she became a prize for someone else to adore

  In time my turn came again
  with aggressiveness I presented my intents
  I challenged her very continuance with my subsequent departure
  soon in desperation I was pledging my devotions
  I exponded on her beauty and voved to repent

I continued on like a mindless insect
she seemed the same but somehow she was not
if I only knew then what I know now
she was meerely a reflection
a reflection of my own greed

  All along the beach there were many such as her
  I could have chose another
  but I did not, I could not
  change was a conceptuality of will, I had none
  such is life on the plant, some do, some don't, some have to be

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A look far $urface Iland place
I stay where mostly gone both 
Shells a part across swimed
Around Natureness Dawn grewed
Some seven Seas of Flowers and dirt
Whence soil fresh sent after Industries
Time wacthing new Years $urface spined
Hurricane peaces telling whats good news
Alot justly foat on my Boat anear
Home washly away pastess Day's
Building mine Outside this walk
Finish yes Mam; no Sir, happy after
Done  dee's about picture Daddy
I'am love first Name: and last
I'll promise wished Star later noontide
Like Balloon's going too Heaven sliping
Off thy Finger tips notice trill
Magic fly an Space on my paper
For another sweet poem foever
Read Generation coming aloud say
$urface Baby Girl Me and you mint
Ass sweet candy cotton
Together every peek out or Eye
We see $urface there,,,
Notice:Martinez Roberson

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I love them so much
For all eternity
God protected their well-being 
Heaven chose me

She never deserved them

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It's Okay

It’s okay to express your fears
Jokes are permitted; forget the sneers
Kindly help others and they’ll help you too
Live your life to the fullest; it’s okay to be you

Everyone is precious in the Lords eyes

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Destination Unknown

Roaming down the highway
Solely finding his way
Treading painful memories
Using them for another day

Is he really alone?

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Effortlessly a desire erects 
a monument. One flaw
demolishes the image. Stones, 
ugly grass & a solitary tree 
make the landscape.
Hundreds of seeds go back
to the earth’s womb, never
to sprout. Heartbroken
I stand in the middle
of life, crumbling alone.

How can we change ? 
A splash of green
ingests a scissor,
that is not enough. A parallel tragedy
strikes. Sun and flowers 
are gone, seeking a truth, 
not yet conceived. A timeless 
fire burns in the temple, 
uncovering the heat, 
edging towards us.

Freedom from long falls comes,
bit by bit in degrees.
Suffering remains the same. 
We immortalize our smears.
The absolute truth 
suddenly becomes a lie. 
A myth which balooned 
our minds. But brutal 
sunlight has seasonal priorities.


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Trampling the borders, he started
losing his vibrations.
He was asking for the perpetual forgiveness
for his bandaged ego.
The new incarnation.

For the broken homes
he refused to admit his side of guilt
and jumped into the frozen lake
for nursing his hot blood.
The faithless star.

The world did not exist
in total freedom.
Let him sleep, sulking away,
under the sea of wounds
unlistening to the wailing winds.

Not for the seeds
not for the flowers,
the crowds were assembling for the essence
of the drifting truth.
Nobody knew the red hot destiny.


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Still naive

I wish to remain this way
I want my eyes to see everything
and STILL be able to cry

I continue to believe we are a world
not a nation
we are not colors or cultures
just us, men and women

When my son was a child
colors were something he put to paper

I won't give up, though, I started to
when I didn't say anything
I betrayed you

Mother, I let you down
But I will take up my arms
I will defend you 

My arms will hold you dear
I see so clearly thru your tears

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So often we are actors in a play that's often tragic
the lines are old and worn and they wished they had done magic.
If they had  pulled a rabbit from a hat
they might laugh instead of shout.

Lying in a field of love believing hidden in the grass
clinging there in desperate fear hoping it will pass.
neither one will speak of it for fear of losing hope
weighted down within themselves not knowing how to cope.

Pieces of their hearts do crumble
beneath the weight of time
slowly sinking in the mire 
of love that's so unkind.

So goes the days as man and wife
Who forgot that they were friends
two souls that once were joined as one
now trying to pretend.

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A friend once told me
Beware of what you seek
Choose your friends wisely
Don’t discount what I speak

Where is she now?

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Aroma so inviting
Beneath a masque of stench 
Charismatic to the naked eye
Desire is what they quench

Are they that naïve? 

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ABC; it’s a new kind of rhyme for me
Brought to my attention by a new friend of mine
Capturing various emotions and feelings
Down to the very last line

Saying so much, with so few words

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Poet's Glory

Reading verse with hidden innuendos
Invites imagination to take flight
Interpret it, how the mind then wishes
Enjoying as you read, this cold dark night

I’ve written of the heart and all its virtues
I’ve written of passion, as it soars
I’ve written of inspiration giving
And endless love existing on the shores

For, I am many, never one so destined
To write one style, nor same topic, too
I wish to give you all a variation
To incite the mind is what I wish to do

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The Beast

sometimes I feel like a gladiator trapped in an arena without my sword
help me battle against the beast Oh Lord
the beast may be the boss who won't give me an promotion
the beast may be a friend's lack of devotion
the beast may be a mother who won't hold me
the beast may be every brother who tried to control me
the beast may be the stranger who attacks me without reason
the beast may be the pneumonia that sickens me out of season
the beast may be the fog that causes me not to see
the beast may be the car that collides into me
the beast may be the bone that tells my throat to choke
the beast may be the cigarette that compells me to smoke
the beast may be the voices that says God doesn't hear or see
so armor me oh Lord for the beast may just be me