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ABC Family Poems | ABC Poems About Family

These ABC Family poems are examples of ABC poems about Family. These are the best examples of ABC Family poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Battle of the words

Bravery is the father of fears
Dreams are distant cousins of nightmares
Hope is the sister of prayers
Every night shame lays down and gets screwed by despair
Pollution abuses Mrs. atmosphere
It's a battle between personality and reality 
But obviously nobody cares
Maybe it's because big tough is the uncle of little scared
Planning is deeply in love with prepared
Procrastination is the biggest enemy of determination
Ignorance is jealous of realization
Sometimes strength can get sneak attacked by temptation
Silence can never defeat a great proclamation
When the brain disagrees with the heart
The body dies of complications

Love your self...

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The Dragline

THE DRAGLINE  for Pete Brett 

One hundred foot boom 
 7-½-yard bucket 
The tracks are like 
 Ones on the tracks of a tank
They go chunk clunk and clank  

Arm of the boom swings 
 Far to the left then to right  
Out casts the bucket 
 And drags the rock in 

 Papa pushes the pedals and 
 Pulls the leavers
 Lifts the cranes bucket and 
 Swings the arm in 
 Dumps the rock into
 A pile at quarry
Just old black Burt, Bootsie and me
We ride in the donkey a brawny little engine
Careful now Uncle Burt I ‘am heavy as can be
He’d chuckle and let me ring the dingy
 As the donkey pulled all those gondola cars
 to the rock crusher A ring ding-a-ling
 here comes the train ring ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling

Dinner would be with Uncle Red Papa and me
 by the railroad tracks a fire warm 
and perhaps we would see
 Alligator Willy who would stop by to share
 some pickled eggs, sausages and a beer
 I dance in the night by the light that comes
 from cranes rear window the light that
shines from the top of the boom
My stage is a beam of square light
and I dance and I swirl as the 
beam from the top boom does
swing. It’s better than the light from the moon
I spin and I dance in an out of
The shadows
I see my papa’s face
Through the crane’s side window’s panel

His arm is out stretched as he
Pushes and pulls
I wave I am tired now

He jumps from the tracks and
 Lifts me back in
His face has wide goofy grin
We share chocolate milk
From a thermos and take
 Orange marmalade Sandwiches wrapped in wax paper
 which were sticky and sweet
 from his Old battered Lunch Pail 

 when my feet were all wet He took off my shoes
 and placed them by Old Mr. Murphy as his engine was called 
 Dry and warm and cozy we’d be
Papa his dog Bootsie and me
 Northwest the crane that he ran At Seminole Rock
 he was considered the best Crane operator-man

He worked from dark tell the sand-man
I sleep in an empty dynamite crate
Filled with a string called waste
Used to spread thick grease
by the big diesel engine at the back
of the crane 
He shuts the doors as it’s starting to 

The crane growls and grumbles
and rocks me to and fro
 like in a large giant’s lap 
as I take a nap
in dreams I spin and I dance 
by the light from the boom 
it’s better than the light
 from the moon

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Labor-painted lines on your hands
Heat- bleached your shiny strands
Mud added deeper color to your brand
Your adornments are dusts of the ground.

Skin piled up that made your hands rough.
Covered them and made them thick and tough.
Nail had grown to give a better grasp
To whatever you aim to feel and touch.

Wrinkled palms yet I still long its caress.
Soothe the cracks that this soul hardly bears.
Holds my head up when I’m bowing with fears.
Pulling me through the darkness of my twenty one years.

Yet when the poisonous blood entered its veins,
The strength and might were all been eaten.
Creating a space of life and death in between
And made your laborious hands weak and trembling.

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For My Son Kylarr Shane Brown

Kylarr is my life

Kylarr is my love 

Kylarr is my world 

Kylarr is my joy

What i do i do it for him

Kylarr is my life

Kylarr is my love

Kylarr is my world

Kylarr is my joy

He's my son and I love him

He is so sweet and everyone wish they had a son like him 


Vanessa N Brown

Copyright ©2005 Vanessa Brown 

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Heaven on Earth

you make me weak you make me strong.... 

you make me feel that i belong ... 

belong in your life that involves your heart... 

cause i knew it was love from the very start... 

three types of blood that involves  your love... 

and the strengh of are family makes me never give up... 

sometimes were sad and the pain really hurts... 

but the love from four hearts, is heaven on earth! 

bleeding inside, but ill stay by your side... 

cause true love will never die... 

i know your weak and it makes me hurt... 

so i pray to my knees with just a few words... 

lord jesus, my family is broken and a little  sad... 

but every born son needs a dad... 
i give you my life since the day of my birth... 

only if you promise me, heaven on earth! 

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Every marriage has its bumps in the road
And they can pop up at any time.
We must learn to navigate them safely 
With fairness, faith and open mind.

No matter how far in your marriage you’ve gone
The highway of love has its rules.
The excitement of sex, trust and affection
Never tolerates self-serving fools.

They say marriages are made in heaven,
But so are tornadoes, lighting and thunder.
Cold hearts and hot heads never solve anything
They just destroy what we love by blunder.

 Boredom, frustration, irritations and anger
 Douse the spark between you and your mate.
 More of the same fails to feed love’s flame
 Till you wake up to find it’s too late

Human touch sustains the release of endorphins
For both the giver and receiver.
Never be afraid to hug your partner.
For the language of touch is a reliever.

Always remember to support your spouse
When times of dilemma arise.
The fortress of love will sustain your marriage 
If you speak less and listen more, you’re wise.

By Tom Zart

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Kylarr when I look at you I see me
I see you grownin up
I see you have my soul 
I see you want your Daddy
I see you have my childhood
I see your mother eyes 
I see your mother lips 
I see you happy when you and my soul bonds together four ever
I see you in my head 
I see you is Godchild
Antwan H Woodberry

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Mom I promised you I would do my best to help my brothers and sisters pass 
life's test to remember how you were before you were laid to rest.

Mom I`m finding it really hard to do, my brothers don`t talk to each other they`re 
playing a fool, my sisters can`t stop crying for you.
Mom I fill no matter what I do it`s not right, try finding peace in this family fight only 
to find I did nothing by the end of night.
Mom I remember our last talk, you said no matter what you would be by while I 
take this walk, mom I need your strength for my life they mock.

Mom I told you I`d be fine, that I was not blind, that at the end of this road peace I 
would find,

Mom I fill I`m not the one, all this stress I`m not having fun`m stepping up while 
the others run.

Mom I told you I promise, but it`s my family that suffers and it`s them I miss, so I 
ask you please help me through this.

Mom I am doing what I said I would, while the others fail to do what they should, 
Mom I did the best I could.

Mom,.... how come,.... you chose me to be the one?  

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My Father's cleats

 It’s funny how my father’s hobby became mine. He has been a sportsman all his life, he played basketball, volleyball and softball all his youth, but his real passion is soccer and even though he is 55 years old now, he still keeps playing it and loving it. He has had all kinds of cleats, all brands, all colors, different styles, but it does not change anything, he still plays amazing. But one thing I do find hilarious is that every time he comes from a game, he cleans his cleats, he washes them and takes them with such an unbelievable affection, that I’m beginning to think that he might love them more than he loves me, but now I do know the feeling of a new shiny, hard and beautiful pair of cleats. I still recall when he took me for my very first pair, I could not believe he was doing it for me, I was so excited, but now I realize that what I was excited about is that I could be like my father for just a moment when I had them on. Ever since I was little, I remember my daddy playing soccer, leaving home all dressed up, ready to fight, and win the ball to make a remarkable roll on the field. The playing field that we both love, the field all covered in grass, all green, so delicious and soft, so colorful… being crashed by everyone’s cleats and the rolling ball, feeling the sunlight on our skin, and the wind on our faces. Having a team, an extra family with whom we could find support and create new ideas, new plays so we could smash the opponent. So yes, I loved watching him play and cheering him up more than I could ever like watching official and famous soccer teams. I do find funny the fact that my father’s hobby became mine since everyone says we’re too similar, and even though he also has a son, his daughter is with whom he shares that connection. I love the fact that our simple relationship was started thanks to such a manly sport, and curiously, to transform me into such a girly girl.

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The Strongest Women I Know

Grandma means so much more then what it says in the dictionary.
It should say wise, intelligent, strong women.
Amazing, loving, and very kind hearted women.
The go to girl in times of trouble, get great advise, and just vent for hours.
She will be proud of you as long as you try your best, and she will tell you what direction to go when you fall on you ass.
My grandma is the best, the best in the world. Ill love her forever, then a little more.
I just want to say thank you for all that you have done.
I have loved every part of it. even though sometimes I was wrong.
Happy mothers day, Mamaw.
We need a grandmas day too, so the entire day can be just about you. 
I hope you have a good day, full of smiles and happiness.
I Love You, Mamaw and You Are The Bestest.

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Mother, Grandmother, Guide and Friend

As a child, I didn't understand,
The love that fills my mother’s hand.

In a childhood world,
Everything is carefree,
Your eyes are wide open,
Yet you do not see.

In a motherhood world,
Things can get pretty insane,
Every day comes with joy and pain.

Teaching your child new things,
Dreaming of what tomorrow brings.

Leaving days of pig tales and nursery rhymes,
Loosing Seconds and minutes of these precious times.

Now, with children of my own,
Mother, your feelings are not alone.

Only now do I understand,
Feeling helpless to times demand.

Mother, I just didn't realize,
How I looked in your eyes.
33 years gone in a whirl,
Yet I know you still see your little girl.

I love you Mother.
More than you know.
I know it was hard letting me go.

My childhood life was wrapped up in you,
But my adult life holds something new.

Growing up so fast and free,
I felt your eyes always watching me,
I didn't have to worry,
Because I knew you'd be there.
Now my own children feel MY stare.

Never knowing that in my heart,
I feel the sadness awaiting their future depart.

For one day, I will have to say good bye,
Just as you did with my sisters and I.

But with this sadness, there is happiness too,
For they will always need me,
Just as I will always need you.

My childhood is over but my need for you will never end,
You are a Mother, Grandmother, Guide and Friend.

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forgive everything -- 
but keep boundaries

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love you daughter

A story to tell
A story that never been told,
Not new though, neither old,
A bout treasure of pure Gold,
Nicely kept, beautifully hold,
Wrapped in a blessed shroud,
Not to be found by digging!
Only by prayers to the Lord.
The old man is determined,
But, no signs yet, no traces,
Distressed, wet and cold,
He didn’t stop, refrain or hold,
Hope kept him firm and bold,
Hope will lead him to his bond.
One day he struck luck!
He struck the concealed, hidden gold,
He shouted… O’ my generous Lord,
It is my girl; it is my soul, my fond,
O’ Goodness,
She is glittering more than Gold,
With happiness inside,
He prostrated to God and bowed.

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Tic tac! Tic tac! Time flies
Encompassing fears and tribulations, she smiles
A second's like a gemstone before her eyes
Trying to please the World before the night cries
What a prodigious woman

Mother of my mother
Without prevaricating, the astonishing wonder
Among many, she dominates like thunder
Made a name that no man can put asunder
What a prodigious woman

Round thew globe and down to Enugu city
Protects her children with love and ferocity
Her achievements soaring the greatest mountain
And her exquisite body that makes men hunting
What a prodigious woman

So tremendous
Extraordinarily gorgeous
Precisely adventurous
Extremely dexterous
Really fabulous
Truly marvelous
Gallantly fantabulous
Finally prodigious
What a PRODIGIOUS woman

Dedicated to my grandmother, Mrs Egbuna.

By Kbillion

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Mommy's and Daddy's precious little angel

Mommy's and Daddy's precious little angel

It was very late about 2 in the morning
You woke up crying for mommy
I rocked you back to bed
You fell asleep on my chest
As I listened to you breathe 
And the sound of your heart beat
I thought about
The day we met and how I just couldn’t believe
What a perfect little angel God was letting me keep
The moment I heard your first little cry
My heart and body let out a sigh
I was so relieved you were here and healthy
Everyone there rejoiced in your presence 
Because a little angel was just sent to earth from heaven
As days passed on and mommy grew tired 
Something more beautiful happened 
You continued to light my heart on fire
My love and heart belonged to you
And each and every day our bond had grew
Now every time I see your adorable smile
The thought of leaving your side hurts even for a short while
My dearest baby girl
The light of my soul
I know one day you’ll move on as we grow old
But these days when you fit so small in my arms
I will cherish for eternity and beyond
Just remember when you are all big and grown 
That mommy will never forget 
The sleepless nights when I held you close and watched you sleep
Because these are the most perfect moments I will forever keep

When you were born you filled my heart with pride,
And I was overcome by the joy I felt inside.
As I held you in my arms that very first day,
I knew I would never let any harm come your way.
With your tiny little hands and tiny little feet,
Everytime I look at you my heart skips a beat.
As I watch you sleep in the middle of the night,
I hope and pray I will do everything right.
I know I may make some mistakes along the way,
But I promise to do my best not to every single day.
I often wonder what you will grow up to be,
But whatever you become will be fine with me.
So whatever you may decide to do in your life,
Maybe an astronaut, a lawyer, or even a doctor's wife.
I can say this without any doubt at all,
I will always be there to catch you if you fall.
And another promise I make to you from me,
Mommy and Daddy's little angel you will always be
  In dedication to our wonderful little pride and joy 
   Alizma N Lopez entered our world 4/14/2013

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My Daughter and Son

The world spins around so very fast;
Gone are the days of my past.

When I was young and free;
Nothing ever seemed to get ahold on me.

Then God placed 2 angels in my path;
My love for them covers my life like a hot bath.

Soaking my world in loves eternal flame;
With my 2 angels by my side,
Nothing will ever be the same.

The universe could cease to exist;
But my love for them will always persist.

There is no force that could ever undo;
The power of my love for the 2 of you.

I promise you, it cannot be done;
For nothing could ever come before a 
Mothers love for her Daughter and Son.

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The Vent

im livin in a world, where all eyes on me.
trying to curve my own route.
but route 66 keeps finding its way to me.
ive been plenty sick, in all the events layed before me.
even when i reflect to my lowest points
i dont regret any of the choices
That I’ve deployed in my era
A lot of it by error, but hey
We live in hell conditions and there ain’t no air condition 
Or any guidelines when life throws you in the sidelines
But when hindsight twenty twenty hits
You’ll begin to understand life’s a bunch of equations and you in the mix of it
An you’ll have to think twice, before running into a situation and becoming the best of it
it’s what got me here, it’s what got us here
Ran with my thoughts blazing up to her place and
Guess what happened next
She opened up heaven’s gate
And just before late I slipped out
Simply put 
I’m a Grown ass man
Doin his thing, waitin to blow up like an old land mine
In doin what he drools over
But time after time 
Something decides to creep up and cover the light
Lost my way
Then I revoked to ever know, I ever thought that way
But in the in between time, that in the mean time 
Spent a lot of time
Gettin pissed off just to medicate and lift off
Don’t need Don Perion to sip off
Already had my way with the bottle
Even thought to get back with the trouble and rejoin the hustle
That’s just what happens to a man who really knows his old ways
Whos tired of making ends meet and ponders getting back to the streets.
Memory sets in and he remembers an O.G. saying
No matter how tall your pockets stand when you ball
Eventually times gonna make you fall
And I as I pull myself together 
I don’t wanna end up like the twin towers rubble
I mean no offence to nine eleven but at that time I probably could have used a reverend
But all that’s irrelevant now
because i live with a different perspective now

there you go you made it to the end :-) comment if you like, constructive criticism wanted as well.

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A boy needs a Grandpa, 
for man-to-man talks. 
To go hand in hand, 
on companionable walks. 
To fix up his toys, 
when they no longer go. 
To tell him the things, 
little boys want to know. 
A boy needs a Grandpa, 
to show him the way. 
To handle a puppy, 
to teach him fair play. 
To impart bits of wisdom, 
he's learned through the years.
That it's no disgrace, 
for a man to shed tears. 
A boy needs a Grandpa, 
to sit on his lap. 
And if no one is looking, 
they take a wee nap. 
Each wrapped in an aura, 
of love and esteem. 
Each smiling gently, 
at some special dream.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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“Some other time, I’m not in the mood
Why cant we just cuddle and watch TV”?
When couples drift into the celibate zone
It’s not long till someone will flee.

Sexual fulfillment helps preserve love,
 Parenthood, marriage and self-esteem.
Those who maintain it avoid saying no
To be blessed by its pleasure and gleam.

While dating we tend to be more romantic
Putting forth the best of our charms.
Sharing dinners, long walks, and lustful weekends
As we spend more time in each others arms.

How many times have you said “not tonight”?
Exposing your happy home to harm.
Today’s crushing deadlines leave little time for love
Leaving partners with sorrow, sadness and alarm.

So share one another with red wine and time
Dial your own number and leave the phone off the hook.
Enjoy some romance, sex and laughter
Improving your mood and the way you look.

By Tom Zart


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Baked Apple Pie (ABC)

Apples baked
Create delicious
Edible food,
Gracious heaven
Intervenes joy,
Knowing luscious
Never overpowering,
Plain quenching
Surrendering to
Undeniable visions,
While Xeroxing,
Youthful zeal

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A Poem About My Uncle Freddie

Please don't leave us,
We need you more than you ever know,
We love you Freddie,
And we do not want you to go.

Who would hug us?
And wipe our fears when we are in pain,
Hold us when we needed it the most,
For the past few years.

Forget about the others,
And think about your family for once,
You will be leaving us behind?
We will miss your sweet smiling face,
We will miss your happiness,
We will miss your hugs,
Please don't leave us,
But it won't make us love you any less.

If you chose to go,
Then we will wish you well,
Remeber all the stories you told me.

Memories stay locked in out minds forever,
And when you leave you still be in our hearts,
always and forever.

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please (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

love you
need you
love me
need me 

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                                   the Rocking chairs sit empty
  On the front porch of that old house.
  But, the memories are embedded there;
  From the wind through the windows, to the squeek of a mouse.

  There is no longer the smell of dinner,
  Or the laughter of a playing child.
  Grandma no longer stands over the stove
  With her shining har and gleaming smile.

  And grandpas smoke from his old pipe,
  No longer fills the air.
  And grandma sure despised that pipe,
  But, grandpa and his pipe were always there.

  So, the rocking chairs sit empty
  But the memories through the windows continue to blow,
  As grandma and grandpa through memorieslive;
  As the two ROCKING CHAIRS rock too and fro!

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The way things use to be

The way things use to be

                                            I had an older brother, but I don’t remember when.
I shared his private moments, I still see him now and then.
My parents never taught us how to need and love each other.
So I spent my life at odds with my other little brother.

One time somebody asked me where’s was my family from.
I didn’t have an answer. I was feeling pretty dumb.
Although we weren’t tore up, like families sometimes are.
The times we spent together were mostly in the car.

I had a little brother once upon a time.
I use to wonder curiously if he was really mine.
We had our silly moments and some I can’t forget. 
But the moments that stay with me, are the ones that I regret.

I have an older sister who means a lot to me. 
But we lost our sense of kinship, now we hardly disagree.
It’s not that we stopped talking or trusting how we play.
It’s just that there’s no meaning, in the words we try to say.

My parents were confusing when they took an others child.
I guess they thought they had the love, to last us all a while.
But I spent my childhood all alone playing in my basement. 
I couldn’t help the things I felt. This child was my replacement.

Now I’m just an angry man sitting in my room. 
Waiting for the other shoe to drop, I hope it happens soon.
As I think of all the things I learned and the talents I display.
The important things you think of, are the things that get you laid.

Tomorrow morning I’ll wake up and live another day. 
I’ll call a friend and say hello, cause that will make his day.
Then after lunch I’ll see a guy who will sing and play for me. 
It’ll bring back precious moments of the way things use to be.

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My Mommy Youll Be

My moms the best, no one can compare.
She has her faults, but who the hell cares!
She cooks delicious food, and to die for desserts.
She will even know what to do when your tummy hurts.
I know her favorite color is pink, but she also like orange.
Gosh! I Love Her To Death! Do You Wanna Know More?!
Her favorite flower is a daisy.
Her favorite person is her granny.
Her favorite animal? Yup, a frog.
Her favorite horror movie? That would be Saw.
She always needs water in a glass cup.
And you know when your done with that, you'd better clean it up.
Your always there when I need you in my hard parts. 
Thank you for all you have done, I appreciate every single part.
Ill always need my mommy no matter what.
Cause ill love you forever, ill love you for always. as long as im living, my mommy you'll be.

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you dont listen

you think I got listen to you, 
you just my kids father,
there noting between me and you,
it seem the words take you back to court is your favorite words,
get this Sheena Shenia Jackson isn't scare of no court system or even you,
its just a word that is there, 
so if you ask me you just things to make women scared im not scare of you like I use to,
I have became stronger and wiser, 
I have the Lord behind me, 
I believe in him very strong,
so if you want to bring me back to court lets do this now, 
you are just a man that God put on this earth, 
and I fear no man, no woman and no body, 
I am a King child forever,

by : Sheena Shenia Jackson 
May 23, 2013

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----------------------- Zenith's Blizzard------------------------

Alignments Boldly Cultivating Dimensional Effervescence, Familiar Grey Highlights, Illuminating Joyful Kingdom, Luxurious Mecca, Nimbus Orbs Penetrating Quixotic, Revealing Snowflakes Tranquil, Universal Vantage, Winter Xanadu, Yielding  Zenith  

~~~Entry for Yasmin Khan
~~~~Contest Name: SNOW
~~~~~~ABC Form  (nature)

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ABC story

An apprehensive Amy
Births baby Bob
Carefully cradles cries
Dons dry diapers
Emanates endless emotions
Fraught frantic fears 
Grateful glad greetings  
Huge happy hugs
Innate intuition increases
Joyful jaded journey 
Key kind kin
Learner loving lavished 
Must make money 
Nurturing new needs
Oceans of options
Play pray plan
Quiet questioning queries
Restful rescue remedies 
Seeking soother solutions
Truly tired times 
Uncertain, unforgettable unity
Varied viral visits 
Warm winter woollens
Xylophones xeroderma, x-ray
Yesterday youthful years 
Zestful zoned zenith

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She Lost Her Dad

She lost her dad when she was only one.Now she's fourteen and feeling alone.

Feeling depressed not knowing who he was,asking questions what did he do,where was he from,how did he act ?

As she set there with all the questions going through her mind.Wondering was he like me ,was he a good dad?she just feels so mad.

Not knowing what he was like,making her heart ack each night.losing her dad so young,it isn't fun.

She has a step dad who has raised her since she was one ,who she loves with all her heart,but its not the same.All she has is a picture of him in a frame.

As she sits there wishing he was here
so she could say hi for the first time ,but she knows that wont happen so sad looking at his grave wondering why God had to take him away..,,,

Well at least he's in a better place way up in heaven space where angels fly and nobody cries.......but I'll always have questions flowing through my mind,,,,,,

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The Garbage Truck

As we stop, I pull out my jar of Vic's vapor rub 
I put some up my nostrils, this job you cannot love 
But it pays the bills, I make my living 
Trash day is when people are most giving 
They are selfless when getting rid of what they see as junk 
Whew! That smell from the back of a garbage truck 
I spot a pair of shoes for my kid 
I will wash them first, get rid of the odor of rotted squid 
My niece's birthday is coming up soon 
I found a playhouse with dishes, forks, cups and spoons 
It's family night tonight at home 
The unknown video I found will be shown 
Finding the right stuff is a matter of luck 
It is just my point of view from the back of a garbage truck 
I found a half a bucket of KFC 
I take a smell, it smells as fresh as can be, what a surprise for my family 
Two hours later, the family can't keep their meal down 
They are so ungrateful about the food I found 
I am on a strict budget, I have to find a way to save a couple bucks 
More dinners will be found because I work on the back of a garbage truck 

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 Is her name,
getting into everything,
is her game,
she's as bright,
as sunshine,
and as fresh,
as new fallen snow,
and I love to watch her,
as she grows,
her curiosity beats it all,
even though,
she's 3 feet tall,
her blue eyes sparkle,
when she's done something wrong, 
and you can never be mad at her,
all that long,
her beautiful smile,
will make you weak,
even when,
she's being a sneak,
you can't help but love,
that sweet little girl,
with straw colored hair,
and bouncing curls.

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my heart

Nothing but the truth darling Noor,
My heart is not in the look up anymore,
My Heart will never suffer no more,
My heart was like a desert floor,
So empty, so boring, no trees or ore.
But after finding you,
Heartily words keep pouring out of my soul,
Miles of smiles, loads of kisses
And a real purpose of life and goal,
Completeness, awesomeness I FEEL NOW,
You taught me without you knowing,
That Love never die.
You taught me, love is an ocean,
Whose depths cannot be plumbed.

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Girl Rising

A Young Beautiful girl with so much spirit in her to lift the soul

With blissful hopes to come she would become a queen they did not want

Many loved her beauty as a child but her step mother

Of a selfish dander king family did not like her at all

They wanted all but wrong for her and to lock her in a chamber with ash 
And dust that filled the air

Far away from society king wanted because they felt she was from rags in poor

Stead of riches and wealth a lonely child from the cottage where
The king’s witch of a sister raised her.

She became a slave scared to face the king’s wicked sister

She abide by what she was afraid to go
With a single tear she longed to be free and become
Something more than an average girl.
But a girl that rises up from the hate and dander rules set by one world

She wanted to be free to be loved and liked for what she believed in

As the days went on she grew stronger and rising from the pain in her heart
And by the twisted society by her step moms brother who wanted nothing 
But sorrow and to be down in the dumps of rags 

She took a stand for freedom a stand for love and never backed down
From her past she kept on fighting a battle which seemed endless

As she looked to the moon crying out with screams that echoed in the forest
Sounding so loud half a forest could hear

She took the dagger and the shield took it to her heart and utter words like these
          Lord of the sky’s guide me today and give me much more strength 
    Then I had yesterday and as my will to rise be ever strong may I not rest 
Till this dander evil king is no more

She went off and into the castle she snuck into with mighty dagger and shield with the heavens by her side she struck him out and proclaimed freedom and love to all this is a girl truly rising faith and all that stands for what’s right a brave girl that rises from hate
this is a girl rising up from the pain 

Poem story for contest( Girl Rising )
by brian otoole 8-05-13

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Never Thought It Would Happen

We began so little and young, 
Life beat us bad and twisted our tongue.
You and I walked a pretty rough road I can say
When you stumbled I was always there to make you stay.

Stay and not give up, I didn't give up on you than, so I wont give up on you now, 
We danced our life so brutally and softly, but this time you didn't look my way and bounced. 
I thought we would go on like this forever, but I guess like people say, 
Nothing lasts forever.

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A new face to trace
Covet then embrace
Beloved thy trance
Diminishing glance

Flirtatious on air
Erroneous flair
Gelid, weary streak
Innovations weak

Heroic on flight
Justly proving right
Losing glossy tone
Keenly you dethrone

Mustering the nerve
Obey and observe
Novelty invades
Promises betrayed

Romantically loose 
Questions the abuse
Shine and gloss aloof
Unwoven with proof

Tarnished we believe
Vanished we deceive
Xerox of our life
Wasted upon strife


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                                      CHRIS NWIGWE

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Model A's

      Model  A’s   ( Poem )

Vintage cars that are so old
Classic beauties with stories told

Some with Rumble seats in tow
Owners of these want to show

Antiques from late 20's and 30's
Shined right up and never dirty

Came in only four standard colors
Nine body styles were uncovered

Popular Roadster and Town Car
Four cylinders that worked hard

Sliding gear conventional 3-speed
65 was the top it could keep

First car to have safety glass
Come watch them all drive past

By: Doris Anne Beaulieu

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Lost Valentine

“She was mine” was all he thought
His spark was gone, forever had seemed so long
The gleam in his eye, dulled as days went by
He’d been trying hard to carry on, she was two months gone
He could no longer cry, all life was now, was a lie
His sadness growing deeper, as the world continued to fly by
His girl was gone now, his reason and purpose no longer around
For years he cared, he couldn’t show, but those actions spoke louder than any words 
she would’ve known
His poor tired soul began to appear on his face
His heart numb from losing the one love that who with, his life had begun
Now it was his time to start, for in his heart, he knew……
They wouldn’t be far apart.

                                                    Dedicated to the memory of my Grandparents
                                                      William Lee Neeland Sr. 02/22/27 – 07/10/04
                                                     Pauline Sue Neeland         07/27/46 - 12/24/03
with all my love, #2

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I'm as young as I feel



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The Warmth Of Homemade

The Warmth Of

Cooking, freezing,
and raspberry jam
Beef stew, salmon
pie, and egg rolls
out of ham

Quick party foods
and a hunters
Castle cake, feather
bed, and little
trees for Christmas

Cakes of Dolphin,
Smurf, and Muno
Butterfly, Barbie
Doll with thousands
of views

Baby items, aprons,
and dresses to sew
You can make your
own maple syrup, you

Wreaths, snowmen,
and Christmas logs
are a craft
Helping toddlers
make bird food is
always a laugh

Peanut butter,
sugar, and chocolate
chip cookies
Banana oatmeal, no
bake, and
centerpiece of

Deer meat lasagna
and savory stuffed
Leftover turkey meal
with stuff off your

Pumpkin carving,
candy apples, and
nature hunt fun
Accessories for
creative cakes and
rolls of cinnamon

Game night
quesadillas and
wraps too
More is in store and
waiting for you

By: Doris Anne

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Mindys color (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

Sister, where the hell are you
why do you not answer my calls
you know where I'm at
Sister, I'm at the falls
I'm falling and dreaming
and you are there
in your pink tank
and long, blonde hair
you are kissing my eyes
like only you do
you hear what I am saying
despite what I do
you are forgiving
still forgiving
and her, and me, and you

by kimmy holmes

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My family concept of art

My family my tree
 deep rooted in my heritage
My family my tree
Who I'm the fruit of her
My family fair sky
Where my sun always shine
My family there are my roots
Where I got mine me
My family is my word
My family is my blood
My family is my fine touch
My family is big heart
Who love with no hurt
My family is my love
For that love I love
And I hate  what I hate
My family is my moral code
My culture
And my bank account
Never been out of cash
My family is my fortress
My fortune
My family is not fall out of fashion
My family face is always fancy
My family is what
 you never know me without
My color
My conscious
And my concept of art

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Daddys color (buy kimmy holmes, my daughter)

Daddy, your color is gray
Not quite white
Not quite bright
Daddy, I wish I could know
what color you want 
me to grow
I wish we could love one another
the way you loved my mother

kimmy holmes

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Christmas Time

A long gaze
out the window
you see the cold road
covered in bright
white winter snow
as the cold wind blows 
you hold close 
the hot mug of chocolate to unfroze 
your tingling fingers and toes
tiny balls of marshmallows floating on top
like fallen snow balls that drop
to fill the stockings up with presents
this time of year, is about spending time 
with family and friends, peers
as the nights drawing in
my son's was making his 
Christmas list
i see how happy he his 
and i feel like the kid
holding his dreams, as i kiss
him good night 
dressing up as Santa for the night
the feeling of Christmas morning, as a child
now as a farther i get to see my child’s smile
hands frozen from making our snowman
grab the hat and scarf take a picture that will last
for ever that's how i can relive this moment
in this poem
as we watch as Rudolf reindeer
flying over the night sky
the family round the table festive cheer 
as the night
closes drinking wine and beer 
laughing and joking
gone has another year,
breathing in the heated air
as I'm falling asleep in grandpa's chair......

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Deep Cut

And so it goes 
Why are we here
You can't walk away free and clear
So sad of a day this price we pay
So many hurts have come from this
To think it began with something so beautiful as a Kiss
 God will decide come what may
An get us through this very tough day  

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For Animal Lovers

Ailing baby cats die exacting fear grief having inevitably just killed loving mothers not
only plainly questioning reasons some things understanding vile wrong-doing xanax yields

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For years and years
I have had shelter
Of love and warmth
Of life so tender

And then I took
My first big step
To break away 
From all I had

To join the world
of dogs and sharks
To earn my keep 
And learn to bark

It is so hard 
And I am low
I wish I could
Just drop and go

But when I think
of mum and dad
what they went through
to buy us bread

Tough and low
That this might be
It is what we have
That is, Reality.

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My Biggest Fear

I am only one who hopes that I didn't have a fear
But I do, I do have one
Most fears are being trapped by bear
But mine, mine is not a pun

I have a father that left
He left when I was young
He did no theft
But it still stung

My mother says it was his choice
I don't know what to believe
I could always just speak my voice
Showing her my grieve

My mother says Oh, He's just a jerk!
But how am I to know if she won't let me see
My biggest fear,
It isn't all about me!

My biggest fear is not just to be free
My biggest fear isn't having glory
My biggest fear, is hearing the other side of the story

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Heavenly Dream

he walks around with his headphones in his ears,
blasting music as loud as you can hear,
first its rap, then its blues, then its RnB,
the music stops and he close his eyes to sleep.

R.i.p 'Q' (1-24-12, i love you big cousin) <3

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Best Christmas idea fundraiser
Send donation request letters

A festival of trees to raffle
You’ll get more then a tree of raddles

Companies open to donating
Giving them free advertising

Can even decorate their own tree
A Lego Christmas top it can be

Some trees are chains with hanging tools
John Deere knows how to dress one too

Pots and pans ideal for cooking
Hair salons make one appealing

Banks decorate with gift cards
Some are filled with die cast cars

Musical trees make a great gift
Dolls clothes and bikes are a hit

Movie galore, popcorn and more
A chainsaw makes a gift with chores

A pirates tree with chest of games
To a beach tree the whole family gains
School supplies make a festive tree
One for animals with doggy treats

Check them all out theres so much to see
At my youtube channel made by me

By Doris Anne Beaulieu

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I Will Never See Them Again

“Abide with me . . . , as the darkness deepens,
When earth’s joy grows dim . . . , its glory passes away,
Through darkness and sunshine . . . , oh, abide with me!” 
Repeatedly invoking the grace of God to wash away pains and sorrows,
And also harmonizing in the background with the force that illuminated
The nighty skies echoed this hymn, sounds of instruments and drums!
I will never see those slain guardians of law again,
To share those precious moments,
Like we used to do in the living years!

In that sweltering evening atmosphere,
Police officers in uniform had to hold back tears while saluting,
When widowed spouses, children, colleagues
And parents of police officers laid wreaths to honour
Their loved ones who laid down their lives protecting ours,
In honour of their call to serve and protect us.
I will never see them again,
To share those precious moments,
Like we always used to do in the living years!

Four South African Police Service helicopters carrying the National Flags,
Hovered above the Union Building, as the Police Code of Conduct,
Was acknowledged by the Minister of Police, a sign of
Selflessness of the police officers, who died on line of duty,
And a pledge by all who live on (a norm in the South African Police Services!)
But how much longer do we have to see these guardians of law murdered this way?
I will never see them again,
To share those precious moments
Like we used to do in the living years!

As the flag was flown at half-mast at the Union Building 
All stood up motionless, their eyes directed at the flag,
Amid the deafening silence of the evening atmosphere,
Some sighed, sounds of grief audible, tears oozed
From some of the friends, family members and colleagues,
Thinking of hardships of living without their loved ones.
I will never see them again,
To share those precious moments
Like we used to do in the living years!

Mixed emotions were invoked as friends and family members
Of the deceased were finally walked the red carpet,
In honour and respect, as others` bright shining pride
Lit up the Union Building, others sobbed with great grief,
Despair and deep sorrow during this moving ceremony,
The South African Police Service Commemoration day!
I will never see them again,
To share those precious moments
Like we always used to do in the living years!

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Mamas colors (by my daughter kimmy holmes)

your love so fragile 
made of glass
against my selfish grasp
glass now cut
cut so perfectly
gives me color
with every suns beam
Mama, your edge
is so very sharp
but I reach, protected
by your warrior heart

Love, Kim

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Midnight Skies

Midnight Cries In midnight skies the cries of love drift off to sleep in endless love. For he who heard them. Sent them hope, that God created a world for them. For us to see and bare good times. For no more hurt and devishlish crimes. For the earth which once was good. Is soured and torn. There are no morals or dreams no more. Or hope of good things when suffering soars. For they are crushed by his vast sword. For he who has the greater sin. He has carried and been burdened with. He has been forgotten. In times like these. Because people hearts bleed with disease. For they have burdened him with more sin. They have forgotten the pain he is in. For he so carried his cross with pride. A younge man who was destined to die. No matter what the world does think. This man did live before we did. We have lost our way in darkened times. Like lost sheep we have roamed, away from him. If youd only listen and help to carry his cross. Take the blame for things done past. Change our ways for hope to last. We wont do that out of pride. When he is denied. I feel for him. I pick his cross up and help him off the ground. For he is my brother. Who I have found. He has carried that cross. No man deserved his life in such a lose. Tormented and torturded to no extent. He didnt look like a mere man in the end. He coutinued to stand even after he fell. Showing me the strength of Heaven and hell. For a man so strong, so bold and kind. Showed me what we can do as man kind. He gave his life for everyone who reads this. For those who can not see. Do not be blind Find this man, for he needs you. He gave his life to save you. With your help, you raise his cross. You heal that burden of love. That has been lost. Ease his pain and find your way. For Heaven is a start and hell is a step away.

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Dear Lord (by kimmy holmes my daughter)

Dear Lord 
please receive me
i've been stumblin around
deceivin me
i wan't heaven now
how do I get that?
do I stop eatin meat
stop being me
How do I get to Heaven?
I NEEDS my mama
I need my Sons
I'm lyin
before everyones eyes

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Lost in this wilderness. . I feel like a scared child... Everyone seems so raw n wild... No one to hear my cry in distress.. I search for your hand to hold.. To guide me to a place where I worry no more.. Am so scared, that a shiver runs down my body n soul. . As tears drop from my eyes.. All I hear is there laughter, n see them smile.. Lost in the wilderness... I feel scared like a small child....

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No compassion for killers

I killed my feelings...
For you.
I killed my dreams... 
For you.
I killed my hope...
For you.

You killed your time... 
For me.
You killed your beauty... 
For me.
You killed your future... 
For me.
We killed our love.
We killed our marriage.
We killed our family.

We are Killers.
But we are still alive and out from the prison!

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Times 2

Good things come in pairs
We were born a minute away
In a day of March
Probably the best 

Time passed
We shared some friends
 It was like we were Teddy Bears
We grew up; some kept us both
Others gave us forth

Period of toys ended in some way
We were no longer like Teddy Bears
Our routes divided in two
But there’s still a highway for two
Good things come in pairs
Good things go and come as sun and rain 

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You Mean Everything To Me

When People Say Love is Blind,
For me its You whom i have Found.

Now when you are not Near,
I miss you the most My Dear.
This Phase is where i dislike to be apart,
You strike a  light within my Heart .

In every ups and downs you are with me,We  fight ,argue and frown at each other,
but at the end we know we are together,
Our Love is Rare,llike us there is no other Pair.

Its u who never let me go Wrong,
You are the one who motivates me to be Strong.

Its You who cares for me,
even if you are Now not here,
Your presence i can still feel in this Air.

You have not just captivated heart of Mine,You give me all the reasons to Smile.

I am blessed to have you in my Life.Before you,my Life was  in a Mess,
But your love have compressed rest of my Life.

I want to walk miles with you.Without you i am  hostile.

This is true that love never judges,it never hurts,it removes all the grudges within us, and it converts two souls into one.

The gift of Love you have given to me,I will cherish that till i die...

You Mean a lot to me..i may not able to express you how much close you are to me,
but its true for me, you are my world and everything to me...

Sanchita Ghosh

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Your Simple Mind

Your simple mind is ascending, my souls buried in the dirt.
The pain is never ending, your getting recognition you dont deserve.
Your simple mind is blind, blinded by the fear of defeat.
Its here you give no mind, to destinies others may meet.
Your simple mind is cruel, my minds a warm entity.
No one else mattered to you, mentally or physically.
Your simple mind has much pride, like a king on his throne.
It cant except the time, its name was engraved into stone.
I'll never forget, such a simple mind was still my blessing.
May you peacefully rest, within the luxuries of heaven.

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A Change In The Wind

Your energy was so strong.
The room is now silenced. 
Days go by as they always did, but life will never be the same.
Emptiness lingers all around me.
Although, a new beginning for you.

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How fair is she, this lady, to see
in bright youthfulness regaled.
Impatient too, in tasting the brew
of love's sweet nectar unassailed.

Yet, unfolding strife in everyday life
brings betrayal to dis-appoint.
Turns her dream into a shabby thing -
a drama in eerie dis-joint.

Straight and strong the man has grown,
industrious, fast and free.
He stands at the helm, to conquer his realm -
to triumph in his destiny.

Then, breaks the dawn and a muffled moan,
contention and trouble in tow.
He never foresaw comic fate's fall -
the specter of failure to show.

We scheme and plan, but not of our hand
lay life's future deciding power,
to hold in line circumstance and time -
as God does in the appointed hour.
Daniel 4:35 "He (God) doeth his will in the army of
heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth
and none can stay his hand....."
John 16:33 "In the world ye shall have tribulation".

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Poverty or Prosperity

Is there such thing as poverty, is there such thing as prosperity?
That is a question each much answer for themselves.
Is there such thing as darkness, is there such thing as light?
That is a question you can see for your self.
Poverty is where too much is in the wrong hands, not willing to share or care.
Darkness is the absent of light, light is where darkness is not.
When I look all around, I see light, I see prosperity.
But some see darkness and some see only poverty.
How can we change this picture for others who do not?
Will you share your light with others, will you share prosperity to? 
Poverty, prosperity, darkness, and light; which one do you see?
Will you share prosperity and light with others, or do I have to do it along?
We are not on our own, we are not along, God has made it possible for us all.
Spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, we are not along.
There is a warehouse of blessing, waiting to be issued out, with a shout, it can be done.
There is no such thing as poverty, prosperity is only hidden behind the dark.
Let us together, open our hands, and where there seem to be poverty, prosperity will come.
Where it seem to be darkness, light will come.
Let us open our hands together and it will be done.

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the heiress

Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled the kingdom of love, no people in it, just butterflies and doves. His majesty grows older; he started looking for a heir of his own flesh to rule the kingdom. One day a ghost named 'funny Vanessa' came to him on moonless night to tell him that the true heiress is life and sound, and her optional hideout is now over. A year later the king reunited with his heiress, he hugged and squeezed her into his chest and cried from the inside, as kings are not suppose to weaken and seep tears. One day while contemplating at the butterfly doom, the ghost showed up and sang him a poem written by the peace loving dove on an Egyptian papyrus: 
What a beautiful world, what an awesome year,
What a colorful days I see, so musical I feel and hear,
No more wonders, pains, sorrows, puzzles nor fear,
Skies are so light blue; rivers are so crystal clear,
The days that just went by, is like breeze of fresh air,
Pure and genuine love, the king and his daughter share
Laughter, Delight finally dried up the oceans of despair,
Joyous and festive days the king of love forever adhere,
That his dearest shining star is so touchable, is so near,
Like spring velvet sun rays, sprayed from up there,
His majesty's seed of love is now mature and sincere,
Like a tree of glory, so colorful, sweet fruit she  bear,
Then his majesty prayed:
May your days my heiress and your family be full of joy and cheer.

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Lately I feel like your ATM Machine

Lately I feel like your ATM Machine 
Instead of your daughter
Mom I know you really never was in my life
But now sense you been it just feels like you only want to use me 
And when you don't get your way
you are mad at me 
It isn't my job to support you
I love you
But It time for me to cut the strings 
And for us to go on our ways 
Because you are still not a mother to me 
I hate to do this

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Family Commandments

Family Commandments

Thou shall not pull thy sisters hair. Thou you shall chew thy food.
Thou shall not stay out until Midnight. Thou shall be in a better mood.
Though shall not answer me back. Thou you shall brush thy hair.
Though shall not wear that in public. Thou you shall behave in here.
Thou shall not give me cheek and run as fast as thou art.
Though shall not rush thy homework. Though you shall begin from the start..
Thou shall not scream at every opportunity no mater  if thy lungs be strong.
Thou shall not dance in tantrum. Thou you shall stay home where you belong.
Thou shall not eat me out of house and home. Though you shall get a job.
Thou shall not sit round like a bum. Thou you shall turn into a slob.
Thou shall not fight with your sister. Thou you shall give her a cuddle.
Though you shall not bunk away from school. Or Thou shall be in a muddle.
Thou shall not make noise while soaps are on, if you know what's good for thy ears.
Thou shall not blame your brother, Thou you shall see his tears.
Thou shall not ever worry, Thou I am here for you.
Thou shall not ever be sad. Thou you shall be happy It's true.
Thou shall not ever fret, even though we shall have our fears.
Thou shall never be alone. Thou you shall know we care.
Thou shall always have a life, Though u shall be happy and care.
Thou shall not have a problem alone. Thou you will know we are near.
Thou shall not take for granted, That shall be full of pride.
Though shall never wish for more, with thou family by thou side

By Shirley Moody

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A Sisters Love

To my sister Angie and Debra  here's a poem I wrote just for you  and thank you I love ya

My sisters are one of a kind, without them I don't even know where I'd be at in time.
They always knew just what to say,when i was having a bad day.
My sisters will always have my heart in each way because they were there for me in every way .
To have your sisters by your side,to help you up each time ,is a blessing from above with so much love.
With my sisters we fought,lied  and cried ,but no matter what we went through we were by their side.
I just wanted my sisters to know how much I appreciate  everything they have done.
So thanks for being the best sisters  I could ever ask for from above and I just wanted to show you how much your loved

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Never give up
Garden of hope

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Cris K
Right man to be a husband 
I love him so deep 
So much 

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Think Before You Act

When the lights go out
An the curtains close 
Everyone goes home what do you do
Do you stay behind to study your lines 
And make a fool 
Out of the people that never believed in you 
Do you go home to talk on the phone
Or play games to entertain
Yourself for the time being
Doing activities that are useless 
Should you train for your upcoming games
So you can do your best
To play in the big league  Because that's what you've dreamed
Since you were a little kid 
Or decide to follow in the footsteps of your family members
That never achieved anything
To help but in the family history 
But through everything you've been through
Good or bad
Either way you learn from your mistakes
Once you know good from bad
You should always think before you act

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Macs colors (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

My super star
My Nova
My universe
I am so sorry
I invented you perfect
Gifted you that curse

I"ll watch for your arc
Your multitude of forms
My Rainbow
Surely after the storms

Love Mom

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Grandparents At Last

Grandparents old of grandparents new, 
the special joy that your bringing true! 
Fairy tale's told in the rosy past, 
our first grandson is here at last. 
Fishing trips and ice cream cones, 
lullaby songs until we doze. 
Stories told upon cozy laps, 
sunny walks on shaded paths. 
Butterfly kisses and big bear hugs, 
truly grandparents is another word 
for love.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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More Than I Am

I pull my blinds down shut to end another day
An eerie silence fills the halls with lonesomeness and decay
I draw my sheets back and clear the thoughts inside my head
Because the quietness breaks my heart when im alone in bed
I turn the T.V. on to turn the emptiness down
I hear the voices speaking, but I can't make out the sounds
I look at my bible filled with guilt and shame inside
I havent picked it up to read for quite some time
And with hell I look up to my ceiling and cry
Have You abandoned me too for ever leaving Your side
Lord just light the way and I will come back home
Lead me back to that place I was once before
I know I havent prayed, because I have been afraid
I know I let You down and I was scared of what You might say
Forgive me for ever thinking I could do this on my own
Please give me strength so that I can carry on
And help me turn these pages once again
So that I may be all I'm meant to be in the end
A better friend, a better son, and a better brother
A better uncle, nephew, cousin, and a better lover
Teach me to be a father who leads his child with strong hands
Because I know that You made me to be more than I am


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Hellow, Hallow-E'en

It’s almost midnight
On All Hallow’s Eve
And I’m here to seduce,
Entrance and deceive

Tonight I come calling,
a nightmarish creature –
You’ll cling to the stories
You’ve been told by your preachers

Who tell you that ghouls
Are all in the mind,
But watch out for my presence
Amongst man-unkind

Creeping and crawling,
I live for this night –
I’m a monster most hideous,
My first name is Fright

I’m the truth of your nightmares,
The terror is sheer
And scaring you senseless
Fills me with cheer
I’m the presence 
Who inhabits your dreams
I’m alive in your deep,
Darkest screams

I exist to appall you,
Immerse you in fear
And my day of wakening
Is now, it’s right here

This one night in autumn
I visit from hell
Where I have been watching you,
I know you quite well

I’ve waited so patiently
For this Halloween
So I can show you my real face,
Gaunt, slimy, green

When you first lay your eyes
On the terrible me,
You’ll know I’m black evil,
But won’t believe what you see
Shapeless and hopeless,
I do not exist
In the time-space continuum
In which you persist

I’m other-dimensional,
Invisible, huge
My lips aren’t quite white,
My cheeks smeared with rouge

My hair’s writhing reptiles,
My nails twisted and curled
My breath stinks of Hades –
I’m so not of your world

I slither through shadows,
I suck the life from your dreams
I slurp up your terror
And munch on your screams

You can shutter your windows
Padlock each door
You still won’t be safe –
I’ll rise up through your floor

At midnight, I’ll seize you
And drag you away –
You’ll never see the light
Of All Hallow’s Day

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My Love

Love is real emotions.
Deep concoctions of a confused language
You need two people to understand it.
To hold, love, and cherish it.
You need two hearts pounding and wanting to challenge it.
Like finding the prettiest flower of weed or singing a song with no words.
Just a pile of outrageous, flying emotions waiting to explode.
As if to explode into perfect drops of sunshine and land on candy kissed skin.
To be the only bird fighting against the slow going wind.
As of all these words fighting to make sense.
Its when I met eye to eye with you and it affected the way I went.
It changed my whole direction and made me realize that it was you who needed my affection.
It made the confused language come into my perception. 
Moving words around that makes no sense to a normal lover but a our language that me and you can cuddle.
Throw in the air and find ways as we go.
Make the world ours to be lovers as one.
To find my missing puzzle piece with the heart inside, to find I have the same one with a key in mine.
To find true lovers is oh so rare.
To know some people make it through when the night is bare.
Just two hearts feeding off another, its amazing to me.
That's when we put us in the picture and we become three.
A nice family with the start of we, just to know it all started with a you and a me.
To know love is real emotions.
Its a deep concoctions of a confused language

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My Little Angel

Ten soft fingers to hold,ten little toes.
Bright green eyes,that you can stare at all through the night..
My little angel.
How you've grown,I remember feeding you a bottle every night you would wake up to cry,how you touched my heart each time.
My little angel
I remember when you took your first step,and now your walking all over and making a mess lol.
My little angel
Now you'll be starting school,
How cool,but your still always be my little girl ,my little angel that god sent from heaven..

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No Title

just want to start off by saying, we all know the dangers of drugs and alcohol, there is this one substance though, just one that you have to be 18 or older to buy. I am talking about “The Cancer Stick” better known as cigarettes. Most of the older people in my family and others also smoke cigarettes like its nothing at all, I never realized it caused cancer until older years, but when I found out it was too late, many of my family members developed lung cancer including my close grandmother. That woman would smoke a pack of cigarettes in the snap of a finger, but the thing is she has been doing it for over 20years I would assume. The day I found out she was dying of the disease I was not surprised, but yet she is my grandmother so I felt great sorrow. When she passed it shook my soul, but we know we must move on. The thing that boggles my mind is that the government regulates these substances knowing the dangers, and what do you get a large number of statistics on the deaths of those related to legal drugs, ex: alcohol, prescription drugs, cigarettes etc. But if it makes profit distribute it right? The death of my grandmother along with the death of my great aunt both due to that cancer stick, has changed my mindset drastically on the way things are set up in our system, I wish I was able to talk to my grandmother and aunt one last time, one last time to tell them to put that killer down and resist that mentality, but I couldn’t, why? Because they are addicts, it would take strong support, but see we didn’t have good family support. So unfortunately helping my grandmother mentally was a fail.

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She kept family suidae and fowl
limped afterwards

They came to her for the herbs to somehow
and became afraid afterwards

Moons surround seasons for many unknown reasons-
so we sink into it, just a little bit

Innocent three times, more seasons
Tis the “Hammer” is released and fire lit

Hysteria forms destruction to those light
and the little girl that keeps falling but she has wit
stares at me each time, is my sight

Lost faith-calling
none to begin with

He was tan, belonging
I in blue,  ever sith-
our gestures flew simultaneously upon speckled planks
with several colors around
I found peace in a very lovely sound

Amanda O’Mara


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Family is the strong tie that holds us to the ground when it seems you have lost all that you have found
They are the rock that holds you down when you start to float away
And they can turn your life around,when you go astray
They are the friends that you are born withthey are with you till the end
and when life treats you rough,your broken heart they will mend
Although sometimes you may fuss and fight,and may not always agree
In the dark they they are the light,that shows the path that you can see!!

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march 1st

March first, you are the best
What a one, what a beautiful one. 
Oh God, I got reconnected with the one. 
Today is the day I have long waited for. 
Today I found my C. T, the missing golden ore. 
Today I found my missing soul.
Today i will joy, dance, drink and roll on the floor. 
Wonder! Am I awake, or still am I dreaming. 
Is it true? or am I hallucinating?
 It got to be true! It got to be her!
 I find it hard to believe.  
The missing part of me is a life and somewhere there. 
When I lost her, I lost myself, I lost my soul. 
Just don’t know what to say, 
may be to thank god and pray.  
JUST can’t wait to see her, hug her, and squeeze her into my heart. 
I was a life, but actually not living.  
How could a man live with have of him missing? 
You can’t imagine how empty my life was. 

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                                        As I look at this world we live in,
                                     I try to remember the way it used to be.
                                       The past comes back as memories,
                                      And in my mind, the past I clearly see.

                                        I remember growing up in the country
                                         Where our neighbors were like family.
                                    We would play hide-n-seek way past dark
                                           Hiding behind every pine tree!

                                        We didn't sit in front of a computer,
                                     Or post on "Facebook" what we were going to do
                                       We rolled up our jeans and we went outside,
                                     And rode our bikes through a mud-puddle or two!

                                      These are the memories embedded in my soul
                                     Friends made will always live in my heart.
                                       I  will cherish the past that I lived,
                                        For, of me, it will always be a  part!

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The Three Little Boys

                                 They say the third time's a charm,
        This little boy inside of me.
         I guess we will soon discover 
         Just how good of a charmer he will be.

         I know that my life will become more challanged,
          With three little boys in tow,
          But, you know that i will be a proud mama,
          The world, my three little boys to show.

          So, each night when we say our prayers,
          We will thank the Lord above,
           For six little hands and six little feet,
           And for THREE LITTLE BOYS to love

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We grow up under the watchful eye 
Of these people called "parents." 
They like to walk around 
And act like they own the place
They changed our diapers
And burped us 
And fed us
And they loved us
Some maybe had better ways of showing it than others
But they all did love us in their own way.

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son you are not morethan your thoughts
you cannot out-run your thoughts

                      son you are not morethan your vision
                      oh yes! you cannot journey farther than your inner sight

son listen to the wise words of your father
                  you are not morethan your dreams
                          yes you cannot reach heights above your dreams

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It started out simple, I never thought it through. The start of an addiction so exciting and new.  I could have never for seen how far it would go. If I would have thought it trough I would have been strong and said “NO”.   It started out simple, It was my favorite thing.  I never for seen the heartbreak it would bring. It started out simple, yet so intense, so strong.  I could have never for seen the addiction would hold me for so long. It’s not so simple when the best parts of you break away, day by day. It’s not so simple when your favorite thing is something you hate.  How could I for see what would become my fate?  It’s not so simple when you’re trying to keep from getting sick but with every prick you get more sick; sick of yourself and this nasty habit you keep. I never knew it would go this deep.  It started out simple, it ended so complex. How could I have for seen my life would become this unmanageable mess. Down low in the gutter, ashamed, and depressed. How could I have for seen id be under arrest, for this habit I love, it’s this habit I hate.  It started out simple, it started out great. How could I have for seen id become a felon and in prison id wait?  It’s not so simple, I guess it never really was… time I’ll makes it simple, next time I’ll say no to these drugs!

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We Are The Sunset

Im all his and hes all mine
Together we spend all our time
This is it were in our prime
Minds linked to one another
Bodies may go their seperate ways when desired
Come home to eachother 
The love undescribable
The freedom; limitless
Mental connection unimaginable
Understanding at its highest peak
Feelings so strong, unbreakable
One incapable to fathum the idea of our bond
Night and day, yet we are the sunset
Separate lives, yet we are one; a strong unit between sun and moon
We set the mood; new style of living
Within the depths of an ocean; a relationship 
While swimming freely throughout the sea of fishes; solitary
It's what many covet
This fire of love for one another so strong, we set eachother free in the same 
A form of happiness higher than whats considered happy.

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family portrait

If I fall I pick myself up and try again
Been hurt before but I won’t cry again
My wings are broke but I know I’ll fly again
Cause I was lost with no map
I paid the cost with no cash
No one there for me in my hour of need
They’ll be there when things are good. 
They only care about power and greed
But I could never be a coward or leave
Isn’t anything about that logic that’s sensible
None of that stupid stuff is apprehensible
People walking around like they’re invincible
Like they’ve got no morals or principals
World on my shoulders it feels miniscule
No weight at all
Won’t make me fall
You wouldn’t last a mile in my shoes
Girls yeah there’s been a few
More than life or death win or lose
Been through the storm my skin is bruised
People ask questions like it’s an interview
“Are you depressed, why didn’t you cry when your dad died?”
So I guess I’m heartless and some kind of bad guy
Because I didn’t shed a tear when my dad died
What about when I was 3 he threw a yellow pages book at me 
Which left me with a black eye
Now I’m supposed to lie and act like he was the greatest father ever
Without this man in my life
I made it through the harshest weather
No family to stand by my side
No love at all. I thought a parents love is meant to be unconditional
Raised in foster care
Praying my parents would call just to say “son I’m missing you”
No matter how hard I try I can’t run from missing you
Is it any wonder I idolize rappers and Eminem’s the one I listen to?
Where was my father when I needed advice on girls or for my first date?
He didn’t even send a single card on my birthdays
But I’ve still go R.I.P Dad tattooed on my arm
Age 15 I started to self harm
My head would hit the pillow and tears followed
Cuts sinking in my arm so I always feared tomorrow
**** everyone I don’t want or need there sorrow
All they can do is call it attention seeking
But I look at people who allow their scars on show
As brave and redemption seeking
Does that change when you can no longer mention reasons?
And the reason for your first time’s intentions leaving
So now maybe it’s a mental addiction
Sometimes in life you don’t like what the pencil’s scripting
Cause the more I like you 
The quicker I say you need to let me breathe
You say you love me
The quicker I let you leave
The more you hate
The less it gets to me
Hate is safer than love
But do me wrong and you’ll be dead to me
So to family and friends who have hurt me I have 3 words rest in peace

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To My Unborn

Ten little fingers, ten tiny toes.
What a burst of joy the thought of you unfolds.
Two pretty eyes, mommy’s pretty nose,
The heavens know I long to hug you close.
Your smiling face, your happy coos,
O’er gems and gold I’ll always chose.
A lad or lass, you’ll keep my lips,
Off the old block, the perfect chip.
A gift from God, my blessed gain
To keep me sane and ease this pain.
I’ll hold your hand, I’ll guide your feet
From ways of shame and Gog’s deceit.
I’ll keep you safe under my wings
And fly you far from harmful things.
You will not like some things I’ll do,
But bear in mind they’re shields for you.
I’ll love you true, a love I owe
And try to match the love I know
From Granny’s hands, its soothing glow,
The very hands that groomed me grow.
Your ‘semblance of no import, but then,
I pray you get your daddy’s pen.
This crazy world, we’re born and die,
And just before, we pause and sigh.
But then I’m glad, for when I’m gone,
A piece of me will carry on.

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Broken Souls

Broken Souls  

I talk to producers
of books and
My tormented farm
life strayed my way

Strict sheltered
home and harsh
Today’s modern world
and mental tragedies

Constantly under
pressure, was pure
and healthy
I find I was
repressed by
everything I’d see

Never exposed to the
world most know
By turning on t.v
and watching a show

The day finally
came, I had to leave
To the hard tough
world, I felt so

This blanket of
comfort, unbeknownst
to me
Left me asking for
an angel to help
guide me				

We need guidance for
our mental well
Let politicians and
Parents learn the
true meaning

The book is a true
story all about me
Put into screenplay
for the world to see

By: Doris Anne

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Days filled with bliss,
Night's filled with joy
Looking forward to each and 
Every given day..
I pray that my life 
Reminds the same 
For I am grateful 
For everything 
That comes my way ....

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My Dream

I had a dream of u today u called me and told me it was all a bad dream u didnt have to go away wen i woke up i felt like screaming and crying im falling apart without u here its like a part of me is dying  all i can see is a big smile on ur face u kno nobody will ever take ur place its so hard for me to stay strong with my best homie gone the thing thats hardest for me to accept n comprehend that im never gona see u again that kills me inside wen u left us i feel like apart of me died i dont kno wat to do but all i kno is wen u left apart of me went with you

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     The wrinkles in his face show wisdom and worry
They show years of time on this earth
He has seen many of his friends and family pass on
But, he has also been around for many births.

     His hands are marked by callouses and lines
They share a story of hard times
They show committment to his family
You can read alot in those lines

      The strain in his voice shares stories
Of the way that life used to be
The way life was when he was young
This history, he wants us to see

     So, when we get the chance to listen
Our attention to his we owe
So we can pass on his life to others
So that true history others will know

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The Love of a Step-Mother

I did not expect to take another Mother's child
but I did it with concern and a smile
I did not expect to see hurt, neglect, and rebellion
but I did it with love, guidance and nurturing
I did not expect to worry about room or space
but I took them all and taught them togetherness and grace
I did not expect the long hours of time and care
but I did it with little rest and slept away my tears
This is not a Cinderella story for that is make believe
This is the story that came from the heart and love of a step-mother
I now call Mom.

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The Final Words

I remember many years ago, when I 
was just a lad,
My biggest hero in my life, happened 
to be my dad. 

I grew up with no siblings, in a 
happy home,
And daily as a child, I'd write  a story 
and a poem. 

I'd discuss how my day went and the 
things that I had done,
And put words to my feelings, be it 
happy, sad or fun. 

I'd keep them in a binder, tucked 
underneath my bed,
Well hidden from intruders, near 
where I'd rest my head. 

Many years later, as a teen, my 
parents separate. 
They tell me dads moving to another  

He decided to leave his family and 
work on his career,
Things hadn't been so good at home 
for well over a year. 

I hold in the tears, run upstairs and 
begin to write. 
About the terrible news I got, that 
late school  night. 

I rip out my binders, and sit quickly 
in my chair. 
I write "why do I do this, no one 
seems to care". 

I grab all my diaries, from my 
hidden stash,
 throw them in a garbage bag and 
take them out for trash. 

For many years I never took out a 
paper and pen,
I promised myself this day I would 
never write  again. 

I visit my dad often, til life gets in 
the way,
And visits turn to phone calls as we 
run outta things to say.

He would say that he loved me, I'd 
say I loved him too. 
But our conversations remained 
small, we were never really true.  

I get the dreaded  phone call in 
february '11,
God had come to take my dad and 
bring him up to heaven. 

I go through my dads stuff, and 
what defined his life,
Pictures of dead relatives, my family, 
his ex wife. 

I miss the times we had, even our 
silent talks,
Hidden in his closet, I pull out a big 

When I move the box,  I can't 
believe my eyes,
My family runs in the room, when 
they hear my sobbing cries. 

The writings I had thrown out so 
many years before. 
Were neatly piled behind the box, on 
the closet floor. 

I read through the pages, memories 
flood my mind,
My life as a child so neatly defined. 

I make it to the last page, I find 
written in blue, under "No one seems 
to care"
My Daddy wrote "I do"

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Struggles, a moment of strife.
Where we fight for life
Forgetting it’s all a lie.
A moment we forget what life really means.
We toil and soil not remembering we’ll leave
And then it becomes too late to live.
Even through our struggles,
We try to stay humble,
Though there are times we’ll stumble,
And then we’re troubled,
Which makes the struggle begin to fumble.
Even in life when we struggle,
We tend to worry,
Which then makes the struggle double.
Family is first they say,
But most times, we go astray,
Trying to get our gains,
Through pain.
We slay that bond of family,
By there being no peace and love, cause it was destroyed by we when pursuing success.
And then we forget life always comes once.

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A real man

A real man never cries but endures!
When pains of the world rain upon him he endures!
When the sky is dark and horrific moments come, he endures!
Even on the edges of the deep dark deadly death, he endures!
Not even the reckless trembling rifles of the wars shall make him cry!
Nor the big bad blood sucking bats shall frighten him to cry.
He is the saviour of his of his own territory and 
No other man shall rule his land on his presence, never!
He is a god of his temple and a King in his royalty.

Tell me not about the weak pathetic man,
Who cries to death when impediments comes,
Whose knees quiver and rumple when the worst come
Who sold their manhood cheap with a piece of cake!
Man is no man that cries without enduring,
For endurance is what differentiates boys from man
And boys shall not stay in the same territory with man.

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Loudest Words Spoken

There was once I knew an eccentric woman,
Though some may have called her strange,
Her actions were the loudest words spoken,
Each person she met experienced a change.

For some it may have been passing,
For others a lifelong trek.
For help she never was asking
On others she’d rather check.

Her love for her family and friends
Was more than words can express
To each event she was bound to attend
And she always had the best dress.

Though she is in heaven, smiling from above,
I’ll always remember that eccentric woman
Who taught me that family was a labor of love
And that actions were the loudest words spoken.

~ In loving memory of Mary Lee Weiler

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Jeremy Xamined the Stormy Eaves

Absently I
Brushed the
Crushed ice
Down from the
Eaves and
Followed my 
Grandfather into
His little cottage.

I looked all around me hoping to find any traces of
Jeremy's presence, but
Katherine had been thorough and
Nothing, to remember him by.

Out of the corner of my eye a
Purple flag flapped outside the
Quietly warning us of the
Rapidly approaching
Storm that had
Threatened the lot of

Very slowly I
Worked my way to the window and
Xamined the sky outside,
Yawning for lack of

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A Black Queen

A black queen knows how to handle her castle, her kingdom
Miss queen of the mile beautiful as she walks down the isle
A queen of the mere year coming and going
A black queen knows nothing of any slavery
A black queen of the wheather 
A queen like no other
There are no rainy days in her world
A queen so great she is the sun, moon , stars, night, and day
I'm proud to say that queen is my MOM

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dear deepest lover

                                     Take my hand for it all i have to offer.
                                We will go on this adventure one day together
                                             Dear my sleeping beauty 
                           This is not the end for all this is a temporary good  bye.
                                      Close your eyes for i wish for life.
                                          For this is all you wanted. 
                                            Dear your truest lover 
    I know you can make her happy for she has not been sense you left that dark day.
                   Dear weeping heart dear soul that is stained by which you once held.
                              I will morn and grieve my weeping heart  will never heal.
                                         I loved you tell my dying day.
                  Because you touched my heart in such a special so i always pray.
                            Dear deepest lover dear my sweetish mother.
                                                         RIP  NAN

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alone i stand

Left behind and torn within
tears of pain
and alone at the end
without my family or a friend
Now I have to start all over again
      Each day is a struggle to go on
and no matter what I always have to be strong
       I dont think life is fare
but thats how it is when they dont care
       I gotta do everything I can 
because noone offers me a helping hand
but on my own I have to stand

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Poetry soup Family

                                                Poetry soup, poetry soup
                                    There is so much I would like to say
                                    This website is such a special part of my life
                                    I couldn't live without it for one single day!

                                    As I compose and share my poetry
                                    It appears as if my soup family is waiting on me
                                    For all at once the praises are there
                                    Written just special for me, you see.

                                    And when i share a personal problem,
                                    Or just need a kind and listening ear,
                                    The compassion shown by the soup family,
                                    It always to my eyes brings those tears.

                                    So, this site is not just another "web site",                 
                                    We are family, no matter where we live.
                                    For love can be stretched for many miles,
                                    And love is what our soup family knows how to give!

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A mother's love

A mother's love is

A mothers love is
always there

A mother's love 
will never die

A mother's love is
always comfort

A mother's love is

A mother's love is 
one of a kind

these are the things of what a mother's love can be!

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You ask me if I’m alright
I say “I’m okay”
You say you worry about me
I tell you “don’t worry, it’s okay”
You wonder if anything is wrong
I say, “Nothing is wrong, everything’s okay”
You ask if there is anything you can do
I tell you, “you don’t need to do anything, I’ll be okay”
Then I have to look to see and ask myself…
Am I alright?
Why do they worry, should I worry?
Is there anything wrong?
Is there anything I can do?
Then I know…
I’m not okay
It’s not okay

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A Mother Wife

Martin before our first date,
In my heart I knew you were my soul mate.

At first it was hard for me to trust, 
For i thought in my life i would only find lust.

As i thought i could never find true love,
For i have been shown wrong by the bright skies above.

As they have sent u down to love me,
This i can know definitely see .

As you have made me a beautiful Mother and Wife,
Without the both of you I would be nothing in this life.

In my life you have bestowed Restoration, 
You and Alizma are now my submission,
You both are my world of inspiration, 
You both know fully have my dedication. 
                          For ever with all my Love 
                                                 Love your Wife/ Mother 
In dedication to my loving husband Martin A. Lopez
And my Precious 17 day old daughter Alizma N. Lopez 

                        Written by Katrina P. Lopez on May 3rd 2013

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Life's hidden lessons

I married a man too early in life
and wasn’t prepared to be a good wife.
I believed he loved me and things would be fine.
My love for him would grow over time. 
The years passing by were good for awhile.
Then came a time I could not see my smile.
He cheated on me and I deserved more.
With a heavy heart I went out the door.
We parted as “friends”, which ended one day.
With a baby conceived he went on his way.
He now liked his freedom away from me.
I carried our son -- he didn’t want to see.
Soon after another cared about me; 
I ignored the things I didn’t want to see.
I married that man -- I thought it’d be best.
But soon after that, he was failing the test.
Driven by fear, I mistakenly thought
A son of “his own” was the thing that he sought
I now had a toddler and one on the way;
there was no doubt, I now had to stay.
Things started to spiral out of control.
The alcohol had a firm grip on his soul.
Choosing to leave to protect us all;
I was forced this time to really stand tall.
Now on my own with two children to raise
I examine my life in so many ways. 
My relationships failed, for that I am sad;
but the result of those could never be bad.
Now long gone are those men from my past
replaced by a “true” love that forever will last.
My love for my sons, my two little boys, 
erase all my pains and reveal only my joys.

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You came here children to save a marriage, 
that couldn't be saved. 
You were delivered with all the hope, 
humanity can bring to a new day. 
You came and life was better, 
the childrens faces answered so many questions. 
You came expecting nothing, 
deserving the chances only we can give. 
You came, we failed! 
Now we must all see about tomorrow.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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Letters to my Juliet

Dear little Julie, you have grown into a woman now,
you have changed so much since the time i remember i just didn't know how.
I mean come on your almost as tall as me, and your my baby sister,
each day that goes by i just see you getting stronger and faster.

When you came into this world i couldn't be more happier,
when i took you in my arms and shed a tear i new you were going to be blessing.
And now you grow and grow some more,
i don't even recognize you anymore.

You have a good mind and a strong heart,
i guess that's what a person gets when she's not apart.
Apart from one person that loves you the most,
i just don't want to make you cry with my boast. 

You have a whole life ahead of you little sister,
i just pray and hope that you chose to live your life like a mistress.
Cause if anything else i would die,
and maybe even close my eyes and cry.

I wish you could feel the love i have for you cause it is un-explainable,
but if you try hard enough with all your might, it might be possible.
I just wanted you to know how i feel about you,
I'll love you till i die and i wont say it only a few. 

Dedicated to my baby sister Julie.

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kuch to baaki h


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Today I felt broken 
Nothing I could do 
Except love and stand by you 
In what ever you choose 
You have my support all the way 
And I will be with you every new day
You are a strong independent person
And a fantastic mother too
Your children will always love you no matter what you do 
The choice you've made in life is for the best
You deserve to have a break from the mental stress 
The new path that will be walked  will be hard at times 
but you will always have your family by your side
Have faith in God and he will guide you through
Where ever you live or what ever you do 
Happy times are ahead Without looking back 
Remember 10 steps forward and no steps back 

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The bottle had become my friend and companion
When the sun rises I stroll to my favorite drinking salon
Leaving my wife and children in bed to quench my thirst 
And spend my monthly salary on my best hobby drinking
Till when i feel that I have bought all the patrons a drink

My children are better sitted at home
Than wasting money educating them
My boys are better at rearing my herd of goats and cows
While the girls can assist their mother in cooking and doing home chores
While I their father can drink and do my usual routine; drinking

I abscond from duty because I can’t miss to drink
My work mates remind me to resume work but that’s is none of my concern 
As long as I serve my precious master the “bottle”
If am not the one to leave last the drinking joint last am not faithful
So I make sure I leave last 

Now am sitted all alone at my veranda wasted
Having become a laughing stock by my village mates
I had turned into a greedy father and bread winner
I failed to provide for my family needs
I gave up on educating my children
My wife had to endure regular beatings and insults from me
All this I did under the influence of alcohol
Not knowing that my family was being ruined.

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what becomes of a broken heartache

i dont know why but i wish i new what becomes of a broken heartache.i dont 
know nobody knows its  confusing but 1 day we will figure it out

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Dear Grandma

Theres no one in this world who can compare to you or can even come close
Your the best grandmother anyone could ever ask for i love you most
I know I dont always show you how much you mean to me
Im sorry for all the times I was a brat and how I would be
No matter what I say without you I wouldnt have anything and you mean more to me than you know
Im sorry from the bottom of my heart and the good I will try to show
To you Grandma I wrote this for you with all my love
Everyday your in my heart and in my head your always thought of

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I told myself before she was born I would never put her in any form of torment but it feels like she's absorbing all the horror that's's torture knowing she's not with me and I'm suppose to be her supporter, maybe I think to much cuz i feel all these vultures got get cornered, it's like life has given her some undiagnosed disorder, and she is stuck and no-one can do anything for her. Na I refuse to lose my Daughter to this abuse,I will defuse the fuse that has been lit and not let there be another bruise,I will rescue fer from the flames and make sure she is bulletproof. She will be my invincible little individual I will let no-one get to. Love and care I will supply, for her id kill and die. She is my beautiful baby, one and only Avery

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stand by me

stand by me please , i ask you from a bad place . stand by me. one more blow to the heart could knock me down .one more big blow of the wind could blow me over. lost of balance , swaying back and fourth like a tree .waiting for the branch to break , fall to the ground.hold my hand , feel that heat , the sweat of my palms , nervous of losing everything , holding it down .stay with me , dont leave me . i dont know if i could take anymore pain . being a fellow alone , is worst then being blind and death during a lighting storm . lost on my own.hold me , feel that , the race of my plause , the feeling of blood racing through my vain and back to my control center . my heart , that broken body part . yet it keeps on pumping .

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Longing for home

I can hear the sound of the birds chirping
I wake up to the crow singing in the dawn of day
Thinking to my self where am I?
What am I doing here in a foreign land?

Loneliness creeps in to bite me under cover
Gazing out the window makes me feel stubborn
Eagerness is fading as the time goes by
The aroma of coffee in the pot pulls me out of cover

Out to the world I go
Thinking to myself what a fool I am
As the days go by, I feel my steps are drawing near and near
At last my journey home is coming to an end

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Christmas Lost

 Christmas Lost

A Long 
Long Time Ago...
There was a moment I saw the music in the leaves
Winter turned in to lights among the Christmas trees
Looking up and down the street
I smelled the musty screen looking out my window
alone among the changes  that left me in a breeze
I looked at all the lights and knew every thing would change
some how I understood nothing would be the same
Illuminating all the ruff hopes of the living adults
Because poor as poor as we could be
Yet I saw on  Christmas Day 
Adult eyes tears of Debt they would see
A cry of laughter on what Santa gave
Radio Flyer to the kids delight.
Tommy got a pennie tonight
Mary rocked her  doll all night
and I slept with my new 
kitten all night.
I Now understand
All Parents

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nothing matters

When I was young
there was shame in being poor
a sandwich for lunch
No snack or drink

When I was young
we didn't worry if our socks matched
as long as we had a sock on both feet
We were ahead of the game

When I was young
Mama gave us 3 meals a day
Clean hand me downs 
and a twin bed met with 4.

When I was young 
my siblings and I were our 
favorite things to play with
and fight for.

When I was young all
was fair in love and war.
I wish when I was young 
we were all young. 

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I wish you more joy, 
than sorrow, one can give. 
More love than, 
your heart can confine. 
More laughter, 
than tears. 
More courage, 
than fears. 
More memories, 
than any precious stones. 
I wish you more sunshine, 
than darkness or shadows. 
More comfort than, 
trouble or pain. 
More grace than, 
gratitude needed. 
And more days filled, 
with rainbows than showers.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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Ride or Die

I am down for your thug life
I will ride or die for you because you are my man and I love you
If you are in that gang I'm in that gang
I am your Bonnie to your Clyde

We ride or die for the BLUE TEME 
us and our new family is going to take over the world
I am down for whatever
I love that my man is thug now and I love thugs

I am down for you and nobody is not going to take that away
If you want me to be Gansta Boo aka Thug Misses I will
If you thug I'm thug Ride or Die right
You ride or die for me I ride or die for you
All that matters that we ride or die for each other
and for the Blue Teme
Ride or Die

Vanessa Brown

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Writing on The Wall

I’ve seen the writing on the wall,
It’s so clear now, I get it all.
These unfriendly voices that I hear,
Are now too much for me to bear.
Friendly smiles I thought them be,
Their deeds belie their pedigree.
They whisper words that ache my soul,
I see from them intentions foul.
Once so calm, I let all slide,
But now no more; that boy has died.
That peeping Tom, so much in need,
Has had his fill of mortal greed.
He’s had his fill, the light has shone
His peeping, longing days are gone.
It’s all too clear, he needs desist
From chasing bonds where none exist.
The island man, standing alone,
He’ll forge his own from blood and bone.
So as I end this honest verse
I shove those bonds up in a hearse.

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Prince Obi Wan

Prince Obi Wan is not a morning dog, you see —
He grumbles and he fusses, when awakened,
Just like me!

Wherever I am, You will find him there,
He is my flame through time,
That shall never fail,
With him, I have not one fear,

He howls his complaints,
When things do not quite go his way –
Yet even still, he is the best part,
Of any given day!

He sings with heart, for all to hear,
He gives each song, all he has,
That is –
My Prince Obi Wan, my little fur-man,
Now his body has gone,
Yet even still, his spirit remains,
I feel him each place I go,
He will always be with me,
This I absolutely know.

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Don't forget me

Tonight I sit here staring at pictures of my kids
Wishing how I could redo the past where 
I would have my kids back in my arms again
I remember when my oldest daughter was standing at the door screaming mommy 
Please don't leave me here 
All I could do was cry
My two youngest ones was a little to young to understand
Ever night I go to bed its like a re enactment
I'm doing everything to get you three home
But all my dad can do is brag on how good you got it 
Where your at with your foster mom
Well when he talks about it makes me feel like crap
I was a good mommy
All miss you three so much 
Never Forget Mommy Loves you

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Salty tears and razor blades
 The pain drips slowly from my skin
 Physical pain sets in, emotional pain subsides
 Then begins again
 When the pain builds inside 
I want to escape 
I want to run
 I want to hide
 I can’t hide from myself 
I do this to cope
 When I’m down low laying broken on the floor
 Left with no hope
 In the moment I want to fade the hurt
 I slash my pride 
Demean my worth
 See myself through your eyes
 It’s your distorted perception of me
 False esteem, iniquitous lies
 It’s not easy living in an unhealthy mind
 Wrapped in a warped sick self 
I start to unwind
 A bawled up knot 
Frayed at the ends
 Then I realize when I hurt my self
 Its to my loved ones I must make amends

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Poem About Me

I was raised up poor I had barely in love I never really have a mother who care I never really have a Father Because he was to busy beating and touching me in ways a father shouldn't. Yes as I am older now It has had taken toll on my life I try so hard to forgive but I can't I have a brother and sister So my folks didn't need me I had never sleep overs I never had a real family time together I was just reminded daily how much My family didn't want me There are to this day I just sit and cry because my heart never heeled from the pain. I know am not perfect but who is Every chance I get I pray Because I want a life filled with happiness for once And because of my child hood I want to become someone To show and prove to myself That I can do better. I am just unpolished diamond that is waiting to shine.

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Autum's Fall

Two silhouettes together, 
under the light of the moon. 
The hooting of owls, 
are singing a scary tune. 
Dark shadows fly past us, 
but your arms hold me tight. 
With thoughts on your love, 
I lose fear for the night. 
The pumpkin that glows 
on the steps by my door, 
seems to be smiling, 
makes me longing for more. 
The moonlight in the sky, 
shines down on the ground. 
Glistening the leaves, 
that covers the ground. 

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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Relationships are the greatest predictors of happiness
Healthy ones tend to support our joy and appreciation.
The best way to keep mentally healthy, happy and strong
Can be summed up by love, trust and admiration.

One of the most rewarding things, each of us can do
Is the acknowledgment of others and their fears.
To promote their happiness and sense of worth
By our love, concern, laughter and tears.

Staying eager to display are willingness
To recognize our support from others.
Where would we be without the people we love
Friends, mom, dad, grandparents, sisters and brothers.

We treasure our relationships and pray to maintain them
As they give us our passion and purpose in life.
 Cherishing our family, our faith, our country
Our honor, our husband or wife.

By Tom Zart

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Sacrificial Mother

Sacrificial Mother

I gave birth to you,
I sheaded blood and tears for you,
Nearly died trying to keep you from harms reach.
I gave you a warm home,
 on those cold winter nights.
I showed love and sympathy when others wouldn’t,
Don’t you soon forget child, 
Who was always there for you.
Love your Sacrificial Mother.

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Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Train (

Well we certainly did it last night
When we went grocery shopping, there was a slight oversight
The dog will not eat his regular feast out of the bag under the sink
But he won't go thirsty, he will have plenty to drink
He's a good old boy, he will not complain
We're having Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes topped with the dog's Gravy Train
The chunks seemed to soften as they were put on the stove to bring out the flavor
The family will find out if it is something a person would savor
The smell was quite odd, not bad, not good, just odd
Maybe this would be gourmet in some areas abroad
As the kids sit the table, with the plates all the trimmings
The secret item is reduced to simmering
Everyone is ready to hear about the brown chunky stuff on the potatoes, I begin to 
We forgot our usual Mc Cormick's instant, so we had to Fido's Gravy Train
Everyone at the table looked at one another
I hand the first plate to their mother
The next serving I passed to our daughter of  age three
Then the next one came to me
I took one bite, the chunk shimmied down the throat
My stomach instantly began to  bloat
The three year old took a bite and passed gas with the sound of a Whooping 
Needless to say we gave Fido back his Gravy Train

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Believe The Dream (The Lament Of Saint Nick)

Drifts snow upon the road - shines stars like diamond spark,
above the sodium glow of streets - falls omnipresent dark.
Blaze bright the window panes - translucent curtains drawn,
curls smoke in charcoal twists - the long descent to dawn.
Await the children there - quilted and cocooned,
eyes closed in sleeping trust - on dreaming isles marooned.
Faith no more lies pale - yet burns with love inflamed,
fanned by the breath of hope - and innocence reclaimed.
If only adult minds - that drain 'till they fall cold,
could feel this dream again - turn rusted thoughts to gold.
Then they would know full well - the love of ancient kings,
the wonder and the grace - of joy in childlike things.
Bright visitor returns - his yearly, ceaseless quest,
with eyes of gleaming frost - and gifts of timelessness.
In morning tide the eyes - of children hold his gleam
and all things may be possible - if they believe the dream...

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Come Rest With Me

God saw you getting weary, 
He did what He thought best. 
He put His arms around you and said, 
come with Me and rest. 
He opened up His Golden Gates, 
on that heart breaking day. 
And with His arms around you, 
you gently slipped away. 
It broke our hearts to lose you, 
you did not go alone. 
A part of us went with you, 
the day God called you home. 
And with this poem I write, 
I bid to you goodbye. 
Rest in peace my loving parents, 
I'll see you on the otherside. 

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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Blue Bird

Blue Bird

All alone inside of my magical little paradise called my mind is an peaceful and quiet, the sun is like a gentle kiss on the cheek, and the people are just so warm and friendly but watch out because if you open your eyes everything you once knew will be gone. This magical little realm has an bloody little twist to it. The sun that was once as comforting as an warm blanket was in fact the glistening moon and the empty black sky, and the people are now all blood thirsty monsters that are no longer affected by the sun light are now out for blood.

I run to escape the sickening but yet oh so enticing scent of blood and failure, I run to escape the screams of those who's lives were cut just too short, and I run to escape the sight of the undead, blood thirsty zombies who are on the hunt for others to join their group. I'm running, running to safety and security but all the time there's nothing but pit falls and traps. I'm running and success isn't that far away but just then I see prince charming I stop and become distracted by his promising words but just then he too becomes a monster. I scream and try to run but I just can't you trap me in fire and I can't escape. 

My mind goes numb, I can feel the darkness further enclose around me, my mind goes blank, and I forget about everything. On the inside I'm screaming, fighting, kicking to get away but on the outside I'm a love sick puppy. I know I'm stronger than this but there's something about you that I just can't get over. Just as the darkness seems to grow closer an light appears and an blue bird fights off my nightmare monster and takes me back to my snowy paradise where I'm safe and at peace and I continue my lonely dark and cold path to my brightly lite future with the little blue bird by my side reminding me that I am and will forever be loved by both my family, people who actually care about me, and god.

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I Pick My Nose

Inside my nose lies my kind of treasure
Each dig brings no gold, but a lot of pleasure
Most times it's the right nostril that's clogged
With the left side, when I blow out, I can whistle for the dog
My girl and I used to be very close
Until she caught me picking my nose with a pair of her panty hose
When I pull out chunks of green and a lot of slime
I feel like I committed the perfect crime
Everyone is cautious with the ice, I grab it with my bare hands
They all gag, not one of them undersatnds
It's compulsion, something I have to do
So don't get grossed out when I do it in front of you
There are time at home that I use a vaccuum cleaner hose
No matter where I am, private or public I still pick my nose
On Thursday, we are having a pot luck
I shall fry my own chicken, a family recipe I call Southern Cluck
I feel so priveledged, one bag of ice saved just for me
I am astounded, at the pot luck, no one tries my family recipe
I am a very sanitary person with a very noticeable habit
Maybe next time I will bring marinated Rabbit
I just wanna know why you find what I do so gross
I can mix a drink for you while you explain and all the while be picking my nose
Either way you look at it, of my nose, I am still in charge
I wonder often if someone has fingers that are too large
For them I feel bad they can't clear their airway
I clear it probably six or seven times a day
If I can't flick it, I wipe it on my clothes
Watch for sharp, dry objects left behind,this is one of the hazards when you pick your nose
This is dedicated to all of you nose pickers out there
Men will sometimes pull out nostril hairs
Women normally pull clean
Unless your name is Butchy McQueen
It is stuffed so you blow and blow
A finger irrigation can bring it under control
Don't dig so hard that you cause a nose bleed
No matter how often you harvest the field, the nose plants new seeds
I myself, never use self control
Even at lunch, when everyone is featstin' I still pick my nose

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726 days

726 Days

726 days
726 days until I’m gone
Like a Leaf from a tree 
Or a bird from a nest
I’ll be leaving home
Moving on from the past

I’ll be moving on from the moving
From one house to another
From week to week 
Or month to month
From a life I created 
Only to move and create again
From packing and unpacking 
And finally just leaving things
In a box
From wondering when
The next move is

726 days 
I’ll be moving from not having
Anyone to talk to 
For the first fourteen years of my life
From not having a true friend
Or someone’s shoulder to lean on
From not having
Not knowing 
What family truly is 
From the cold un-functional life
I have lived for fourteen years 
Until I finally saw
The truth

I’ll be moving from all the bruises 
Ones that have covered 
My arms, my shoulders 
My legs and my back
From all the hand marks
That has landed on my face
And the scares on my heart
From the wounds deep inside 
From being told
How useless and horrid I am 
To see, and the shame
I remind them of 
Being said I was a mistake 
One that should be forgotten
From being told I will become 
Nothing and believing it all 

726 days 
Until I will be leaving the ones 
Who bring up memories
I would soon like to have left alone
From being reminded and reliving the experience 
Through my nightmares
Nightmares where I see the evil in there eyes 
The horrible smell of their breath
The press of their weight on me
My tears running down my face 
Their fingers 
And their bodies 
Tearing my insides apart
Violating me 
As no child should ever be violated 
Over, and over again like its happening again

I’ll be moving from two little kids
Who I have raised 
Who I have taken care of 
Feeding and protecting them 
And although I may miss them
I will be letting
Them making their own decision
Whether to stay 
Or come with me 

726 days 
Until I leave that life
And walk into another
Where I can finally settle in 
With a friend 
Who has showed me true friendship
Who has listened and helped me 
With my past 
Who has reserved judgment 
And shown only kindness and friendship 
To move in with her family
With open arms and a smile on their faces
Time and time again 
And treated me like their own 
Who has shown me what family is 
Who I can never tell how grateful I am 
No matter how I try 

I’ll be moving in 
726 days…..

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colleen laforme

C is for caring
O is for opps
L is for loving
L is for literacy
E is for elected
E is for exited
N is for natural

for a very close friend colleen laforme

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Confused and don't know what to do. They give me the choice to give 
guardianship of my child to someone I know or loose her for good. I am torn in 
two. They say that they will take her sooner or later if I do not do this now. Can I 
really risk that? I can't think straight right about now. They want a decision right 
now but how can I just say yes and not feel like a failure. The world seems to turn 
around me, yet I can't feel a thing. I am numb and do not know what is going on 
around me. This is hard. They want me to just give her up without a fight and I 
don't know if I could do that. They mentioned Aaliyah today and how I couldn't take 
care of her. For pity’s sake I am only 17. My heart is torn in two and though I know 
it is for the better it’s a hard decision to make. They say I can get her back when I 
have my feet on the ground but am it really true? I never thought that I would be 
caught in such a situation, wow this is for real. I am so confused.

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Bitter Sweet

You never even saw him
as you lay soaking up the sun
tiptoeing with that bucket.
Six years old and out for fun.

The look of shock in your eyes
as the water broke your sleep
I laughed so much; sides ached
as from my eyes tears did weep.

You chased him round the garden
mock anger in your strides.
Always allowing him to escape,
giving him time to hide,

or at his birthday party
you dressed up like a clown.
All the other kids declared
"You're the bestest in the town"

Fake foam custard pies,
you faced them all the day,
never once did you cry "no more!"
"Bring it on", is all you'd say.

Rewinding all those memories
a playback to yesterdays
I live the future in the past
My present in disarray.

I remember it was a Winters day,
the snow had come early this year.
You had promised to go sledging,
our sons eyes shone with such revere.

I felt a little anxious
protectiveness, a lump in my throat
you held my hand with confidence,
your voice held that inspiring note.

"His time has come to learn to fly,
to take on the world outside.
You have taught him just and well,
now his instincts must be his guide."

I watched you both disappear,
into the white blanket, feathering down,
A nervous smile painted my lips
trying to wipe away this worried frown.

All day I kept myself busy
watching the time; so slow.
As night approached with shadows
I paced the floor, to and fro.

The knock came from nowhere,
startling my captured thoughts.
My mind racing, fractured ideas,
calm, hysteria, battled and fought.

two uniforms greeted my open door
eyes looking everywhere but at me
they had bad news. Two people had died.
The car left the road, wrapped round a tree.

My husband, my son, taken away
leaving me alone in my grief.
The spectre of death had paid us a call
stolen my family, a heartless thief.

Videotape memories don't replace whats real.
The tears, the laughter, all gone.
This house, no longer a welcome home.
My continuing life somehow just wrong.

As I slip into sleeping pill death
I hope the stories are true
that as I reach the doorway to heaven
there waiting will be my son and you.

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I’m lost without you in my life,
My heart aches for the love of my mother,
You should be here for me,
I know the words that I spoke, 
Were not right before you passed,
I never got a chance to make things right,
Although you were my aunt,
You were the closest thing,
I had to a mother, and I couldn’t have asked for more,
Two years since I last talked to you,
And word comes that you have passed,
So young, so very young,
You had a good life before you,
That you will never know,
I pray that you found God before you passed,
So that I can see you when I get to heaven,
At twenty-eight and so much to live for,
I want to say that you are still alive,
But I know the truth,
I wish things were different,
I will be lost without you Tia. 
RIP Meghan Marie Galaviz

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Where was his helmet

Into the midnight cold he rides; 
a chance travel, on the wild side; 
this is the vision, that always repeats, 
whenever I think about that curvy Rockford Street. 
Alone he travels on his way home, 
until a mystery sends him flying into the air, 
and has him crashing into the ground far from the road. 
Where was his helmet? O’ where was his helmet? 
In pain he lays all alone, 
until two-friends rush to his aid, 
and frantically made emergency calls from his phone; 
paramedics arrive and relieve his friends, 
as his journey into the unknown slowly begins. 
Where was his helmet? O’ where was his helmet? 
Now in a hospital lying on a bed, 
with nothing but sheer pain streaking through his head, 
mom rushes into the hospital with one of her sons by her side, 
the other son was in Iraq unaware awaiting R&R and waiting on his airplane ride; 
a devastated mother and a saddened brother both watched as the youngest sighed, 
eyes watery with tears as they watched him slip into the cold night. 
Where was his helmet? O’ where was his helmet? 
I received the terrible news while I was in Ballad waiting for a good plane, 
instead I was rushed to an awful flight and my heart felt immense pain; 
I begged and I pleaded with God, 
Please O’ please let this plane crash and let everyone but me live, 
I love my youngest brother take me O’ Lord, take me instead; 
he is too young God; he hasn't truly experienced life, 
my goodness he was only twenty-eight and never had his own family, nope not even a wife; 
by the time I made it to Rockford it was too late, 
my youngest brother was forever gone as a chance travel sealed his fate; 
tears in my eyes the pain still burns deep I must admit, 
with only one question in my mind; 
Where was his helmet? O’ where was his helmet?

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i miss our family

i miss our close knit family 
we held together through thick and thin
then our family lost two of its anchors
thats when the drifting first began

mom was the strong and loving kind
four children she raised all alone
sometimes life got rough for us
but mom made our house a home
then one fateful day back in nineteen ninety one
our world fell apart that day 
because one of our anchors was suddenly gone

then our older sister she tried hard to take mom,s place
it was good for a little while 
but soon cancer reared its ugly face
then one day in two thousand and five
mom came to take our sister home 
leaving just a few of us 
to try to just survive

but now as this old year ends
and the new one come with GODS grace
our family is not the same anymore
i hide my tears in disgrace

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My Little Guy

Little fingers ,little toes, big brown eyes that glow.
Little giggles and little wiggles.
My little guy that grows.
Little steps to start to make a mess.
My little man I love no less.
Your my little alarm clock at night and my little bright eye at light.
Your mommy's little browned eyed

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what is home they ask
where does it exist
is it a place in your mind or heart
or is it just a myth
home is not a place that houses expensive 
toys and treats
home is a place inside your mind that 
exists only when you please
home is where the people are who truly 
count in life
and how do you know which ones they 
are,i ask this every night
you try and figure who builds you up,who 
makes you a better person
and who tears you down,throws you 
around and helps you not to learn
god's lessons are in a deep disguise that 
we know nothing about
until the time comes that we get there and 
are ALLOWED to figure it out
where is home,with 
friends,family,laughs,good food,good times
or is it where you feel at peace in your own 
heart and your own mind
or is it both?????

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My Roses

                 My Roses

I love roses for they are so beautiful
At a wee time I was a rose 
I have a rose that always blooms 
I have two as a matter of fact
They are my world never dies in my heart never abandons me
I couldn't live without them for they are my roses

Her smile could light up the world if it ever crashed 
In my moms heart there would be no hurt no poverty nothing that goes on in this world
She always protected me always shielded away which I grew to love 
I would want my wee rose to see that as well
For my roses will always bloom in my heart in my mind in my soul they will never abandon 
They will stay with my spirit and we will be three roses that always will bloom
Every season every second of the day and night

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Growing Beauty

Growing in warmth of your heart, 
as grasiously as God has chose. 
Showing it's tenderness to the world, 
as does the beauty of the rose.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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ABC Poetry Form Trial

Almighty God
Blessed is the birth of Your Son
Christ, our Saviour
Despair or hopeless I feel
Eternal, continous and Perpetual
Free me from being hopeless, I ask of You


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Days pass...
Seasons change...
Months meld into years,
And we stand looking back at our lives--
Childhood memories,
Exciting moments,
And turning points.
In january we think of new beginnings;
In february of valentines,
First dates,
And first kisses.
Does ever a day pass without thoughts of our wonderful lives?
Surely summer evokes backseat memories of seemingly unending trips.
And don't november and december bring to mind family traditions and celebrations-
Held tightly through the years?
Like ivy on the garden trellis,
Our lives are inescapably entwined with the seasons and months of the year.
Childhood memories,
Lighthearted incidents,
Cherished traditions,
And the dreams and spiritual adventures encountered in a lifetime of living.
Will take you on a journey through the times and seasons of your life.
It makes a tangible family record to pass on as a gift to a son or daughter,
A loving memoir of written words that are windows yo a mother's and father's heart.
No matter what your age,
Memory and reminiscence open a richer,
Fuller understanding of who you are as a family.
Let this memory be a starting point--
A door into discussing and sharing the unique qualities of your life.
May reflections from a mother's and father's heart draw you closer to each other as-
You share the experiences of a lifetime.
And always cherish your loving memories!!!

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Its the time of year when everyone gives thanks together. Its when we show appreciation for one another. The table is full with food made with love. Your grandma made a pie for you just because. Laughter is filling the room and food is getting passed around. Everyone at the table loves that sound. Sweet potatoes,pie,turkey oh my. The family is all at the table having a blast. Talking about how thanksgiving came so fast. The food is brining a delicious smell. We know this all too well. The family is finally reunited. Everyone is so excited. Cherish the time with your family and friends. everyone is so glad that the can meet again.

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life's insight

I had to be strong and not falter
Remember our wedding day?
You ran from the alter
Didn’t want to talk to anyone wanted to be alone
Remember our conversation on the cellphones?
You expressed your doubts
And began to shout
Recalling a fight from moths ago
When friends and us all went out

I embraced you with words
And foiled your concerns
We both couldn’t ignore
What our hearts yearned 

We shed our tear
And shared a cry
Look at us now 
We’re doing fine
2 years later a beautiful lady
Hugs, kissed, and endless smiles
Expecting our first baby

What a good mother
 You never scold
Lilly Ann we hoard like treasure
That’s our precious gold

We shed tears
And shared a cry
Look at us now
We are a family with our own house 
And we are doing fine

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Angles Around Me.

                         Angles around me.They are there night and day.
                         Every time I need them.They are there.Every time
                         I need them.They are there shineing there light
                        down on me.Angles all around me.



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Dont grow too fast
my little girl
stay as it was
"Our" world’ s a twirl

Your little houses
and cooking games
those cute blouses…
Just stay the same…

Dont grow too fast
it’s not what you think
stay as it was
Yought is just a blink…

Your highschool club
and little pains
your first ever love…
Please just stay the same…

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Morning time


Every morning at four, I hear the slamming of the woodshed door.
The rattle of the poker and the smell of wood smoke, wafting  through the air.
It rolls its way up the stair to where I am sleeping there.
The smell of homemade bread, toasting on the large black kitchen stove,
With coffee perking.
There’s honey and home churned butter, oatmeal hot, and brown sugar sweet.
Milk is ready to be strained and put in large steel milk pails.
Auntie’s in her Kitchen but has Uncle George to meet.
Now done with my breakfast and out the door, I run.
Up in the battered rusty truck, truck I jump, and so does good, old Shep.
It’s off to Grandfather’s farm we roll.
The sun is coming up on Brett Road, and smiles across the family farmland.
I see my Grandpa Billy and Great Grandpa Rufus comes with a limp
Outa’ the chicken coop, with brown eggs in a basket, as the cat’s wrap around his feet.
He comes up to greet with a large toothless grin and great bear hands he grabs and hugs me, His little JoAnne.

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Red, gold, yellow, green and blue
Are the colors of Christmas, which glow.
They help us feel their value within
As we travel our way through the snow.

Red stands for passion, anger or desire
Gold is the steadiness of love.
Yellow is fear of the unforeseen
Green and blue are the stars above.

The luster of Christmas can be yours
Most anywhere at a nearby store.
To purchase and adorn your tree and home .
Celebrating life, Jesus and more.

By Tom Zart

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Its Simple

when people ask me , why don't you try  hard to impress people. 
i simply tell them this.. 
when you smile all the time = your to happy all the time 
when your sad = your depressing and not fun to be around 
you dont have a boyfriend = your square 
you have a boyfriend = your a slut
you have one friend = your a loser 
you have more then one friend = your trying to hard to be popular
you act a little silly = your imature 
you try to be marture about everything = your boring 
you dont try hard in school = your a loser 
your try hard in school = your a nerd 
you love your family = your weird 
you tell people about your family problems = your seeking attention all the time 

you simply cant impress everyone. and everyone has something to say about your appearence , the way you walk , talk , smile , shrug.. ect. 
so i will simply say to you all.. do not try and impress people.. its okey to try hard,. 
to talk about your social life around others . and if they have something to say... tell them to simply go away.. 

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Take it to heart when someone says,
" Hard work is honest living! "
My ma used to say it in a convincing voice,
when we gathered around the table
for many delicious meals;
and we couldn't start eating
before saying, " Grace "...
" My children, God gave this to us,
and must be always thankful
that He provides for us! " 

" Hard work is honest living ",
I won't forget this proverb so rooted in truth...
as I go through life with each blessing;
if we forget to thank God, all our days,
we deliberately ignore the wonderful gift
given to us through His kindness!
Lift up your praying eyes, and see what's worth;
simply make that commitment!
And remember that everything we have received so far,
was the persistent prayers of a firm believer like ma!   

Very few people believe in these words,
" Hard work is honest living! "
They like getting paid for something,
which was done by somebody
who had a different set of beliefs,
and that credit they didn't deserve,
because not even an ounce of sweat perspired 
from their cool skin by not using their hands! 
Be glad to perform your job with full honesty;
every dollar you'll earn, will make you proud!

Unfold your banner, you fearless laborer;
there's no shame in doing odd jobs: 
your head must be held high and your righteous heart
must rejoice before God for your integrity!
Your children will pick up your yoke and carry on
that tradition, so that no farmer and carpenter would feel inferior;
and where would their food come from?
And how their house would be built without the strength of the builder?  
Think quickly:  laziness makes the idle mind depend on someone else;
look around yourself, which one prospers:  the lazy one or the hard-working one?

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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grandma and papa

Everytime i get ready to leave
I start getting anxity because I 'm going to miss you guys more than you can believe,
        Even if it's just for a short amount of time when I go, I still miss you everyday I;m gone and more than you know.
        Your more than just my grandparents, Your like my mother and father and my bestfriend it's not going to be easy to go when that shuttle bus arrives I can't even pretend , My love for you guys is so strong it will never end 
        You guys are my everything,Without you I would have nothing,To my heart you are my Queen and King 
         Only for a short amount of time I will be away,But it's hard because I'm use to seeing you everyday,On my mind you stay therefor it keeps me going and I'll be okay 
          I Love You Grandma and Papa  see you when I get back ,You two are so special to me dont ever forget that my heart is home where you guys are at

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red, white, and blue

the stars and stripes the field of blue
gays and rights are kept to use 
in military and the government
this is better than drugs used 
to say why a government likes the gays
the bloods are tainted just as the flags 
so if on the battlefield why not use 
pink for body bags this aids infected 
thinking of this type a gross negligence
of thought is your presidents bought
strange to perfer a disease to spread 
than the honors of men who bled
for lives to shed on a transfer of blood
seems like a bunch of crud
this mental government on a self destruct
spit on us the drug using bunch
for this choice to keep in america weep
the fields of honor shamed by this 
you want such bleed your gays out
turn it to powder cost it to rains
and watch its shows pink its power
to aids infect the world at least 
then all hope is not at loss 
the fixer!!!

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from the side line

I watch from  the side line as you walk for the very first time. Tears strolling down my face, 
wishing that I could be there watching you. I long to hold you in my arms and never let you 
go. It's hard knowing that someone else is raising you, when I am your birth mother. As I 
see your sweet little face with a smile so wide that I want to just pick you up and hold you 
close. I hear the word moma come out of your mouth and I ache inside. I know that I gave 
you up so that you could have a better life, but it still hurts to wake up and know that you are 
gone. I love you baby girls and I know that one day mom will be able to see the both of you. 
I watch from the side lines as the two of you grow up to be the princesses that you are. I 
long to be the one waking up with you in the middle of the night when you're sick or have 
had a bad dream. I know it just can't be though. Mom is only 18 and she needs to get her life 
together. So I watch from the side line hoping and praying that one day you will understand. 
Understand why I gave the two of you up to have a better life then I could have gave you. I 
love you Aaliyah and Kierra.

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I am faced with a problem.......

everyday i am faced with a problem.
problems of love.
and problems of life.
but i know that if i hang on
i will make it through the sorrow and the pain.
because i have friends and family,
who will always stand by me.
there is one inparticular,
her name is Brittney
i go to her when i am sad
and she always seems to understand.
she gives me advice.
and helps me cheer up.
everyday i am faced with a problem
but i always know who i can count on
when i need a shoulder.

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they  are  very   different .you  like to  spend  time  with them.enjoy  life  with 
them.your  family  will always  be there for you.

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most  people  like  holidays  and  some  dont  or  they  are  always  grumpy  on  
holidays.mostly  the  children like  holidays.lots  of  family's  spend  time  
together  and  have  lots  of  fun  on  holidays.

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123 nurse says push babies first breath babies first cry baby looking mama in the eye beautiful site
 123 baby teething baby shots so many tears mama wishes she could stop yet learning 
words and making friends well half way anyway teaching that no no can go both ways
 Shes mastering abc's and saying thank you and please all in 1 2 3 she might even be a prodigy
1 2 3 everyones applauding at her first speech and shes going out for ice cream chocolate her favorite flavor without the cheery on top just to sweet
daddy kisses mama on the cheek at least hes not not drunk just happy when  happy drunk he tounges he punches walls not tonight hes happy cause shes graduating
 1 2 3 shes about to pop the question daddy mama can i have a boyfriend an argument quickly ensues daddys mad cause mamas not taking it serious enough she laughed that was the wrong thing to do at home the girl goes straight to the room.
1 2 3 the arguing has finally ceased but theres a creaking down the hall 123 theres a stranger entering the room its to dark to see but she knows its her daddy hes come to give her a whippin at this time of night and hes telling her shes deserving of it all and tonight he says hell teach her about life 123 this this is wrong and they both know it hes going to molest her hes going to wreck her at 13 when she had her whole life ahead of her
 1 2 3 bang theres a gasp mama pulled the trigger daddy took his last breath theres blood on the  bed mama holds her daughter and cries
123 ambulance announce him dead on scene mamas put in handcuffs daughter goes to foster care mama in jail until the court date life is hell for the both of them till the judge speaks his peace he says for the crime commited i give you no time for protecting your child from a monster in the dark but i give you three seconds to leave this court room before i give you more than just community service and in 123 they escaped the courtroom to freedom never looking back   

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My blue eye's golden girls

My blue eye's golden girls like my blue sea's your hair is
like gold your heart like a golden vasle of strenght in
times of trouble you come to me like a dove on the 
sea's, your heart is pure silk that covers my sorrow,
and pain, as I look out the universal window of pain
I see you in the distance and your eyes become my
peace and Glory, Glory unto the spirit of the universe
in rest of his arms we found peace, joy and laughter
in the mist of WAR and famine,  as July comes and
we all celebrate his birthday in America, ( his Lady
his Glory) we will dance and sing and watch America
lite up her skys, in Glory, Glory amen.  God no name

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Harmony in Marriage (ABC poem)

Anxious brides carry doubt,
Each female,
Greets him intoxicated,
Joining kingdoms love,
Men now obedient,
Pre qualify responses,
Staying tomorrow united,
Victorious women,
Xerox yearlong zeal.

I am sure this will strike up some controversy,,for sure...Maybe and then again maybe not !!!

ABC poem for contest.

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from your brother your angel


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Wanting The Old Mom Back

How can you keep this up,when all you do is keep messing up.
Promise after promise you make,but they all seem to break.
You want me to believe you but how can I when everything you say is fake.
Take another drink or another pill,just so you can get the fill,forget your kids and how they feel.
Crying every night asking where you are tonight
I don't like what you keep doing,it's
hurting my feelings.
I want the old mom back, the one that didn't have to put on an act.
The one that didn't have to tell a lie every time.
The one that didn't make the twins cry every time you'd say goodbye.
All I'm asking is for the old mom back ,is that asking to much from me?
I just want you to see your not only hurting me.
I love you mom but I'm taking a stand,I'm tired of all the misunderstands.
I just want the old mom back, I hope you understand.

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ABC Mommy

Although babies cough, dead effort finds growth happens intensely, just kind love, most noble ones parent quite restfully since they usually vow with xinshi youth zoos.

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Sleep makes us happier, healthier and sexier
Though millions of Americans suffer without.
24 –7 = TV, sports, video games and deadlines
Make us wonder what life is about.

Cigarettes, booze, coffee and the new born
Can all rob you of  precious sleep.
Being broken hearted over someone lost
As you lie without them and weep.

Multitudes pop the little green butterfly
Or some other pill to obtain precious rest.
Making time for prayer, love, laughter and song
Improve our sleep to endure God’s test .

While sleeping we dream of now and here after
The good, the bad and who we wish not to be.
Passing our burdens to the hands of God
Who fashioned all we hear, breath and see.

The magic of sleep sustains the heart beats of life
Our ability to reason, overcome and succeed.
Without its presence, we wither on the vine
Victims of exhaustion, worry and greed.

By Tom Zart


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Fresh Start

My stomachs in a naught 
I cry because I'm angry,empty, and invisible

I want a fresh start, new chapter to my life
I hate it here I want to leave

Drowning in my own pain
I want a fresh start,new chapter to my life

You're angry because I'm leaving, but I need to start feeling

I need a fresh start, new chapter in my life
No anger
No emptiness
Not invisible 

Just a fresh start

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For You

  As I lay my self down to sleep I give to you my soul to keep
 For u I would take a stand, to keep our love strong I'll do anything I can
Everytime I feel your touch which i dont feel enough, Its like Im begging 
for your love! Its like im invisable to you why cant i be what you need!
The pain and suffering that I have allways known tends to stay with me
as I grow,My nightmares has lengerd threw all these years I have shed
way to many tears! When i meat you my heart was like coal , I'V never
been showed love as you no , But yet you show nothing now,
In the bagning a light shined on me and It was you , Then I was no 
longer haunted by what men put me through! Now that I have meat you 
This monster you have slain And every day being with you keeps me saine 
Love deciet dishunesty and pain cover my soul like the distant rain 
 wanting your love  me pushes me insaine  Cant you see your
all I have For you my love is pure and true ,you dont even have a clue 
its hard for me when your not near losing you is my biggest fear.
U and Elissa are my family ! Something Iv never had And I would 
go to the end of the earth to get it back I need for us to be togeather tell 
the end ! But do u? For u I would do anything I can!
I say I love you because I do in my heart mind and soul And you know  its true For 
you Id gladly
give my life in hope that one day ill be your wife

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please don't go

please don't go mom, please don't go

i need you around, this much i know 

you gave us birth, but you get up and leave

ealy anything you say anymore i can't beleive

we scared and youleft our side

so you can do what ever, and from us you hide

please mom please mom please don't go away

well i guy we will just wait for you in this box for just a few more days

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dance when you can.
there are different ways of dancing.
there's slow dancing.
fast dancing.
but every time you dance......................
your dancing  different.
all you need is music.
then just dance dance dance!!!

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When I

When i first met you I never would have imagined that I would have such strong feelings for you.
I never would have thought that I would dream about you
or miss being by your side
or get butterflies when someone mentions your name.
when i first met you i never would have thought
that i would love you.

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Heart's Warmth

                                                       Heart's warmth came at birth
                                                  Though my mother was not my kin
                                                   But, when she touched me, I knew
                                                   That love was now and then.

                                                        Hearts warmth was always there
                                                    The love I would always know
                                                     You could not tell we weren't flesh and blood
                                                      No one ever saw it show.

                                                         Heart's warmth was always true
                                                       Shared from heart to heart
                                                        Hearts' warmth will always be there
                                                         Just as it was from the start.

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new baby

this is a true story just so everyone knows hes my nephew from doris.

           he was born in saint joe's hospital.
             he was born at 2:10 am.
           born march 25 2008 wich seems to be the day im writing this poem.
          he weighs 8 pounds and 1 ounce.
         he is very cute.
        he's got some big feet but his feet are cute.
         he is doris lee's nephew.

i wrote this poem becaouse i just went to see him just got home an hour ago so i 
thought i would right a poem about him becouse im onley nine and he's my 
nephew i just love him so much i would write in this poem his name but i dont 
really no how becouse his name has different ways to spelling his name.

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E aster

it's  a  little  holiday.the  children love's a time you  sit  with your  family and  
friends and  have  some  fun.some  people  stay  home and  others  go  
can  paint  hard  boiled  eggs  and  have  so  much  fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No one is immune to the pitfalls of stress 
Though some seem to avoid its toll.
The three qualities that set hardy people apart
Are love of challenge, commitment and control.

People who are happy tend to see challenge, or change
As an opportunity for growth not a threat.
Their commitment means involvement and engaging life
In marriage, children, the work place, the battle field or debt. 

Those who rate higher in their duties of commitment
Feel more meaning and purpose in what they achieve.
The third trait control, is essentially determination
To have triumphs in life by how we respond and  believe.

There are skills, habits, and traits to adopt and cultivate
Which help make the smart decisions we depend on for life.
It also helps to take time for prayer and self evaluation
To make sure we haven’t changed from the dilemmas of strife.

Optimism along with positive thinking come naturally
When our need to serve others we refuse to deny or ration.
Contentment takes hard work, grit, faith and spirituality 
Lots of love, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion.

By Tom Zart


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Us As one

You and me are as one 
As one we are never apart 
Your love for me is never gone

our son is apart of us and we are apart him
We have a strong bond and strong love
when we are married we will have a stronger love and bond
We will not let anyone come between us

I will help you in you time of need 
You will help me in my time of need
You are that special man that I can come to when I am down and when I am 

You and I get better in time
I am down for you like you are down for me
Thats how it has to be Us as one
Us As One 
Vanessa Brown 
For Antwan Woodberry I Love You Baby

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The ABC's of Memawship

The ABC’s of “Memawship”
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Adore angels. 
Bring blessings.
Carry cuddles. 
Deliver delights.
Enjoy embraces.
Find funny faces.
Give giggles.
Hug happily.
Invigorate imagination.
Jubilate jiggles.
Keep Kisses.
Love Laughing.
Mentor merrily.
Note nonsense.
Ogle oodles 
Pick posies. 
Quilt quilts. 
Rear righteously.
Send something.
Tote tons of toys.
Uplift uproariously. 
Voice victoriously
Wiggle waggles. 
Yap youthfully.
Zing zealously 

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Endless loop

Tears fall down like crashing waves
Pain that follows me through everyday 
Broken and abandoned 
I turn to myself 
No one else is left to help 
A darken space where family should be 
A rotten taste as they make me bleed
Torched everyday, for words i dare not say 
A year and you ran from that place 
Beaten and forgotten, in the world you had no place 
Yet I'm going countless years strong 
With no way to tell this is all wrong 
Love was never taught yet numbness made the learning curve 
I dream as if one day it will all go away 
But I know tomorrow is just the same day 
I hate hope more then life 
Yet without it there is no reason to fight 
Hope is better then nothing 
So I hold on tight 
Dreaming of a day without fright
So I dream of things Ill never have
Pretending one day it wont be this bad
What else is there to do 
When your stuck in an endless loop 

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Millions of dewdrops greet the dawn,
As hungry of bees buzz the clover,
Dazzling butterflies flutter about,
As moms give love the world over.

Lessons learned at our mother’s knee,
Last a lifetime till we grow older,
Popping up when troubles accrue,
Like a whispering angel on our shoulder.

Gods gives us friends that mean so much,
Children, fathers, sisters and brothers,
Though far, far above all the rest,
No one loves us more than our mothers.

In and out of friendships, jobs and partners,
Our mothers always remain our evening star.
Those who where born to a selfish mom,
Make the rest us realize how lucky we are.

How great life is to have a good mom,
Who reads what we feel but can’t say.
Nothing means as much as her tender touch,
And for all who are without one, “we pray.”

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A sad holiday

My routine eats at me day after 
day it's always the same time 
for some change a different 
light a different perspective a 
different world it's a damn 
shame how this time of year is 
suppose to be the happiest but 
for some odd reasons all I see 
is misery hatred rudeness and 
people wonder why this is my 
least favorite time of year 
what's the point broken family 
in a broken home never really 
been the same see happiness 
and it depresses me wondering 
if I will ever experience that I'm 
a cross between misunderstood 
and confused I want to enjoy 
the holidays but why something 
bad always happens this time a 
year I lose a friend a friendship 
dies family members fight the 
true meaning of christmas it's 
not Santa Claus it's not 
presents its happiness 
forgiveness family and friends 
and all I wanna do is be as far 
away from everyone as I can 
no one needs to see my 
sadness or feel my pain 

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Like the Best of Sisters

Looking for a sister?
When one's right under your nose?
I wanna be your sis
in every problem
I wanna help you grow
Even if you are older
If you do something
I'll appreciate it
If something causes you pain
I'll brush it away
I'm here to help
I'm here to love
You and me
Like the best of sisters
You and me
One in two bodies
I'm here for you
You're here for me
You and me
Like the best of sisters 

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Brother, I have my own path

You whom I built my life around, brother
You created a bound that was unmissed 
A line of love built with memories 
Now, you’ve decided to move on 
A sister with out a brother, her shadow 
I’m left here to think about what went wrong
The bound declared on me 
I forced my self to believe 
Now I can let go
But my brother I have awakened
I can let go and walk my own path
For I my brother am no longer in need of your love
I need you no longer to help build my dreams 
Or walk the path of uncertainty side by side.

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Ketchup Stains (

There is a place that I will never eat at again
I look back at the nightmare when I was ten
Back then not much of a strong stomach to endure what I did
This horror I couldn't keep hid
First of all, you know that back then, when they used the fly tape
It was full of its intended guests and dangling  three inches from our plates
Some were buzzing and squirming to get free
The scene was already getting the best of me
Welcome to the eatery that leaves you emotionally drained
The name of it is Ketchup Stains
One paper napkin issued to you as you walk in the door
If your table is not ready, you sit on a dirt floor
Sometimes you see a bug or two
It is almost as if the bugs  are not afraid of you
Everyone shares the same utensils and paper plate
That is why with multiple orders, you take turns eating, while other family 
members wait
As you sit  impatiently suffering from hunger pains
The place is crowded,  with free bathroom admission at Ketchup Stains
You ask  the waitress to refill the glass for you daughter
You watch as she dips the glass in the Horse Trough to get the water
You ask the waitress where is the ice
She says when that table there is empty, you can have theirs, now won't that be 
I ask her why do we have to share, this is insane
She says, this is all part of our hospitality at Ketchup Stains
I tell her don't expect a tip for your service
She says give me a reason to modify your food and make you nervous
I tell her it's time we go, cancel the food
She asks where did I grow up and become so rude
We have a history of everyone leaving happy, no one complains
Ya'll come back soon, share a spoon and enjoy some family time at Ketchup 
By the time we left there, we had a car full of hate
It bothered us so much, that night, we took flight and moved to another state

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Over any man who feels lost without love
God gives women divine powers.
They can break our hearts or deflate our ego
And cause us to buy diamonds and flowers.

They have compelled kings and presidents to beg
Wild singles to commit to change their way.
Loving us with pleasures problematic to replace
With flashbacks of their passion night and day.

Women mother our babies who we love till death
For us to raise, protect and provide for.
They contribute revenue, affection and direction
With love, companionship and more.

They insist we never abuse or disgrace them
Cheat, lie or take their love for granted.
Which helps us to become more than we are
In love and totally enchanted.

By Tom Zart

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Something that cheer me up is YOU
Something that wears me out is YOU
Something which is unsaid is YOU
Something which said it all is YOU

YOU are the smiles who takes me to miles
YOU are there when world seems snare
YOU talk to me for long n show me way to get along
YOU wipe my tears when am out of all gears

YOUR tender care are sacred
Where I have always been catered
Dear YOU treat me as your own
As though am a part of your home

" Thanks for being YOU
   For YOU are my STAR
and I live to live for YOU.........

(Dedicated to a brother in CHRIST : Ashish Masih)

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Love Life and People

The love of life
Surely, full of strife
There is no bad
Okay, sometimes we feel sad
The joys of happiness
Far exceed the sadness of loneliness
The clan of friends
Definately mends

My faith in life
Kept me from serious strife
Of emptiness
And the quiet of wilderness
For love is surely with me
I know that and surely you can see
That peace within your soul
Should empty that role
Of anger
Which leads to danger
That I may feel sad
While I sit here in my empty pad

So lets not be too cold
And avoid the mould 
Of empty lives
For whoever is happiest surely survives

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So slow to show
what is happening-
and to care

Ways to speak
ways to live

There are ways to live-

Glimmering moments in green
can be good or mean

Packed in blue
are the two of you

Slow to say
words on edge
you air

What is happening there?

Close to see
you and me
in a time

You and me
all the time

The five are wondering

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A Poem for my mom

Mommy I'm sorry,
For never listing to you,
I'm sorry for not helping out much,
And also for making you shout a lot,
I never meant to hurt you
or make you cry.

I never meant to doubt you or even scream and fight with you,
I tired so hart to be good,
but never really achieved
because I didn't think I could
Please don't regent bringing me into this world
because I'm so geld it was you 
and some old cow
I never meant to take your love for granted 
and chuck the biggest tantrums
I love you so much.

Even though I don't show it 
but I'm writing this poem to let you it 
please know it's true
because I really do love you....

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little momma

Hey, little momma
I've stood in that same line
I have the same marks
I've put on my makeup
and held my babies
held my head high
I've stood in that line
little momma, keep on holdin
just keep holdin on
learn, learn to change a tire
learn not to cry in public
always say what is right
and your child will one day
will take up your fight
little momma, you're alright
you're just tired 
but you'll be ok
little momma
you and the babies will be fine

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Memaws color (by my daughter, kimmy holmes)

We ALL have color
our color will fade
We accept this
Not dissapointed

For a Few it must be
Our color is set free
Leaving our stain
Till our loved ones can join us

for memaw

by kimmy holmes

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IM writing what I call a poem story.
IM writing this poem story,
for all the fathers just like me.
 Who wasnt giving a chance to be a daddy.
My first job was working on a golf course being a caddy.
Watching the fathers, and their sons playing golf.
Wishing one day I would be a daddy.
But that wasnt meant to be.
My dream was to get married and raise a family.
Be come a proud father and a daddy.

My first wife delivered to me.
A bundle of joy,a baby boy, we named bobby.
I was a proud father as I could be.
When I saw my son smile and look at me.

My first wife delivered to me three more children.
At last I had a family.
Needles did I know,I was a father.
 But never had a chance to become a true daddy.

I got us a little house,and a blessing from the LORD.
He gave me a good job at a motor company called FORD.
The more I worked to put food on the table.
The harder I worked,the more my wife and I drifted apart.
Finally one day she left us all alone with broken hearts.
I never really knew reason for leaving and her reason why.
She never even said GOODBYE.

Some time I look back to the past.
I asked the GOOD LORD,were we to young, and had a family to fast?
I tried to keep the family together,but it was hard on me.
So the CHILDREN DIVISION,step in and took the children from me.

My children didnt understand,they said I was to blame.
My oldest son,was so hurt he even changed his name.
From that moment on,I knew it wasnt meant to be.
Never again was I giving a chance to be a father or a true daddy.

GOD saw I was fit from above,
And he sent me down another ANGEL to love.
Her name is BARBARA,a mother not giving a chance to be a mommy.
 I am a father,that never giving a chance to be a daddy.
But together with our cats,GOLDIE,and CALI.
BARBARA and me love each other,and we are still a family.

Sometimes our lives,dont turn out what we want it to be.
Even though we never became a true mommy or true daddy.
BARBARA and me love each other,and we are still a true FAMILY.

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                                    what is my reason for being.......

                              is it to be your one & only ; a mother; your
                              lover; a worker; something special; someone
                             new and fresh; maid; a servent; a short order 
                             chef; your angel; to live one day at a time; all 
                             that I am and more; all of the above or perhasps
                                             something more

                                            What is my reason..........

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 GOD knew me when I was in my mother's womb
 HE framed me in the inner dark room
 When I was out, family was with smiley Shouts
 How fragile my life was with love and care
 But life with GOD was just not there.
 Gradually grown with parents help 
 They did all to make my wealth
 Their Cares gave me loads of health
 Still can't find my LORD to dwell
 Once got the BIBLE in hand 
 Journey started to read and scan 
 Took time to understand
 But when SPIRIT helped me only then I can
 Life with GOD was beautifully seen
 How lovely was my steps and scenes
 Changed my life with pros and cons
 And journey with LORD was full of songs
 Life with GOD filled me with LOVE
 Transformed me inn and the seeds were grown
 Frictions headed in my life though
 To sparkle my life like a Diamonds Glow
 Yes pains were there but JESUS beside
 Journey with GOD was HOLY and Right

 Life with GOD is Full of Peace
 When family asked me where have I been
 My answer to them was sweet and clean
 Life with GOD is now Full of Roses
 My Message to ALL is FOLLOW JESUS ! :)))

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I know I’m still here so far, far away,
As I fight for what I believe is right.
I wonder about you and your mom,
Every moment of every day and night.

The loneliness of war can drive you insane,
If you don’t get letters of concern from home.
Left, right, behind and ahead,
Death awaits leaving love ones alone.

We pray to God that we will be saved 
To return home or live the here after.
Bloody, dirt-covered men, we see everyday,
As we yearn for those times of laughter.

The far off stare of a fallen comrade,
As you stay by his side till his end.
No mother ever carried her infant child,
More carefully, than we do a friend.

Many have their own personal diaries,
To help keep their faculties together.
Watching hot steel crash into human flesh,
Always makes home seem far away and better.

I’ve become an expert at dodging, weaving and diving,
So try not to worry too much about me.
Just help your mom and stand up from the ground,
And while I’m gone be all you can be.

By Tom Zart

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Darkness secret

They tell me that they can help me.
But why cant they see, Im suffereing.
With a mind full of misery,
and a heart full of pain.
I take all of the blame.
When they question me they put me to shame.

Can they see behind these broken eyes.
Can they see behind all these lies.
As the blood pours from these wounds.
No one sees, the pain I feel.

This is my world, its all so clear.
This is me, all I wanted is to be left alone.
I would give up everything just not to feel 
this pain anymore.

All the things come crashing down on me. 
All these things so deep within me.
Some days are okay, but then my world 
falls apart and turns to grey. 
So many tears wasted.

Just want to make this go away
help me make this go away.

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Mother's Day

I seen the child sit on her lap.
I seen him smile with a laugh.
For she is a mother but not his.
But she is a grandmother.
Of all of these kids.

She is funny, she is more,
for she is an angel sent here.
Her talk is to great
she is so wonderfully bright,
like the sun's rays shining on the Earth.

Such an influance to me,
she took me and embrached me in her arms.
Mother's Day is on its way.
So say something special and do a favor!!!

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I love you

My love will always follow you, 
even if you are far away,
or if it even takes a day,
my love for you is all i know,
so let it love,
 let it grow

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I never knew how life could be. Everyone always said just wait and see. Its hard when your on your own. You miss the sound of your parents tone. You are so far away. You were a child just yesterday. You have to make your own living. Its hard because your parents were the ones giving. You always thought that being grown up was fun. When you you were a kid you always wanted to be one. Now things are different the world isn't the same. How fast it goes is just a shame.

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can u feel what I feel

Can You Feel What I Feel?
Feel the pain I see In me.
No matter how hard, you just can't see.
The pain is dangerous, ready to go off.
Forget that you think I'm soft.
I just can't win, for I'm a curse.
Outside of me, Just can't be.
Hate the way I look at me.
Can't stand the whole from beneth.
Just carry me off in this life, a hurst.
I Can't help it if my egg was first.
Wished my dad had that rubber.
Wouldn't really matter, like he knew to cover. He must of been drunk.
Because he sure wasn't sobber.
Now my life long forgot before it began.
No wounder I'm so Messed up.
This is the cuts that gets me.
But, why else would people do it.
It's the only puzzel that fits.
This is the agony that really hits.
Now you feel it. 

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Arms Wide Open

                                  Arms wide open
                                  And a lot of hoping
                                  Arms wide open
                                  With soft words spoken
                                  Arms wide open
                                  And no more mooping
                                  Arms wide open
                                  Are here to stay
                                  And hold onto each day
                                  Arms wide open
                                  And to cooping
                                  Arms wide open

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My second chance

Is it possible that i have found the one i am meant to be with?
A possibility of a second chance at love?
A possibility of not being alone ever again?
Someone that won't hurt me?
Someone to share my life with?
Someone that will listen to me?
Someone that won't judge me?
Someone that will love me for who i am and not what they want me to be?

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you take my hand
gently trace my palm
inspires me
reminds me
of my mom
love and innocence
slumbers with us
in our bed
it's not said
but it's strong
my lust for you
it's even
always just on time
but I'm satisfied
just knowing your mine
my knowing hand
is always in your hair
so content and safe
knowing you are there

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Children identify with our fears
Where adults share our dreams.
Life is a mystical journey
With laughter, sadness and schemes.

A never-ending quest of struggle
Where everyone has their role.
Sometimes wrong, sometimes right,
Facing problems, which take their toll.

Even the beautiful someday shall fade
As year after year they grow old.
With aches, pains, wrinkles and grief
The answers of a lifetime unfold.

How long will we be remembered
For better or for worse?
For being tender and understanding
Or just another person’s curse.

Truthful and honest with family or friends
Staying clear of any who lie or sneak?
Guarding against actions selfish, and cruel
Free to be generous and unique?

After death who will miss us
When to heaven we have gone?
Will family cry our name in tears
As in their hearts we live on?

By Tom Zart

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for lovers


If I die tomorrow I really would not mind
I say this because I have lived my time

and I thank God for every moment we share
even if we argued I still knew you cared 

so when I leave this earth 
and they burry me in the cold lonely dirt

I will ask god watch out for you
as I will always do 


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This is the flag that shall never fall,
a flag woven with as the widest ocean,
and red as the blood sustaining my heartbeat evermore;
empires rise and fall, this one will endure furthermore,
and under the watchful eyes of the Almighty,
I foresee a renewed prosperity, not calamity! 

They tried to tear it down and strip it of all its glory,
the mighty towers crumbled down and turned into toxic dust,
and still that flag was raised on the piles of debris
by the brazen firefighters of the greatest city;
and while this city breathed death everywhere...imagining the worst, 
the Good Samatarians pulled many out of the infernal ruins!

Be proud, Americans for your bravery is long remembered,
and you, hard-working folks, who came from other countries to lead a better life,
loyalty and fortitude are the virtues to fight the dismayed and arrogant enemy;
all join in to sing liberty's anthem...God, our Lord, is listening!
Be assured that your flag shall never fall, hold it up with all your audacity;
and nobody can ever take it down or defile it by burning it with fire!

Wave, O brave Americans, the flag that shall never fall,
I am the foreigner who has praised its peaceful quest from the very beginning,
and will for endless ages through my poetic voice, which will never be silenced or die!
Let me sing with you, O fellow Americans, and share your fervent pride;   
I will pray for those blessings that are a joy to be received, 
so that your country remains safe and your flag shall never fall! 

My poem is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the September 11 attack on America

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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About Mom and Dad

Sometimes I began to forget how life use to be,
and have to go through the box that holds  our memories,
Memories of when you and mom didn't fight,
and all of us lived under one roof,
when there wasn't two of every holiday,
and step moms or step dads,
Even though I was young I still remember the day you left,
and mom didn't cry cause she knew it was coming,
I can't help but to think of how things could have been different,
and how it would feel to still love you dad...

My life with my mom and dad was never good nor was my life cause
I am now a single mother of two girls and my oldest is Austin but it's lies bumps I 
over come and the only way  i can deal with life and everything is to wrote 
poems....So thank you all for enjoy reading my poems

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Ryans color (by my daughter kimmy holmes)

He's my wildflower
growin in my garden
burstin with colors
I didn't know were me

My wildflower
takin over my garden
the most beautiful flower
I can see

I'll pull out my roses
I'll move my rocks
my garden is wild
is free

Love Mom

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Melody of four sister's

Once apon a time
There were four bird's that sing, 
Who made a difference to the world
with two sparrow's that graced the sky with
there heavenly wings.
For the sparrow's had four queen's
(Jina, Tara, Shannon and Trina) 
Who's love for them is priceless
and nothing was above all mean's, 
For these bird's made beautiful music together
Silhouette strings
Soft Key's that blings
and the beautiful sounds of the flute that rings
bought happiness to the forest of harmony's
For the heaven's has blessed these bird's with a
king and queen Brenda and Roy
Who's crown's has bought inspiration, dedication, 
love and joy.
Bringing a circle of love to a family which consist's
of a mrs
a mr
and the melody of the four sister's. 

Tiffany Saxon 

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I miss you

I miss you lots grandpa
You dont even know
I miss the way you smiled it even glowed
I miss the way we would always play
And how you would say
Kelli will you scratch my back today
I miss all the times you sang to me
It would always drive me crazy
But the one thing i really miss
Is the last time you gave me a kiss
You were in the hospital
I felt so bad, not only that i felt sad
Then you passed
After that my heart felt like shattered glass
I couldn't stand the pain
It ended up going to my brain
Well thats all i have to say
Eccept for "i wish you were here today" 
I miss you grandpa

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cookies that hurt

Life went south with Jimmy Buffett
I'm gonna write him
cuz I'm still hurt, stupid, drunk
But see, I still gotta get up
Need to go to work
Help folks
It helps, to help 
you know?

So I'm makin cookies for my growed up babies
cuz tomorrow, it's Valentines day
I got these heart shaped cutters
Kneading the dough I say

Babies, I love you
I will love you no matter what
I press the dough into heart shapes
with all my heart

then someone says
someone tells me
and I guess that they would know
"you're the worst mother"
and it flattened out my dough

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rest in peace

Hey grandpa, we miss you,
how you doing up there?
Now that your gone,
there's a different feeling in the air.
Grandpa I wish people didn't have to go,
I wish life didn't have to be this way.
We all know that you left in peace
so we'll try our best to make this a happy day.
Today we will celebrate the life of a beautiful man
A father, brother, cousin, uncle, grandpa,
and every place else you stand.
We will honor this day and remember all
the special moments we shared
There was lots of laughter, and lots of arguments,
but at least we can say we cared
In the little time I've known you
it felt good to have a grandpa around
I simply adored you, and especially for you,
a place in my heart was found
Were all glad that you lived in happiness,
and left in peace
So to finish, we all need to rise together
as a unit, so you can be released

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Tucked Away

Roses are burgundy,
violets are dead,
and the family
blossoms I
hand-picked is
enfolded under my
pitch dark bed 

My hearts beats
slightly and my love
leaves silently 

Dismiss from mind
Ted, Greg, and Meg
who is sealed and
bedeviled under my
pitch- dark bed and
not to be
although I’m looking
out for I instead 

Your smirk creates
the impression of
politely on the
other hand the
resentfulness you
all gained for I is
unclearly it’s

You kick me when I’m
down and I hurl and
wheel around I can
feel the kicks
kicking me under my

Happens late and
lately everyday and

Looks like I have to
embed, you all in
something twice as
cruel than under my
bed, cause the
attachment I had for
these local kinfolks

“Untimely”, and
- Loverboi

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My Son

What happened to my little one,
Who's small hand fit in mine?
What happened to the quiet time,
That we would always find?

He's growing up so fast now,
And soon he'll be a man.
I hope I've given him guidance, 
I think I've done the best I can.

He gives me reason to smile,
With each and every passing day.
And I believe he has grown to be,
A good man in every way.

Of course he is not perfect,
I expect that he'll make mistakes.
As long as he takes responsibility,
And always does what it takes.

I have always tried to teach him one thing,
I really hope that he has taken heed.
To always be kind to other people,
And try to help those who are in need.

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Family is the worlds greatest treasure
For its priceless, precious and timeless
in all that it measures.
For it's a gem so rare,
it calls for questions of mystery 
Making its mark in our hearts,
and in our history.
And yet,
stories are born into
our inner most glories.
cherished for years and years
adding chapters to new compilations
and inspirations
to our stories.
for it graces us with love,
and unity.
for it is the moving force
in our  community.
and time is the diamonds key,
for it shines and lasts, 
through all eternity.

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Cold World

Cold World

This world steal,kill,and it ain't real cold world. mama and papa gone your house is a
empty home cold world. No school baby growing up don't know what to do cold world. Her
Cool World just Turn in to a Cold World. Lift with tears and swat from off her back lift
along is like a slow song but a deaf life you cant hear the bone broke from out the live
off the young one repeat Cold world.

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if you were there

if you were there i wouldn't of gotten beat up all the time 
if you were there i would probably still be home 
if you were there i wouldn't be cutting like i do 
if you were there i would of been able to talk to you i do 
i wish i knew the truth on if you do care or if you don't 
if you were there i wouldn't be into trouble 
i thought you had cared but i was wrong 
if only you were there when i needed to talk to someone 
if only you were there to help me with my problems 
were have you been these thirteen years

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 We are still here so let us still remember
Those that have left since January all the back to December

From the war in the streets to the war over seas
The Fallen leave behind hearts that hurt and grieve

For the ones left behind relif is what they search for 
To lose their person who seemed to make there heart sore

It's been recognized that we are here only for a season
Why some of us are taken only God knows those reasons

Everday someone loses a lover, child, or friend
The way we should live is knowing one day we will see them again

Grieving is the way the heart says I miss you
Living is the souls way of sayin I will remember you
Surviving and thriving is the minds way of saying I
Will miss you, remember you, and forever and always truly love you

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Being a

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hey, sweetie
you got them tired eyes
why don't you just go to bed?
Just peekin in on you
can't help myself
I gotta touch your head
I know you grown
takin care of your everything
my baby be so tired
i sleep, dream, i remember
my baby, you make my heart swing
you are so damn funny
darlin, so tender too
more than I ever expected
i love you for you

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In my room, nice and quiet.
Until footsteps from out the door.
Dad comes in all liquored up,
NOt like usual a little more.
The yelling starts,
the violence begins,
He tells me to get ready to pay for my sins.
Jolts me from the bed,
A stinging sensation across my face.
IN my mouth the blood i taste.
I fall the the floor with intense pain.
My dad screaming my name.
Pulls me by the hair,
I get out a scream as my shirt tears.
He slaps me again and tells me to shut up.
He leaves the room as I lay lifeless.
Then a thought crossed my mind
To get to the phone.
I crawled over
picked it up
And to my relief there was a tone.
He picks me up and throws me across the room
HItting the wall
The last thing i saw before i blacked out was my dad standing tall.
I awoke with doctors around me
saying i was badly injured
They told me my dad said i fell down the stairs, but i beg to reconcurre
I couldn't move that well
i hurt to badly
Couldnt talk
could barely walk
Dad comes in 
A different side of him from last night
Said lets go
but i didn't want to
Tried to talk
No doctors in sight
Walking out
couldn't stay
here it starts
here we go...

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forever a heart

 Every  once a while a heart is discovered in the earth that brings joy and     

happiness to everyone it touches or comes in contact with. it doesnt matter 

how long it has been hidden in the earth when seen it brings joy and 

happiness to all that has the opportunity to behold it. not every one has the same 

testimony  of its effect on them personally but all conclude that  it is a one in

a million and will never dupilcated. so was the case of our dear heart name  

terrance he fought  the good fight of faith  and has now journeyed on to a better

place .

    In loving memory , my uncle terrance bailey .

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Dear Lord Help

Dear Lord  

Dear Lord 
please recieve me
i've been stumblin around
decievin me
i wan't heaven now
how do I get that?
do I stop eatin meat
stop being me
How do I get to Heaven?
I NEEDS my mama
I need my Sons
I'm lyin

written originally under the name of Janetta Harrington

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My Angel

Where is my angel of love
That protects me from above
I look here and there 
I feel so bear and alone
Can my angel be gone
Sleep is no rest
My eyes look for my angel
Old heart don't fail me 
Is my angel gone 
Has heaven closed to the poor
Are all her gates shut
Angel please help me here
I'm alone in fear
Old angel please let me hear
Thy sweet words old dear

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My Sister Cheryl

          How do I feel about my sister "Cheryl"
I know I love her and she is one of us six girls,

          She is older than me by seven years
Last time I saw her i was brought to tears,

          Cheryl is not well by no means
Not even the doctors let her know it is like a bad dream,

          I try to comprehend how she must feel inside
But, knowing my sister Cheryl she is not one to confide,

          The past five years she has beat the disease that grows more everyday
In her mind she feels mentally okay,

          Now the pain is spreading to the point she has to take pain medicine to be comfortable
I am scared that she won't ever be able,
          To come see us again where we have so much fun
I hope God keeps her here so we can play in the sun,

          I am not ignoring the reality that is there
We all will die sooner or later but, I am hoping that God can make it fair,

          Please let her live long enough to accept what she will face
And may God put her up there with him in her own space.

Written By: Unique Poetry aka Michelle Born 12 days before my sister passed on 3-20-09....RIP ..SIS...            

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Can the birds sing a song
Can I be the one along
Hear what they say 
Love in the morning love in there song
Can a man make this or not
Sing old bird my love song
I watch you eat and hear your song
But can you make me belong
I wish i could fly
All i can do is cry
Bird of a song let me be
For all to see 
Not a bird here only a man
Wish i could sing
Like the birds in the morning
Man like me can only moan

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her name is Hannnah

I see you sweetheart
in pictures
the best girl
in my world
I miss you 
you sassy little thang
I want you
your smell, smile, hair
Hannah Banana
it don't feel fair
your'e not knowing me
I love you sweet
your feet
your everything
I'm scared
the next time
I get to be with you
you'll hide
your beautiful face
and I'll be forgotten

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Women are women,
not like men
the head at home.

Women's rights at home
are misused by men,
and others are killed
in minor things.

What's wrong with men,
who behave a bad way,
to make the women cry,
the  mothers of the world?

Women are women,
who need their rights,
freedom and joy
to enjoy this world.

Eddembe ly'abakyala,
it's a luganda word
means women's rights.

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Dear Family:

Just a note to let you know
as I was sitting on the can
I accidently
by drunkin forces beyond my control
broke a glass 
in or about where you may stand
Now in my defense
I tried to sweep up
Dammit, I did the best that I can!
Be hyper alert
please keep your eyes peeled
for little, teensy pieces of glass
Cuz, if and when I wake up
I know I'll feel bad
If you have glass in your ass

Love, Kim

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Beaver Spends the Night With The Brady Bunch

Ward drops Beaver at Seven O'clock sharp
Carol tells Beaver to get ready for bed, it's getting late and it's after dark
June calls and tells Beaver to  eat everything on his plate
Bobby says you are like me on the phone, you are listless
Beaver tells Bobby she just wanted to give me the business
They all gather at the table for dinner
Beaver tells Alice she is getting thinner
Alice replies flattery will get you everywhere
Cindy belches and the smell of her breath carries through the air
Beaver tells Cindy  doing that at the table takes bravery
Marsha comments to Cindy  you are not acting like a young lady
Jan is wearing her birth control glasses
Greg sings a song at the table, he is taking singing classes
Peter tells Beaver about their Hawaii and Grand Canyon adventure
Beaver tells Peter that Gus the Fireman wears dentures
The door bell rings, Alice answers it and in steps Barney Fife
He asks Alice to be his wife
The date is set for them to be wed
Barney reserves a room at the Y for their honeymoon, Barney assures Alice that 
they will have separate beds
Cindy is asked to be the Maid of Honor and Beaver the best man
Sam the butcher comes in and asks Alice where does our relationship stand
Mike Brady asks Sam to leave
Barney's  suit is still  the Salt and Pepper Tweed
Barney threatens Sam with his one bullet
This is a night Beaver will never forget
Eddie Haskel stops by with Lumpy and visits Beaver and says  they will stay as 
long as they can
Eddie and Lumpy have a thing for Jan
Greg and Marsha are falling for one another
But later on Greg dumps Marsha for her Mother
So now it must end as a great experience for all those who were there
Nine people with one bathroom to share
Beaver leaves the next morning in a good mood and feeling very jolly
He says boy, I can't wait to get home and tell Wally

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A New Kind Of Flava

Come girls, come and experience my bona fide offer
A sister, a female cousin, even your over eighteen daughter
You must keep me entertained
I am your Lion that needs to be tamed
You can look at me as your saviour
I bring you a new kind of flava
Just bring your attempt to grab my attention
You can be my compass and lead me in the right direction
But don't try those juvenile games
Acting childish is just so lame
The more confidence can make you braver
Just beware of my kind of flava
You will my best stuff that is real
I am not a predator waiting to go for the kill
If I start to ask a lot of questions, it is because you are under investigation
I wanna know if you are beneath my station
If my boy sees you on a street corner
No curds and whey for you or Little Miss Muffet or Little Jack Horner
The focus in my question is to see the truth, there will be no waivers
The truth is part of a new kind of flava

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Crap in the balls

so me and my girlfriend
the kids gettin on our nerves
devise this plan to meet
bring the kids and our angst
we meet at burger world
we talk trash about our men
trash bout the girl next to us
start noticing, kids running out
Mama, Mac pooped in the balls!
geuss he got too enveloped
in what he was playin in
he failed to understand
that he had crapped his pants
So kids runnin everywhere screamin
cuz  some kid in the balls
had crapped his pants
and it's everywhere on the walls
Not proud to say
I made an instant decision
To grab the kids, crap and all
and get the hell out of there

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Memories of My Brother

My youngest one summer came and stayed with me
I was in the Navy stationed in Millington, TN
One day he was involved in a rock fight
A busted open head led him to the hospital that particular night
He asked me when they have to do stitches what do they use
I laughed and said a sewing machine, he wasn't amused
After a couple of weeks, his head healed up fine
To remove them would be sixty dollars to pay for the doctor's time
I told my brother I would be the doctor and do a house call
To my amazement I removed them all
I regret the day I sent him back home
He was pretty much all alone
He would give me a call always collect
Though the phone got high I would always accept
One evening, as I walked in the door, the phone rang and I said here goes the 
phone bill
But it wasn't  him, it was my brother Larry saying Wayne had just been killed
Wayne had decided to take Dad's pickup out for a joy ride
On an icy road, he lost control, hit a bridge support and smashing in the driver's 
His lifeless body was lying face down
In a ditch where he was found
The doctor said he suffered no pain
My brother Kenny found Wayne's ball cap, bloodying his hands, his nightmares 
still remain
To this day I carry the guilt about the bill when the phone rang
How much I miss my brother Wayne
My brother David is an emotionless guy
But at the wake he had to cry
Life has a way of taking its toll
Always try to look at the glass half full

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Toe to Toe as we stand facing each other man to man/
Truth is what I want to hear, look am I moving I'm all ears/
Eye to Eye still standing teary eyed,
come on pops no more lies/Truth is what it's worth, 
So it's time to quit all this hurt/
Because all you don't bring to the table/
You are what you are labeled/
So let's take the time to talk/
And burn some hours off the clock/
If you don't want to then it's cool/
Then the next word out of your mouth 
is of a fool/So Toe to Toe as we stand/
Contemplating the time at hand/
I forgive you while you're standing there/
Go ahead and shed a tear/
Thank you from putting me in this world/
And letting me know everything isn't diamonds and pearls/
Even though you will turn and run/I'm still proud to 
be your son/So as we stand Toe to Toe holding your U.S. flag/
I'll make sure I'll tell my kids all about you dad.


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Till the end story
hope was not visible
to others.

Lie neutral truth
and road side innocence
died under the sun.

End in view was shifting
from error to error.
Statements squeezed between departures.

Steaming cup of patience
dazzled the penniless.
I was sick of hypocrisy.

At the end of my forest
dawn of my child
was peeling a rainbow.

Pedlars of worn out boats
were standing at the shores.
Two little feet were crossing the sea. 


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My Jewel

I don't need a diamond 
 and I dont need a pearl
cause God gave me a jewel;
     my precious lil girl!

Copyright McCuen 2008

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How do I say good-bye

How do you go on knowing you just lost,
  to know you can't do what another can,
  and if you could/did you would be striking your own hand,
you hung on as long as you could and paid a cost,

You stepped in to pick them up dry there tears and helped them believe,
   but the ending is just days away and you have to let them go,
   you knew this day was going to come and what you taught them shows,
she lost her kids and into the system they'll go and you can't give them what they need,

How dose a mother lose her kids, how can I say good bye,
   I watch her tears fall for they are here kids no more she has no rights,
   my nephew  and nieces with love I stepped in to help you  fight ,
  18 months while here I told,showed, displayed love, and helped them cry. 

A mother who knew and chose to let them go is my sister no more,
  you chose over your own, abused your own you, you let him.....,
  who would of thought as we played as kids that this light would dim,
we stood by each other fought for one another, and to your own you closed the door,

I know I'll forgive you, and God may too but you hurt these kids and they wont,
  in foster homes away from family they will grow and I hope I can be in their life's,
  they didn't deserve this, nor did you deserve them you really don't,
I hope and pray they take nothing you taught them as a husband and wifes,

May the rest of their life be filled with love hope and understanding ,
  my Gods test for them reach it's end 
  they had enough bad in their life's and I hope their hearts mend,
but how do I say good-bye as my heart meets this crash landing.  

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Ends did not meet, like beginnings,
fact was insulted by fiction:
the newborn stuns the God.
          Drop by drop
life drips from ankles.

Desolation takes advantage,
forgets the path, becomes self-centered.
Dialect changes, to taste the foul
cadaver breaks the glass jar.

Foeticide of a flute, overnight
the soft face becomes dark. Orange moon
floats like an empty boat.
          Waves burn
for the sake of swollen lids of time.

The essence of lies weaves a theme
a skull rolls down on a slide
laughing like sin of omissions.
          Night screams.
A hot sun glows from the window.


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I've stayed away from trouble
Straightened up my life
I pay the rent
when rent come due
I gotta a day job
I'm goin to school
I give up the whiskey
the late nights out
I got  myself a savings account
But here comes TROUBLE
Ridin up on his 4X4
He scuffs them dusty cowboy boots
across my polished floors
Here comes TROUBLE
he's just in time
I've been so good
Nearly lost my mind
If I could just get into TROUBLE
I'd be fine
Mama, you're gonna be so disappointed
when you hear I've turned a fool
But this gettin up early
Five days a week ain't cool
Im gonna pop the tab on this cold Coors Lite
Go lookin for trouble
Maybe a fight
If Iand in jail
I've done it right

originally submitted under Janetta Harrington

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Being was my forte, 
where the words speak no more
a lifetime of black stillness, 
the sunflowers sleeping. 
The controller and the enquiry
freeze the ozone. 
I repent again for all the sins of eloquence,
the rustling of leaves.

Take care of mood, 
hoarseness and slippery speech
there is no room for pain. 
A whole tribe of thoughts
scatters the lines to avoid
becoming, featureless and nameless.
Boulders are falling on feathers.
I am leaning towards eerie winds.

The other side of the door 
was misty. The kiss of fire.
Mind wanders aimlessly. 
The destiny breaks the steps 
of sleepwalkers. They are falling in dark,
towards dark. A moon rides the clouds,
its smile becoming larger & larger.


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love you

he pushed me down
and so
i've spent a life
and maybe
my son's life too
I'm mean
I'm hard
I'm reckless
I am me
I smoke
love you

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Poaching on the brooding landscape
you crashed while scaling the flame.
A togetherness became a half-truth.
          How troubled
I had been for basics.

Then shifting loyalties for petty things
you were holding up my soul,
and I did not move with the changing times.
          For the rivers
to walk with green trees.

If the words had the answers
to rebel against the eternal guilt,
to beat the death with pain.
for the faded truths.

My experiments with lies will continue!


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What is love?

What is love?
Can you find it below? Can you find it above?
Can you find it on a birds wing?
Can you find it as you sing?
Can you find it from a toy?
Can you find it from your admiration for a boy?
Can you find it in god?
Is the fact that I am asking this question odd?

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The End

I once looked at you knewing it would end
But what I didn't know was when
I loved you to death, you were more than a friend
You were there for me through thick and thin
Which I thought would never end
I wish I could of been there on there
on that horrible day that we came to an end
But just so you know your the one that earned
My heart and my soul

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Let me change the contours of life,
polluted mind-set. 
Spider webs have 
elective sites of emotions. 
I want to open a new range, 
to locate the corrupt moments. 
Turn over your face, 
let me find the scars.

The soaring pinnacle, 
fatherless fame, were declining. 
The rot was setting on
the fresco of the wall. 
Aspiring for god-head 
they have choked the fluiting. 
Hands and eyes are cadaverous, 
unmoving. Sun is burning very hot.

Not tomorrow, 
today we have to bid farewell
to neutral day. 
Life will not spare the casting. 
Too much mist 
has settled on the eyes, 
raining madness on the road. 
Month and years 
are giving incontinence.


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Help Me Remember

When did it all end
Summer time out of school and summer best friends
Trying to swim in a creek with water only to your shins
Trips on Fridays, the whole family going to the Drive In
By eleven us kids asleep at last
Boy those times in our child hood were a blast
Asking Mom and Dad can a friend spend the night
Staying up to tell spooky stories to try to make one another die of fright
Breaking out the Monopoly for a  marathon
While waiting for the original Saturday Night Live to come on
Followed by Don Kersinger's Rock Concert
Look back and help me remember
Making out, puppy love and those heartbreaking times
Big back pocket combs and feathered hair looking so fine
The clap on clap off seemed so clever
The Pacer ended up being a me own one the answer is  never
The magic of those Christmas cartoons in December
Please let me know what you remember
A few laughs as I look back
Tye Dye Shirts, Kool Aid colored hair and Bell Bottom Slacks
Big Wheels and skate boards
No helmet or pads were worn
Getting cuts and scrapes were part of the fun
Always mad when the day is done
Waking up early for another adventure
I think it feels good for us to remember

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Liquefied version of pain has started working.
human material constructs 
a floating emotion at last.
One by one I rediscover 
the children of sorrow 
among the ruins of ancient prayers. 
The fear lurks 
under the trees, 
under the stones.

I can read it, 
unwashed stillness of a revolution.
It was real yesterday,
but collapsed on the rim of today. 
My wrinkled faith gets 
ready for a proliferation of rites.

The land suffers.
My solitude remains unmeasured.
In despair I latch on to 
sounds of pursuing light. 
Impatiently the dialogues 
are thrown around. 
The philosophy of confessional truth 
becomes very auspicious.


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You forgot the lines
and lineage. Getting all
or nothing, pulling away at the umbilical cord,
seeking liberty to commit a sin
or feeling liberated after committing the sin.

The tone embodies the elopement, unbound,
to invent the disorder
and divide the provocation.

Night was approaching with few stars,
flowing like the squealing of a dark saint,
blameless, under the thin breath
of the dying sun.

Into the orphanage enters the day
riding on the dust of history.
My journey begins into time
to change into another tomorrow.


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You are not with yourself today.
Conversation was stopped, from cloud to cloud.
Now you know what you did not want to know.

No longer the pathless destiny, 
comes near you, you go towards the
bushes to collect the ash, the burnt out
remains of a theme, a design, a horizon.

In memory of books, which are not read
by anyone now. Pages lay wounded. Black
stones trying to hear the sounds of dawn.
The tremors were increasing in the swampland.

The wolves were in howling rage. A daring
gift of death, tormenting the spirit, human
flesh, you watch through the twilight,
through the terror of betrayal. Each tear drop
sacrifices the eternity.


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Roses had gone wilting
after surgery.
of acrylic lenses
was projecting a corrupt green mount.
The rubber king had a papery laugh.

How you deal with a maverick –
matter – of – factly?
Pall bearers of a tall legend
were carrying nitroglycerine sticks

Saboteurs of moon night were scheming.
I was sick of pretentions.
Brown and black scars
become a honeycomb
hiding the agenda.

Stigmatized devotion gets back at you
after still birth of truth.
I will wait sine die for the verdict
of hope.


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What About Him?

You and I were what everyone envied.We had it all but lost it so fast.Our could 
have rebuilt the twin towers in a matter of seconds.Nothing stood in our way not 
even being separated for a year and a half. Not by choice but by your careless 
decisions you made.I loved you more than I loved myself.I would wait on you 
hand and foot.Give you all of me and then some.Your wish was my demand.You 
asked me for something that would change my life for ever and with out a 
hesitation I told you yes.I wanted it to but not nearly as much as you did.You said 
this is what you needed to make you want to live,this would make your life 
change and give you the reason to do the positive things that you knew you 
should.Now that our love is no longer.You and I have nothing to say to one 
another.What About Him? So what there is no Us but what about him? What 
about the child we made? What about his needs.Every boy deserves a daddy.No 
matter what becomes of us.I just want to know what about him? 

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Hello parents,
yes Herbert,
Are you ok?
not as such.

What's wrong?
our children at home,
they love to pose,
but not to work.

Sorry for them,
ignorant as they are,
to behave like that,
the pillars of the world.

Today's life,
needs to work,
day and night,
to live in peace.

Hello parents,
yes  Herbert,
Advise them and try  to work,
the world is hard.

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Spitting the blood, he said,
every winter for few days –
he would feel outcast and there was
pain in the idea of pain, but he wanted to live
		without a painkiller.

Sometimes he will singe his hands on a flame
to protect his dignity. The history of his
unrest remaining untold. Then he will go
out in rains of knowledge and soak himself
		in mixed joy.

A lump in the throat hurts, when he
tries to decipher a dream to measure
the life. A liar knows the complete death
of a truth to assert his independent existence
in myth.

A deadly poison of the choosing,
your own microclimate, aggrandizement
of royal tradition, makes you popular in masses.
They surge to touch your gown, ripping
the explosion.


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Again you made friends, words
wanted to leave the paper blank
for the parched lips,
crying eyes,
trembling hands.

Missing stanzas,
flowing river,
rootless floats.
You did not feel like-
time filled you every minute,
you were empty, poor.

When you read the end
you understood beginning.
Will to die was not sufficient
you had not completed the script.
Alone in crowd you wanted words
to commit suicide.

Democracy was a funny name.
Everybody was sad, except the lead
who did not know where to go.

One day you found your voice
and were surprised
you were everybody
when you were hurt, you bled inside
and your blood then mixed with 
the blood of everybody. Then everybody cried
and you became separated from you and did not say anything!


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Growing kids feel smarter, making parents suffer!

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Angels de mi vida I love you with all my heart tu es mi amor
For the first time I seen u smile that would be the moment I realized.
I wanted to protect u, and never let that smile fade.    
You taught me right from wrong
showed me how to forgive and to trust the right person, basically made me better 
daughter, friend, and most importantly your big  sister. 

You are my pride and joys. I love you guys always and forever.	
I am sorry for all the times I did you wrong and when I lose my temper.

I will be with you and will never forget what you taught me.
Or when you are there to listen to my problems.
Thank you for everything including loving me.
You are my angels de mi vida.				
	Mi famlia

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Some thing is coming.

  Yesterdays sun hides behind today's over cast while tomorrows storm echos in 
the distant ,
  the dense sun light prepares us for the rain, the fall leafs soon will be changing 
color again,
  the chill breeze we fill on our backs means winter is coming, time to work like 
the preparing ant.
  snowbirds scatter, mosquito's stings will soon leave our thoughts for the cold 
bears a bad fillings for our two friends.
The smell brings to mind the holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the thought 
of another passing year,
  a time for family , memories of the loved ones that past and the new members 
who joined us,
    we will sit break bread and toast to the future, treasure the present as we 
laugh so hard at the past we twinkle a tear.
  the holidays when all is forgiven and the rest is put behind, for now it`s about  
love and happiness.

So let the clouds roll in, allow the leafs to change, and bring on the cold,
  it`s that time of the year when we warm our hearts,
it`s that time of the year when we have them to hold.
  and it`s that time of the year when the healing from the year starts.     

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Remember Me

Remember Me! 

I Have seen the light, and been granted the key to Heaven.
God will not push or pull me , yet he will embrace me with open arms.

My world of bright by day, and Dark by night has kept behind my loving ways.

Quote me on this for this is what I have to say 

Please don't mourn me, instead celebrate my life, and remember me as I was.

"Forget me not I say"

But remember this forever, and always.
Now I'm with God in the kingdom of heaven, to help watch over you, and guide 
you and your family threw your future days.
Remember Me!

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Freedom of God

Since you passed away,
a hole in my heart will forever stay.
There's nothing more to ask or say,
but, Why did God take you away?
Sometimes I have to cry,
because I never got the chance to say goodbye.
Many, many days go by,
I can't help but wonder why
God let me have you for such
a short length of tiime.
Though your sister and I cried,
because we wished you were by our side.
Though we have great pride,
because of the memories of good times inside.

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What will be said.

The day will come when I will pass away and I wonder ....what will be said,
my journey in this world, this life time is some thing I would do again.
left behind will be memories, stories, and poems left to be read.
times of a love smitten husband to his wife and best friend.
Times my kids how they laughed and played in their parents bed,
memories of my struggles, my triumphs and the smiles along the way,
I wonder what will be said.
my kids will raise a glass and toast all that I use to say.
As my wife whips her tears for I told her I will always be near,
my daughter will say Romero's fear nothing while smiling and looking above,
my son will say family is the most important dad made that very clear.
my wife will say remember  all that he did, he did it with love.
She will tell them how all I wanted was for them to be happy in life,
that to every dark day there will be light, for every bad day there is a good find it,
how I wanted them to be like me and find true love like I found in my wife.
to always hold your head up, and never no matter what never quit.
When my time comes I hope they will all know the love I have for them,
that my life, my poems my strength they were my inspiration,
that I will always be their dad, her husband and most of all their friend.
that even in death there is no separation,
I could not have had a more beautiful wife or have found the love I found in her,
or could I have been blessed with the kids I feed,
My life with my wife and kids is a story book no one ever read that's for sure,
a day will come, but for now I live in this moment, cherish every smile, hold a little 
tighter and love endlessly for I can wait to hear what will be said    

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Learning something about
a cause with remote effect
you will have a soul
connective to the body.
Near the end of the home
lies the river of fire.
Time to bid goodbye
to blind walls
and enter the arena of lashings.

It was difficult to unremember.
The mind rambled and you were chewing
the kiss of death.
Time traveled in circle,
dealing with fear.
I waited for the space, to widen between us
to breathe forgiveness.

Nothing stirs the waves.
The water reflects the elegy,
a poem for the trapped one.
Nostalgia for the brood,
the age gives way. Half aloud
the evening settles under the covers.
Brute claws kill the span.


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My Little Girl

In the spring of '92
I got the best of gifts it's true.
A gift that gave my mind a twirl,
my daughter, my youngest, my little girl.
Beautiful blue eyes that twinkle.
Gorgeous blonde hair that curls.
Her name is Kathleen, we call her Kat,
not to be mean, she likes it like that.
She has lots of love to give her mother,
her father, and her younger brother.
She's older now and truely cares,
a love for others and animals to share.
I wish she had more love for herself.
Please, stop putting your feelings on the shelf.
I wish for you a future filled with success.
I wish for you only the best.
For you a family- loving and strong.
This is the future for which I long.
For you a successful career,
a husband and a family to hold dear.
This is the future, I know I'll see it,
wether in person or just in spirit.
I know you'll make us all so proud.
I'm so certain I could shout it out loud.
But as you make your way in the world,
remember, you'll always be my little girl.

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There are a few things that I never got to say
I can only hope it reaches you in this special way
You were more than family to me
I felt a closeness to you, that anyone could see
You were definatly one of a kind
but always there for family in a bind
Christmas is when I miss you the most
Sneeking cookies brought us so close
Sometimes I see your old place
and I am reminded of your wrinkly face
You were never afraid to give someone the bird
or voice your opinion with some choice words
I love you now and forever gram, this is true
So I'm sending this letter to heaven in hopes it reaches you