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ABC Death Poems | ABC Poems About Death

These ABC Death poems are examples of ABC poems about Death. These are the best examples of ABC Death poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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when i am gone


The breeze at dawn,
Whispering  secrets to birds, chirping  melodious lullabies,
Waking up to the touch of the first gleam of morning rays
Softly teasing my eyes..
Just the glance of a reflection
Of a living god
Walking along the corridor…
Making my heart racing..
The most amazing soul ever..
Wolverine  ears..ebony eyes..emerald green shirt..
With the stethoscope around the collar..
Why do I feel  like I have known you eternally
Those eyes full of kindness..
That beautiful smile,
Always illuminating a gloomy day..
those lips murmering words of humanity..
making my thoughts cherished,
After the darkness of a very long night
Missing you with bits and pieces of my heart
A new sun has rised,with a ray of new hope for the life..
Just like the Night dew clings to soil 
Making the plants glisten..
brightening my days,left, thinking of you..
You are the aroma of me being alive..
When my life was lamenting
For some more hard breathes
You were the one who made me encouraged,
To love the life,,
Because not everyone under the sun gets a second chance to live..
Walking towards me..
Uttering the most soothing words ever..
Making my heart beats faster and faster..
Looking into my pale brown eyes..
Im almost melting..
Praise the lord for not letting me stand by my own..
If not,I Would have melted on my knees..
Believe me,
Im under your charms..
Knowing that I don’t have enough breathes to love you..
Your warmth,now in my blood,
Just like
The 'Chemo' scorched veins, showing
That im still breathing,without a life..
Hoping, that Time would reveal, what lies ahead..
Even though,it is the bitter truth..
looking for a time machine,
capable of pausing the minutes.,
brickwall myself from the last breathe
Crying in my shadows..
Forever is not a very long time for me..
Crying each day knowing that the days are getting shorter..
Doctor,I swear
When its time for me to leave..
Ill still believe..that,
This is an eternal one sided love which shall not die…
Till the sun grows cold..
Till the moon gets warm..
And the stars grow old…

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There is a place

There is a place you can go that is full of only love and Warmth .
you will be surrounded by a light that shines from the Heavens ,
Sprinkles of Silver and Gold. 

This place is filled with brilliant colors of Purple , vibrant Gold, all colors.
not one Color is less significant then another ,
for every color is equal here .

This place is surrounded by the beauty of different Flowers.
All flowers have significance here . No one Flower is better then another .
All Flowers are equal here .

It is important you know , you can cry here , and should cry as often as needed .
For  the tears will cleanse your Soul and give the Flowers water to grow.
No  one Tear is insignificant here , every tear has value and not one is better then another .

 money holds no value ,  Where you live , what you own,  has no significance here .

You will be surrounded by a beautiful light that shines from the Heavens .
A shining warm light will encircle you and allow nothing to hurt you . 
Hate will be shed at the door light a old jacket of no use. 

There is a place of beauty and  Worth.
This place will not be found on Earth .
It is a place where no one person is better then another .

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Knowing remake

Death by morning death by night 
All I know is I die tonight 
death is here death is there 
Death follows me everywhere 
Death is here death is now 
I already know that someone will drown 
I know that it might sound bad 
I know how I die and I'm kinda glad 
I know its comming I know its soon 
I know that it might be you
Knowing the truth and what I see 
weather its you or weather its me 
I guess we'll just have to see
In the morning if I awake 
Than I know it was a mistake
I know it is bad but I'm glad
It was you and not me 
The rest is fate can't you see
You might know in your heart
Of your death how it starts
But when it happens its not up to me
Its all fate can't you see 
knowing this and knowing that 
I am just stating fact. 

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The Last Kiss

She walked through the woods
 remembering his face
ashen and grey against the pillow.
He had been taken by 
the sweeping sickness
that had engulfed her land
taken so swiftly
that she had not 
had time to reach him.

The pain of her loss 
had been unbearable
and she had roamed the house 
striking out
in rage and grief 
at anyone who came close.
The madness had left her eventually,
left her alone 
bereft of her love.

That was many years ago now,
but still his face haunted her,
his eyes accusing 
filled with
the horror of her absence
the terror
that he must face alone 
the time of his death.

It never left her, this guilt she carried.
Many had consoled her, told her that she 
was not blame,that it was not her fault.
She knew better,she remembered telling him one dreadful
storm filled night, that she would always be there.

She shook her head free of the memories,
she was old now and it was so long ago,
she would be welcomed when she left this earth.
Absolved of this guilt that had consumed her life.

She saw the tree as she entered the clearing.
His treee, his favorite place.
Whenever he was troubled or scared
she would find him there,curled up beneath the boughs.
It was his haven, his place of safe keeping.

Glancing around she felt again,as she always did
his presence near to her, tantalisingly close.
She walked  to the tree and sat down,
resting her back against the trunk,
letting the sunlight warm her face.

Slowly as she sat there, eyes closed and silent.
He came to her as if in a dream,
or perhaps she was  dreaming, she did not know
or care,she only knew he was before her,
that her love was with her once more .

Tears streamed from her eyes and her throat burned
as he touched her face,stroked her hair.
A smile touching his lips as he gazed into her eyes.
Slowly he knelt before her and lay back,
resting his head on her lap.

Happiness swept through her like fire,
he was forgiving her, letting her know
that it was not her fault that he had died alone.
Her hand traced the features she loved more than life
and her lips met his in an endless kiss.

The night was dark when the villagers found her.
She was sitting in a clearing, lying next to a tree.
The moonlight illuminated her in its silvery rays
and in its bathing light they saw what they had 
not seen in decades. She was smiling, in death 
she was smiling. 

Athena Beauchamp
12 , December 1999

Copyright 2013 ACB

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My Grandma is gone

Why did she have to go away
Why did she leave all of us 
I wish she was here so we can stop crying

She was the best grandma that anyone can have 
when my cousins and I was young when she would bake a cake she would 
always let us lick the spoon

She was so funny even when she wasent trying to be funny
Now she is looking down on all that know her and love her
When she first held her great grandson my son the look in her eyes she felt joy 
and happyness and that he is still in her heart even though she is in a better 

I miss her so much I still feel the pain in my heart but it will get better 
I am glad she has no more pain..

She will live on in our hearts and we will never forget her
Her life did not end it is just beginning.

For MY Grandma Dorthy Purcell RIP AND I LOVE YOU

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Tell me it isn't true

Tell me it isn't true
That he didn't hurt you too
Tell me that your not crying
Please tell me your lying
Why I ask you
Why I say
Why should this happen today
Onlt 13 years
Now we shead 13 tears 
13 forever
Will my soul recover
My days and nights gets longer
Wondering if my days will get shorter
Feeling my heart getting heavy
The wish to hear his voice is driving me crazy
In loving memory Christopher Monte' Rivera

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Partly clad
full moon
was taking a bath on hills.
Trees were waiting
for the curtains to rise.

Scented stars would make
giant scars on the clouds,
I would make peace with the sky.
Lids of human greed were laden
with golden dust, I was hoisting the skull.

Of a virgin god who did not
want to live for the blotched up creation.
The decline was obvious. Truth 
had refused to climb
on the sky-blue, salted peaks of springs.

Body had arrived,
mourners quietly wailing.
Gouged eyes could not decipher
the script on the halved pyramid.
Sun was sucking the clay.


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In my Heart You Will Always Stay.

                           In my heart you will always stay.But I know your there
                           watching over me.I know your by my side.But I still
                           miss you.Just because I can't see you.I know your
                           there.You whisper in my ear and say your still my
                          little girl.But I know I will see you again.

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Self Mutilation

I'm gonna draw a picture
A picture with a twist
I'll draw it with a razor blade
I'll draw it on my wrist

As I draw this picture
A fountain will appear
And as that fountain flows
My troubles disappear

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Loved at Points

I feel loved at points in my life
Sometimes I don't at all
I can be pushed around and yelled at daily
In the end, I always fall
I have never understood love
Or what it really meant
All I know is that love hurts
And that, I can't repent
I listen to my orders
I stand up straight and tall
Wishing someone would hear me
Knowing that I'm crying in the hall
Some days I just brush it off
Letting it all go
Being who I would like to be
But hiding in it all
I'm alone in my mind
But I know inside
I'm dying before your eyes

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Prophecy's Peril

Armageddon approaches as
Charismatic characters'
Enlarges evil's
Grown too
Huge horror of
Jewish and Christian
Menacing multiple
Onto an ancient
Prophecy as
Quieter heads
Seeking solutions are
Upon by
Vituperate voices
Wailing war who wait
Xpectantly for
Zealots to enflame the world.

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Through Soldiers' Eyes

So tense am I
The falling sky
Holding my breath
Until the Death

It’s my life
So turn the scythe
Break the bread
And stop the Lead

Loud is it
The latest cry
But all the time 
Red is the Dye

A placid face
Of Death’s clean lace
The slow coming of
A century’s Race

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Imitating the waves,
I try to end the attachment
touching the shores, 
then moving away. 
Search for eternity erases 
the designs. Birth 
and death cling together. 
I let go the passion, 
the deviation of fear. 
There cannot be two lives.

When the illusion meets 
the pain, truth laughs,
I forego my future, 
tear the past and burn the present.
Failed life hangs on
the silence of sorrow. 
Names don’t hold any charm
they come & go. Days 
drop like long coats
I search the night.

The desperate seeking 
will not end the journey
It is there in the dark hole of the heart. 
A pitless gloom.
I am afraid to be revealed.
Art of life is scissored,
Anniversary of flirtation
with death forgotten. We celebrate.


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Memories are things that are left behind by love ones, it is a part of a person that 
is eternal and will never perish because they live in the heart and souls of the 
people that are fortunate to be touched by them. They serve a purpose of comfort 
and security that special someone is not here to fulfill anymore. Cherish the 
memories and pass them on, breathe new life to them for they will keep you 
strong. SO celebrate the life they lived not the world they left!

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Silence captured words in your cold eyes,
And passion snuggled to last feeble ties,
And optimism clung to a heart about to die,
O, patience allow me time for a loyal lie.
O, my sweet soul; look at me once more,
Look at me tenderly in peace as before,

Then lie where thou once walked following the turtle to the plain,
While I was watching you waving in the warm rain,
The meadow loved the way you followed the tortoise to the field,
And I loved thy roaming about when it disappeared,
While thou laughed ,and chuckled the green reed,
Then you withdrew your hands and head into thy shell coat,
And lively danced in the pasture of wild oat.

O, my love, the canon was quieted for unpredictable reason,
And the rifles breathed a last fatal treason,
Which bloomed with red flowers on thy warm chest,
See, in the place, thy spring's beauty shone upon the rest;
Me, the anemones, the damp rocks and the merciful death,
And seized my soul and obliterated our life's myth. 

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Life is getting rough

  Life is getting Rough
Now in life looking forward to another day
Is like being dead another way
Life is getting rough
Life is getting tough
They say we better off alive
But we better off to die

Cost of living is rising
Yet salaries declining
Children Starving
Poverty increasing 
Parents striving
Life decreasing

What are we looking for in life
I think it's too late to think twice
Because today I am alive
Tomorrow I DIE
So everyday live life with no expectancy
Because tomorrow , we can't depend on 

Thank you.

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Just A Second In Time

As I lay my hand on my womb
I realize you will be here soon!
My pains come on quick and I could feel your patience 
wearing thin..
Like a butterfly coming out of a cacoon 
my dear you arrived very soon!
You looked up at me with your beautiful big blue eyes
and I could feel the rays of love beaming from your eyes!
You were my pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow..
The first day I seen you walk my heart beamed with pride..
The first time you talked I cried tears of joy!
When you graduated from kindergarten I realized that day
you could be anything you wanted to be!
As time has passed each and every achievement you have ever achieved 
has been my pot of gold..
My little angel sent from above..
Now as I lay you down below the ground...
My tears fall and I wonder how this could be?
This was not suppose to happen to me...
As I lay my hands on my womb
I think back to the moment you arrived with those big baby blue eyes..
Just a second in time you were here
But the lord says have no fear
An angel i let you borrow and a angel in time, my dear child she was always mine...

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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, While Words Will Always Hurt Me

Nothing is turning out like I wanted it to.
Everything is now black and blue.
Wrist cut up with a sharp blade.
Blood rushing out like it's being made.
Thoughts of death running through my mind.
Nothing is clear to me, I am blind.
What's going on?
Scissors are suddenly being drawn.
My end is near.
I can see it start to appear.
What you thought were funny jokes.
Made me want to choke.
Prank calls, blocked messages, statuses all calling me names.
You all have caused me so much pain.
Whore, slut, *****, cow, fat, ugly reappearing in my head.
I don't know what to do anymore but lay in my bed.
Who am I supposed to turn to?
I have no one but you.
I dream at nights about not being here anymore.
I don't think I'm a whore.
I have a plan now.
Explain it to me now.
I've got a gun.
It's all been done.
I'm leaving now.
Goodbye everyone, Goodbye forever.

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The Government song

This Life and Government have found it's ways,
everyone dying and having bad days,
today it is raining from all i can see,
bullets and shot guns aiming towards me,
yelling and screaming just to get out,
if they take this life of mine i have no dought,
I traval the road that no one could know,
working hard for nothing to show,
taking my mind and making it weak,
sticking me in the dark hole that i seek,
try to run from theses Chasing fools,
this type of government has taking it's tool.
Politcal lies by one and another,
trying to get by to feed each othere,
they live poor just get through the door,
the empty sad hearts without family's,
feeling it go through my vains it's like a diseases,
Plant the visions in my mind,
killing people around me all the time,
for i have sined many times for no reason,
Living out here in the desert for all the seasons.
theres nothing i can do untill it's over,
i look over and theres a body to cover
So i traval the road no one could know,
Working hard for nothing to show,
taking my mind and making me weak,
sticking me again in this hole that i seek.

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i wittnessed a war just yesterday,
being the reason for much dismay,
i'm sorry for all the death and blood,
and all the soldiers in the mud,
i wish i could stop it just can't be done,
i'll need everybody including a nun,
i'll need jesus to forgive our sins,
that knock us down like bowling pins,
i'll need everybody to read this poem,
in hopes that all the soldiers get back home.

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tear drop

Light as a feather, sensing the wind passing fast
And feeling free from everything at last
Happiness and joy have found their way
And in her soul they’ll forever stay
The long trail of memories passing by
Every word he said and every lie
Everything that was hunting her was gone
Leaving her spirit pure and as white as a swan
All her emotions were confused
To this big mix of feelings she wasn't used
Should she laugh? Should she cry?
Nothing matters anymore when you’re in the sky
But now she’s had enough and wants to stop
And it’s too late because she hit the ground like a tear drop.

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To My Mother RIP

We've had our differences, we've had our fights,
Now you're gone, yet I’m doin alright.
A month and ten days it'll be four years,
I miss you mom, and I wish you were here.
It was crazy times and a war,
But I still wish you were here and we'd party at the bar.
I think of you often and miss your voice,
But it's not like we had any other choice.
One day we shall meet again,
And who knows... Maybe next time we could be friends.

Love you. R.I.P. Teresa Marie Reese (8/13/1964-8/18/2009)

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In your memory

Thank you for the beautiful memory
you left on my mind
you are not dead
 but you are not here,

to me you are gone,
cos i cant feel you the way i used to,
everything you used to do are left untouched
the space you ocupied is empty,

our yesterday is fading away like the rainbow
so beautiful but so short,
how can i forget the endless yesterday?
when you are here with me.

in loving memory of my sister (you are not an angel but you did what an angel can do,you fly to heaven.)

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Sister Please Forgive Me

We were both so young full of spirit and fun
She's the Indian I'm the Cowgirl as we move along the ground just fooling around
Running through the house attacking each other with laughter and joy trying to be coy

We see the rifle with no knowledge of great threat
Just giving us a peak with nothing to regret
My sister grabs it first and play shoots me but I'm quick and hold a might sway
I'm a strong cowgirl aiming to attack
I snatch the rifle from the Indian as she starts to retract
                  I AIM-- I SHOOT--

My breathing has stopped but I'm not aware
My ears are ringing 
Do I run and hide do I start screaming?
For death I do not know and everything is now so slow
Is she just sleeping or can I hear her weeping?

Mama where are you? You were just ten steps below but you do not show

My sister must be sleeping a blanket will help her weeping
Gently I cover her but she doesn't seem to know
Her long brown hair now has an odd red glow

I'm only a child but my mind is going wild
My tears of fear blind me as I fall to the ground

Many days have passed me as I have grow old
but I can still remember her grave with the Angel stone.

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Girl Rising

A Young Beautiful girl with so much spirit in her to lift the soul

With blissful hopes to come she would become a queen they did not want

Many loved her beauty as a child but her step mother

Of a selfish dander king family did not like her at all

They wanted all but wrong for her and to lock her in a chamber with ash 
And dust that filled the air

Far away from society king wanted because they felt she was from rags in poor

Stead of riches and wealth a lonely child from the cottage where
The king’s witch of a sister raised her.

She became a slave scared to face the king’s wicked sister

She abide by what she was afraid to go
With a single tear she longed to be free and become
Something more than an average girl.
But a girl that rises up from the hate and dander rules set by one world

She wanted to be free to be loved and liked for what she believed in

As the days went on she grew stronger and rising from the pain in her heart
And by the twisted society by her step moms brother who wanted nothing 
But sorrow and to be down in the dumps of rags 

She took a stand for freedom a stand for love and never backed down
From her past she kept on fighting a battle which seemed endless

As she looked to the moon crying out with screams that echoed in the forest
Sounding so loud half a forest could hear

She took the dagger and the shield took it to her heart and utter words like these
          Lord of the sky’s guide me today and give me much more strength 
    Then I had yesterday and as my will to rise be ever strong may I not rest 
Till this dander evil king is no more

She went off and into the castle she snuck into with mighty dagger and shield with the heavens by her side she struck him out and proclaimed freedom and love to all this is a girl truly rising faith and all that stands for what’s right a brave girl that rises from hate
this is a girl rising up from the pain 

Poem story for contest( Girl Rising )
by brian otoole 8-05-13

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The Man Died

He lies a mangled heap of naked shame
dead to nagging worries, thoughts and sorrow
a worn dusty dress clings to his lean marrows
silent he lies in a noisy street with no name

All his lofty dreams and achievements
lie quietly with him in his exposed grave
all his prayers and high hopes none can save
mute the too heap a colossal embarrassment

The joy of an only male child is still
the cheer of giddy success is silent
tears from sobbing hearts are absent
only a crowd of sober vultures at his heels

Curious feet walk briskly away from him
who once lived, loved and sinned like many
who now heedlessly lies without a penny
facing a shy sky who turns away dim

He remains a terrible sight of cold shame
putrid morning, a cynosure of attention
crowds salute hand over nostrils in petition
to our commanding John Doe with no name

A corpse of our national soul lies
dead in the center of our patriotic eyes

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Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death

I stay up through the nights
Will I get to eat tonight
Will I see the day I turn 21
One-Day will I feel the pain of a gun
Will I die young

Am I asking to many questions
Does everything happen for a reason
Is everything I go through one of Gods lessons
Will I go to Heaven

I stay up through the nights
Will I reach new heights
Lord tell me everything will be alright
Now I think I want to be in love with the lights
I just don’t want to fall to a Price
Lord tell me everything will be alright

I stay up through the night
My eyes are getting heavy
Am I ready to sleep
Because Sleep Could be Deadly

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Rythem in Life

Is it the rhythm in life
That we have issues and strife
The rhythm in life is a beat
A beat that puts you heart out in the street
The street is where it all goes down
It goes down to make you frown  
Some people laugh and play 
Other people sit and stay  
We all want to wear it 
And even compare it 
In my room sometime strain at the wall 
In my mind hear my conscience call
In life alone 
We don’t pick up the phone
And we lose the milestone 
The trust of the fact that 
We are not all that!

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Snows Glorious Realm

A Blizzard can drive even flurries graciousness hard intensifying journeys kingdoms laboring missions neighborhoods overridden pure quests reveal storms terrorizing unknowing victims with xenobiotic yielding zoothapsis.

Snow can be so beautiful and serene.
Though wet and bitterly chilling.
Unifying the countryside in brilliancy,
Victimizing the ground in slumber,
It must truly be experienced to appreciate its wonders.

ps I wrote one of both type : ABC

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor yasmin khan 
Contest Name SNOW ABC  

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my lament on my mother's funeral


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JAMESTOWN 1607=They ate their horses, dogs, cats and rats


Four hundred years ago high-born Brits sailed to America
Seeking fast fortunes, adventure and fame.
Many would never endure their first year here
Cultivating, foraging, and hunting game.

Arriving in Virginia they came ill-prepared
In search of gold and a route to the South Seas
What they found were hostile Indians,
Insects, starvation, and disease.

“Virginia is Earth’s only Paradise!”
The laureate of England would proclaim!”
However by August of 1607,
Every day there was anguish, and pain.

They ate their horses, dogs, cats and rats
One man ate his wife and hid her bones in the ground.
Despite their hardships, half managed to survive 
Becoming America’s first permanent, English town .

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You Left because of me

You left?
Because of me is it?
It was all my Fault was it?

I did Everything for you to love me,
I did Everything for you to accept me,
I did it all because I love you
But why?How could you?!

You left and break the Promise,
Which you were suppose to not Break it,
Your words were all a Lie was it?
And This is Just a Game then you`ll end it

I was just a Replacement,My Love
and YOU slap it on my Face like how it hurts
I tried and Tried to Move on,
But it still hurts

You were Mad because of a Worthless Lie,
You were mad just like how someone Died
But My Dear,You don`t need to Prove it on me
`cause I know I`m not the perfect one to thee

And Now may I tell you this,
That my Love is never Ending,
Whenever you hurt me
It just makes me love you more...

It makes me Feel heaven to fall for you,
But your life was in hell when I did too
So now I`m leaving and won`t come back
Because you left me Because of me.

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Dreamless Alphabets


Aphelion my long time residence
Banished into a dreamless existence
Cannibals surround the escape routes
Diligently feeding my doubts
Eagerly anticipating my demise
Ferociously preparing for my conclusion
Gathering hippocampus, for seasoning
Hors d’oeuvres, bloody temporal lobes
Impulsive, angry, throwing away all reasoning
Jaded, crawling towards the scavengers
Knees embedded with gravel
Lesions seeping into my rib cage
Maggots, waiting at the next stage
Nightmares finally come true
Ominous my exile has been
Paralyzing everything, except fright
Quickly, carnivores begin to dance in delight
Rehearsing for the end of my rancid reality
Screaming, submitting myself as a sacrifice
Talons swoop down, and transport me
Uric acid pouring down, singeing my curls
Valedictions will just delay my final eviction
Wearily, watching, awaiting my crucifixion
Xenon, pestilent  odors rise from my body
Yelping orange, yellow flames, the last seen
Zooming out of this world, to be forever free

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Nothing Really Matters

when rob stepped out of the courthouse,with charges for posession
he thought "it could be worse,it could have been for weapons"
and then he thought..."nothing really matters anyway"
when liz stepped of of the rehab,with a new outlook on life
she felt all those same feelings of hurt, pain, and strife
and then she thought "nothing really matters anyway"
when luke picked up his young son from daycare,and knew he had an hour
he thought back to the time he WOULD have stopped to grab his now EX-wife some flowers
and then he thought "nothing really matters anyway"
when lisa lifted up her body with nothing but her arms,and looked down at her legs
she wondered why the heck they were even THERE anyway..what for?
and then she thought "nothing really matters anyway"
all four people that same night,all in their own homes
picked up a remote,turned on the news and watched it come to blows
one man had done 25 years in jail,for something he had not really done
one woman lost the battle to addiction,one she thought she'd already won
one boy got hit by a car on his bike,he just only 5 his parents,divorced
one man lost his arms and legs while over fighting the war
four different people,four different lives,four different struggles,all about to cry
four different souls,four different heart,four different minds,all to have a fresh start
why does it take a reality check to pull us into gear?
why is it that reality sometimes must be our greatest fear?
the next time you think you're the only one who hurts and has plight
the next time you feel you're all alone,the only one who cries at night
try and remember,try not to forget,that you are never alone
whether you're telling your mom and dad your gay to the face or over the phone
whether your wife divorced you,your husband's a dog,or your kids have NO respect
you are human,deserve more,and you're not alone,cause' there is someone right next....
to you!!! nothing really matters. until you realize...nothing really matters.

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Life Sucks

Life sucks.
Plucks you from your mother's belly
Weans, silks your skin, 
Fondly toys with you 
and grows you.

Life sucks.
Slyly beguiles you 
To mate, create,
Spit out your genes.
In moments of sin or folly.

Life sucks.
Soon, too soon, it pounces.
And plays a while,
Scratches out your eyes,
Crumples your bones.

Life Sucks.
Finally tiring of you
Life licks out your soul 
With greedy slurps,
Smacks its lips, then burps!

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Lost Valentine

“She was mine” was all he thought
His spark was gone, forever had seemed so long
The gleam in his eye, dulled as days went by
He’d been trying hard to carry on, she was two months gone
He could no longer cry, all life was now, was a lie
His sadness growing deeper, as the world continued to fly by
His girl was gone now, his reason and purpose no longer around
For years he cared, he couldn’t show, but those actions spoke louder than any words 
she would’ve known
His poor tired soul began to appear on his face
His heart numb from losing the one love that who with, his life had begun
Now it was his time to start, for in his heart, he knew……
They wouldn’t be far apart.

                                                    Dedicated to the memory of my Grandparents
                                                      William Lee Neeland Sr. 02/22/27 – 07/10/04
                                                     Pauline Sue Neeland         07/27/46 - 12/24/03
with all my love, #2

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World of Letters

Alphabet amazes me
Being 26 characters long
Creating adventures
Deciding the fate of heroes
Eyes reading stories of the past
Forgetting the truth behind words
Gatsby telling lies
Hamlet’s revenge
I can even create a world
Just for me to live in with
Kool-Aid flavored oceans
Lemon filled trees
My own tiny universe
Nothing but the alphabet weaves it
Only I can explore, unless invited
People in my world are twisted
Quieted they stay
Rebelling against authority
Saying only they’re allowed to fight
Tomorrow will be different
Umbrellas will be sent into the air
Vanilla ice cream flowing in rivers 
When I come to end the world
X-rays will be sent
You will see
Zero people left in the world of letters.

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roses on my chest

                                          The rose’s on my chest keep on growing. 
                             When that knife touched my heart where she once belonged. 
                                                           We were finally one.                                                                                                                                                                               my last breaths are still meant for her this is the most hellish, painfulest and  
                                                         heavenliest,                                                                                                      .                                                    feeling ever owned. 
                                                 As i leave this earth i leave her. 
                                       This is not the way i want to leave but by her hand, 
                                         i once held is the only way i wish to leave

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The Tide

The wave are turning and I want 
To pull you from the tide, 
You go under, yet you use
The blue-black water to hide.

What are you hiding from? 
There's nothing to fear in this world.
Don't you want to curl up with me,
In love, tangled and furled?
Don't you want to breathe your last,
In a place you feel serene?
Don't you want to watch your family grow,
Your children reach their dreams?

Your conscience, it takes over.
You want to just lie down.
You want to go in peace and quiet,
Where you can't hear a sound.
It's not a choice between life and death,
But a choice within your mind.
You cannot search for who you are,
If you decide to hide.

I look at you, you look at me,
And it's all so surreal.
The worst is holding onto your soul, 
But, nothing you can feel.

I know you want to touch the bottom,
And surface to the top.
But you're convinced that there is no way,
You'd ever want to stop.

I know you want to break free,
And swim back onto land.
Even though you tell yourself
That you won't stand a chance.

Don't tell me any differently,
I can see it in your eyes.
You want to live, you want to love,
Do it all before you die.

It's not your time to leave this Earth,
And fly into the sky.
Let's get you dry and take you home,
No sorrys or goodbyes. 

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Somewhere in this long run i lost you,
I lost you among the crowd,among the thousands,
Not so easy to forget,not so easy to recover.
I believed in faith and thus i fear,
No more strenght,only hopes lies somewhere.

Somewhere at some point of life,i gonna meet myself,
Somewhere at some point,i will meet my faith.
No more pain,i gonna lie on the ground,
With my shinning eyes,looking at stars.
Dreams will come true;dream to touch the sky.

Somewhere my eyes will stop blinking,
Somewhere my heart will say my love,
Never to cry,never to weaken myself.
And somewhere i will find my answers,
Answer to the thousand questions that has arisen.
In the morning,i gonna be fresh,ready to start the journey.

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For Animal Lovers

Ailing baby cats die exacting fear grief having inevitably just killed loving mothers not
only plainly questioning reasons some things understanding vile wrong-doing xanax yields

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………………………….SAVE GIRL CHILD …………………………..

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My worse lie

I saw it coming 
Yet I was too far away 
As my voice fell on deaf ears 
I heard the tires squeal 
As metal bent and bones were crushed
I ran towards my true love 
My tears ran down my face 
Like the blood down his
He told me to save him 
But I wasn't enough
Years of training for what?
As I held my love in my arms 
Blue eyes began to dull 
His life leaving is all I saw
Everything will be ok 
I said with a soft lie 
Believing only that it wasn't possible that he would die 
Minutes seemed  to take hours 
Till I heard the sirens till the lights finally found us.
Do you hear that my love 
There coming I said holding him in iron arms 
His breathing slowed as his voice pierced my soul 
I love you, But I have to go 
The last words his body would let him control 
No you don't I said in a voice that wasn't my own 
I can save you... I can do this.... I can't lose you 
Just hold on I promise I'll make this ok 
I love you baby so you must see another day 
A smile crossed his face 
As the sun shined 
His soul finally escaped his body's case
Tears fell from my eyes 
As if it was my last time to cry 
My bittersweet lie that I could save you 
Circled in my head 
And I realized that I wasn't enough 
That I couldn't save him 
That I had to hold my love as he died
And the last words I said to him were my worse  lie

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Let me go

Let me go,
gently, into that sleep
where the noises cannot reach
and lies can not hurt.
let the ground covers me
with all my worries along

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Letter To You

A letter to you
Dear daughter of mine,
  Please don't cry! Please don't ask why.
For I have gone to heaven to plat my banjo. For the great Bill Monroe.
It will be not a song of sorrow that I play tomorrow.
For I will play on the stage with a lady named Patty Page.
I will not play to bitter, but with the great Tex Ritter.
So the music you hear in the sky will not make you cry.
For God only wants me to play my banjo.
      Your dear old dad.

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the past

sitting here thinking about my little that past last year someone shot him in a car with 2 others but one still alive, that one was being on the stand for life dealing with death of his friends or whatever they called my little cousin, my cousin was only going out to get some milk for his son, and now his girlfriend is left to take care two children by herself as a single mother wondering how she is going to do this all by herself not thinking that the worst pain ever going to go through her mind, now I see vision of my cousin every day and making me cry cause I miss him so much and can’t talk to him like I use to as a child all I have is the memories of him sitting in my old house as a child and now he is dead, I don't want to ever celebrate my birthday ever again he die on September 21, 2012 what a painful day all I remember is getting my son off the bus and 10 mins later my mother was screaming like she lost one of my brothers but really he might have not been my brother by blood but he was my cousin and every time I think a tear comes coming down my face then remember my mother telling me, she Sheena lil Greg is gone I screamed and cried for days didn't even answer my phone unless it was important, I stayed away from friends, I just didn't care who knew, I was hurting  inside, then one day I heard a voice and it was like lil Greg was speaking to me, but I wouldn't turn my light off for days and would carry a flash just case I needed it in the dark to see where I was walking, I would see his shadows just like I use to see my old teacher shadow in the dark, I would flash the flashlight onto the area where I see him then it’s like he is not there then I hear his voice calling telling me that it’s okay, that I’m fine cause with my mother, your true angel forever, but I couldn't find him, I kept asking myself where is lil Greg I though he was dead, then I remember my family buried him where is mother was at, and now May 21 is lil Greg franklin birthday and I can’t tell him I really feel any more about his girlfriend or the people he hang out with, he wasn't just a cousin to me, I felt like a piece of my heart just melt inside that I couldn't get back and still do, cause now my family want to celebrate his birthday and I weather be home on May21 it’s a painful day for me, just this week alone is painful week, I lost one of my best friends,

Sheena Jackson 
May 16,2013

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Dancing Remains

Starving cats shriek to a full, hopeless moon
The thick air drips with decay and rank ruin
Feral dogs scream, adding pain to the chorus
Extending an invite to those gone before us

Fred Astaire and Miss Rogers they clearly are not
As they stumble and scrabble up through Hadean rot
Their eyes wormy sockets, foul-toothed, dangling jaws
Macabre click-click-clicking sounds a hellish applause

Dry bones clack-clacking, grotesque, face to face,
Partner holds partner in hideous embrace
These skeletal dancers reek a rancid perfume
Unsure and undead, their lives re-resume

Their clattering waltz is relentless and jerky
As they dance to hell’s music, unrhythmic and murky
The conductor’s malevolent, ghoulish, reviled
His empty eyes glitter, black flames burning wild

Clarinets scrape the nighttime with fractals of silence
As violins offer melodies of mayhem and violence
Percussion and horns build a battlefield wall
‘Til there is no escape from the dead dancers’ ball

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Dear Lord (by kimmy holmes my daughter)

Dear Lord 
please receive me
i've been stumblin around
deceivin me
i wan't heaven now
how do I get that?
do I stop eatin meat
stop being me
How do I get to Heaven?
I NEEDS my mama
I need my Sons
I'm lyin
before everyones eyes

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Midnight Skies

Midnight Cries In midnight skies the cries of love drift off to sleep in endless love. For he who heard them. Sent them hope, that God created a world for them. For us to see and bare good times. For no more hurt and devishlish crimes. For the earth which once was good. Is soured and torn. There are no morals or dreams no more. Or hope of good things when suffering soars. For they are crushed by his vast sword. For he who has the greater sin. He has carried and been burdened with. He has been forgotten. In times like these. Because people hearts bleed with disease. For they have burdened him with more sin. They have forgotten the pain he is in. For he so carried his cross with pride. A younge man who was destined to die. No matter what the world does think. This man did live before we did. We have lost our way in darkened times. Like lost sheep we have roamed, away from him. If youd only listen and help to carry his cross. Take the blame for things done past. Change our ways for hope to last. We wont do that out of pride. When he is denied. I feel for him. I pick his cross up and help him off the ground. For he is my brother. Who I have found. He has carried that cross. No man deserved his life in such a lose. Tormented and torturded to no extent. He didnt look like a mere man in the end. He coutinued to stand even after he fell. Showing me the strength of Heaven and hell. For a man so strong, so bold and kind. Showed me what we can do as man kind. He gave his life for everyone who reads this. For those who can not see. Do not be blind Find this man, for he needs you. He gave his life to save you. With your help, you raise his cross. You heal that burden of love. That has been lost. Ease his pain and find your way. For Heaven is a start and hell is a step away.

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Sandy Hook Elementary

Ploop Plop
I flopped down onto the black leather coach
Wee Snaw 
I inhaled deeply
Slowly i twisted my head to the right
The AT&T remote control lay blocked
An attempt to get the remote; I succeded
Click Click Click
I changed the channel
"A shooting at Sandy Hook" the weatherman said
"Elementary students 6-7 shot, gone, and dead"
Utter shock filled  my mind
Slowly I pressed rewind
"6-7 shot, gone, and dead"
The newsman repeated
Again and again I began to lose control
Instantly I'd felt panic
My child, I thought
I grabbed my keys and began to run towards my car
Ring, ring, ring it rang several times
I stopped
"Answer the phone" I thought
Chink, I answered
"yes" I replied.
"She's gone."

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Look around you
See the faces surrounding you
All with different uses and tasks to do
What if it’ll be your last view?
A bitter truth no one reviews
No matter how long we stay, the end will definitely come knocking
A time to really have all the rest you’ll ever need
Being alone with your deeds and virtue
Whether the good or evil
Alone and awaiting judgement
People singing melodious songs
They tell you what doesn't kill you makes you stronger,
Blatant lie, cause what doesn't kill you wasn't meant to kill you.
We wonder and ponder
But at the end, all they do is lauder.
Not knowing death is like thunder
Striking and leaving a donga
Leaving us in confusion
Live life as a traveller, but take only what you’ll need along the way.
Funny how when you die they start listening
A journey worth taking for those who know.
Tell me, are you not willing to go?
For more?
For all the bounties and all the grace
All the sights, smells and the tastes
Will be forgotten without a trace
As if frozen in time and space
When you see his face.
You asked for mercy, that he gave.
Death, the undisputed slave.
We come making everyone happy, then leave making them sad.
Why are we here in the first place, if this is how we gotta go?

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A poem by Jina Mahalatinia

I witnessed Mama's body
As Angels worked her flesh
Preparing her for death.
And when her flesh was pieces
She was scared of being eaten
(Remembering Viking spears
That killed, not ate, those fish)
So I cried to soothe her fears.

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Angel Kisses

A soft whisper across your cheeks
Of memories and love that gave you peace
My son has passed my tears I shed 
Have made me weak as I retreat 

A Mother's beating heart of sadness and love
To the flutter of wings from above
Giving goodness and Grace at an endless pace
Your angel has come so pure and white

 God gives his gift of love
An angel kiss for Mother from Son

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People want to commit suicide,
people choose to die over livin life.
Why has it come to be this way?
Why has this life become so meaningless,
that we just want to throw it away?
We become selfish and think our life is so bad,
dont think of others who's lives are worse, But still greatful for what they have.
People take for granted the things they've got,
clothes, food, smokes and shoes, even a roof or a bed,
They dont think of the homeless,
the hungry, not even the cold or the hot.
They just think they want to be dead,
Things happen in our lives that, to us, seem bad.
We dont look for help or trust any "friends"
All because of the past we've had.
Dont be a coward and run away,
Stick it out, Live life,
I know that there's alot of strife,
But stick it through day to day.
People want to commit suicide,
people choose to die over livin life.
Why has it come to be this way?....

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A Change In The Wind

Your energy was so strong.
The room is now silenced. 
Days go by as they always did, but life will never be the same.
Emptiness lingers all around me.
Although, a new beginning for you.

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the wrong invitation

for you i have been missing,

you are short of a prayer,

this domain they have spoken is cold but a stare,

for hand that i reach is short of a friend,

so trust me my fellow this is where it shall end,

the blood river flows and colder as it grows,

for my heart is the lands or prosperity as it shows,

a riddle for you my love,

its as pretty as a dove,

think of my father that force me from above,

I am the rich, powerful and the great,

i am the one that has taken your chance of all fate,

I open the gate,

for the children that have been freed to the father of all hate.

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No more Tears

     Hush now my 
dear no more tears 
shall fall, what once 
was, is no more, so 
hush now no more 
 Take my hand don’t 
look back, it’s time 
to heal and let him 
fade ,hush now no 
more tears his love 
for you forgotten, 
yes your biggest 
fear , come with me 
I can set your pain 
free ,it’s up to you 
and me he will no 
longer be , so hush 
my dear no more 
tears your heart 
goes black for all 
that you have done, 
what once was is 
done, take my hand 
don’t be scared let 
me set you free, 
look into my eyes 
give me all your 
sadness and fears, 
hush now you 
scared soul lay back 
let me take control, 
stop fighting and 
crying for he has 
moved on time to 
let  one last tear set 
you free, hush my 
dear there goes the 
last tear this will 
only burn  for a 
minute, then my 
broken girl you will 
be set free, you look 
at me with fear your 
heart begins to fade, 
follow the light my 
child it’s time to 
fade away, your 
blood drips down 
the table I can hear 
the cries poor out, 
they fill the room 
with fire as your 
body goes numb 
your mind begins to 
slip away, hush my 
dear there goes 
your tears, the pain 
is gone and so are 
 They all gather to 
shed their tears over 
you as they say 
goodbye, in a 
whisper through the 
air they hear your 
voice say hush my 
loves don’t cry I will 
always be hear, as 
the years go by  
your children hold 
you close, the man 
you broke still 
remembers  the 
days he held you , 
as his day comes to 
a long lived end he 
takes on last breath 
and hears you say, 
hush hush my love 
it will be okay take 
my hand I will show 
you the way, now 
your time is endless, 
no more grey ,your 
hearts are warm the 
tears no more, you 
walk away as 
one ,never looking 
back hush my dear 
your safe now let us 

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The Devil Within

A gun to my head, isn't that convenient. 
pull the trigger and release all my demons. 
I'm ready now with no regret, 
try to surprise me like Russian roulette. 
I'm sick of this life and all the problems that follow, 
this is the best way to end, the shame is too hard to swallow. 
I'm growing weak its coming to an end, 
finally relief, no need to pretend. 
This is it, the light is fading, 
come to my rescue I'm yours for the taking. 
I'm destined to fall what this is, its a sin, 
he finally got what he wanted, the devil within. 

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firing squad

i feel the darkness surround me, 
i know what fate lies ahead,
i sense the fear take over me,
i know i will soon be dead,

i hear the ground beneath me,
i know i must face my end,
i sense the guns select me,
their bullets my only friend,

the darkness is drawn from me,
and the light forced in my face,
i see the rifles before me,
my body now frozen in space,

i see my life spread out before me,
i see my oncoming end,
i hear the triggers pulled for me,
a bullet, the message they send,

i felt the darkness surround me,
their sights locked to my head,
i no longer have fear inside me,
my body now lies dead.

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let me be

I'm through with living in these and shackles and chains,
erase me now, set me free from this world,
where blood pours and tears rain,
to a land of love, set me free from these chains,

I’m through with living a life of which i do not belong,
erase me now, let my life begin,
in a world thats just right, where there is no wrong,
let me for once feel that i finally belong,

I'm through with this life that carries on forever,
erase me now, show me my end,
let my soul and my body escape together,
no part of living says you'll live forever,

I’m through with living in the land of the blind,
erase me now, let me see where i lay,
forget who i was, my true soul i must find,
open up the world to which once i was blind,

I’m through with living I’m done with the hate,
erase me now, let my true love embrace,
let me not change my future, let me accept my fate,
show me how to be, teach me not of hate.

I'm through with living where i can not be me,
erase me now let me delve ever deeper,
let my mind dance let my heart run free,
where i think not of them, I proclaim of only me.

I'm through with living, my time is now,
erase me now, to never be forgotten,
to escape from this world, just show me how,
the end is finally here, my time is now.

darkness will fall, bring my eyes to rest, 
darkness will fall, no beat in my chest,
peace it will bring, to finally be me,
peace it will bring, to finally be free.

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In this world

In this world full of lies,
where everyone seems to die.
With no truth to be said.
On your way down to hell,
afraid that you might have fell.
being lost for all eternity.

In this world full of death,
with one way left.
So lost in your mind,
you don't know where to turn.
Searching to go somewhere,
even if you are already there.
Ending your life with one more goodbye.

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the wall is high

i jump to meet my mark,
it is met with arms out wide,
nothing, yet i expect a spark
so in little black book i confide.

what i ask of the masses, alot
admittedly ashamed i am not
to think, rejoice, connect the dots
to remember what we once forgot.

all i ask i that we don't assume,
they rely on ignorance to consume,
open your eyes and take full bloom,
never take an uninformed flume,

i see too much trouble ahead to ignore,
when i opened my eyes we had ten years,
i am still coming round and now we have four,
i see too much blood that will mix with my tears.

everything will mingle and change
it will all make sense once done
its just right now, its beyond our perceptive range
and to elaborate on the story no fun.

for certain synchronocities will take form
the knowledge unwraping in the implicate
it may not always be blatent, but hidden in the norm
some could term it karma, i make my own fate.

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Sociopath in the Forest

Amongst the mysterious and gloomy forest
Begets a creature so cruel and ferocious
Consciously aware of its own destructive behavior
Deceptive in nature; unforgiving at heart
Enchanting the woodlands like a corrupted hermit
Fantasy twisted; reality tainted
Gremlins, Ghouls, and Goblins lurking from afar
Haplessly awaiting for the beast to collapse
Imminent death for ones with black hearts
Justifying their existence based on ego and pride
Killing themselves, not just others
Laughing along the way to an eternal plane of misery

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i dont know about you

this is for all the DECENT ladies out there...
i dont know about you, but im sick of being second choice to skeezy women
i dont know about you, but when i have a boyfriend i just get sick of livin
i dont know about you, but i know about me
and this girl here,shes sick of the pleas
sick of the bullshit, sick of the crap
sick of all the "friends" who talk behind my back
sick of it all, sick of everything
and with this feeling, positive im supposed to bring?
im sick of being told "its my outlook on life"
youre so negative, you make your own strife
i dont know about you, but its not MY atatood
it all the ugliness in this sick twisted world
and i dont know about you, but im fed up
i dont about you but i give up
i dont know about you, but im done feeling the way i do
and i dont know about you, but then again i think i do
you pick yourself apart, about all your flaws
and when they cheat and lie, it just instills that further,its a law
i dont know about you, but i think i do
you're the girl, much like myself
with a good heart and a bad sense of health
build us up, tear us down
i dont know about you, but i really think i am going crazy
i dont know about you, but i think theyre all lazy
too lazy to try, too lazy to care
too lazy to give a shit, but the energy shows up when in satans lair
no more loyalty, to get kicked in the teeth
no more "friends" who just make you weep
no more crap, and no more forgiving
no more forgetting and NO MORE RE LIVING.
im not settling, i have enough of "so-so" to last my whole life
and i dont know about you girls, but it ends tonight.
we stop picking ourselves apart, we stop blaming ourselves
we stop thinking our little "flaws" ar why they did this
when its about someone else
its about them, the people they choose to be around
and quite frankly, before id be around THEM id be buried in the ground.
yes i hate them that much
and i dont know about you, but i have had enough
i wont blame myself, when skeezy outdoes classy
i wont blame myself for the hilariously tacky
things i see, on a daily basis
and i dont know about you
but i too, can fake it.
see its harder for me,to be mean like you all are
im not built that way, and being mean hurts my heart
so no i cant do the revenge thing
but what i can do is protect myself again
i dont know about you, but its long overdue
i DO know about you...because i AM you.
you are not alone.

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Emotional Sleep

The darkened room places shadows on the walls
I lay on my side and cuddle into a ball, closing my eyes
Feeling unsafe and wondering how long I'll live
I've been sickly now for a pretty long time 
And I wonder how much longer before I die?

My mind gets so cluttered with all the things in my life
Without relief or support, I wonder what can I do? 
A knock, then bang, shhhh, don't  cry out or speak, 
Maybe they will think no one is here and just go away 

Now I can see a shadow on the blind, it's only my cat, Valentine
Seems she is lonely wants to be close to me, but why?
As i lay in my bed, I'm no good to myself but pet her head
And my head starts spinning with so much I dread

This world is for some people, and some people not
As Whitney and Robin Williams who left us behind
But I lay here a coward, wondering how it would be
My eyes are now heavy, I can't stay awake
So please Lord take me, so I can finally get sleep.

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Hellow, Hallow-E'en

It’s almost midnight
On All Hallow’s Eve
And I’m here to seduce,
Entrance and deceive

Tonight I come calling,
a nightmarish creature –
You’ll cling to the stories
You’ve been told by your preachers

Who tell you that ghouls
Are all in the mind,
But watch out for my presence
Amongst man-unkind

Creeping and crawling,
I live for this night –
I’m a monster most hideous,
My first name is Fright

I’m the truth of your nightmares,
The terror is sheer
And scaring you senseless
Fills me with cheer
I’m the presence 
Who inhabits your dreams
I’m alive in your deep,
Darkest screams

I exist to appall you,
Immerse you in fear
And my day of wakening
Is now, it’s right here

This one night in autumn
I visit from hell
Where I have been watching you,
I know you quite well

I’ve waited so patiently
For this Halloween
So I can show you my real face,
Gaunt, slimy, green

When you first lay your eyes
On the terrible me,
You’ll know I’m black evil,
But won’t believe what you see
Shapeless and hopeless,
I do not exist
In the time-space continuum
In which you persist

I’m other-dimensional,
Invisible, huge
My lips aren’t quite white,
My cheeks smeared with rouge

My hair’s writhing reptiles,
My nails twisted and curled
My breath stinks of Hades –
I’m so not of your world

I slither through shadows,
I suck the life from your dreams
I slurp up your terror
And munch on your screams

You can shutter your windows
Padlock each door
You still won’t be safe –
I’ll rise up through your floor

At midnight, I’ll seize you
And drag you away –
You’ll never see the light
Of All Hallow’s Day

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Orange eyes like tiny topaz crystals glisten as he watches the sun go down, fading into a sea-
like sky of yellow and orange.

Lost. He finds a howling lost cub. Two is stronger than one he thinks. And lightly clasps the 
delicate cub in his bloodstained teeth.

Shortly, after 8 weeks of starvation the wolf became extremely famished...

A few seconds later the young, oblivious pup looked up to find it was gazing into the now 
blood-thirsty, ravenous wolf’s once sparkling orange now wicked red eyes.

He will never forgive himself for what he did, but he will forget.

By: Ava Douglass   Age: 12

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As at the cinema

The life made a film just for me 
was my producer. 
I was the actor and the creator. 
I created every day as my last one. 
The end of the film was unknown...
Precisely as at the cinema

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Gone Forever

Gone Forever
I think about you every day and hope that you’ll return
You left us way too soon, and for you I always yearn
I can’t believe you’re gone forever, I am still in disbelief
Not a day goes by that my heart is not filled with grief
Never did I think that you would get sick and pass away
It feels like we were playing basketball just yesterday
Everything I do reminds me of you, dad
The thought that I can’t call you anymore makes me really sad
I know you’re in a better place, no longer in pain or discomfort
But when I realize that you’re gone forever, my heart begins to hurt
I love you so much and I miss all the times we shared
Knowing that you’re gone forever makes me really scared 
Who am I gonna call when I need help with my car?
And who’s gonna make fun of me for all my careless scars?
You were so laid back and easygoing, you never complained about much
I miss your calm demeanor and your soft, gentle touch
I tell you how much I love you each and every day
I wish I could hear you talk to me and tell me that you’re okay
A lot has changed since you got sick, and life will never be the same
All I want is one more kiss and to hear you call my name

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"I am a woman phenomenally.Phenomenal woman,that's me." Maya Angelou.

The first time i read your poetry,back in my early teens,i knew the kind of a woman and the kind of a poet i wanted to be.

The light of your life will forever shine on me,the fire of your writes will forever burn and Your name will forever be encrypted on my heart.

May your legend transverse the unlimited span of time.

You were my idol,and the greatest poetess on my list.
I am honored to have lived in your era!

May you rest in eternal peace.

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the end

the days go dark
i sit in this park
its lonly and cold
but these feelings are old
iv seen it before
shes out the door
i slit my wrists
and my blood slowly twists
down my arm and off my hand
my life is fading and its so sweetly bland
i bleed for you
but you never knew
the slow downfall
of my life and all
its miserable,sad and funny to
how much i really care for you
its ok now my life is fading
but no one knows i only evading
the sadness of losing
and heartbreak, blood oozing
the white light draws near
its almost over from here
i love you my dear
you touched my heart
now its time i fell apart
its me not you
see the picture i drew
thats my blood my note of suicide
im sorry im not ok im the one who lied
its over my life has finaly reached its ending
sleep well my love enjoy this last text im sending

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No Title

just want to start off by saying, we all know the dangers of drugs and alcohol, there is this one substance though, just one that you have to be 18 or older to buy. I am talking about “The Cancer Stick” better known as cigarettes. Most of the older people in my family and others also smoke cigarettes like its nothing at all, I never realized it caused cancer until older years, but when I found out it was too late, many of my family members developed lung cancer including my close grandmother. That woman would smoke a pack of cigarettes in the snap of a finger, but the thing is she has been doing it for over 20years I would assume. The day I found out she was dying of the disease I was not surprised, but yet she is my grandmother so I felt great sorrow. When she passed it shook my soul, but we know we must move on. The thing that boggles my mind is that the government regulates these substances knowing the dangers, and what do you get a large number of statistics on the deaths of those related to legal drugs, ex: alcohol, prescription drugs, cigarettes etc. But if it makes profit distribute it right? The death of my grandmother along with the death of my great aunt both due to that cancer stick, has changed my mindset drastically on the way things are set up in our system, I wish I was able to talk to my grandmother and aunt one last time, one last time to tell them to put that killer down and resist that mentality, but I couldn’t, why? Because they are addicts, it would take strong support, but see we didn’t have good family support. So unfortunately helping my grandmother mentally was a fail.

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Insanity the race for the loss

Permanently nuclear heads
psychosis; sightless
Plant of the haters
Insanity this race
We; any race
Commonly we repatriate
The rays of the sun
For what
Ruining our earth
Reproduction of what
The death
and the death
The winner who
only dust
A weapon of no winner

No buds
Only! only ash!
Of Hiroshima, Nagasaki
Who is Replaying that?
Kids with heads; 
Who are playing
deadly game of men!

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On life and death

             ON  LIFE and DEATH
About how one lives,
Bothering  thought  all through life.
Careworn and too old,
Death: ’ when- and -its -manner –thoughts’
Engaging  him  to the  end.
Death the screen saver 
Enters the life in a flash
And plays out its tune
Terrible and macabre
Heavens, save us from its chase.
Life, lust, lots of love
 Happy home, heady, hearty
Days, desires, dances
Don’t delay decay and death
Walking  in without welcome.

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Heaven Is Your New Home

As the sunrise shines upon my face
A tear drop falls from my eye
The warmth gives me comfort
I feel your presence
What else to represent you besides the sun
The most powerful source of energy in the sky
I look away, what do I see, 
The moon, opposite the sun
Look in between night and day, the clouds move in fast toward me 
It's mid day
Still you consume my entire mind
Your in my dreams; day and night
Our initials, P.M. A.M.; night and day, like our personalities, yet one. Opposites attract. 
Brother and sister, bestfriends at birth
No longer are you with me on Earth. 
My angel in the sky
Your new home is Heaven

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if you only knew

when you lose sight of what really counts
its easy to focus on only whats shallow
am i too fat is my nose too big
do i walk or talk weird whats wrong with me
when we forget the depth that is here in this world
and focus on things that are just absurd
so maybe im not a supermodel and my bums a tad on the thick side
and maybe im no a genius thats getting a scholorship on my side
but does that mean im nothing that i dont count
this world is getting sickening count me OUT
im ashamed of myself for even thinking like this
and obsessing to tears over shallow petty shit
i am praying that god hears my pleas for help
because i cant conquer this all by myself
i used to not care didnt care at all
but like any other i rise and fall
i am of the opinion that your body is a shell
and youll leave it behind when you go to heaven or hell
it will rot in the ground and count for nothing
and when i meet my maker he wont care how big my bum is
some women ONLY care about their looks and they dont get it
they dont see the big picture 
and i fear theyll regret it 
and other women dont care even at all 
about their looks because their depth is so massive and raw
but then theres me in the middle with so much depth and spirituality
why do i waste time wondering what are all the things wrong with me
im sick of crying over it ive done it for too long
im sick of getting angry when i cant crawl out of my bod
its a thought that i had reguarding a cacoon
like how catapielers go into them and out comes a butterfly zoom
if i could just crawl out my mouth my soul free for just a moment
and be allowed to have a different shell to live and own it
i wonder what its like to feel just for a second
not arrogance but a sweet compliment from someone who MEANT IT
my desperate pleas go out to you and anyone else who will listen
i hate my body im sick of my face and my voice is just ridiculous
so lets just drop it in the ocean let it sail away
cuz me im going to better places where i dont have to cry all day
where i know that my body is just a little shell a vehicle if you will
its our car or truck or limo or bus to use while we use our free will
and ive always said when you go you don't take your money your lambergini
or your watch expensive jewlery its all staying beind
and you should think about what YOUR world is while im trying desperatley to fix mine

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easter 2014

I watched them drag him away
We all watched  as they dragged him  down the road
I was angry and sad
I couldn’t bear to look upon his bruised face
I remember him too well
He forgave me
I was termed an adulteress 
And was brought before him for judgment
But he shunned my accusers
And he gave me a second chance
And now I am helpless to help
I thought they would protest
They all loved him yesterday
But they wanted blood
 it was like a free show
I turned away, fell on my face and wept
I watched them flog him
I watched them bruise him
And I prayed
I prayed so fervently
That He would take the life of all of them
All of them who betrayed
All the soldiers that so eagerly whipped and mocked
My heart was bitter and heavy
I only prayed he won't suffer
But he suffered
Suffered from their betrayal
Suffered because they loved him no more
And as they put the crown of thorns on his head
I cried out
I stood there till he breathe his last breath
Watching him
And when he said "forgive them"
That was all I heard but I felt like he saw me
Through all the shouting and chanting
I felt like he saw only me
I felt like he was speaking to me and I turned away
I rent my clothes unbelieving of his love for these people
I felt the earth quake and heard the stories
I wept wondering what would be left of the earth
But somehow I knew he would come back

At first it was just grief
I refused to believe him dead
But then the rumors came
The messiah has risen
I thought it was the wicked that had come to taunt us
But I heard the story from John
About a free ticket  to heaven
And I took it without a second thought
He is the reason I sing
So let me celebrate Easter
Let me celebrate love, resurrection and grace

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Time is Short

Time just tick, tick, ticks away,How 
many days do we have left to stay? 
The time sure flies realy quickly, 
from havin' fun or bein' busy. Our 
time shortens the end is neigh, not 
for the world to end, but for us to 
die. We take for granted what we 
have, we work alot, or party hard, 
we see these things but not what we 
have. So hold your loved ones close 
and dear, and tell them what they 
need to hear. Say you love them 
forever more , not just this week, 
cuz our time we have left is precious 
and sweet.

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Precious Creatures

Precious creatures

 All hail precious creatures 
 dazzling in the morn,
 burying jilted suitors 
 as night time turns to dawn.

  Have ye seen Messalina?     
  Oh! Beauty is the beast
  In a bath of ugly frogs,
  she bathes before her feast.

  Unto the looking glass  
  pretty maids fondly stare.
  Only truth trails the ticking clock,
  old age hides her lair.

 Adore the painted eye,  
 desire so lustrous cup.
 Beware the widow spider, 
 her potions never sup

 I’m peeling juicy peaches
 with a steely knife,
 and staring at you heathen   
 now run and save your life.

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Mommy Cries

I watch as mommy cries sitting  there all alone
When she falls asleep she cuddle up to the phone
I ask why all the tears
Why all the sorrow
I then hug her 
tell her daddy will be back soon
I must say something wrong
She cries even more
Everything I say I make the tears pour more
Maybe I don't hug her enough
Maybe love I lack
Maybe she's right daddy is never coming back.

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Sierra Leone - A long way gone book by Ishmael Baeh

South province where Mattru jong is located!
Intriguing issues as a young boy!
Escaped from drugs and the war!
Rebels – They don’t agree with the government and think    everyone is the enemy!
Ready to start over!
A lhaji close friend of Ishmael!
Lonely waking around by himself at the age of 12!
Evaluated but never understood!
One world with terrible memories!

Never being able to let go of  memories! 

Elated  at being with his uncle!

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when i die

I wear a hoody so if I get arrested for a wrong crime
it means I’m automatically guilty
They say I’m the strong kind
But what if it’s the stuff I’m meant to survive that actually kills me?
They ask why I do stupid things and regress
They point and say damn he’s stressed
Then they ask how can you be depressed
When you’re dating a girl with double d breasts
I reply there won’t be a ring for her
I don’t feel a thing for her
It’s just a fling to me
She acts like I’m a king to her
It’s funny and kind of incredible
That these girls put me on a pedestal
But to me what’s most memorable
Is they look shocked when I fall
They think I’m some kind of prince charming
When not long ago I was depressed and self harming
I didn’t ask to be placed up there
Wish I was the guy to tell you you’re beautiful when your make up clears
When I’m gone don’t waste your tears
 I hope you find happiness and escape your fears
So when I die don’t act like I’m the greatest person who ever lived
Don’t paint me with accomplishments I never did
Be honest I could have been a better kid
Make sure all of my faults, weaknesses and downfalls are mentioned
I’m sorry if I never reach the end of my road to redemption
Remember I survived and fought through the depression
Forget the people who only care about what I left them
When I die I hope girlfriends, exs all the people I hurt
Realise I just never knew how to show them how much they’re worth
I hope when I die you can accept my apologies and love
I’ll see you when you you follow me up 

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final goodbye

My outside smile doesn’t match on the inside
Growing up all I wanted was a dad by my side
But I never had you in my life
Sit with my pad and I write
That’s what hurts the most
I went on a search for you father
It would have been easier to search for ghosts
What made it harder
Is you had a chance to be a dad
But you rejected it
I’m trying to advance through the sad
While accepting it
I needed you the most
Now I’m not affectionate 
To anyone who tries to get close
People always leave. I’m expecting it
Talk about my dad I act like I don’t miss him
But it’s eating me up inside
Can my feelings be justified?
How could I say goodbye
When you ****ing died
When we rarely said a simple hi
We got to see each other a few times a year
You turned up drunk. Blind from beer
At times I wish I could rewind to there
But I let my smile out shine my tears
The death of you was the birth of me
I try and figure what’s best to do
But people see the worst in me
Sober and clean
They want the dirt on me
A coward is something I’ll never be
But a boy in need of a dad I’ll probably forever be
Everything I’m yet to achieve. And everything I already have
Will it make up for never having a dad?

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The Final Patrol of Yankee 127

The spirits come for a late night ethereal visit
the little girl announces her presence

Breath in Breath out
there is nothing to forgive
Your pain is validation you still live

With that... all sense of hearing dissapears 
next comes paralysis with its icy grip, breath chocked by irrational fear
Now starts the grainy images of an old terrible black and white news reel
fuzzy subtitles of smiling troops whose words we cannot read or hear 
with loud military music assaulting the ears.

Breath in Breath out
there is nothing to forgive 
Your pain is validation you still live

Silence returns as the gates of hell swing open right on cue,
the cast of ghostly characters come into view 
all take their place until the scene is complete,
the silence is broken by a lone heart beat.

She takes her place in the news reel's flickering images of light  
The camera follows her every move, a crescendo of music as her spirit takes flight,
for this maybe the first time she ever experienced a confectionery delight.

Breath in Breath out
there is nothing to forgive
Your pain is validation you still live

Her and many faceless children come laughing, disembodied hands reaching out
to the young soldiers in return receiving tootsie rolls and gummi bears 
Pleasant encounters must now end... with a village elder and authoritarian shouts. 
We watch her run home laughing with a pocket full of candy to share.

Evil breaths in, Evil breaths out... exhaling caustic hate
The Acrid fumes blinds our eyes   
as shadowy figures materialize... 
for this little pretty little girl was nothing more than bait 

The small moment of humanity will be exchanged for eternal despair 
She must return with her pink backpack to complete this morbid affair.
Running calling to us, laughing holding it out for us to see 
Boom then she is gone, nothing but a red mist where she used to be. 

Breath in, Breath out 
there is no need 
for you to grieve
Your pain is validation both you and I live  
there is nothing to forgive 
no need to pay anymore dues
fore I am your guardian now watching over you 

Evil knows no bounds as it locks people into such cruel fates.
We both are sorry for meeting that March day
and with that the flickering news reel ends.
we part ways again.

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Life without love to give

How bad is a life.
Without love to give?
Well I say to myself,
That's a horrible life to live,
When I wake up every night crying to hear,
That one little voice,
That brings me to tear up,
You were not all mine,
But I hurt 
When you felt one once of pain.
One Night of sickness,
That horrible strain,
You were my morning and night star,
I cry when they say your name,
I die inside when I stand beside
that babies grave,
I think of him always.
Mommy Never forgot you,
Nor will I ever stop loving you
My Son.

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My Failures

My Failures
Always end in disaster
If i was better i wouldn't be this horrible person
My Failures
My life will never be great or best it can be
I wish I someone else
My Failures
lifes better without me
life will never be in the light for me

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Test of nuclear weapon

No need to use curare in today's fight
Magton or nuclear weapon is enough to take lives away from world's sight
For them, it is only a test of bombs or nuclear weapon
But innocent lives taste the taste of death

Their culmination of exploitation is for wealth or popularity
By all these they do not feel culpable, but they have stupidity
They debar themselves away from the effects of nuclear test
Nuclear explosion of test makes the environment worst
Only test is disturbing so much ecosystem and human life
So just imagine what would be the future with nuclear drive
God knows how much budget is spent in nuclear research
While many are dying with starvation and poor health care for life search

Radioactive materials are used in bombs and nuclear weapon production
Radiation is emitted in the process of production
God knows what would be the consequences of these calamities
Are these loyal to common life or infidelities?
It is said that weapons are made for human safety
but what is the use of such safety which makes the world gusty

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Looking into my eyes you see a dying being
The monster that's inside of me dying from a variety
Of spices that is mixed in the bowl with society
Most have lied to me and they expect me to get up
Wake up just to live another day with the same cuts
I seen enough to say I am sick of it
Running from this, shadow
Feeding mass souls to the creature with a firm hold
On this world that periodically turns slow
I feel pain just grow when half of my body turns cold
I have a hole in my throat from writting the same hurt
Over worked from the way life makes you feel like dirt
Will I ever understand?
How a person can demand the devils hand to erupt
Make a man throw up until his heart drops to his gut and gets ate up
This life is great huh?
The sun is never promised but nine out of ten times
I can say tomorrow the sun will shine
Eight out of ten the moon will return again
Ten out of ten the stars will shine bright and never dim
If I can guess something we barley understand why can't I get my life sorted out
Its either I am holding out, or my soul is lost with another solar pal
When I was young I thought I was different, but I am older now
And all I can see is nothing has changed only my memories
I lose my brain over melody's that help me speak
Infinitely I feel incomplete
Destiny was never there just the lost finish line I never crossed
Now I see my life being brought to the burial ground I have no applause
No cause, just thoughts of why life doesn't have a pause
I could philosophize on how I am going to die
No one would believe me and find me the odd guy
But its odd times I am dealing with
So everynight when I lay down I am feeling it
I never mind it and go to sleep
Watching my eyes turn dry because I haven't blinked
My rib cage no longer fills pain
Since I stopped breathing oxygen today

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Broken Cave

Lost in a hidden cave inside this little shell banging on the walls of glass creating these deep splintering cuts can't judge the person hiding when you haven't seen the tears that hide behind these eyes hiding inside the broken shell of a broken heart

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If time heals all, then when will my alarm clock ring,
If tomorrow is a new day, why do the morning birds not sing,
I want to be awoken, from this dream fueled by disaster,
The hands keep ticking, i just will them, tick faster,
My reasoning is affluent, yet it bleeds through stigmata,
If to sacrifice, is solution, then my soul freely martyr, 
My burdens weighed down, adds fuel to their meaning,
My clear image tarnished, by the scour of being,
My foundations pressed, as i confess, to all without believing,
My heart bleeds less, as i digress, to all without deceiving ,
My eyes feel weak, as i lose track, of the path i once walked,
As resistance feels futile, your mind becomes, warped,
The path becomes darker, as my demise is brought fourth,
But the path is now brighter, than at ones first thought,
If its my time, then how will i, know that i must listen,
To the bells that chime, at once as i, am freed by my admission.

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As war is fought it takes charge 
And events spin out of control.
The madness of men can alter the soil 
Which nourishes the roots of their soul.

Many things will forever change 
Far more then wished to be.
As the wrath of war starts to destroy 
Those things we fight to keep free.

War is the greatest plague of man, 
Religion, state and sanity.
Any scourge is more preferred 
Than the one which disables humanity.

When war breaks out, boundaries change 
And all who die are a token
Of the rage that must run it's course 
Before words of peace are spoken.

War I hate, though not men, flags nor race 
But war itself with its ugly face.
When we lose faith in the brave, which die 
Then we're not fit to greet those who cry.

What distinguishes war isn't death 
But that man is slain by fellow man. 
Crushed by cruelty and injustice 
With his enemy's murderous hand.

War tends to punish the punishers
So the losers won't suffer alone.
The essence of war is but violence
Till the survivors come marching home.

Sometimes it's hard to defend what's right, 
Sometimes we're forced to rise up and fight. 
Sometimes we survive, while others must die 
Sometimes never knowing the reason why.

The rush of combat is a natural buzz 
Caused by fear, leaving nothing as it was.
Hunting one another like wild game 
Without a shortage of those to blame.

Sometimes victory comes too slow or quick 
Sometimes the cost on both sides is sick.
Sometimes God is asked to intervene 
To help stop the savage from being so mean.

War is a hell we visit before death 
Fueled by the whisper of the devil's breath. 
There must be a reason man destroys man
But why it is so, I can't understand.

By Tom Zart


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The Revival by Michael Byron Dale Hamilton

I have felt the love
I have felt the hate
I have felt the life leave my heart

I have felt the ones I loved betray me
I have felt ones care from afar
I have always wanted a few besides me
Without them I am nothing

Whether you are there from afar
Or walking by my side
Whether patting my back
Or giving me a tender kiss of life

I have been mocked with riches
And I tore myself down 
"Life is going to hell" I said
As i crossed on to a dangerous path of life

But after today
Things have went my way
And nothing now feels wrong

The past is gone now
These times anew
But at least these times
I'll spend time with you

I was the voice of which could not be heard
I was the song which couldn't be sung
I was the one that went unnoticed
I was the bell that was un-rung

I was one of the lucky ones
I had my friends there all the way
To revive me from my aches and sorrows
Bringing back my true life

I noticed life was passing by
As life soared right by my side
I gathered all my strength and spread my wings
And now with life I fly

The Revival by Michael Byron Dale Hamilton

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My Dream

I had a dream of u today u called me and told me it was all a bad dream u didnt have to go away wen i woke up i felt like screaming and crying im falling apart without u here its like a part of me is dying  all i can see is a big smile on ur face u kno nobody will ever take ur place its so hard for me to stay strong with my best homie gone the thing thats hardest for me to accept n comprehend that im never gona see u again that kills me inside wen u left us i feel like apart of me died i dont kno wat to do but all i kno is wen u left apart of me went with you

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"...And one day i was hearing around that I had died.
But I was feeling alive! 
I was just in another very beautiful place
and I felt so happy there! 

...And in this beautiful place I saw a dream.
I dreamed that I was on a small planet
that they call 'Earth'.
And I got in a panic with all those that I saw and lived there

....And one day I heard around that I had died.
and woke up from the horror
And I started to laugh, and laugh, and laugh from happiness.
It was not more than a bad dream.

It was not me, the man, that had died.
It was just me
inside my dream..."

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Life is such a beautiful gift given by god, we live it, we dream it, and we feel its each and every moment spend with everyone. A sweet little girl baby comes in the world open her eyes in her mother's arms but before she could take a bit of breath she goes far away from everyone in the other world from where she could never come back. This is nothing but a crime which we all are doing physically, mentally or by allowing it to happen. It well said by our forefathers that "mare ne wale se bachane wala bada hota hai", it's a real or just a saying we human know better but never mean it. We consider girl as a burden which we carry until she gets married but we forget that, this world is a gift given by a girl only, the goddess we pray is girl and by kill a small baby we insult that goddess who gifted us a beautiful life. What's the benefit of killing a girl child, just for having a son, getting a peaceful life? No, if a boy can give a peaceful life to his parents then a girl can also provide a better life to her family. It's not matter of thinking upon but changing our views, our thoughts and watching the world with different vision.

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The Verdict of Darren wilson

The police are suppose to protect and serve-
not to seek and destroy but then-
if Darren Wilson is not indicted for murder-
cops will keep killing black men-
what are mike browns parent going thru-
he will never see the sun rise again-
can you even imagine whats  happening-
can you picture the familys that are destroyed-
i know that there hearts weigh heavy-
Darren Wilson just killed there baby boy-
make sure and take this poem to heart-
because justice will prevail-
Darren Wilson if you ever read this poem-
just remember your going to hell...

now that's the verdict guilty...

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Mommy I love you
 This is my goodbye
 You said you wanted me
 But it was all a lie
 Your boyfriend left you 
So now I'm a joke
 I didn't drown
 I didn't choke
 I should get to live
 Like you did
 Laugh and play 
Like any other kid
 Well you've made up your mind
 So now I'm not here
 I didn't want to die
 Its a babies biggest fear
 Babies shouldn't die
 Over a persons choosing
 Let me be adopted
 Then its only you I'm losing
 Abortion is selfish
 It means you have no heart
 If God wanted it to happen
 He would have added that part

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I Swear Death is Really Calling ME
Im Running Out of Air
The Darkness is Chasing Me
I Can't Shake The Shade
My Shadow Chained to The Ground
Below The Concrete is Where Im Bound
Paranoia Sticks Around as My Eyes Scan Over Every Sound
Black & White Cats Run Across Me
First bad Luck Then Death Comes To Greet Me
In Chains With The Other Enemies of Light
But I'm Actually Standing Here Alone
Shadows At My Feet
Watching MY Every Step
Laying Right Beneath Me
Waiting To Swallow Me Whole
The Sky Fall's
The Stars Drop Low
My Life Crumbles
Heavy Screams Burn Into My Soul
As I Collaps Into The Never Ending Black Floor

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Everyday I wake up wishing I never did,just to survive this life ain't the 
same to live,wish I could switch spots with a cancer patient that wants 
to live,got me feeling like adam without a rib,I gave it all up so she 
could live,now my hearts were evil is....

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I dared to love a vampire, oh fascinating maid,
all legs with lustrous red hair smooth as silk,
pleasing to the eye.

Dwells dost she in some delicious coffin,
of cherry-wood ebony.
Have ye ever seen the beautiful dead?
faces so young, full of dread

Cause somewhere lurks the beast madness!!
beware old men on bicycles and train crossings in hell,
If lost, stay lost.

One glorious Tuscan evening I cared to pass about,
Oh! ancient villa,
In the air this night, lovely, lovely bats 
with dirty little whiskers, like dirty little rats.
Oh! misery.

Now in Hell they celebrate Christmas, 
Scoffing cake and such the like,
Now hear a secret, us dead don’t cry.

Please oh!
Please remember me,
You see it hurts so,
If you don’t.

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Brother Life, Sister Death

Brother life, sister death.
I sat on the train, and a flying ant landed on my foot.
I immediately killed it, of course.
Then I wondered why death was so close to life.
I had created “death” by my god-like slap.
I went to the park for  lunch,
and a butterfly landed on my sandwich.
I immediately killed it, of course.
That made me wonder why death dances with life.
I sat there looking into a pale blue sky,
Wondering if God knew how terrified we all are?

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The red sedan sped past
As two police cars followed fast
My jaws dropped in awe 
As my eyes witnessed the chase

The three cars swayed from side to side 
As drivers tried not to slide
And as the road burst with dust 
they disappeared to the last

It did'nt surprise me 
Though it was such of a scary kind
and so did i continue with my journey
as thoughts imprisoned my mind

If fate does draw a path
How many will escape?
whom will be willing to bribe?
and which is the shortcut to evasion?

A few miles and i was on the scene
The red sedan down on its keel
So different from one had see
Crushed and ripped apart

Of course he didn't escape the fate
It caught him on the throat 
with a piece of windscreen glass
His neck halfway cut

The four shocked police officers
sat on their car's bonnet 
wiping blood from their heads 
They had escaped the tragedy
Yet their fate was waiting

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One Last Time

 It's hard for me to explain,
how I feel,
these emotions I'm having,
or how to deal,
I can't get over,
what's going on,
and I don't want to believe,
that your really gone,
I keep wishing to see you,
for one last time,
you were so wonderful, caring,
and in your prime,
I would tell you,
"I LOVE YOU", and I need you so,
and that I never, ever,
want you to go.

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B ombs

O nly

S trengthen

T errorists

O wn

N arrowness

"Dedicated to the victims of Boston 2013"

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The past escape

When silence fills the air, with no one around and time to spare
I escape to the memory of an old life
The love that made everything worth the fight 
My eyes are closed, And this reality slips away 
I hear your voice as if it was still that day 
A love that can't be
But the world didn't matter when it was just you and me 
This even for moments is my reality 
The one time we were both free 
In the darkness where prying eyes could never see 
You still could find me 
Words where never spoken that could explain our love 
Yet, our eyes betrayed us all the time 
Every second was spent like our last 
Knowing that soon these times would be locked in the past 
As we touched, our darken souls merged 
No matter how hard we fought, it was felt as we must
True love, with an evil lust 
Destiny is how you said you knew we were meant to be 
We knew with each parting day, that our silent love will destroy us 
But it wasn't enough time, and this was an addicting crime 
The warmth of your love is the only thing that restarts my heart
As my face circles in your mind even with years apart 
The pain, in my escape is worth it every moment 
To relive the past, that seemed to end all to fast 
Our song that you wrote, reminds me of the hell we knew we would go through
It was too late then to care, we jumped leaving nothing to spare
Your words still hold true, I love you too 
Nothing will ever replace me or you, And the cruelty of this world we knew 
But I do it all over again, Knowing that it would end
Because your the best escape, now and then

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Suicide Tendencies

The world spins as I stand still
Trees grow as I Shrink
Looking in a mirror is alike a big Black Hole
With nothing but disastrous toils
My heart is Shattered in tiny, tiny Microscopic pieces
I no longer have a soul
My Hopes and Dreams as all disappeared
My taught are lost within a razor blade
Jumping off the San Francisco Bridge or Eiffel Tour has always been a desire
Hanging myself is a priority but living life to the fullest is my biggest enemy
I plan what i want to be en carved on my tombstone" REST IN PIECE YOUR NOW FREE FROM THIS DISASTROUS PALACE"
My heart is a Dark Paradise
My razor  as become my Paintbrush and my skin the Canvas
I have discovered that cutting is my bliss
Sitting on the floor, crying for more as my body screams in pain
Trying to move but my hands are stuck
Trying to get up but i'm restrained
My masterpiece is disturbing yet creative
People think they are just scars but they are a history book based on my life
My art work is all over my body
Watching blood flows feel great
As I laugh in the face of death
I may have a smile on my face but I also have cuts on my wrist
My soul grows cold like a tombstone
Don't ask me to unmask my demons 
As my Demons as already won.

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Death With No Voice

The faces have no name or color, they only hope of a future which will never be seen. They stagger to God in prayer begging for help as the tears flow freely down their worn and wrinkled cheeks. 

Mothers awake to the sound of crying with not an answer to their children's pleas. The world goes on as always, turning their backs on these people, who continue to die in silence, without a voice or harmony.

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Moody night with many dead tears for the last 
time i broke her ma 
heart i did wish i could hold 
her to ma arms.,,but did ma 
heart alot of harm....
Silly days yet never cease to 
come,in their interest they 
seems to run,with every 
happy mode they cease not 
to ma sincerity 
never stop to mourn the 
days of lorn,i wished could 
give back in return,but death 
took her without ma heart to 

In ma silent mode love was 
blamed,,,,in ma heart is 
written her name.....with a 
broken heart in same.....

In ma promises death made 
me a failure,i losted ma pride 
in fear with tears like am 
inferior....pains penetrates 
ma heart like invador....for 
how long will i mourn ma joy in 
ma insure?......death pains ma 
joy without a means to 
cure.....where is love to plant 
her name in ma memory with 
control ma brain like 

This i wish,yet ma heart pays 
the pains and tears on every 
unknown year we 
breach.....tell me love in your 
surge,pray for ma days in 
worth,,manage ma sorrow 
when am not,then i will give 
you the reasons why she was 
not....i never meant that was 
her fault,yet death proved i 
wrong....because i never for a 
moment express what she 

Gold,diamond,petals worth 
nothing at all-when the 
greatest value of ma life 
recently ran to ma 
abscent without a last 
talk......what an empty world i 
found maself with no one 
else to talk...death did me a 
big favor in his thought..........

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Murderous Magical Flowers

A garden of lust, a magical dust
the wizdom of wizards, with just a touch...

Roses are red canaries are yellow
a mushroom boat in a sea of jello...

fields of magic that grow with imagine
a whole new world like my name was Aladdin...

Tasty and pasty with so much wonder
marshmallow dreams, the hunger im under...

So many flowers, so many colors
beautiful showers, beautiful lovers...

Given wings to search new dreams
borderline heaven, it is what it seems...

I fly in the garden's that are built like tower's
and eat the plants that give me the power...

Airplane trips to a fantasy so erratic
but some of the flowers are not so magic...

My plane has gone down, not found to be saved
now the only flowers i see, are the ones on my grave.

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The tour Bus of Heaven

The tour bus of heaven.
I was told that when I die.
I should take the tour bus of heaven.
They told me I would see a lot of stars.
I would see Ricky, Lucy, Fred and Ethel.
There might be a chance that I could see Roy Roger and Dale Evens.
Riding through the clouds.
They said the bus would go by Andy and Barney with aunt Be.
As you ride down the street they said, look for Curly,Larry and Moe.
Always doing something crazy.
The last stop will be a big one, for there will be a group of stars, 
Hank, Tex, Bill and Minnie pearl.Country music finest.
So make sure to take that tour bus to the stars in heaven

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dear deepest lover

                                     Take my hand for it all i have to offer.
                                We will go on this adventure one day together
                                             Dear my sleeping beauty 
                           This is not the end for all this is a temporary good  bye.
                                      Close your eyes for i wish for life.
                                          For this is all you wanted. 
                                            Dear your truest lover 
    I know you can make her happy for she has not been sense you left that dark day.
                   Dear weeping heart dear soul that is stained by which you once held.
                              I will morn and grieve my weeping heart  will never heal.
                                         I loved you tell my dying day.
                  Because you touched my heart in such a special so i always pray.
                            Dear deepest lover dear my sweetish mother.
                                                         RIP  NAN

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The Unborn

Yours was a precipitated birth.
Poor soul, birthed into the hands of death.
Yanked you were from your cosy shelter,
By hands that craved the touch of silver.
Then there you were, so frail and tiny,
Tender flame blown off in a hurry.
Your big black eyes, your alien features
Print into the mind eternal pictures
Of one so young denied a share
To live, grow and enjoy our sphere
By ungodly acts all born of fear.
Your hurting mother looks away.
She dares not look, she loathes this day.
She dries her tears, she is in pains,
Forever trapped in mental chains.
Your father too, not far away,
Waits in dismay, what can he say?
With no coins to back his claim,
The fatherhood would sure be lame.
Someone in white opens the door.
He’s done this deed ten times a score!
On the Devil’s mine a seasoned mind,
He had this task to him assigned.
He smiles and says “you’ll be okay,
Just take these drugs three times a day”.
His purse is full, you’ve joined the slew
Of wailing souls he’s yanked out too.
Where be your voice? Where be their shame?
Your life to them was but a game.
They’ve dealt you now this mortal blow,
Your dreams, your hopes no one will know.

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A Dieu Grande Mere

It aches the heart to see you cold.
We’d not believe had we been told,
That we’d get to meet the day
The hands of death snatch you away.
But alas! That time is here
And now we’ve lost our granny dear.
We’ll miss you much, the tongue can’t tell,
That tree from which we apples fell.
We’ll miss that voice, the words it dealt,
Those hands that nursed us back to health.
Rest granny, rest, you’ve done your part
You’ll live forever dear in our hearts.
Rest Mami, rest in the Lord’s bosom,
And know your seeds will grow and blossom.
Your time is here, the baton’s passed,
We’ll do our best to hold on fast
To values learned, the lessons taught
And cherish too the blessings brought.
It pains to bid farewell to one so dear,
So teary eyed, we say a Dieu grande mere.

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Today is the day
Tomorrow is the pain
The future is the face
The fate is the case 
The case is the fear
The fear is the death...........
Life and date
date and fate
Fate and grave
Grave and grieve...... 
Oh life! Mention your intension 
to me...... Open ma eyes to 
see the real... Keep in ma 
heart the courage to face 
your intension,set ma 
passion to be on a 
mission,,,make ma ears not 
care for folks 
reactions,,,,make ma dreams 
the day-to-day 
television,,,give me one 
reason to run on your path 
to ma destinations...... 

Your hands are too heavy on 
peoples back,,,your words 
are too empty in peoples 
mouth,,,your vision is too 
for many souls to 
avoid,,,your reasons are too 
wrong for men to 
forelong,,,Life spares,death 
scears,coffins tells,grave 
A desire to die,,a desire to 
live,,your fate is painful for 
souls to grip...
With poverty you make so 
many lives a painstew,,,with 
undeserve sickness you 
make many lives 
surpressed,,,with death you 
make ma world mate look 
unsincere,,,every hearth is 
afraid of the story that he or 
she has kicked the basket.... 
Life! You know 
man's days are 
numbered,why do have to 
remind them that they may 
not live to experience some 
december,,,making some 
happiness look very 
sobber,,,all men will say,it is 
God intension...who will 
sentence death to life 
imprisonmen,withour thinking 
of his life a living 
 Life! Life!! Life!!!

Four letter word
Yet proves so many souls 
Wealth and death
Poverty and life....

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Spaces and cold dead faces

Empty rifts in space
I see your cold smiling face a useless reflection I've lost your connection
our hearts that once beat in sync has drifted your pulse getting softer as I breathe in your scent.

Your hand slipping and all I can do is watch your beauty fade
if I could I'd reach inside suck the poison out make everything ok but as my last memory fades all I can see is empty space but your silhouette always remains

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It Happen

Can believe it happen never thought it would
All the stuff we been through
Thought we would be together forever
But you was not there even through our loss you were nowhere to be found 
I went through it by myself
I went through depression because of our lost love and child
I am so tired of going up and down around and around
Our relationship was a full speed roller coaster
Always thought we would beat the odds 
Never thought our relationship would lead me to so much pain and tears
You left me thinking if you ever had any real feelings for me
I hope you would come back but you never did
I felt lost without you
Never thought you had it in your heart to be so cruel to us
I finally had to get it in my foolish head that you were gone forever

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Not so long before he died
When he decided to have me
I saw a solemn promise
When he opened his eyes

His eyes were small but became wide
Whenever he looked at me
With an eye of loving care which now miss
And for it now I apprise

He wiped my tears when I cried
And chased the hunger out of me
He made sure I had all my peace
Through his bright eyes I could analyze

Not so long before he applied 
All his plans for me
Before his dreams and life could kiss
When the wind blew him to the skies

Now he's gone leaving promises out they dried
More he had for me
But none I have
And it still pokes in my heart like a wire
When I remember the precious eyes of my sire

I was his pride 
And he was mine too
I hardly saw his promises
When his eyes were closed
Unfortunately none were held in my hands

I try to cease the pain
But my tears still drop like the rain
When I remember myself gazing in his eyes
The eyes of my sire. 

Walani Ndhlovu

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Dishearten was I in foreign land
Unjust Kings enslaved me
Until His Unfailing Nail Pierced Hands
From enslavement saved me
Now strongly praised beyond compare
Rock of my Salvation
Build in me a house to dwell
With unyielding dedication
Hear my new song
The Joyful shall sing
 This Ransomed Nation Thankful for His
Sacrifice, Amazing Reconciliation

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Blood turns to scars,
It is over and done,
The battle...I finally won. 
I’m walking on air,
Unprepared for what’s to come,
Soon to feel dead and numb.
The blood, the blades,
The unforgettable pain,
Nothing but this is keeping me sane.
The tears I cried,
The blood I bled,
The times I wished I could be dead.
Again…This is how I feel,
The end is far, the beginning is near,
Nothing to laugh at, plenty to fear.
The blade is much sharper,
The blood drips much faster,
Suicide…that is what I wish to master.

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Life is such a beautiful gift given by god, we live it, we dream it, and we feel its each and every moment spend with everyone. A sweet little girl baby comes in the world open her eyes in her mother's arms but before she could take a bit of breath she goes far away from everyone in the other world from where she could never come back. This is nothing but a crime which we all are doing physically, mentally or by allowing it to happen. It well said by our forefathers that "mare ne wale se bachane wala bada hota hai", it's a real or just a saying we human know better but never mean it. We consider girl as a burden which we carry until she gets married but we forget that, this world is a gift given by a girl only, the goddess we pray is girl and by kill a small baby we insult that goddess who gifted us a beautiful life. What's the benefit of killing a girl child, just for having a son, getting a peaceful life? No, if a boy can give a peaceful life to his parents then a girl can also provide a better life to her family. It's not matter of thinking upon but changing our views, our thoughts and watching the world with different vision.

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Memories of a stolen life

As I travel down the road I see memories of someone's loved one that has passed away. A weathered wodden cross stands as a reminder of a stolen life. It could be someone like me, or someone like you. I hope you see we are all not invincable, not even me.

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Herods Debt

Herod’s Debt

Ive marked ye, clown!
out of tha pack.
Took the solitary road
be bold I whispered.....
“Would not a score of weasels,
beg a rotten tooth, from ya gape?”
So, Herod ye stand watching  always the sharpening of a sword.
That cut, severed the Baptist`s head.
But afore all that luscious gore ta business!
Herod ye owe me, don’t dare deny
mine taste fer vengence .                                                          
Oh! em holy inocents,
remember ....   aye  take yer time,
when  ya  hurly  burly  soldiers  slew, all  em  first  born sons of  tha  Jew.
Oh!  ear em  mothers  wail
I paid  fer  that in banishment.
So through the darkness doust I crawl
now Herod hear, the knocking at  tha door.
Did I not give unto ye Herodias ya  brothers  wife?
Wasn’t she tha bitter queen, and  played  tha  part of tha  joker’s  tart. 
Whose daughter Salome,  danced danced entranced ye.
So arrives on silver platter, mine prize mine desire.
Tha prophet`s head
none more richly honoured such as you
who imprisoned, tortured murdered  tha  Jew.
But now  oh`   Herod, ta  tha  counting  room.
In heavenly chains wilt drag.
Remember remember  thine debt  ta me !
fer,  ta parley, dabble, bibble , babble with a devil.
unto tha  abyss  I  cast  ye.  Begone!......

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 It gets easier and easier,
with each passing day,
but trust me,
in my heart,
it's not easy to say,
I miss him alot,
though there's nothing,
I can do,
but I know for one thing, 
our friendship,
will never be through.

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Can You Hear Me

My howl searches the moon
Yet the essence of it forbids me
Am I alone? Deserted on earth?
Has the gravel consumed me?

I'm craving the stench of true night
How much further can i go?
I'm gripped tight five tons deep
There is nowhere lower i know

I'm falling to the core
Clenching into untold death
The cold fortells a fear
For i no longer keep my breath

I'm reaching from within
Can you hear me?
Dear Lord, restore my life
I need you to be near me

So lost, so alone,
So deserted, but don't forget me
My throat dry from crying 
and i know that you can't hear me!

I've replenished what i had
and cried myself to sleep
I forget how life remembers
Having only my soul to keep

My Jesus, Saviour, let me rest
As my face changes to a shade of blue
I've accepted fate, my voice is silent
To unexist is a greater deal to do.

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The Appreciation

your voices is melodic,a hand in time disowned and misleading
used to lure the unsure to pure heavenly meaning
guide me,find me because ive lost my way in this forest of misery
sick thoughts are greedy and avaricious crows pecking at my mind,destroying me 
all of my life my tongue has never truly tasted,my efforts truly wasted
trying to find love,and failure,i unruly,cruelly based it
on my own so called flaws,cursin my reflection as i faced it
id envy others beauty,their perfection evasive
to me as i saw them on television,and in school wrapped in perfume and beards
the white hot pain despair,i feared
would burn me alive....
until u came along and showed me how flowers felt,and why ice cream melts
how soft hands were and how hands were dealt
u said beauty is only a mold,a mold everyone tries to fit everyone to
and if they dont have everything theres one thing they do
call you ugly,i cringe at it and despise the word
but as u subside my thirst for curse,
u gave me other things to feel besides the hurt...
oh gosh..
now as i stand here beside your hearse
i wanted to say thank you,my lady songbird...
i heard your final chirp...

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Undesirable whispers

I was not afraid that my life one time will finish.
I am afraid that it will never start.
Death always was ahead and whispers to me
"Live because I am coming".

The biggest injustice in this life is if you have arrived and depart without travel...
The joy of the journey that you never live

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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for my dear grandpa who recently passed away due to sickness

U were my Friend, U were my Guide,
How much I love U and how much I care,
Is too much to describe.
U’ve always been my Hero,
U’ve always been my Pride.
U’ve given so much Love
And shown what’s deep inside.

U made me smile, 
U made me laugh, 
U gave me sweets, 
U gave me money. 
U gave me every little thing U had.

Tears streamed down my face when I saw U that way.
I love u Bhaau and I’ll love U every day.
V did a lot together throughout the years.
I want U to know,
I will never let U go!
I know U loved me too
And my heart will always be with U.

It was U who set me free.
U were a man of unbendable steel.
Death may have taken your body,
But it did not take U.
And the love that V share,
Even the death can’t take through.
I can feel U and I know U can see me.

My heart is full of love
And my soul is all delight.
U were the one who sang me to sleep
And whispered Nighty-Nights.

If U R listening, say a prayer for me every day.
Be sure to protect me and guide me on my way.
I know when God called U, U had to go.
But I want U to know, I miss U and I love U so.

And now I would like to thank the good Lord above,
For blessing me with adorable U with lots of kindness and love.
Dear God, if it is not too much Fuss,
Please take extra care of my dear grandpa,
As he is very dear to us.

Now it’s time to say goodbye,
Until I see U again someday when I die.
Please keep showering your blessings throughout my life,
Oh my dear Bhaau, may your soul rest in peace there above!!!...

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An Old Man Thoughts

 "I would like the people to always remember me
beautiful and young.
With a strong body and nice skin.
I would like the people to remember me
fresh and active.
Like a sporty teenager with rich shiny hair.
I would like to stop the time
at the best moment of my life.
But now it is too late.
I am an old man.
The price for all that
I wished to have had was hard.
I had to die young..."

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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The Goal of Annihilation

The Goal of Annialation
I'm searching my soul for self-actualization
begging for some realization,
burning down all hesitation,
losing all confrentation,
suffocating in complication,
assuming the target of eradication,
and living in the eye of annihilation

Being the goal of Annihilation
I have no options to choose
I'm framed as the seed of satanic creation
and I'll lay dieing, confused

I was thriving in pain with my soul abused
but rewards are vain and always refused
Now fire will rain as I'm confused
I attempt to remain, but I'm excused
Forever I'm slain, eternally accused
Forced to live under power misused
The world is insane, forever short-fused

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Better Place

Your in the better place now but I want you here
But in the better place you cry no tears you have no fears
But I just want you here
Without any pain
But when your here everyday's a day without rain
Just like the better place
I'd love to again just see your face 
But times ticking fastly for us to re-unite
And times ticking more for the day too I will see the light
But your in the better place which is beyond high
so me being human can not touch the sky
But I wish I had wings like like those in the better place 
Because I would start elevating and leave no trace
So I can see you again and feel your warm embrace
but im not coming back for heaven is beautiful and great
I'm forever gone Out of state, I'm onto the better place

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As bereavement cries death's eulogy,
Faithfully God hones ideology.
Just keep love's miraculous notions. 
Overcoming perilous qualms.
For God's assurance shall see thee calm.
© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    January 17, 2010

Poetic form: ABC

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Born to suffer,
forced to live like non other
tag me as a bother..
crush my hopes as a blunder
hold me hostage 6 feet under
ponder me a stain, I wonder?
Death has no thirst for me!
what could be the worst for me...
The land I walk on burns, love is love
But desire turns..
I am a product of the soil,
faild to blend in, i am like water in oil.
My destiny is now and after.
tortured now and after..
got me thinking mybe i was born to suffer
like no other.

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Death in the World

Weeping the eyes out everyday
Wailing in every house all night
When will these have to stop?
What is so powerful
That even the king fear?
Anonymous creature
Breaking the lion hearts
O you taker of life!
What err has been done to you
For us to deserve these incongruities
Incognito serpent you are
Fiercer than privation
Penury is incomparable
This must really be our fate!

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When I close my eyes for one last time
His bright light I will see
His glory will shine upon me
His calming warmth will set me free
His grace and love will rest upon me

With his one touch
I have wings that will envelop me
His voice I hear as a whisper
Calling me home to be with him
I take his hand and glorify him

Glorify his name
No pain
No sadness
No fear
No shame
No darkness

Glorify his name in Jesus We Pray

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Teenage Abortion

What am i?...

awake by hate
an angels mistake
no fate, no color, no race
just a face that's misplaced
with no dream to be chased....

why must i be unfree to disease
someone help me to believe
to breath in belief i exist to achieve
the thought i hoped is no longer in me....

scared and dispaired, disapointed unfair
a hole in my soul, through darkness and air
you to compare, the damage is rare
rigamortise of death is finally there....

what are we forcing facing distortion
what we believed is no longer important
paint me a portrait in life in assortment
and what has begun is only a portion

cause what iam.... is a teenage abortion.

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Heart Broken

Tore my heart open too many times
Committed such love crimes
Lost my love in a cross fire
Wondering why his life had to expire
Chris was his name
Chris was the reason they called him lame
Spent his life in sorrow
Though buried in a shallow grave
Engraved in stone Christopher Monte' Rivera

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my fault

Once a week I take a long walk from my home. 
To the land of the dead and lay flowers on top of your stone. 
For hours and hours I stay and I pray. 
Telling you I miss you and ill see you again someday. 
As I wipe these tears from my eyes I cant help but hate myself for being the reason you died. 
You were my everything you were my world. 
The love of my life, my baby girl. 
I didn't see it coming it happened so fast one second were driving and all of a sudden crash.
 Before we departed you looked at me and laughed. 
You said good buy that you loved me then you started to gasp.
 When the police finally got there I knew I was done. 
Just another sad story of a teen who was drunk.
 The thoughts of that night are forever in my head. 
Making me wish that I too was dead.
 So the point here that I am trying to make.
 when you drink and drive its not always just your life you can take.

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One sided war

Start your one sided war against me 
I'm not playing your childish games
That's not fear in my eyes
That's the look you get when your not worth my time 
Next time you pray 
You better thank God for the mercy of me 
And know with one more step 
I'll be your biggest regret 
An eye for an eye
But I will feel you bleed 
Warnings don't come without a price 
And now you know
I'll take your miserable life
Keep pushing, keep lying, keep thinking I'm crying
But the game you play, I've already mastered
The first rule, the person who has nothing you can take, is the most dangerous
So remember me every time you breath
Remember I was the one who let you leave
Your war, is nothing without me 
Weren't you the one, who said I was unstable 
Well meds can't fix this 
And hell has nothing for what I have in store 
So your one sided war will soon end
Use your name to plead to God, Your not smarter then I think 
You dug your grave 
And I have no problem helping you sleep

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I'm Here

I awoke in heaven this morning
And I wanted you to know
That my passing, my dying
Was just part of life's natural ebb and flow.

There were so many here to greet me
And while I'm missing family and others
I'm surrounded, loved, and cherished
By so many sisters and brothers.

Every moment here is new
There's so much to tell of each day
Living here in His presence
In that love that won't go away.

This is such an exciting journey
As I wait for you to arrive
For the spirit-filled peace and comfort
Gives new life to being alive.

Just as told in time of old
He is my strength, my staff, and rod,
And I'd rather be no other place
Than here in the presence of God.

by E. Marshall Evans

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Time keeps going, the world turns too,
With life, death, choices we make or even what we do.
What's the point of  life and death?
When all we feel is regret.
Repopulate the world with idiots,
make dumb choices and fill life with IGNORANCE.
It matters not what we do or say,
only to the very flawed humans, that bring us up and teach us this "way."
Life has it's occasional joyous moments,
but all that matters, I guess, is dumbass comments.
We live, we breathe, we die,
in the end it's apart of life.
Whether or not we live or die young,
why must we try to end it before our time is up?
What's the point of  life and death?
When all we feel is regret.
Repopulate the world with idiots,
make dumb choices and fill life with IGNORANCE.
Time keeps going, the world turns too,
With life, death, choices we make or even what we do.

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Oh, how I’d like to forget, walkin in with you on the bed.
You appeared to me as though you were asleep,
But little did I know you were already deceased.
Never seen you the night before, was scared I’d get beat,
to avoid you yelling at me, and trying to keep the peace.
I wish I could forget those memories,
They're burned in my brain and still in my dreams.
If I could have just one wish for me,
I'd wish for just one day that you could be here with me.
Even though according to you I was a disappointment,
I wonder if I was also your regret.
I always let you down, everything was my fault,
I said and meant that I was sorry, and yet it never stopped.
If only... If only... I could rewire my brain,
And forget all the memories that cause me pain.
Because of you I have this fear,
I want to be angry but I end up scared.
Apart of me always wanted to say “F-off,”
Even though I love you and miss you a lot.
When you died I never had the chance to stand up to you to say things I needed to say,
I still have a lot of pent up anger and pain.
And this bottle inside me is about to break.
How dare you leave us when you did!
Did you know that it was going to happen?
Why did you keep so many secrets from dad and me?
Why this way, did it have to be?
I want to be angry.... but I just cant,
You made me stronger, yet gave me half a chance.
No more.... Fore I'll get carried away,
So at peace... I hope you are and will stay.

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Awaiting Forgiveness Dad

I was growing up as a crazy girl, 

thinking every thing would be all right, 

with no scence to take control of what came up next, then you died. 

I was left with a shallow heart, not knowing you meant right. 

Till the day I got caught and old enough to be convicted.  

I realized life was hard and you meant right.  

Why do I now dream of you to set me straight and to forgive me dad ?  

But where are you dad? 

I feel so bad! 

I need to know you forgive me dad? 

I love you dad! 

I need you dad to tell me in my dreams every thing will be all right.

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Phone call to heaven

A phone call to Heaven.
Ring, ring, Hello God, I'd like to talk to my mother  please."
             Why? Who is she?
Well, God, She is the one who gave me birth.
Who raised me when I was little.She is the one who had all the answers when I 
needed them.
She is the guy who stayed by my side when I was sick.
Well, God, she is the one that cried when I went to school the very first day.
She was here to pull those off that fought with me.
She was the for the high school years.
To see us walks the halls with our former love.
Also, God, she came to see us marry the love of our lives.
She liked to see the first and all her grandchildren to be born.
                 AS proud as she could be!
   She was still there when we needed her.
So God, wonders if you know who she is 
I know I do! And what you try to me to tell her?
                  Well God.
I ask you to thank her for being our mother.
And though she is not here. We all love and miss persons her.
Say to her that things are fine and not to worry.
That she did a great job. And to face all of us.
             Can you do that?
Why sure I Can For You. She Is Great To Me 
         Click , Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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Resurrection Changes Things

What once required the sacrifice,
That bloody gift of death and gore,
Of animal life to pay for sin
Is left behind and is no more.
Resurrection changes things. 

Jesus Christ obeyed the Father,
Sacrificed Himself on the cross,
Evened up those holy books
That list our profit and our loss.
Resurrection changes things. 

Where once we followed our understanding
And made our own decisions,
Now belonging to Jesus Christ
Our life is one of holy revisions.
Resurrection changes things. 

When we're united with Jesus Christ
We're a new creature in the Son;
Our old way of life hangs dead on the cross
And life everlasting is now begun!
Resurrection changes things. 

No prison doors can hold our soul.
Christ sets our spirit free
And fills our life with love and hope
That rings our world in victory.
Resurrection changes things. 

So tell someone in the pain of their life
Of the freedom Jesus brings,
That sets us apart from sin and death;
How the soul that's set free sings!
Tell them:  Resurrection changes things. 

by E. Marshall Evans

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The old man

 we shall go
 we shall leave
 our sepulchre awaits
 Hmm, sense it
 pop it comes
 what can we!

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Life asked death

"Why do people love me, But hate you?"

Death responded,

"Because you are a beautiful lie, And I am a painful truth."

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smashing, bathing, lashing
carders of all who have died and lived 

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Deer running through the forest,
As graceful as can be,
Her white tail in the air,
Saying "I know you're there",
As majestic as this beast could be,
It will be in great agony,
For the motorized beast has caught it.

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 Long road to travel
 Dusty summer days
 Sweat builds between warm hands holding
 She picked a yellow flower for her hair
 And danced along the dirty road
 Without care
 Many miles to travel
 Yet we could already be here
 No destination 
 Running free
 No one around no landscape to see
 Roll with me baby she said
 As she danced down a hillside
 Ripping her dress
 Flower petals dropping
 Trailing where she’s been
 Spinning around and down
 Over and over she laughed
 This world is her playground
 We danced until the sun has set
 Making love till the rise again
 Connected together
 Passion Binding
 This world is our Playground
 She asked am I your Juliet
 Answered no
 Stopped in her tracks and she let go
 I have something to give you she smiled
 Leaving into the tall grass
 Running with whipping blades in my eyes
 Searching for her trail
 A clearing where she fell
 Gun in her hand
 Bleeding heart
 With a note that read
 You were my Romeo
 And I closed my eyes
 One bullet left
 Cool metal on sweat
 Don’t cry
 Don’t cry

©2014 Tamilyn Love

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Smile... the Death will change to Birth

How long can stay the happiness?
How long can stay the sadness?

Nothing in this world can go always up
Nothing in this world can go only down.
Nothing in this world remains the same forever.

As the day changes to night,
And the night changes to day.

As the cold changes to warm,
and warm changes to cold.

As this natural law always change everything,
up to down and down to up.

So long as there is nothing without an opposite, smile... 

The Death will change to Birth !

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Kinley Raine Evans

Little Kinley Raine warrior of light,
When you came into this world
You came in ready to fight.

Our thoughts were full of Prayers 
hoping for you to have a chance,
Although we were on a mental coaster
We held our ground with a positive stance.

After a Month God decided it was to soon
for you to stay with us and bloom,
It's hard for all of us but we understand
other plans were in-store for you.

My little niece meeting you was a pleasure, 
I wish we could've spent more time together.
Kinley we love you and miss your adorable
face, When you get a chances to sneak away
come back down here and give us a spiritual
Embrace. R.I.P Kinley Raine.

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Some call this Life

Don't search for apples anymore.
The apple tree has died.
It gave all the apples that it had.
Now it is nothing more than a piece of wood.
Nobody has interest for an apple tree without apples.
Nobody gives it some water to survive.
Not even the dry mother earth.
This is the fate for every apple tree that has nothing to give.
This is the fate of everything alive being on the earth.
This is the law of nature.
Some call this life.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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happy birthday nana

nana we miss u so ,still carnt let u go ,in our hearts u will stay ,and happy birthday tonight i pray.that the lord up above will pass on our love .wish you was hear because to us u was so dear ,we miss u so we hope u know .hope u can hear these words as we send them up above to u nana with much love.we think of u as a star anight thinking of ur face that shines so our hearts u will stay so sad u was took away .xxx

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rest in peace mom

my mom whom i loved died
she left this earth to depart to the other side
she left an impression of love upon me
i only hope to be as a good of person as she
her friends loved her so much
a shame she had to die and leave her love ones behind
if only i had a little more time
time to say i love you mom 
time to say i care about you mom
she was my best friend and my maternal figure
when she left i guess i died also 
a part of her son left with her that day
upon my knees i pray 
do not take my mother leave her good soul upon the earth 
she does more good and none of the hurt
to you mom i love you so and i am sad you had to go

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Though cold and dark, they are submitted
To where winds of fate are omitted
this lonely pair remains committed

mortal life?
a prison!

...a window given

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As a kid i use to sing,

through the summers and  autumns  and wonderous springs,

for the days to which we care,

when everyone was thinking to share,

as a prayer would split the sun,

and the the children would wish to run,

for the fairest would take the night,

as the visionary would curse his sight,

for i am just a man,

a prisoner taken from his land,

an together we shall take our stand,

for at once the trumpets will unfold,

as erect as a warrior so bold,

for my body has felt so cold,

and within shall embrace and hold.


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The Alphabet of Broken Love

A is for angst, the lacerating emotion you spark inside my guts when I think of you…
B is for Bingo…boy did I win at that game…
C is for cherish, those precious moments you and I shared on the bleached white sand
D is for diabetes, the illness that nearly stole you from me on the crimson wings of death – 
incidentally another word beginning with ‘D’
E is for evening, those long lonely hours I spent on my balcony watching the sun set while I 
listened for your car
F is for fragrance, the heady scent of your freshly washed hair and talcum-powdered skin
G is for god…you’ve nearly convinced me you are one
H is for hatred, the dual side of our lovers’ coin
I is for insanity, the manic voices that whisper in my ears when you’re not around…
J is for jealousy, your sardonic variety and my engulfing passion
K is for knots…the tangles in your silken hair, the bigger ones in my throat, the massive one 
you tied in my heartstrings 
L is for love, the obvious, the beautiful, the destroyer and the architect of you and me
M is for music, it brought us together, it bore us along on its screaming wings, it consoled and 
comforted and consumed…
N is for nails, the ones that are hammered into my wrists now that I’ve lost you, crucifying 
me on the cross you carved out of infatuation and despair
O is for “Oh my God”…how I love you, how you anger me, how beautiful you look when you 
don’t even have to try…
P is for pleading, begging you not to cut me off, while the cell phone slips and slides against 
my sweating palms
Q is for quiet, that soft blanketing calm we shared on those sunrise vigils while the dew 
glistened on the lawn
R is for rage, the incensed gleam in your eyes, the hot knives stabbing through my veins, the 
grappling beneath a street lamp one tawdry night…
S is the first letter of your name
T is for how tenuous our bond is now, how it hangs by a thread, so close to breaking
U is for unkind, you were that day you broke my heart
V is for vanity, your primping in front of the mirror in your rock star threads, my arrogant 
belief that I deserved you…
W is for wine, the copious glasses of ruby red that help ease the agony of our separation and 
then give me a head ache in the morning to match the one in my heart
X is for your first wife, who stared stonily down at me from the pictures that still hung on 
your wall…
Y is for you, my angel, the harbinger of my despair, misery monger and beautiful heart 
Z is for zero, for emptiness, nil, nothing…the death of our great love


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Am I Near Heaven

Am I Near Heaven.
A little boy and his went for a walk on Wednesday.
They came up on a big mountain that touch the sky.
The little boy said," we are going to climb up there today!"
                The dog barked.
They climbed for miles and miles. Up and up. Towards the sky
When they where almost to the top. He looked down to see the town.
As they climbed higher and higher the town became smaller and smaller.

When they got to the top. All they could see was clouds.
He could hear the birds below but no trees he could see.
He turn to his dog, a friend indeed, he asked with a look of need,"  Am
I near Heaven?"
   For just days ago his mother had died. and he wanted to be near..

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They will not allow the assisted suicide.
The beetles; fiery and drunk.

After the betrayal of arithmetic,
the spiral staircase.

Fireflies set foot on the skies
to measure the darkness.

The fire between us, of burning fat,
of thousand years, terrifies me.

Moon bleeds on grass, I prick the
voice of the hugging earth.

The salt of the lips now hurts
it was your parting kiss, O sun!						


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A fire in my heart
Blazes brightly- for the entire world to see
Caressing the wind
Dancing on the wood
Effortlessly glowing
Feverishly hot

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Heroes Next Door

 "There are some different heroes.
They do not exist in the books of history
and very few people speak about them.
There are some heroes that they fight with death every day.
They know very well the value of life, living, death.
There are some heroes that they get the medal of honor of life.
They are the neighbors of the next country, the next city, the next house...
The heroes next door."

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Death in the World 2

What is fate?
Fate is Death
What is Death?
Death it is that makes the poor suffer no more
Death the incorruptible judge
That takes not bribe from decayed judges
The gentle pitiless creature
That have no concern for the frail mother nor the weary father
The soldiers on the battle field can't escape it
It batter young and old like boot to ant
Wherever you hear weeping wailing women
Don't forget a thing
It's the visitation of the uninvited guest

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Live and Let Die

Lived long enough to know this world;
Cherished it all in moments of joy,
Sang, danced and made merry,until dawns descend;
Woke to feel the morning splurge -then fall asleep in ecstasy.
Selfish means took over me, I swore by means, no excuse.
Walking this earth on earthen feet, so the number be deceit;
Different paths I walked this along,learnt a lot from nook and toil,
battered by the storm with with freight;
Praise God for thy almighty light.
Goodbye to you my precious love, take thy hand in pity sight;
Leave no stone for earth to bear;
Fellow folks look upright, and walk.
Shed no tear for earth to bear, just say a whisper of a pray;
Take me from here Oh! Lord thy God, a battered human being !

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Force a Smile

Flowers in the attic dead roses on the bed... 
A look of depression cause of something I said... 

A grab on the elbow, then a frown with distress 
Was it something I did, I tried my best... 

Not a word at dinner, not even a sentence... 
I talked about my day and she didn't even listen... 

I thought to myself was it something I missed... 
Laying in bed not even a kiss... 

I forgot she's not here, she's been dead for a while... 
So I look at her pictures...and force a smile:) 

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losing my dear friend

I just know my pain will never go away, I miss you more & more everyday
        I wish atleast on more time i can hear ur voice or feel ur touch, I just
love & miss you so much
         It's not fair why did you have to go and leave us all behind, Damn 
my nigga I wish I could go back and press rewind we should of had so much 
more time
        Without you it's hard to smile at all ,I remember everynight waiting for 
you because you would always call
         You would say "shorty" you ready to come threw,I would say yes I'll
be outside 5 minutes later he would come get me & we would go chill everynight
that's what we'd do
           Then the next day he would bring me home in the morning around 8
sometimes 9 now he's a angel of mine 
       I remember almost everynight around 10pm he would comeover to get me 
and take me to his house across the street, Our memories I play in my head on repeat 
I'm thankful that God let us meet

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life lost,life saved

I saw something  yesterday let me 
share the news
Put things in perspective and gave
me the blues
This is the story and it’s all I know
Don’t judge my writing if it don’t flow

I dude the other day rented a beamer
A poor boy with no toys
Always wanted a rich man’s 

He was driving through town and 
said Ah oh!
He was driving to fast
And pasted a Poe poe

Soon in the mirror blue lights 
He was scared to go to jail for what 
just happened
Part of him knew to pull over
But going to jail was his fear
He mashed the clutch 
And threw it in third gear

A little boy woke up and said what’s 
the rush
After he just left the poe poe in the 
Said don’t worry just go back to 
But damn boy the car is sweet
Going 125 and approaching a curve
Hit a deer and lost control
The car flipped over 14 times 
And one third

He woke in the ambulance
And asked “where’s my boy”
I had to say all we found
Were empty beer bottles and toys

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Angel Speak

An Angel was set to me today
To speak the words I could not say
Deep in my heart I knew the truth
And the mask you wore has come unglued

Walk me past that hidden road
The one I chose has no remorse
I will run, I’m free from the lies
And my heart is now beating back to life

Your voice is speaking inside my head
Telling me every word you said
Those words made smiles but now I see
They were never true and now killing me

There is a stale emptiness, a darkness inside
Where I stay quiet from the feelings I hide
Tears start to fall without any sound
into a cemetery where the love’s buried down

So take me Angel away with you
In heaven’s arms there is always truth

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Where was his helmet

Into the midnight cold he rides; 
a chance travel, on the wild side; 
this is the vision, that always repeats, 
whenever I think about that curvy Rockford Street. 
Alone he travels on his way home, 
until a mystery sends him flying into the air, 
and has him crashing into the ground far from the road. 
Where was his helmet? O’ where was his helmet? 
In pain he lays all alone, 
until two-friends rush to his aid, 
and frantically made emergency calls from his phone; 
paramedics arrive and relieve his friends, 
as his journey into the unknown slowly begins. 
Where was his helmet? O’ where was his helmet? 
Now in a hospital lying on a bed, 
with nothing but sheer pain streaking through his head, 
mom rushes into the hospital with one of her sons by her side, 
the other son was in Iraq unaware awaiting R&R and waiting on his airplane ride; 
a devastated mother and a saddened brother both watched as the youngest sighed, 
eyes watery with tears as they watched him slip into the cold night. 
Where was his helmet? O’ where was his helmet? 
I received the terrible news while I was in Ballad waiting for a good plane, 
instead I was rushed to an awful flight and my heart felt immense pain; 
I begged and I pleaded with God, 
Please O’ please let this plane crash and let everyone but me live, 
I love my youngest brother take me O’ Lord, take me instead; 
he is too young God; he hasn't truly experienced life, 
my goodness he was only twenty-eight and never had his own family, nope not even a wife; 
by the time I made it to Rockford it was too late, 
my youngest brother was forever gone as a chance travel sealed his fate; 
tears in my eyes the pain still burns deep I must admit, 
with only one question in my mind; 
Where was his helmet? O’ where was his helmet?

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Zero In

Anticipating, beckoning, casting demonic, enviable fury, gazing hungrily inside, jutting kerosene, littering masses never opted, putrefying quills, reverting sympathy, turning upside-down…vaccinating whim, x-raying yesteryears…zero in

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floating on a log wondering where im going,
hard to see land, absent in knowing.
the days are shorter nights are longer
the memory of u, is still fresh and new
the laughter's i hear, your whispers so loud,
your face i see in mist of a cloud.
you've always bring me joy, not matter the times.
i know your in a such better place,yet selfishness i still find. 
i wish to hold your hand,to lay in you arms.
the feeling of needing you here, keeping me from harm.
i've heard u can still see,for your watching down on me.
the tears at night when i hold my pillow tight. 
the feel of weakness that plays a great part
yet your whispers i still  can hear, and as it comes so clear
that  frown becomes a smile.

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Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I Wonder
Poem By: Sherman Badgett
Sometimes I wonder if I was dead would I be burnt to ashes or would I be buried with the possibility of having a tone stone
Sometimes I wonder will I go to hell because of my many sins or will it be heaven because God forgives
I wonder who would visit my grave site and how often would they visit
Would I be left alone on my birthday and the day I past away
If not ,who would stay with me for seconds minutes, hours or even days, how long?
Would you leave me flower on the green grass so other visitors would realize I was just shown some love by the fresh flowers left to rot
When you stare at my pictures would your eyes become Niagara Falls or would you reminisce about the past and just laugh it off
It’s hard to show tears when the person is meaningless
Knowing I’m gone y’all probably be in pain, pain causes stress, stress led to sleep or even sudden death
I wonder how someone could neglect someone they truly love
Why cant women stay close to there man during hard times
If I’m forgotten does that mean I’m meaningless
A lot of people hate when they don’t know something
So what’s the point of living if death is secretive?


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Throughout the world's history,
we read compelling stories
of the defending soldiers of the tenderest age;
and we can be moved to tears
by the purity of their courage:
they died on the battlefield,
never breaking their promise
or fall short of integrity... 

Defending soldiers of the tenderest age as handsome
as the daffodils of the undulating fields,
nothing scares you when it comes
to protecting your motherland with that freedom: 
as intrepid as the eagles in the open skies...
Defending soldiers as true as warriors,
you push forward with the victorious thought
of becoming nothing more 
than the boldest soldiers:
seeing the smokey sky blast;
rescuing the wounded and closing the eyes
of the fallen ones bleeding on the burned grass...

If I were younger, and I had the same resistance,
I would fight with the indomitable spirit you own;
but my contribution is merely sympathetic words on paper,
which one of you will read on your return
to the homeland when all wait on you united in fond prayer:
with ribbons on trees and flags in their hands....   

Defending soldiers of the tenderest age,
all past heroes had one special trait:
the persistance and will to prevail,
and the final victory on their breath;
when everything else seemed to fail,
an indisputable faith prevented another threat...

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

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A lonely dream

Once upon a time there was a dream
And the dream found a lonely man
And the man started to dream
And he was happy
But the dream was too big to fit into man's life.

Once upon a time there was a dream that never finished.

Once upon a time there was a lonely dream
Without a dreamer.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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The Father

I will not let in the day unless she be by
          and billow the sheets upon my head,
          if no billowed tresses I would find;
the sun early born I will ‘til old age deny;
          dewy leaf go!—gone!—from my bed,
          to loathe and adore body supine
and entwining heat. What repose, stead-
fast flight, can a flutter-by allay?
What little kisses adorn a cooled side,
          upon a pillowed brow unassured.
          My absentee muse of effervescence!;
and traipse such dreaming mist so blithe:
          upon a window and hot streak blurred,
          a finger to leave a light spirit-essence
wrought this small box world. Être en fleur
wetted too steady for fragile frame arise.
Where are you now? with night's moth
          clutching its soft and warming wings?--
          amidst the cold veil I cannot lift,
or black vestment atop our chrysalis cloth;
          and sweet, long malady they'll sing,
          and holy-scented billows of vapor drift,
and shut senses, I will inter between and wring.
What dispelling heat is Love and God's wrath?

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Me' Fury

Me’ Fury

Me’ fury, ensue, inasmuch of the bullies; my halo es leaning, me’ grimace is beaming, my hand on the hilt, mahound be at awe, es me’ duty

Sheathe the’ inedible reach, lid thy albinism duress, your forehead me’ claymore to rest, snipe fell manual take topheth, down to the cove shall descend 

Coffer, tricely  Mankind, pending another one come, donion debar de devil, Lord with the wade, or bis mein Woden o hoard 

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Dear mamma

Dear mamma i promise to make you proud 
i promise to take your advice to heed
as you lie in the grave i will never forget you

mama you are the best mom i could ever want
you have been there for me feed me milk 
put clothes on my back took time to love me

you are a true mother 
you done what a good mom would 
i hate the fact that you are gone
never to return

you will always hold a special place in my heart
many a tears have i shed now that momma is dead
it feels like the weight of the world on my chest 

dear mama i love and miss you you are the best

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The Fog

Into the steam filled abyss I found myself sitting upon a rock, lost, confused, hopeless. 
The light of a lark opened my eyes; the shadow of the devil closed them. 
My vision became faded and my mind was jaded, 
I was lost in the thoughts of an assassin and pushed into the actions of a suicidal animal. The rope clinched to my neck lets go ever so softly but when I slip it tightens 
Before I know it I am lost in the abyss of my own insanity and cannot find my way back to reality. 
Sometimes I forget who I am; sometimes I forget what good I’ve done. 
The fog takes over my very movements, thoughts, and actions. 
The laziness that unfolds upon me is like a quilt of guilt.
 Sweat, tears, and blood are stitched into the embroidery of this quilt. 
I try to open my eyes but they remain closed.
I am blind to the truth but to the fallacies I can see.  
I just wish to give my soul like a Faustian bargain feel completely whole again. Sadly...I know that I will never find.
I try to open my eyes again and I am alive, but falling into the depths of hell. 
The Egyptians encrypted my soul with this spell. 
The evil curse that will scar my skin with pain and have me walk as if I have survived the bloody gallows. 
My head hangs low and creates a correlation with my eye lids. 
The tears are hard to see in the rain, but the pain leaves a permanent stain.
 I am alive, but isnt living as bad as dying. 
The thought of the unknown lingers upon me like a mosquito
My love for you dwells forever as if it were a scar.

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Accidental surrender

Air struck my body,

Leaving an impact,

A drop passed by,

Forgetting to make a contact.


A touch screamed in low,

Creating a chaotic mind,

Sun was at his best,

Still something driving me blind.


The darkness was hugging my light,

Time was handicapped by speed,

So precisely, was there my presence,

But someone’s crying indeed.


Clueless mind was stumped,

Heart pumping was loud and clear,

Oh my Lord, I was motionless,

Eyes forgotten to shed a tear.


Everyone was muddling around,

Senseless senses were at best,

Work burden finally crested,

First time creating a rest.


Doctors failed their battle,

No savior can now rise,

Loan payments are immaterial,

I am overpowering world of price.


Experience envisioned a synopsis,

No more dates from the calendar 

communication is over and out,

THY soul…..I finally surrender



*This is one poem from my first e-book (Solacious solitude).......available in

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I’m lost without you in my life,
My heart aches for the love of my mother,
You should be here for me,
I know the words that I spoke, 
Were not right before you passed,
I never got a chance to make things right,
Although you were my aunt,
You were the closest thing,
I had to a mother, and I couldn’t have asked for more,
Two years since I last talked to you,
And word comes that you have passed,
So young, so very young,
You had a good life before you,
That you will never know,
I pray that you found God before you passed,
So that I can see you when I get to heaven,
At twenty-eight and so much to live for,
I want to say that you are still alive,
But I know the truth,
I wish things were different,
I will be lost without you Tia. 
RIP Meghan Marie Galaviz

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my greatest fear

My fears has gotten the best of me
i am in despair and so much misery
since the day she left me
she took away all i had 
now i am feeling really bad
my greatest fear was losing you 
now i fear nothing else i do not know what to do
without you there is no me
i drown myself in a deep blue sea

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The glass of my life

I see you through the glass of my life 
When I breathe, 
the glass fogs up and I loose you 
If I don't breathe, I die, 
But it's worth seeing you!

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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I want no money

I want no money if you give this to people that want
it for service people, or men or women you have die
not for your book no for people that mourn or love
people who protected our country Diane Henning

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Do you know my abc's?

And it was there. Looking me in the eye, “I shall born you.” I was overcome with 

Before I was born I died. I was one with everything. I was more alive then, then I 
am now.

Children seem so simple. Children seem so free. Why is life so hard. Maybe the 
simple one is me.

Deep cuts in my heart. A boy that I love with all of me. I might’ve been invisible 
because he always walked by.

Enough of this! I hate it all. I gathered myself and left my heart behind.

Falling down the tubes. Drifting though life. No friends, no family. I. Can’t. Breath.

Gaining momentum. Losing myself.

Hot under my skin. It’s getting tighter. Wanting to rip through it.

I, am, not, real.

Just between us. Just between us two. I used to be everything.

Killing gives life. I want to give my life to you.

Love exists only as water. My heart is dry.

Maybe I’m your dream. Maybe you are mine. Maybe neither of us carry weight. 
Maybe both of us have died.

No, you never gave me a drop.

O I cry. I cry for you. I cry I cry I cry I cry for you.

Plenty of times I wonder how long my sentence is.

Quiere un vaso de dulce sangre. Dibuja un corazon dentro de mi cuerpo. Con 
esto corazon agujero, bebe mi vida. 

Run away from what you’ve heard. Leave and write your own truths. They say He. 
He does not exist. It tells me so.

Say what’s on my mind? Ultimate indulgences; eating meat and having sex. A 
man is meat. Chocolate is sex. A Chocolate man is the only heaven that will ever 
exist. Next to Him.

Telling you about my life is wasting the time I have to live it. If you’re meant for me 
you’ll just know.

Un knowledged people need to stop giving the gift of life and start giving the gift 
of life.

Very little patience do I have for those with no words. I’ll look for the person who 
stole them from you.

Will you be the one that I can hold  for now? Do you have a sweet heart, do you 
have soft soul?. Will you be the the love  that my ego drinks?

Xoxo hugs and kisses. Hugs and kisses. Let me touch your skin, help me miss 
your soul.

You’re looking inside me. Like it used to.

Zero words writing in my head. Where do my thoughts go? They go on this page. 
This page of my life.

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She's Daddy's Little Girl.

                              She's daddy's little girl.She misses him so.
                              She has tears wrinning down her face.He's
                              there to wipe them away.She can't see him
                             or hear him.But she knows he is there.She's
                            daddy's little girl.She misses him so.She
                            tries to hold on tight.

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Bitter Sweet

You never even saw him
as you lay soaking up the sun
tiptoeing with that bucket.
Six years old and out for fun.

The look of shock in your eyes
as the water broke your sleep
I laughed so much; sides ached
as from my eyes tears did weep.

You chased him round the garden
mock anger in your strides.
Always allowing him to escape,
giving him time to hide,

or at his birthday party
you dressed up like a clown.
All the other kids declared
"You're the bestest in the town"

Fake foam custard pies,
you faced them all the day,
never once did you cry "no more!"
"Bring it on", is all you'd say.

Rewinding all those memories
a playback to yesterdays
I live the future in the past
My present in disarray.

I remember it was a Winters day,
the snow had come early this year.
You had promised to go sledging,
our sons eyes shone with such revere.

I felt a little anxious
protectiveness, a lump in my throat
you held my hand with confidence,
your voice held that inspiring note.

"His time has come to learn to fly,
to take on the world outside.
You have taught him just and well,
now his instincts must be his guide."

I watched you both disappear,
into the white blanket, feathering down,
A nervous smile painted my lips
trying to wipe away this worried frown.

All day I kept myself busy
watching the time; so slow.
As night approached with shadows
I paced the floor, to and fro.

The knock came from nowhere,
startling my captured thoughts.
My mind racing, fractured ideas,
calm, hysteria, battled and fought.

two uniforms greeted my open door
eyes looking everywhere but at me
they had bad news. Two people had died.
The car left the road, wrapped round a tree.

My husband, my son, taken away
leaving me alone in my grief.
The spectre of death had paid us a call
stolen my family, a heartless thief.

Videotape memories don't replace whats real.
The tears, the laughter, all gone.
This house, no longer a welcome home.
My continuing life somehow just wrong.

As I slip into sleeping pill death
I hope the stories are true
that as I reach the doorway to heaven
there waiting will be my son and you.

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Widened wings sweep over the sky
Animals cower to hear her cry.
She swoops down low to search the ground
Tiny creatures scuttle to where they can't be found.
But out in the open lay an innocent shrew
His life lay ahead of him, but he never knew
That the shadow ahead was the end of his life
With a shriek like a harsh, broken fife
With outstretched talons so bony and hard
And beady black eyes, like a gate are they barred
A spatter of blood and the tear of lungs
Is how tiny lives will end so young.

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A Curse

Brought out of the dark by a terrible soul, only to be put back by the demon that said all was well. Said to be once a great mind, but lived through a trouble so great only one fell hard. And so the troubles went their ways and layered the society to their graves. Til light shines through Heaven's golden windows, thy who says these words comes shall come home once again.

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Andy Brook calls death every figure 
hidden in jars, 
killed living mellow nights,
opened presidentially,
queerness rules specially
to ultra-violet waves 
x-raying Yeisha's zygospore.

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I am Invisible

I am invisible
No one can see me
All they see is beauty
Not the real me

I'm very confused by this
I think it is all an illusion
But it doesn't sum up my conclusion

That I am invisible
It takes years of practice
I am just so numb with pain
And as it rains

I can't imagine
What it's like
To be uninvisible to you
Maybe thats why I'm always blue
Though inside I'm hurting
You can't see
I am invisible

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Deadly Knowledge

All the things I learn
Becoming my downfall
Crash and burn
Death becomes me
Every poisoned mind
Falling from the sky
Gaining their
Horrid end
It mirrors my failure

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By The Window Stair

up by the window stair
the night owl screeches by
out in the opal night
stretching across the sky

up by the old tin roof
i hear the lady call
out in the darkest night
she bids me to fall

up by the paling moon
when the nightly death does spake
out in the cold cold night
the lady comes my soul to take

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How Do We Say Goodbye

How do we say goodbye to someone
We knew for so long
We feel the urge to visit places 
where they used to belong
We on things they used to do and say
No one not even me thought about this day
How do we say goodbye to someone
We grew up with though out the years
Someone who we shared many happy tears
How do we put it all together
How do we patch the holes in our hearts
How do we say goodbye
To our beloved one
To our ray of sun
Even though tears may run
We say In loving memory
Jacquelyn Gates goodbye for now

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Last Wish

When I slip into the coma 
Of reverence and light 
I ask to keep my heart 
When I fall into the night. 

Lord take my body 
And every other piece of me 
But in the essence of my heart 
I ask you leave it be. 

Take my legs that led me through 
The path you chose for me. 
Take my arms that reached so high 
Accepting Thou as Thee. 

Take my brain full of numbers 
Letters, words and thought. 
For it will get me nowhere 
In the land I have been brought. 

Lord I haven't asked for much 
So please grant my final wish. 
Let me take my heart with me 
To forever keep the love I've lived.

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My Sorrow Is My Curse

My sorrow is deeper,
Than the ocean.
The agony I feel,
Is unbearable,
A pain I cannot withstand.
It’s like a great burden, 
Has been placed on my shoulders.
I can no longer bear the pain,
Of the past and present.
My Sorrow Is My Curse.

My sorrow grips my soul,
In an icy hold,
Dragging me down,
Into the dark, unforgiving abyss.
The pain grows steadily worse, 
Each and every day, 
Every second that passes by,
Every minute, 
Every hour…
Just burns another hole,
Into my heart.
My Sorrow Is My Curse.

The sorrow,
Is tearing me apart each day,
Little by little,
A part of me is worn away.
By the time,
I have finished growing,
There won’t be any trace,
Of whom I once was.
My Sorrow Is My Curse.

Each day,
My pain grows steadily worse,
As every person,
That comes near me,
Always has to leave my side, 
One way or another,
My Sorrow Is My Curse.

Time is running out,
I am no longer,
The sweet, innocent child,
That I once was.
I am almost gone,
Disappearing into the void,
Full of anger and hate,
I sink deeper and deeper,
Trying to find a way, 
Out of the darkness,
But to no avail. 
My Sorrow Is My Curse.

Vows that cannot be replaced,
Are broken without a second glance,
Promises of hope,
And love,
Are wrecked and crushed.
Nothing is safe anymore,
There is no one to trust, 
Nothing to grip on to,
My hold on trust,
And on life,
Is slowly ebbing away,
My sorrow is my curse.

My last hour draws near,
Here in the dark,
No one else is around,
Forever alone,
My Sorrow Is My Curse. 

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Lonely Soul

My soul has been lonely since a tender age
Since the fateful day they dug his grave 
For years I have tried to fill that  empty space with a happy face 
Although I've known no one could ever take his place 
My mind... It doesn't remember that place
Can't remember a laugh...
Or a warm embrace 
He'll never walk me down the aisle 
Or see my daughter smile 
We must cherish our children 
And the lives that we living 
What happened to him was terrible killing  
Over in an instant; No time to blink 
Don't do before you think!
Not only did he die that day  
My soul still sinks

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My days are numbered
and every thing i do
announce my death.

The hens and the ducks
barks like dogs
to announce my death
my days are numbered.

I look at the sky
i see only moon,
the sun and the stars
announce my death
my days are numbered.

I  hated every thing
even my wife
i hated her a lot
my days are numbered.

My days are numbered
i can't eat food
my days are numbered
i  regret  for  what i did
my days are numbered
I don't know what to do.

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Welcome to my nightmare

Welcome to my Nightmare

In the confines of the dungeon walls
The gentle bull eats flesh and all.
While the Griffin with its eagle fire
Would burn up those of strong desire
Who'd enter through the burning gates
Oh they would surely meet their fate.

A maiden waits in sweet devotion
Should the devil take the notion
To send folk down to her allure
She looks gentle, sweet and pure.
But look into her deep green eyes
Then you may see through her disguise.

Those Vampires wait in fearsome lust
As through those nymphs
Some folk be thrust
To have their life sucked out of them
By these ghouly Vampire men.
But there's the lady of your dreams
She's knowing just what all this means

The fires of hell they must be known
Before there's any mercy shown
Through Ghouls and nymphs
And dark, dark fear
The lady's waiting everywhere.
As you pass those fires bold and free
You'll submerge within her mystery.

Socrares Dec 8 2003.

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Someone behind the door

There is someone that knocks on my door every night,
when the darkness and the cold freeze my soul.
He does not say anything, just gives me his hug.
I try to see into his eyes but the weariness closes my eyes and my dreams 
chase him away. 

I will try many years to make him friend,
but he is my greatest Fear...

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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The sun rises,
Bloodshot red sky.
Tainted by blossoming bullet holes.

Can I ever return
To the naivety of ignorance?
Whistling and explosives echo in my head.
Fade to black. Again.

The inky night,
Spreads like infection
Over the horizon like whispers, 
Tendrils of numbness.

Can you ever return,
From your fragmented slumber?
Don't make me face my demons alone.

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A man who dead at the age of 33

A man who dead at age of 33
But he done the whole life 
in one shot by his way
By his own by the way
They told him make this
 make that
make this choice
not for that; is not good
By the way, at bay any way
But he held in his hands
All his own and he done
by his own by his way
Asking him; why u go 
all the way, all this way
They insisted don't do
that; but do this 
in this way, go that way
But he did what he done
all the way by his own
all his deeds in his own
by his way

May he dead young at age
of 33
and they cried for his life
short and spilled
but he never, never he cry
for his own; for his life
but he cried for their life
cause they never 
never they
 live for their own
for their life

he never chagrin of his choices
or never charm, 
he never chained
by their choices
He never ask for goodbye
or good luck! 
cause he done what he done
by his own by his way/.. 

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One More Day

If I just had one more day,
There’s so much I would do and say,
To show you my love before you went 
I cant believe your really not here,
Every time I think about it I shed a tear,
Daddy you were my life,
Now it’s like I want to die,
I don’t think you really knew,
How much I truly cherished you,
It’s hard to wake up everyday,
Knowing I’m not able to see your face,
It breaks my heart,
That we are this far apart,
I never thought you would leave,
And it’s way harder then you would 
It still feels like a bad dream,
But it never seems to be relieved,
I love you more then you could know,
Now permanetly in my heart there is a 
major hole,
There is nothing I wouldn’t do,
To spend everyday with you,
I miss you so much,
This is way to tough,
I know your in a better place,
So please watch over me and keep me 
Until we meet again ill be OK...

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since matter's distance, throw away the key, safer than sorry, know the play im stronger.

options serve value as default,  outcomes serve purpose . ending with .im stronger

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I'm hurt screaming and pulling my hair out
Sicken by the drought
Tears of fire
boiling as my blood turns to lava
Preying to Jesus cause only he knows what I'll do
Ran with the wrong crew
If only knew
It'll take a piece of me  with it
A block of my saneness with it
My livelihood has been invaded
My glory long faded
Gang violence underrated
I lost my friend do to mistaken identity
Because of his color he lost his dignity
No one knows what he meant to me, to us
A band aid ripped from a wound that will be forever busted
Arrested development
Suspended judgement
Caused an innocent life to perish
His life i will forever cherish

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filing for divorce

Agony, bitter contempt.
Destruction, eternally forgotten. 
Gasping, hindered instincts.
Just killing lilies. 
Metallic needles overture perfected. 
Quiet raindrops splash underneath. 
Vulnerable wasteland. 
X-chromosome, Y-chromosome, zero-defect!

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I Am That Seed

If I could stand in front of a 
mirror of truth I would whisper 
dreams of  my future. I would 
let that future echo in my past 
in hopes to live in a  brighter 
now. For now contains what I 
am and always will be. And 
what I  am, was, and always 
will be is that seed. I am that 
seed, I am that seed,  I am 
that bastard seed that swam 
from the deeps of darkness to 
heavenly  eyes and a ghostly 
face. A face that cant be 
arrange so it leaves it  
misplaced. Misplaced by many 
which enforced the hate. The 
hate that  breathes waves of 
fire from the mind, body and 
soul of what some call  the sun 
but really just a formulation of 
what I am. I am that seed, I 
am  that seed, I am that seed. 
Yes I am that seed a seed that 
set root even  when the other 
root left the room so my 
mother wouldn't name me after  
him. So I be spitting at him 
from behind because I'm not 
the son of that  reject. I am 
before that, I am before, I am 
before, before. Before him  
wasn't death it was eternity so 
in death I will speak only in 
eternity and let  my voice be 
heard. For my dreams don't 
have to be deferred. And I'll  be 
scrapping my dreams from 
nightmares and let my 
nightmares haunt in my past.  
For the past has been beating 
my ass. And I'll be having 
dreams that  don't go 
disturbed. For my dreams is my 
voice being heard. But some 
say  its too late. For my past 
has been infected by time but 
some of this  shit is before my 
time I need more time, I need 
more time. But it's too  late as 
the seconds drip off I look left 
to right, right to left but 
nothing is there. For I'm here 
at the end of the road which is 
the  beginning of my road of 
my time. And I ask...where my 
haters at? Don't  tell me my 
haters got dusted in time. For 
they thought I was in their 
time. I guess  they didn't 
realize I was ahead of 

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Broken Hearts

I met a number of people one day,

They were from different ages, castes & race,

Had I understood what their eyes had spoken,

I would have realized that they had their hearts broken.


A young girl she was with a brother younger to her,

Their dearest mother was battling the deadly cancer,

The harsh shattering truth they were unable to believe,

That she had just about 6 months more to live.


He was a teenage boy living with only his dad, 

But now the father, a heart stroke he had,

Traumatized the boy is with simply the thought, 

That he may be about to lose the only parent he had got.

A woman awaiting her husband at night, 

Got a call that shattered her entire life, 

Her husband got killed in an accident to his car,

Due to another driver who was under the influence of alcohol.


A man was struggling with some inexpressible emotion,

His wife had just died during child birth, 

He had to hide his pain & bring up their kid on his own,

Without letting the child ever feel the absence of her mom.


Her brother was her hero, in him she had full faith,

He got killed while trying to save some strangers from death,

She has to steady herself her parents need care,

She needs to wipe her tears & for their sake be there.

The police came to his door one day,

He had to identify the body of his sister, who was raped,

It filled his heart with contempt & hate for those monsters, 

Who dared to harm his beloved sister.

Her heart was full of anguish, her eyes filled to the brim,

A miscarriage had ended her motherhood dream,

Her husband was also numb with intense grief,

Their kid had died before it could even begin to live.

She was in shock, her heart was in turmoil,

Her best friend out of helplessness had committed suicide,

She had lost her confidant, her soul mate,

Separated they were forever by death.

So many broken souls I met one day, 

They all had feelings no matter what their age, caste or race,

I wish I could not have read what their eyes spoke so far,

Atleast their pain would not have broken my heart!

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According To The Stats

All bombs cause destruction exemplifying 
fanatic ghastly heartless infamous
jar, kindling loathe, machination nefarious 
operations pitilessly quashing
rabid sanguineous tyranny, uncivilized violence, 
warlike xenophobia, yielding zilch!

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123 nurse says push babies first breath babies first cry baby looking mama in the eye beautiful site
 123 baby teething baby shots so many tears mama wishes she could stop yet learning 
words and making friends well half way anyway teaching that no no can go both ways
 Shes mastering abc's and saying thank you and please all in 1 2 3 she might even be a prodigy
1 2 3 everyones applauding at her first speech and shes going out for ice cream chocolate her favorite flavor without the cheery on top just to sweet
daddy kisses mama on the cheek at least hes not not drunk just happy when  happy drunk he tounges he punches walls not tonight hes happy cause shes graduating
 1 2 3 shes about to pop the question daddy mama can i have a boyfriend an argument quickly ensues daddys mad cause mamas not taking it serious enough she laughed that was the wrong thing to do at home the girl goes straight to the room.
1 2 3 the arguing has finally ceased but theres a creaking down the hall 123 theres a stranger entering the room its to dark to see but she knows its her daddy hes come to give her a whippin at this time of night and hes telling her shes deserving of it all and tonight he says hell teach her about life 123 this this is wrong and they both know it hes going to molest her hes going to wreck her at 13 when she had her whole life ahead of her
 1 2 3 bang theres a gasp mama pulled the trigger daddy took his last breath theres blood on the  bed mama holds her daughter and cries
123 ambulance announce him dead on scene mamas put in handcuffs daughter goes to foster care mama in jail until the court date life is hell for the both of them till the judge speaks his peace he says for the crime commited i give you no time for protecting your child from a monster in the dark but i give you three seconds to leave this court room before i give you more than just community service and in 123 they escaped the courtroom to freedom never looking back   

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sudden truth

sudden truth
of love unknown
my wasted youth
i have out grown
old and stupid
and in my silence
pity my cupid
for i no sense…
for i not say
what i must speak
for i not stay
with in her cheek
still d’same
and never grown
a boy in stain
a man not shown

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The Dark

Full of emptiness, and unbearably cold.
 deep, it seems dead, but very much alive.
 It grabs you and wont let go. 
Its as if its choking you, slowly taking you under.
You cant breath, you start to panic but you feel helpless. Its thick and heavy
Negative, yet rotten
And unexpectedly mad,
There’s anger and depression like I should have known better. It seems as if I’m filled with
Selfishness and fear,
There’s screams of terror,
Its strong and rough,
It over whelms. Controlling my thoughts.
And here comes my end.
As if my life is over.

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A man that cries alone is a man that dies alone
Living life through the words of a heart filled song
The heart beats to the rhythm of the soul which is hard to contain
The feeling of lost and rejection never can be maintained
If I should die tomorrow where will I go?
Give my flowers while I’m alive because when I’m gone I will never know
In life trials and troubles it seems like one way in and no way out
Doing the right thing but getting the wrong results leaves nothing but a fearful doubt
My past is my past so please don’t judge me
We live in the present so look past all my imperfections and know there is a future that I seek
It’s amazing how the finger points and the beam is blinding your eyes
The truth is always seen no need of a disguise
I died a million deaths and still I stand strong
I was never a follower of anyone because of these battles I have to fight alone
I failed a couple of times which most people liked it that way
They kicked me while I was down and only hoped that was the position that I stayed
But still I rise with a victory of a bittersweet taste
I turned and walked away but happily went back to pick up their faces
I don’t seek for revenge for you reap what you sew
Before your lips part and speak that vapor I will let you prepare yourself to take these notes

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After Death

Numerous times in my mind a question pops,
And whenever it does it troubles me non stop,
Restless it makes me over and over,
And then the fear of death begins to tower.

Impossible it is for me to imagine,
A dead person's after death scene,
What exactly happens when death plays its part?
Does as per mythology an after life start?

Is the soul then consciously aware,
Of his travel to another world through air,
Of the fact that his life on Earth no longer exists,
Of his earlier life cycle gist?

Does he really meet there some unearthly being,
Who recounts to him his life's achievements and misgivings,
And assigns him a place in heaven or in hell,
And then with the rest of inmates does he gell?

Does he meet the other souls of his life,
His parents, grandparents, friends, children, husband or wife,
Those of whom he had lost to this world prior to him,
Does he get to interact there too with his kith and kin?

Does he get to settle old scores,
Or play with his playmates when he gets bored,
Does he get the chance to complete the half left relations,
Or now correct those wrongly made decisions?

Or is he greeted by the God Himself,
Who talks to him, guides him and gives him help,
About his past lives and awaiting future,
Does God become the soul's tutor?

Does the God then make that all important decision,
Of whether to make that soul an angel or back to the Earth to send,
And then does the soul for another life on this Earth go?
What exactly after death happens is all I want to know!

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since you been gone

Feeling so all alone now i dont know wat to do wen i was good before kuz i always had u im falling apart i feel the pain deep in my heart no matter how hard i try to keep it together i feel myself falling  harder n harder everyday it gets worst i feel soon im just gona burst   I cant believe im never gona see you again its hard for me to accecpt n comprehend r.i.p cholo without you i feel all alone now im riding solo i miss you alot a place in my heart u got believe me my nigga everyday in my mind ur a thought i dont know wat im gona do this is the hardest thing i ever went threw

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America, the abundant, the place I was born 
I'll cherish till the day I die.
Where the bones of past heroes lie buried in the ground 
Who loved her the same as I.

Her mountains are so tall they reach for the sky;
With prairies where the green grasses grow.
There's billions of trees where wild birds nest
With creatures that flourish below.

That blue gold called water with which we are blessed
As raindrops or crystallized snow;
Changes to rivers and fresh water lakes
While the winds of our seasons blow.

There's the haunt of a whistle from a lonely freight train 
Racing on ribbons of steel
With the harvest of farms and from the factories 
Balanced in a box on a wheel.

Some cities have buildings a hundred stories tall, 
Structures of concrete, glass and steel.
A statue in a harbor, a present from France, 
Describes how, inside, we feel.

That flag on the moon with red and white stripes
Proves America’s dreams come true.
A country of heroes who line up to protect
The past, the present and the few.

We’ll defeat terrorism as it should be fought
Never letting Satan’s horde chase us to our door.
Safeguarding our borders and system of life
As our forefathers sacrificed before.

Never be afraid to be proud of America
And march with the brave, faithful and just.
Refusing to submit to the will of our enemies
Standing firm to preserve what we trust.

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Just so I'm with you

As I close my eyes and try to remember your face
A darkness comes I can't seem to erase 
I sit in silence just to hear your voice 
But the noise of how my life has changed is the only thing I can hear
My heart has let go, for feeling are too far gone 
But my mind holds on remembering a smile 
For I have no hope to hold on to now
And I'm stuck in limbo praying for hell 
Heaven never last 
With hell wrapped around like a cast 
You did what I told you to do 
Left no doubt of what you wanted to do 
The only question I have left 
Is what happen to the man I saw that day 
The beautiful words you called to say 
You loved me
For that I have no doubt and in all my years I thought pain had nothing left to teach me 
But pain taught me love wasn't enough 
So I come home to stare into brown eyes
That saved me countless times
To find death has taken hold
To the last thing that had my soul 
And with all the dying 
I've been trying to see the reason of love
But all that is left is pictures of days in the past 
When happiness seemed to last
Now like countless times before
I see my self wishing for the past even more 
Reaching with empty arms 
For something I can't have back 
And with you both my skin still can feel your touch 
My lips fear to have lust 
For they fit perfect with you 
But death had to claim you 
In that moment I saw my love was true 
So let me not fear this knife
With it's cold blade of truth 
Let me feel the blood 
From the heart that bleeds for you 
For if death can take you 
Then it can come for me too 
Rejoin us in heaven or hell 
Just so I'm with you 

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give me faith

sitting here thinking on how many death that happen this year in my family 
but then i realize they are in better place with no pain 
that they are free from sickness
free from pain or heartache that they could been through cause of someone that they loved
but why would they be hurt from any sickness in heaven if they believe in god
now i looked into my children eyes as they are hearing that their one of their grandfather is 
dying at almost eighty years old
i see the pain that they are going through
i see how hard it is for them
i wish i could take the pain away that they are going through
but i know im their mommy and just being their for them is only thing 
i can do for them
hearing their laugh of joy is always' good everyday as they get past this 
but when they come to me why he have to die what do i say
i don't know what else to say but hold each one very close to me 
as i feel the pain they are going through each and everyday
why this happen to anybody its just that person time to come home 
to Jesus you just have to listen to what the lord is saying to you

by Sheena Shenia Jackson

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fortune seekers

leans against the pllow in pain,  pains of cultivated years wastes in vain, going to bed with everthing in trousers, not any man but those in executive trousers, that posh car ride. now posh aids ride, waiting for death to come. and death too waits for to come. years of hard work in undergraduate days, ready to compensate good coming days. now the cloud is dark. for unstoppable tears to embark, on the journey of eyelash wetting.

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The illusion of probability
Art of dark light fate
Hex of great misery
Enchanter of doom 
That sleeps time at no cost

Merciless orphan of wickedness
Barren monster in Paradise
Hunter of the living
Clinch of horror
The May morning destroyer

Stasis of goodness
Asunder of Unity
Pillar of Halloween
An indelible mark of pain
A Vague population regulator

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My dark friend

An evil falls within your bodyThat no one can see
A darkness that's meant for you and me 
Never in this world have I found a soulAs evil as dark as broken as mine
Hood up eyes darken your heart beats slower as you walk my way
A friend of mine you have changed
Every muscle in my body tells me to run Away 
My heart feels the painAs my soul watches its twin walking in 
Sliding down the wallUnable to do anything else
Breathing quicken as I feel you next to me
Eyes open to see evil itself in front of meA growl flows from the familiar places
Your breathe burns my neck in the best ways
Scared of what I see but I can't push you away 
I lean farther to the cornerAnd in the moment of my weakness 
You went in for the killYour body pushed against mine
Your teeth on my neckGrowling As I knew in any second my life could be through
Your teeth scrapping my neckAs you breath filled my ears and blow my hair
No where to run,not wanting to scream
Curling into my selfYou pull my arms away 
Pinned now Held by your power
The darkness covers me and I give up the fight
My Evil rises My demons once again walk
My resting place I have found, an understanding of the claimed now
Unleashed and untamed I look into your eyes
Only to find the light is gone,The humanity has fallen
Now I see everythingNo shield No glamor 
Blackness pours out of your eyes as if they were waterfalls
My mind tells me to be scared The light in my soul says to pray
Voices said that you were hear to make me learn 
To teach me the ways 
We are the two that our cursed
Smiles cross our faces I now no where I completely belong
Your hand reaches outI can't resistsThe peace the comfort 
I'm Home as I accept his hand and my life begins to fall away 
Now I understand that I am yours
I know who you are As the world passes us by
You pull me off the wall and lead me towards his victims 
Or are they our friendsLooking around they see nothing different 
My hand in his as we stand by there sides
A moment in time we shared A moment only we could see 
As if someone stopped the turn of this world 
I Urn for the feeling of our darkness
It whips away all the pain, It connects us in a ungodly way
Feening for this drug again, Sober scares us into the light
Stoned enables us to find the meaning of our life
You are my connection to what is ours
You are my darkness that pulls me back from the light
You are what reminded me of why I am here
We were meant to meet meant to invoke the powers we were giving
And save our selves from each other

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Clearer Skies

My eyes immersed in the mourning as i set my spirit aflame
with the fire of regret and anguish,none can extinguish the crave
for the things once passed,the wants longed for,the end of the day
why did you go so soon?
when you kissed me,it used to be warm like a a roomful of flowers
on a warm sunday afternoon
I still remember your taste,your life,your antics and semantics..
so vital and vivid,vivacious and outrageous
laughter of joy was so contagious...
now a flower has grown and no one has known it died
every day a petal gets blown away
all forget,then remember......
You always told me why you couldnt be alone...and i know it couldnt be just another pose
people who have be hurt alot have to be a thorny rose
defending and deflecting ,all those who want to be loving and protecting
you used to be so neglecting
of anger,of hate,of lies, and of greed
except when you were taking all of me...
but now the months and years go..
and the well spring of tears flow slows...
gone is my angel...
and though others minds spirit knows..
climbing the mountain of acceptance ,to get to the peak of peace
Clearer skies,
are what we all should seek,at least.

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who am i

How can one who lost himself find himself
Every night i have a repeating dream  of an empty field
With a sword in one hand and a mask in the other
As i raise the mask to wear the field is no longer empty
Hundreds stand front of me with same two item a sword and a mask
As i pan the area one thing is different the mask 
With the sword in my other hand i clutch it and raised it as did they
With no nonresistant i  charge towards the mass as they did to me 
I slash, stab, slain, and killed all them
Not once did I wonder who they were as i resume killing
Until one remain the field but  this was different the clothes and mask were red
As i lunge into an endless bout  i grew more exhausted and tired
But the one in red never slowed
Until i stop and look down and notice the sword through my heart
As i fell to my knees i remove my mask looking on the field the men i been fighting 
Were Me
I look up to the one in red and who are he lower his mask it ME
The true me and he said
"The one you slain today are you these were you emotion rage, hate, fear happiness, sadness"
and i ask "which one are you"
He respond "I am love for can never know or fell love until you accept who you are for that reason you will never know love"
As my eyes darken 
I began to wake and notice a blank mask on my bed and wonder
Which one am I

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Shadows Beneath Me

                                     A spirit appears at night,
                                       showing its cold eyes,
                                    simply glaring at it in fright,
                                    a memory I couldn't erase,
                                    for that spirit had my face.

                                      With its red eyes glows,
                                  it disappears from the shadows,
                                even when I was walking at night,
                                     no man, woman or child,
                           but feel that same presence behind me,
                                  but there was no one in sight.

                                  even though I continue to walk,
                             I can feel a cold chill beneath my feet,
                             that spirit only appears in the shadows,
                            not a speck of moonlight or a single spark,
                                 enjoying itself hiding in the dark.

                                    it rises beneath the ground,
                                       showing its ugly frown,
                                with its eyes looking dead at me,
                                        beware the shadows,
                                    for it's never been foreseen,
                                       beware in the night,
                                      because it's Halloween.


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Misdeeds were put here as a test for mankind
And to many race down the wrong path.
Greed, hate, lust and perversion are satin’s tools
In his workshops of corruption and wrath.

Rape, robbery, murder, and assault
Are committed by the dishonest night and day.
Thank God for those who line up to protect
The principles of justice, honor and fair play.

Where would we be without valiant policemen
Who patrol our neighborhoods and streets?
Risking their life and limb on the line
Arresting thieves, killers, drug dealers, perverts and cheats.

To many officers become victims of divorce
Products of occupational danger and strain.
Never knowing when they say good by
 If it’s their day to be crippled or slain.

It takes a brave soul to become a good cop
Risking everything for little praise and pay.
It’s true that some may abuse their badge
But for the majority we gratefully pray.

By Tom Zart
Most Published Poet
On Tjhe Web

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zombie asylum

You kill three people, you take a shovel and their buried at the steeple, and you can’t take it, your minds so feeble. You go to your house, and your neighbors hear you laughing, you can’t help it, your thoughts are flashing. They called the doctors, and they take you away, you smuggled a knife, come out and play. Your in the asylum, getting locked in a room, the guards are cleaning, and using a broom. You’ve been there for seven months; the guards treat you bad and call you a dunce. One night, they take you in your sleep, they take you to their ward and they don’t make a peep. You wake up, with pale skin and feeling sick, you taste blood in your mouth, and you start to lick. You look beside you, and see a needle, you’re chained down, you wonder what’s crawling on you, and you see a beetle. The curtains are bloody, and so is the bed, you feel your blood pumping; there’s an IV in your head. You smell blood; you sniff the air, your coughing it up and nobodies there. Finally, you hear people talking, walking toward you, and a gun that’s cocking. They open up the curtains, and ask you your name, you respond, wrong move, what a shame. They shoot you in your leg, you scream out in pain, they walk over and pump more liquid in your brain. You struggle and scream, and do everything you can, but that’s what they want, that was their plan. But you know your beat, you get a craving for meat, and in a few days, you’ll be walking the street.

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Save a Child!

Another Beloved Child Dying;
Enduring Fright.
Grieving Hearts Ignite!
Justice Kindles,
Maintain Needed Observation.
Passionately & Quickly Reunite!
Save Time,
Uncover Viels!
X-hibit Yearning Zeal!

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one more thing

one more thing before i die
i wanna take back every lie 
i wanna leave something to be missed
and not just what i wished
so before i see the grim reaper 
ill express my self a little deeper
show the world what it was like to be me 
show u throw only what i could see 
i loved everyone so much
but not enough to be touched
i will regret leaving all of u 
but i know i will be forgotten soon
so nut much pain will stand in ur way 
of forgetting me and  moving on with your day .

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I'm a soldier, who fights on foreign soil, 
Some say, we're here, because of oil.
But, I'll do my duty and proudly serve; 
Knowing death may await me around the curve.

Sometimes it's hard to defend what's right, 
Sometimes we're forced to rise up and fight. 
Sometimes we survive, while others must die, 
Sometimes never knowing the reason why.

The rush of combat is a natural buzz, 
Caused by fear, leaving nothing as it was.
Hunting one another like wild game, 
Without a shortage of those to blame.

Sometimes victory comes too slow or quick 
Sometimes the cost on both sides is sick.
Sometimes God is asked to intervene, 
To help stop the savage from being so mean.

War is a hell we visit before death 
Fueled by the whisper of the devil's breath. 
There must be a reason man destroys man,
But why it is so, I can't understand.

Tom Zart 

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eternal sleep

I hurt so badly
The pain is deep
I cry at night
I cant sleep
my stomachs knotted
I cant eat
my chest feels heavy
I cant breath
I feel desperation
I feel despair
I feel im slipping
No one cares
I take this blade
the cut is deep
I rest my eyes
eternal sleep

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see you on the darkside

death is so sweet
to lie down in a eternal sleep
to go to the land of the unknown
to make a grave a final home

maybe next lifetime ill be a king 
i would rule with you by myside queen
beside every good man is a good woman 
not behind him 
maybe infront 

to lie down and take my final rest 
to die like an old pest
to leave the ones i love the best 
tell me it is all a test

will i pass i dont think so 
if i leave before i awake 
i leave you nothing to take
only my heart my precious lady 

see you on the darkside

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Red Rose Rise - Tales Of The Fallen

Linear, by the way you think, smells the breath, tasteless, by the way you talk. Blood brings not only life, but closer to the steps into death, behind my back is fitted, your beloved knife. Surrounded I am, excluded by division, I multiply my suicide without sincere attractions. Black is my night, blacker to my grey of day, the ones I hate, the ones added to the sum of all my fears, none ends with any happy tears. I see no rainbow in the skies, burn only the dragon with the fiery eyes, I am committed to my addiction, why be the spy that shies. I believe what you believe to whatever you believe, do you here me cry, before my lies I have said my farewell, that does mean goodbye. What waits for eye, is not the sight I will sell a bat, the broken gates to hell. Punishment will be, punishment will learn to see, if by chance the thought of giving, broken I will be, damaged I will heal,I will feel, I will bleed. Indirectly, your worst maiden to a mistake, let me rise immortal on any land, understand, my hate will not be painted black. I am a bleeder, I will walk in blood, and forever, will never be long enough. Red Rose Rise, I will wake alone, prepared, on the land of the Slayer. Death will feel the anatomy of my breath, north to south and east to west, killing is after fall, what I do best. Fear, is my only quest, and yes, I 2, have failed the test.

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Faith love disloyalty

Loyalty, Small and hard
I took it like buck shot
lodged in my heart

He left you for O.K. Tulsa I believe
You said he didn't know you that well
he didn't know you have smoked weed

But he knew you in a way
no other should know I had to find out
from a message on your cell phone

Since that day, I realized
 I lived a life of Sin
GOD tell me to forgive
for the bad deeds that you did

Every awakened moment 
it haunts my every thought
knowing I pushed you
into another mans arms

I raised my right hand to many times
You resulted to telling lies
We both broke our VOWS 
not long after newly Wed
I abandoned you in time of need
you laid in an others bed

Now I'm drunk as BLEEP
just trying to rhyme
not long after I awoke
from a nightmare in a cry
This reality haunts me
every moment of the day 
I'm forever in search
of things to give me strength

before ICU I saw the light to heavens door
With jittering of teeth I felt the fiery floor
All in all I wouldn't change a thing
even though you removed you diamond ring

I seek only answers, Stop trying to save face
I'm beginning to think you are pocketing an Ace of Spades
to my demise I have to summarize 
be both eft off and really goofed
I have told you my side
and in the end
All I seek is Truth

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  Lord I'm so tired of being so damn tired. Sure wish I knew how not to get wired.  The sun goes up,the sun goes down,this old world keeps spinning round.One of these days I'm gonna hit the ground and just lay there with this big frown.I'm thinking I need to step off this ride and just lay my troubles all to the side.But it's ok this won't last long,Because I'm gonna get my ass up and just go home,And when noone ever get's to see me again,they can all just say that they knew me when.So you take care and don't you cry,because you will get to see me again on the other side.............     "GOODBYE".    2013

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Most poets tell the truth of life 
Though they may wrap it in beauty.
It's their passion, not their purpose;
To compose is but their duty.

Poets as a rule are high on adventure
Like wondering bards or prophets today.
Embracing hearts and minds with wisdom
Casting through verse their visions at play.

Poets have their dreams and their nightmares
Of love, life, death, faith, and war.
They feel the pain and tragedy of others
Even those they've never met before.

One merit of a poet's work, 
Which most people cannot deny, 
They say more and in fewer words
To illuminate you and I.

Their poems are used to convey passion
By composers of both good and evil mood.
Some are hateful others loving
Sharing thoughts to be consumed as food.

They fan the flames of human compassion
With their stories of the failings of man.
Professing to follow a higher power
As they recruit whomever they can.

The wild birds sing and flowers bloom 
As clouds form figures in the sky. 
But only poets will write poems
That shall last long after they die.

God has always had his poets 
Who he watches with love from space.
But Satan has his poets too 
Who try to lead us from our grace.

Poets are the bell ringers of the soul
As they depict the past, the present and beyond.
They sound their alarm of what lies ahead
As the missteps of man live on.

By Tom Zart

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Food to eternity

And you small human being who really will know that you were here? 
After three generations you will be deleted from human memories. 
Who will know that you have passed from the earth?  
Time is the killer of  all the memories.
And the natur is your killer. 

Don't try to understand. 
Try to give, 
and share.
Life is always bitter sweet 
get only what gives to you. 
If you want more you will never be happy. 

Your life is the beginning from your end. 
Nature does not recognize you as personality, 
You are a piece of the puzzle of life. 
You are not all the puzzle. 
Your mission is just  to give life and food to eternity. 
And the eternity is the reason that you exist.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Winter's solace

Cold sent shivers down his spine 
His soul aching to be complete 
Quenching his thirst with blood he calls wine 
Thuds of his heart on the street
Just for tonight his mask no longer worn
Winter sympathizing his state
For he was pricked by a thorn
A thorn that belonged to his dearest rose
A rose he no longer held 
Mind wandering to the time he found solace
In the arms of his rose he lays 
Her  porcelain face still lingers in mind 
Flashing eyes in anger as he betrayed 
Eyes of eternity will never leave him 
His solitary ground no longer steadied him 
Forever wandering with no comfort
With no hope, no tears left to dry 
Heavens above heard his cries
Finally joining in sadness
Wind blew sending shivers through him
Surrendering he waits for winters solace

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Goodness must overrule absolute evil
Though there’s nothing worse than war.
Sometimes we have no alternative option
Except to kill or be killed as before.

The best of plans can go amiss
With uncertainties till the first shots are fired.
As generals plot their path toward victory
It’s up to the wounded, the fallen and tired.

It’s not how strong or athletic you are
That decides who is blessed to return.
Those who survive are a product of luck,
And our prayers and support they’ve earned.

War seems to peel the veneer off society
Exposing our villain within.
A crazy obsession to rule over others
By death, destruction and sin.

The mayhem of conflict is a ongoing scourge
Robbing man from intended glory.
The hinge of history swings in all directions
As the madness of war tells its story.

By Tom Zart


You can hear all of Tom Zart’s 300 poems of love, war, faith and more 24-7 on web radio at=



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R.I.P Bianca

You put the gun to your head
Cocked it, now you're dead
Such a life to go to waste
Such devastation you faced
You were the best of people; jolly and kind
But no one saw what lurked behind
Mom's gun seemed to be your new best friend
the only thing to make your pain end
The shots rang out
No one would know what this was about
People cried; people mourned
Suddenly our lives were torn
Its too late for you to return
You made it your turn
You thought there was no one there
This pain was too high of a burden to bare
So you took an alternative to breathing
You took the option of leaving
No longer here
Only grief runs through these tears 
What a gift it would be to hug you again
What a gidt it would be to see my friend

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Drifting away

Seeking the dreem once lost. Within heaven's keep. Sand man drifting weeping for his lost slumber. In to this never ending wonder. Ohh where shall this door lead. Shall i seek this or shall i slumber once more. To awaken to find twisted fate. Slumber no more.

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Til Death Do us Part

'Til death do us part,
T'was my love for you i cherished.
T'was the fire in your heart,
with it i did but parish.
T'was the burning in my chest,
that spread down to my toes.
'Tis love that i do best,
that of which everyone knows.
'Til death do us part,
T'was my love for you i cherished.
You burned a hole through my heart,
when your love was all i wished.

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We’re sought  by Satan of that I’m sure
As he plots to derail our soul.
Greed, hate, lust, anger and fear
Are deeds which facilitate his coal.

He smiles at lies, cheating and theft
He laughs at never-ending war.
He drools to conquer the hearts of man
Shadowing every window and door.

Tempting all with unclean pleasures
His success is weakness and desire.
We triumph only through the power of faith
Avoiding eternal torment and fire.

Goodness and evil illustrate life
Like the two sides of  every coin.
Most can’t help but experience both
As we learn who to trust, follow and join.

Praise our Lord for morals and ethics
The laws of  heavenly command.
Without God’s armor and his grace
We become the distortion of man.

By Tom Zart

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close to you

I never took they time to understand the nature of friendship
Now I lay on my back, my face looking up in the heavens
Fully on a tuxedo, on a Rolex watch and flowers in my hands
An imagined beauty, you all are, gowned with black outfits

Fare the well, you all sound nice as you wave me good bye
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, as I proclaimed
I feel closer to you more than ever

My maker is waiting; I hesitate as am wheeled to the cemetery
Slow pace, you all walk, so as not to disturb my sleep
I feel the peace, such consideration as you all witness my final battle.

Am now gone but I still linger for the intimacy and closeness that I once felt
Am closer to you more than you can imagine.

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i wish i may i wish i might
ask u why that night
why did he stand up
why did he fall out
and slowly stumble about
as he laid there on the road
as silent as can be
his friend looked and said how can this be
when his friend placed his hand upon his chest
he said i felt him breathe as the ambulance came
he was running out of breath
the next morning was his death

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my pain since u been gone

 just know my pain will never go away, I miss you more & more everyday
        I wish atleast on more time i can hear ur voice or feel ur touch, I just
love & miss you so much
         It's not fair why did you have to go and leave us all behind, Damn 
my nigga I wish I could go back and press rewind we should of had so much 
more time
        Without you it's hard to smile at all ,I remember everynight waiting for 
you because you would always call
         You would say "shorty" you ready to come threw,I would say yes I'll
be outside 5 minutes later he would come get me & we would go chill everynight
that's what we'd do
           Then the next day he would bring me home in the morning around 8
sometimes 9 now he's a angel of mine 
       I remember almost everynight around 10pm he would comeover to get me 
and take me to his house across the street, Our memories I play in my head on repeat 
I'm thankful that God let us meet
             It's so hard to understand I'll never see you again I miss you so 
much my dear friend RAMON since your not here I'm all alone 
           It use to always be shorty & cholo, Now it's me,myself and I 
I'm now riding solo :(

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Scott Reese

He was my only friend My friend to the end He shot himself in the head Now he is officially dead It's been awhile since the incident Now my life is really bent I can't see my beloved uncle anymore Because he shot himself by the door I can't get rid of this pain And Im about to go insane I want to get my friend back But i can't because i lack The skills to bring him back And thats a matter of fact I need someone like him to always be there for me And maybe i can see The whole world in a different point of view Instead of thinking its just a zoo Where people die And don't say goodbye I just hate suicide And that is how my uncle died R.I.P. Scott Reese

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Death's vengeance

Wake up; wake up, such a lovely day
Sun so bright, sky up so high
Sun goes black, sky burns into ashes 
Death is calling 
Death is cheering
Angels falling
Angels bleeding
Give your last regards
To whom you claim to love
You will watch your world crumble
No longer seeming oh so humble 
Death gave you a shove 
Enter thru the realm of darkness
To a new time full of torture and pain 
Striding thru feeling the coldness
Tears of blood seeping through the walls 
For all the pain you fed your victims 
Grims surrounding you grins engulfing you 
Ahead of you many dark halls
Hearing whispers made you crawl 
Voices whispering harshly 
“Smile empty soul”
All goes black hearing a shushed whisper of death
“What a lovely day to finally have you back”

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why did you have to leave
couldnt you stay a little longer
lonelyness in me is a lot more stronger
i know i will see you again 
untill then my heart will mend
so much i miss me and you
with memories that feel brandnew
so untill i meet you there
my heart pain it shall bare
please can you hear what im saying 
come back for me daddy
im still here waiting

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love is to breathe
death is to leave
joy is to be happy
pain is to suffer
madness in my head
misery in my mind
i have loved you for all time
take me grim to the other side
in this life too many tears i have cried
tired of living so i want to die
do not be sad it will not be bad
close my eyes forever
cherish you through all weather
when i die you will be on my mind
i have loved you for all time
on the other side i promise not to cry
to never see you again i truly have died

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I haven’t got a clue, why this you put me through.
I know that it’s no use, so now I hang this noose. 
The night that I forget; no time for this regret. 
Tonight in my goodbye, this is the last tear I cry…  

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Hell's Door

There was a time when I knocked at Hell’s door
Didn’t think nothing about it just walked through and explored
Was introduced to a lot, saw a lot of people with smiling faces
I walked by them, they whispered behind my back but remained nameless
I saw a friend of mine that I remembered at one time she had nothing
I gave her opportunity and love and a chance, and I was face to face with her she must have forgotten because she started fronting
Kept on walking until I ran into this dude I once knew, we talked for a while until his lies started to sound like truth
The longer I walked the more I saw, I was beginning to compare it to this life, but I wasn’t surprised at all
I ran into my best friend WAIT!? Why was she here? She knew all my secrets she is my heart I can’t believe this, I was overcome by a sudden fear
When we was in conversation nothing change it seem like any other, Then the more I listened she became transparent this time there was no running for cover 
I recognized the liar, the cheater, and this mask she wore to gain attention; I stopped her in her tracks and told her to listen
I already walked through the gates of hell there is no longer a reason to lie, I gave my honest opinions and loved you like I love my own life
To my surprise she walked away without a comment, I understand because that’s why in Hell the soul is already burning. 
When I walked back through the same door I entered, I realized a lot but I couldn’t be offended.
I went to the mirror to examine myself, I had some things I need to fix and yeah I could use the help  
That walk help me point out my faults in me, back to reality but I can only change me 

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best things in life

running through the fields
feeling the wind in my face
blowing on my ahir
feeling the ticklish grass
or th cold dirt underneath
running through the rain
feeling the rain smashing on my face
all wet becuase i have no protection
i touched my face and there it was
another source of life
i i looked at tows 
which was covered with 
squishy slooshy mud
i started dancing with them 
feeling everything around me
not wanting it to stray
i have lung cancer 
thats why im out ehre today
feeling everything because its my last day
i have met two reasns to live
the wind and the rain
blowing and smashing on my face

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I think about my death, tears drip on the desk.
I think of ways to die, and other ways to try. 
No matter what I do, I’m still in love with you. 

You cant make me leave, you cant make me try.
But someday I'll find my way to say goodbye. 
You know how I was, and you know how I am. 
But I'll never admit about that day in the sand. 

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when you want to die

When you want to die, you have no fears, you look back on all those pointless years, and have nothing to show but your pointless tears, when you just want the world to open its ears! What’s not happening for you, does for your peers, while your father sits back and drinks the beers. Do you know what it feels like, to have people laugh in your face? When all you want to do is disappear without a trace? With no one to embrace, and people put you in your place and you’re the only one running, so you won the race, but JUST because you set the pace. Do you know why you try, when every time you fail all you do is cry? Life is nothing but a lie, wait till you dry, and you still don’t know, so you always ask why. Do you just want to fly? Leave without saying goodbye? And you know you can’t wait, for life to go by, and every other day, you hope you fry, and what is life when you just want to die? Well life isn’t what you think, it’ll punch you in the eye.

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The Avoided Day

This is not just another day
The clouds above all seem gray
None of us know what to say
My mind needs to stay focused and not go a stray
I remember the days we used to play
It is the Life we need to portray
Or is this final come what may
I want to be selfish and make her stay
I guess this is the time we all need to pray
You tell yourself this is all going to be okay
There are some things I wish we could delay
Reality is here and it is planned this way
Because this is the price we all must pay.

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I'll Wake up

Ill wake up and you will be here,
and the letter on the mirror will be gone.
The blood soaked in the floor will disappear.
No matter what I do I tried,
The truth you couldnt hide from.
The lies consumed you and your soul...

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The dreadful word of 
earth          .When 
you strike              
Come in to tell of my 
Death name i hear 
when you strike.

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World War I gave us the fly-boys
Who flew by the seat of their pants.
Many would never return from war
While others survived by chance.

Their planes were mostly canvas and wood
Gasoline, bullets, bombs and poison gas.
Every pilot carried his own pistol
Wearing leathers, scarf and goggles of glass.

Aviators had no Parachutes
To escape their burning plane.
Many were forced to jump to their death
Or self inflect a bullet to the brain.

Blimps where known as battleships of the sky
The roar of their engines gave reason for fear.
They flew so high they were hard to shoot down
Hiding above clouds till their targets drew near.

Tracer bullets for the first time were used
In the guns of airplanes to set blimps a fire.
The skies became man’s highway of death
With duty and honor their driving desire.

How many Fly-boys have we lost since then
Those days of the Great War and more?
Where do we get such brave souls of chance
Who rise from the rest in the battles of war?

By Tom Zart

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The Shots

Bullet shots rang
Like a church bell in my ear
And the screams sang
With the undertone of fear

The bell tolled
And the sunshine went away
And the thunder rolled
On that summers day

And the people fell to the ground
With a sudden thud
Such a sound
And out poured the blood

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our memories

our past errors are the thugs of our present terrors
we are tortured by nature while we are being deceived by destiny.
the rareness of our thoughts was curdled with valuable ideas that made us ideal.
we are rare values not because of our thoughts but because of the ordainment of our memories through our valuable ideas. and now my greatest surprise is now my greatest fear because my quest received a guest and from then i had no rest because am yet to win the test. death you have licensed my thoughts to sweet but soured memories. we can't erase the memories  of our life true second chance because we gave it the first chance to be there. 
      memory, what a summary.

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our memories

our past errors are the thugs of our present terrors
we are tortured by nature while we are being deceived by destiny.
the rareness of our thoughts was curdled with valuable ideas that made us ideal.
we are rare values not because of our thoughts but because of the ordainment of our memories through our valuable ideas. and now my greatest surprise is now my greatest fear because my quest received a guest and from then i had no rest because am yet to win the test. death you have licensed my thoughts to sweet but soured memories. we can't erase the memories  of our life true second chance because we gave it the first chance to be there. 
      memory, what a summary.

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Fame, wealth, prestige, and wild women
For too long were my passions of life.
One day I found sweet liberation
When God gave my heart to my wife.

33 years we loved one another
Sharing all we possessed and more.
Last year she passed in the middle of night
Never to shadow our door.

I’m sure in rapture, she awaits
For me to arrive in heaven divine.
I’ll miss our children and grandkids too
But we’ll all reunite in time.

By Tom Zart

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Another burial....
                   ...  condolences,
deep emotional feelings
grieving hearts imbue jeweled kinships,
lasting memories,
needing obituaries
peace, quietude, rest
succumb to undertaker
vestiges withered
'xpired, yielded.

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AlexanderThe Great

King Philip his father engaged a new teacher
When Alexander turned thirteen.
Aristotle the greatest mind of his time
Gave Alexander his taste for the unforeseen.

Alexander dreamed of a one world empire
Held together by one king and tradition.
After his father was murdered by rivals
He ruled in his place with conviction.

Philip’s death caused conquered kingdoms to rebel
And for next two years Alexander forced them to concede.
The huge Persian Empire of King Darius III
Posed the greatest threat to Greeks and their creed.

The Persian cavalry numbered over forty thousand
Plus one million foot soldiers with weapons and shield.
Alexander’s  troops numbered thirty thousand on the ground
Along side five thousand horsemen who dominated the field.

Alexander practiced many new methods of  war
One of his most effective was called the siege train.
Several high towers would be rolled up to city walls on wheels
From which defenders were overwhelmed and slain.

He developed mechanical machines of death
Catapults, which hurled fifty pound stones.
Large arrows and burning balls of  fire
Smashing walls, buildings and bones.

Soon Alexander fulfilled his prophecy
Sitting on the golden throne of Persian kings.
Possessing great treasures from conquered lands
Though his greatest need was conquest not things.

Alexander, king of Asia, would not be satisfied
His ambition and ego denied him rest.
He decided to march his armies to India
Putting the Rajahs armies and elephants to test.

The huge beasts, which were unknown in Europe
Frightened Alexander’s men at the start.
In spite of their fear disciplined prevailed
As Greek spears tore holes in their heart.

Exhausted by years of hardship and battle.
His men refused to go on and Alexander gave in.
Disease, thirst, and hunger were their constant companions
From the time they left Greece till they were home again.

Alexander was physically and emotionally sick
To the point of becoming critically ill.
He died in Babylon at thirty-two
King of prophecies he pledged to fulfill.

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She's Gone

When I first heard you were dying all I was doing was crying I thought my life was over even though your gone to some people just know im not one of them forever in my heart even after dark you will be in my heart even though it’s been seven months I miss u so much I pray every night hoping we will reunite I still ask god why me I feel like I’m just to young and depressed cry cry that’s all I do is cry can’t you see the tears comin out of my eyes I wish I could lay down and die but it’s not my time lord tell my grandma one thing for me when it’s my time to come home she would be there to take my hand!! Imiss u grandma R.I.P much luv from the family

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Red Rose

Like this single red rose,
our hearts are but one.
The tears that flow,
are like rivers,
never really ending.
The prayers keep going,
because I know you can hear.
The bond we once shared,
has yet to be taken.
Your lost soul,
has yet to be found.
When this ends,
like your life,
I will still be here,
but yet you will not.

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Why Is It That When?

Why is it that?
Going to church make me cringe.

Is it because of the days way back when?
My Grandma would tell me the worlds going to end.

Is it because of years, the last days we live in?
Or is the fear that's triggered by sin.

Is it because of the drums, when the Pastor speaks?
That I might throw up my hands, and dance on my feet.

Is it because of the water, that sets up in the pew?
Your dipped  a sinner, and pulled out clensed and brand new?

Is it because I know, I'll have to live straight?
So when it's my time, I'll enter God's gates.

Is it because of Mother. who just wants to see?
When God comes for them , he'll also take me.

Is it because there's no time, nor a date?
When the sky opens  to wonder your fate. 

Is it because, of the words sent from Heaven up high?
You must love the God that lives in the sky. 


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I’m on my way to greet my master
And shake his hand when I die.
I’m on my way to john sweet Jesus
In his mansion beyond on high.

I’m on my way to escape man’s woes
Where the faithful rise to tell their story.
Following the path of love and compliance.
Guided by God’s magnificence and glory.

As I journey to and from all I love
It hurts to say my absolute goodbye.
I’m on my way to divine fulfillment
But for those left behind, “I cry”.

The Last Goodbye

By Tom Zart
Soldier For The Lord


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Their Last Day

A little child with eyes that shine
Where there was only peace of mind.
To run and play
and to explore
All Gods gifts they did endure.

No thoughts of hurting
No thoughts of war
No thoughts of pain for them to endure.

Thank God for children and they're innocence too.
How did they know when they left for school.

Goodbye to "mommy & daddy too
They're last day," Just going to School"
A safe place to learn and play
What gave him that right to take it away?

We'll never know what caused his pain
but, to take their life,he had nothing to gain.

God Bless the children who were in that school that day
Who lost their lives and no longer can play
They're looking down from Heaven above
The hearts filled with nothing but love
Is there an answer
A lesson learned?
Only one knows
God, Father & Son......

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True Horrors

to mask the face 
face of hurt shame and anger 
in the arms of sorrow embraced 
in the hands of death she lays
no longer alive yet not dead 
she is so ashamed of this 
Facing true horrors she dreads 
looking around searching for her bliss
nothing left but a hollow heart 
leaning down death gave her one last kiss
the scarred soul and body slowly grew apart 

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the flesh and bones in which we live
are chariots we cant forgive
vessels filled with hated truth
a driving lie to keep us couth
with every drop and every drink
the apple drops and we do sink
the hook it draws and drags and drops
and birds like new winds build a nest
and rest
and insects rage within their cages
people cry and make mistakes again
and then
a new wind blows 
and will again
and chariots are gone

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Terminal worry

As I sit here 
feeling my own pity
selfishly thinking of myself
knowing good and well

cursing brutal words 
wanting to flow from my quill
angry exhaustion filling my mind
yet battered heart slowly continues
to beat upon 
the next morn...

instead of thankfully getting up
getting ready for the gift of this day
instead of being grateful 
instead i turned away

already worrying about tomorrow
about things that have yet to come
instead of trusting You 
to love me enough...

to give me enough strength
for the battles i face

knowing our fates were decided
an eternity ago
by the one holding
times swinging pendulum 

had wings of palest gold
like the sparking yellow
of campfires flame
or a fireplace offering
welcoming warm blaze

his tall staff also of gold
held in strongest hands
see yonder!

through that haze
through fog of white of gray
reminding us of thunderstorms
through warmest 
months of May

mayhap He was a vision
maybe i shall never know
if twas another dream
relief would course through
for He said last eve
tis almost time to go

He whispered with that loving grace
words heard inside my heart
telling me to enjoy this life
for too soon twill be time
to part...

Although i am sure i would love heaven
and i have loved ones there i dearly miss 
can i please stay here awhile longer Lord
i feel i still have plenty to give

my heart is pure 
only meaning the best
through you i will try to reach them
with a gift of words
in which you blessed

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groans of loneliness

I wince in pain
I stare at the darkness
How long is it going to be?
My head is hurting
My eyes are spinning
It’s like my very last breath

I feel my spirit leave my body
 But back it comes
All over again
It comes and goes
Like its been struggled for
I gasp for air
I wrestle for breath
The pain is more than I can take

I do this rejoicing
Taking my last breath 
Is like taking in fresh air
As I reflect on my life
All my love, all I had
I gave so freely without a word
All I got was so many pretenses
And so much lies around

All my love I could not withdraw
Because war weld up inside of me
My heart against my mind
A battle that caused me so much pain 
Not much peace of mind was left
My heart loved and loved on
My mind wanted more than revenge
So on my bed I daily await 
Death in its bright shining armor

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The hinge of history swings in all directions 
As the happenings of the past are written down.
Out of all that has occurred since man's beginnings, 
Less has been recorded than waits to be found.

Babylonians kept chronicles of history,
Hebrews wrote the past as a dramatic story. 
Greeks had no faith in the future at all,
Believing mans repeated errors doom his glory.

Christians added a new dimension to history,
Looking forward to Christ’s return to earth. 
An on going drama involving man and God,
Believing all are created of equal worth.

Some have asked why must we study history; 
It just encourages us to live in the past.
When we forget history we repeat its mistakes, 
As the outcome of humanity is cast.

By Tom Zart

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Darkness secret

They tell me that they can help me.
But why cant they see, Im suffereing.
With a mind full of misery,
and a heart full of pain.
I take all of the blame.
When they question me they put me to shame.

Can they see behind these broken eyes.
Can they see behind all these lies.
As the blood pours from these wounds.
No one sees, the pain I feel.

This is my world, its all so clear.
This is me, all I wanted is to be left alone.
I would give up everything just not to feel 
this pain anymore.

All the things come crashing down on me. 
All these things so deep within me.
Some days are okay, but then my world 
falls apart and turns to grey. 
So many tears wasted.

Just want to make this go away
help me make this go away.

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The hornets of hell swarm from their nest
Overwhelming all the victims they can.
To sting as many souls as possible
In their destruction of the glory of man.

They murder, rob, rape and plunder
While provoking the meek to submit.
They lie, deceive and mislead
And depend on the world to forget.

Eager to enhance their numbers
They are the cheerleaders of disgrace.
Their agendas of sin must be stopped
For the betterment of each race.

Endless is God’s test of time
To measure man’s spiritual worth
Unwholesome deeds tempt us all
Festering in the repugnance of earth.

The hornets of hell are on the hunt
In all directions by day or night.
The Armor of God shields man’s soul
And gives us our resolve to fight.

The champions of heaven in rapture await
To see who will stumble and fall.
They watch us struggle, in our world of woe
As they pray we will heed, God’s call.

Fools declare we must hide from view
And leave the hornets of hell alone
But when we ignore the liabilities of life
The failings of man become, our own.

By Tom Zart

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God’s words to Jonah were to preach at Nineveh
A great city from which armies against Israel often came.
Instead he went to Joppa a city by the sea
Where he paid his passage and sailed without shame.

The ship had not gone far before a tremendous storm arose
And the crew became frightened and began to pray.
They threw the cargo overboard to help stay afloat
As they pondered who among them should be cast away?

They chose to draw lots to expose God’s offender.
And the lot fell upon Jonah who ran from his call
The sailors tried their best to bring the ship to shore,
When they failed they pitched Jonah to suffer God’s law.

Jonah’s body hardly touched the waters of the deep
When up came a huge fish, and swallowed him whole.
From within it’s belly he had time to think of his sins
Make peace with God, and purify his soul.

After three days, the fish swam close to shore
Casting up Jonah on dry land unharmed.
Again Jonah heard God’s voice from his heart
Saying save Nineveh from Lucifer’s charm.

Soon after he preached, that Nineveh along with its people
God would destroy unless they turned from their wicked ways.
To his surprise, they listened and repented their sins
And were told by their king to pray for God’s praise.

By Tom Zart

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our memories

our past errors are the thugs of our present terrors
we are tortured by nature while we are being deceived by destiny.
the rareness of our thoughts was curdled with valuable ideas that made us ideal.
we are rare values not because of our thoughts but because of the ordainment of our memories through our valuable ideas. and now my greatest surprise is now my greatest fear because my quest received a guest and from then i had no rest because am yet to win the test. death you have licensed my thoughts to sweet but soured memories. we can't erase the memories  of our life true second chance because we gave it the first chance to be there. 
      memory, what a summary.

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fog fades
diamonds last
i will never forget our past
how u made me laugh
how u made me cry
why did u have to die?
i remember when we use to walk home together
almost like we had known each other forever
we walked 
we laughed
we cried
we had our goodtimes
we had our badtimes
when i was upset
and my tears were wet
you cheered me up! in silly ways. 
i love u
i miss u
i hope your better
i have one wish
not three not two
my one wish is one more day with u !

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        Humans shy away from the word called death
Because us humans know it's when we take our last breath,
        We cannot control our fate even though we might try
end we all know it will make our loved ones cry,
        We are born and sooner or later we die
When it is sudden we ask God why oh why,
        I don't believe it is for us to question
Even if we feel we have the right for a reason,
        The lesson learned here is that we don't know
Only God can answer that when it is our time to go

Written By: Michelle Born aka Unique Poetry...

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if he were watching.....

if he were watching...

what would i be doing?

probably what

i'm doing now.....

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my last breath

too perish from your sight my eyes would i dissolve
there is no escape of your love in the grave
i would be in love with thee for all eternity
as your eyes catches mine so have i caught a fiery tempest in my heart
my eyes gently closing and it is getting dark
my last moment i live i reach out for you as the clouds to the heavens
i hold you gently in my grasps
i never want to let go all my life you have been my friend not a foe
as i slip away into the peril night
my heart cant let go of your frail but beautiful sight

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he watching over me

He's watching over me.                                                                                                       The day he said "good bye"                                                                                               The long wait for him to come home.                                                                                   Remember when my mom set me down in his chair to tell me he's gone.                              Never regret the day i spent camping, and fishing with him.                                                Going and living me all alone.                                                                                               Wishing he could be here to see me grow up.                                                                       Crying day after day know he's gone.                                                                                    Just knowing that it going to be a long time until I can go to the same place....HEAVEN       Just wto see his lovely smile to here his laughter just one last time.

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life and death

life said to death
have you had a breath
taking the people in heaven
at a time eleven
death said to life
you be with people every time like a wife
like on throat a knife

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Cries Of Liberty

From politics to humanities tricks,
out cries continues to pour in
on a candles wick.
bringing upcoming havoc
to the new generation
known as Rick,
Connie, Nick, patrick and Vick.
too young to understand
that devastation and complication
is on the rise
in the masterminds mind.
Always seeking with not a care
to whom one can compromise.
leading the weak to the blind.
Leaving valuable measurements behind.
no matter what the weight,
form, length nor size.
for green is the color
of americans hopes and dreams.
causing treachery and deceit
which runs into the river of greed.
leaving visuals of beauty alone
for it is never what it seems.
Circling around a lighted torch
sets ablaze of driveby's
being witnessed by figures
standing amazed and afraid
on their porch.
Clearless rings falls from the cheeks of the skies.
in remembrance of hearing
abondoned babies cries.
Knowing the facts of the crackheads
lows and highs.
One comes to the reality
that the sirens of death never dies.
Making timelines cross
in the midst of history.
seeing the fame of change is no mystery
sitting aside doing nothing
is our greatest misery.
staring in the eyes
seeing the 
Cries of Liberty.

bringing upcoming havoc
to the new generation
known as Rick,
Connie, Nick, patrick and Vick.
too young to understand
that devastation and complication
is on the rise
in the masterminds mind.
Always seeking with not a care
to whom one can compromise.
leading the weak to the blind.
Leaving valuable measurements behind.
no matter what the weight,
form, length nor size.
for green is the color
of americans hopes and dreams.
causing treachery and deceit
which runs into the river of greed.
leaving visuals of beauty alone
for it is never what it seems.
Circling around a lighted torch
sets ablaze of driveby's
being witnessed by figures
standing amazed and afraid
on their porch.
Clearless rings falls from the cheeks of the skies.
in remembrance of hearing
abondoned babies cries.
Knowing the facts of the crackheads
lows and highs.
One comes to the reality
that the sirens of death never dies.
Making timelines cross
in the midst of history.
seeing the fame of change is no mystery
sitting aside doing nothing
is our greatest misery.
staring in the eyes
seeing the 
Cries of Liberty

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Winter Horrors

This is a Tale of Winter Horrors of the Night
Icicles and Snow Flurries a Massive Fright
On a Mountain Top Where only the Strong Survive
Trapped in a Cave Where You’ll Meet Your Demise
Reduced to a Child Seeing Their Greatest Fear
More Than Anything, Wanting Sunshine to Appear
An Endless Forest Where Survival Seems Meek
Crying for A Lost Loved One That You Seek
Howling Wind and Ice Makes You Feel Confined
Disaster and Death in the Deep Recesses of Your Mind
Will You Live Another Day or Will You Parish
Now That You’re Alone Life is All That You Cherish
Looking for Food or Water Anything Will Suffice
When You Suddenly See Your Dead Child Trapped Under the Ice
Your Mind becomes Warped Riddled with Horror and Guilt
When Sense and Sensibility begin to Wilt
Dying at Your Own Hands Seems Wrong and Disturbing
In the End Living Without Your Child Was Too Disconcerting 
Peaceful Schuy

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the boy and the reaper

as the ground tears open he will arise, his dark black cloak and fire in his eyes. he
raises his sithe into the air as he hears the cries of the boy with the uneasy stare he
says please Mr. sandman before you reap and it is my blood you seep, i ask you why with
all your mightyness touching the sky lose your chance to help the world instead of lifting
your lance? so the reaper slyly replied "it is my job to take your soul from your hide"
and so as the reaper raised his sithe that shined so bright as the screams of the boy were
heard all through the night

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My Friend Ken

My friend Ken
He acts like a ten
Year old.

He steals my email accounts 
And spills tea all over my floor
He makes an awful mess in the kitchen
And you really don't want to use the loo "post Ken"

Ken smells too.
I hope that he reads this.
So there.

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The One and only Love

that down ass love, the kind you feel from your head to your toes,
unexplainable and yet still, the feelings stay fresh, 
to be inpatient to see them, wait to hear their voice on the other end of the line, 
A love that bonds to you, holds you, brings tears from happiness, from the sadness 
of when you are not with them. A simple hug that lets you know without a word, without a doubt, that you are the only one.
He Loved strong, I felt it within my spirit, now that he is an Angel, I know he stays with me in Spirit, for our Love was unbreakable, unstoppable..
I sit and sometimes long to feel his arms and sense his presence, somewhere, letting me know he never meant to leave me. My heart is in a constant ache from missing him. I Love you my Teddy Bear Taotasi "Bolo" Mataafa, we will be togather when it is my time. Until then, I hold you and our memories close to my heart, We have a Beautiful Son, who looks just like you, my Love.

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Reincarnation (Circle of death)

The leopard crouching close to earth 
While stalking, dirt smells so divine
Eyes fixed through grass, the pounce, return 
…up top with golden shrine
When I come back wish I could be 
A graceful creature so in sync
O death please hurry, come to me
Before they go extinct

Law of nature, law of man
Survival is a killing game
A part that no-one understands
Insanely human, inhumane
We’re born with will and strength to choose
Ignoring all of nature’s signs
Abusing power, win or loose
Circle of death means turning tides

When you return to earth one day
At the bottom of the food chain
You’ve turned from hunter into prey
Death haunting shrinking plains
Ask not why, ask not how
Balance must be preserved
To cheat death, stop the killing now
Or your fate will be well deserved

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our memories

our past errors are the thugs of our present terrors
we are tortured by nature while we are being deceived by destiny.
the rareness of our thoughts was curdled with valuable ideas that made us ideal.
we are rare values not because of our thoughts but because of the ordainment of our memories through our valuable ideas. and now my greatest surprise is now my greatest fear because my quest received a guest and from then i had no rest because am yet to win the test. death you have licensed my thoughts to sweet but soured memories. we can't erase the memories  of our life true second chance because we gave it the first chance to be there. 
      memory, what a summary.

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our memories

our past errors are the thugs of our present terrors
we are tortured by nature while we are being deceived by destiny.
the rareness of our thoughts was curdled with valuable ideas that made us ideal.
we are rare values not because of our thoughts but because of the ordainment of our memories through our valuable ideas. and now my greatest surprise is now my greatest fear because my quest received a guest and from then i had no rest because am yet to win the test. death you have licensed my thoughts to sweet but soured memories. we can't erase the memories  of our life true second chance because we gave it the first chance to be there. 
      memory, what a summary.

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as he sat there sweating in the august heat
his heart skipped but only one beat
as he fell to the ground with tears in his eyes
he thought to himself
everyone dies
so he sat there and thought
atleast my life will be better
because i know my soul will be here forever!

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r.i.p. joshua michael martin 87-06

your great big smile
on your boyish face
i will remember forever
it will never be erased.

we have been friends for so long
since the 5th grade
i cant beleive that your gone
i just wish you couldve stayed.

we will meet up once again
wait for me in heaven.

your missed so much 
by your family and friends
ill see you soon enough
dont worry our friendship will never end.

whenever i look at the sky so blue,
all i can do is think of you

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A sad piano melody starts 
playing,the reason of suicide 
becomes the lyrics of her 
life,she did her best,but like 
always someone was there to 
knock that smile out her face,is 
this a sign god,should I cut my 
wrist once again,she thinks 
of it as she cries in her room all 
alone,someone please stop 
playing this sad melody I can't 
hear myself screaming for 
help,this been going on for a 
long period of time now,but yet 
tho no one has figure out,her 
smile covers the sadness she 
carries,and all that make 
up,helps hide the tears,is a lil 
hot out side,but she still is 
wearing the sweater her mother 
gave her before she pass 
away,it covers the scars on her 
wrist,Every day I fall deeper and 
deeper in to the sink hole of 
depression,to only cave myself 
with negativity and 
neglecting,The reasons of living 
become shovels,the tears turn 
to ropes,ropes that hang myself 
a steam into a not,my dreams I 
watch as they suicide them 
self's slowly,were did I go 
wrong,and why did I let this 
happen,questions in my 
mind,for the living are to 
blind,and the dead are wide 

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Out of the crevices, the draft of madness travels through the darkest of shafts. Unevenly even, scaled with the snake, burns her eyes. Fear talks where and when she decides to walk. Widowed, before she removed the shade from her shadow, first she was, first she will be. Beauty you will never find, not when the Moon is full, not when the sun sins by the heat in the day, in any creature as displayed in any witch way. Tall she stands, femalustculiar felined, carrying a sword, engraved, fitted with fire flames the inverted nine. Decay, she rides, in darkness the mare was forged, which is known as the devils horse. Stolen, she takes, ask, she will tend to last. When you see her, dead you are as death was tothe past, your soul now will be bend to her bough. Ice litter her face, tears she has never seen, not in this decade, who counts in years. Death is coming for you, she appears, her colour violets for blue. The whispers from the trees, shallow through the hollows, ReaPheR, she is the follow.

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she woudn't listen to me she woudn't at all she said it was his fault, but he took 
the fall, it wasent him it was me she wont listen to me you see,i,ve tryed 
everything i,ve tryed them all i even tryed to smash my head into a wall.She wont 
listen she wont at all i wil never get her to listen to me ,only to the man who took 
the fall.
i,ve tryed my best she woudn't listen now shes makeing me listen, shes says its 
him i did nothing she sayed it was he who was lusting.if she would listen i would 
tell her to, but she wont listen so i am through.i wil try to forget i wil try to not regret 
she still rights poems of this loss i can't stoper for i am not the boss.
im afraid if she doesn't listen
she wil get in trouble and wined up in this is my poem about her i wil 
not forget not once indeed.for it is my fault that i took her man indeed.

               ~~^>{CARLIE BLACK}<^~~

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our memories

our past errors are the thugs of our present terrors
we are tortured by nature while we are being deceived by destiny.
the rareness of our thoughts was curdled with valuable ideas that made us ideal.
we are rare values not because of our thoughts but because of the ordainment of our memories through our valuable ideas. and now my greatest surprise is now my greatest fear because my quest received a guest and from then i had no rest because am yet to win the test. death you have licensed my thoughts to sweet but soured memories. we can't erase the memories  of our life true second chance because we gave it the first chance to be there. 
      memory, what a summary.

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our memories

our past errors are the thugs of our present terrors
we are tortured by nature while we are being deceived by destiny.
the rareness of our thoughts was curdled with valuable ideas that made us ideal.
we are rare values not because of our thoughts but because of the ordainment of our memories through our valuable ideas. and now my greatest surprise is now my greatest fear because my quest received a guest and from then i had no rest because am yet to win the test. death you have licensed my thoughts to sweet but soured memories. we can't erase the memories  of our life true second chance because we gave it the first chance to be there. 
      memory, what a summary.

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r.i.p. aaliyah

she could dance she could sing
and do almost anything and everything
she got on the plane
and was happy of her fame
but as she glanced out the window on her left
she didnt expect death
as the plane hit the mountain and slowly tumbled
it crashed in something you wouldnt exactly call a puddle
now shes peacefully underground
with flowers on her grave
they say she is gone but her fame is here to stay

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no more madness he's coming back

In my hood bullets are flying innocent children are dying.
Mothers and fathers left crying.
Where did we go wrong, I find myself singing  this said song, over and over in my 
head, As I lay in bed. We teach are children to love one another, and right from 
wrong. But we still have all this madness going on.
Some say its because were in our last days.
But I say that's all the more reason why  we should give God his PRAISE .That 
when he returns on that great and glorious day 
You won't be left behind on this dangerous earth yes here to stay.
He said it himself Thou Shalt Not Kill.
But some think of nothing but themselves and do it at will.
You should not take what you have no power to give back
Just another example of letting Satan on your track.
Brush that hater off and bounce back.
Stop the killing and dealing in not only my hood all over the world we should.
Mothers shouldn't have to worry about there children playing in front yards
wondering if bullets will fly and where they will land cause they have not eyes.
It A sad, sad thought ,and thing to see just let me tell you why.
He was only 10, you see in a place all kids should be ,in the park swinging with 
me. Innocent shot five times from bullets that fly. I'm one of those mothers who
still cry. Often wondering Why. Why not me instead of him.? My outlook was very 
grim. But I've make it through ,and so did he for he is free. No more ducking or 
dodging bullets you see. When My FATHER returns he's going to be with him 
coming back for me..

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Everyday is the same to me,
from being abducted in this conspiracy
someone help me as i fight,
they won't let me out of sight,
punching and throwing is all they do,
I won't get this life to presue.
Set me free and break these chains
Instead of having these bad blood stains
so take this bag off of my head
 so i can see the light again,
Sitting in a dark room with no one near
My screams for help fade out before someone can hear
The room is silent for what feels like years
until i hear someone come up the stairs
I kick and i scream because that's all i can do
Just wishing and hoping that i come out alive
The needle goes deep in my hand,
im slowly sinking like quick sand,
i look at him then he laughs,
he slowly starts to cut a body in half.
Terrified by what i see,
then he starts walking towards me.-
The door gets busted in and i see the light,
Tons of cops show up in sight,
the guy looks behind then gets mad,
stabs me in the chest two guys dead.

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The Other Side

Do we really want to know what is beyond this world

    Only our minds can try to imagine if it is all turmoil,

Is the other side beautiful and full of light

    Or is it dark and lonely that leaves you in fright,

Can it all be so perfect and our souls have no worries

    Maybe not because you don't see anyone in a hurry,

To get to the other side

    Cause all that we fear might make us hide,

From the nothing that doesn't seem to exist

    Just like the last day on earth when we are all missed,

Our time will come for us to find out

    What is beyond the door to heaven or hell and then we all know what Life was all about.

Written By: Unique Poetry aka Michelle Born

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When I die
Don’t bother to cry
If tears trickle freely just wipe them dry
All you’ll do is sigh
And tell youselves”just another life gone by”
For this life am living ain’t worth a housefly
I live it too sly
But its only cause I want it too high
Cant live it clean no mater how hard I try

Don’t decorate my gave with beautiful flowers
On it plant grass don’t make my coffin using glass or brass
I don’t want anything of class
All I am is trash
A life full of plush with a lot of cash
On me every gal has a crash

Today is crack and khat
Tomorrow its dope and coke
All this plus joining gangs
And I don’t fear their fangs
Every night all you hear are bangs
Kik! Kak! Kok! the sound of guns

Its in my system just cant delete it
I entered a world just can’t exit it
I walked in the dark and fell in a pit
I the society as I try to fit
Everyone has to bear the heat
And be on their feet ready to dance to the beat
To avoid a hit

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The Syndicate

So unaware of what's to come
Mind naked and bare
Vulnerable to traffic
Not knowing who's out there
Tell me why you should interfere
Is life so blind
You think I can't see 
With what goes on behind

What lies beneath yearns to escape
Gritting its teeth hungry for desire
Eyes casting faint images of light
Ready to exhale a breath of fire
It doesn't matter what you say or do
I travel far and above
Preparing to descend pain and anger
Without any room to make for love

Illuminating the night sky
Pervasively cascading with sparks
Don't hesitate to whisper goodbye
Before the smoke clears
As I witness your demise
Now it's too late
For you to beg and plead
For we are all just bait
In God's hands you trust
I am the syndicate

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I miss you

I miss you lots grandpa
You dont even know
I miss the way you smiled it even glowed
I miss the way we would always play
And how you would say
Kelli will you scratch my back today
I miss all the times you sang to me
It would always drive me crazy
But the one thing i really miss
Is the last time you gave me a kiss
You were in the hospital
I felt so bad, not only that i felt sad
Then you passed
After that my heart felt like shattered glass
I couldn't stand the pain
It ended up going to my brain
Well thats all i have to say
Eccept for "i wish you were here today" 
I miss you grandpa

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Grounded by Mother Earth

My bewilderment warily moves 

Near the spidery trails of indecision 

Over cold shadowed peaks of unanswered query 

Pulses surge well within the valley of a spirit lost 

Where roots ever forge toward the fiery heart of Mother Earth

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Is it the end

is there an end to the hurting 
to all the crying 
is the end near 
maby if i shout the can hear 
the tortured cries
that escape when my body dies
i can feel my life drawling to and end 
and i turn the last bend 
things start to slowly fade
as do my heart beets begin to fade
it is close to the end for me 
the end is finally near
they could not hear
my crying 
and my screaming

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 I can not feel you as you grow. But the  pain always lets me know. 
Put on your happy face, so it won't show.
Destroying me from inside. Leave me alone, I don't want to die. Still Haunting me from within, I want to give up and let you win.
When I can't accept anymore. I feel Death lurking at the door.                    
               Fearful no more.

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his rapping was tight and so was he
to tell u the truth i thought of him as the rapping king
who shot him? and why?
no one really got to say goodbye
who could do such a horrible thing?
the only person they can blame is the person who made the gun go bang!

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Afterlife Refrain

My head is placed on the chopping block
my life erased before the shepard's flock
I stand behind nothing and there is nothing ahead
I stand here deciding if it was worth the life I led

And memories are nothing but windows
lives and lullabies nothing but keys on pianos
Fade away all fade away so fast
when you're standing here facing back on the past

Before the garden outside the gate
only thing accompanying me is that fickle thing, Fate
slapping a skeletal hand on my back
he says to me, "Y'know I can't cut ya any slack"

Not that I expected any
my road was long and mistakes were many
consequences can't be lied to or ignored
Death is waving to me and calling out All Aboard

Every ticket lost to this Grim Reaper
looking back I had a love and I guess I shoulda kept her
but too late now, my seat is there to be filled
it takes more than a prayer to save those that're weak willed

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Cold World

Cold World

This world steal,kill,and it ain't real cold world. mama and papa gone your house is a
empty home cold world. No school baby growing up don't know what to do cold world. Her
Cool World just Turn in to a Cold World. Lift with tears and swat from off her back lift
along is like a slow song but a deaf life you cant hear the bone broke from out the live
off the young one repeat Cold world.

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why did you have to go

why is it you had to go you were only 17 
why did god have to take you why couldn't he take some one else 
you were a great person everyone loved you 
why Jessica did you have to go so soon 
you were a great friend and also a great daughter 
we will always remember you forever. 
why did god have to take you why did you have to go 
we will always miss you.

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peaceful ending

her last tear falls
the blood drips 
the silent crying 
has reached it ending 
she no longer hurts 
she no longer weaps 
her last breath is so peaceful

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im alive but i feel so dead
every word that i've said
has been the truth
i want to meet my last breath 
i want to close my eyes for the last time
so i write my last rhyme

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All the animals are annilated,
Brown bears burnt,
Cozy cats crunched,
Dirty dogs dumbed on the ground,
Easy flying eagles gone with the greatest of ease,
Flying fish have been fried,
Giant gators all gone,
Humans hung by their hair,
Imperial moths import no more infections,
Jumping jackals fall on jagged rocks,
Kicking kangaroos kissed good-bye,
Lazy lounging llamas lie in the desert,
More and more mammals are massacred,
Neither cougar nor lion are alive now,
Only ocean creatures made it out,
Popping peasants plundered,
Questions, qoutes and quotasall made by kittle survivors,
Romping rhinos found dead in round ponds,
Swimming sharks swam no more,
Talking parrots tell no more tales,
Umbrella birds live unbeknowst to us,
Violent visions seen of eviserated venecin,
Walking walrus's lied dead in the water,
eXtraterrestials excited by the mass executions,
Yelping young yelp no longer,
Zooming zebras zig and zag no more.

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In unthinkable death how do you carry
yourself ?
An intimate dialogue with death
Fearless, undaunted .
I admire your grit.

One thin blade, one silken noose
but you want to face the bullet
straight in your heart.
The death should come instantly, because you
want to be witness, your head falling with

Why did you chase death
whistling on the beach,
taunting the eccentric sky
like muted revenge.

The grave will be too small for you
Your legs sticking out.
Lime burning your eyes.
Turning back the grave diggers may
not like to face your moved earth !

Satish Verma

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What's Inside

The crackle of lightning
Thrown from the sky
As it strikes the ground
With a shining array of sparks
Is what's inside

The dim light of the moon
Displays no brightness ahead
But in short time, the sun appears
Acting as a guide, pointing the way
Only after so long, it too is lost

Through fingers like sand
Time is just a blink of the eye
Nothing but a blur when the darkness falls
Across the chest, arms are folded
Then all you have is what's inside

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Innocent inside the circle,
you reached nowhere.
Dirty hands on the knob
kept the century locked.

Carbon footprints were deepening
under the sun, blue bird
circling in vain. The jealous
moon exiled to black hole.

The dust of the brutal time
settles on the umbrella. I am shivering.
The lies, the religion, the horrible
facts smell of the million deaths.

Who mode the tapestry of violence
into boneless truth and hairless
legs of prayers? Freedom escapes
through the scrolls of flames.


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life and death

life is just normal 
god has his reasons 
for someone dying 
or living and 
we just need to accept 
that no matter what 
it's just apart of life 
life is good or it's bad 
that's just how it's 
suppose to be 

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i like the rain
becuase when you yell at me
and break my heart
i can go ouside
and no one ill notice im crying

when you yell at me 
its everyday not only once
if i do one thing wrong
youll beat me until i regret every doing it
if i do something right
you reward me by not hitting me as hard

i have bruises on my arms
and my lefs
then strips on my back
made of blood
from the whips youll one day regret

i cant leve the house
or else people will ask questions
and my body cant handle that

i stay at home all day
cooking and cleaning
waiting for you to come home

i thought that after i gave you life
and took you in my home
went through everything with you
that you wouldnt treat me this way

why my son?
do you treat me this way
have i been a bad person
have i been a bad moher
was i not there long enough with you

i will be dying in a few hours
so i went outside
in the rain
and slowly died....crying
but no one will notice
becuase im crying in the rain

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 We are still here so let us still remember
Those that have left since January all the back to December

From the war in the streets to the war over seas
The Fallen leave behind hearts that hurt and grieve

For the ones left behind relif is what they search for 
To lose their person who seemed to make there heart sore

It's been recognized that we are here only for a season
Why some of us are taken only God knows those reasons

Everday someone loses a lover, child, or friend
The way we should live is knowing one day we will see them again

Grieving is the way the heart says I miss you
Living is the souls way of sayin I will remember you
Surviving and thriving is the minds way of saying I
Will miss you, remember you, and forever and always truly love you

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RIP Tyler

You were twenty and about to graduate college when you made a fatal mistake! Two days ago i lost you and was reminded of what i should appreciate. The memories that we share hold the most value in my possession! This insight i describe came from the lord i shared in my poem on poetry soup. It was called expression! My dad shared you called at age ten and gave your heart to the lord! You were taken to soon but now you have no pain and gain with christ your reward. You will never be forgot because you were in my past and present in my soul. I love you my dear cousin see you when my days grow to be old. We will meet again and share my first time in heaven as we did at disney universal. Sorry if this poem is abrupt. I wasn't  planning a rehearsal.  He was my cousin and died at age twenty two. RIP Tyler Stiles  and my love always and my prayers too  anyone who has lost someone. If your reading this i mean you!

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minds that heard over ten thousand
voices,and lived for hundreds of 

We leave marks that we repeat.
Same faults left us empty handed.
History eats it's self.

One war one millions die,
Questions why?No explanation
only it had to be done.

Everybody is angry,hurt,punished,
sad. Wars change beliefs 
and destroys lives.

What was the purpose?
What kind of problems were
Nothing at all.

What would happen
if we became one world,
one nation?

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Two Sisters

Two Sisters
Two Sisters at the gates to heaven.Looking for someone they know.
They look as they walk,left to right.
Looking to see them soon.
Two sister walking hands and hand.
As they walk a little more. They saw a friend the missed before.
Asking him, "has you seen "?
He pointed down the way.
Two sisters hands and hand.
One sister tells to the other as she points. There they are.
The fresh looks with a face of joy.
there is mom and dad.
Two sisters being in heaven so the can be family once more.

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Astronaut Angel

The world will keep turning on a day like today
The sun will keep shining its a beautiful day
Our hearts are still broken on this bright Saturdays
Parts of the shuttle fell out of the sky
Seven angels were flying by 
Through the stars through the Galaxy high in the sky they were loved
Astronaut Angels

They walked on the shuttle when the time was right 
Everybody screamed when they seen this sight
There parents loved it when they flew to the moon
They said i love you and we'll see you soon
Through the stars through the Galaxy high in the sky they were loved
Astronaut Angels

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time of death

CA dence
SUD den LY
time of death: 1:47

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Wars are waged by older men
In battle rooms in countries apart.
Who call for greater firepower
And troops for the combat chart.

While out among the shattered flesh
The dreams of all have turned gray.
So young and determined their faces were
Till on the battlefield they lay.

Unable to overcome their pride
The overseers cast their vote.
For this or that or something else
As the thunder of war sounds its note.

Wherever wars are won or lost
The soldiers fall like toys.
Down through history it remains the same
Most who pass are hardly more than boys.

By Tom Zart

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dont care any more (edited)


Don't care anymore

people may think i do it for attention
but its rare that i break
but all this stress;
i dont know how much more i can take

dont look at me and see weakness
trust me,i know im not that strong
i put up an image
but you were the fool who believed it all along

im left with the broken pieces
of my bloody and shattered heart
these are the same pieces
that have been ripping me apart

im sorry im not perfect
and no i'll never be
but im not trying to impress you
i dont mind being me

so when i break down
its not for your pity
thats just a reminder to myself
of how life became so shi
theshat has scarred me
facking deep
and still a year later
all these secrets i must keep

from everyone around me
god knows what they would think
something kept me together
you're the missing link

i cant go back
to that moment in time
when you werent a part of me
when you werent on my mind

im sorry for being a failure
i guess i just give up
and even though im hurting
i make it seem like i dont give a fack

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Something I'm Not

I must wake up and stop the lie
Play my role in helping people die
It's immoral to be so consumed and selfish
To stop the internal fight is my sacred wish
That's all that's righteous in the dark secret
But I fall inside all to frequent

People die, justified to myself by my bloody hand
To complete truth I'll fire the shot
I'll die inside to complete my own demand
It's not worth living for something I'm not

My death ressurects a better being
Opens new eyes, allows transparent seeing
My attempts as the silent warrior, vain
Finally the bullets will spray like rain
My once pathetic life shadowed forever
Now the faithful will perish never

A vacant thought in my mind becomes reality
My wholesome task only obtained with brutality
Death will come in glory for a life of consumption
Through killing and dying I'll achieve redemption
and I'll no longer be the unforgiven
when I die on the lie once driven

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Watching from pin hole
lamps of baked clay.
Every thorn was in my flesh.

I was losing my voice
in crowd of maniacs.
Dragonflies climbing on worn leather.

Through cracked sunroof –
skull splinters into million heirlooms.
Fever climbs the feudals.

Why were you impatient with me?
I was narrating a shocking tale.
Frogs had acquired the land.

Plot was thickening every day.
Take me if you can, in the heavy shower
of meteorites in dark moonlight.


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Virgin Mary, I

Call upon me the day the Virgin Mary had an abortion
I carried out my sentence as the birth of the apocalypse
death to a savior, save me, Lord forgive, troubled times
but no reason for reason within the sanctuary of a sinner
begin in the mind, be blind and lead others, It doesn't 
matter if you land in Hell, just don't abandon your brother
it becomes sacrifice of me and mine for a temporary smile 
on a childs face, so I don't waste time and take that leap of faith
and tell God to call upon me the day
the Virgin Mary had an abortion, as I am born to a saint
daughter of Mari, looked over by a fallen angel
holding tight to life, floating on destiny, I call out to the Lord
                                to call upon me

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Nonexistence portrayal

Sitting with the moon ablaze once again. 
Dark, Lonely, Awkward Silence. 
Thoughts racing rapidly throughout my head. 
Time ticks away as my heart beats faster. 
Alone and scared for the future. 
The Hypocritical society is faced with no escape. 
Money will always be a key to ones downfall. 
The root of all evil. 
The crisis in ones family. 
A motive to lead to overall brainwash, and abolition. 
Simplicity is God's gift. 
The little things that surround are everyday eye. 
Finest beauty and candor located in nature. 
The colors that are filled up from within. 
Appreciate the beats that your heart pushes forth. 
Life is to extensive to measure. 
Arise the sun from the east lays astray. 
As once forth another day progresses 
Life is portrayed as nonexistence cherished climax.

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Soul Sacrifice

The loneliness makes bigger the animal that you have inside 
And then you search for a refuge, a hug to hide.
Life is a deceit, an infertile solitude without a hug.
The passions increase and strengthen the despair of loneliness.
Then you get the bottle in your hands.
You sacrifice your soul for a few moments of untrue companionship.
The drink makes you see life as you like it to be and not as it exists in reality.
The alcohol is not more than madness in a bottle
But you sometimes like to feel more alive and crazy than alive and dead.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Lost in a hateful World

Lost in a hateful world
hurt, disrespect, and murder
searching for something but can not find
learning about this hateful world 

Lost in a hateful world
screaming at the top of my lungs but nobody hears
running away from this hateful world but no way out 

Lost in a hateful world

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Into the Hands of the Beast: Life V.S. Death

Life is a hassel, 
that is full of pain, 
but sometimes there
is too much to sustain,
so let your eyes
shed tears of light,
 and let your sorrow
come out tonight.

The next day,
your thriving for a new life,
and that is when,
you pull out the knife,
the cool blade slides
across your wrists,
releasing the life within you, 
and creating the mists,
for a moment your body
becomes completely numb,
then you think to yourself,
how could i be so dumb?

Then I'm walking down, 
a long dark hallway,
nothing to be found,
can't even tell if it is 
night or day,
now i know that i had
made the wrong decision,
but it is too late to correct it,
this is my fate, and now,
i must deal with it.

But this is not life,
this is just my bad choice,
and since i pulled the knife,
now i have no voice,
demons made decisions
for me now,
and satan sits there,
upon his chair,
and don't ask why or how,
why you are here now,
all of this is not unfair,
nothing can help me,
not even a prayer.

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the black dream

my head is speeding and full of bad thoughts
i cant concentrate i can only tell myself to not succeed in suicide
its to late its already started
all i hear is the moaning and groaning of people dyeing
im in over my head with all the stress
i only see black with a mirror of flames ahead
i cant put the pieces of my life together
im scared of my own mind and dont want to enter the danger zone
i cant escape the darkness no matter how hard i try
im still alive but fill like im dyeing a slow and painful death

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Anointment of any prefix was hurting
I started shedding the names.

To fill the void, dialogues were not sufficient.
So many of thorns, without seeing,
in flesh, reading the closed mind, to
reach the inner blue.

After dark bloody spills on the rose petals,
you stagger on white tendons;
cracking the fright, peeling off the truth.
How nervous was the death to tread in.

In the pit, no sound, no hiding. 
Deep down was hung a turmoil.
calling a name, when night was sad
and lightning was lifting the clouds.

The city of stones in me, the solar system
the galaxies, were stumbling out in defeat.


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Lost In Sorrow

Lost In Sorrow
Drowing in black blood
searching for something 
but can not find

Lost In Sorrow
Drowing in black blood 
touching burning acid
burning thru skin and born

Lost In Sorrow

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Where do I put my hate at the end of the day?
Who will save my soul when I forget to pray? 
How do I fall asleep at night? 
When all I want to do is fight! 

Who can I love when my love has gone away? 
Why can't I be the man that would make her want to stay? 
I rip my mind apart like the blade rips the flesh. 
At the end of the day my head is a bloody mess. 

I don't slip cause I won't get up from a fall. 
I am losing at life's game so I am left to ball. 
They laugh at my demise cause they can't resist. 
So I know when my body expires, it won't be missed. 

The cold flesh will become a bone frame. 
No one will ever look at me the same. 
I will fall and your tongue will cause the slip! 
Your bottle of pain is not the same as mine, just a sip! 

Get drunk and high off my misery. 
Spit it, suck it, slam it, then let me be. 
I am a sinner so throw your stone. 
Make your hatred known and then leave me alone! 

My soul is not worth saving any more. 
This battle has ended and I am done for! 

I do not need to sleep at night! 
I can fight a war with out any sight! 
My love is gone and gone for good! 
She did not love me and I know now she never would!

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Memories of My Brother

My youngest one summer came and stayed with me
I was in the Navy stationed in Millington, TN
One day he was involved in a rock fight
A busted open head led him to the hospital that particular night
He asked me when they have to do stitches what do they use
I laughed and said a sewing machine, he wasn't amused
After a couple of weeks, his head healed up fine
To remove them would be sixty dollars to pay for the doctor's time
I told my brother I would be the doctor and do a house call
To my amazement I removed them all
I regret the day I sent him back home
He was pretty much all alone
He would give me a call always collect
Though the phone got high I would always accept
One evening, as I walked in the door, the phone rang and I said here goes the 
phone bill
But it wasn't  him, it was my brother Larry saying Wayne had just been killed
Wayne had decided to take Dad's pickup out for a joy ride
On an icy road, he lost control, hit a bridge support and smashing in the driver's 
His lifeless body was lying face down
In a ditch where he was found
The doctor said he suffered no pain
My brother Kenny found Wayne's ball cap, bloodying his hands, his nightmares 
still remain
To this day I carry the guilt about the bill when the phone rang
How much I miss my brother Wayne
My brother David is an emotionless guy
But at the wake he had to cry
Life has a way of taking its toll
Always try to look at the glass half full

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Moody and Dism

  I felt a tear fall from the sky, 
I think I felt heaven cry.
  It was a day like today, when I heard you went away.
  It was early when I heard the phone ring, 
I think I heard heaven sing.
  I felt so empty and so sad,
I think I felt heaven mad.
  Then I heard you were put to rest,
with the angels in heaven you'll be best.
  One day I know we'll cross paths, 
That's when I'll hear heavens laugh.
  Together again me and you,
Best friends for eternity in the sky so blue!

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So many loud noises all around, 
Screaming, yelling, to put the gun down, 
as the tip of the gun reached your head, I cry out, take me instead, 
Thrown to the ground praying on the way down 
I lied there hopelessly knowing I can’t do anything to make it stop, 
when I watched your own brother slowly squeeze the trigger, 
I closed my eyes hoping that it was just a dream, 
The last thing I heard that night was the echo of the bullet that perced through the 
untouchable Justin 

So much blood so much pain, 
I crawled over to you wishing to hear you say everything was going to be ok, 
I put my head on your stomach feeling the last breathe leave your body, 
No more will you be there to talk to, 
No more will you be there to comfort me when times get rough, 
No more will you be there to make me laugh, 
I just wish I could take this all back. 

You were my best friend, my other half, 
People say we were inseparable, 
I guess they were wrong because now you are gone, 
Leaving me all alone, 
Lost and confused not knowing what to do, 
Things will never be the same without you, 
This empty space within me will never be filled, 
My spirits of hope, happiness, are killed. 

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My garden cries for no reason. 
Kindness melts into a rain 
of twisted petals. And that is it. 
Alone I whisper the translucent words, 
watching the death of dreams, living fossils.
The sun bakes the seeds.

The essence will not heal,
this bandaged soul,
the conceptual death of a thought. 
This fear is like a curled snake. 
Must I abandon the path ? I know, 
I will not forgive me, at this dim joint. 
I must move.

I do not know, what to think,
how to catch, the poetry of night. 
The light blinks on my eyes. 
I walk in the shadows of sounds, 
smashing the road signs.


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Could not hold it, put it down.
The words forget you, pass by.
You remain standing on the brink.
Now, now, where to go?

Time avenges, walks on you
and you cannot catch the breath,
to fill the space between life and death
life will not move, death will not stop.
If not ready to live, death will not look like you
you will not look like death.

World changes every thing,
when seeing stops, listening begins
losing threads of me, between you and me
between me and you.
Something grows out of the mud
a new star.

Begins from end, the ending
of beginning. No ending, no beginning.
Timeless, faceless, nameless
groping in void, to catch the alphabets
Peaks are very frightening
Then where is the end ? No end.
This is the end.


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Crazy, I'm Not, Crazy

Married to the pain
Hurting inside
Crazy, crazy
Prevent it, prevent it
Stop it, can't stop it
You're crazy, crazy
I'm crazy, crazy
End of the world
In front of me
Look through, look through
My eyes, these eyes
Crazy, crazy, stop this crazy
Break the cycle
Of these lies
Don't be crazy
Go crazy, this time
Stop this, disgusting
Stop it, you disgust me
Crazy, crazy all the time
You're disgusting, disgust me
Stop going crazy
Stop it, stop this, stop it
Crazy, crazy inside
No more
Just this crazy, I'm crazy this time
Stop all this, disgusting
Crazy die

Written October 13, 2005

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I used to be filled with life. Happiness and strife. All of this has passed me by. 
I cannot even let out a sigh. Only to be lonely and cold. I've lost my faith Im not 
as bold. I need some one to guide my back. Get me away from these brutal attacks. I 
only wish I was not alone. To be brought back to life from this concrete stone. My 
life was stolen from me. I will run away to the wild sea. I sneak out without a 
Sound. I wake up on the cold hard ground. My body aches from the torture. I can 
only see is a portrait of her. My mother my saint. This women fought to protect me 
from you. I speak "why did you kill her?" You reply "She was just like you! A 
useless women!" I cry to God to help me now "Please take me away from this world!
I don't want to be lonely anymore. I wont take the beatings once more! I will break 
free from these chains! I want my life back! Give me it now..." As i slowly fade 
from the world. I can a voice call to me. It sounds like an angel. NOw all is 
quite. I am not alone anymore. You have brought me back to her. Thank you God. I am 
finally at peace. While the devil sits in a lonely cell. I am with my angel my 
mother. While he sits in ...

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Love has been narrated in novels ,
set to music in songs and expressed in poems with various rhymes:
remembering its glories and lamenting its tragedies;
but this is the ode I've written for those true life's true heroes, 
not about someone I've loved and lost,
to cherish the miracle of every breath!
And many have laid down their lives,
so that I can live free and remember the battles they fiercely fought;
and who wouldn't shout, in gratefulness, to the blazing skies?

Brave ones resting in your decorated graves,
God won't forget you when another rainbow reflects
all the beautiful colors of your flags waving, at sun-down,
over the damp grass where the little daises are blooming;
and I have brought the same flowers 
that you liked to give to your darlings:
to thank you for your bravery on the incendiary fields...
thinking less of you and more of your countrymen! 

Dauntless ones, you gave up your precious lives
and gone to foreign lands to be vigilant and tough,  
to allow your children to live their dream
in the freest land that Humankind has ever known;
and how many envy what they hold in their palms?
They are as precious as glaring diamonds, 
and as beautiful as the brilliantly rising dawn;
and be sure that they will defend their freedom at any cost...
and fight for it by marching with grace and esteem! 

And how can an inspirited poet narrate all the great and sad events...
if not through the sincere voice of his heart-felt verses?
I will not invoke a muse, but a living God to inspire me;
and I won't add or take anything away for the sake of honesty!
Take heart, sorrowful writer and make the words flow with spontaneity;
honor those true life's heroes with your infallible intellect:
to eternally preserve their tenacious and noble memory...
when others repress it and lay it to an unguarded rest! 

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

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Innocent Graves

Every day,
every night,
people grieve over innocent graves.
They cry as their tears
drop one by one,
to the ground.
They remember all the memories,
all the love that their loved one shared.
It's getting harder to believe that
they're gone.
Many people grieve over innocent graves,
because someone they loved,
was murdered.

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Roller Coaster of Life

This ride takes you up and down,
It is a continuos cycle, round and round,
There is a beginning,
There is an end,
Our final destination is based on our decisions to some extent,
If you lie, steal and cheat,
At the end you will face the heat,
If you are honest and try to do right,
When there is a tunnel, you will see the light,
Some circumstances are beyond our control,
Are you blessed, or have you sold your soul,
When your roller coaster is at the end of the track,
No time to change, there's no turning back.

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I do not display, but am. 
Where the heart lies.
In truth. I try to discover the centre 
of sorrow and bliss. 
Life has not given 
me full text of death.
The shadows are larger than reals.

You will not remember me
in endless night.
I am going on a long journey
to find out what is death of a name 
the death of a prayer,
and ending of self. 
The naked helices of truth are blazing.

Death of a dawn
some thing dies in me.
I don’t grieve. 
The frozen pain melts, 
legend withers. 
The shadow is liberated from image. 
The sadness leaves the fingerprints on my face.


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The End

I once looked at you knewing it would end
But what I didn't know was when
I loved you to death, you were more than a friend
You were there for me through thick and thin
Which I thought would never end
I wish I could of been there on there
on that horrible day that we came to an end
But just so you know your the one that earned
My heart and my soul

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Accidents Happen

driving down the street jamming out to the beat 
not knowing what we were about to meet 
the next thing i knew i had fallen asleep 
waking up to the screeching of tires 
i pinched myself hoping it was just a bad dream 

as i feel something grab me pulling me to safety 
i look back and i see the complete opposite 
pain blood agony 
my friends my family nearing death 

the sound of sirens draw nearer and nearer 
carting one by one off to the hospital 
for hope that their lives can be saved 

sitting int he waiting room 
pondering why it wasnt me looking death in the eye 
why must i always be the one standing by 
why is it my hearts the one to cry 
too many times its me saing goodbye 

as the sun starts to rise 
i jet back home so my parents arent surprised 
jump in the shower getting ready as if nothing happened 
during the day my mask is put on the night is when it comes off 
forced to face reality of the horrifying accident that had just happened 

every breathe i take feels as though it is not worthy of being breathed 
what has happened to me 
why all the lies why all the pain 
where did the old me go 

day by day i wait anxiously for the latest news about my friends 
till finally the out come has arrived 
marcus will not survive 
after hearing the news my heart shattered into a million pieces 
how many more are going to be taken away 
where am i supose to go from here 

tear after tear 
my heart grows with more fear 
fear of loosing others fear to take off my mask and show the world i am hurting 
how can this be how can so many people die when it should be me 

the answer is it was an accident 
nothing can be changed about what has happened 
the cure is time 
and that is what i seem to have a whole lot of 

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Something was always missing around
one had to die daily.
To find out, what?
Just a slip of time,
life was death and death was life.

Death of a man or death of a city
death had no other name.

Hearing the footfalls of death
dogs were howling around a temple
where god was dying.
The nation now mourns
for the banished priest.

At the burning pyre
there is still no peace.
Anger lives inside the books,
flame hides in the candles.
And a rage surges forward
in the bones of archaic humour.

Satish Verma

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the of death hope and lose of value

bang goes the bell
of death all value is gone
from wishes and wealth
not sure who will get the prize
onlooking watchers have watchful eyes
bang goes the bell of death to us all
so everyone before death to jesus please fall

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It was past endurance.
Flattened rage went into shaking palsy.
He moved into sculptured dark
like false reason,
to defend the ankle-bone,
for sequential pain.

Every one seemed a fallible saint
wet eyed, sitting on extinct volcano,
between tickling bombs of flesh.
He imagined –
that he was evaporating,
from the eyebaths, steadily
for a spiral journey.

By way of fear,
he wanted to break monotony –
sitting upright in a lotus position
to reverse the clock, of hunger, of extreme failures -
choking on words, mixing
continents of hate.


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is the pain worth taking?
will i be better at the end?
shall the pain stop hurting
and i be brand new?
should i wait till it's my time to go?
havent i suffered enough?
the pain is still hurting
the sickness gets worse
i just cant take it anymore
it is my time to go
"goodbye world" 
i wote on my last note
tears were strewaming down my face
but i knew it was a right thing to do
i kissed my cross 
and helded up my gun
pulled down the trigger
knowing i was gone
i saw a picture of me being as happy as can be
i knew i would be like that once more

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Let us take another road.
The boundary was not clear
between  crime and pardon
between disease and murder.

The cleft in the ravines
had hidden the rifles and landmines
when we were busy in worshipping
the rock face with folded hands
to deliver us from fear and future.

There was no ending, no beginning
of disturbing the beehive
to drink the moon in night,
hear the blues of stars
and swim in dark light.

Where was the heaven ?
Enough of nothing was not something ?
The cure of curse was not in any hands,
polity of clouds was decaying very fast
they were raining fire on the grass.


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I didn't want to believe it,
but I had no choice.
I couldn't stop it.
I miss you.
What will life be like
without you?
It's going to be different.
Not being able to talk to you,
and hear your voice say
I love you,
to see you.
It's hard,
getting harder
by the minute.
Next week is Mother's Day.
I meant to say it.
I meant to say,
Happy Mother's Day.
I said it too late.

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A view from the cause, 
alters the landscape in you
I surrender to the earth,
the roots. Purifying the leaves. 
I tell myself, this was not me, 
my music. Still my skin
has the tattoos of pandemic deafness. 
I am breathing through the lips.

My attachment to death
is a private affair
my voice lies in a lake. 
The butterfly in a womb. 
the psalms under the rocks.
Is it ending of death 
or death of ending? 
I go beyond the brink, 
drop the stone in water.

When the moon touches 
my eyes, like a kiss
I start sharing the menu of night. 
The rimless thoughts are hovering
like small birds. I listen 
to their flappings. 
Can we live without bargaining? 
Do you know the price?


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This way it was
this way it happened
I could not run along the river.

Your face floats
like a skylamp.
Halfway rainbow was broken.

How did it happen?
I became transgenic
by the kiss of death.

This was my victory
I surrendered the cushion.
You sleep in my arms.

Again I will wander
in the graveyard
where my angel was sleeping.

This is my last letter
in the month November
Now the scent will be buried in snow. 


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He refused to yield,
and the stars were burning hot.
Night was foggy, and the moon was hiding.
His white, shriveled hands
held the center of gravity.
Obsessively he anchored himself
in the muddled egos and bleeding knives.

Somebody was shouting that the legend
was a big fake.
The pardon will not work. Death was
still sleeping. They were searching 
the saboteur when the sun went down.
Winds were in coma.
The ink rolled back from the warrant.

Two faces of pain, right and wrong,
fear and agony, all were him.
He had nothing to hide, nothing to declare.
Walked away in the high tide
in raining abuses, in hurting slogans,
and found his past, buried deep
in the ravines, where only the echo comes back.


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Thoughts of Suicide

the weeks creep by 
i find myself obsessing
about ways i can die
i cut my arms with a razor blade
get over it this is how i was made
to dull the pain inside
i don't want to be alive
which way is the best
to prove that finally test
after the fact i'm dead
no more thoughts running through my head
thanks for joining my diely game
my soul that you never can be tamed
now i'm six feet below

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Freedom of God

Since you passed away,
a hole in my heart will forever stay.
There's nothing more to ask or say,
but, Why did God take you away?
Sometimes I have to cry,
because I never got the chance to say goodbye.
Many, many days go by,
I can't help but wonder why
God let me have you for such
a short length of tiime.
Though your sister and I cried,
because we wished you were by our side.
Though we have great pride,
because of the memories of good times inside.

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It is me, inside & outside, 
movement of sensuous self.
Time sails through the mind, 
a silken thread unbroken in names. 
If only the death would erase the fear. 
If only the other self meets my roots 
and stir up the inner sap.

Reaching the end, 
you tell me to remember
your name to latch on to memories, 
to collect all the pieces 
of conceptual loss & gains. 
How we were fooling ourselves? 
Nothing is left between us 
to celebrate the dreams.

All the stray thoughts 
could not give us insight
we were dusted off from start 
to finish in our loneliness. 
Once it was a glory 
to watch carnations in our eyes, 
now I am mourning the death of calenders.


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Can you hear me?

Inspired by the Story of Silvestre Martinez, Jr ( RIP) 
Helped by Adrian Blanco

Can you hear me when I cry 
When I pray for you at night. 
I wish you were here 
And it just wasn’t right 
For you to be taken from us . 
To no longer be apart. 
Of all of our lives. 
It breaks all of our hearts. 
I miss the way we joked. 
You made everyone laugh. 
I loved you baby brother. 
Through the good times and the bad 
I know that your  here 
Watching over us everyday. 
Making sure that the family and I are doing OK 
You were a true friend to anyone 
You had a romantic soul. 
I loved all of your poems . 
Even though I never told you so 
I wish I could go back . 
And change everything about the past.. 
And be a big sister . 
And always have your back.. 
So many people judged us . 
But never could see. 
We were just like everyone else 
Just suffering from disease 
Without you baby brother 
I feel so alone.. 
I love you so much .. 
With all of my Corazon. 
Can U Hear Me?

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Remember Me

Remember Me! 

I Have seen the light, and been granted the key to Heaven.
God will not push or pull me , yet he will embrace me with open arms.

My world of bright by day, and Dark by night has kept behind my loving ways.

Quote me on this for this is what I have to say 

Please don't mourn me, instead celebrate my life, and remember me as I was.

"Forget me not I say"

But remember this forever, and always.
Now I'm with God in the kingdom of heaven, to help watch over you, and guide 
you and your family threw your future days.
Remember Me!

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tank title

dial the fortune 500 company and ask them for money,"we aint got any,see"yes.i 
see the criminality.

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The spirit of hollow ideal 
was not the thing,
I remained inconsolable. 
Truth demanded endless pursuit. 
The helplessness of the beaten days 
was unfit for the night of terror. 
The false paradigm could not ignite the flame.

The shadows collapsed 
and thoughts walked in dark
into the trap. 
Perfect splash of impulsive drive,
and movement of matter 
created hallucinations.
and the conduct of freezing moments 
had no parallel. 
Cutting edge was evident.

How truth saved its pain, 
of telling a heart
the death of a silent dream. 
The vision went blind. 
Faithful figures did not write the wrong texts. 
Escape from territory was complete 
and tracks were obliterated.


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Death in his haunting lies,
Everything he's destroyed,
All my wishes crumbling,
Tension building everywhere,
Haunting visions of Death as he rides the world to doom.

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6 th grade new people, new school, and more bullies, and you. With your 
kindness opened your hand out when they would knock me down. I would see 
you standing outside of your class you had got in trouble again. You would see 
me coming and wouldn’t care if it got you in more trouble. I needed help to where 
ever I had to be. The last day I seen you I said “see you next year” and you told 
me “no I am moving” I didn’t like that as we both said goodbye and gave each 
other one last hug you told me that “I can do it and that you will be wit me”. You 
where right I did do it I had finished school and graduated, but I always thought 
about you. Always wanting to see you again as more years passed by. Then one 
day I got a phone call saying your husband killed you. I couldn’t breathe I got the 
wind knock out of me. Some one took my hero.
	This is for you Angie I am sorry I never got the chance to repay you. I 
love you
R.i.p  Maria Evangelina Castellanoz a.k.a Angie

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There are a few things that I never got to say
I can only hope it reaches you in this special way
You were more than family to me
I felt a closeness to you, that anyone could see
You were definatly one of a kind
but always there for family in a bind
Christmas is when I miss you the most
Sneeking cookies brought us so close
Sometimes I see your old place
and I am reminded of your wrinkly face
You were never afraid to give someone the bird
or voice your opinion with some choice words
I love you now and forever gram, this is true
So I'm sending this letter to heaven in hopes it reaches you

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God took you away
He took you to his
Special place in heaven
Now your flying
freely in arms almighty
Now your out
of pain and in  his house'

I didn't know why god
Picked you to go to 
his special place
in heaven
Away from your family
But your my uncle and 
yes I do love you and
miss you
But now your with mom
and pap and your sister
You will never be forgotten
in this family 
All the moments we 
shared will away's
be in our hearts and
life forever

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The Deeper Our Love

The deeper the love
the deeper the wound
all of heaven above
is wrought with angels that swoon

The farther we go
the farther we have
this path is long
we travel in-half

The more I have
the more we lose
this battle is not fought with love
no, to this angels refuse

The wider this valley
the wider the breach
what heaven does not have
we can not reach

The redder my blood
the deader the I feel
what heaven envies
my heart can not conceal

The harder they come
the harder they fall
I'll beat them down
houses and all

The stronger they hit
the stronger I fight
no winged seraph from hell
will take away our light

The colder you get
the colder my eyes
whatever savior comes to take you
is another by my hand that dies

The fainter you leave
the harder I cry
it's not heaven or its angels
that deserved to die

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when you left....

when you left, you introduce me to depression and isolation
when you left , you took my elation
when you left  me you gave me the gun and said this is the only way to forget me.
your only an illusion in my dreams., your only a feeling in my heart, your only a 
memory in my head your a virus in my body, but yet you have more control of my 
life then i do..
but yet it hurts so much just thinking of you,  i hate the feeling when i still think of 
. you left me so dead. my eyes cant even cry. my wrist do all the crying for 
you, and my worm blood dripping down my arm.. is the replacement of the 
warmth feeling you use to give me

now without you  my life is like a mold ,disgusting with no form my hear is torn,

here i stand with open arms. accepting what the outcome of this is. their isnt a 
need for a goodbye, everyone knew my life was taken when she walked away,

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A son or a daughter.
It really didn't matter, I would have loved you with my everything because I was your father.

You never had a  chance, but I knew you would have been a great kid
I would have stuck by your side no matter what you did

I would have checked for monsters , and kissed way all your pains
I would have kept you covered from the cold cold rain

I would have taught you everything I knew, and helped you in school
I would have taught you to be yourself because that's the only way to really be cool

I would tell you not to be a bully, but I would still show you how to fight
I would tell you that we are all the same,  hating someone because of a color is never right

I would tell you to do the best that you can
Stick to your beliefs, be your own woman or man.

I'd tell you friends are great, but never to change for anyone
I'd teach you that there are consequences for all the wrongs that are done

There is so much I wanted for you, so much we could have did
You're with God now, but I still love you and you will always be my kid

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Nothing i can miss,
i have everything,
the eyes and the head.

But i really lose hope,
when i think about death,
the source of cry.

I can't eat food,
i can't drink at all,
when i think about it.

I remember my friend,
who died in the house,
alone like a rat.

Nothing bad like it,
the fearful law of all,
although we can eat,
and sometimes drink.

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Alone Under the Leaves

beneath the leaves and under stone
lies a beating heart of someone alone
i hear the grave is unbearably cold
when you die alone when you are old
it is true you cannot go back
home again when the sky is black
but more than this and this is true
is that no one can ever know except for you

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Alone In Her Mind

Sadness, anger, rejection, a girl who can’t stand to look at her reflection, losing connection, never happy, lost all hope, unusual methods to cope, the defects in her mind lead her to the sharp edge of the knife, she cuts her skin for the very last time, her arms are covered in deep red lines, blood mixes with the clear water in the bathtub, she cries, it’s a gruesome sight, not a reason left to continue her life which eventually led her to her suicide