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ABC Boyfriend Poems | ABC Poems About Boyfriend

These ABC Boyfriend poems are examples of ABC poems about Boyfriend. These are the best examples of ABC Boyfriend poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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ABC's Help Wanted On Dating

All Being Considered, Dating Every Friendly Girl Has It's Joy. Kisses, Long Massages, 
Necking, Only Poetic, Quick Responsive, Stable, Talkative, Unusually Vivacious Women 
Who're Xenial, Youthful, Zealous!

Need apply

*For ABC contest

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if time heals all wounds,?
my cure lies in patience,?
if sadness makes us stronger,?
sorrow lives as my acquaintance,
the sun rises slowly but has to set again too soon,
the sun brings us the light but is only shadowed by the moon,
the sun shows our imperfections, and the moon leaves them transparent,
but if i speak truth let me be a declarant,
true beauty shines through when under darkness, moon or sun,
your beauty stay true, equalled by none,
time will heal not being by your side,
and the sorrow will give me strength to be proud that i tried,
one day you will find a love much greater than I,
i just long for the chance to say that your mine.

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can i say something about love

can i say something about love
my human rights to say about love

searched out dictionaries for definition of love
but didn't find any particular definition of love

as i go,go further at internet for love
this time finds,finds complexity of love

friends,don't find general rule for love
law can be obeyed,how can be love

general rule should be obeyd for love
please replacesthe word law with love

as i find in different cultures to love
find kindness,scarifice,and generosity to love

amiee style of love different in love 
get any reward in love,not fair for love

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A Yearn for a Smile 9-21-11

	A yearn… simply something that you want or long for. As a yearn to finish, a yearn to achieve, a yearn for a like, a yearn for a smile is something that you drastically want, a desire. Something that you spend long hours, nights even day dreaming hours thinking about how you can earn that smile. What can you do…. or what can you say … things such as a conversation sparks, likes even dislikes, mostly anything that will crack a smile. These are things that truly show signs of something far greater than fame, sex, money, power. What is it? Something more than I have yet to find. So as I search for the answer I over shoot the entrance with rapid thinking of what she wants, her likes, her dislikes. But truly it will only be earned by who you are, what you want to be, yourself, your feelings your desires, your yearn. So when you yearn for that smile or that special something it can only be earned by being you, no one else. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and try to see past the makeup or tan or piercing and just look at yourself… then take that image and imprint it to yourself forever because to find happiness and your yearn  can only be earned one way. Trying to watch her and she how she reacts to certain things just to make myself seem better when I finally open my mouth to her will only make you distant from that special someone.  With me I personally see myself as buff pierced orange person, while trying to continue to follow the people who I look up to the most. So as you struggle and go through life’s trials and tribulations always look at your yearn or what it once it what was. Think about how you felt when you failed or succeeded and try to make yourself a better person from it. Not by adding more glamour or appeal to yourself but by being closer to yourself. What you really are. Because only then can you truly say you earned your yearn of a smile or that special someone, even if there not with you, apart of them will be and that’s the part they left. The part that made you better. More complete. 			So never forget your yearn of her..

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Can't Let Go

There seems to be
A battle going on inside of me
All of the uncertainty
Is what is scaring me
I’m stuck between here and where I want to be
All because I let my addiction to him
Take control of me
He feels like heaven
But burns like hell
I swear he has me under a spell
It’s so intense
The way I feel
I question if it’s really real

My mind and my heart
Are tearing me a part
When it comes to Joe
I just don’t want to let him go
Sometimes he makes me so sad
But I never seem to stay mad
When I see his face
All that was done is immediately erased

I fight to hold on
Because it feels good
And I fight to let go
Cause I know that I should

But only because he’s not mine
But maybe that will change in time

I’m all about him now
There’s no hesitation
Just wish we had better communication
Sometimes I’m unsure what he’s looking for
No pressure here
Not asking for more
I just don’t want him to walk out the door

I don’t know the future
I cannot foresee
Just hope he always stays close to me

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i love how

i love how you listen to what i have to say,
i love how you bring happiness & laughter in each passing day. 
i love how we make each other smile,
i love how we make each others lives worthwhile.
i love how you bring me joy & happiness,
i love how you take away all the sadness.
i love how we spend time with each other,
i love how we care for one another...........

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While Im walking
I am full of sadness
each crying of the sky
My heart was full of bitterness
under the rain
my Heartbreak slowly missing
In its each pouring 
My heart is still with you

i was hoping that this feeling
will never take longer
and I still know that my heart 
getting tired

yes! its easy to love 
but its terrible gamble

even I dont want to admit
that Im still hurt
if i remembered your promised
that youll stay by me forever
but where are you now?

to end this poet jut like to end my world
the world that have me and you
I just only want to say THANK YOU

even though were not meant to each other
the time that you spend even not together
will always stay in my good memories

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What the HEART WANTS,,,,

    People say "Listen to your HEART."
But what if you can't HEAR it?
         Your MIND wants all these other things,
and then you CAN'T HEAR your HEART.
        I sit and CLEAR my MIND 
   I sit LISTENING to my HEART

         What am i suppose to do now?


Plzz comment if u like my poem or have any thoughts and plzz rate

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For a moment i held your hand,
when it became empty, i walked in hands with the devil

Wishing for my very last breath for when i hold you next.
knowing i can die over wiled 

Time never moves without you.
Time moves to fast with with you.
Time does not excise when you say those three words.

for i fell too deep, tryying to deg my way out.
For my heart is made of glass.
and yours is entwine with my soul. 
for is this a dream for do not wish to wake.
For just like a dream everything is possible when your there.

for i do not feel this way for who you are, 
its for who i am when  im with you.

because once apron a time i fell in love. <3

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What if I

What if I disappeared?
Would you look for me?
Would you call my name into 
the galaxies afar and would you 
think of me as you fall asleep in 
your bed at night.

Would you imagine my voice 
carried on the wind could you 
feel me all around

As I travel on roads singing 
your song burning the bridges 
that tear at my heart.

Would you watch the midnight 
news hoping to see my face 
hoping I'm still alive somewhere out there 
in space 

Could you replace me with 
someone else holding your 
hand kissing your nightmares 

Would you forget my name in 
passing as I'm running from 
everything praying it won't 
catch me

Ill see your face in every rear 
view mirror but blow it away 
with the smoke from my 
ciggarette hanging from my lips

You'd never feel my gentle 
caress against your your 
fevered skin never hear me 
laughing at the crazy things 
you say you wouldn't catch my 
tears as they were falling an 
empty space takes your place 

Would you look for me if I 
disappeared today?

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You send bolts through my skin 
something I was never to 
accomplish with you, when I 
saw you it's like my heart sank 
to my stomach and I was in 
shock my body still my body 
heavy felt like when I moved I 
was about to fall to my knees 
you make me want to get 
inside my brain pick you up and 
take you out pick you one by 
one like a flower because I do 
love you and love you not.

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Love dont pass me by

Love don't paas me by because i'm sweet as honey freash as a
lily and i bloom just like a rose.
When you look into my eyes you can see the truth be told deep
within my soul.
Sweet love don't pass me by on this lonely night i cry.
I am as gentel as a feather i am as an angel who is always ther for 
you to protect and comfort you,
i am as the sun that shines after a stormy day,
i am a rainbow of luck that'll make your days so swell.
Sweet love dont pass me by when i am here for you: rather you are rich
or poor, rather you are right or wrong ,rather you doubt me
or beleive me, just don't use me or abuse cause what I say is real and 
true... true unto my heart and soul.
Sweet love don't pass me by on this lonely night i gaze into the moon and the 
glisten stars that shines so bright in the mid-night sky
hoping and praying that this love we share just 
don't pass me by.

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Never Thought It Would Happen

We began so little and young, 
Life beat us bad and twisted our tongue.
You and I walked a pretty rough road I can say
When you stumbled I was always there to make you stay.

Stay and not give up, I didn't give up on you than, so I wont give up on you now, 
We danced our life so brutally and softly, but this time you didn't look my way and bounced. 
I thought we would go on like this forever, but I guess like people say, 
Nothing lasts forever.

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Strong heart from my heart

Sitting on my bed day dreaming and asking question if this is really coming true or if this isn’t my true love that is making everything come true but every times I close my eyes I hear the answer yes, but not realizing that this is real a dream come true. Now I keep asking myself question that I already know the answer to when it comes to my heart. I find myself saying I wish I were already married to you and things would be much better and wouldn’t have to worried about anything. Then I understand that love can die and love can stay alive within others. But love can make you follow your heart and understood what is true love understood how to be a perfect person to that person love can make you do things you never thought of doing. But love have always been there in your heart you just didn’t know if you could love someone again ever in your life. Love is when you lay down the laws to your heart. Love is when actual can find that person to love you for who you are love is when you decided to follow your heart when you are scare or not. Love is like star in the sky that will never leave you or die till the both of you die in a marriage not by heart but in vision looking back on when I first met you it was like a dream came true that only thing that made me smile was my kids at first then things changed how I felt cause I knew what I didn’t want get into but a changed of heart cause I had to say to myself that every guy isn’t the same but didn’t in so many ways. I just knew I was yours forever. When I look into your eyes on my phones and when looked into my heart there picture of you and all it look that I got to look into your eyes and all the pain I have go away.

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Wont you just kiss the pain away like the waves sweep the beach off its feet..
Imprint your love on my soul and carry my heart with u like a shadow..
Embrace my flaws nd let me be 1 with yours
For our imperfections 
Can make a halo of perfection
Let the silence of my I love You's
Reach the scared windows of your ears 
Free fall unto my journal
Nd write a story about us in stanzas of romance
Appreciate me like the italian do their food
And acknowledge my beauty like the french do their wine
Fear not what fear isnt
After all it but a drop of dried ink in your mind
That needs 2 be melted onto paper - scribbling our initials in a synchronised pair. 

Open me like the curtains in the great Queen's castle
And let my sun touch your flesh
I want birth an overdue pregnancy of words unto you
And mould my love into 
Endless journals of my love for you..
Make love to my eyes 
For they are the windows to my soul
See thru-beyond-within me
Hold me for i miss being held
Kiss me 
For i have never been kissed
Devour my emotions with your kindest touch
And let me melt in your arms
Coz babe- im tired of freezin!! 

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Come Away With Me

That is all i want you to do,
I want to say i love you too.

You are mesmerizing in my eye,
you make me feel so good as i am high.

Come Away With Me my love,
I promise you it wont be tough.

Take my hand and lets go for a spin,
you've never been on a ride so dim.

I love you my Valentine, i want you to know that,
So Come Away With Me and be mine.

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The Honest Truth

The honest truth
Sometimes I feel I ain't good enough for the type of man you are, 
My many flaws and imperfections are never ideal for the perfectionist you portray. 
I shy to show u my love cause of the feeling you're not here to stay, 
But only to pass by till you finds the one that’s perfect for u. 
I am a woman of word, 
Yet fertilising my roots is the lesson to submit to thy man 
Has he strength or weakness, 
For life or women. 
I look in your eyes and see no such love that my heart feels, 
No trust that my mind thinks, 
He says no words that my ears hear 
Nor hears the same words my mouth speaks. 
I love u, my heart seeks.  

The honest truth
I see no man beyond him, 
No past behind him, no better in front. 
He makes me happy with no actions, presence fulfils, 
Smell and touch, senses made 
Or sense is made with every feeling in my body. 
He helps me forget all the pain, 
He’s compassion reigns in his own kingdom his Highness, 
Egotistical and rough, 
Blunt words and sharp tongue, 
Lose me in all of it and find the one that makes u feel the way u desire
Cause the honest truth
We could be fighting the same battle but I'm too weak win the war.

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Who knows

i asked you whether i was worthy of your love
you looked at me with eyes i wished i had the talent to decipher
those same eyes staring at me all these years
for always a solid 5 seconds no more

you asked me what was wrong
i’m just curious i answered
you smiled and said
who knows?

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You text Me

You text me today
Saying you wanted me back
I text you back
Saying your to late
That I done decide to move back home
It's like you expect me to forgive you
after you rip my heart out
I'm sorry
You do not get a second chance
To hurt me again
I can't forget things you've done to me
You lied
You cheated
You toyed with my heart
After I gave my self to you
The best you can do
Is leave me alone
So I can pick up the pieces of my broken heart.

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A boy called Dapo
Egocentric fellow
Girls howl in July's kisses
Lies, monthly nursed
Of purple quills rinsing sweet tales
Universally versed with X-rayed
Youthful Zeal

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And I, stood staring at the door,
I knew he would walk into,
Hoping like many times before,
He would look me through,
Like a woman, his woman,
Hoping it’s his turn,
To love me like his only one,
Love me like it should have been,
Like am the only one he has ever seen,
But he walks,
Stares, never talks,
He hits me,
Abuses, thinks I ‘am not pretty
He says it to me, Again,
Inflicts that place in my heart, pain
I leave, am through,
Damn am so through!
Tired of being stuck on you,
He calls hims a man, yet never was
Just another man with own flaws,
Ain’t random, can’t get this on sale
You say you love me then you oughtta treat me well,
I am a woman, I ‘v needs, 
I ’v got ego, I ’v got swag,
It all comes without a price tag…
He thought I would stay,
He should v known ….

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MidNight Wishes

Even though i did not hear your voice tonight i'm still ahit,
I will go on like this for ever, i wont go out without a fight. 
I'll fight till the end of this life to win your heart,
All you have to do is tell me when to start.

The music blarrin in my head phones at 1:52 AM and i'm lovin it, 
cause it helps me remember your gorgeous smile like it was meant to fit. 
Wanting to feel your touch and kisses all over me ignites the fire in me,
Wanting to take you by your hand and run wild in a big sea. 

There aint much i can say to express myself but this will have to do for tonight,
I think its just that i haven't reached height.
You no I love you and that's all that matters or will ever matter to me,
I will love you till i die, like I told you before, cant you see? 

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Cant believe this is true

I learned the true meaning of loving somebody and it’s truly you. without you knowing that it’s you b realizing its you is the hard part, cause following my heart isn't easy for me I would ran by now, somehow you have management to keep me from running from my heart, by being scared of being hurt isn't a problem for me but not really sure how you are going be thinking but truly hope you understand that I do not want to ever be hurt or ever want to hurt you, I’m will always be true heart but every time I want to say how I feel I get this feeling like I’m still a high school girl with a crush on you and can’t tell you how I feel unless I write a poetry, love the way I can come to you and talk about anything through the pain that I’m going through, through the wind, through the time I realize that it could be a dream come true, but I still know that all this time you been my everything , my rock, I normal don't call any guy by a nickname but you are different , it’s like I can feel the sparkle between the both of us, so I started thinking just cause you are the sweetest guy that I met in very long time that is willing to accept all of me, I do call you in my mind or when I’m on the phone bragging about you, my sweetheart, you are my sweetheart forever

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My Feelings Feelings

Once. Upon. A time.... The perfect beginning
And lost in my thought, my mind keeps spinning
Treads of fantasies, I hand you these
Garments of love I've made with ease
Because my feeling come naturally
But feelings within me-
Manifest themselves into words deeper than i love you
Yet the feelings within me are the reasons why i love you.
So i take why i love you
and love you
for you
and tell you whats true
that my heart starts speeding when its only us two

But we find pleasures beyond sexual contact
because when her words make contact
they hit me so right, i must contract
to the deepest regions of my imagination

where birds chirp, turtles hum, and flowers bling
and the sun shines it lovley light so the moon can bring
the stary nights, back to life, as i sing
Just how blessed she is in everything

Now I pinch myself, but im not dreaming
Hold my breath, til im not breathing
Profess my love and now I'm screaming
Creating ripples in the wind
To form the echoes that later
Will remind me of how much I love you

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Hey lover!!!!!!
Who would u say u are?
The spear that pierce
Or the balm that soothe
The fast masquerade drum
Or the slow lullaby at night
Think wise and sort these
``cause you can’t be all of these 

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My worse lie

I saw it coming 
Yet I was too far away 
As my voice fell on deaf ears 
I heard the tires squeal 
As metal bent and bones were crushed
I ran towards my true love 
My tears ran down my face 
Like the blood down his
He told me to save him 
But I wasn't enough
Years of training for what?
As I held my love in my arms 
Blue eyes began to dull 
His life leaving is all I saw
Everything will be ok 
I said with a soft lie 
Believing only that it wasn't possible that he would die 
Minutes seemed  to take hours 
Till I heard the sirens till the lights finally found us.
Do you hear that my love 
There coming I said holding him in iron arms 
His breathing slowed as his voice pierced my soul 
I love you, But I have to go 
The last words his body would let him control 
No you don't I said in a voice that wasn't my own 
I can save you... I can do this.... I can't lose you 
Just hold on I promise I'll make this ok 
I love you baby so you must see another day 
A smile crossed his face 
As the sun shined 
His soul finally escaped his body's case
Tears fell from my eyes 
As if it was my last time to cry 
My bittersweet lie that I could save you 
Circled in my head 
And I realized that I wasn't enough 
That I couldn't save him 
That I had to hold my love as he died
And the last words I said to him were my worse  lie

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Missing You

Let me tell you about a game i play
Where i close my eye's and fade away

I float away to a special place 
Beyond the star's and moon and space

In this special place you see
There are only two people,Just you and me

In this place,All is right
Nothing but love,And we never fight

In this place,There is no sadness
No cell's,No court's,None of that madness

No bar's to hold us or separate
No one to tell us we can't kiss or touch

I don't just tell you I love you,I show you 
how much

But eventually the game must end
My eye's must open,And reality set's in

But someday soon,I'm not sure when
I will close my eye's and play my game again

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Magic Paper

I am looking at you baby,
don't you look away,
and don't you smile that way for me,
you know I can grab you right now and rip that clothing off,
you know I can force you and carry you far,
to the nation of passionate love and raw romance,
the land compassionate filled with awe and trance, 
to see places you have never seen with another,
you know baby I am your one and only,
your rose and lovely,
faithfully and wholly lover.

I am imagining you baby,
don't you walk away,
and don't you look that way at me,
you know I won't let you go now and put me off,
you know I will trap you now and ship you afar,
to the land of sinners and missed chance,
its people dancing that dirty dance, 
to exist more than a paper,
you know honey I am your strawberry,
your red cherry,
could make you merry,
had you been more than a wallpaper.

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Sometimes I Like To Pretend Things Never Came To A End

Sometimes I like to pretend, things never came to a end. But over time, our love became a crime. I didn't know what we had, would ever end so bad. But then I knew things weren't right, when we started to fight. Now I walk down memory lane all the time, the pain is worst then committing a crime. We only caused eachother pain, but we were eachothers maine. I thought things would be alright, but I cried alot that night. I don't want things to change, without you my life is strange. You said you wanted me so much it started to hurt that you couldn't wait, now im just another person you hate. When you said you didn't care, I knew the person I loved was no longer there. You aren't the same, the new you is lame. We both fell, now it's hell. You use to always be here for me, like family. But now your nowhere in sight, things aren't right. Empty is all that I can feel, I still can't believe this is real. I didn't mean to let you get away, I didn't know what to say. Am i with the right guy, or am i telling myself a lie. I was afraid to loose what we had, but to you that choice was bad.

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You An I

You came into my life unexpectedly,
and everything took a turn for the better.
Your warm eyes, your laugh,
the sincere way you speak,
and the kindness you showed me,
all became a part of my life.

As you unfolded yourself to me,
I discovered more and more beauty.
I have never seen so much
gentleness in one person.
Without even knowing it,
you were slowly making a place
for yourself in my heart.

It used to seem so hard at times
to feel so close in a relationship.
But it’s so easy to feel close to you.
I can’t tell you how nice that feels.
I realize now that I had never known
what it meant to be loved
until I was loved by you

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Please Just Go away

Please just go away, You are not welcome on this very day. Just walk away nothing you say will ever be forgiven. Because your word sorry is always the same. What a shame you have become, With empty stares and nasty shame. Look away I have nothing to say. Games are unwelcomed and I will never play. Never does hate go away. Did you bump your head when exiting your bed? You need to crawl back in your hole, Do not beg me anymore. Read the line above, Can you see what it said- You are not welcome just let it go. You speak words of emptiness because you think I want to hear those things but I do not listen to what you say, you just want to pass the day. You say your a man but, only on the days you have planned. When you think it is okay to speak your mind, you should hit rewind and step back young man, because you are standing in my quicksand. You better check yourself really fast cause you got me confused with someone from your past. Never do I let anyone put me last.

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Your one mistake

I feel really hurt, I hope you don't notice the mascara stains on your shirt. I dont want you to know I still cry, I dont want you to know your the reason why. I know I have made many mistakes and caused you many heartaches. But I dont know how you handle this pain, I'm going insane. I feel like that one lie, has done more than make me cry. Its caused me to look at you a different way, its caused me to overthink everything you have said or say. I dont want us to change but now things feel so strange. I guess I'll just have to adjust but I dont have anyone to trust.  I dont know what all you have said is true, I dont know what to do. Should I be mad, is it okay for me to be sad. I hate the fact but I don't know how to react. I didn't exspect for that to happen, I wasn't prepared for my heart to be broken. I thought we we didnt keep secrets from eachother, I thought we could trust one a nother. But you have proven me wrong, showed me I'm not strong. I just hope you gain my trust back, before things get all wack.

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All You Did Was Toy With My Emotions

You said you wanted a relationship
well days turn into weeks 
We fell in love 
Your Son is great
We look like an american family
but your just to busy
Maybe your to busy for me
Or to busy for a relationship as well
I do not like the feelings 
I'm having but I can no longer hide them
They got to cum out 
Weather they are good or bad
Please forgive me for what I gotta say
But I gotta say it
It's Over 
I know we said forever
But I got to end this
I will always love you 
Because I promised
We only be friends
You ant got time for any thing more then that
I'm sorry
But it gotta be this way 
I love you.

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No Harm

People usually say third time's the charm
But hey, i don't think second time's any harm
I know I'm tripping all over again
Yes, i think its a never ending ride on a train
The train of love
Maybe it's a curse from above?

Cupid's got my head spinning
But this time I'm not losing I'm winning
I barley have time for feeling regret
I won't believe this love is a threat

Completely letting go of my past
Whatever happened, I'm glad it didn't last
I'm a happier person now
For someone to change that, i wont allow

Screw friends, i believe they're all fake
Most of them can't wait for my heart to break
They're trying to make me feel miserable
But doing that, no they won't be able 

One person only matters to me
In my life i hope he will always be
A person that's perfect
That's too good to be true
Without him, what will happen? i have no clue

The best part of my life, for a fact i know
He's the person that caught my heart at "Hello"

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I Can't Believe It's Really Over This Time

I really hate this feeling, sometimes I wish I could stop breathing. I don't wanna try, just leave me here to die. You were the thing that made my life living for, but your no longer mine anymore. I feel so much pain, sometimes I believe I'm going insane. I'm missing what we had, although it was bad. I'm always walking down memory lane, why can't you see my pain? I know people change, &&' things get strange. I guess I gotta face it, she's my new replacment. I can't believe it's really over this time, I feel as if i have commited a crime. I live in a world of sorrow, so I don't ever worry about tomorrow. I didn't even have time to cry, because i had already said bye. I feel like I'm digging a deeper whole, so I'm hoping Jesus will take control. I'm sorry for my dumb mistake, but baby now I'm wide awake.

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Things go wrong

Love hurts and people change. Things go wrong and things get strange. But life goes on and you only life it once. Be strong cause things will get better over the months. I thought I was heartbroken, I thought you were my world. You fooled me though, made me think I was your only girl. But all along, you didnt care. Im not sure, your were even completely there. But now I've moved on, when I thought it was impossible. I had to be the bigger person in this breakup, I was responsible. I let it get to me, but I didnt let it ruin me completely. I didnt do anything about the hurt you caused me, I acted so sweetly. I let you walk all over me, I tried to ignore how you disrespected me. But when I ended things, the pain was easier to see.

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A lovable person
Beautiful smile
Cute face, chunky waist
Deviled mind
Enhanced intellgence
Filled with happy times
Gentle tender kisses
Held by you
In a
Jar filled with
Kiddy games we
Loved to play
Months before it got to late
Numbers lost
Over time while
Painted notes of ours
Quest to
Run in colored
Torn apart in
Unrated love
Washed with
Xs and Os
You sealed with a
Zeolus kiss that we both miss

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      How can a bird fly when its wing is broken
      How can a game play without a token 
      It hurts not bee free to fly or play
      sometimes it hurts when that stupid rock is in the way 

     It hurts when you louse a love one 
     all you ask yourself is what have i done 
     you cry and cry and cry 
     It hurts so much that you try 

   It hurts to see your little one grow up so fast 
   all you do is wish that those days would last
   it hurts to say good bye to your little ones
   it hurts to say good by to your love ones too. 
   so don't think of this as good-bye
    think of it as see you later.

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Do you love me or not

You say you miss me 
You say you love me 
But I barely get to see you anymore
I feel like our love is growing weaker
I love you 
I would die for you
But I feel like you don't feel the same anymore
I know it be easyer walking away
but I feel what we have is real
Baby I'm here and I ant going anywhere
Do you love me the way I love you 
Please say you do 
Cause I would hate for us to say goodbye
After all we been threw 
I still Love you even though you got someone else pargent 
Even though it hurt like hell when you told me that
So the qustion remains do you Love Me.

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The flirt

You smile and we chears perhaps away are the dears. But what a better of a joy than let the pretty take the troy.!

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The Mother-Land Cries.

The land bleeds.
From treasured seeds.
No Diamond grills,
from cut off limbs.
The poor-less fears.
''Blood, Sweat an Tears.''
The Hunger of pain,
screaming in vein.
With continued cries,
an lullaby's.
Of stories told,
but never unfold.
In a desperate speed,
of souls in need.
The Sun, has drowned,
in this part of town.
And the moon is hidden,
more than a mission,
on television.
The real world speaks,
In harmony,
with sympathy.
In sync,
with missing links.
with no one left,
confining itself.
In a matter of life an death.
A shepard's, shattered dream,
washing away, in the streams.
No cattle to feed.
Crippling the land.
Of silent sand.
A cry for help.
Too well kept.
Rendered thoughts,
an vivid souls,
traveling the distance,
of unfinished goals.
The beated Drum,
when no one comes.
The Mother-Land Cries,
there no denying...
The tears,
I hear,
In my ears.
Though out the night.
A Non-Stop flight.
Drifting through the sky,
When the whole world cry.
Piercing the goals,
Of heart an souls.
Yet, Un-Cut,
an bold.
By: Shi Ricks 
@ copyright.

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I was a fool

Your nothing more then a lier and a dog
In you made me believe you wasn't going to do me wrong
Now I sit here as a fool
Reading these letter that you sent to her
As my heart breaks
I can't believe you would do this to me
you even looked me in my eyes and said baby I wont cheat
I was a dang fool to believe you
Cause Now I lay here with a bottle of wine with a broken heart

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My Love

Love is real emotions.
Deep concoctions of a confused language
You need two people to understand it.
To hold, love, and cherish it.
You need two hearts pounding and wanting to challenge it.
Like finding the prettiest flower of weed or singing a song with no words.
Just a pile of outrageous, flying emotions waiting to explode.
As if to explode into perfect drops of sunshine and land on candy kissed skin.
To be the only bird fighting against the slow going wind.
As of all these words fighting to make sense.
Its when I met eye to eye with you and it affected the way I went.
It changed my whole direction and made me realize that it was you who needed my affection.
It made the confused language come into my perception. 
Moving words around that makes no sense to a normal lover but a our language that me and you can cuddle.
Throw in the air and find ways as we go.
Make the world ours to be lovers as one.
To find my missing puzzle piece with the heart inside, to find I have the same one with a key in mine.
To find true lovers is oh so rare.
To know some people make it through when the night is bare.
Just two hearts feeding off another, its amazing to me.
That's when we put us in the picture and we become three.
A nice family with the start of we, just to know it all started with a you and a me.
To know love is real emotions.
Its a deep concoctions of a confused language

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Four Words

four words

Come closer let our hearts beat together,
Close your eyes and let us fade away forever,
Let our bodies lie close like hands when in pray,
let us stay like this, until our dying day,
let me whisper four words, let them echo together,
Those four words, i love you forever.

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have you ever!

have you ever loved someone 
so much you forget what they've done,
have you ever tried to sleep at night
but you hope and pray everything is alight,
have you ever found your one true love 
the one they say is from above ,
have you ever been turn apart 
have you ever been hurt in the heart ,
have you ever been hurt so much
that because of them you are scared to touch,
have you ever tried to talk 
but your heart says to walk ,
have you ever not known what to do
or know what is best for you,
have you ever tried to walk away
but heat says to stay,
this is how you will feel
if you don'know your love is real,

                                             By:Holly Davis

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You became Shallow moster

I let you back again
thinking you have changed
but instead 
you've changed into this shallow monster
your not the man I once loved
you became angry
you express your words
threw abuse
all I ever done 
was love you
I never thought 
I would never regret 
saying I love you
But I do 
I can longer love you 
Nor love you back
you are total 
different person
I've tired to make it 
work more the once
all it have's caused is pain heartache and stress
Please do not try stop me
As I walk out that door
This is how it should be
This is good bye.

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Take your hand and put it out forward,
Than swing out out to the side, c'mon don't be a coward. 
This is fun, now swing your hips from side to side,
Remember all the times you couldnt express yourself and you cried.

But now your can swing your legs and feet any way you want,
Look for that new move that you looked for your whole life like a hunt. 
Grab someone by the hand and let them join you in that awesome moment,
I promise you, you will love this feeling you are about to feel.

Turn up the music and dance your heart out,
Move to the beat and go wild and feel like your out of sight. 
This is your moment, don't let anyone take that away for you,
This is not happening too slow and i tell you that that's the truth.

Put some head phones on and go to your own world of greatness,
Bust a move like you never did before, I promise it's harmless.
Make your heart feel what I am feling right now and take my hand,
I promise that I will make you smile and scream with joy and stand.

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do i do that to you

holding on for dear life struggling for a breath though my throat is tight. 
one touch from you is like a brand new day 
your here now its all ok. 
you make my every dream come true you make my heart stutter
and I wonder 
do I do that to you
you smile and im on a different world. you stroke my cheek and im your girl
im putty in your hands though you make no demands
you make my every dream come true and I wonder do I do that to you
do you catch your breath when I come close 
do you forget it all when im here
you make my heart stutter and you make my every dream come true
now tell me do I do that to you.

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My friend

You are like a bouquet of flowers
	That beautifies a house
You are like a gem stone
	So precious is your worth
You are like a vast forest
	So marvelous is your personality
You are like the early dawn
	That spreads hope around
You are like a road map
	That leads to an adventure
You are like a secret garden
	That lets me be myself
You are like a beautiful sunset
        That lifts my low spirits
You are like the burning incense
	Your aura gets to my head
You are like a wise saying
        That motivates my life
You bring some precious moments
	To treasure day by day
You are a true friend
	That has touched my heart

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What Happen

When we just was friends thing seem and felt better
But now sense we've decide to make it into a relationship thing 
it seems and feels like everything have's change
I miss what we had
the sex hasn't change it still great
But I do think us having a relationship 
between one other was the best
I like you a lot 
It just seems like everything 
have changed 
not sure what went wrong 
But I would like to fix it
I miss the way it was before.

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Pay back

When you love someone it tears you a part,
All you do is cry and cry,
And notice you have a broken heart,
You love him and he loves you,
But he doesn't seem to care?
You hurt deep inside,
It's hard to bare.
All the pain you keep inside,
You feel it everyday,
You cry and scream,
Wishing that he would feel the same,
Now a few weeks past he wants you,
But look at all the things bad he did do wrong.
It's hard to say no but you have to because
He broke your heart,
Now you have to brake his and tear it apart like he did with yours

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Come back

The pains starting to kick in now that i am all alone.
 I wish i could just take everything back and make it all how it use to be. 
I was so happy when it was just you and me.
 Everyones made these lies and rumors to make me look bad.
 I know thats the reason your so mad. 
You dont believe them but you dont wanna look dumb. 
I feel so broken inside. I
ts like when you left, a part of me died. 
I held it back for some time and i feel so stupid for not chasing what was mine.
 I acted like everything was okay like i was just fine.
 No adam, no. You have no idea baby you dont know. 
Your probably gonna laugh when you read this. 
If i ever get the guts to even email you this. 
Youll probably show your friends and have a laugh with them.
 To me, you were always that perfect him.
 I looked aside on your inperfections and made them perfect.
 I wish i wouldve told you, none of this was worth it.
 I never cheated. I never meant to hurt you. 
I shouldve told you the whole story. 
Maybe we would still be together, maybe we couldve lasted forever.
 Now your gone, and im all alone. Baby, come back.. you were my back bone. 
I never thought what we had, would ever end so bad.
 I miss all the memories we shared. At all the other jealous couples that stared.
 I miss being your baby girl, i miss being one of the important things to you in this world.
 Im not ready to through almost two years away,  i fell in love with you and i still feel the same way.
 You are and always will be number one. Please dont let me go. Im falling apart. I need you..
**Please do not correct my poem in any way I am only 14 I will learn from my mistakes but I was in a hurry just typing away what was on my mind. 

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We Are The Sunset

Im all his and hes all mine
Together we spend all our time
This is it were in our prime
Minds linked to one another
Bodies may go their seperate ways when desired
Come home to eachother 
The love undescribable
The freedom; limitless
Mental connection unimaginable
Understanding at its highest peak
Feelings so strong, unbreakable
One incapable to fathum the idea of our bond
Night and day, yet we are the sunset
Separate lives, yet we are one; a strong unit between sun and moon
We set the mood; new style of living
Within the depths of an ocean; a relationship 
While swimming freely throughout the sea of fishes; solitary
It's what many covet
This fire of love for one another so strong, we set eachother free in the same 
A form of happiness higher than whats considered happy.

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Always be compassionate!
Demand equality.
For giving has its joy.
Kept lies may never offer partnerships!
Quickly, romance slips through useless void!
Who exits your zone?

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your allways on my mind 
but you make me cry 
i wanna die  why do you make me cry and feel like shit
you say you love me then you make me cry over and over
why o why what did i do so wrong
the moments i need yo the most you make it worse 
the moments wheb you need me the most im here and help you
i should go but im dumb and stay 
i stay and cry because your not just mine 
i know theres others 
but im dumb and belive what you say 
you lie and i cry 
i say i love you 
you say it back
but in your mind its not real  
why do i stay i need to leave but i cant i love you but to you love is a four letter word so i have 2 words for you GOOD BYE!!

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i love you

I love you for who you are and what you do,
I love you for who you are and that is true.
I love you for who you are, because we are one,
I love you for who you are, for our lives has just begun
I love you for who are and not just for your beautiness,
I love you for who you are, cause of your kindness.
I love you for who you are and the love that you give,
I love you for who you are and I’ll always love you for as long as I live.

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War good God Yall absolutely nothin''


David Madison -

Hope your having a fgood uh, sleep...... its 1645

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Darling, look at the stars

Darling is it bad that I don't feel the sun anymore? 
I'm afraid I've broken myself again. 
Afraid that someday I'll lay down and feel the need not to push myself to wake up again. 
Darling is it bad that I don't see the stars in the sky anymore? 
The ones I use to lay in the grass and look up to.
The ones I use to make the same wish on every night they somehow disappeared and I can't seem to remember that wish. 
Darling is it bad that sometimes I think the walls are screaming at me when I'm alone? 
I don't do all that well in the quiet green room I have when no one is home. 
Maybe that's why I found peace in a razor to block out the quiet
Darling is it okay to stop and not think for awhile?
Just lay in one spot and forget about it all? 
Darling can I stop and think about you for a while? 
I think your the only thing I like thinking about. 
Being okay for a little feels good. 
Feels like those walls can move and breathe around me. 
Darling I'm afraid I'm not good enough anymore. 
I can't fix myself like I have been trying too. 
It's hard putting the pieces back together when I can't find them. 
I would search my soul and my heart for these pieces that I lost but I get so tired, I gave up. 
Darling is it wrong that I want to be prefect? 
Prefect for you and myself so being alive doesn't have to be a chore anymore? 
Darling. Don't leave.
I've already gaven up on myself that I can't have one more person write me off. 
Darling would you be mad at me if I leave? 
I would never leave you but if one day I disappear you can look up in the stars, that's were I'd be. 
I've always found peace in stars. 
Maybe I'll be one one day. 
Maybe one day you will be looking up at one and it will be me. 
Darling maybe you will remember the wish I always wished while looking up at me.

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my boyfriend

i was in the dark with out knowing what to do 
well then you came along 
you took me out of the dark brought me in to the light 
you make me laugh and smile and saved me from the last guy 
he broke my heart made me cry 
you are amazing and sweet 
you allways can put a smile on my face when im haveing the worst day 
im a lucky girl to have a guy like you 
you dont make me cry you make smile 
this smile has been gone for a verry long while 
you brough my smile back you are one amazing guy 
this may not last forever but for now i will enjoy every moment of it <3

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Days filled with bliss,
Night's filled with joy
Looking forward to each and 
Every given day..
I pray that my life 
Reminds the same 
For I am grateful 
For everything 
That comes my way ....

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My Dream

I had a dream of u today u called me and told me it was all a bad dream u didnt have to go away wen i woke up i felt like screaming and crying im falling apart without u here its like a part of me is dying  all i can see is a big smile on ur face u kno nobody will ever take ur place its so hard for me to stay strong with my best homie gone the thing thats hardest for me to accept n comprehend that im never gona see u again that kills me inside wen u left us i feel like apart of me died i dont kno wat to do but all i kno is wen u left apart of me went with you

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I was such a fool

I lay here hearing the wind blowing against my window
Thinking How much of a fool I was 
When I let you go
I feel like such a horses butt 
Right Now
You wont even talk to me
And All I want to say is
I'm sorry 
Could you ever forgive me
And my foolish ways
Because Baby
I need and want you
I can't do without you
we are stitch together
Could you ever forgive me
For being such a fool
Cause I love you.

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I want to be but how

I want to be the strong girl that you want me to be.
But, it seems like every time I try to be strong,
 Something is always in my way.

I want to be the perfect girlfriend that you ever had.
I want to be the one that you want,
Or the one that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

I want to be the perfect women for your,
Parents, friends,
Especially for your sister/brother.

I want to from your high school sweet-heart,
To your college lover, To your Fiancée,
The one that you want to be your children’s father/mother.

To be with you for the rest of your life,
But I have one question in my mind,
One question that I keep thinking about every day.

Do you want the same thing?
The same thing that I’m hopping for,?
Do you want the same thing that I want…?

Maybe I’m just dreaming about what I want,
Maybe it’s just a fantasy of mine…

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You hurt me

You tell me you was not sure what you was thinking
Well same here
I wanted to give it a other try
But all you can say is your sorry
It will never be back the way it was before
Because you've hurt me
You told me you never ment to hurt me
Well you did
And I can not forgive you for it
Cause I know now your love was just a lie
I'm sorry
Boy I don't know these games...

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Rain Fall

thunder rolls,
 and my hear soars. 
my love for you grows each time i get a new message.
 my eyes are bright, the rain falls. 

and i fall along side with it.

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I will always love you

As I lay here with covers over my head
Hiding from the world 
Listening to the rain hit my window 
My eyes starting to feel heavy
I haven't slept in days
From missing you
You said we would grow old together 
But Now I'm left here growing old by myself
What happen to forever
After you said you promise
You would never leave me
Now I lay here broken
With Memories of us 
Lay heavy on my heart
You crushed ever dream and hope 
I had for us 
When you spoke those three words
It's Over
I wonder How that made you feel 
Was you happy that you hurt me 
Or did it hurt you too
I guess I will never know
Sense you ant telling
Guess this is goodbye forever
But always rember I Will Always Love You.

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I Thought You Changed But You Only Lied

When I let you back in my life and in my heart
I thought you change
When you say I love you again 
I thought you ment it
But when I see differnt and your face posted on other ads
What am I susposse to think
No I ant Jealous or Protective
Just don't wanna be lead on
And be left with a other heart ache from
you just do not get or understand
I sit here re open...

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Ridin' Dirty On My Moped

In Carolina there is no helmet law
As my girlfriend complains, all I hear is blah, blah, blah
She is still stewing over me buying all the accessories in the catalog
I tell her to bow down to me, I am now the Big Bad Dog
I am now sportin' my new leather chaps
Up side the head, from her I get a smack
I will mark a new territory the Hell's Angels would fear to tread
Looking hard and ridin' dirty on my Moped
At this point, I tear the sleeves off my blue jean jacket
She tells me to stop trying to Mac It
I smile with my Gold tooth displayed
She tells me I need help, she drops to her knees to pray
Then she asks me if I stopped taking my Meds
I tell her I really love you, it's a Two seater, we can both ride dirty on my Moped
I tell her I haven't shaved for Five days
She says she sees the peach fuzz on my face
I look at her and tell her I am a 15 year old trying to make it in this dog eat dog society
Either get on or get out and miss my noteriety
She says she's had enough and besides it's almost curfew
So I depart to the trailer park and pick up that floozy Gracie Lou
I tell her to hang on, it could get wild, I am what they call pure white bread
She grabs my waist and is ready to ride dirty on my Moped
It can't get any dirtier, a trailer girl that smells real bad
I look back and recall, this was the best summer I ever had

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You Lied

I thought I knew who you where
But I guess I was wrong
You never loved did you
you played me 
I found out you 
Got and still was in trouble
For having sex with a minor 
When I found out 
You sicken me
I can't stand to be around you
How could you lie to me like this
I thought what we had was real
But instead you used me
What you did you think
That you wouldn't get caught
Well you did
I wont you gone
Far far far away from me
You make me sick.

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Give me love

Lately I've been waking up alone
I just wanna hold you
we can play hide n seek 
all I wanna do is lay next to you.
It's been awhile
Sense I'll held you
Maybe I should let you go
All I want is to taste your lips
I know the best thing to do is to let you go.
But my heart isn't ready too
Maybe tonight I'll call ya
Just to say Hi!
All I want is for us to go back the way where before
But I know it's all in my mind.
I know it's been years
But I just can't let you go
Give me love
Give me a Second chance
I love you 
Why can't you see that..

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Sorry for letting you go

When you love something so much
And you believe that he or she 
Will do better without you
Then you should let them go
But if him or her comes back to you 
Then you know it was meant to be
But if he or she doesn't 
Well you should begin the process
Of letting your heart heal
From the pain
I know how it feels
I been their once
But now he doesn't even talk to me 
Cause I Left 
While pargent with his son
Which I didn't even know
Man I regent ever saying goodbye
But it's just a life lesson 
I have learned from 
But all I can say is I am sorry.

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Love drugs

my drug
my cure
----- pure
it's high
it lie
i'll die
i'll try
to taste
a glance
i'll chase
my chance
and live
my life
in grieve

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You wouldn't start new, Even though it was the best thing for you

Betrayal at the end of a long list of emotions
Felt because of your longing kiss 
The best saved for last 
The one that trumped all other in the past
The hardest one that will surely last 
And it has finally come to this 
We had a great run, on that we do agree
But everything must end 
As the anger will replace over whelming love
Until the day i wake up and fly away never to be the same
But this is the path you chose
This is the answer that you gave me
When you said love is all you can see 
So is this what makes you happy?
Not running away with me 
For your presents only coldens my heart 
And your once mind stopping green eyes
Just make me remember how we fell apart
You said you wanted to start somewhere new
Somewhere are love could be true 
Yet I stand alone with three thousand miles between me and you 
So how do I make you go away 
Without hating myself in the end 
How do I let you go without letting you know
It's all your fault
The answer is simple, I don't 
For the rest of our lonely lives 
We will both remember each other
We will remember the pain
And forget the joy of having the person that truly understands
Yet not I understand,
Why you always said we were pure evil 
For what else but that,
Could watch as we killed ourselves
And as we killed the hearts of each other we called home 
For no reason, other then 
We were already dead

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It Happen

Can believe it happen never thought it would
All the stuff we been through
Thought we would be together forever
But you was not there even through our loss you were nowhere to be found 
I went through it by myself
I went through depression because of our lost love and child
I am so tired of going up and down around and around
Our relationship was a full speed roller coaster
Always thought we would beat the odds 
Never thought our relationship would lead me to so much pain and tears
You left me thinking if you ever had any real feelings for me
I hope you would come back but you never did
I felt lost without you
Never thought you had it in your heart to be so cruel to us
I finally had to get it in my foolish head that you were gone forever

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rewind and breakout

this shy shell, must be broken. I need to be set free. What my heart desires, lies in the past. That one moment that one chance taken away by a broken shell and time that moved way too quickly. Take a step into the past change it. Speak up and let it out but it's too late my chance, just a blink in the past.

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The Eight Wonder of the World

Wonder Wonder
I wonder what we left off 
As I sit thinking about the wonders of the world I see that there was one left out
One that shine through the darkness of these Northern Nights
It sails across my eyes with this wonderful glow 
Creating this intriguing display of beauty that the world must see
Tough and rough without the back breaking edges of the Canyon walls
As a calm streams flow through its every crack from year of preparation 
But when you sit back, you see the beauty that time has created
In the roaring fire of the Paricutin volcano
Curve like the cone that two has watch and grow to a beautiful site for mankind
Warm to the touch with a temper that can run the face and can affect the land that it stands 
With the calm cool flow of the waters of the Victoria Falls 
Downstream through every bit of the being that you are
Then supplies fresh nutriment to everyone below to bring them up
Which has lived in harmony with the thing to its left and its right 
That has cause her to created this Great Barrier Reef in its own community
Where everyone can share food water and even the natural sunlight that shines on everyone 
With a mind that stenches the highest peak of Mount Everest 
At the peak to look over the world to say “I can do more”
Where it has taken more knowledge to tackle this hard and unforgiving world
Then it has brought you to a majestic and mysterious beautiful that hides in a collection of 
mountains lines
No matter where you stand or at what part of the world you can see why you cannot take it in 
one day
They called this 7 naturally created wonder of the world Harbour of Rio de Janeiro 
The 8th nartual wonder of the world that has every bit of the 7 before them 
YOU my dear 
And I thank God for that creation alone

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Guess This Is It

The heart was made to love
But how do you know your in love
When the one you love 
Doesn't love you
Nor want to be with you
Just only hurt you
You made me feel things 
I never have felt before
I'm confused lost and hurt
All at the same time
Not even sure 
If I really know who you are
Cause when we do go out  
It feels like you don't even wanna be with me
Then you start talking about all the partying you do and other
You Never do anything like
That with me 
We just go to parks,get ice cream, or movies
We really do not do anything fun What have's happen to us
Our relationship have changed so much 
Over the last couple of months
I guess you don't love me anymore
So I guess this is goodbye
After all we been threw.

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Try Nothing

There are some people, who think they have room to complain. 
Because they are their own reapers, who want to take their lives away. 
Well give it a rest! Atleast you have a life to live. 
Live with nothing to look at, see how long you last then. 
Try being so sick, of watching yourself breathe. 
Only because this, is the only thing you ever ****ing see. 
Try having day after day, clear skies turn into the night. 
Needless to say, expressing the nothingness of your life. 
Try being so alone, and its the only thing you'll ever know.
Oh, but she thinks she's hurt, because her boyfriend broke up with her. 
He thinks he's alone, cause he was grounded for not coming home. 
She thinks she should end it, cause she's 15 and got pregnant. 
He thinks he's a victim, cause he didnt get the world for Christmas. 
She thinks she should end it all, cause her boyfriend didnt call. 
He says "Theres no point for me", cause he doesn't money for his weed. 
She cuts away her wrists, because she didnt get her birthday wish. 
He thinks his lifes over, cause he cant remain sober. 
She thinks theres no point anymore, cause her "friends" call her a whore. 
He's decomposing in his bed...........DEAD 
because he had no one to keep him fed. 
As some just want food, or to once embrace their family. 
no matter what they do, their FORCED to live in agony. 
And all some want,is to open thier eyes and see that they have a life to live. 
Maybe even without purpose, but something to fill their minds with. 
Lord forbid they get their help, or someone hear their pleeds.
Catered angels think they live in hell, "trapped" in a "dark reality" 

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Thank you

The life we share is true and rare 
Not many people find it out there
Not settling for least than I deserve 
But being open minded and staying reserved 
You came into my life one emotional day 
And thank God you have decided stay
Right from the start I knew you were the one 
You have promised me 20 & 1 
You are the best thing that has happened to me 
And I want the world to see how much you really mean to me 
Your love is so gentle and so kind 
Within that I always have piece of mind 

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 He was my best friend, 
I'd call him for anything,
but the timing meant everything.
 I know that smile
It's from the heart
You took my hand
We made a start.
 With every struggle
You were there to fight, even when I was wrong you stood by me as if I was right.
 You took my heart,
We went so far
Every night being reminded I was your shining star.
 My angel is what I called you, the reason behind it you never knew.
Your love saved me.
For once I felt free.
I couldn't figure out who I was, you made me realize the person I wanted to be.
 All the chemistry that we had,
I never once thought it could all turn bad.
 I'll always remember those dark brown eyes, and you holding me close as we stared at the skies.
 I still think of you night and day,
before I sleep it's for you I pray.
 I'll never regret the time we spent.
I said "I love you" , pure love is what I meant. 
 You were my angel,
I was your star,
We could call each other for anything, but the timing meant everything.

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I love him
I love him
I love him
My heart's screaming at me
my body's silently nodding
The man of my heart
The man I long to dream about
He makes me so happy
He's my divine connection
Ask me about him
And you'd fall in love yourself
Sometimes, it's d way I cud go on and on abt him
Sometimes, it's d way I cud find nothing to say
What exactly do u do?
Cos I don't know why it's always you
Or is it cause I always want it to be you?
Am here on my silly bed
Wishing you'd hold me close
Kiss my forehead like I have no worries
And hug me tight like you don't know what to say
Being with you brings me so much bliss
And sometimes, it's hard to live without you
I know I have a habit of letting you go
And sometimes am not sure wat I want
Andsome other times, I'm just scared you won't be true
And some other other times, I 'm scared you won't be enough
Bt I'm never scared that you won't be there
Cause you always have and always will
If you are truly God's plan for me
You are the best thing that ever happened to me
That's something  I have never been able to say to another
I could have said they meant the world, or I deeply loved them than any other
Bt it's only been one best thing for me
Why do you always say all the right things?
Or are they simply the things I should hear?
Or are they the way things really are?
I am so selfish
Sometimes, am like this's not who I want
It's true
I don't want you
I think the truth's
I do need you
You are my calm in the storm
My passage in a tunnel
Silver lining in a dark cloud
Rainbow in d gloomy sky
And guidance when am lost
Maybe I may never accept you like you deserve
But know that whatever it's 
This time you are not fighting alone
I'm gonna be there every inch of the way
Dat's if u decide am good enough for you.
If this's a passing moment, Lord let it last forever please.
If you don't, I'd still be grateful you let me have something as passionate as this.
It's definitely my next to none

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You said no

When I got down on one knee
And gave you my ring 
I meant forever 
 Now all I got 
Is my ring 
And a broken heart
Because you said No
I loved you
I thought you was the one
But come to find out your the one who 
Was going to hurt me
You made my heart hurt when you say those words
Take them back cause you know you don't mean them
I never thought this day would come
Where you would say No.

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You Became Somone I Didn't Know

We date for two years 
You left for Vegas on vacation without me
And I was cool with it
days ago by no word from you
One Saturday night you called crying
I knew something was wrong
You confess to being a other 
My heart stop beating
I couldn't believe 
The man I loved cheated
You said it meant nothing 
You said you where drunk
Then you said it was a man
Asked if I could ever forgive you and take you back
I said no
I couldn't believe what you done
After saying to me over and over again you never cheat on me
You did 
I can't go on loving a man who been with a other 
You where my everything 
And in spilt second you became someone I didn't know.

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Would You Believe Me If I Said Im Inlove

Would you believe me if i said im inlove, if i said i couldnt amagine my life any other way. That if i said i cant live without you, that i hope your here to stay. I remember when i was heartbroken, i remember when i cried myself to sleep everynight. But now youve changed my life and i know everythings alright. I dont have to worry about getting hurt or being alone. I know that if i ever need you that all i gotta do is call your phone. You listen to what i have to say, you give me the advice i need. You help me through tuff times and make it easier to succeed. So what im trying to say is I love you. 

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The pain you caused me

As I lay here bed
listening to rain 
hitting window 
All I can think about
Is the pain
you've left me holding 
you say wanted us to be together forever
was that lie 
when you kiss my lips 
you say it was kissing a piece heaven 
was that a lie as well
when we made love for the first time 
you cried 
I held you to make all you tears go away
but now as I lay here in bed
with tears flowing from my eyes
that you caused 
can you make them go away
because right now
I feel like the pieces of my broken heart
can never be together again
because of the pain 
you caused me ...

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Because Of You

You say you love me but you dont
I thought you would change for me but you wont
       The pain I feel is so deep
It makes me want to do nothing but go to sleep
       I really thought you cared how I feel
But you dont because you wouldnt be doing the same things still
       No matter how long we've been together or what we do
There's still this pain you put me threw

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Fluttering Heart and Knotted Stomach

I sit here with my mind in in a tangle and twist.
Wondering how in the world did it get like this.

My stomach is in a knot, and my heart is racing.
Hoping you're mine for the taking.

Your melodic laugh and dazzling eyes will be the death of me,
I swear. 
All of this I think while I play with your cinnamon colored hair. 

How crazy and blissful,
How absolutely remarkable.

There's nobody in this world that I've met
that is more likeable.

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Let's Do It

I wanna do things to do no other woman have's before
I wanna make you cum so hard
That you would want more
The things I can show and tech you 
You would be shocked
I know I am young
And your old
But their is so much we can learn
And tech one other
So let's do it 
Light some candles 
And see what we can do
Oh baby
Don't be sarced 
We can do this
Don't worry Virgia 
Ant needed it 
I wanna see what you got old timer
So let's get it on.

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Aarmano Se JAn CHooti
Ghamo ne Aan Ghera ha 
Kia mere DIl pe Bas 
Sirf Tanhaiyo ka Basera ha

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This Is It

Our relationship is like a 
Rollar coster 
We are up
Next thing you know 
We are right back down
We don't make love anymore
All we ever do is fight
I just wish things would go back the way like they was before
When we first met
Things where great then
But now thier not 
What have happen to us 
We both changed so much
I guess it's best for us 
To split and go our own way
I will miss you 
But this is  what best for the both of us
Cause it's not healthy 
For either one of us 
To fight like this

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you played me

You say you love me 
But then again 
you hurt me
How can I trust you 
when you act this way
I gave you my all
You gave me nothing
But pain
And my emotions played with
it's like some sick twisted game you like to play

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Fireside Love

Sitting by the fire,
With the one I admire.
I've never wanted more,
It's him that I adore.
Flames reflecting off his face,
Making my heart race.
Time comes to a stop,
All my worries drop.
I feel as if I'm frozen,
For I'am the one he's chosen.
His touch sparks fire within me,
This proves to me it's meant to be.
No longer to be alone.
He's melted my heart of stone.
He holds a story within,
His heart welcomes me in.
I've given him my heart,
Never planning to part.
Looking into his eyes,
I know where my future lies.
Our future is bright,
Hearts full of light.
With the one I admire,
I sit by the fire.
A smile from ear to ear,
His words are what I hear.
All other sounds fade,
Each worry begins to fade.
With the one I adore,
I've never wanted more.
For it's him I admire,
With him I sit by the fire.
He is my heart's light,
For him I must fight.

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The truth is a lie

Eyes look at you for an answer 
the wondering mind 
anticipating your responds 
how time flies 
the amount of pressure 
what do you do silence or speak 
they're waiting on you 
lying is an option but it never ends 
the truth is to hurtful 
somebody give me a shoulder my mind is about to boil 
here i go my mouth opens the truth spills out 
mixed with lies 
emotions running on high 
the guilty conscience is overwhelming 
the fire within is intensifying finally 
a scream of relief 
silence is his name manipulating is her game

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the anchor

when someone says you need to forgive someone for something
that does not mean you are saying what they did was okay
when they tell you to just let it go,unhook the anchor...
they mean for you,not for them,see a better day
you are giving someone power,when you let them affect your life to that extent
so forgive someone for YOUR own sake,actually DOES make sense
you hear alot of cliche' things,especially growing up like i did
but at the end of the day,i refuse to let them be that big
the creepy man that scarred you for life,or maybe an abusive husband
the girl that plays mindgames with the good man that's in love with her
that mother who let the stepfather abuse you cause' she "loved him"
or the father that drank and said nothing but "okay" and "sure"
no matter what your situation,you must forgive them promptly
you must forgive them for you,not for them,this doesn't mean it wont be rocky
it's hard to forgive, but its even harder to forget
but if you hold onto these grudges you will regret
you will become a bitter human being,with tons of exhausting baggage
thinking about these things and re-feeling them will run you ragged
trust me,i've lived it
im trying to fix it
im not perfect,im only human
but im trying at least,to remove it
let it go.
unhook the anchor.
let it go.
unhook it from your ankle.

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 Long road to travel
 Dusty summer days
 Sweat builds between warm hands holding
 She picked a yellow flower for her hair
 And danced along the dirty road
 Without care
 Many miles to travel
 Yet we could already be here
 No destination 
 Running free
 No one around no landscape to see
 Roll with me baby she said
 As she danced down a hillside
 Ripping her dress
 Flower petals dropping
 Trailing where she’s been
 Spinning around and down
 Over and over she laughed
 This world is her playground
 We danced until the sun has set
 Making love till the rise again
 Connected together
 Passion Binding
 This world is our Playground
 She asked am I your Juliet
 Answered no
 Stopped in her tracks and she let go
 I have something to give you she smiled
 Leaving into the tall grass
 Running with whipping blades in my eyes
 Searching for her trail
 A clearing where she fell
 Gun in her hand
 Bleeding heart
 With a note that read
 You were my Romeo
 And I closed my eyes
 One bullet left
 Cool metal on sweat
 Don’t cry
 Don’t cry

©2014 Tamilyn Love

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My moon light

It's time I put you in your rightful grave.
Time to put the dirt over your night lit face.
It's time to face the sun light, leaving the beautiful safe memories.
It's time I find my sun and leave my dark cool moon.

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For my love kevin

I feel so Happy Excited and Myself sometimes, 
When I think of you each night and day, 
And when I see you, I see night, 
I love you more than words can say... 

You're so Always there! This love is Fireworks! 
I can't resist your His skills, its true! 
The leaves and talents fade into shadows... 
I am absolutely crazy for you! 

Your soul is cozy; your heart is red as a rose, 
and my heart is truly in your hands. 
I could play and Have fun 'til life was done, 
but YOU are the focus of my plans. 

This passion enrichment is always there my love, 
And for you, Kevin, I thank Heaven above. 
All my love, Liza x 

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If I

If I can't trust you with everything in me 
Then it makes it impossible for me to love you

If I can't depend on you to be there when I need you
I won't even bother to give my all to you

If I feel that you are pretending to care
You will find yourself lonely because in the morning, I won't be there

If I feel you're not putting your all in this relationship
Then I will not be hesistant to split

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You're supposed to trust me, i did nothing wrong, why do I deserve this pain, this hurt, this suffering, this sorrow? I wish for death, relief of pain, I cant stand it anymore, kill me now please before tomorrow. Will i never live my dream, have a wedding, a life, a family. Life is anything and everything but fair, I feel like I cant even have a child to bare. I work all day, I work all night, I bust my ass but still we fight. We cant get along or make this work, if ya dont trust me someone's gonna get hurt. Though i could use a glass of wine, and know this pain and sorrow aint just mine. I hope and pray things will improve, God help me cuz i dont know what to do.

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What is the risk

When you let someone go
That you love
Do you feel like
It's the biggest mistake ever
Or are you happ that he or she is gone
Do you regert the fight you had with him or her 
Do you wanna take back everything you said to him or her
Or are you happy without him or her
Do you sit there and stir at the phone and hope it rings
Do you look at photos of him or her you guys took together
If you really love him or her 
Then take that leap 
And see if they feel the same way 
Like you do

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And i loved you

you are hurting me again
forever suffocating 
falling through water 
made of clearest
beautiful glass

work so hard
to draw one breath
as your angry fists 
throw hated blows

venom spews from lips
i once loved 
with passionate 

now i curl up tight
a ball hiding from horror
as blood stains
blue carpet

penance for independence
consequence for saying no
flew across my face so fast
you started raining blows

if i pull inside myself nowadays
if i seem weird or strange

excuse me please
do not judge harshly
no im not insane

just cracked in places
deep down
i try to hide

i meant well
believing him
as he whispered 
vicious lies

threats upon my children
if i tried to get away

i believed him
this monster
so i would laid there
curled up 
hiding as i prayed

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Dancing in the Rain

Loving you is like dancing in the rain. Heaven and Earth expand while we dance together hand in hand. Two souls everlasting with pure intensity like exotic electricity. Raindrops falling on our bodies touching every inch of our core. Our passion ignites beyond control. Never let go, let's just keep dancing in the rain.

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It's Over

How can we have a relationship
When your job is your girlfriend
Their is never any time for me anymore
I hate to say these two words 
But I can't take being lonely anymore
It's over
I am so sorry 
But I love you 
Enough to know we both will be better without one other
All we do is fight
We don't even feel the love we once had between one other  
All I ever asked from you was to love me and be there for me was that so hard to do
When we first dated it was great
Now it ant 
I'm truly sorry
But this is good bye.

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Blame Game

Was once filled with so much hate
Was thinking to replace my mate
We did expect not this fate
We just know it wasn't a mistake 
Even if it was its already too late
Now we gotta give in what we take
I won't be fake you know my heart still aches
I won't forget how u broke me down
You Supposed to be my king
You let me down 
You don't deserve for me to wear ur crown
You should be happy that I'm even around...
If it wasn't for her I would've been gone
It would've been a sad song
To say so long 
To the blame game like love ping-pong
Who's right or who's wrong?!
Who cares? You wanted to leave all along
That's what you said remember?
In October, November and December                                                                                            
January and Febuary too
I was so disappointed in you
How can u live with the things you did?
You threatened to kill your own kid!
Your freaking sick
I can't forget and I WON'T FORGIVE
And I'ma tell her when she gets big
Her daddy's freaking crazy
You got the nerve to call me lazy 
While I was carrying your baby
So just maybe... 
Things have been great lately 
Oh well I really stood for the baby
Now how u like that for a lady

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It's to Late

I know 
We only spent an hour together
And then go days or weeks
Without seeing one other
But when I did get to see you
I was like a little school girl
When we went to the park for walks and Ice cream
That meant a lot to me
Even though I might have not showed it
Look at us now
We said all those hate full things 
When they was never meant to be said
When I asked you to marry me
I really wanted you too
But now I sit here with regret
Listen to sad songs
That made me think of you
And I just wanna cry more 
I feel so shame of what I said
Now all I got is pictures of you
I was such a dang fool
When I Said it would never work 
Cause that wasn't true
All I wanna do now is take it back
But now it's to late....

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My boo

Amazing attitude
Devilish stunts
Eager eyes
Gentle hands
handsome looks
Joking personality
Lovable laugh
Naughty behavior
Open minded
Positive perspective 
Question less
Youthful spirit

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Did i mention she's green?

Green girl
Green girl

She gathers leaves on a blue and green night
Her emerald eyes make me ignite

Dream catchers gather on her wall
She makes stars none shall fall

Green girl
Green girl

Light candles, red hair reminds me of autumn
Fire red forest she will come

Dream catchers gather on her wall
She makes stars none shall fall

Green girl
Green girl

Change like the seasons
For unknown reasons
Nothing left to give
Baby I would relive

Green girl
Green girl

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Are they With You

Are they with you?

If you wish to seek that feeling
wish to feel those chills all over 
your body
wish to reach that inner glow 
then please follow so 
if not, then you will never know
this place you always long
where you seek where you 
dream that you are there
the scene the smell 
nothing else compares
who is it that you love?
are they there with you?
what kind of feelings do you 
have ?
right now, this minute..
is this place, that your at now 
does it make you feel alive?
the person you love 
what makes you love them?
how would life be with out 
this dream 
this destination
would it be any better if they 
we'rnt there?
or is it a place that you can 
have you got faith to trust 
with everything?
what is it that you wake up for?
is it love? is it just day by day 
do you believe the one beside 
is with you on the same 
would allow you to be free 
with them 
walk on water 
fly in the clouds 
not held back 
a free spirit 
do they let you be 
when you need to flee
a question with out cause 
is irrelevant with out answer 
a dream or destination 
at arms length, tight grip 
or a thousand miles away
either way alone or someone 
beside you 
can make that reality easy to 

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To Late

 I know now,
that you loved me,
with your heart and soul,
and I know in your mind,
that you had a goal,
you wanted me more,
then just in your life,
you wanted to make me,
your forever wife,
I know all this,
because you told me,
all the time,
but I was unwilling,
to make that climb,
you gave me everything,
on a silver platter,
I never thought in my mind,
that I'de see your brains splatter,
because with one little word,
I tore your heart in two, I never meant to hurt you,
or to make you blue,
I believe you were wrong,
when you said,"you won", 
I just think it was an excuse,
an excuse to run,
So with that gun,
to your head,
you left this world,
way to soon,
now me and you will never watch,
another rising of the moon,
so in this poem,
I just want to let you know,
I loved you much{ditto},
but I have to let you go..
good-bye my love

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Complicated Puzzle Piece Feelings

You mean a lot to me.
More than you think. When you're near me it feels as if beauty fills my lungs and enters my bloodstream as fast as lightning.
And when you look at me I never want to look away because when I look at you I feel at home. 
There's something about you, something amazing that I've never even seem to have heard of and I want to feel that way forever. 
I want to always feel beauty in my bloodstream and I always want to see home in your eyes because without you I come apart like bad glue on an arts and crafts project. 
And if at some point you're happier staying than leaving I will let you leave because even though I will crumble to pieces I won't care because you'll be happy and that's all that matters. 
I love you to the moon and back.
I love you more than these galaxies and I have never meant something so much in my life. 
And I'm sorry if sometimes I'm annoying or dumb or weak because sometimes I try to hard to be perfect because all I want is to be perfect for you. 
But darling, I am nothing special. Nor is this paragraph. It is simply a long list of my complicated puzzle piece feelings.

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life's insight

I had to be strong and not falter
Remember our wedding day?
You ran from the alter
Didn’t want to talk to anyone wanted to be alone
Remember our conversation on the cellphones?
You expressed your doubts
And began to shout
Recalling a fight from moths ago
When friends and us all went out

I embraced you with words
And foiled your concerns
We both couldn’t ignore
What our hearts yearned 

We shed our tear
And shared a cry
Look at us now 
We’re doing fine
2 years later a beautiful lady
Hugs, kissed, and endless smiles
Expecting our first baby

What a good mother
 You never scold
Lilly Ann we hoard like treasure
That’s our precious gold

We shed tears
And shared a cry
Look at us now
We are a family with our own house 
And we are doing fine

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She was alone,
than he came by
She felled in love,
and he made her cry.

She thought he was the one,
but he told her lies
She thought his heart she had won,
but he never told her what was the prize

Now she cries every night
knowing her soul has died
 His out of her sight
but he took her pride

She's mad, she's sad
She's crying, she's dying
..She is ME!

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If you love someone cool And they love you Then if you're not already dating You should start appreciating Don't be a fool about this Give her a kiss Juliet loves romeo right? And romeo loves Juliet? Well they went behind their parents back Cause love they did not lack And if you truly love someeone Treat her as if she was the sun Love is something you can not change You can not even range If you have love for one another Then I think you should be together But before you get together You should get to know eachother

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dark room,no light
not day,at night
soft kisses on my neck
gentle leg caress
quiet whispers in the dark
melting my heart
skin on skin
chest to chest
making love to you
is the best
i've never felt so beautiful
ive never felt so alive
everything feels so good
i think i might die
a noise squeeks out of my mouth
a noise ive never heard
any other time im silent
not a whisper,a whimper,a word
but you,you set me free
you let me be me
chest to chest
cheek to cheek
all the passion is starting to leak
i hold you tight,there's no-one above you
whispers both ways softly
"i love you"
creating a life
half of you half of me
how in the world can this be?
so amazing,so truthful
so wonderful and bright
i close my eyes
remember this night
lock it away in my head
save it for myself
ive never loved so much
never ever felt
so perfect,so alive
so beautiful,i cry
and you,just you
are all i need
all i need is you,just you
my chest to your back
a kiss on the cheek
close my eyes and remember all the things around me
how you smell,how you taste
how do people cheapen such a beautiful thing?
to have something feel this good,this right
creating our child,you turn on the light
and the last thing you say when i ask you not to
is im leaving it on..i need to see you

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My Baby

My baby gives me the world 
My baby cares about my needs
I love yous, nicknames and all
my desires, my baby feeds

My baby makes me feel high 
My baby would never me fall
through cries, nightmares and scares 
my baby is the first I call

My baby gives my butterflies
My baby says things that turn me on
I love you, nicknames and all
My baby writes the melody to our song

My baby builds me when I'm weak
My baby gives me the strength
through the cries, nightmare and scares
my baby goes the extra length

My baby is mine
I'll hold hi close to my heart
With the I love yous, nightmares and all
Nothing, I'll let take my baby and me apart

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Its Simple

when people ask me , why don't you try  hard to impress people. 
i simply tell them this.. 
when you smile all the time = your to happy all the time 
when your sad = your depressing and not fun to be around 
you dont have a boyfriend = your square 
you have a boyfriend = your a slut
you have one friend = your a loser 
you have more then one friend = your trying to hard to be popular
you act a little silly = your imature 
you try to be marture about everything = your boring 
you dont try hard in school = your a loser 
your try hard in school = your a nerd 
you love your family = your weird 
you tell people about your family problems = your seeking attention all the time 

you simply cant impress everyone. and everyone has something to say about your appearence , the way you walk , talk , smile , shrug.. ect. 
so i will simply say to you all.. do not try and impress people.. its okey to try hard,. 
to talk about your social life around others . and if they have something to say... tell them to simply go away.. 

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Every Once In Awhile

every once in awhile, i wonder how you're doing
every once in awhile, the thought goes right through me
every now and then, i have a fond memory
every now and then, i remember you were in fact the enemy
every once in awhile i think about the birth of our child
every once in awhile it stings,but it's oh-so mild
every once in awhile i remember the first time we made love
every once in awhile i recall praying to the stars above
when you put me down,insulted me,always brought me to tears
when you shook me,choked me,slapped me,poked me for 3 whole years
every once in awhile i remember how it was to be so timid
every now and then i think my god he really did it
every once in awhile, i miss you,yes this is true
but only every now and then you see,you cannot make me blue
every once in awhile i have good memories and want to cry
but then i remember how the majority of our time was and me just wanting to die
every once in awhile i wonder what would have happened if we'd stayed
 i make myself keep on working ive to i got to get paid
every now and then i see a handsome,sweet,moral guy
that i left in my past,and flew right by,and then i wonder why
but if im honest with myself,which is sometimes hard to do
you and i were oil and water,and we both knew it true
you were agressive,i was submissive,that is a lethal combonation
i was a girl,you were a man,who knew what to say,i was taken
so yes.every once in while i miss you. 
id be lying if i said it wasnt so.
but the truth of the matter,i had to do..
i had to make you go
sometimes i think of you with positive memories,but thats mostly for our child
now and then i forget all the misery
but thats only every once in awhile

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My first heart break 'Excuse my french'

My body
you wrecked it.
My honor
you disrespected.
When I told you I loved you 
I meant it.
You. Didnt. Give. A. F**k.
I guess you could say I was down on my luck.
Was I suppose to swollow the pain?
and stay stuck in the same position again?
No. F**K THAT.
I dont want you back.
I Hope you enjoyed your times inside me.
Because now all the memories of us I push behind me.
And in time you will see
the best place you could ever be was beside me.

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Meant to Be

Before it was raining,
And I felt like dieing.
Love was gone for me,
It wasn't meant to be.
My world was crumbling,
Tears began pouring.
Who could love me?
Would it ever be?
But now.......
The sun is shining,
I feel like flying.
He's running to me,
How can it be?
My heart is racing,
I can't help smiling.
Is it meant to be?
Him and me?
Now I can see it clearly,
I love him dearly.
We are meant to be,
Forever him and me.

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A love thats the best

Staring down at the blue water 
Smell the salt air 
The climb to the top was almost too much to bare 
Closing your eyes remembering wading in the freezing water 
Wondering if this was the end of your life
Arms extending as your heart takes flight
Feeling your feet about to slip 
But in his arms you will never slip 
Your weight shifts as your heart begins to pound
Now you remember the fall 
You remember the wind sweeping past your face
As no sound could escape your lungs.
Accept the fall. 
Knowing his arms were not strong enough to keep you from the waters below 
The nights spent crying as you felt your heart dying 
Cold water froze a beating heart  
In an instant warmth wraps around you 
Strength pulls you in 
As words whisper so softly you swear it was the wind 
Beautiful darling, you can only fall towards me 
Eyes widen to find the deep cold sea 
As far down as it ever could be 
You lean into him, feeling the warmth of the sun above 
Enjoying every moment, every smile, and every second look 
For the first time in a long time 
You no longer fear the sea below 
You no longer wait for the pain 
For the day may come where you are freezing in the waters
But after a climb unlike the rest 
Your lungs will fill with the warmest breath 
And a love that will be your best

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Love Story

It was the 3rd of November
When everything went down
He caught my eye
I caught his eye
Transcending space and time
We went up
And we went down 
On a joy ride
Thinking about each other
Getting tingling feelings
Deep inside
I told my friends
He told his friends
They meet each other at the ball court
And they make plans 
To hook us up
Down the block 
At the corner store
It was funny 
How it all went down
It'll give you some to think about
Specially when you so in love
So their ain't no other
Cinderella story that matches to mine
No their ain't no other 
Gaze that transcends space and time
See I've never felt this way inside
Specially for a guy like mine
I can tell this love story ain't gonna end

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love is fucked

Ive lost you once, with the knowledge that ill always have you and that's been enough to keep me alive 
But these dreams are surreal and I hope they're filled with lies
I can't lose you a second time.

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I can Only Hope

 can't sleep
I lay here staring at my celling
Thinking of you
Wishing how I wish you here laying by my side 
I never want this day to end
Ever time I am with you 
It's the best day of my life
I wanna say those three little words 
But I am so sarced on what you may say
Cause I don't wanna ruin 
What we have
You mean so much to me already
And we only 
Knew one other 
For a month or two now
Is it too soon
To get so attach 
Or is this really it
I can olny hope.

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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones can break my bones 
And words can really hurt me 
So you think your funny 
That's so much worse
You might as well just curse me 
To curb your words would be so easy
Unless you dont think I'm worthy
So what, another will without a mouth so dirty
My smile will shine so perky 
As I leave you begging for mercy

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Harmony in Marriage (ABC poem)

Anxious brides carry doubt,
Each female,
Greets him intoxicated,
Joining kingdoms love,
Men now obedient,
Pre qualify responses,
Staying tomorrow united,
Victorious women,
Xerox yearlong zeal.

I am sure this will strike up some controversy,,for sure...Maybe and then again maybe not !!!

ABC poem for contest.

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lo humnein tera itzaar kerna bhi chhor dia 

jo sapne zindagi the meri lo unko bhi tod dia 

tera sath maga humesha 

tera hath chaha humesha 

yahi dua thi humari 

tu khush rahein bhale he zindagi mout ban jaye humari 

lo tumse mukh bhi mode lia 

jo si the apne zindagi the meri lo unko bhi tod dia 

dur ho gaye teri khushi maan 

chhod dia tumein apna kehna sena taan 

lo de dia haq tera 

bhale tut gayea dil mera 

lo bhar liye ankhon mein asshoon 

bus dua rabse khush rahe tu 

yeh dil tut gayea 

ek din sansin bhi tut jayegi zindagi se 

ek din ankhein bhi ho jayegi band meri 

teri yaad bhi na styegi 

fir yeh zindagi bhi na humpe has payegi 

dhadkan ko bhi rahat mil jayegi 

fir main aur meri mohabbat sda keliye khamosh ho jayegi 

fir ishq ki kahani meri adhuri he khatam ho jayegi

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In the eyes of men

Stand back and can you see what I see 
Can you taste what I am able to taste 
Feel the skin of a silky soft ribbon that forms your body 
Can you close your eyes and see what I see
Can you see the way your body as mature from birth
The definition your body shows
The curves the mature has created
The ways everything bow out
Or how the sunlight cascade over your skin 
The wind blow the breathe of beauty into your body 
I see the rib that God has taken from has created a divine compensation 
With eyes that can bright up a day 
Lips that are softer then clouds on earth 
I see skin that only are reversed for goddess 
These dedicated hands that you place on my face are warm to the touch
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder 
Then these eyes have behold you 
Now do you really see on is in the eyes of Men

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Bhest Erez Jill

I love you Bhest Erez Jill
Believe me cause it's real
Everything I'll do
Just to grow old with you

I want you to know
To let it show
That I'm in love with you
And I won't let you go

I'm not easy to understand
But you always hold my hand
When I'm out of light
You make things seems so right

Be here with you forever
Say no goodbyes, never
Here I'll stay
And I will love you everyday

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A Sweet Love Poem

My fear I feel deep inside 
follows me around, never far from my side 
Can you promise it always be 
us forever....for eternity?

No amount of  love can erase
the fear that another, could  take my place
Painfully argument's are hard to swallow
will colored rainbows always follow?

As we age and grow older
could our love die, turning cold?

I know you would give me the stars above 
yet can you promise me eternal love?

My  greatest fear will always be
that someday...will you ever stop loving me.

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Ode to Mr. Anonymous

The sweet sound of his voice,
filling the air.
Letting me know,
 He'll always be there,
The sweet smell of his breathe,
And his cologne that's so sweet.
Always seeming to knock me off my feet.
I see his sweet face.
I get lost in my thoughts.
He seems so perfect.
Like theres nothing  that could go wrong,
But as I sit and I think.
I keep on wondering, why?
How could this angel,
really be mine?
He's sweet and he's caring.
He reassures me his thoughts.
Making me feel like,
The happiest girl on the block.
I'll love Mr. Anonymous, 
Even when I'm gone.
I hope our love,
Forever flies on.

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It's a wrap

So sorry it’s so sad
You said it was my bad…So I GOTTA laugh
Like I didn't have the right to get mad
You lied to my face after I broke my back!
Nothing I did could ever make you glad…
So it’s a wrap, that’s that. 
Can’t tell you all the fun I had…
Maybe I’ll catch you on the remix…
Some things that are broke could never be fixed.
You got the nerve to call ME a trick!
‘Cuz you a dude; it don’t matta where u fit ur stick
So go ahead, find another chick to hit
‘Cuz I’m through with this sshhh
You're not even worth it.????????
You're not worth my blood and sweat…
Yeah I forgive you but I won’t forget.
I’m not old yet so I won’t live with regret,
But I got my pride and dignity to protect…
Better yet, I demand respect!
And those are the needs you haven’t met.

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Sad and Alone

Sad and alone,
I see you cry.
"Look at me,
please dont tell me a lie!"

You try to speak,
But no words come out.
I see the tear,
and start to shout.

"You were with her 
and not with me"
You try to speak,
But I cry "LET ME BE!"

Walking off,
I break slowly down.
I hear your voice,
and start to frown.

"Leave me alone,
and dont come back,
Maybe now that your gone,
my life will be on track"

Five weeks gone,
and Im still bleeding.
Its your love you gave me,
that I am needing.

My heart breaks,
cause your not here.
Your probely with her,
That's something I fear.

I know your happy,
But Im dying inside.
I wish you were here,
So we could go for that ride.

I cant live like this,
I hate being apart.
But I hate you so,
But you'll always be in my heart.

I'll be alone,
& Im sure you wont be doing the same,
You'll be out with her,
which I find extremly lame.

Looking out the window,
I see her with another lad.
I smile and call you up,
It's now time for you to be sad.

You cry your heart out,
Telling me what to do now.
I tell you I still love you,
and we start a new row.

You can run after her if you want to,
and ask her to stay.
She'll say she loves you,
But she will betray.

We could never really be together,
Cause you love her so.
So I just rip your picture up,
and scream "Just GO"

Never will I love again,
cause you tore me apart.
So dont come back,
otherwise I'll break your heart.

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Thing Called Love, I Can't Speak

Writing Yet Again, grab my 
pad, I grab my pen, in deep 
thought I begin to write my 
feelings I hide within.
Within the deepest part of my 
These emotions I can't control, 
and yet my heart won't let you 
go, can't walk away and this 
you know.
Deep inside my heart just 
bleeds, and now I'm always 
feeling weak, u ask me 
questions I can't speak, look 
you've done,  done to me.
It seems I'm always gettin 
jelous but baby boy I just can't 
help it, it's that thing called 
love, I thought u felt it.
Everytime I hear a text I think 
it's her textin you that, and 
then you always turn ya back 
Juss to respond now what is 
You told me that u loved me 
now your walkin away from me, 
got me feeling like the dummy, 
and it hurts to know you'd 
leave me lonely.
Yet and still I can't speak.....
There's a lot of things I see, 
and I pretend that I don't peep, 
and u always lie to me, I guess 
I'm blinded by this love.
This silly thing that we call love, 
no one said it'll hurt this much, 
knocks you down, don't help 
you up.
That's the reason I can't 
I'm always yearning for ya kiss, 
always dying for ya touch, 
always needed you to hold 
me,prolly cause I love you so 
damn much, and it Juss hurts 
cause you don't see.
I always thought that you were 
perfect,  thought that maybe 
you were worth it, and us two 
together was for a purpose, 
was this a BIG,BIG MISTAKE?
Gave you my heart, you balled 
it up, 
And some how I still can't get 
Have I really gotten weak?
I've always had ya back since 
day one and that's a fact, now 
it's ya turn, and I get ya ass.... 
To kiss.
I truly do believe a good girl 
you had indeed, somehow 
someway u dont need me, I 
was too blinded by your love.
People always tried to tell me, 
let it go cause he's not worthy, 
worthy of ya love. 
And I'd Just sit and cry,  I'd try 
and try to deny it, hoping you'd 
Just change, but I see that they 
were right.
I stand putting up this fight, 
and I know you no longer 
like.... Me or even care.
So now I'll let you walk away, 
still you'd be thought of 
everyday, I know I'll miss you 
Sooo damn much.
But you were Just keepin me 
stressed always worried bout 
the rest, instead of being here 
and loving me.
But this is what I once called 
love and swore I couldn't get 
But here's from me to you, 
cause I can't speak.....

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oh bradlee oh bradlee how thou has pained me to the core!
i wish you could just see the dark in my soul!
ive always know you were a whore! 
i just never thought i lovest thou how i do
you're the rock that i live upon
you are the cheese on my pizza
the flowers in my field
the milk in my utters and the apples in my tree

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The Power of Words

A, B, and C 
These letters won’t do you justice 
But when I use these letters to create word that can describe your mind and body 
I am able to set fire to your senses that command you’re every thought 
 As you sit here and read this your able to feel as I feel tell that even the complexity of this 
Show you that I can express my feeling even though the words on this page
The words that I can use to describe your body firstly
Powerful Words like soft, beautiful, smooth, divine
Then we can use technical terms like I can run my hands over your Gluteus maximum
Or over your Pectorals Major where your mammary glands are held 
The power in words can make you even forget the world around you
Words as simple in complexity as love and hate can have an endless amount of meanings
But when these simple world are use to describe you and me the world that comes to mind is
This word can say that our relationship knows no limits the way we can express the feeling that 
comes over us
The way I can wake up and still feel you next to me even when hundreds of miles away from 
each other
As I get to this point in the poem I can feel that you want to cry  
Because of this overwhelming expression of feelings someone has never had for you can come 
out in only one page.
Well my love I just show you THE POWER OF WORDS

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The world so big with a hudge crowd...where i lost my beloved...a friend i had who left me and shattered me and made me die...tell me why i am here,where they are with smiling faces in the race of life...i suffered a loss,now feeling shy...tell me why i am here...

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When I

When i first met you I never would have imagined that I would have such strong feelings for you.
I never would have thought that I would dream about you
or miss being by your side
or get butterflies when someone mentions your name.
when i first met you i never would have thought
that i would love you.

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Take me Away

Take me to where the oceans breathe life 
Where the sea and land meets
Where the body’s stress can run off by the flow of water
In a stream of joy and happiness
Take me where the moon and meet the earth 
In the clouds where they rap around the earth
As the sea floats the spirit of life
Take me where the wind blows through nature and returns back to and back again 
In natures Seven Wonders of the World 
Take me where you subtract three you get the four elements that has created 
Where they combined at one point to created something soft as the earth we walk on 
To something that is strong as a diamond 
Take me where your flawless state is molded in precious hands  
Every detail is taken into a count 
And After its done it presents a masterpiece like no other
Take me where the mountains meet the door of heaven
And show me what God graces has to offer after serving him
Take me and show me who I am 
From the boy I play childish games
To a Man where I put those games away
Take me on the wings of a dove gracefully over the backdrop of the northern lights
Take me here and there 
Show me what the world is 
Then take me back to you because that far enough I want to b taken

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And I, stood staring at the door,
I knew he would walk into,
Hoping like many times before,
He would look me through,
Like a woman, his woman,
Hoping it’s his turn,
To love me like his only one,
Love me like it should have been,
Like am the only one he has ever seen,
But he walks,
Stares, never talks,
He hits me,
Abuses, thinks I ‘am not pretty
He says it to me, Again,
Inflicts that place in my heart, pain
I leave, am through,
Damn am so through!
Tired of being stuck on you,
He calls hims a man, yet never was
Just another man with own flaws,
Ain’t random, can’t get this on sale
You say you love me then you oughtta treat me well,
I am a woman, I ‘v needs, 
I ’v got ego, I ’v got swag,
It all comes without a price tag…
He thought I would stay,
He should v known ….

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Staying here with my loneliness,
I can't withstand this emptiness,
My days are full of sadness,
My nights are full of darkness,
How can I live without you

My heart breaks, my eyes weep,
As if i have never seen any happiness,
Don't you see what's happening!!!!!!!!!!

Can't take anymore this heaviness,
Please come for sake of my loneliness
Come and fill my emptiness.......

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Your Eyes

The look in your eyes when your about to kiss me
The hugs we share when I know you missed me
When you rub the back of my head
So affectionate but not blatantly
I wanna feel like your craving me
But not all the time,
Like you're saving me
I've had a lot of animosity
But honestly,
I Love You Baby like Crazy
I wanna be a better lady
I know I could be a little less lazy
Maybe less obsessive and possessive
Your love is a gift 
I'll give it all that I can give 
I'm glad it didn't go the other way
Thank God you decided to stay
I have a grudge that I have to put away
Becauz today is a new day
I Love You half as my much as tomorrow
Twice as much as yesterday

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rAnDoM hEaRtS

When your feeling down & your heart it aches, 
And every moment of your day,  your heart it breaks,  just remember I'm always here for you too pull thrum,  no matter what it is you do. Ill still be here when you need to be loved,  between me and you I'm your angle from above,  here to give you that needed shove,  to help you to find the right path again I will always be your bestest friend.

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close to you

why do i feel you so close
 yet you are not there 
 why do you not answer
 as if you didnt care
 yet my heart tells me you do 
 you took away the pain they planted there 
 it lifted, for one moment i was free 
 flying free, i was floating, didnt care 
 I was me, our souls were so entwined
 the me that was born, before i was burdened with so much pain
 cant i feel forever this way 
 why do you have to go away
 you linger in my thoughts, but in the cold light of day you are not there
 there is only the reality that really you do not care
 the less i think the more you are there
 but really you are far far away
 my soul despairs
 i cant understand how you cannot love me 
 when my soul tells me that you do 
 when i am always and forever so close to you

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 He was consumed,
by a manifesting desire,
to have that he,
couldn't aquire,
because she belonged,
to another man,
and it was much more,
then he could stand,
he longed to have her,
to hold her, to care,
and he wasn't about,
to ever share,
If he couldn't have her,
no one would,
and he would have taken her with him, 
if he could!!

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Broken and Lied Too

Threw heart ache after heart ache
Endless hours of tears rolling off my check
After Finding out the two years of our relationship was a lie.
I can't love you back anymore
I'm tired of pretending that I am happy when I'm not
I gave you everything 
Only thing you gave me was broken heart
Now I'm done
I can't pretend anymore 
Please understand this is for the best
Let me take what's left of my broken heart and go.

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When im needing love n affection all im feeling is neglection  I cant believe hes treating me so bad never felt so confused n so sad i feel like a lost depressed soul that lost everything i had i feel so stupid for believing him n trusting what he said now im broken hearted n misled over here halfdead im shaking with pain inside n out this is the worst i ever felt it feels like i have nothing at all n im not even inportant enough for him to call n he wont catch me if i fall betrayed unloved confused going crazy mentaly abused heartbroken n used So much pain n tears how could he do this to me after so many years

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sans limites

A ll the thoughts of your hand in mine
B egging for just one more day
C ertain that you are destiny
D etermined to hold onto you forever
E ven when the times are hard
F avoring only you to lay by
G allant spirit of yours that i adore
H eart-felt words rushing from your lips
I ntriguing my every piece of mind
J ealously envying the hand that lies upon your cheek
K eeping your heart beat close to mine
L oving without limits

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Loyal Heart


the look in your eyes as  you walk toward me
the way you quicken your pace as our eyes meet
it matters not
that I have forgotten the time
You forget I am late...

Athena Beauchamp


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Black Rose of Love

       The dread black rose has such  dark meaning to it.
       It can never find a way to a heart .
       The Thorns are deadly t all who touch and hold .
        The Black pedals on that on the rose show pain and suffering and loss .  
        A Creation of such darkness such Agony and Despite  in it .
        How  does a person turn such a creation a Black Rose into a Red  Rose .
        The Black Rose of Love is  heart ache , pain , hatred  for your love of people and things .
 For that is the Black rose of love  

                      Stay away from the Black Rose of Love.

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khass jagah

meri jindagi ch teri ek 
khass jagah hain
tu nahi to meri jindagi 
mere liye ek sjah hai 
tu mujse juda ho na 
mai tujse dur na reh 

humare milan ki jehi ek 
wjah hai 
meri jindagi 
mein .............

raho tum apni dunia 
main sag sag tere firbi 
mai rahu kitna b alag  
tumse tere sag sag he 
sda sansein bharugi 
meri arjoo hai meri har 
sans sag tere he ho 
tumse he judi har sda 
meri jindagi mein ......

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An angel you are
beautiful in every way
Gods grace surrounds 

my beacon of light your love
to see me through
haunting darkness 
that tis my mind

your son chosen 
sadly taken
yet your smile lightens up
the whole room

blue eyes sparkle laughingly
yet i see truth 
beneath gentle facade

as souls connected
soft click i heard 
i felt

i pray for this always
your love calms my inner beast
bringing peace upon 
the morrows rays

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Leave Me

why do you keep coming back for me 
can you not see
you can just go away i dont care 
i have nothing left to share
nothing for you to take 
you are just a fake 
ment only to cause harm 
move you arm 
you cant hurt me anymore 

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feeling mind and body

wish you could've met him too
been someone to hear me cuz
my learning him, my yearning
was good and real and true 

maybe he was too perfect for me
so many feelings ago

he happened to me
he drew me in charcoal pencil
in my shades of black, gray 
and even between that

he taught me how to drive with my hands
to drive wihout needing my feet
he taught how to love with my mind
and music, art, words, imagination

that chair got between us too fast
I didn't care, but he did 
and I was too young to know
to know how to convince him

losing him
was as bad
as losing
how to walk

because it happened to him 
not me
and he couldn't feel anymore
anyone below his arms

he left me

and because he happened to me
not him
and I couldn't feel anymore
anyone above my arms

was that as bad 
as the loss of his legs?

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The Heart of Men

It has been broken 
It has been step on 
Even held in the hand by another 
It has been take care 
Kick to the side 
And place on a Mantel for the world to see 
Even dealing with the fortress of cover emotions 
Lies a person at with the strength of Atlas
And the mind of a super computer   
A heart as genuine as gold 
Hard to contain as the wind that blows by her face
It has tame the hardest of woman
It has create rhythmic music and poems
That has define the world today 
All because of the heart of this man will 
A will created by Pain, Stress, Anger, and Happiness
The driving force behind every man
That hasn’t and will not give up on the thing that has his heart

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give you my all

im going to change it up and change the tone, 
tonight im going to talk bout you and me being alone. 
for this is the dream i had last night, 
and with it i cant get the images out of my mind. 
my body is still shakin n my mind is a reck, 
i can feel your breath upon my skin while your teeth graze across my neck. 
as i rap my arms around you and you pull close, 
you latch on to me n do what i love most. 
your grip gets tight n your nails dig into my back, 
i get lost in your eyes with no attempt of turning back. 
now i move in to give you a kiss 
but i might wanna tease so i bite gently upon your bottum lip. 
with everything i got i leave you weak in a shortness in breath, 
ill give my all to you until i have nothing left...

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forget it

I sit and wonder what went wrong 
we used to be best of friends 
we used to talk about everything now
 we cant even stand each other
i used to think that we were linked in such a spirtual way 
but as the days goes by i find myself with a stranger
how can i love and be witha stranger
Why is it so hard to find love
Why is it so hard to hold on to love
I have so much love to give 
but at this moment in my life 
I rather just forget it

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I love you

My love will always follow you, 
even if you are far away,
or if it even takes a day,
my love for you is all i know,
so let it love,
 let it grow

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holds it down

always brings me joy
promises are forever
important someone I couldnt forget never

Crazy in love with him
holds it down threw thick and thin
understands me like noone else can
lroud to call him my man
obviously mine and on my mind all the time

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im not your angel

you said I was your angel that when you wake up the sun is up to let you know I love you then why is it raining every time I get up if I was your angel I would be by your side if I was your angel I would hold your hand and never let go. if I was your angel you would know I m not your angel you would feel the love

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What I'm Looking For

We've been talking for quite some time
You have your problems and I have mine
But when it comes right down to it
Baby, you need to make up your mind

If you truly see in what I believe
Then you'll love me for me
Now give me a reason to believe
You're not what you seem to be

So, please, tell me why should I
Continue to stand by your side
When all you speak are lies
Baby, look me in the eye
Let me know what's on your mind

I need to know the truth
You leave me so confused
And because of you
I don't know what to do

Between friends and lovers, there is a difference
Possible intentions towards me are of no interest
What I'm looking for is one who's true
She who can keep it real, someone to talk to

Now would be the time to let me know
If it's my own way I should go
And if so, I'm gonna say thanks on my behalf
Because you can never lose what'cha never had

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More then just pleasing

I want someone I can kiss.
Someone I can wrap my arms around.
Someone to undress me.
Someone to cover my mouth
so the neigbors cant hear a sound.
Someone to make me drip with lust.
Making me beg for more is a must.
Someone whos tounge makes me sensitive to every touch.
Someone whos so rough and yet gental that to the sheets 
I clucth.

And when its over....

I want someone I can kiss
Someone I can lay with.
Someone who will stroke my hair.
Someone who will hold on tight.
Someone who will never leave.
Someone who I more than just need.
And for every reason they stay 
In every way I know 
Its more than just pleasing.

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My second chance

Is it possible that i have found the one i am meant to be with?
A possibility of a second chance at love?
A possibility of not being alone ever again?
Someone that won't hurt me?
Someone to share my life with?
Someone that will listen to me?
Someone that won't judge me?
Someone that will love me for who i am and not what they want me to be?

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Sticks and Stones

Stick's and stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me, But love 
affairs and broken swears will leave me scared deeply.

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for lovers


If I die tomorrow I really would not mind
I say this because I have lived my time

and I thank God for every moment we share
even if we argued I still knew you cared 

so when I leave this earth 
and they burry me in the cold lonely dirt

I will ask god watch out for you
as I will always do 


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Still I stand

I will fight this war
All the blood, sweat, and tears to the core
Just when I thought I couldn't take no more
My arms heavy and sore
I will never close my door
My life I adore
Even though my heart you thought you tore
Don't make your destination the floor

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I can see you there behind the door
I can hear your foot steps from a far
I can taste sweetness on my lips as if you was here
I can feel the warmth of your skin lingering 
I can smell your life force 
As I get up to get to you it seem like a never ending hallway
I turn the corner and it seems like I am running in circles 
I see you running up the stairs 
I proceed but yet again it seems like I am stop
By this never ending creation on stair 
So I give up the chase 
Then with a whisper from your lips you say 
“Never give up on something that you love”
With the new determination of love I start back over
From the ever ending hallway 
The endless running in circle 
Now for the climb up the stair away
I feel half-way there and I reach for you and you reach back
As I am getting closer and closer 
I can see you there behind the door
I can hear your foot steps from a far
I can taste sweetness on my lips as if you was here
I can feel the warmth of your skin lingering 
I can smell your life force 
But then as I get closer to see your face 
I am blind fold then I feel a kiss that sends warmth down my spine
Then a hand on my chest as if I can feel our heart beats as one
I hear you take a breath of love  
The smell of your perfume
Even though I am blinded I still see the beauty of you
As you lend down to give another kiss 
I am awaken by my alarm clock for my day 
I look to the left and look to the right and see no one
Hear the cars drive by
Smell the garbage being picked up
Touch the sweat of my face
And the taste of morning breathe
As I get dress and reach over to pick up a towel that was left on my bed I smell you again
Then it all comes back me again 
But yet you’re not here 
It was only a dream 
But can you be real for me 
Or just a dream to me

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Your the only one who can keep a smile on my face the whole time i'm with you. and when I get home I sit down and think of you, then out of nowhere you text me and say you miss me and you can't wait to see me again, and all i can do is smile and say i can't either, i dont know what it is about you, but you have some sort of control over me that I cant resist, when you kissed me it was a dream come true I cant seem to get you out of my mind.

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dusky hour
I'm tryin to sleep
these nite time showers
they become my beat
as I walk from bar to bar
wish I knew where you are
because you've clouded my mind

kim holmes

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The Connection

There was an instant connection, Thru the first bars & lines, as I gained mobile reception, Eyes glowin in excitement, Body growin from enticement, As my fingers moved swiftly thru the keys, My fingertips tingled, My soul at ease, U were a breath of fresh air, It was like we'd met before, I swear, It felt like deja vu, Everything u'd say, It felt like a reminder of what I'd been thru, The feeling I felt, it's like nothing I can describe, The amount we had in common was uncanny, From our beliefs, Down to our relationships with our family, I was amazed how words could have such an effect through a screen, But I was touched in every way from my head to my spleen, I'd imagine u whispering those words softly in my ear, & with every message u sent, thru my heart, It was clear, Falling for u had I not seen u in front of me, I'd ask myself, Was it crazy, Then u'd convince me not, that it was just the divine connection we shared, & Question God, I had not dared, I knew it was a reason for ur placement in my life, I'd not encountered u, without some sacrifice, God taketh away, & he'd given me, u The reason ur here, we shall see in a few, A great friend u'll always stay, & I'll still think of u,everyday, Though, our plan is to meet sooner or later, But each day, my anticipation grows greater, My mind wonders what will come of this, Will we get one another? Will God transform u, from my friend, to my lover?

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Butterfly's Death

To love you forever is such a long time
To love you while I am alive is of lesser time 
I am your butterfly and you my unicorn
I fly from flower to flower and never settle on one
As your butterfly I want to rest on my unicorn
In time I may or not, who knows 
Only death is certain, then only can I rest


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It's you

I love you more then him
My like for him is different
not stickier then our pin
ill make you my mission
he makes me miss you less
and when your not here 
when your gone I'm a mess
I feel guilty for enjoying him
but he makes me feel so sane
I know you feel your losing me
I'm causing you great pain
but i'll wait on you forever 
through the sunshine and the rain

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you and you're handsome smile can cheer me up anyday
you and your big brown eyes can make me smile no matter how down i am
and your voice can send chills straight down my spine
and you,yourself can make my heart beat a million times faster than usual

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I'm Sitting Here

Normally I think about what is going on in my life
Something says back away 
Something says push 
My heart says I 'm in love with you 
I feel as I push, you pull
But if I keep pushing I'm afraid you'll go away
I don't ever want to lose this relationship 
We can be cool, tight which ever you pick
Thank You for staying up with me, When I'm having problems all threw the night 
You said if I was to ever need some under ten give you a hallo
My pride sometimes when I'm around I swallow 
Well I have something bigger that you can't pay for
It comes with trust and more 
I didn't know how to tell to you this 
But last night what I meant to say was!
I know you my man and I know you want cheat  WHY!
Because when I'm around you, you control all of my heart beats 
Baby forget about everyone else
You don't have to say it and you don't have to tell me 
About a boy I never felt this way
This is to my Boo Betta yet my Dear 
I'm Sitting Here

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old bones

Poetic Form: Heroic Couplets 
Printer Friendly Poem  
Old Bones  

Just throw these old bones in the backyard
I got tired of life
I've loved it hard
Don't go makin a fuss
Outta losin this old cuss
Just bury me
Like you married me
In my jeans
Take my pieces and maybe make some kind sense
Course, we'll argue about how you got it wrong


Originally submitted under my Mom's site

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How was I to know it would end this way?
No one told me that I'd lie  here, broken and bleeding.
All I did for you,
All I said was to please you,
All I wanted to be was what you wanted...
But you just cursed me, lied to me, used me, and beat me.
Now I lie here,
Woundering why...
MY blood is being drank by the greedy ground.
As you rip out me heart and spill the blood.
Once so full of love and hope,
It's now nothing.
Sitting, like a balloon thats lost it's breath,
My heart shrivels and dies,
My skin turns cold,
My limbs go numb,
Yet with my last breath, I forgive you.
For the things that you were hypnotized into doing to me,
No body cry over me, 
For I am now in my Father's arm's in Heaven.

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Bryan Knight

I love you so much
from the day that we first met.
That's a memory
ill never forget.
we talked and talked 
a lot on the phone.
my thoughts of you
i was never alone.
we lived so close 
just down the street.
my love for you 
can never be beat.

you moved away 
so far from me.
i miss you so much 
as you can see.
i searched and searched 
for many years.
and when i found you
i had these fears.
i didn't know 
if you still loved me.
i didn't know
if you still cared.
i didn't know 
if you still felt the same.

in my world i'm lost.
i don't know who's to blame.
i want you back in my arms
but you say no.
i shed my many tears.
i always knew i had these fears.
we\\\'re still friends 
so things are ok,
but ill love you forever,
more and more each day.

we talk a lot now
even more than before.
my heart still aches
and its still sore.
but i still love you 
more than you'll ever know.
my feelings for you will never go.
till the day i die 
ill be hear for you.
my love for you was ever so true.

You'll be in my heart
even though were far apart.
my thoughts of our past
always makes me cry.
but to you ill never 
say good-bye.

your in my life 
but just as friends.
i think of you often
even when the day ends.
I'm so happy your hear again.
over the phone 
it'll never end.
we keep in touch
we talk ever night.
ill be here for you
even when you think i'm gone.

ill never for get you 
Bryan knight.
you were my one and only love! 

i love you now forever and always!

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You went blank on the line
between sand and water,
between seizure and assault.
The tribes have unwrapped their torches,
they are coming in numbers.

Who was going on trial?
Fierce fidelity is demanding vendetta.
The drummer announces the fight.
Justice parts the lips for
peace against tragedy!

The golden voice caves in.
Time moves as a profane octopus -
suckers clasping on the vital stomata.
Green blood oozes from eyes.
The truce was transient.

Childless earth throws up the flames.