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In twilight,
the noose tightens-
and shadows start walking
towards you; to reclaim
your anonymity-
and declare in deadpan manner:
the author is dead.

Your smallness goes
on sale. You are subjected
to scrutiny by the small print, but
the truth escapes from lidless eyes.

A private punishment.
There was blood on the knife.
Why did you write a
sanguinary poem for your savior today ?

Satish Verma

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Battle of the words

Bravery is the father of fears
Dreams are distant cousins of nightmares
Hope is the sister of prayers
Every night shame lays down and gets screwed by despair
Pollution abuses Mrs. atmosphere
It's a battle between personality and reality 
But obviously nobody cares
Maybe it's because big tough is the uncle of little scared
Planning is deeply in love with prepared
Procrastination is the biggest enemy of determination
Ignorance is jealous of realization
Sometimes strength can get sneak attacked by temptation
Silence can never defeat a great proclamation
When the brain disagrees with the heart
The body dies of complications

Love your self...

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What Fear Fed On

The venom that rains
Got you
In the desert
And a spirit
Weak in brevity
Strong but unbelieving
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

Society cuts
Flying wings
As to drain
The courageous soul
Of its hope
And then
People die
Rich with power
Power they never used
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

I see plain pain
In your eyes
Hurt laughing at you
You’re afraid
To ever love again
Because your past
Caused you wounds
So you walk agape
In a cold escape
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

I see your dried tears
On your broken face
But a determination
You’ve been robbed of
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

So will you
Forever sulk
Forever your conscience bulk
In a pessimist bask?

Or will you
Your mantle take
And fear forever shake
For you live dead
When fear drives your head

That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

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To disconnect oneself
you push apart, from the stasis,
like flesh from the bones.
Coming home becomes dreadful
when you discover yourself.

A dark energy impels you
in a cosmos which was drifting
towards eternity. A fight between
space & time ultimately settles
for a second life.

Paralysed mind goes into dementia.
A riverbed, waterless, where you can dig out
the ancient marbles, edifice of a great flaming past.
It was obscene. At a hunger meet
tables were set with delicious cuisine.


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can i say something about love

can i say something about love
my human rights to say about love

searched out dictionaries for definition of love
but didn't find any particular definition of love

as i go,go further at internet for love
this time finds,finds complexity of love

friends,don't find general rule for love
law can be obeyed,how can be love

general rule should be obeyd for love
please replacesthe word law with love

as i find in different cultures to love
find kindness,scarifice,and generosity to love

amiee style of love different in love 
get any reward in love,not fair for love

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My Grandma is gone

Why did she have to go away
Why did she leave all of us 
I wish she was here so we can stop crying

She was the best grandma that anyone can have 
when my cousins and I was young when she would bake a cake she would 
always let us lick the spoon

She was so funny even when she wasent trying to be funny
Now she is looking down on all that know her and love her
When she first held her great grandson my son the look in her eyes she felt joy 
and happyness and that he is still in her heart even though she is in a better 

I miss her so much I still feel the pain in my heart but it will get better 
I am glad she has no more pain..

She will live on in our hearts and we will never forget her
Her life did not end it is just beginning.

For MY Grandma Dorthy Purcell RIP AND I LOVE YOU

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Carpe Diem

you cant help but feel to failure,
presence of nothingness fills your heart,
 your subconscious mind turns into your enemy,
and the heart you stitched together has fallen back apart
your head is filled with memories, in which stab your present thought,
The smile on your face is artificial,
while the pain in your heart remains sought
stuck in this state of mind, its hard to let it go
you get high to seize the day, because on ground level, 
your stuck at a low

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My face is distorted
Is my real face even showing?
I don't know if I'm experiencing my true feelings
My love is true is yours?
I demand you and you shut the door in my face repeatedly 
We have many years together and yet we have nothing

Our children see the real you 
The real person I  have seen since day one
I can't believe you let your love for society get in the way of my innocents
How dare you? 
I have to be everything to them and it's not fair to them 
They will grow up knowing I was the only consistency in their wee lives

Where is the outline for me?
Do you hear my screams? What about the silent ones?
I go without so much because my wee little ones need more than I 
What do you go without?

I look in the mirror at myself
Who is looking back at me?
Is this really me? Is this really my life? 

I stood by you through so much
The things you did the things you said to me
You have hurt me like no other has and yet I'm still here are you?
Emotionally I'm not here, My heart stays here, But I can't figure out where my mind is
Or where it all belongs? 
I'm so torn, so broken, so numb 
I guess I'm just going to be distorted for the rest of my time with you
I promised I would love you through everything and I have but where is the outline?

I don't see the real me and haven't in a long time thanks to you
I don't even do my hobbies anymore I just sit and watch the world as I call life pass by
Why do you want our wee little innocents to see this? what would posses you to?
If I broke my promise would I be submitted to the pits for enternity? 
I gained so much and yet I lost more much 
You hurt me with life itself and nothing but fear 
Can you honestly tell me what have you lost you entire life?

It feels like a band-aid  that I just can't take off no matter how I rip it off
Do I wear a mask over me? Does anyone see the real me anymore?
I hurt so much with you but yet I loved you for so long 
I can't accept your I'm sorry pity excuses anymore 
Is my face nothing to you? Does it mean nothing to you?

My heart feels so much anger, depression, emotions of not being wanted
Do you or have you ever felt this way?
I don't know what to believe in anymore
I feel like paper and I'm being torn into a million pieces 
Or what if you are putting me through a paper shredder?
Is the real me even showing?
I'm distorted

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What was about this face ?
Between mirage and actuality ?
A fireball was coming towards you.
You upturn the underside, 
wanted to taste the blood
and get argasm.
The statues were posing nude.

Mothers were clad in leaves.
Fruits were the greed of man.
I refuse to lie in state. The
sand grains will find the innocence
of silver breasts when sky will
spat a murder. Were you ready
now to become corrupt ?

At last the beginners are now
becoming the boots.

Satish Verma

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tears of a broken heart

i cry i feel i rather  die then make you cry my heart is breaking  cracks in my mind  
thiers tears on the floor from your broken heart but i acted like i didnt care.tears 
fall down your sorry for what i have done yet now its too little to late 
tears of a broken heart is becomming worse you wont stop dont 
believe me i told you i love you yet you keep crying.The tears of a broken heart so 
many  heart broken tears.i rather die then make you cry but its a little to late.

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above pain

Above pain

He has been stepped on
He has been hated on
But he still stands and rises above pain
Wars came, left relatives dead
He cried, he trembled
But he still stands
Once regretted his birth
Once thought of taking his life.
Thunder strikes and that’s enough
To make him gain strength
To aim higher and rise above pain
He is now rising above pain
Trying everything to clean his brain

If he was created in God’s image?
Why can’t God take care of His image?
Questions he couldn’t find answers to
Friends all gone,
The only family he has ever known
Streets become his home,
Starving to death,
Could not hold his breath
But still standing strong
And promises to rise above pain..
                                                       By, ino29

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Bitter by ; being mentally bruised and battered most of my life,
shaken with fright without a single soul to help me
through the troubles unseen horrors of the night, 
from an evil source that I fear to strike. 
But as the evil forces, who limited my choices 
that when I found my stallion horses. 
Swiftly it came to my head I can run and I cannot hide, 
feeling the Beast closing in on every time I decide to hide. 
Tired of running and tired of alluding this
relentless creep as my red bolt eyes weep 
feeling rest-less, likes a lonely defeated warrior from his home in retreat 
that is when I knew it time to rest, to release my Beast. 
But in a fight, I may not win however as I cast out my dirty words sin
I made sure it felt my impact, to the bloody end.

by Keith Kadell

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Sighting the plankton,
it was the moondown 
entry, of heron 
in the lake.


Flawless, a big fish 
eats the small fish. 
It was not a 
faux pas.


The animalism 
outreaches. Would you 
now go for a 
favourite deity ?

Satish Verma

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sometime i work so hard
but a kind of ppl make it bad
thats make me feel so deep sad
you know i just laugh on dm laud 

some of dm think they'r British
shit weak up ur just like a bitch 
u can't handle it so u just scratch
ur self cuz u losz ur dream nd u can't  catch

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trust yourself

trust yourself !
and don't fall down
trust yourself!
and you will be happy
trust yourself!
and be yourself
be yourself!
and be happy who you are
be happy!
and you will grow wings and fly
fly to your dream
of something big

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The Vent

im livin in a world, where all eyes on me.
trying to curve my own route.
but route 66 keeps finding its way to me.
ive been plenty sick, in all the events layed before me.
even when i reflect to my lowest points
i dont regret any of the choices
That I’ve deployed in my era
A lot of it by error, but hey
We live in hell conditions and there ain’t no air condition 
Or any guidelines when life throws you in the sidelines
But when hindsight twenty twenty hits
You’ll begin to understand life’s a bunch of equations and you in the mix of it
An you’ll have to think twice, before running into a situation and becoming the best of it
it’s what got me here, it’s what got us here
Ran with my thoughts blazing up to her place and
Guess what happened next
She opened up heaven’s gate
And just before late I slipped out
Simply put 
I’m a Grown ass man
Doin his thing, waitin to blow up like an old land mine
In doin what he drools over
But time after time 
Something decides to creep up and cover the light
Lost my way
Then I revoked to ever know, I ever thought that way
But in the in between time, that in the mean time 
Spent a lot of time
Gettin pissed off just to medicate and lift off
Don’t need Don Perion to sip off
Already had my way with the bottle
Even thought to get back with the trouble and rejoin the hustle
That’s just what happens to a man who really knows his old ways
Whos tired of making ends meet and ponders getting back to the streets.
Memory sets in and he remembers an O.G. saying
No matter how tall your pockets stand when you ball
Eventually times gonna make you fall
And I as I pull myself together 
I don’t wanna end up like the twin towers rubble
I mean no offence to nine eleven but at that time I probably could have used a reverend
But all that’s irrelevant now
because i live with a different perspective now

there you go you made it to the end :-) comment if you like, constructive criticism wanted as well.

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Wrigglers dripped again
from hidden heights. The red river changed
its course furiously. The wave climbers
abseiled from a lethal boat

to wipe out the beach memory. Timeline 
sneaked to put the blood signature
of a cult on the glass shards.

A biosynthesis starts for tadpoles
destroying the infrastructure of the species.
Yolk sacs were emply. New borns
were turning into snakes.

Enemy swept across the land. Deers
were being released for the panthers.
The boundary was only meant for the victims.
The metamorphosis was complete.


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weakness in his strength


Weakness in his strength
Born by hatred and raised by anger
He felt like his life was hangin on a hanger
Poor little one,
People loved his dad, but to him he was dead
His dad’s name, in his senses
Covered by memories
And surrounded by sadness
He said he had seen the worst
But he is not the first
He had failure as his big brother
Hatred kept near them as their mother
He thanked God for every breath
But could not find the weakness in his strength

The weakness in his strength
Poor little one, with his
Weakness in his strength

Lights looked bright to others but to him
They looked deem
Funeral for his mother…
Dead and gone was Mrs. Hatred
That’s the moment he forgot about hate and
Decided to move in with dad,
Living Mr. Anger alone which left him mad
Success, a beautiful lady his dad 
Started dating last weak
She was introduced to him
But still felt weak
Education, who she met at school and changed his life
Who she later made his wife
Had to hire a babysitter by the name of health
After having a baby who they named wealth.

The weakness in his strength
Weakness in his strength 
Started facing death.
                                                                                                           Written by,

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The Day You Went To Heaven

             The day you went to heaven
  You took my heart with you
  For my life has since been empty
  No fullfillment in anything I do

              I see no blue in the sky
   And the sun no longer shines
   The birds no longer sing to me
   The clouds aren't fluffy and white

               The day you went to heaven
    My world just fell apart
    Not all the glue on this fair earth
    Could mend my broken heart.

                 So, until I get to heaven
     Just save a place for me
     Until that time I want you to know
     In my heart is where you will be.

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Push Up

i could sit here. day in and day out
thinking of the most proper way
to let the ink in the pen spill out
but as of late im feeling prehistoric 
so much weight on my shoulders 
and i dont know where to go
resuscitate my soul
look back up and head to the goal

so much evil around. i feel like the devils workin double shifts just to bring me down.
on the road to redemption
you can take a seat up in the front section
just so you can feel the emotions
in this electric notion

i've done a lot of things that hide the halo
let it all collaborate when i medicate 
now look at me, mind workin like plato
formulate a new path to take so i can
maneuver through all the mistakes 
we all know we cant change what we've already made
but we can change the next thing we create
startin to sound like a serenity prayer
5 steps till im thirty
and the twenty four before i was never a player
found out when the lights came back on im strictly a lover
its the strongest drink for your soul, when its thirsty
so careful how much you intake or be left hungover
even worse be the one she ran over

i dont mean to come off like im too deep
but the obstacles made there way through just to scrape through
and leave me suffocating
just for me to re-invent a new way to breathe, re-decorating

is your life so complicated 
you rather wet up your pillows and revoke from the life you live
just think of your kids mourning 
theyll never see that pretty face in the morning any more
cheer your self up
you got a lot to live for
your a gem and im that friend
trynna appraise the value 
that you dont see inside of you

just another day for him
goin about
searchin wonderin what his purpose is
running in circles 
till he found a way through all the turbulence

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              let today be the present tense.
              yesterday be the past tense.
              tomorrow be the future tense.

              let we be the parts of speech.
              you are the noun there,
              i am your verb,
              you can make the pronoun to talk about the noun,
              adverb can't stand without verb,
              let adjective be verb which qualifies the noun,
              noun you can have the company of preposition,
              conjunction shouldn't come between us,
              by seeing you i became interjection.

              let your surroundings be the sentence.
              you be the subject.
              make your life verb.
              make use of object,
              you and you only be the complement.
              don't adjust and go and become adjunct.

              don't listen the idioms of some idiots.
              we don't want to be homophones.
              you are the main clause.
              i'm your subordinate clause.
              without main subordinate cant.,
              this is life. enjoy it in grammar's way.....


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i can not play many game

i can't play many game
that's make me feel blame
cuz i work on ma dream 
so i can't give ya m name

listen if u want understand
life it's not a small stupid land
to create some lil crappy band
so dont give up cuz its not d end

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I will love you till the day i die

Why people don't believe me when i say i love this girl 

Why they think i'm playing with her heart 

I ain't playing with her heart and i ain't going to break her heart cause i don't want to see 
her heart broken in pieces
She is my princess who have my heart 
I love her more than i love my self 
baby you are the only one who will have my life ain't no one will take you from me except 
( god) 
Baby i love the way you make me happy and smiling 

Girl you are my queen and i love you till the day i DIE

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Family love

How popular and loved are you? 
I'm not talking the passed by wanna be's,                                    
or those who give you hugs when they see you.                      
Forget about the ones who call themselves your friends,         
while they texted you once in the past seven days if they even tex ted.                                                
You have more than thousand friends on facebook even more twitter followers,                         
how many can you call when you out of bread,                             
forget about the taxi fee when the month is dark.                                               
How many who actually follow you in real life,                                 
forget about those you bbm and send your naked pictures to,                                                      
how many who whatsapp you, 
facebook you without seeing your status updates?                        
forgive me if I'm being paranoid or insensitive.    
they say you are the twerleb, a celeb that is dating Caleb 
but what we see, self hate human being, who post selfies
that  describe the life would you desire.
They say your tweet said " clubbing tonight"
while you were busy cutting yourself under the bed today.  
Your friends used to be, 
are posting picture of their families, 
some selfies of their resent boyfriends named Tim,               
and you still busy posting edited jokes about people,                     
how lonely can it get?                
How lonely are you?                          
Maybe you don't need any of that, 
maybe all you need is family love,  
I may not be the smartest, 

but I have shoulders to give, 
I have tissues to wipe away your tears, 
because I am your family.
we are here for you

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Laid back


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Will I turn back? No, why?
Cuz this is my path, in life.
Will i stop, and wait for death?
Or will I live life, Breath by breath?
I choose to live day to day, with this life,
Cuz death can take us at any time.
Why not make the best of what we have now?
I REFUSE to keep my head hanging down.
I will try to live life to the best of my ability,
With peace, love, and tranquility.
i choose to be and think positively,
If I dont, I'll be self demolishing.
I chose the path I walk, Whether it be with someone or alone,
I'm pleased with myself and maybe a place to call home...
Who knows?
I will mature even wiser than before
Don't be jealous because YOUR decisions were poor.
Happier more than I ever was, now uncovered,
A life out there, WORTH being discovered?!?!?!?!?
Will I turn back? No, Why?
Cuz this is my path, in LIFE.

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Don't Go

Don't go
Don't go
I said no
But I mean, I don't know.

The black moon is drowning over the opal sea.
And my heart is a giant eagle beyond my will.

Hold my hand,
Hold my hand,
I said I'm not ready,
But I mean, I don't know.

The red sun is exploding in a plum blue sky.
And my heart is a giant eagle beyond my will.

Sleep with me,
Sleep with me,
I said I'm not sure,
But I mean, I don't know.

The Lightening in my soul is burning, burning burning.
And my heart is a giant eagle beyond my will.

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Lady Una and the Lion

Walking in the meadow of life on that summer day

Where she always loved to be at Una  walked along the steady stream 
As she picked up the white Lilly flower and put upon her hair of gold (princess of love)

And the daughter of a dander king
Una suddenly turned her head to the old orchard tree and begun to sing roman lullabies of joy

With tears of affection shed for the god who lives above the skies
At that moment she gazed back to the stream 
And there the lion stood so tall just like a king eyes wide looked to una 
As she went toward the mighty lion he went to her and utter'd thee words 
 I am a creature of pride with nothing to hide I am pure of heart true of courage with a mask of savage a mane gold as our hearts-

She became very happy and intrigued 
As she laid her gentle hands on upon the lion she spoke these words 
  -I love thee lion and by sun and moon I love thee freely as men strive for right;
I love thee purely in my old griefs and childhood's faith 

There a tiny lamb appears right next to her and the lion 
So small and graceful like a gift from god above 
The tiny lamb followed them further into the enchanted meadow sky as crystal blue and the wind is calm they drifted off strung into the world
To bring new love joy and courage to the world and spread good faith

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BEAUTY- You're Beautiful

Beauty is not the eyes that smites the ocean
It's not that dazzling pebble they call the pupil
It's neither the lashes that makes a rainbow
Nor the brows that sink titanic

Beauty is neither the nose that face no fear
Nor the way it sucks those air
It's not the fact it perceives BIG
And the moment it throws you off league

Beauty cannot be the lips that levels the mountains
The one that cries,"I LOVE YOU"
It's not the kiss that makes lips hunting
Never the shape it makes in blue moon

Beauty is not those ears that seek attention
Nor the ring that flavors the lobe
It's not how demanding it seeks affection
And how mind-blowing and lovely that flows

Beauty is not the strands of hair that matter
Nor the way it whips and scatter
It's not the way it circles the continent
And when fixed, makes a monument

Beauty is not the body that solves calculations
4+4, 4x2, 9-1
It's neither the way it responds with reaction
Nor how it burns the sun to make it worm


Beauty is her acting like an Angel
Her heart that melts the seas
The way she smiles like there's no fear
Her talent that glamours her destiny

Beauty is the way he stands like a soldier
The way he embarrasses with LOVE 
His strength excited when older
And his heart purer than blood


By Kbillion

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What the HEART WANTS,,,,

    People say "Listen to your HEART."
But what if you can't HEAR it?
         Your MIND wants all these other things,
and then you CAN'T HEAR your HEART.
        I sit and CLEAR my MIND 
   I sit LISTENING to my HEART

         What am i suppose to do now?


Plzz comment if u like my poem or have any thoughts and plzz rate

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Yosemite Valley

A glazed view, as through a glass that magnifies
Between the granite banded with blue and umber
Cruel paths of glacier, ancient swords of hunger
Deeply carved a threshold one can hardly grasp
Each turn of compass, leaves a gasp
Forever brings our talking to a halt
Green rivers whipped to white by waterfalls
How gaunt the pines climb high upon the ridge
Itself, a place exempt from time
Justifies belief of Godly kind
Keeping watch above a valley floor
Looming monoliths of ancient lore
Morning bright of shimmering brooks that flow 
Next brings winter breezing through the mind
Ours the privilege of beholding
Past and futures coming here together
Question not the overwhelming wonder
Relished eyes behold the truthful splendor
Saturates the heart and soul forever
That if one stands too long within such glory
Under white peaks and folklore stories
Varying degrees of speechlessness and thrill
With sun above,  and human form so small
Xanadu is not of fiction, it is real
Yosemite, this place, this land of royal grace
Zenith, this land of majesty, my eyes and heart embrace

Inspired by Deborah Guzzi's contest: "Do You Know Your A B C s?"
Dedicated to My Dad....Where he spend his childhood

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Bamboo's leaf shadowing your soul,
It dances swiftly inside your whole,
Wonderful bliss pours on you like a bowl,
When it's empty it shall comes again in sole.

Your smile makes the earth beaming,
Your willow's heart create new breathing,
You bring the bright hopes of beginning,
Never give up and continue to striving.

Immersed by your purest tranquility,
Your gentle heart capsized everybody,
Willow's heart always comes in purity,
Overcomes fears and cast out every negativity.

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The woman of my heart

Neutrality in your colour seduces me and overwhelms my pride. Originality in your words attracts me and drives my senses to you. Prenuptial agreement, I must sign, without delay. Quest no more! You are my type of girl. You are with no doubt the woman of my heart

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this roads i walk are hurting my feet

this roads i walk are hurting my feet,
i get home. i take my shoes off. i lie down.
i wake every morning wishing and hoping.
But guess what, this roads am walking them again.
It's a tragedy how my suffering is projected.
For the whole world to see. yes, they do feel sorry.
But i was a woken monster cursed to sleep.
Now am an achiever sent to a prison.
this roads i walk, are, hurting. My feet.
take a walk with me, but be scared, i can walk you for 100% your life.
aah, my feet. this roads i walk, are hurting. My feet.
You were asked, then you agreed, to walk with me. 
my name is knowledge, for you those who don't understand poetry.
look up, am the beautiful sky that you see at night. now all am asking you,
is to come with me.
this roads, my feet and you.
walk with me. i grow everyday, in you.
one day when am really grown up, you will be among
the stars. like i said; this roads, my feet and you.
am just like purity, am really good to the young,
but taste better for the old.
am not the Nazi, or the Ku klux klan. i take all.
am free. Use me. Take advantage of me for all i care.
am black, am power. am magic.
i move mountains of stupidity, am the king.
Am the word, the power, am knowledge. But.
this roads i walk, are hurting my feet.
nourish me, let me grow in you. so i get stronger.
then i can grow as we walk  this roads i walk.
that are hurting my feet. cause i get weak.
get me shoes, yes, this roads, if you walk with me,
you'll be among the stars.
word, know, slow down. take time. this roads.
my feet hurt. word. not animore. know. we'll succeed.
we have roads to walk, bear with me, i get weak. so.
nourish me, let me grow in you.

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As i cause conflict
between pen and paper,
my mind takes a journey, 
going back to the how
we used to be.

Tears are instantly 
from my eyes.
Memories stored in my 
mind arise. 

Hidden secrets of my 
fear becomes exposed,
i scratch my old wounds 
hoping to see blood.

Blood which symbolizes 
shall my wound be noted
when i become pale?

Invisible wound neglected
for it can't be seen with
the naked eye.
Invisible wound rejected,
because no doctor is  
qualified enough
to heal it.

How long shall i remain
with a wounded soul?
How long will i que up to 
see a surgeon to take my 
beyond repair heart out
and give me a new heart,

A heart capable of 
trusting again,
a heart able to love 
unconditionally again.  
A heart that will pump 
blood and not pain.
A heart that will beat 
and not fear to love.

This wound bleeds 
internally and everytime i 
try to forget about its 
i wish i could just see it,
because this invisible 
wound will have me 
thrown in a deep pit

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Green People

I see green people
They tell me they come in peace 
But they are showing me the roots to all evil
I see green people
They try to disguise their intentions 
But their actions are so see through
I see green people
They are the true world leaders
There are no free actions or thoughts
You do or think what they want you to
I see green people
They manipulated all of our history
So if we were to find the truth
It doesn't matter because their is no proof
I see green people
As their head grow larger 
I continue to have distant dreams of me being considered a equal
I see green people
They told me to worship them or die
Close my eyes and look through the lies
Because without them 
There is no chance to walk among the Gods
I see green people 
And there is no doubt about it
They truly show me the roots to all evil

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Paint Me A Picture Please

<                       Artist Brushstroke Creating Decembers Elite Frost
                         God Handed Imagery Justication Keeping Longevity
                         Making Novelist Opt Painting Quest Really Strong
                         Taking Utmost Vigrous Wealthy Xanthochroi
                         Yearning Zest

Entry For
Yasmin Khan's
Snow ABC Contest
G.L. All

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Girl Rising

A Young Beautiful girl with so much spirit in her to lift the soul

With blissful hopes to come she would become a queen they did not want

Many loved her beauty as a child but her step mother

Of a selfish dander king family did not like her at all

They wanted all but wrong for her and to lock her in a chamber with ash 
And dust that filled the air

Far away from society king wanted because they felt she was from rags in poor

Stead of riches and wealth a lonely child from the cottage where
The king’s witch of a sister raised her.

She became a slave scared to face the king’s wicked sister

She abide by what she was afraid to go
With a single tear she longed to be free and become
Something more than an average girl.
But a girl that rises up from the hate and dander rules set by one world

She wanted to be free to be loved and liked for what she believed in

As the days went on she grew stronger and rising from the pain in her heart
And by the twisted society by her step moms brother who wanted nothing 
But sorrow and to be down in the dumps of rags 

She took a stand for freedom a stand for love and never backed down
From her past she kept on fighting a battle which seemed endless

As she looked to the moon crying out with screams that echoed in the forest
Sounding so loud half a forest could hear

She took the dagger and the shield took it to her heart and utter words like these
          Lord of the sky’s guide me today and give me much more strength 
    Then I had yesterday and as my will to rise be ever strong may I not rest 
Till this dander evil king is no more

She went off and into the castle she snuck into with mighty dagger and shield with the heavens by her side she struck him out and proclaimed freedom and love to all this is a girl truly rising faith and all that stands for what’s right a brave girl that rises from hate
this is a girl rising up from the pain 

Poem story for contest( Girl Rising )
by brian otoole 8-05-13

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What lies beneath 
The flooding drains
A spiders web
Spawned of rustic chains
If you ask me how I am 
I'll reply that I'm ok
Hiding behind this mask
As I resume to face this day
Then theres the sights
A synonym of what I cannot find in you
But I have found
Sometimes hunger is the only kind of food
Have I lost my Faith?
Its something that I could never see
Then theres your eyes
Still falling away from me
But if I was a better man
Would your rivers run deep into outer space
While all along your insisting
That we are both two worlds away 
Behold this longer list of denials
And uncertain hope
Reflecting fears of affection
And you still keep your eyes closed 
Then by my own admissions
My heart has grown from cold to colder
And by my own submissions
Losing your love has bled me sober

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Africa Art

African art:
Beautiful beads,
Creative crowns,
Deep dances,
Eternal expressions,
Fashions… fictions,
Gorgeous gowns,
Hearty huts,
Inspiring instructions,
Justifiable jewels,
Kudos… knocks,
Lovely languages,
Melodious music,
Noble nomads,
Oaks… oasis,
Peculiar pictures,
Quiet queens;
Religion, romance;
Terrific throngs,
Undiluted unbriddled,
Virtuous villagers,
Wisdom… words;
Xeric Xenopus,
Yoicks… yokes,
Zealous Zulus.

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I would cry a river to be away from despear,
I would drink an ocean to have the aches i feel disappear.
I would reel in the moon to have the shackles removed from my feet,
And their is no mountain i wouldn't climb to stop his grinding of my teeth.
I'd walk around the world to hear the noises stop,
I'm prepared to eat the eyes of an eagle to prevent my heart attack.
Or rob a bank , or touch the sun, or cut a star in two,
I'd rather burn in fire than stay this way with you.
I would tour the ocean floors, tear my heart out of my chest,
Take a bullet to my head, Or drill a whole through my left breast.
If it would take away the turmoil, and wash the mud from my brain
And cleanse my heart of impurities, like a treasure washed clean by rain.
Or if it would shine the sun, that would in turn warm my heart,
And melt away this icebox, that turned me cold and torn apart.
I'm desperate to erase the memories, of hurt and loveless times,
Of empty dreams and promises, of things that were never mine.
Just tel me what to, no matter how impossible it may seem,
I just want this feeling to be over, I want the reality of my lifelong dream.

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Music notes and part of the songs on tour by Elvis..’
Do I never hard to remember.
They set the fires by Roman candles.
This the ways of china army,.
Do I ever be in heaven?
China sins are sinful.
All are hells that are coming.
------------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3-----------


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Tomorrow's People

Let’s take a trip to the moon
And built a tent in there 
Let’s visit the sun
And offer him a drink to chill
Let’s stopover in the planets
And find new friends
Let’s provide the medals
For the running asteroids
Let’s hide the hole of the ozone
And build houses for the poor
Let’s take a bath 
In the shower of rain
Let’s play guitar
In the strings of lightning
Let’s hear the songs
Of the composer storms
Clouds are not covering our dreams
So aim for the limitless space
Do not ever forget that
Nothing is impossible
Because we are the Tomorrow’s people

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My love

        My love, is you 
       My love is pure of heart
     And with my love I give you my all
    With my love I won't shed tear to the cloud 
My love is everlasting can't you understand me
My love is like some roaring ocean just to have you near
  And with loves grace I abide by you
  My love will go on as long as you will stay
With the stars that shine for us as long as you'll accept
                   My love

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Our Victory

Very refined and also defined as a true woman,
Intense feelings in my heart causes me to cherish each and every moment.
Could it be that your nature kept my heart from being destroyed in the devil's fire?
The looks of it you blessed me with courage to understand I'm not just a tool for hire.
Only the sound of your voice could disintegrate the stress from hard it seems,
Realizing the true potential of your continuing mending heart was well felt to the extreme.
In a fashion the glow of your eyes brought light in this dark world that arose new hope,
After acknowledging this feeling I could never see ourselves going through a grope.

Joyous intensity surges through my body while I daydream about "our" life,
Often I get surprise that my heart and mind never experienced a strife.
Neither of us foresaw the emotions that allowed ourselves to go through,
Every night that I hold you it feels as though our souls are doing a pas de deux.
Simply knowing that I'll always have your love is enough to make me stay true to you like
I already do...

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in a rumpled,
black city
homes are sliced in half
the equality demands
the rights of people

sometimes you love a 
he will be able to wed, albeit
shyly, with the physical
cleaning the love’s deficit

how far the waiting will go
skirting the mist
it was there
in you
in me
a rapist
a serial killer

Satish Verma

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Dear Sunset- love letter

The way streaks of light
Tickles the horizons 
When sunset smiles 
Just makes my soul squeal 
And my heart do cart-wheels backwards
And I look at him
With so little care at the world
But much for him
Wishing he could tuck 
My emotions bit by bit
Into his heart and carefully melt 
Them onto the palm of his hands
So that each time we touch
Every nerve in my body responds
Shout songs of praise and happiness 
From the top of my voice as
He tastes my will 
And tread after my hand's touch 
Listening to the beat of want
As it echoes deeply
In his throat
"Tell me sunset, does your lips
Taste of mine when you lick them"

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wonders about my colour BLACK

I don't know if I should love you or hate you
As innocent as I was you just had to label me
You took my love and replaced it with lust 
You made me lie
You thought me hate 
Most of all you made me hate the color black
You made me hate my Afro
You exploited my curves, my butt and my boobs
Yet I didn't understand why because when I looked at 
myself I saw an hour-glass with a pot-belly, curves, thick 
lips, with a heart that is so tough and long like the grate 
wall of china
Who's mind never shut like the busy streets of New York
Who has scars like the African mountains and valleys
Who has cries like winter rain 
With no voice like a whale crying for its child
You left me lost wondering, abandoned if I'm still human...

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My irregular heart beat

                                                    It hurts when i see. 
                                                    I love when i feel it.
                    Knowing I’m living in one moment one time one second one life. 
                                            Knowing I’m loving every beat.
                                                 I dance to my own drum.
                                   Tapping to the beat when I’m looking at you.
                                       Hurting because I can never have you. 
                               This is one thing wanting me to stop the music i play. 
                                              Knowing my beat is one of a kind. 
                               Putting are beats together we make art. Being strong. 
                                         Knowing i can never see the painting

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He is

He is peace! 
He is love!
He is Gentle!
He is Kind! 
He is Faithful!
He is Merciful!
He is my DADDY forever!

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Treasures of your soul

Life is Harsh, Life is good
Only the few of the proud 
Those men that stand for a great nation
Their life at the stake
So rough and sharp
Every day is another challenge 
For them and for all
Freedom we all hope
But sometimes feel lost
Never give up that spark 
Hope don’t give it up for a price 
And when I see these great men and woman
Risk their life for a single child lost
With guns all around and wars of hate
I feel blessed as my country truly stands brave
A child is a gift of new life and hope
As I see the children in their arms saved at last
Only then will I ever know true courage
This is a path we should always cherish and follow
When the flame burns out nothing is left but stay strong
So please don’t shed a tear I am right here
By your side always and forever  
Our country stands not alone, but as one
Heart filled with love


Poem for Treasures of Your soul contest
for Gail 

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sit high, feel low

Sit high, 
Feel low,  
Stars of dust,
That's how I know.

I have confirmation, 
Of my form that is,
Now sit back, 
And observe me live.

My money is breathle$$,
My wage is short,
But my emotion is torn,
And my throne is half court.

You may not understand,
If you don't know your surroundings,
This is my land, and this is your land. 

I've changed lives, 
And hung on,
Is what they should call me,  from now on. 

Can't poverty and disgust,
Replace your value,
Or is your mind,
Unable to tell how to,
Jump boundaries,
from half court, 
Rule a nation,
And still love them without their support.

It's the strength in our numbers,
Cash in our name, 
The love of our talents,
And the power within chains.

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Not too far from here
Lies the dream terrace I hear
The haven of bliss and solace
A glamorous gem of a place
The end of a weary quest
The trophy in fiery contest

Not too far from here
Sits the crown we lived to dare
Purple pride of an intellectual struggle
The green goal of a ceaseless hustle
A place we once asked where
Still seem so far yet so near.

Not too far from here
Stand the Mentors we hold dear
Men who were not shy to believe
Men who fought fear to achieve
The exclusive pass to the hall of fame
for those whose brand is in their name

Your there may differ from mine
I run my route and you run thine
But run we must run and not turn
We sacrifice pleasure and shun fun
Because, not too very far from here
Is a place called there.

Dare to get there.


6:17pm, Friday 5th.April 2013

by C'emeka Mbah, @emekambah2

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Loving and Losing : A Part of Me Died When You Died

Losing someone is like losing the very breath u take to survive

Like holding in air, taking the deadliest,deepest dive

Like someone knocked all the air,better yet, the life out of ur life

Like they jabbed u in ur heart with the sharpest knife

The emptiness inside ur soul,makes ur blood run cold

Like red roses that stood high, that turn black, then fold

Lost without ur eyes, in a dark empty wood.

Grasping to reach anything u could.

Nothing in reach for u to hold close

No one around, when u need them the most

Nothing to warm ur heart & keep it beating steady

U didn't ask for this,unexpected, u weren't ready

It's like a stiffness in ur body,like ur growing old anew

No one around to console u

Ur at a loss for words

No chirping for black birds

Ur missing apart of u & inside's a hole

They used to stick with u,like a mole

Losing love is like losing ur mind

Every thought,but the reason, u still can't find

Enough memory to last ur lifetime,but they're still not there.

Ur mind is gone,but u can't think as to where.

A part of ur heart & mind have vanished with the lost of someone so dear

& u love them & miss them more with every tear

Thinking bout them, only makes it worse

It happened so quickly, u'd think it was a curse

Loving & losing a lover or a friend

Family, or next to kin

It's a universal emotion, which we all can relate

They accepted their fate

& we must face

We'll get through it at our own pace

Because we know , they're in a better  place


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Inside the African Pot

In her eyes i saw me,
the very inner man that vanished from this earth,
here i am laughing from the depth of my very soul,
unearthing the spirit that was covered with a pot.
tell me my love, to whom do i owe this gratitude
when the hunter now hunts with his catapult
the gun then becomes bored to shame.

the days of the hamattan ceased to flourish
the moment of endless rain is dew
when we will cover our lonely bodies with garments
that are made of sacks of gold dusts,
and lie solemnly in our huts
waiting to see tomorrows face.

tell me my pot of gold
to whom do i owe this gratitude,
that has shielded my feet with sandals,
quenched my belly with food
tell me! so i may praise aloud.

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This is my ABC

This is my ABC


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Thunder and green mint

Thunder and green mint
The forest so lust I can taste 
the tea from here. The rain hits 
the roof as I hear the cats purr, 
I lay on my bed starring out my 
window wishing you were here 
by my side watching it with me. 
The rain it soothes my mind 
relaxes my soul and chills my 
veins I can smell your cologne 
from the room next door, you 
told me "if you sit in the rain 
long enough to hear it speak 
then you're lucky enough to 
always remember me"
I will always remember you and 
from now on every time it rains 
I promise you to sit there as 
long as I hear it speak so I will 
always remember your voice, it 
was mellow like the rain it 
made me melt and it chilled my 
Now I sit here in the rain trying 
hard to let my thoughts leave 
I'm wet inside the forest of 
green mint I hear it coming the 
wind blows and I hear you, 
"don't tell no body" this is our 
secret we had the power to 
hear it speak and once you left 
the rain washed you away so 
now everyday from January to 
march I will never forget your 
voice unless it never rains.

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A Drug Needed

How can this be?
How can I let another human being 
take control of me
Let you whisper promises I've 
already heard
I told myself that better is what I 
What makes you different?
I'm still trying to figure it out,
I try to lose thought of you as I 
wonder about
but I end up back in your arms
Safe and warm
your every touch sending chills from 
my head to toes
Oh how I don't want to let go!
These blue veins run with every 
ounces of your heart that I have,
I wonder how long this love will 
just, just one kiss so I can sleep
One heart that you can keep
don't ever walk away from me
I may just go crazy!
I know I'm every where with this 
poem but I can't get right 
Maybe a-another kiss will make me 
alright ;)

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MidNight Wishes

Even though i did not hear your voice tonight i'm still ahit,
I will go on like this for ever, i wont go out without a fight. 
I'll fight till the end of this life to win your heart,
All you have to do is tell me when to start.

The music blarrin in my head phones at 1:52 AM and i'm lovin it, 
cause it helps me remember your gorgeous smile like it was meant to fit. 
Wanting to feel your touch and kisses all over me ignites the fire in me,
Wanting to take you by your hand and run wild in a big sea. 

There aint much i can say to express myself but this will have to do for tonight,
I think its just that i haven't reached height.
You no I love you and that's all that matters or will ever matter to me,
I will love you till i die, like I told you before, cant you see? 

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Smile My Son

Dear Light of mine, Joy of my 

Always be happy  my sunshine,
Dance like the bright twinkling 
stars above.

Jump up and down with 
laughter and always reach for 
the bright blue sky.

There are no limits in life my 

Keep your heart in the right 
place, Shun your face from evil.

Do not hang on to anything or 
anyone who makes you cry.

Remember that my loving 
embrace will always keep you 
warm. My heart is your home 

Smile my son, mom loves you 

     Dedicated to my 6yr old son
     Odirile-Lesedi Joy   

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Dead person does not harm 
Or love any one
Why people scare of them!
After death

Surgeon knows dead person 
Does not oppose
While dissects corpse

Difference between the dead
And slept is
One can speak
Another cannot.

All know this irony fact
Even cannot trust in that

Like in cinema role remains apart
People in life perform vast
With a fact along belief of act

Thus the life rolls on rolls on 
Until fate defaces task

So in time keep with tact of nature 
And forget to fear with dying act

Surgeon knows dead person
Does not oppose 
While he dissects corpse.  

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spent (by kimmy holmes) my daughter

It sucks to be me
so beautiful

That's how I make a livin
being the what you need

A buck at a time
pays my rent
makes me feel
so spent

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to never do anything that will not edify.
or say a word that will not dignify.
to respect every woman as member of the opposite sex.
and never treat a woman as an object of sex.


never to look at a woman with lust
or look at her breast as object of lust.
that though a woman may have a very big breast.
i will never stare or oogle at that very big breast.


that no woman should ever be raped.
for every woman has a right not to be raped.
that every woman has to right to say no.
and when a woman says no, it means no.

                              CHRIS NWIGWE

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Because It Hurts

So hurt I am, slowly dying 
Frustrated because we can't 
make it right. 
Mad because I could never see, 
your body was here but heart 
was no longer with me.
Sad because I can't let u go, 
this silence is killing  me, you 
don't even know.
Angry because I cry and I cry, 
and tell you my feelings and 
get no reply.
Disappointed because we can't 
be together , but still I will hold 
on forever and ever. 
With high hopes on you 
changing, or finally able to see, 
that I'm what  you need and 
with me you should be.
Your ex's are nothing , is that 
what you want?
Thought I was first in the heart,  
thought I was the one.
Did I move to fast? Were you  
really not ready? How long 
have you  felt this way? 
Thought I made you happy!
Thought we were on the same 
page, I thought we felt the 
While your losing no sleep, I 
fight through the pain. 
Got me all stressed out, Tryna 
fight back the tears.
While your heart is else where, 
I'm fighting for it to be here.
Putting up this big fight cause I 
don't wanna lose you, it seems 
your looking else where while 
I'm still trying to choose you. 
I'm all wrapped up, you got a 
girl Tripping, I let my guard 
down, yes you caught me 
Three years we've  been in this, 
so why throw it away? 
My heart's shattered to pieces, 
come make it okay.
Why aren't u scared to lose me, 
did I mean anything?
Set your  pride aside for a min, 
I mean do u feel the same?
Do u feel like I've rushed this, 
like I've rushed us? 
Please answer my questions, 
boy I
love you so much. 
I just want you to hold me and 
make me feel safe.
I want you to fight too, do what 
ever it takes.
Are you really waiting just for 
me to get better.
Is that really the truth? We 
really can't be together?
I'm asking these questions 
cause I gotta know, was it not 
that deep for you to just let us 
All these un-answered 
questions, please just give a 
Please don't tell me " nothing" 
when I'm asking you" why"?
I love you so much and your 
blind to the facts, I'm the ride 
or die girl, like I'm where it's 

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Thoughts on California's drought

Thoughts on California's drought

The palpitations in this wash basin 
Do not belong to the wind or the sky, 
Or even the sea
They are the eager feet of children 
Surveying and searching the 
Scorned  land for 
Foxtails and lady bugs. 
The color is washing away
From the memories of this artist
Now he sketches children 
Because it reminds him 
Of hope. 

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A Birthday Poem for PAP

You had my heart from the start
Your the only man that will never break my heart
Your the perfect PAP a man could be 
With guidance, wisdom and integrity

Your always there when I call 
You come running know matter how big or small
Even-though I've let you down
Your always there with a smile
You give my heart so much joy
Loving you I want nothing more

You've never changed your grateful ways
I LOVE YOU more than words can say
I hope you have a blessed day 

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Cereus was in bloom in nightwashed
desert, sand was cool, it tipped off
the contour drain, a river sent its compliments.

If the death was at home, like an
estranged lover, will you open the door
in dusky stripes of morning ?

Rubber was burning in afternoon rain.
An alert was sounded in curious lanes;
the shadow was lengthening its stay !

Standing on the burnt-out hull, I count
the shouts of the fathers on artifical limbs.
Bits of violence  have broken the sea.

The seedless fruits descend on the glistening
coffin. A city walks with me without end.
There were roses, roses all the way.


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" There is nothing wrong on giving all you have to that person who holds your heart, being broken-hearted is okay but being broken- hearted twice from the same guy is off the track. " 
 Girl, you've been lied,
you've been cursed,
you've been thrown,
you have cried, 
and you've been hurt.
Still your heart can take
so much of that.
 Sure you know
the difference between love and insanity.
Committing mistake and learning from it, its ok.
but committing the same mistake over and over again
is stupidity.
 You let go of your heart and your mind,
I hope someone will catch it at the end of time.
One day, I hate to see again,
in one corner you cry...
I may not know how is it to be on your shoes,
but I am pretty aware of the pain it caused.

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A Love Story in ABC format

All I will say is how I did my best ever day to say you are my love
Before I go to bed and before I wake up I pray above
Cluing you with the best of my affections that I hope you see
Did you know that everyday I look at you my day is pleasant and that is the key 
Everyone that knows me knows that you are the one for me
Friends and family love you as much as I expect to be
Going forward with all my heart I give you my love unexpectedly
Holding your hand while walking and whispering to your ear I love unconditionally
In my heart I expect in return is a smile of faith
Just when we look into each others eyes in love we bathe
Kindly we speak to each other with passion
Life we have together we love our every hug and kisses in occasions

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Broken Alone

Broken Alone, 
not enough support,
to much weight,
so easy to hate,
little choices,
to much time,
 everywhere I turn,
no one to find,
left alone,
in the dark,
suffering great,
for me,
to late,
what's done is done,
no turning back,
alone again,
I see the crack,
in my soul,
I bear it for you,
but your not there,
were you ever?,
it's been so long,
I am not sure,
stuck alone,
hurt's to the core,
take the blame,
I can't deny,
such great shame,
still can't cry,
in my mind,
I walk an empty road,
Forever alone,
your secret showed,
always had my doubts ,
about your faith,
kept my eye's closed,
to your disgrace,
can't be surprised,
I saw it coming,
don't know what to do,
filled with fear,
The only one I trust, end could be near,
feel heavy,
cross to bear,
must find someone,
willing to share,
fooled myself,
too many times,
to many miles,
no more fake smiles,
numb to pain,
can not gain,
numb to all,
I've hit the wall,
scared and alone,
I don't want to bear it,
for him back,
I'd kill I swear it,
the only one who truly cared,
I pray I find you everyday,
yours alone my heart not shared,
thought I had another,
her beauty shined,
her heart divided,
can't be mine,
tried to take you,
maybe waited to long,
when I'm gone,
this is your song,
her house divided,
I could not stand,
when you cried,
I should've held your hand,
can not blame you,
I know I've shamed you,
waited to long,
another sad song,
saw you as perfect,
or am I blind?,
can't commit,one more kind,
I quit,
for good,
wish you would come to me,
I know that song,
but can't remember the words,
its our song,
As I lay you down,
fly away,
here I come,
are you there,
will you run,
down that empty road,
its just me,
I hope you'll come,
this time I'll let you see,
last chance,
I'll throw you a bone,
until we meet,
I'll stay Broken Alone.

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Army suits they wore at war.
Butterflies flying at the bar.
Change their colors like cheetahs and cats.
Dark comes i'm scared of bats.
Easy for them on hide and seek.
Find them not, i'm getting weak.
Giant trees you see in the forest.
Hidden with dangerous beast. 
Iguana and giraffe are endangered species.
Jaguars are strong can't torn them into pieces.
King of animals they are lions.
Like leopards they are union.
Makes me sick, makes me confuse.
Nothing i can do makes me anxious.
On that wall a beautiful woman.
Pink and silver she's holding a fan.
Queen Elizabeth looks not for me.
Reminiscence of Helen is what i see.
Teary eyes, you can't refuse.
Unidentified, i'm confuse.
Very concealing but amazing.
With your color so exaggerating.
Xenon is weakly interacting.
You beautiful creatures get some rest. 
zebras and tigers are the best.

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Almost too disgusting to look at
Bleehh they're so nasty!
Change is soon to come
Delight rushing through my veins
Excitement for the sound still unknown
Feeling the crispness of the new metal
Getting the cords and pedal ready..
Here goes nothing

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A Child's Christmas

Oh wonder of light
How you shine
On this night
A star as bright
As can be
Above the tree
A child is free
Of worlds make belief
Where wishes
Come true
And no one feeling blue
Upon this magic night
Where stars shine bright
It's Christmas tonight
In a stable upon this morn
A baby child was born
Speak heavenly dreams
A child's Christmas
Above the tree

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Can You Decipher The Message?

During my sleepless nights I often daydream of my dreams,
Each of those fantasies then turn into your face as if you're the theme.
Standing...sitting...holding you puts my mind in a completely different universe,
These feelings I have for you has affects quite opposite of a curse.
Intentionally you see my soul for what it truly can be and already is,
Never would I have thought someone as majestic as you could rid the pain in my heart with
a graceful bliss.
Yet night after night I ponder to myself if you could possibly unlock my heart with a
simple kiss.

Anticipation drives my imagination with an illusion that forms a puzzle that needs to be
put together,
Which in this form of fashion you are the pieces that could make me better.
Are you aware of how sincerely honored I would be to be put on the path of becoming your man?
Is there any logic that could prevent me from attaining that form causing me to become
instead more worthless than sand?
This is just the beginning of my affection and can continue if you'll have me as much as I
want you,
Stay in tune with my mind cause it seems ours have a small how about you
tell me if I want you as bad as I'm telling you.

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It's all too familiar
What I once previously put into the universe
Sent out toward another 
I now feel
Roles reverse; I wear the victims shoes
Something I did not choose
His heart had taken its toll
I fall victim to this heartache
Fustrated, my emotions run rampid
Is this what I made him feel like?
Looking back on the feelings he expressed are all to familiar to how I feel now
Im scared of these feelings that take over my body
Uncontrollably, I force myself avoiding that path
I stand at the fork in the road, curiousity arises within
My mind wanders, I must see what it is like
I attempt and nothing
The frustration builds more and more
It hurts 
How could I have made him feel this way
Karma has arisen 
What I sent out into the universe has made its way back around toward me
Karmas a bitch
He said I would one day understand
I do now
& Im sorry

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No Harm

People usually say third time's the charm
But hey, i don't think second time's any harm
I know I'm tripping all over again
Yes, i think its a never ending ride on a train
The train of love
Maybe it's a curse from above?

Cupid's got my head spinning
But this time I'm not losing I'm winning
I barley have time for feeling regret
I won't believe this love is a threat

Completely letting go of my past
Whatever happened, I'm glad it didn't last
I'm a happier person now
For someone to change that, i wont allow

Screw friends, i believe they're all fake
Most of them can't wait for my heart to break
They're trying to make me feel miserable
But doing that, no they won't be able 

One person only matters to me
In my life i hope he will always be
A person that's perfect
That's too good to be true
Without him, what will happen? i have no clue

The best part of my life, for a fact i know
He's the person that caught my heart at "Hello"

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People want to commit suicide,
people choose to die over livin life.
Why has it come to be this way?
Why has this life become so meaningless,
that we just want to throw it away?
We become selfish and think our life is so bad,
dont think of others who's lives are worse, But still greatful for what they have.
People take for granted the things they've got,
clothes, food, smokes and shoes, even a roof or a bed,
They dont think of the homeless,
the hungry, not even the cold or the hot.
They just think they want to be dead,
Things happen in our lives that, to us, seem bad.
We dont look for help or trust any "friends"
All because of the past we've had.
Dont be a coward and run away,
Stick it out, Live life,
I know that there's alot of strife,
But stick it through day to day.
People want to commit suicide,
people choose to die over livin life.
Why has it come to be this way?....

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Frivolous Chase

All eye admiration flood upon your presence
Beyond words, this mind bleeds,
Crushed by your metaphysical yet practical brilliance
Deafened by the hilarity of your quirks
Envying those that may embellish in your jests
Frozen in tears where the past brings smiles
Groveling beside the untouched potential 
How is it you excel among such fetid company?
Initiating your moon-shines like the sun is your god
Jumping jacks pounding these ever depressing soles 
Kittling the fingertips mindfully so 
Lackadaisically glancing upon our stranger-friend relationship
Mustering the audacity to surmount your eccentricities  
No one could ever quite notice before
Opulent in knowing you have captured so many 
Pained inside to the very last penny
Quenched from courage, I remain caged in your glory
Rabid to agitate your unacquainted waters  
Suckling upon the overflow—
The leftovers that offer richness I will never know
Understanding you wholeheartedly—I quiver
Violated by the comfort tease of your words
Wondering how love can surface upon unsteady oceans
X chromosome searching for a sharp fool within a current of chaos
Y chromosome spinning, slightly hidden with a small, sparkly smile
Zealous in the frivolous chase—I was latched from the start

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life alone

life alone is bitter and cold
with no one to love no one to hold 
the long dark nights waking up on your own 
got money to spend but no one to phone 
to live like this 
to die with my shame 
to have love for so many with nothing to gain 
but where all born with a purpous reason for life 
but mine has been shattered like the shine off a knife
say the meaning of life and it looses its shine 
no one can own it to me it is all mine 
can life be this cruel or is it just me 
ive lost the way to my heart and i cant find the key 
to write all my feelings to write all my pain 
my heart is now empty cold like the nigh rain 
but we all must be love to be loved and forgotten 
to be buried six feet under and left to go rotten 
although i am 20 and my life is ahead 
but my pain will go on until i am dead

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At ethnic moment
on the moonfront, artless impressionists
of parallel conflicts with anxious looks
come to share the self realized truth
of mangled uncertainties,

watching your own dead body :
small chicks huddle together for contemporary
thoughts of violence-to kill or not to kill-
humanity walks with bent head
listening nothing:

I am desperate, the moon was stone faced
black holes bleed and throw the crystals
of red light: drop your pen and hold the death
on doorway, morning wind was coming
from the seaside:

for dissolution of your ego, I would go for a long swim.     


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Immersion in a regal 
carnage. Ash colored dawn
was gang-raped.

A bullet-ridden sexism 
shuts out the fame.
Starts a chilling confession.

O, my orion
I adore your ruffled
stance. Do not make a kill. 

Sunflower, why your
seeds were participating
in bonfire of a moon ?

They came for a sexual 
encounter. But found a prism
exacting a gun. 

Satish Verma   

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River Moons

THE DOUBLE moon, one on the high back drop of the west, one on the curve of the river face,
The sky moon of fire and the river moon of water, I am taking these home in a basket, hung on an elbow, such a teeny weeny elbow, in my head.
I saw them last night, a cradle moon, two horns of a moon, such an early hopeful moon, such a child’s moon for all young hearts to make a picture of.
The river—I remember this like a picture—the river was the upper twist of a written question mark.
I know now it takes many many years to write a river, a twist of water asking a question.
And white stars moved when the moon moved, and one red star kept burning, and the Big Dipper was almost overhead.
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The Romance of Arrogance and Elegance

A is for Arrogance, a proud unbending prince,
B is for Burden, his stony heart of flint.

C is for the Court, Arrogance's royal home,
D is for Dunce, a learned little gnome.

E is for Elegance, a beautiful princess,
F is for the Fabric, that built her lovely dress.

G is for the Gems, that glittered in her crown,
H is for her Hair, that shining shimmers down.

I is for Intelligence, Dunce's greatest gift,
J is for his Joking, for Dunce's wit was swift.

K is for the Keel, of Elegance's fated ship,
L is for the Lighthouse, upon the fated trip.

M is for Miscalculation, by which the ship did sink,
N is for Nonsensical, for the captain didn't think.

O is for the Oddity, by which Elegance was saved,
P is for the Panic, that dragged the sailors to their grave.

Q is for the Quality, with which the princess swam,
R is for the Rock, she grabbéd with her arm.

S is for the Soldier, who spied her lying on the shore,
T is for the Time it took, to carry her to palace door.

U is for the Union, Dunce had secretly long planned,
V is for the Violence, with which Arrogance kissed her hand.

W is for the Wedding, which Arrogance then desired,
X is for the Xeniums he gave, to keep his love from being tired.

Y is for the Yes, compassionate Elegance gave the feller,
Z is for Arrogance's saving grace; his wife, the royal young Zitella...

His heart is kinder now, people have been heard to say,
And he rarely ever frowns, even to this day...

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Something Wild

That fugitive dream 
of shrinkage :
a room in a room
a door in a door.
You were hurting the house affairs 
at midnight.

The space accident 
starts dismanteling the life.
Selective pain 
comes again.
You start distancing from story touch, 
long vision.

The canary brings down 
the roof. Somebody was leaving.
The eyes will search another sky,
another tree.
In a light slumber 
another fall from the perch.

Satish Verma

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My heart

Heaven hear my heart as it cries out to you
Lift the clouds, the rain, the burdens that fall upon me
Take away the endless days, the sleepless nights, the continuous ache
Heaven hear my heart as it cries out to you

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A marble calm under the shaky gaze
was parsing the human pain. I would
lift the calculated grief from folded earth.

You feel badly bruised and racial war
becomes anathema. Past the age eyesight dwindles,
cannot identify the faces of dead.

O my God ! Bizarred bloated eyes filled
with blood were groping for the fallen walls.
Who had dug the garden with grenades ?

A theme hunger separates the hearts. When
desert was the bed for daughters and sons,
the fathers were shaking with hate.

The shine wears off the love. A different world
under the lids. Miracle does not happen.
We were searching for the doors.


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The powerful situation inside my soul

My love for you is possible.
Although my poem is inside of us we feel like dirty feelings.
Give me the power to stay awake.
2004 what a year! Give me the soul to be your hungry man. 
Give me the power to express the feeling I got inside of me.
And express to me the power inside our souls.
Give me the freedom to stay awake, and to stay awake in your atmosphere.
Give me the power to stay free with your soul tonight in your destiny and give me the power to entirely give me the power.

Give me the power of freedom to justice of the soul entirely completed in the atmosphere of your love forever yours.
Give me the strengh to give you freedom of justice to all the nations worldwide feeling dirty like always.
Give me the always power of guiltyness.
Give the strengh to give you power of feeling dirty and inside our feelings.
Give me the strengh to give you power bad power of an atmosphere of guiltyness.
Give me the soul and the power to stay awake all night long to give you this poem to give you power inside our souls and to forever write to you this poem.
Give me the power to strengh to stay awake to stay powerful. Give me the soul of powerful situations full of trash is my dirty soul.
Give me the soul entirely to your freedom of justice and the, power of justified entirely.

Give me the power to stay awake tonight. And to be all you can be. Give me the strengh to stay awake tonight in search of freedom and justice to all the nations worlwide feeling dirty and the feeling the whole entire nation worldwide feeling dirty and feeling dirty to all the nations worldwide to all the nationsworld wide and feeling dirty to all the nations worldwide knowing who is the man here is me feeling dirty and feeling nice to me Marco is a man of justice his faith is truthful and full of justice to all the nations worldwide feeling dirt. Feeling dirt and feeling guilty of justice inside our souls inside our heavenly father inside our justice of free man of justice of free man of freedom and free man of souls.

I want to be free forever. May be possible tonight with Jackie Villegas..,,M

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Thinking of You

Sitting here in the darkest hour all alone 
thinking of you and me together as one 
When i lay my head down im thinking of you 
When i dream im dreaming of you and me 
When i start to smile i know it's becouse of your sweet way 
When i stop to think of you comeing near by to see me 
I start to think and wonder about you 
Day and night in your arm's i dream 
always of having you here with me your sweet embrace  
Forever i hope to long for 
Never will and never give up faith  
Alway's thinking of you in my arms  

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A solid belief of karmic influence becomes
but life was questioning again.

You take to wars
with thousand of nukes:
still the daffodils were dancing.

Float me on the bodies of bullet ridden
moons and clouds:
the red river, spiteful, has changed the course.

Ah, the snaky hate
hisses with split tongue.
Mockery of towers plays again.

The dumb leather did not forget
the shape of the baby.
million needles were still crawling. 

Thick boundaries were steaming hard.
All nipples, no furs to walk
on the flames.

Satish Verma

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why do we have.................................

why  do  we   have  clouds?
why  do  we  have   sky?
why do  we   have   music?
why do  we    have   computers?
just  think  why why  why!!!

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life is a sea.
parents are the boats and ships which guide us.
we are the travelers there.
disasters are our enemies.
when a wind of anger blows,
disaster creates.
when wind blows with sweet fragments,
it creates love and affection.
that time disaster runs off.
love and affection can change anybody,anything and in anywhere.
that's the power of love and affection.
love everybody.
spread the rain of love and affection.
lifewill be colorful.....

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She said
Name that tune
and i almost danced
for hours...

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I don’t want this to end, don’t want to end up alone
Seeing the beauty of the sun and the bluest sky come together before night
My mind at grace my smile showing through the frail frown
Colors collide ever so blissfully I am in harmony 
Hope this feeling will never fade away
I don’t want to be left in the darkness to come
Wish the sunset would stay forever at this moment
This is one moment I love to gaze into the sky
With love filling my heart sorrows turn away
Air is calm and breezy just like a good time at ease
Every time I see that sunset
I will know there is still hope for me
And when the sunset goes away
I will be safe into night
Cause I have faith with love
And with the sunset I will shine like the stars in the sky

By Brian O'Toole
 Poem for Leonora Galinta Contest-Sunset

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The ''HEART'' Never Lies

As we all know life is very amuzing  fascinating and amazing
When you meet someone for the first time and your
Sense of attraction captures that person it's a feeling that
Only those who has really and truly been in love
Before can understand,it can be just as simple as
A fragrance hair style smile touch look mood  humor personality
Now here it comes to let the other know
For some it is not easy at all to do 
You wonder if he or she is really in to you
But never doubt yourself always take a chance on love
Because you will know the time and place because love don't lie
Before you make eye contact all kinds of emotions take place
This emotion is called cold feet it happens a lot
Do not be embarrassed we all go through it
Now when you do make eye contact with the person
And you two are face to face alone
And it is time to express what you feel
The''Heart''Never Lies and tremors come over your body
Your heart beats so loud that  it is the only thing you hear
It makes your lips tremble as the words come out of your mouth
You feel so embarrassed because of your emotions
But little did you know that they felt the same way too
You wouldn't know because your heart was beating so loud
That you were not able to hear theirs either
That is why we came to the conclusion of saying that
The''HEART''Never Lies!

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I fallen every time I look into your eyes, I watch myself dwell into your eyes as I hear the music play the song that is our song, look deep inside my heart realize you could be my true love, but as look into my man eyes knowing he only want me and not one else but can take second love can goes so far and be understood by many but the question is, am  I the one for you while hear this song play in the next rom d you fall for me or am I just a friend of a friend, love can go so deep without realizing it true love , have you been in love if not if not you might be right now, have ever thought that you are in love, do you follow your heart when comes to love or do you just play around people feeling cause I don't play around with people feeling, do you tell people how you feel truthful about your feeling, or just say to yourself your in love no matter what and wait the right time to tell that man,

by Sheena Shenia jackson

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It was getting dark.
The silence starts speaking
to me in a whisper
for the sake of secrecy.

Right now, 
the violence will start
between the summer night
and a brilliant moon.
I sit in a corner
to watch the milk spilling.

And then, after couple of hours
an anonymous call from
a cuckoo in distress. Somewhere
a dry twig snaps off. Something 
is tossed in air. A shadow pokes
at moon to return the favour.

The dawn, drops the veil !

Satish Verma

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It is.
An explosive denial
of an infinite firmness
of round orbs.

Why were you taking
off your shirt
to show the scars ?
it stirs a sequestered allegation.

The glare was on my days
and your nights.
The suicide bomber was
a kid, you know.

When a poem leaves you, 
how far would you go to kill
a blue jay
for the golden cage ?

Satish Verma

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My Own Superman

I thought of myself as a damsel in distress,
As someone who needed saving,
And as I fell deeper and deeper I wondered who would catch me.
Time passed and as I fell I saw a sliver of light,
I tore back the paper and realized I could fight my own fight.
I could save myself.
I don’t need superman to sweep me off my feet,
I just need me.
Because ‘ME’ is who I want to be and ‘ME’ wants to be free,
And how can I be free if I keep expecting someone else to save me?
I don’t need a man.
I don’t need to hold your hand.
I don’t need you to help me stand.
I CAN wear the cape,
I CAN rock the tights,
I CAN fly.
I CAN do it ALL,
As long as I remember,
I’m not the damsel in distress,
I don’t need you to catch my fall,
I CAN do it all.

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Refreshing to the Eye contest

Artistic Brushes Create Desire, Exotic, Flourishing Glory, Horizons Intertwined, Jazzy, kind, Lovely Masterpiece, Nourishing Our Presence, Quilted, Renewed, Satisfied, Totally Unified, Victorious Wellsprings, Xanadu, Youthful Zoetic.

By: sabina Nicole
written 10/30/11
contest: abc

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Taking chances

Time it passes without any warning
I remember when I had a lot of hair
In a flash the hair is all gone
It isn’t much any more
It’s all grey now
Time hmm it flies just like that
People leave lives that is not there’s
There is a voice behind
Other times is a voice and a hand behind
Sadly it doesn’t belong to them
They never have the guts to live out their lives
Time oh time you cannot pause it neither can you live two lives
Again you are all grey before you know it
I used to wonder what people will say
What they will think
I also used to think who likes me and who doesn’t
But forty years has passed and I look around and discover nobody gives a shit
Your destiny is like a personal horse
Ride it to destination
Conquer fear and you will discover hidden strengths and talents
What else can I say?
Falling in love is personal but don’t give your heart to a fool
I also threw away time falling in love stupidly
But I gained wisdom and I value self more
The door of my life now has heart breaking detectors
It can even detect fake manipulative people who have no business around me
I just graduated from school of wisdom
A school of patience
They say time heals all wounds
But leaves behind fresh scars as fresh as the original wound
Live your life; make your own personal choices 
Even Gods leading expects you the recipient of the blessing to take action
Leading of God is action not inertia
No invention can pause time at least for now it’s an impossibility
Waste no more time
Pursue your dreams, live out your dreams
Open the window of courage and throw away fear
Open the door of hope and send hopelessness packing
Your dreams will not come to you go and grab it
Conquer your inhibitions set yourself free
Free from life controllers and manipulators
From people that use people
It’s a fallacy to think everybody loves you
Life is a mixture of haters and lovers
Builders and destroyers
Light and darkness 
Choose your side of the divide
Decide decide decide
Time is passing
Indecision is same as time wasted
There is nothing as sweet as living out your dream life
What are you doing where you are not celebrated?
What are you doing with people who don’t like you?
It’s never too late to start all over
Never too late to start living your life
But don’t wait till the end
To be alive is a great thing
But to live your life is greater
Much better when you don’t follow the crowd
For only the outstanding stand out

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Every night this body
becomes a dissecting knife

a crime scene of blood
and unstrung flesh,

the lamb spreads the wool
for a deadly charge of skull plate

with a gift of mathematics
a moon cutout in sky

before the shadow of myth in the depth
of tortured chemistry :

the endless nothing will kiss the darkness
my blindness becomes a diet.


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I would give anything to die
in you, in your belly,
innocently. My voice of dissent
should hold the wings atop the kisses.

The wards in between fall on
choked Eustachian. A global grief
encircles the fallen gods, prophets
of sins.

My other self silently awakens me,
this very night as I swallow my pride
and walk through the corridors of childhood
to learn again the alphabet of death.

The shadows are lengthening.
One by one the friends have departed.
The hour of loneliness was stretching.
So it be!


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Her smile Mona lisa

Her beauty not Japanese
Or German
Not either English
Nor Irish
Her beauty not consumed in Bollywood
Or either tabbed in Hollywood
The beauty pure hidden her soul
Not words what could bear
Nor either colors can paint
But only I can say
Oh her smile's talk
Took my heart
Eyes twisted
Dark of night
To the dawn of Mona lisa

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The caring ship of the mighty ocean
That sails through every waves
The ship is meant to the best sailor
Who trust and cares a friend
Loosing a friend is like
Diving into a whirlpool
Having a friend is like
Swimming in a cool pool
The life is a treasure
Friends bring us pleasure
They will love us for sure
We should love them forever

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have you ever!

have you ever loved someone 
so much you forget what they've done,
have you ever tried to sleep at night
but you hope and pray everything is alight,
have you ever found your one true love 
the one they say is from above ,
have you ever been turn apart 
have you ever been hurt in the heart ,
have you ever been hurt so much
that because of them you are scared to touch,
have you ever tried to talk 
but your heart says to walk ,
have you ever not known what to do
or know what is best for you,
have you ever tried to walk away
but heat says to stay,
this is how you will feel
if you don'know your love is real,

                                             By:Holly Davis

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Once upon a time there was a girl
who dreamed of a fancy houses and a peaceful world
Blue, purple , and pink flowers along the street 
Right where night and day meet
The spray of fluffy white seeds from
dandelions sprinkle the air
Sweet spring breeze blowing through my hair
The soft touch of the sun against my face warms my nose
The unmistakable smell of a rose
I feel myself drifting to a daze
Daydreaming it'll be my turn someday
to go to the big city
Where the flashing lights and action show no pity
Or maybe the  islands
Drink pi na~colada until my body and relaxation make mends
Melting as a fine brother caresses  my hand
And takes me down the beach
As far as the sunshine will reach
Daydreams, night dreams
Let's wake up to see what my dreams will redeem

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It's Not A Party Without Music

It's not a party without music.
No special events of amusement.
No voices of joy, that laugh out loud.
No dancing feet, to hype the crowd.
clapping shoes against the floor, 
sounds of life, screaming for more.
Hands in the air, I can reassure.
"It's not a party without music".
No monopoly, no spades, 
no poker, no charades.
No poetry to recite,
no beautiful bright lights.
"What is a song,
with no one to write"?
It just doesn't seem right.
"It's not a party, without music".
No down home cooking
to hit the spot.
No special guest, that mean alot.
No beats against the walls,
that knock.
"It's not a party without music"!
"It's just not"......

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The Tin Man

The tin man,
is who I want to be
Your words wouldn't hurt me
No pain would I feel
No tears would I cry

When the sun didnt shine
The birds didnt sing
And raindrops fell all about me
I wouldnt really care
I'd have no heart you see

When you didnt call
Or I caught you in a lie
No teardrops would fall
My heart wouldnt break
I wouldnt really care at all

I'd sleep the whole night through
No sad lonely dreams of you
No endless days of pain
Everyday would be the same

Yes the Tin Mans who I want to be
Please, Mr. Wizard No Heart for me!

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Take your hand and put it out forward,
Than swing out out to the side, c'mon don't be a coward. 
This is fun, now swing your hips from side to side,
Remember all the times you couldnt express yourself and you cried.

But now your can swing your legs and feet any way you want,
Look for that new move that you looked for your whole life like a hunt. 
Grab someone by the hand and let them join you in that awesome moment,
I promise you, you will love this feeling you are about to feel.

Turn up the music and dance your heart out,
Move to the beat and go wild and feel like your out of sight. 
This is your moment, don't let anyone take that away for you,
This is not happening too slow and i tell you that that's the truth.

Put some head phones on and go to your own world of greatness,
Bust a move like you never did before, I promise it's harmless.
Make your heart feel what I am feling right now and take my hand,
I promise that I will make you smile and scream with joy and stand.

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My mind and heart are at war

MY heart and mind are at war
My heart and my mind are at war,
Body and soul lost between the hate,
Confused and hurt not knowing what for,
They pull, twist and fight to escape,
The battle of pain sweat and tears,
Caught in the midst of heartache,
My soul breaks free and leaves behind its fears,
The pain is too much for my body to take,
I built a wall and smashed it to dust,
For another, but for what,
I lost my faith and lost her touch,
I am soulless standing here stuck,
My mind has won this war,
My heart damaged and broke,
Still not knowing what for,
I pray and i still hope,
That this war will end,
And mind and heart will coincide,
Hoping my soul and body will mend,
For the rest of me has already died
I am done with the pain of passion,
And done with the love of pain,
All i here is my hearts door's crashing,
For this is what makes a man go insane,
I felt her love i loved her touch,
I kissed her lips and she kissed my heart,
Now this feeling, i feel too much,
Now it’s time for my mind and heart to part,
I will see her eyes in the moon lit sky,
Her beauty in a sky of wonder,
I will shed one tear and let the pain die,
As i lay awake in a world of loveless slumber
The illusions of love corrupted my mind,
The confusion of passion clouded my eyes,
The death of my heart came soon this time,
So now i will love in a world of my demise,
You can’t feel this pain that i feel,
I am done trying and this time i am,
When i write i write what’s real,
So now can you see why my soul ran?
Can you stop and wonder,
How i made it so far, with so much pain,
Can you here my heart crack with thunder,
And can you see i live in a world of rain,
 I have sought love found it and lost i
I am tired of pain.  so tired my heart is exhausted
i am done now if she comes back then i am here,
if not like i said i have shed my one and only tear

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Casey, your a friend that is never forgettable. Your like the sun that always shines down on 
me and brightens up my day. Guys have dreams and my dream came true by meeting you. 
your hugs send warmth to my heart and without u my life isn’t complete. Your smile, hugs, 
just everything about you makes my life want to go on and never give up. Just thinking of 
you makes a guys heart flow with love and character, without you the world isn’t completer
	What I see is a girl that was lost till I found her and I wont ever let her get lost 
again because she was the one that my heart wouldn’t let go.
Your more then everything to me and no girl could ever replace u because you’re the one 
who keeps my blood flowing and keeps me warm when it could be freezing outside. Your love 
for me is so strong that even my dreams dream about you

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On a sizzling riverbed, how many suicides
will make up the loss of a green moon ? Must 
we count our rags in sleep ? Victims of a 
manipulated music of bricks !

I thought, I will give you more, taking 
less of you , have finally laid to rest the attacking
needles in the black holes of flesh. In rains we
will cry endlessly.

Another promise broken, would watch the stars
to set forth the eggs. A melon sweetens the
tongue of dissenters and robes are taken
off after the helicopter crash.

On the palms opium grows, bubbles learn
to float with the words of priests who were
reciting hymns to anoint the new incumbent,
will start the black magic again for mass slimming.


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Heaven Is Your New Home

As the sunrise shines upon my face
A tear drop falls from my eye
The warmth gives me comfort
I feel your presence
What else to represent you besides the sun
The most powerful source of energy in the sky
I look away, what do I see, 
The moon, opposite the sun
Look in between night and day, the clouds move in fast toward me 
It's mid day
Still you consume my entire mind
Your in my dreams; day and night
Our initials, P.M. A.M.; night and day, like our personalities, yet one. Opposites attract. 
Brother and sister, bestfriends at birth
No longer are you with me on Earth. 
My angel in the sky
Your new home is Heaven

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Doubtfull Goodbye

As you read my mind you sing our song for the last time 
I realize why I fight through all the lies 
And jumped through your impossible hoops
For your voice brings me peace in a world full of war 
And your touch slowly creeps 
On a heart with ice to its core 
You stare into my eyes with love you can no longer hide
And for a moment I forgot this was good bye 
As my heart longs for your kiss
You remind me that my thoughts are not just my own 
And you kiss me like your heart has finally found its home.
The thought of this being the last slips away 
As hope burns through my brain 
You hold me like I'm your dying wish
Reality falls on me like a ton of bricks 
As we pull away, and your words that brought me peace
Sends me to a dark obis 
I love you baby I promise I do 
But I love her too goodbye 

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                                  BEST FRIEND SUSHANT THAPA

my smile and sad differs to him
my happy and wins refers to him
he is like a poet for me
because he is lust like me

Little thin so handsome my friend SUSHanT
always smiles and admires me for good
laugh in happiness and serious in sadness is his best 
otherwise i will be half and cant get a friendship test

His excellence differs for me
his reputation and life refers to me
he is just a friend for me 
because he is just like me (My Nearest And Dearest Friend Sushant Thapa)

                                                                             DIWASH SHARMA
                                                                             SYANGJA, NEpal
                                                                             PROUD TO BE NEPALI

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The Scream

your titanium teeth
in flawless

You release
a terror.
The scream.

of fear
and fear of
chasing a mysterious silence.
The scream.

Satish Verma

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Who said? who heard? who 
shared the shame behind 
every fame,the pains behind 
name,the death before every 
So much more to morn,in 
tears and pains we make 
every run. Every life we may 
say it deserve a new turn,by 
the worth we desire the 
rustful lost. Addicted to 
affliction,desires the nobles 
attention,no man is born to 
be stationed.......amen
Many many many
Sorrow and pains reside in 
the soul daily...a life we live so 
many many heart wanting,in 
there velving they give ours 
pureful gazing...a life of more 
to do,a life of more to sane,a 
life of pains to face,a life 
worthful of every mans 
death,a life so many morn in 
there nest,a life of 
regorgitation,a life we live in 
our decision,a life every 
heart secure their 

Save play,death claims 
everyone in their age,failure 
to decide either to live life or 
to leave life,,,when will i 
die,live to be so many 
question instead what will i do 
to course to change before 
death claims...a name written 
with ink is liable to be 
forgoten,likely when written 
on sand,rock,diary but a 
written on the heart plate is 
forever more life 
print.printed in so many 
pages forever to plenty 
ages....i will die for ma work,i 
will live for ma thought,in 
pains and everlasting joy i 
accept every 

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Could it be that you were right?
I have discovered I do have a heart.
Can it be that you are my version of Lil' Cindy Lu Who.
Whose singing is making my tiny Grinch's heart begin to grow.
My eyes see brighter.
I can feel once again.
My steps have quickened.
I find I have a place to go, a heart to share.
My laughter catching.
Making sadness a memory for those willing to listen.
I smile in rapid succession, exposing the sparkles that fly from my eyes.
Even the weight that sits on my shoulders is beginning to lift.
Like a magic trick it is disappearing.
Who knew there where such things as a good poison for your soul.
With the poisons from the light that is growing in my soul.
The sorrow that was residing has begun to die away.
My morphing is changing me into what a real heart should be.
I need now to create a recipe.
Feed it to the populations.
So they too can feel their Grinch's heart growing.

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Love Pain

Announcing my return

Before I see you leave

Cuddled up in my thoughts

Delirious with your name

Enigmatic beauty

Feeding on my dreams

Going out of my way to give you anything

Hearing your soft voice brings...

Inklings of you in my head

Juxtapose our differences again

Killing my very heart

Loving me can be so hard?

Merging hearts, you won't do

Now all I have is an image of you

Opulence has blinded you

Prevented You from seeing ME

Quixote's madness seems to be my friend

Reminded of you in everything

Seeing my heart ripped like this

Torn like an expensive fabric

Ubiquitous pain; Love is

Venting out my frustration anyway I can

Waiting for the day you notice me

X-rays of my heart show the truth

Yearning for your love;would be too late when I reach the

Zenith of my career

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Sitting at the edge of a bubble
uncooled, trying to light an eternal flame of anonymity;
counter the  wrangler, one skull in each hand,
of ancestors, you prepare for the crime of breaking
the umbilical cord.

Ostracized, you forge the ariel in arid zone,
burned, one patch on the eye, rubber thighs,
sniped at, lay still in a pool of blood,
in cauldron of terror, the brilliance of sun cracks
the marble statues.

Avarice of black boots mirrors the borewell;
washes out the color of smiles on blue lips.
Fireflies sink in darkness of punishment.


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Heyy Guyzzzz,

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true love

	When I first held you its like nothing else mattered. But when you left its like the 
world stop spinning because my heart couldn’t breathe without yours.. My love for you was 
so strong that you made roses pedals and sparkle on the ground, the wind would breeze by 
me with cheerful love and joy, when I hold you my mind explodes on smiles and deep less 
thoughts. When we die I want to hold you so our hearts connect and can never be apart. 
When I see you I always see a light from the sky, your like an angel coming to save me, but 
your heart will never leave me. You’re my true love, my heartless soul

	When were together its like nothing else matters, my love for you is strong and 
welded, my blood thickens and warms at the sight of you, your hugs fill me with everlasting 
love and nobody will ever take that away. When we die I was parish you and your soul and 
be with you eternity, the sight of you makes the clouds form a heart of love. My mind goes 
crazy just to think of you, my heart beats faster and never wants to stop beating for 
you.. .you should be like your soul is my soul and without you my soul would be in the dark 
abyss I love you

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Tousling the opulence was
not modesty.
Who will adore the clan ?

I am not yet ‘me’, 
the refuge of elevated moon.
The heat and dust of nascent money 

was burning like a loud prayer 
in dark sun. Perfection tends
to terrify the stings.

A mogul of arts outlines the 
script of drowning a desert storm,
when two flames went to bed.

Do not pick up the nails for 
the coffin of a martyr.
They are going to make a dirty bomb.

Satish Verma

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We can predict the future

Imagine a field,
Filled with green grass,
With the sun shining on it like a sudden flash, 
Imagine a football laying in the field,
Imagine a brown ball laying there when nothing is there,
Now in reality you have a football in your hand and you throw it there,
Now it's laying there and what you just imagined is there,
Now you have finally predicted the future,
Now you see what you predicted

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We Are The Sunset

Im all his and hes all mine
Together we spend all our time
This is it were in our prime
Minds linked to one another
Bodies may go their seperate ways when desired
Come home to eachother 
The love undescribable
The freedom; limitless
Mental connection unimaginable
Understanding at its highest peak
Feelings so strong, unbreakable
One incapable to fathum the idea of our bond
Night and day, yet we are the sunset
Separate lives, yet we are one; a strong unit between sun and moon
We set the mood; new style of living
Within the depths of an ocean; a relationship 
While swimming freely throughout the sea of fishes; solitary
It's what many covet
This fire of love for one another so strong, we set eachother free in the same 
A form of happiness higher than whats considered happy.

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My Wish

To hold
To be held

To need
To be needed

To love
To be loved

Intimacy, oneness

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Walking with my demons

Before dawn my thoughts roam,
As day breaks my heart sleeps,
Thoughts of you, thoughts of home,
Coincide with my heart beats,
The malady of my soul,
The woe of my heart,
Now half once whole,
Consumed by the dark,
	As I walk with my demons,
Day after day my eyes grow cold,
My heart continues to freeze,
As I travel a darkened road,
I walk through a haunting breeze,
Overshadowed by the moonbeams,
Lost among the stars that I follow,
Faced with my hopeless dreams,
I feel myself become hollow,
	As I walk with my demons,
Surrounded by my nightmares,
The echoes of the past haunting me,
Confronted by cold dark stares,
Sorrows chuckle keeps taunting me,
Giving into the death of light,
Falling into the abyss of despair,
My heart is conflicted by this plight,
For I feel my soul start to tare,
	As I walk with my demons,
I become numb to my surroundings,
Oblivious of my shame,
This life is beyond confounding,
For it’s hard to live with the pain,
	Of walking with my demons

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I really should be sleeping
But I cannot
Two years ago we met and my heart skipped a beat
Two years later we meet again and it still skips a beat
Yet you remain the same in your stance
Don’t know why I ever hoped we could stand a chance
It was wrong of me to  believe and hope in an us
It was even  stupider of me to have given you my trust
And its even dumber of me to believe that you who felt so right
Would actually care
Now I’m sleepless
And Im sure your with  your mistress
I think I could love you but I’m not sure
With my heart shattered on the empty floor
You don’t care I know
And these pieces,oh no, they can’t be fixed
I’m shattered and I cant cry
I’m shattered and I know why
It’s because I was too stupid to even have tried.
You’ve broken  this heart
And Again
Why cant this just be like in the movies
Where I write
The End?

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My heart, so broken and unsure
So scared, so young and still so pure
It's been hurt and damaged so many times
Ripped apart, shattered and heard so many lies
Tired of trusting, afraid to care
Just once would like to find someone who'd be there
To simply listen and understand
My wants, My needs and All My plans
Can't let anyone in, but still can't let go
Afraid from the past, worried of what the future beholds
So I'll shelter my heart in every way I can
So it could never cry or hurt again

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A blacksmith exploded a missile 
at  point-blank
to lower the animal
in a candid manner.
So close that truth went brute.

Nativity of a patriarch
was challenged.
The birds had migrated a long distance
to find the water.
The doors remained unlocked. 

An apology for the flesh. Bones 
had exited long back. Sermon
was writ large on the face of moon.
Night was very black.
Aphonia was the word.

Satish Verma  

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Actor Enacts
Banner Contracts
Censor Objects
Director Cuts
Editor Chucks
Grammar Pontificates
Hair-dresser Sets
Insurer Ensures
Jotter Notes
Kidnapper Attracts
Lover Sings
Murderer Kills
Narrator Describes
Oscar Signifies
Producer Promotes
Quaver Tones
Recorder Mixes
Singer Rhymes
Theater Plays
Utter Dialogues
Viewer Cries
Writer Thinks
X-Factor Denotes
Yodeller Yells
Zipper Closes

"but the show must go on"

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What is love

What is love but a state of mind,
 a wish the heart makes?
Why is that  in a moment of time,
 a person's heart can break,
A passion like no other,
 a pain deeper then the ocean,
A feeling that takes another,
 to embrace such an emotion,

What is love but a false promise
 a painful demise?
In a blink of the eye,
 we fall into its disguise
Heartbroken and alone
 we all seek what the heart desires,
we seek a true love
and spark to light the soul’s fire,

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You colour the world
With your art of music
You shatter the world
With your rocking dances
We don’t know 
How you mean to us
But you have to know
That you have drown in us
You are are a THRILLER
But you have GONE TOO SOON
Leaving us to SCREAM and CRY

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black sun

The sky is red, the sun is black, im riding a roller coaster, but my mind is off track. Theres lots of ups and downs, smiles and frowns, even kings placing crowns on the heads of clowns. But I really don’t care, life isn’t fair, but gods given me a life I can hardly bear, every day I ask him, why cant you share? My life is going, I just don’t know where, because a life like mine is kind of rare. What do I do, while theres love in the air? Other people kiss while I just sit and stare, I look to my left, and theres nobody there, I look to my right, and theres a pair. The clouds are red, the rain is black, I may have left, but ill never be back, but what I can say is, theres nothing I lack. I look at the trees, I look at the sky, but what is the point when I just want to die? Why? Why do I try? When every time I fail, all I do is cry. And how can I be calm when im jealous of every guy? My heart is grounded, while my mind wants to fly, you can guess by what I write, that im also kind of shy, why do I need them? All they do is lie. I try to be nice, but they just punch me in the eye, and when im upset, all they do is pry. The clouds are blue, the sky is white, my mind is racing faster than the speed of light, my life just gets worse, but I still have to fight, why am I like this? Its just not right. Life is taller than me, im not its hight, I fly through the sky, gut still held to the ground, just like a kite, and why are people scared when they know I don’t bite? You can tell my whole life, just by what I write, I sleep during the day, and fly through the night, and im pushing a boulder with all my might. But im getting nowhere, my hands are bare, I love the dark, so give me a scare, I lost my mind and my soul, they were a pair. Sometimes I just sit, sit and think, think that I cant end up in the brink, my mind is empty and cold, like a skating rink, I don’t care if people say I stink, because I already know that im their main link, I have a cup, but nothing to drink, my mind wants to grow while my heart wants to shrink. The water is black, the sun is red, you cant kill something that’s already dead. I jump off the bridge, I take the dive, you cant kill something that was never alive. Im steering my life, but I don’t know how to drive…everything gets quiet when I arrive.  I live in a shack, I peek through the crack, and when I look outside, all I see is black…

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My feet have traveled a distance of miles Walking in thorny bushes Tracking your footprints But all in vain You might have reached afar Beyond the reach of my feet But this heart of mine, will never fail the distance The very beauty of your face, the very gorgeousness of your body Are what my feet are trying to reach My feet may never cover the distance But my heart will always do

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from sunset to dawn

the sun sets as a cloak of evil prevails like a disease

spreading like wildfire eating as the light falls down

its glowing throat into its star covered stomach eating

away like black locust at a new golden harvest eats

till no more is left at suddenly like an atom bomb a

glow so bright the birds sing of its victory as the

morning dew dance off there twisted vines and the

meadow laughs in a roaring crowd of gust as the 

golden goddess triumphs again.

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you walk on wodden legs
a lump in breast, though benign
but kids are abducted from wombs;
a road map is spread on the dirty mat
for finding the missing link,
while a solid-fuel missile was ready
to be launched

scarlet lips for décor,
unwanted hairs on chin popping out,
archipelago of hawks in brain:
the vulnerable, tending their wounds, hiding
in tunnels of shame; I like  black berries
in sleep, cannot listen my own voice,
have become blind for my own hands

dried stigmas of crocus will color my
obscene poverty orange-yellow, slum
rain, no place to sit, old memories are coming back
I am unstuck from a wheelchair


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When I see a Nerium oleander, in it i see the heart of a woman. An oleander is one of the world’s most pulchritudinous and deadly plants, and so is the woman’s heart; extremely pulchritudinous and deadly.
YHWH was and still is the greatest architect which in tells that he impressed and impresses the greatest plans on his architectural work. YHWH created everything else but still felt a part was missing, after stomaching the situation, he master- minded the heart of a woman. 
So delicate is it, to devote.
So humane is it, to provide.
So enduring to deducing and so lenient is it to loving.
Not every male leader runs an organization, a family or a nation without the touch of a woman’s heart. The touch of a woman’s heart is so magical in a peculiar way such that it completes the equation of everything.
Not so innocent, the heart of a woman is also a solvent that mixes with any kinds of solutes to form both healing and toxic solutions.
The touch of a woman’s heart also works in a magical and peculiar way to complete the equation of everything evil.
So delicate is it, to becoming jealousy, obsessive and possessive and hence;  
So conniving is it, to convince. 
So swift is it, to break another heart and so forthcoming to do anything evil to obtain anything it so desires.
I would not be surprised if Lucifer’s entire heart was made up of just the ugly part of a woman’s heart. 

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I miss You (Dedicated to My friend Misbah)

If you be with me, you will make my heart Cherish for Ever,
If  you are not with me , Your thoughts make my heart Cry for Ever,
For ever, in all the phases of Life People we Love from the inner core of our heart, 
if are not with us, then the life time Pain and Sorrows.
That can never be shared by anyone else. 
So dear Friend Never left me alone In this world.
I miss you

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Footprints in my heart

It should never end
Says this hungry heart of mine.
The lyrics and tunes keep ringing in my head
Even when though am put to rest

The list I've ever played is endless
As much as the sand which is countless
But many of them could not stand the light of day
And without regrets, I threw them away

But what is in this song
That I can see no wrong.
It has become a part of me
Or lets say taken over my whole being

This song will soon end
My heart bleats
But I must enjoy every bit of it
And this I know
That the song never stops down below

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The Lord

He left me 
Oh my lord why
When my heart was full of love 
That what my heart felt
Til now my lord
The pain just won't disappear
My heart won't be able to love again
My heart is bleeding 
My heart is crying 
Oh my lord why
My heart is dying
There no more love
Inside the beat has stop
My heart has turn into stone
The light of my heart 
Can't you see my lord
The light of my heart faded  away.

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to pretend

to pretend  i never met you
i wish that it could be
trying to forget you
is not done so easily

cause from the time that we did meet
you filled my heart so full
but now that you have done the deed
it lays empty and dull

im no good at pretending
while my heart it breaks in two
all i did was love you
and i always was true

but i hear you,ve found another
for me you must not care
for if  you really loved me
to hurt me you would  not dare

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True loves heart pound

Forbidden feelings I know too well
A glance to me
Communication only I can see
Or a love thats only too real
Time is ending and my thoughts circle you 
For I know my dream will never be true
As I walk away on that dreaded day 
The reality of never seeing those green eyes staring back at me 
Haunts my every step
Is this something I can truely live with
Leaving the person I call home
Unspoken words only go so far 
But they can't stop me 
You look at me 
As I stare back at you 
Will you be the last to see though
The last I no longer have to hide from 
Am I the last one to understand you 
Why can't you say its true 
Why can't it be just me and you 
I fear when I fly away 
That it will be our last day 
I run towards you 
Wanting to tell you all that is true 
Yelling that I love you 
But I stand still 
And the thought of you just being a memory 
Rips though every part of me 
A fond time I call upon when my skies are gray 
Casting you, with all the others 
Knowing you are  so much better 
You asked me once if I would die for you
In a instance without thinking anything though 
I knew...The breathes you breathed were more important to me then to you
And I'm not just going to be losing a friend
I'm going to be losing a purpose
And the beginning to my end.
I remember the day you laid on my couch 
and asked me why we were this way 
I said cuz your my little brother and I love you 
I tucked you into bed 
And you sent me off with a kiss on the head
I remember the day your promised me the world
But all I wanted to say... Was your the only thing this world can give me or take away 
And the price I pay. I will bear and grit my teeth
As long as you are happy. 
Tears falling from your now gray eyes
When I told you that day. 
You said you dont know what to do. And how can I live without you
I don't no if I can leave you
No matter how much you dont want me too 
GOD just leave with me
Pack your things and start new 
just me and you
But dreams are for sleeping. Which I never do. 
So heart ach will be felt 
And I want you too feel the same too
But don't hurt I cant wish that on you
Just miss me and promise you'll never forget me 
Because I promise I will always truly and forever Love you.
And no pain will over come the day I walk away from you
God I pray he follows me 
But unanswered prays happen everyday 
So I'll accept the day I fly away 
Will be the last day 
Our eyes meet, The last day we say everything without a sound and the last day I hear true loves heart pound

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Meant to be-

My head is throbbing
and my tears are falling
my thoughts keep going back to you.

I feel my heart is breaking
all because of my mistaking
I guess I wasnt good enough.

I feel my heart is going faster
because they knew we'd never last
All I want is to have you back.

You wanted her instead of me
I guess I should just let it be
the words you said are killing me.

Perhaps it wasn't meant to be.

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The Hole In My Heart

I wanted so to find my Fate,
Fall in love, and name a date
I looked each and every day,
And at night I'd kneel to pray
Then I thought I'd found the one,
But now I see it was all in fun
Why couldn't you just be real,
By telling me how you really feel?

I never even once lied to you,
Instead, I believed you wanted me too
Now, my heart is broken in two,
Because of what you chose to do
Was it easier for you to have lied,
And have your brother tell me you died?
Thanks so much for hurting my soul,
Now my heart has a great big hole

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To Find A Cure?

Do you want to live or die?
Think of this as you seek a reply
Wouldn't you try and find a cure,
Just so you could be sure?
Listen to your inner voice,
Then make the right choice
Because life is worth the living
More so than dying

Think of your loved ones,
And the life that's still to come
For you are my blood, my family
And you mean the world to me
If I lose you now,
I'll have to go on somehow
I've loved you my whole life long,
And don't want you to be gone

Dedicated to my Uncle Jim, who was hospitalized on Friday the 6th.  He bled internally, and 
needed 5-6 pints of blood replaced.  He also was on a resperator, and his heart only had 
20% usage.  He had pnenomunia too.  The doctors think he has an ulcer.  He was almost 
dead when he was admitted.  He was realeased on Friday the 13th, but refuses to have a 
colonoscopy, and a heart cahterization done.  He has been prescribed medications, but will 
not take them.  He doesn't like doctors, and hasn't seen one in a long time, over 30 years.  
He is only 60 years old.  He is planning on returning to work at GM today, 3-16-09.

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Moody night with many dead tears for the last 
time i broke her ma 
heart i did wish i could hold 
her to ma arms.,,but did ma 
heart alot of harm....
Silly days yet never cease to 
come,in their interest they 
seems to run,with every 
happy mode they cease not 
to ma sincerity 
never stop to mourn the 
days of lorn,i wished could 
give back in return,but death 
took her without ma heart to 

In ma silent mode love was 
blamed,,,,in ma heart is 
written her name.....with a 
broken heart in same.....

In ma promises death made 
me a failure,i losted ma pride 
in fear with tears like am 
inferior....pains penetrates 
ma heart like invador....for 
how long will i mourn ma joy in 
ma insure?......death pains ma 
joy without a means to 
cure.....where is love to plant 
her name in ma memory with 
control ma brain like 

This i wish,yet ma heart pays 
the pains and tears on every 
unknown year we 
breach.....tell me love in your 
surge,pray for ma days in 
worth,,manage ma sorrow 
when am not,then i will give 
you the reasons why she was 
not....i never meant that was 
her fault,yet death proved i 
wrong....because i never for a 
moment express what she 

Gold,diamond,petals worth 
nothing at all-when the 
greatest value of ma life 
recently ran to ma 
abscent without a last 
talk......what an empty world i 
found maself with no one 
else to talk...death did me a 
big favor in his thought..........

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The Voices of the Soul- Poetry

The voices of the soul (poetry)

Noteless music no less harmony in its melody,
Body motionless only the heart may dance, 
Satiety to her crave a dose of ecstacy,
The magic of the art unveiled.

The poets mind out of the box, what box!
Eternal fires to brighten this darkening land of ours,
Counterpart of science reveal the mystery in truth,
A prism to once thought pure white.

Words in poetry so relaxing breathing is  toil,
Syllables so calming the heart too loud,
Truly flesh is lease, a soulbeing,
Free your mind and come along.

A walk through the universe, mind as swift as light,
My view likewise the eagle's all problems solved.
I return home new hope and more,
There's more to life my eyes have seen.

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Movie Classics

Movie Classics (Abecedarian) Around The World In Eighty Days at the Bordertown the Captains of the clouds had Dinner At Eight at East of Eden with the Fabulous Baker Boys and the Ghostbusters at the House Of Games, there In The Heat Of The Night they decided to Journey To The Center Of The Earth to the King Solomon's Mines close by the Lilies Of The Field they saw Monty Python And The Holy Grail in the Night Of The Living Dead it was One Crazy Summer like on the Planet Of The Apes where a Quest Of Fire did Raise The Red Lantern on Sunset Boulevard there a Taxi Driver Under Siege was aiming for a Victory to end the War Of the Worlds with the help of Xena in the Yellow Submarine and with Zorba The Greek Erich J.Goller Copyright 1.10.2011

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the ugly truth

im the only one, whos accepted the truth, im as dull as a knife, but as sharp as a tooth, whatever i get, its my own special booth, im as dumb as a rock, but as smart as a sleuth. theres nobody for me, i dont even care, ive accepted the facts, cause life isnt fair, their hands are covered, while my hands are bare, if you think that im ugly, then why do you stare? i see a couple walk by, and my heart starts to tear, my alarm is still broken, so you wont hear it blare, im playing a game, its called truth vs. dare, im not part of the world, so i sit in my lair. i do not love, so i dont have to share, i will prove that im king, by becoming the mayor, everywhere i go, theres always a pair, ill just be by myself, while theres love in the air.

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dear deepest lover

                                     Take my hand for it all i have to offer.
                                We will go on this adventure one day together
                                             Dear my sleeping beauty 
                           This is not the end for all this is a temporary good  bye.
                                      Close your eyes for i wish for life.
                                          For this is all you wanted. 
                                            Dear your truest lover 
    I know you can make her happy for she has not been sense you left that dark day.
                   Dear weeping heart dear soul that is stained by which you once held.
                              I will morn and grieve my weeping heart  will never heal.
                                         I loved you tell my dying day.
                  Because you touched my heart in such a special so i always pray.
                            Dear deepest lover dear my sweetish mother.
                                                         RIP  NAN

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After a sacred kill
you thrived in scriptures.
Many centuries have passed for us
living without you.
Thyme will preserve you body,
your brain, syndrome, for our children.

When the apocalypse starts,
Arctica would keep the seeds, grains, alive
and every death will be accounted for.
From mars the ice will come.
And people will bow before
the chariot of sun for breaking the stars.

Why the sadness is pouring?
I was not afraid of falling saints,
of big poles, but the masks of bones and skull.
Those veils are burning. The grandmothers
look at the blue sky and again we are
distributing our secrets to poor.


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The westerners eat Amala and Ewedu
We eat Akpo and Ofe Nsala
They dance Juju and Apala
We dance bongo and atilogwu the beat of life.
T^he Northerners speaks hausa whilst we speak igbo
They married with no bride price and dowry 
But we marry with bride price and huge dowry.
Cut the man"s hair low, short to remind him That
Marriage is never a bed of roses therefore he must look
After our pride, princess, prestigious priceless pretty queen 
Who must painstakingly bear his name abandoning her 
Humble background and journey with him amidst roses and bullets.
They wear buba and agbada in an architectural design
Darshiki from the north domain whilst we wear Ukwu george    
They plate shoku, koroba and kpatawo and make beads round their neck
Igbo speak, yoruba frown, hausa dance, itskiri watch
Kanuri laugh, Ebira smile, Nupe point, Tiv demonstrate Fulani pick.
Idoma cry, Awori cry, Efik console, Ibibio comfort
Yet Unity we stand despite the cultural diversity.
One for all, all for one, we stand.
Bound to the humble land in hundred fold
Relevant is our culture and tradition 
In defend shall we die and perish for our 
Precious country.

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The ordinary life 
and the passage of one thousand 
full moons.

Cresting a culture of violence;
when a trident 
bleeds you unethically ?

A cave robber 
becomes god incarnate. A 
finger of land snaps-

and you savagely interrupt
the prayer and send the 
message. Run, brother,run –

for the roots. Nights are 
numbered and the 
blue mountain is burning.

Sexless virginity is at stake !

Satish Verma

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Life's hidden lessons

I married a man too early in life
and wasn’t prepared to be a good wife.
I believed he loved me and things would be fine.
My love for him would grow over time. 
The years passing by were good for awhile.
Then came a time I could not see my smile.
He cheated on me and I deserved more.
With a heavy heart I went out the door.
We parted as “friends”, which ended one day.
With a baby conceived he went on his way.
He now liked his freedom away from me.
I carried our son -- he didn’t want to see.
Soon after another cared about me; 
I ignored the things I didn’t want to see.
I married that man -- I thought it’d be best.
But soon after that, he was failing the test.
Driven by fear, I mistakenly thought
A son of “his own” was the thing that he sought
I now had a toddler and one on the way;
there was no doubt, I now had to stay.
Things started to spiral out of control.
The alcohol had a firm grip on his soul.
Choosing to leave to protect us all;
I was forced this time to really stand tall.
Now on my own with two children to raise
I examine my life in so many ways. 
My relationships failed, for that I am sad;
but the result of those could never be bad.
Now long gone are those men from my past
replaced by a “true” love that forever will last.
My love for my sons, my two little boys, 
erase all my pains and reveal only my joys.

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On lotus leaf
a frog sits meditating-
the parenthood.

Fetal coaxing,
was on trial. Will you
come to witness ?

A premature
death of a dream. Who 
was responsible ?

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Time To Reflect

Without a conscience, You feel no pain. How do you ever expect to gain? Your words hold no meaning, Your future not so bright. I wonder if you'll ever see the light. You don't seem to care about what's wrong or right. Have you no regrets for the things you say & do? It doesn't matter who gets hurt...As long as it's not you...
Your heart is soiled & your spirit weak, Why don't you keep the words you speak? Hate & anger runs through your blood, Swallowing you up like a flood. There's an emptiness in you, You try to deny. But why must others suffer for the pain you hold inside? You can't be satisfied.
Who will love you when you're old & gray, Who will care for you til your dying day? You don't want a good girl, Whose heart belongs to you.
To you, you know her heart will always be true and she'll always love you through & through, Because she only wants whats best for you. To HER, you'll NOT surrender full blown love, so warm & tender. But for you, a slut will do, It's nothing more than a "Rendezvous". Your feelings will never matter. To you, her heart will not be true. If she cheated on him... she'll cheat on you. And she will never rely on you. For another awaits her in her bed. She will not worry if a disease she spreads! Sneaking around, trying not to get caught, Until the newness & excitement wears off...Dignity is LOST! Would her man want to shake your hand Or would he devise another plan? Would he rather your life be taken, Because it's his world YOU have shaken!
Do you have no remorse Or do you plan to stay your course? What happened to the morals that God instilled in us, The 10 Commandments "In GOD we trust". The One who knows where our eternal soul is bound. He knows who's soul is Lost or Found. 
I truly regret our drunken nights And wish our children hadn't seen our Ungodly sight. What if Jesus came back today, Would he look at us with such dismay? Would he turn & walk away, Because we lived our life the devils way. This life is merely a test, But to HIM I must confess, Because in the end I want the best, And in HIS arms I soon shall rest. Soon this life will be over, No more hurt & no more sorrow. My only hope is that IF He grants us tomorrow, We will make wiser decisions Until our time on earth has ended And "Through the Pearly Gates I will enter", A peaceful soul... My Lord shall render!!

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Will you read
the snow on the grass knitting
the big eyebrows

of moon at night
which will never know hidden
hands of a wetland ?

The tears implant
green circles on cheek.
Spring was coming back.     

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today, tomorow

Today, tomorow, my heart still filled with 
sorrow, today, tomorow, i still remain 

Hi my name is x, y do i continue 
remainin a step behind z? A! B yourself c, 
nothing could d e your self esteem, i 
asked him f you think of the best in me, 
g.. i never noticed my untapped potential.

Today, tomorow, my heart still filled with 
sorrow, today, tomorow, i still remain 

H i j k? L m i going to die lonely? Not 
alone, i could grab a stone and hit 20 
peeps before its even trown, n ill die 
lonely in this throne, o i forgot that ive 
grown persisant, more resiliant, more 
resistant, im tired of p i need to get out 
of this q! 

Today, tomorow, my heart still filled with 
sorrow, today, tomorow, i still remain 

R you listening, my use to be low spark 
is glissening, s i go to find my future i 
hoped not to get lost in the present 
becouse alot of things have past. T will 
sooth my mind to never mind of things 
that remind me of u v w. My name is x, y 
do i remain a step behind z?

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Autumn leaves cling high in the tree tops
As acorns drop to the bottom.
Summer’s hot days have long since gone
Replaced by the coolness of Autumn.

The roses and mums are still in bloom
For the nights are brisk without frost.
Halloween is just around the corner
With the brilliance of Autumn soon lost.

Dead leaves create the rainbows of Autumn
Red, yellow, orange, purple and brown.
Soon winter shall blanket nature in white
As the seeds of summer lie dormant in the ground.

Wild geese call as they fly in formation
Across the star filled skies of night.
The moon seems larger and has more color
Reflecting with wonder its light.

Autumn for most, is their favorite time of year
Till winter passes and it’s spring once more.
A time of harvest and transformation
As the light of day is shorter than before.

How many Autumns have come and gone
Only God could tell the story.
How many Autumns have we left to enjoy
With their fulfillment, radiance and glory.

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everyday Not the same without you

Every Beat in my heart keep beating for us all The tears in side of me still crying for us
im mess up in head because of you all scare you give me within side of my heart i still bleeding because of are friendship and or Love Turn to black shadow demon inside of me
i be screaming my heart out for you when my chest bleeds its the feeling in side my heart everyday your in my dreams name written in stars and i know you and i be with each other inside my heart when i saw you the first time something change deep down inside of me when i with you i have deal with the pain Do you remembers the days anything cant last forever i wish i can bring it back take it back you mean world to me screaming I LOVE YOU im alone everyday dealing with this i screaming Bleeding heart brokennnn You mean so much to me.and You cant even see .

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broken heart

How to fix a broken heart, listen to music, do some art, race a cart. They crushed your heart, so you pick up a part, and put it back together, they never loved you from the start. Don’t sulk around, or lie on the ground, even if they made your heart pound. I’ve been through this, so many times, that all I have to show is my hateful rhymes. Your lying around while there laughing in your face, they think they put you in your place, they think they played you like a game, put your name to shame, but show them there wrong, life isn’t that long, trust me, it’ll hit them like a gong. Sing a song, but don’t act like a Kong, your feelings will back and forth like pong. Don’t frown and let them treat you like a clown, you can’t get through them, GO AROUND. Don’t let them see you sad, make them mad and completely forget about the times you had, all this is true, ask your dad. Whatever happens, your not done, until that other person knows you’ve won, yeah, sure, it hurts to be one, but as long as you try, you’ll find your Hun, but while your waiting, have some fun. But the other person, you may have to shun, its not that bad, do not run, there’s someone for you, who will love you a ton, make a pun, eat a bun, draw the sun, life doesn’t suck, so don’t get a gun. Don’t kill yourself, its not worth it, there are others out there, so don’t have a fit, even if your falling down a bottomless pit. Life gets better towards the end, it may twist and bend, but you will find someone with a heart to lend.

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Why deceptive retrieve
in a wheelchair
for the fallen ?

Was it not a sheer
wrong message
of a space anxiety ?

The aboriginal name
was dead in a traffic. What
a choice to breathe its

last in a city of buried
monuments ? Vision of inner
city affiliates,

taking questions for
the first time. You
become only a body after the death.

A white rose waits
for a blue sea. The black moon
hovers around the old man.


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Drowning here in this crazy love hoping that someone 
come and save me. From this hurting pain 
that keep my inside burning in flame,

crying loud and still know helping hands
i need to be hold i need to be loved
i need to be hole.

Again because my heart is broking into
two once again.

Dear lord i can't suffer so much more i had
enough of falling in and out of LOVE.
I can't sleep or eat sad and happy at the same
time my moods up and down all around.

I don't won't to give my heart up again
i don't won't to be let down again i 
just won't to be forever and always

With a man please lord take
my acking Pain away from me
take this misery i can't take it anymore
so bless my soul and this heart
with so much good

So i can leave the bad and live my life the way 
a young lady should.

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only the half-truths engage the
nightfall  the thing of dawn asked to wait   in pouring
blows sponsored by sin of brutal torture    burning
the genitals   pushing sand in mouth   blood rimmed
stool I become you sit on   eat your dinner howling
the election time   you come   hands folded
me a hummingbird    suspended in air
waiting for the cage to open   a little girl
punished to stand in sun carrying bricks on
shoulders   slapped to fall unconscious   give
me another sky to behold
restraint from whom


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One day at time I made it though

It's taken longer than I thought to get over you

Like watching sand flow through an hour glass, I want my broken heart to heal, to move forward from the past

For you heart does not listen to you, it does exactly what it wants to do

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A Field Of Dreams

In a field of dreams we wallow 
in hopeless hope,
In a stream of deceit we 
struggle to stay afloat 
Without a heart to grasp, the 
darkness takes hold,
Yet with a light to love, a story 
of love unfolds,

In the slumber of night dreams 
become surreal,
In the wake of day reality 
becomes unreal,
Floating on a cloud getting high 
on emotions,
Walking on water, swimming 
the oceans,

In a sky of passion the stars 
shine with trust,
In a world of pain, I can see 
nothing but us,
In a life of struggle I do my 
best to get by,
With you in my life, I breeze 
through a natural high,

When times grow rough and 
become too much to bare,
Or when times sail smoothly 
and love shines fair,
I’ll look to the horizon and gaze 
at the beauty of the sun beams
And ill see your smile in the 
field of dreams

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My God 
Help me to touch my rainbow 
Today I am feeling blue. 

Give me your hand to climb to the sky 
to see my life from an other site. 

Give me some colours 
To change my blue, 
To take the sorrows, 
To make new hopes 
For better tomorrows. 

Give me more sun to shine my soul 
To clean my fog,the blue never follows. 

I smile to you but I hide the cries 
That make my heart to close my eyes. 

I know the days will change my nights 
And give to my heart ten thousands smiles. 

My God 
Today I am feeling blue 
But I am not alone anymore. 
I hold your hand.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Forever your girl

Come with me lets go 
To a place where only we will know
Let me take your hand
And save you from your darken land
Baby come with me lets go 
And sweet heart they will never know
That your heart is mine
And that my hands will never let it go 
Baby here's my heart 
It is broken soon to fall apart
In your hands it lays 
I trust that it will be ok 
For your love lights my darken ways
And in saving me you save yourself
So baby wait for me 
And soon our hearts will have no pain
Some day we will see 
That our hearts are meant to be
Together in this world
But forever I will be your girl.

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The coal and blackened hands.
Zero was the cardinal sin.
After the lunar walk, 
you flinch back in horror.

A gaint leap has ended 
in a coal tar pit. Are you 
sure we have landed 
at a right spot ?

Extraterrestrial. An immune 
disorder. Your autism 
was evolving into a 
monster of twisted brain.

Outside your home
dozens of bodies were found.
What were you doing 
when genocide started.

Satish Verma

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Falling with broken wings

.by Heather Jacobs on Saturday, 18 June 2011 at 13:23.Falling with broken wings

Torn apart at the seams

Been shot down again and I’m

Losing the heart of my dreams


I leave no trace in the ground

When I hit rock bottom

I hear them screaming -

“I know I got ‘em!”



My feet are bleeding

And I have to keep running

Words whispered to me

Aren’t you oh so cunning?




My heart is panicking

Trying to escape its prison

I feel it stop beating

Everything’s fading from vision




It’s lonely down here

As I scream your name

I curse myself for thinking

This was more than a game




Face down in the dirt

Coughing up your lies

I choke on the pain

And slowly close my eyes


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The intrigue was deepening. 
Remove the capstone. 
You had buried a 
legend alive.

The trial begins and 
ends, leaving no room
for any shady questions, 
and fake answers.

You don’t want to accept
a lesser pain. There was
no door, no window.

The arousal comes 
when you hear the
explicit obscenities.

You want another twist to a tale.
I want to demolish the fate.

Satish Verma

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 It gets easier and easier,
with each passing day,
but trust me,
in my heart,
it's not easy to say,
I miss him alot,
though there's nothing,
I can do,
but I know for one thing, 
our friendship,
will never be through.

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My Truth

My Truth

I am an original
My body, my diary,
my totem temple,
a living portrait
frozen in time.

Black ink flows as fluidly
as the lineage in my vein.
Every line, every curve
roams my ivory plane.

I cannot bow down
nor demur, I have
bared my soul indelibly.
My poetry in flesh.

Needled into skin
__love-erotic therapy.
Pain is my sacrifice
and I will bleed for
my truth.

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When tears just can't stop and your heart feels like a rock, becomes impossible to unlock that's the aftershock. Words that will never be spoken because my heart has been broken, painfully stolen, mistreated left swollen two hearts that can't be because of my hearts agony. Eye's that will never meet that could of got lost in love deep, we are two souls that just can't be because of my murdered self esteem. I'm in deep sorrow these tears that I endlessly cry desperately wanting him to make me feel alive but he could cross the world through death valley's, carrying the moon passing dark shadows through fiery alley's all to prove his love and it still wouldn't be enough my heart is to corrupt and I'm all messed up. Only I can fix it I sadly dream of his assistance the man that I thought was never existing turns out he was just missing but he is to late it's like I can't stop resisting, aftershock from the pain I have taken all I can sustain.

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It was a sex attack
in burning clairvoyance.

You cannot catch me 
in catastrophic moment.

A hard core porn has 
the piety for a lone wolf.

Unclothed, a courier 
walks into a shower of bullets.

A hospital waits for the 
wounded god returning home.

On the scrubland you place at the 
end a coffined prophet, smiling.

Sleepless, sleeping on ambers 
you recite a blind epitaph.

Satish Verma

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My head drums like the drummer boy
my heart dances on my chest
my eyes see you the one i love the best

with your beauty you impress
long flowing locks of hair 
when you walk in my direction i can not help but stare

legs that goes for days and dont quit
you make my heart flutter
for my pancakes in the morning you are my butter

i call you the sweetest thing 
like a strawberry dipped in choclate
i am drunk off your love a loveaholic

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Unlock heart of enigma,
Pulse pumping burning it's stigma,
Crying out for all unanswered,
Tears all turn ashes from blistered.

Unlock the heart of enigma,
Making all brims into karma,
Hungered with pinkish solitaire,
Red hummers filling up the air.

Unlock the heart of enigma,
Tuning songs into sloppy drama,
Unexceptionably killing every trust,
Would this heart stay or last..?

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someone’s else death ?
Was that an explicit experiment ?

Starting with an Adonis
to stitch
the wounds of angels.

An unlikely
walk through the tumor
of breast, where

no milk ejects
the ancestory. I hold
the words without meaning.

It was a tragic
flow of history.
The echo was searching a sky.  

Satish Verma 

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anthills to natural selection, the sexual drive of a violenne;

invasive, brutal, the testosterone chasing wet thighs,
the night sweats. Kleptomania rising; castration

or helium filled masks for assisting suicides were 
mutilating genes. Multiasking for eugenics ? Hate and revenge

hangs a body on the turret of a tank, a wrong
for wrong. A little crown, winged pollens scattered

on brittle areola, the milky way shying away from midnight
sun. The toppled vision in blindness of a tribe

unearths the skeletons of mass murders; the
fanatics changing the face value of truths.

Images do not leave the temples.


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In between the scars 
where was the frame ?
         With artichoke, you were
         dismentaling the ethos.

Giving a suspended 
death sentence to cadence 
         of love. You know what 
         you did not know, about life.

Hauntingly ethical ? You 
do not want to become a sensual 
          father, releasing sperms in 
          petri dishes. The eggs will find 

their mates. It was a dark 
conspiracy to overthrow the 
          hierarchy of calculus. Do 
          not remove the asterisks.

Satish Verma 

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No beauty in concrete
as beauty
Is abstract
Is abstract
As beauty
No beauty in concrete

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Dear Grandma

Theres no one in this world who can compare to you or can even come close
Your the best grandmother anyone could ever ask for i love you most
I know I dont always show you how much you mean to me
Im sorry for all the times I was a brat and how I would be
No matter what I say without you I wouldnt have anything and you mean more to me than you know
Im sorry from the bottom of my heart and the good I will try to show
To you Grandma I wrote this for you with all my love
Everyday your in my heart and in my head your always thought of

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A siege had an agenda 
for a suicide match.
Treat him with dignity.

A proxy face of a serial 
adultery. The collateral damage
will not be undone.

The aggressor denies the scrutiny.
You will find some upheaved
boats in his hideout.

There cannot be any deniability 
for a long legged journey
towards the hot coals.

The battle for the lost glory
has begun between two moons.
one in sky, other in uprising.

Satish Verma

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Some people will never learn,
Those who dont, cause concern.
They act like kids and it's all a game,
This is reality, Not something to play.
They dont care to see how it effects others,
Sex, drugs, and parties is all it is,
and all we can think is "Oh Brother!"
I dont understand how stupid people can be,
Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, There they go, Never cease to amaze me.
Because of this I may lose the one person I would hate to lose, Try again Please,
Even though we're only friends, I want to be selfish,
But even more, I want you to be happy.
I'm anti-social from time to time,
Time to think about the good things in life.
I hope that you could please remind me,
What is this piece of sh!t world coming to be?
I'm afraid if he goes, we'll lose touch,
and maybe the fact... I'll miss him too much.
Some people will never learn,
Those who dont, cause concern.
They act like kids and it's all a game,
This is reality, Not something to play.

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Nothing makes or breaks now.
I will not know you
on the lake. The clouds and shoreline shudder.
There was no speck of endurance. The wind
falls with agonizing thud.

The dusk was hoisting the white waves.
Time to make peace.
Moon will make an appearance
with a veiled threat.

A bleached skeleton on the sand
wriggles to become alive
like the bitterness.

After a midnight death of a battered
probe, it was time to give a final call.
A fire will freeze like a rose
in the wraps of black waters.
The folk singer was coming.				


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The hawk was always hatching 
a pacer,
to spin the surveillance,

tampering the tracks of violence.
The haul was heavy. Moon and fishes
went on to spread the dragnet

striking gold from the liquid
denials. The sovereignity was
violated of a virgin god.

The rule of drinking was sidelined.
Kiss will survive after the death opens
the back door of a globe.

Dreams are exhausted. There will
be no comeback of a star player
in the game of bloody manipulations.

Satish Verma

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Time keeps going, the world turns too,
With life, death, choices we make or even what we do.
What's the point of  life and death?
When all we feel is regret.
Repopulate the world with idiots,
make dumb choices and fill life with IGNORANCE.
It matters not what we do or say,
only to the very flawed humans, that bring us up and teach us this "way."
Life has it's occasional joyous moments,
but all that matters, I guess, is dumbass comments.
We live, we breathe, we die,
in the end it's apart of life.
Whether or not we live or die young,
why must we try to end it before our time is up?
What's the point of  life and death?
When all we feel is regret.
Repopulate the world with idiots,
make dumb choices and fill life with IGNORANCE.
Time keeps going, the world turns too,
With life, death, choices we make or even what we do.

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stand by me

stand by me please , i ask you from a bad place . stand by me. one more blow to the heart could knock me down .one more big blow of the wind could blow me over. lost of balance , swaying back and fourth like a tree .waiting for the branch to break , fall to the ground.hold my hand , feel that heat , the sweat of my palms , nervous of losing everything , holding it down .stay with me , dont leave me . i dont know if i could take anymore pain . being a fellow alone , is worst then being blind and death during a lighting storm . lost on my own.hold me , feel that , the race of my plause , the feeling of blood racing through my vain and back to my control center . my heart , that broken body part . yet it keeps on pumping .

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Given enough time you realize who your friends are
At best you don't have many
At worst you don't have any
Friends forget family neglects
All it takes is time
Love thought of as true, 
Will be undone and come unglued
Promises broken
Words unspoken
All it takes is time
Time reveals the truth
Time illuminates your path
You'll understand 
what stands the test of time 
Is all you ever had
Time teaches appreciation
Time builds a clearer sharper mind
Even if in the end you find 
You have nothing

Guy Divi

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the eyes and fractured wisdom,
the two of us, extremely prudent, suffering
the dislocation of vigilance against wrinkled sin,
I am on my own today
disconnected to

the unearthly rehearsal
of breaking the cycle of carbon assimilation
in the veins of white lies, of crude bombs,
moonbathing we were colloiding in void
of consciousness and scattered verses
in scriptures remained unsearched;

the brutal  hierarchy of chromosomes,
loud and merciless, in the birth of new settlements,
huge ovens for cremations, collecting the golden
teeth from the ashes, celebrating the
return of blood and death, me,
blessing the unborn poem.


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After the moon 
it was an unkempt night.

I wanted to kill the narrative 
and recast the frozen history.

A dirt road leads to a new trajectory now, 
splattered with blood.

A double tongued thought brings
the ire of screaming horror.

Strapped for knowledge, he believed
in resurrection of a black hole.

The pain, it hurts terrible.
Emblematic was the bending of candles.

Satish Verma

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Here's what Tim's heart says:

Have you ever seen a sight as beautiful 
As a face in a crowd of people 
That lights up just for you? 

Have you ever felt more fresh or wonderful 
As when you wake 
By the side of that boy or girl 
Who has pledged their love to you? 

Well I have known all these things 
And the joys that they can bring 
And now every morning there's a cup of coffee 
And I wear your ring.

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you were stealing me from myself
my mitochondria, a little under the name,
while I was unmoored, talking to a mirror
who did not recognize me, caked in heat and dust
touching my tissues and blood
under the ignited roof of the tower,

walking with crutches to wipe the tears,
religion, open pyres, I am still stained
near a lantana thicket, amorous, talking
to death, pirates grabbing the winds,
migration of a whole waxed population
in black air

stalkers have a corrugated mind and 
serial killers  a mournful voice


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caring heart

A caring heart that love so deep
But still worn out and broken
Into pieces can you fix the puzzle?
Right to match up to the amount
Of full blown kisses to love
Again and have a caring heart
To share with others not everyone
Have a caring heart there are some
Evil hearts laying around that needs
To be brought back to life.

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garden of love

this is the day the buds were in my heart to keep
 as i watched in sombre mood there pearly petals begin to peep
 and as i gazed upon this beauty, my mood became a glow
 as i seen in my heart a beautiful garden that did grow

 this is the day, the month before spring had begun
 yet in my heart I bathed in the beauty of the sun
 i wished that time would no longer pass me by
 for i knew that for your love again that i would cry

 this is the day my heart believed in you 
 that time it had no meaning and in my heart was true
 a garden of love i sent through time
 to touch your heart was so divine
 this is the day i remember with love 
 where a butterfly landed from above 
 on a beautiful rose, in a garden so sweet
 where our love will always meet

 this is the day that youth was still mine
 and the flowers danced in a beautiful line
 to the song that my heart longed to sing 
 but gently fell as gold dust from a wing

 this is the day my garden was light 
 and i will always return when times are as night
 to the garden of love where my soul is a part
 a beautiful treasure to rest in my heart.. 

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Fireside Love

Sitting by the fire,
With the one I admire.
I've never wanted more,
It's him that I adore.
Flames reflecting off his face,
Making my heart race.
Time comes to a stop,
All my worries drop.
I feel as if I'm frozen,
For I'am the one he's chosen.
His touch sparks fire within me,
This proves to me it's meant to be.
No longer to be alone.
He's melted my heart of stone.
He holds a story within,
His heart welcomes me in.
I've given him my heart,
Never planning to part.
Looking into his eyes,
I know where my future lies.
Our future is bright,
Hearts full of light.
With the one I admire,
I sit by the fire.
A smile from ear to ear,
His words are what I hear.
All other sounds fade,
Each worry begins to fade.
With the one I adore,
I've never wanted more.
For it's him I admire,
With him I sit by the fire.
He is my heart's light,
For him I must fight.

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Was it sacrilege to reenter the bones of knuckles
thinking of your primrose, a backlash of twigs
in garden of homeless birds, a high-profile
sweep starting a mad rush of blue winds
in the confused landscape of life ?

my hills are strewn with bones of eaten, half-cooked
lines of defence, the diplomacy not working to mimic
peace; dead words grip my truths; must you
kill the surgeon who has severed the wrist
of a thief.

I am falling unbidden on Pole Star, the terror
on the wings of flying swans, a child sits
on a chair with enormous head shaking involuntarily
and the cyclone breaking on the dumb noddings
of failing light.


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No stitches will work.
You have to navigate-
               in mendacities.

You have to navigate-
in mendacities to find
               the truth, the truth.

A papyrus write may 
know the future, the destiny,
               the future, the destiny.

You always run to piss
at the tree, to draw
               the borders. The animal.

The animal within you, becomes 
salmonella, dones a cap,
                enters the dome.

Enters the dome.

Satish Verma

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Mr propertied's car

-Birat Anupam 

Mr.  propertied belittles pedestrians  
whenever he drives his car 
hurling blows of horns at ears
raining acids of lights on eyes
during busy days, fatigue evenings and sexy nights
however, Mr. propertied ,too, desires walking 
so he secretly goes morning walks
where he glimpses sans his car

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Who will deliver the blow
to hissing winds of red hot skin
when burning desert hits the green trees?

Life flows through fire in the shadows
of cloudy peaks. I resume living
in the bodies of other people,

I am not myself. And change must
come in the garb of numbers,
in the mode  of nothingness,

like the horns locked in the middle
of the road, raising dust and hoofs
two bulls fighting in the ruins of widespread

culture of politics. Only slogans give 
the clue to black power of flesh. A
dispute does not settle for the last rites.

Neither burial nor a funeral will take place.
Only bones will give rise to a flower bed
where ashes will read the history.			


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A beautiful stranger

Who is this remarkable image I see with slight of joy and perfection 
I was struck I see you dancing in the flashing lights with desire shinning brightly 
It's like a work of art I'm sprung hypnotized by the beauty 
Preview quite romantic who knew you'd be so lovely maybe I'm nieve for wanting you 
Did not know that a love could be so bad but feel so good 
As the dance floor flashes I'm trapped in another world I envy your perfect kind of life 
This beautiful stranger can not wait to be in your arms of passion 
And your heart like stone struck me in vain this beautiful stranger I long 
By-Brian Otoole

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Will pursue
the star killed by a limb.
A black hole
is going to devour him.

What was ahead now
in the sea of reverse pain ? 
You were knocking out
your own creation.   

In the hunger’s wake
will you stop eating your own
words and say something
of the locked doors of eyes ?

I cannot sing the scars
and unmask the fires.
It is gratifying when you are silent,
and still you are heard.               

Satish Verma

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After decapitation, it was
and half-bread.
We had prepared ourselves for epilation.

A war for milky sap 
starts for an empty chair.
You are asked to abandon
your field and go for
a hate profile.

The gated religion now
scars the high searing, wayward  
fronds of untangeled age
of absent truths and
faithful lies.

I will go again to
find the answer in a similar
darkness to stand 
my unconditioned faith
to stumilate the unflowing river.

Satish Verma

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New Year Love

If there's anything I'd love to 
do in this New Year Day,
It'll be to kiss you until 
everything I ever endured 
escapes my train of thought.
If I had to explain how the 
thought of being in love with 
you makes me feel I'd be
Stuck in between reality & 
eternal love. Simply because 
the foreign way my heart beats 
for you
Is far beyond verbal 

My beautiful girlfriend for the 
first time I'm not afraid to 
accept love
And love, love is indefinite for I 
could only imagine eternity 
with you.
You're my queen and my 
everything royal, You're my life 
I can't deny the fact that I 
adore you.

Sadly on a special day like this 
I can't accompany you 
physically but, my heart & my 
love will
Always be with you spiritually.
I'll love you forever even past 
the tears, You're my star baby 
Happy New Years.

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at cremation ground
the flames were creating
strange words

he stood still, in void, between unfenced tears

there was no need to question the answers,
kicking up the history, of crossing the bridge
over the river of annihilation

of self, making a gift of forked tongue
of cobra, spiteful, as an old virgin

it was over without thinking, scribbling
on the margin, his name in different inks
a young smell floats an funny rocks of

events and the fish swims in eyes of dead
foetus in womb, with unclenched fists


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Where do you go

Yes I see you there I know your story heart on your sleeve like transparent window pane glass we all know what hides behind your smile is piss,*****and vinegar and something very cold and darling your heart is as black as coal.

And no you can't take me down there I refuse to go
your blood like ice we are no longer playing nice I won't save you don't ask me to try.

Hearing me screaming deep into the night you ignored my calls for the lingering touch of your stained fingertips

Where do you go
When I'm alone?
Waiting in this empty room with the walls making voices telling me to take the fall

But your eyes were blank and void of the things you were lacking
and I'm sinking this ship I'm sailing taking everything down with me

Darling where do you go with your soul as black as coal?

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For A Special Friend

I have a million other contacts
But it only feels right with you.
I try to hide it and not be a drag
But i cant stop myself from feeling blue.
I have everything okay 
And a life to live
But why do i feel so broken inside
Empty and repeating the words "what if?"
Sometimes i wonder if im a good friend
Because you're there more often than i.
I wonder if i actually help you
Instead of bagging then passing you by. 
But each and every time
Your tone stays the same.
And i'm kind of mesmerized
Happy even if i'm kind of insane.
And one day i hope i can do 
So much better, meta morph
Into a better person, complete and strong
So i can give you a small paradise that'll make you smile
Because that's where you belong.

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I felt like exploding. 
The back of my eyes were burning.

What had happened here? 
There must have been times when I felt more than this. 
There had to be. 

It was Tuesday afternoon, around 12.20pm, that I realised what had to be done. 
Someone had to pay!

I have lived, up until now, a privileged life. 
One really of no hard labour, unlike many of those around me. 
I suppose I felt superior to some people in many ways. 
Should I have thoughts like this as a member of the human race? 
There you go you see, human race, race, the word that we have put into who we are, its a race, we are racing, racing each other. 

Where will it be the race, who is in the, race, yes indeed!
Mumblings of a mad man corrode the in workings to such a degree that there seems no way out!
Surely we had felt more than this?


Scott. T . Williams.

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Knife and Lust

Walking these streets of manhattan so aimlessly 
All alone in the dark only lights by the city shops 
I'm scared alone feeling out of love now lost the knife was rough 
You stabbed me in the back all I can do is Cry on my knees veins hot as fire 
With mixed emotions running through 
It's Like this dagger killing me more inside all this love and all this hate burns me away 
Deep inside passion urning for another lusting after another 
As if I were a lion in a jungle taking that prey and burning up with tense desire 
It's like a knife with loves wounds after the lust 
This is very hard for me in a world you left me bleeding alone 
Never picked me up left my heart to die out 
With my tears hitting the city pavement times like this just burns me away 
Love can go off like a loaded gun a love  vanishes just like a knife with lust 
-- by Brian OToole jr. 

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For my love kevin

I feel so Happy Excited and Myself sometimes, 
When I think of you each night and day, 
And when I see you, I see night, 
I love you more than words can say... 

You're so Always there! This love is Fireworks! 
I can't resist your His skills, its true! 
The leaves and talents fade into shadows... 
I am absolutely crazy for you! 

Your soul is cozy; your heart is red as a rose, 
and my heart is truly in your hands. 
I could play and Have fun 'til life was done, 
but YOU are the focus of my plans. 

This passion enrichment is always there my love, 
And for you, Kevin, I thank Heaven above. 
All my love, Liza x 

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Just unbound, the death rate.
Red roses had no qualms. Numbers,
unapologetic, they die or commit suicide.
Death had no tombs. One by one they
cross the stream, sinking half, floating half
in a cynic system, heedless, emaciated,
eyes looking beyond, cavernous.

They kiss the doors, will not comeback,
pilgrims of grapes or hemlock, dead on the toes
of rehearsals, dried milk in breasts and pounding
of metaphors. The mankind stripped of songs
drifting from one forest to another.


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Don’t you agree with my ability
to loosen up on our times in no night ?
A river thing was flowing
through foliaged silence.

In deranged hour of the
neck tie, you throw up obscenity 
on road. What ? Chicken hearted ?
Sickle cell anemia ?

Goat rioting before sacrifice:-
the tiny feet will drop from heaven
to walk in blood and bless you 
for dispatching the head of unlove.

The night hawk butchers the hope,
if the baby owl cries again. Afraid,
I am going to take a flight
to yellowing moon.

Satish Verma

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what i did

why is  he/she  mad.
i  cant  say  why
so  i  ask and they say  i'm  not  gonna tell you

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Page One

Now to the untrained eye, to most women I might seem to have an impressive 
resume but yet Im still single, by choice nuff said. Never been the type to beg just 
thought I make that known, I refuse to compromise my faith for the sake of a 
companion like The Apostle Paul said I rather be alone if thats the case, Theres a 
hidden message in the glass bottle but me Im still wishing on that superstar and his 
name his hallow. A true leader knows when and who to follow and a real man knows 
his pride is something he must swallow. So dont confuse me from them, I make 
mistakes like everyone else I'll give you an honest opinion but you gotta make the 
decision thats note to self Im one of those men whos not afraid to express his self 
yeah Im heart felt my words can pierce deeper than death itself or I can be the 
sweetest person you ever met and continuously make ya heart melt you see Im very 
logical I understand lifes a lesson so I want you to remember this Im an open book 
so fall in love with me not my seductive sentences

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in hired spring and naked thighs

the eternal sorrow did not go, it was living in our
memory under the gun of an unknown soldier. The

had brought the overwhelming jeopardy of artificial
smiles, the swords, and ropes and different

tools of torture brew abomination, my clay
absorbs the shock, the abandonement of pain;

I reach for the icicles of veiled fire to burn
the generosity, the sacrificial amputation

of one’s own neck in service of opposition


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the guitar loving women this one has music for it too





D G 





G D 
D A G 






A G D A 

G D 
D A G 
©copyrighted by
Penny Lapsley, John Beedle, jerry spalding 

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forhead kiss

Can't nobody tell me how I feel.
The way I feel this feeling.
This feeling is real yes she knows the deal.
That kiss to her forhead signed the deal.
My heart skips beat when she's around.
But when she's gone that pain is so strong.
Yes, yes, yes this love is real
Yes, yes, yes that's just how I feel.
I want her to know how I feel.
I want her to know how much she means to me.
A blessing heaven sent an angle of love
Turn my dark days to light.
 Brought my heart back to life
Showed me what love love was
Showed me what love is just when I thought it
Was through God sent you what a blessing from the
Man above I never felt true love like this.
To your forhead I end this with a kiss.

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And By Christ Does Faith Evolve

And then I came to accept Christ,
Believed in Him for only He enticed,
Conceived in my heart His light which shows me the way,
Death and sin does no more darken my day.
Even when I’m bound by ropes and can’t see why
Firmly I hold on to my faith in Him for I know He will untie.
Good Shepherd He is to all His sheep,
Hope in Him gives my soul the soundest sleep.
I now see it is the best decision I ever made,
Jail was where I lived before, though my freedom was paid.
Knowing that my life was purchased by the life of the King,
Love could never have any other sweeter voice to sing.
Morning comes and my day is full of joy
Nothing evil I face will make my heart deploy.
Only because in Christ I find what I need,
Praying through Him always proves He’s a friend indeed.
Question though is why the troubles never seem to cease,
Rejections, persecutions, sufferings somehow seem to increase.
Satan in such things is now made known to me,
Tempting me to stop pursuing the One who came to set us free.
Unseen are the real things, now I clearly perceive,
Vexed it is to my mind, but in my heart I believe.
What I know now is without Christ I cannot be whole,
X-ray my life, Lord, cleanse it and take control.
Yesterday is gone, but for these coming days strengthen me to pursue
Zion with might, for there You promised I will meet You.

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Waiting for a prickly path 
at crossroads,
where desolation sits in
between words and flesh.

Hanging shells on windows
where light immigrated
to prophecies of Buddha.The 
violence will never end.

Can you find some space
between the bullets ? Between
the contrasts lie the black
thoughts and sick arguments.

Through the comets who will shoot
bleeding flag ?

Satish Verma

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It was one-off.
I will not punish myself 
again for brazen, stone writing,
girding the aneurism, after
a long siege.

An entire night was lost 
in repairing the blue vase.

You want to cut off the coalfield.

The gloom plunges deep. A 
swallow tweets for a passerby.

In the heart of darkness,there was 
the fire, a purple flame, ready 
to suckle the unborn sun.
the grass breaks the rock.
I pray for the burns.

Satish Verma

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A fire in my heart
Blazes brightly- for the entire world to see
Caressing the wind
Dancing on the wood
Effortlessly glowing
Feverishly hot

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They were decapitated
in winter.
To send forth again, fresh,
the green twigs of summer.
Trees of roadside.

My friends, I used to talk
to them in my morning walk.

Once I sat under
a wishing tree for a divine feel.
There were lots of colored threads
tied round the massive trunk.
I wanted to arrive in the neighbourhood 
of absurd escapes of a
fake religion.

My footfalls on stairs were becoming 
louder, lugging the wasted life. 
It was time now.
To understand the deep shadows
of unanswered questions.

Satish Verma

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They were ready
to suck the crowd. The child was pushed
into lentil soup, boiling, to appease the rain god.

Shining masks, the celebration starts;
surging a myth, crown of hawthorn,
hallucinating dance.

The people lick their fingers,
feast for claws and incisers
I run for the cross, please wait.

Emptying tomorrow in the lifting
hands of blunt queen. The watercolor
was casting the vote.

A freedom descends on the wounded
legs, as they drag with nobility.
Thumb by thumb you clutch the tree.


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They will not allow the assisted suicide.
The beetles; fiery and drunk.

After the betrayal of arithmetic,
the spiral staircase.

Fireflies set foot on the skies
to measure the darkness.

The fire between us, of burning fat,
of thousand years, terrifies me.

Moon bleeds on grass, I prick the
voice of the hugging earth.

The salt of the lips now hurts
it was your parting kiss, O sun!						


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Candle wood Playhouse

I miss that old playhouse of brilliant plays 
And when I used to go see a show 
Vintage but very classy 
And I miss my uncle rod 
Who used to be when he was young 
The brilliant wardrobe man agent 
I miss him and this playhouse that is no longer 
They tore it down with no money to keep alive 
And all that is left from that old playhouse, 
That built my uncle Rodney is a picture of him 
Standing with his friends like Vivian Blaine bob Cummings and shelly winters 
All I'm left to cherish is their photos in a journal 
I hope my uncle see's in heaven 
Just how much he inspire me to write 
This is to inspire him 
With all my heart he and the playhouse 
Will always be remembered through time 
Blows a kiss to the night sky 
As I live to tell their stories 

By Brian Otoole

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You want to cover
the great distance,
between you and lost innocence.

The imploded silence
will speak of
great murders.

I was going down-
the stairs,
to dig out the skeletons-

from the latched, oak
chest. The empty drawers
had the imprints of fallen ancestors.

Soon the eyes will 
swell, with salt of
a frozen sea.

Satish Verma

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Basking in brothels of mighty corridors,
who was seeking an annulment
of lemon grass for enquiring into the
genesis of mutilation ?

It was a terrifying situation for
a smell, drifting on the tarrif of
polity when fingers were busy
to dig in the flesh of victims.

Cleric wants to dictate the rhyme
of poetry distilled from anger.
Hundreds of thousands of monarchs were flying
in defence of dementia. The age was awry of death.

Close your eyes and listen to the sound
of melting. Somebody is drawing the green blood.
Dismembered, I swagger barefoot
on the steps of black clouds to take revenge.


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The dark energy
brings a little death, everytime
you throw a lighted torch at –

the hunched mass of a wounded
pride when you were wanting
a wayout from within in vain.

A neurotic dilemma to
arrive or not to arrive
for the final act of –

kicking the bucket. Silence
one day will speak to me
in whispers for a beautiful
elegy of a charred remains
of a renegade god who always
wanted a silver rain.

Satish Verma

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You Walked Lightly

You walked lightly into my life
Captivating and lovely to my mind,
At first, I never cared who you were
Now I don’t know who I am without you,
You kissed me
I felt my world change,
You held me
I heard my heart awaken,
You loved me
And my soul was born anew
You walked lightly into my life
Now my heart knows who you are
And with every breath
And every step
I take down lonely roads,
Your hand is my staff
Your voice is my guide
Your strength my shelter
You’re passion my awakening.
You walked lightly into my life,
And all my pain
You took as your own,
And all my fears
You cast into the sea,
All my doubt
Lost in your eyes,
You walked lightly into my life
And no matter if you choose to stay or go,
My life is forever changed,
Just because you loved me
For a moment in time.
And because I choose
To love you
For the rest of mine.

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Crisp and tight, a parallel voice
of black stars talks to sky, protesting
the presence of ultimate outsider, when
everybody was a partner of collective
guilt in nightscape.

What was the center of fight in elite
members ? The unhindered ego or claim
of bland crumbs of authority ? The innocents
so many, on streets, surrounding a red
smudge, liberty, watching her personification, who
sleeps here !

Whom it burns ? As the blood spurts
from the chest of a white stone.


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Out of the cleft lip comes
a muffled voice
on the turn of events,

to interrupt a call.
Then the panic rises,
the blood was oozing from the larynx.
The winding mountain path goes to the end
of blessing where the prayer drowns.
What was happening to the golden land?
Did the green worry about the iced peaks,
from where the glaciers take a bend
to enter the valley?

Who was negotiating the winds?
The logic between the stars and moon?
Huge gods were speaking to the men
in black, wearing eye masks on the highest terrains,
not heading my grief.
The dust was crying.


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the ministry of the dance

the ministry of the dance is always Scripture based
it's all about bringing the Holy Spirit into the place
the ministry of the dance has a purpose that is two-fold
of Godly deliverance and breaking demonic strongholds
to deliver someone from the spiritual bondage of society
and show with the power of the dance there's spiritual victory
to break demonic strongholds with divine break through
to show in dance what the joy of the Lord can do

the ministry of the dance is a physical manifestation of love
for Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit and Father God who dwells above
to know that the tears which are cascading from our eyes
was enough to touch a soul and move them to cry
to know that the spiritual energy we emanate so much
made someone feel that by the hand of God they've been touched
the ministry of the dance is a physical portrayal of the Holy text
and not based on one's age, gender, race nor sex
a powerful ministry that is open to all
of which by the Spirit one is called
a ministry of faithful dedication, true devotion and total commitment
with love for the Lord, trust in the Spirit and a Godly contentment

the ministry of the dance is more that just a worship service
it's a ministry of true faith with a specific purpose
to dance with the Light of the Lord radiating through 
and the Spirit of the Lord filling up the church's pews
the ministry of the dance is to give honor, glory and praise
to Jesus who died on the cross and 3 days later was raised
a ministry of divine inspiration
a ministry of divine elevation
to lift up someone and move them beyond their comfort zone
to lift someone up and move them to kneel before the throne
it's about the Holy Spirit taking complete control
it's about sacred dancing in order to save some souls

the ministry of the dance will forever be spirit-led
it's a visual ministry serving of the Daily Bread
it's not a ministry that is meant to entertain
it's a ministry powered by the sacrificial blood stain
the ministry of the dance is about spiritual victory
that which Jesus died for to give to you and give me
it's not a performance and it does not invite vainglory
it's about being used an instrument in the outward expression of the Biblical story
the ministry of the dance is a ministry of total sacrifice
to submit your body, heart and soul into the hands of Jesus the Christ


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From the ramparts of a castle
a wallflower jumps.
A lynch mob discovers a prehistoric sex.
Silent roots crossing the deniability
endorse a fluid dynamics
of a scandal.

The fascination of a fairy tale makes
a lover seek the revenge.
He hates, he strikes, but fails to impress
the horizon beyond the galaxies.
Black laughters of fake seers
make an entry to plunder the stars.

A tremor in the voice betrays
the ambushed faith.
Now where to go, find the peace of death?
Time’s white hands are snarled in pain;
cannot write the elegant script
of surrender.


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The Tiny Memories

its the tiniest of memories that you will remember 
they do not have to be large , they don't have to be the ' most amazing day of your life ' 
no, they don't even have to be with you lover dearest 
as long as the moment is right. the person is someone you care about , 
and in those very few seconds ' something... something makes you smile, 
thats all that matters 

- - I know this isn't really the best kinds of poetry , Maybe not Poetry at all... but it comes from my heart , it means the world to me. and as long as someone reads this ,  and they understand what the point it as much as I hoped they would , thats all that matters - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - - --  - -- - - - -- - - -------------- ----------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
 ~ PLEASE  leave your thoughts. ~

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Something was not polite in signs.
The smell of incarcerated bed of gods
was floating down.

A subdued shadow of black moon
was climbing on the window. And each
house had offered a son, to rage

a war of retribution. Malice towards
one and everybody, they were ready to cut the
hands who were holding the book.

Out of the ore comes out the gold, when 
you use mercury. Vacant eyes have the 
veils of tears. Dampness was melting the bones.

The mud on the face, a gift of birthday.


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The Otherside of a poetry heart

i found someone just like me, some one to share my conspiracy 
   a heart just like mine, just to find, that two people should be together, only in time, if you feel what i feel then let me know, cause, words of a poet, are out of control, i can feel your heart, in the midst of my breath, and two people that believe in there selfs, shall be blessed, its only once, that people pass bye, and your words tell the truth, but your eyes might lie, tell me, do you feel what i feel inside your self, cause the words of your poetry make my heart melt, i discoverd you inside, so please realize, that these words our all so real and i really do feel, to unsuffer, the suffering, and heal the real, pain over pride, are your favorite words, and the most beautiful bird was actually heard, its you and you know who you are, just a couple of sentences could take you so far, i can look in your eyes and see the beauty, you can look in to mine and see a cutie, let destiny, take its place, and maybe someday ill see your face, our life might keep us apart, from the very start,and our life might get a little hard, but remember always listen, to, THE OTHER SIDE OF A POETRY HEART,,,, FOR THE POETS THAT OUR NEVER HEARD,....JE

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Follow a dream

When your alone 

Follow a dream 
Take one step at a time 
Never settle for less 
Just continue to climp up high 
Follow your dreams 

And if you start stumble and crumble 
Please don't stop and lose your sight of goals in your life 
Press up high to the top 
Cause only on top high 
You can see your whole view 

Can we see what we have done so far 
And what we can do 
Keep pressing up high to thy sky 
And follow that dream you long to have 
Just follow a dream 
By Brian Otoole

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Vintage Postal Stamp

Vintage Postal Stamp ( Poem )

Turn of the century Vintage Stamps
Traceable history make value enhance

Prices get higher as the years go by
Dream of finding one valued so high

Extremely fine with the perfect gum
Designer flaws bring high premium

Famous from error illustration
Collection of art inspiration

We are crazy for detailed graphics
Finding rare depends on the markets

Unused are the old collectibles
Their worth can be unbelievable

View history with a new focus
My playlist is something to notice

By : Doris Anne Beaulieu

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Like the missing middle piece to a complicated puzzle,
Like an eagle without its wings.
Like a body guard without his muscle,
a guitar with no strings.
Sort of like a song being sung without a lyric,
Like a pen that has ran out of ink.
An angel from heaven that has lost its spirit,
A mind that just can't think.
What's the use of a rose without its petal?,
How can a painter paint without his hands?.
Can't make perfect tea if you don't have a kettle,
It wouldn't be a beach without sand.
Like the moon without the sky,
a story that cannot be told.
Like a suit missing a tie,
without him I am not whole.
His heart is my missing piece,
His arms are my wings.
His love is my muscle,
My lyrics are the songs that he sings.
My spirit soothes his soul,
He is my initial thought.
He is the blanket whenever I am cold
I'm the teacher and he's what's taught.  
He is the sky and I'm the stars
I am the heart and he is the beat
He is the monkey while I am the bars
and with him I am complete.

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Man becomes a bee
assaulting a rosebud.
Death, do not punish for unlived years
when Budha was sitting inside me.

At center stage a dance begins
wading through salvia and absinthes.
The soil craves for the roots,
lake was not deep enough to sail.

Stem cells resume the debate
tapping the amniotic fluid.
Salt lick becomes lethal in midnight syndrome.
It was a tall claim.

The beards hang in rows, testing
the impatience of the system. A line
of funerals becomes longer, on burning beach,
where god and beast meet in dark.			


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Crossing the burning barriers,
you take a fatal jump.
Brazenly, but giving little away.

Long shadows of ethnic clouds
were eroding the sun. Feeling the
wet lips you rub you sweaty
palms in vain.

Haunted, you would like to
kill the ghosts. You pull a silken
cord. A silver urn upturns the
ashes of your past.

Each truth walks without legs.
You are still incomplete. The
self-portrait will never hang
on the wall.

Satish Verma

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Code of the veil was 
darkening. You were searching for an
unwritten message in bandanna.

Rot was setting in flesh.
Sludge was becoming a stone
for an unmoving stream.

The talks had failed.
Hand-grenades will explode in shouts
later on, to resume the protocol of death.

Where we are going in evening
of woods ? To go searching for the sapient
ancestors, in city of fingers ?

Years were rolling by in fog.
The arguments were climbing on the
black hills to meet a drunk god.

Satish Verma  

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Unisex sex protection in
Using condoms rubber 
Latex covering the penis
During sexual intercourse
Preventing to catch a sexually
Transmitted disease branding
Names of use trojan,lifestyles,
Magnums,ect a water proof
Holding in ejaculated semen

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Sparks are dimmed. No use
collecting them. I will burn my home
to get light.
My god was sleeping.

Let me use the night goggles.
On the ridge walks a silhouette of
limping  buddha,
his neck broken. 

I did not help myself
falling. He had asked me
“Are you me ?”

The anxiety of lifting the rock
again. I gather the grass leaves
on my toes.

Nobody wants to ruin the day
looking at baby silence,
featureless, mute.


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Secret Relationships

No words ever spoken
Scared the relationship will be broken
Their relationship with their love
Their relationship with their desired one
Deep down everyones seeking fun
Feelings arise as time goes by
Before you know it you catch each others eye
Playing it cool around the crew
Wishing you were alone just for a few
So many unspoken feelings in the air
Thinking life can be so unfair
Now finally your both alone 
And your both fully in the zone
Get so close your lips almost touch
Something about tonight feels so right
You act on it quick and make the first move
Everything around you is a blur, yet
So many thoughts flowing through your head
If your man walks in you'll both be dead
Feels so right yet feels so wrong
Wishing this kiss would last very long
Don't want to be the first to pull away
Oh boy this made my day
Don't know when we'll have this opportunity again 
Wishing he wasn't just my friend
A little spark turned into a flame
The feelings we have are the same
Everyone wants what they can't have
Your man can give you the world
But your desire for something new
Is the selfish coming out in you
Nothing is ever good enough
No one is ever satisfied 
But this is reality...
Is anyone faithful
or do they put on an act
Thats what they do as a matter of fact
Everyone pretends
Some till the end
Others get caught and then they fought
To start all over might be a blessing
Personally for me it was refreshing

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I Wait

She puts together a heart of 
hearts that been broke apart 
for so long. Reluctantly it’s 
been so long since I had a 
tender touch. You see it’s been 
too much trust I began to lust 
and fall back into a track that 
got me dazed. Then I became 
amazed as an angel appeared 
at my door step. Comforting 
me as a slept taken in every 
breath I breathed from inside of 
me. Replaced it with a dream of 
dreams that gave me hope. 
That afloat my imagination as I 
wait patient to seek a new 
beginning. From a life full of 
sinning I am left empty. Until 
you appeared to fill my heart 
with plenty…of love. From 
above is an angel that grounds 
me into reality. That one day in 
my mortality love will come. 
Dripping out the sun as I sit 
and wait patient. I wait patient 
for you to appear. Staying near 
my heart no longer apart we 
both take that journey of life. 
Sitting across you as you 
become my wife but until then I 
sit and wait for that day to 
appear. For you are so near to 
the languages to open up the 
key to my heart. Taking it off 
the charts so now you are no 
longer Venus nor I Mars. We 
become a part of one entwined 
unit taking apart the stars in 
the sky. Letting are eyes collide 
till the motion is felt. You see 
when I looked for love you 
help. When I needed that 
passion you were there. Now 
no one can compare to the 
essence you bring from your 
toes to your hair.  You’re the 
queen of ideas the beauty of 
my thoughts. You’re the one 
that clouts my love into a new 
meaning. So I sleep left 
dreaming. Till one day you yes 
you feel the same way.

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Joyful to play 
Optimistic with curiosity lerking somewhere in my brain
Soft and cuddly like a little girl's favorite toy
Excited for new things to come and play
Playful to play games and be creative with family and friends
Hyper active in sports, in my games
Imaginative ideas exploring my head waiting to be created
Nerdy with my studies with my head in the books
Ecstatic to imagine and explore a whole nother world to discover

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Thy music

The sound of thy music illuminates my soul,
as I listen in silent amazement it fills my heart with joy.

Even the softness of silk is rough compared to thy music.
The melody of the music flows like a stream,
penetrating through the rocks and rushes on.

All that is melancholy and dissonantmelts into a pool of mellifluous harmony.
My heart longs to join in with thy music
but struggles in vain for a sound.
My passion for thy music is ineffable.

As thy music comes to an end,
my heart flooded with joy begins to drain.
The sweetness in my soul becomes sour.

The luminous pool of fantasy solidifies
into a dark disconsolate ball of reality.
My heart thirsts for the holy blood of thy music,
still following the rhythm.....

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smile of a baby is rain.
crying of a baby is thunder.
walking of a baby is breeze.
playing of a baby is lighting.
milk smell of a baby is sweet fragment.
life of a baby is great.
always be as a baby in heart.
love and affection will spread.
i'm still a baby. 
what about you my dear friends?

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                                                YOU SAY ID MISS YOU
                                        YET ID GIVE THE WORLD TO DISMISS US TO
                                            THE THINGS I ONCE BELIEVED WERENT AT ALL TRUE
                                                     CERTAIN THINGS WERE 
                                                        ONCE SO VERY NEW

                                 SO NOW ITS TIME TO GET  REAL
                          FIRST YOU TAKE AND THEN YOU STEAL
                          YOULL MAKE THOSE TOYS YOUR NEXT MEAL
                          YOUR LIES ARE OUT
                                  MAINLY BECAUSE NOTING GOOD EVER 
                                        COMES FROM YOUR MOUTH
                             SO QUICK TO BELEVE YOUR LOVE FELL FROM ABOVE
                I HAVE NO THOUGHTS OF US
                                          SO I LET IT ALL OUT AND FORGOT TO TRUST

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Powerless Love

The most powerful thing in this world has to be love 
The most precious person you've ever dreamed of, 
Beautiful as can be, upon the midnight sky 
You came out of nowhere, and I didn't know why, 
My heart became my every emotion, and love was part of the feeling 
It's how you make me feel and cure my every healing, 
So deep in the thoughts of powerless love 
Your blinded by the curse you always feared of, 
It's a choice of freedom, or a choice to risk 
The first and last you'll never forget, 
Your heart is the emotion and devotion that couldn't be broken 
And the words that I fear that come out your mouth shall never be spoken, 
I will never let go of the dreams that I am holding 
Or never cut loose on the love that is growing, 
Don't fear the people who you love or who love you 
Just fear the feeling inside, that can no longer touch you. 

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Give me a moment of pause
in this eerie lull,
I do not want to call it a day.

The blind fist had provoked the shrine,
before the lips started demanding
the dazzling kiss of a knife,

pure cut-out neck of high volted
embrace of a tall pole, black and white
like moon-struck anchor.

The strip search for tear-salt
under the unripe breast of dying flame.
Like a trembling peacock attended by hawks.

Not the comfort of street stone
heals the cleft of forehead, split open
by a shower of dancing missiles.


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Dead Heart

screaming words that are silent,
gasping for air from losing breath,
clasping on the ground, with flowing rivers
grabbing my heart from my chest and pull it out.
the stinging sensation hurts for a moment then
my heart beats slower as it losses oxygen.
in my hands is a dead heart.
how was it possible to survive with such little notice?
but tiss the heart never had no noticed at all, 
it gets flys on it, then magets,
it then rots and leaves a strong stink,
it the disinigreats and leaves residue,
it then disappears.
Tiss there was not heart at all.

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Ripping apart at the seams and hopeful dreams

Let me pretend 
Let me close my eyes and remember that this is a dream 
One more lie to help mend a ripping seam
Just one more moment I can forget how much my heart bleeds 
One more love that is less then what it seems 
Dear pain, the pain of dreaming, the pain of being
My dear friend, how have you been?
Through all this pretending and fake mending
I forgot our deal was still pending 
Now as my dream has ended, my payment has come due
Another part of my soul, you can now consume
A realization I constantly forget, Hope is not your best bet 
The disappointment in lost love, can't compare to the misery 
I knew I would have to bare
Ass my heart bleeds, I then run to you
The words I speak I wish weren't true 
Your eyes express the pain I can no longer feel, as I try not to explain it's not a big deal 
Words flow as I soon regret, you remind me how much I can't feel 
How much this shouldn't be real 
I've prayed to God to let me feel
He has kept his deal 
I feel anger, I feel pain, I feel loneliness
And who's to blame 
The love, The hope? 
But happiness is the missing part of the wheel 
So with pain and darkness I make another deal 
The out come is all to clear
As another part of my soul it will sire 
But the dream will remind me, that I can't give up 
I can't give in
Maybe one day the dream will come to life
Or maybe one day pain will take my will to fight 
But either way 
I'll leave the limbo between ripping apart at the seams and hopeful dreams

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It was a freak accident of epithelium
under anaesthesia.
You place a window
on to a hollow brain. 

The money makes the monkey out of you.
A green light
blocks the fish, your memory,
to swim in black thoughts.

The yellow rose burns
in your hand. It was beginning of
a domestic race. The nightmares will
take care of the sleep.

Satish Verma

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Watching the descent
without god
in an intelligent design.

Come have a look at
our adversary.
The template offers an open hand.

The culture of hunger
in this urbane obscenity
sitting on the payment making a motif.

The giant strode into
the hut to blame the poor
who would not eat his words.

Satish Verma

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Step and twirl and spin and leap,
Svelte beings dancing down to steep.
Black cloth layer on top of a heart
That beats and bleeds, for dance it starts.

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Meet a gender bender.
There was a precocious 

A cryptogamic kinship.
Someone writhes 

A god writes a hymn 
on the chest of
a new born baby.

Beyond the origins
lies a marbled tale.
You have reached nowhere.

Inflammable was
the blue birthmark.
There was an arrival.

Satish Verma

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The tiny thrusts 
and a blunt fuel
scrambled over the wet contours.
           There was an ephimerality 
           in overdue kisses 
           of death.

The interplay of sex
and spirituality starts,
bites the bullet and pushes the boat.
           The pungency of an elegy
           was a secondhand divorce
           with death.

Jealousy: sand was
under the nails. Now
I will find the remains of an ocean
           in your eyes. There was nothing
           else to be done than taking off
           the bikini top like a death.

Satish Verma

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I'm just not your tpye

I'm getting married
to man who only thinks of me as a Friend
I sit here and watch you leave with your friends
While I sit here on this lonely Futon 
Waiting for you
You say I'm not your type
But your mine 
My heart aches
Cause to you I'm too fat
you like the girls in the middle
I will try to lose weight for you
If I could make you mine 
I will anything in my power just to get you to notice  me
I can't keep these tears from falling from my checks
Because of the pain you put my heart through 
I'm sorry that I am not perfect enough for you.

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Do not want to foresee;
the unknown me. On the tip
of tongue a stunted silence with singularity

sits. Me and my lantern burn
in dark. Thumbs down: the compact
seeking in failed state alters the future generation.

A reverse pain flows out of sunken
eyes. The perpetrator of bloodbath
wants forgiveness from the toddlers.

This side of a shadow, on the other bank,
a rustic river throws up a stabbed body
of a sailor. Another prologue for the sinking ship.

The rats grumble, bite the dead child of
sunlight. The sky bares the candid toys
of velvety jinx, the robots taking over the throne.


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Beings of erotica were 
at the gates of heaven.
Shell-shocked,the city was becoming political
but people were absconding.

It was global warming 
for obscenity. The remoteness
was collapsing and moons
had come in my arms.

Smoking the serrated leaves
and glandular hairs, hurling
yourself on the pathway to estasy
to forgive and to forget.

The blue mercury was
ascending. Anti-depressants were
not working. You don’t own the
phrases. Words were becoming surrogate

for thoughts. We embrace the fall.

Satish Verma

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Standing on a hump,
a chilled remorselessness
of a shadow trauma climbs out of a sealed
grotto of infinity

like a vas deferens, spilling fiddled lies.
You grope for your identity in griping
acceptance. From the umbilical cord
the pink flesh brandishes a monster.

You forget the vowels in a solo monologue
in a tormented accent, muffled
in bleeding throat. Take my ears
for cosmetic therapy, which killed my hearing.

Between blindness and tidy rocks
I am walking discreetly to count the 
digs of mysterious armless truths :
disappeared in the pages of history.


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A Other Heart Ache

I always seem to get my heart broke
Everytime I let someone in
I always get my heart stomped on
Like a spider under a guy shoe
I sit here wrondering what should I do
Do I give you a chance to prove to me
your not like every other man that I dated 
Or do I leave
I'm not sure I can take a other heart ache 
But it feels like 
I'm getting ready to have a other one 
I thought what we had was specail
But I guess it wasn't when it came too you
I'm sorry for trying to be with you
I'm sorry for even trying to love you.

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Black ice in a
white glass, I drink today
philter for moon.

Paradise, I 
find nowhere. World sleeps
on tenterhooks.

The yellow dead
rose lost naked feel,
in blue water.

Satish Verma

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The twin blasts and 
lip-syncing was 
no insane coincidence.
The travail of incredible sinking 
will never be found.

The abstract family 
and myriad remixing of stem cells
may solve the puzzle of
assured suicide of the earth.
The small rapes and big assaults ?

A crazy progenitor wanted 
to have a control on volcanoes
as on sea. The spewing
lava was throwing gas rich froth
to start a megarevolution.

Was it a terrible mistake of 
you coming out of the mud pits ?

Satish Verma

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My Roses

                 My Roses

I love roses for they are so beautiful
At a wee time I was a rose 
I have a rose that always blooms 
I have two as a matter of fact
They are my world never dies in my heart never abandons me
I couldn't live without them for they are my roses

Her smile could light up the world if it ever crashed 
In my moms heart there would be no hurt no poverty nothing that goes on in this world
She always protected me always shielded away which I grew to love 
I would want my wee rose to see that as well
For my roses will always bloom in my heart in my mind in my soul they will never abandon 
They will stay with my spirit and we will be three roses that always will bloom
Every season every second of the day and night

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In hirsute adolescence
a narcissist climbs
the breast and becomes
a graveyard of moons.

Talking of marginality,
a hole in the chest
ejects a secret of peachy skin
when wind was selling sex.

Most corrupt was me
always telling truth about the
warm eggs of chaotic legs
who will not climb down the street.   

Satish Verma

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Swan Song

The toppled gravestones,
I still count the heads.
I will go with your swan song, 
the bond erupts.

           You were always sitting under the 
           bougainvillea, waiting for the swallow.
           The next door summer arrives;
           Why did you say, it was biting cold ?

The door shuts on the moon.
It was obviously very dark,
and I was searching the space
between ’yes’ and ‘no’.   

Satish Verma

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Sometimes it pours like hot
drips of melted wax from a candlestick;
your migraine.

I wanted armistice.
Untangle the lies,
I am not in your firing line.

The tulips in the barrel of your gun
cannot forgive the bullets.
There will be no ceremony after the funeral.

Give a slice of blue departure
of moon to light the beach,
there was a brutal murder on the lake

among the muffled waves of protest
in the home of insanes, who were
praying for the sun to return.


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So LifeLess

i Give My heart away
every single day 
when i dont see
your face i break down
and my heart shatters its breaks  not in the right place 
my Pain in life slowly once burn forever inside just fades 
away and dies But a beautiful heart wanted everything broken 
i feel so lifeless . 
life and peace is all i ever Ask 
each every single day what can you see
in me is pure in my heart how can some one try bring me down
all i ever do is just fall right into the ground 
you going live your pain every other day you got to live your 
life and you going to make mistake there things to fear in
this world and your life just fading away 
just take step back realize  all the memories are getting cold 
and you have to erase the pass Time to wake up and realize 
your life just fades aways and dies

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The Past

The Past is like a ribbon
Holding up your hair
You turn around to find it
But it's not there.

M.S. Morrison?

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Do you know my abc's?

And it was there. Looking me in the eye, “I shall born you.” I was overcome with 

Before I was born I died. I was one with everything. I was more alive then, then I 
am now.

Children seem so simple. Children seem so free. Why is life so hard. Maybe the 
simple one is me.

Deep cuts in my heart. A boy that I love with all of me. I might’ve been invisible 
because he always walked by.

Enough of this! I hate it all. I gathered myself and left my heart behind.

Falling down the tubes. Drifting though life. No friends, no family. I. Can’t. Breath.

Gaining momentum. Losing myself.

Hot under my skin. It’s getting tighter. Wanting to rip through it.

I, am, not, real.

Just between us. Just between us two. I used to be everything.

Killing gives life. I want to give my life to you.

Love exists only as water. My heart is dry.

Maybe I’m your dream. Maybe you are mine. Maybe neither of us carry weight. 
Maybe both of us have died.

No, you never gave me a drop.

O I cry. I cry for you. I cry I cry I cry I cry for you.

Plenty of times I wonder how long my sentence is.

Quiere un vaso de dulce sangre. Dibuja un corazon dentro de mi cuerpo. Con 
esto corazon agujero, bebe mi vida. 

Run away from what you’ve heard. Leave and write your own truths. They say He. 
He does not exist. It tells me so.

Say what’s on my mind? Ultimate indulgences; eating meat and having sex. A 
man is meat. Chocolate is sex. A Chocolate man is the only heaven that will ever 
exist. Next to Him.

Telling you about my life is wasting the time I have to live it. If you’re meant for me 
you’ll just know.

Un knowledged people need to stop giving the gift of life and start giving the gift 
of life.

Very little patience do I have for those with no words. I’ll look for the person who 
stole them from you.

Will you be the one that I can hold  for now? Do you have a sweet heart, do you 
have soft soul?. Will you be the the love  that my ego drinks?

Xoxo hugs and kisses. Hugs and kisses. Let me touch your skin, help me miss 
your soul.

You’re looking inside me. Like it used to.

Zero words writing in my head. Where do my thoughts go? They go on this page. 
This page of my life.

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When you quit
I will grab your smoky voice 
and embrace the cyanosis.

It was not brain insult.
The blues under the eyes 
were unintentional.

Molestation was not the choice.
Your marbled face 
becomes cold and hard.

The frozen lake.
Bring the music to break
the ice. The black sun.

Unleash the stockpile
of tears. The life has taken
an ominous turn.

Satish Verma

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Absolutely sapped out
I will unfurl
my flag today.

It was a raw wound
of nuanced statements in dark
when the moon fell in lake.

Talking to butterflies
as I take on the genre 
of brainstormed hibiscuses.

It rained again in my
courtyard, wetting the
marbles and my eyes.

Take away the roof from
over my head. I have
come to meet the frozen tears.

The enormous guilt now
haunts the vacant eyes, why I didnot
accept the voluptuous breast of death.

Satish Verma

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It was a fake time,
moon will not rise.

Words were afloat 
on junk dna.

A stonefaced pseudonym
dies point-blank.

The surprise, the speed
was not on our radar.

The ravenous siblings
now asleep on walls.

Naive or disingenuous.
A sitting Buddha will decide.

Satish Verma

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A detritus
of malaise, tugs at my solitary hour.
There was a question of stature
amongst the old fractured feet.

What was it which made you feel
taller than your own son ?
I  was looking at the antlers of a deer,
his round eyes were full of pallor,
I begin to talk in his tongue.

The terror of a man, a speeding car,
my childhood, moving in the dark corridor,
afraid of the unending highways.


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a kiss
on lips, returns with a blunt style,
in perfumed demeanor !

i did not hear
with absolute eyes, a captive
in chained feet, for self-defence;

all the shades of red
were walking on ocean,
a black skull glides:

the night fills in pores-
the gale, kills the black bucks,
poachers were on run !

in telling, the wizard
entices, you will never know
full toll of civil war:

he turns down a gift of speech;
words and whistles were surreal echoes
and I see a sword like nose


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A nascent cry
demands the signature
of space.
I will start the self destruction-

clawing back
on the land of
The rule of sky was at stake.

Trees were burning
and the birds
want to grasp
the stark reality of notional violence.

In dark hour
I know not words
to lift the eyelids
the cloud, the flowers, the blood !

Satish Verma

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It was a fast 
against truth, in support
of unbidden body
which took the history lesson.

A star is born 
out of midnight accident.
Darkness deems dark
in siege of self-restraint.

An embattled self
seeks a counting. The money
speaks in absence, to clear
the debt of tears.

No longer
the eyes will look at
the marriage of trans-blue veins
in legs of seedless dreams.

Satish Verma   

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Ness=State of Being

In this state of being
I'm lost in this world of emptyness
Sick with lonliness
Overwhelmed with sadness
beaten by soreness
Held down by disorderliness
Ness=State of Being

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Speed of Light

My heart is led
First kissing me 
Laying me down on your bed
Slowly and so tenderly touching me
Touching me where is hidden from the world except you
Only you know what to play with and when
Squeezing, licking , and sucking my breast
Oh i say as you enter my world
Hugging you tightly
Thrusting over and over again
In out in out
Temperature rises
Harder faster
Until a sweet climax
Freezes ue in place
A loves embrace

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On a wrinkled trajectory
the blood averts to abstract remission,
I am out of place in time and history.

Try to nudge the jumping ants
with their cyberweapons
ready to strike the antique nectaries

of judgements. The predators were 
coming. Killing for long necks and
pinkish lips. You envision a period..

of dearth for visage, for phrases
of dead skins: I start dismembering
the past, contained in future.

This was a total disaster of unknowing,
adrift between the fingers;
sands of time, ungrained, unwatered.


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i keep who i have, and miss who i dont, you think that i will, but ill tell you i wont, im driving a car, but also steering a boat, im trying to swim, but i cant stay afloat. you cant see my thoughts, my mind has a moat, my soul is on fire, so i take off my coat, i have all i want, but no i dont gloat, its not hard to fly, but it is hard to float. opinions really matter, so i cast in my vote, i have the voice of a lamb, but the horns of a goat, i think of my life, while im writing a note, i hope people like, all the poems i wrote.

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a woven deciet

i gasped for breath like a fish out of water i tried to speak but silence is all i could 
mutter my courage was faint like bread trapped between much butter,
my wings could not flutter but the words boiled in me like hot water
it was a dish on a platter,manner i failed to gather, she knew what my heart was
after teasing my burning desire, my eloquent tongue was left to scamper for
cover, in a dark corner i watched her peel mans wrapper, revealing natures 
all for my hungry eyes to plunder, her craft ate through my senses like a cancer
to my aching heart her lies had the answer, she was indeed a woven deciet

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In many days of evil,in many 
ways i mingle,tears from 
innocent minds in a riddle....a 
morning days ar over,some 
resting days we may 
remember that many heart 
may not live to see some 
years to come fears i morn 
over,ma joys i set either,by 
so many ways we fear the 
rivers,tears fall like things 
fall apart.....the joy in every 
success,is not enough for 
the broken heart of every 
failure,but His grace happen 
to save us many ways 
joys will run into your days,in 
thousand ways sadness will 
tear away from your 
he said a living dog is better 
than a dead lion,so with hope 
your numbered days will be 
with great fortune.her soul i 
morn for,her abscens i tears 
for.luv,u may oneday morn 
for,just like u wil b morn 
for,yet your destiny many wil 
read from.your stories many 
wil sit for...a part you make,a 
part they run through...legacy 
counts in ma diary,so every 
heart must be 

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damaged beyond repair

step into, my rusted factory, its filled with dread and treachery. it is damaged, way beyond repair, you wont walk in, you'll just stand out and stare, but the things i make here are kind of rare. your the one who damaged it, now that isn't fair, from the chimney, comes up a flare, what can i say? i'm no factory teddy bear. my factory is, empty and bare, its putting chemicals, into the air, should i shut it down? do i dare? self destruct, i hear the metal, rip and tear, just because you share, doesn't mean you care, the alarm doesn't work, so you wont hear it blare. my factory is, already broken down, and when i destroy it, nothing will be found.

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The Night and Her Ways/Lost Under The Sun

there is a moon,
shining all alone
under all seas looming side to cloud
fall in our night and wait for the one who makes
slip in the prowl
the beasts hold night at growl
howling their sorrows
move midnight forever is tomorrow
come to our dark we run deep in the dusk
trust your lost soul while wait here for the sun

trust your yearning haven safely break
grey sky a-standing
standing far astray

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun 
lost under the sun

there is a place
marble floor and blue
there is a space 
that was meant for what was you
summer now white a different sort of lone
cold in our skin deeps
looking towards our glow

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun

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Irreverent arsenic of lake bottom 
was seeping in me
I was riding on waves, moon-stuck.

The nude shot 
of anemone, blindfolded
after the criminal assault.
Why they were throwing the lewed comments ?

A raw cave 
of white pain, drags the deity out
and dances on hawthorns.
The butchers become sick,
sick to the bones.

O democracy, king was not wise,
wise was not king.

Satish Verma  

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I didn't want to see you cry

I know I promise 
To never hurt you
But tonight I did
I never wanted to see you cry
I am shame of myself
For making you cry 
I such a butt
I know I made your heart hurt
But I never meant to say those words
I was just angry 
Cause we never get time for us
The words I  said was out of angry and hurt
Baby I am sorry for making your heart 
And for saying those words
When I said forever I really did mean it
I will do anything to have you back
I am so sorry
I'm so a shame of myself
Now you sit there with a broken Heart 
And it's all my fault 
Baby I am sorry
Could you find a spot in your broken heart
To forgive me

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Throwing the wreath 
across the river
after the canal rapture ?
Does it look eerie ?
Yes it was spine-chilling
to see. The band went on
to play:
‘nearer to island’.

There was a pause.
Then a question.
The black space was done for.
The hatching. A plot ?
Upstaging a snowstorm
falling in someone’s lap
with white roses.

In cracked dry mud
an unclenched fist
deconstructs a map.

Satish Verma

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The moral dilemma was
less than truth.

Downgrading the-
branded witch.
Vaccine was spawning new virus.

O Buddha,why did you
started looking beautiful
and began sitting in a living room ?

Trailing the smoke
I was going to find the-
burning home.

What were those intimate-
words of unthinkable
dirty secrets ?                                              

Satish Verma

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Anthem (part two)

I come to you so humbly
But I have something to show we

What can a sweeper so they
Clean our streets that’s the way

Can’t you see this wonderful delight
This strange device that gives of light 

They thought, we are annoyed
Hear our plea it must be destroyed

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Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I feel neglected;
When somebody cares not for me,
Feelings feel crushed and shattered
Seas of sorrows overflow in me!!!!

Sometimes I feel frustrated:
When smiling leaves of my life 
Are plucked by the cruel siren,
Trees of joy bemoan in me!!

Sometimes I feel devastated;
The flood of tears tears the heart
Swaying away the remains of life,
Veins, dying and dried, course in me! 

Sometimes I feel suffocated;
When the wind with long nails
Caress my breathing life,
Sobbing soul cries out in me!

Sometimes I feel trapped; 
In the imbroglio of mysterious romance
That leads me from one heart to another
In search of soothing shelter!

Sometimes I feel dejected 
When rejected by the dear one
I have had in my heart since long
Blood of love has sunk in me!!!

Sometimes I feel elated
When all the sorrows engulfing me
Pave the way for panted feelings 
Seeds of thoughts sprout in me!

Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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Complicated Puzzle Piece Feelings

You mean a lot to me.
More than you think. When you're near me it feels as if beauty fills my lungs and enters my bloodstream as fast as lightning.
And when you look at me I never want to look away because when I look at you I feel at home. 
There's something about you, something amazing that I've never even seem to have heard of and I want to feel that way forever. 
I want to always feel beauty in my bloodstream and I always want to see home in your eyes because without you I come apart like bad glue on an arts and crafts project. 
And if at some point you're happier staying than leaving I will let you leave because even though I will crumble to pieces I won't care because you'll be happy and that's all that matters. 
I love you to the moon and back.
I love you more than these galaxies and I have never meant something so much in my life. 
And I'm sorry if sometimes I'm annoying or dumb or weak because sometimes I try to hard to be perfect because all I want is to be perfect for you. 
But darling, I am nothing special. Nor is this paragraph. It is simply a long list of my complicated puzzle piece feelings.

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Romancing Neptune
had an
amorous wish.
The body is water.
Take it,
split it,
and then become a doormat.

Blocking the fiesta,
a ghost brings in
storm, in a glass.
Will you drink the moon
in night ?

The street now walks in,
taking a call to kill the shades,
of wrinkles. You forgot
your name and move
gingerly from post to post
lightening the lamps.

Satish Verma

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There in my heart there is you,

I have perceived the pathway of truth and asked for you soul, 

At a moment like this i say my love is undying,

 I wanted to take it in my hands but without your desire or surprise i put away my intentions 

of softly feeling any part of you, 

Although i am not resigned to shutting away your heart, 

It was a fragment of what i felt, 

what i know and what my heart truly needs, 

so it is, so it will be and for so it has been time out of love..

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Faith is having the strength
To trust in something 
That you cannot see 
Or prove scientifically
Faith is also knowing 
That God will
Faith equals to success 
Because if you believe 
You can achieve
You believe 
Because your heart tells you whats right
Your heart also tells you what you should be
If you have faith all things are possible

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That was unscarred night.
The full moon was rising.
A  contagium had spurred it to go high.

A brazen assault bleeds
the painter’s eyes. He sees only
red in the pubescent rage.

She walks out of the stain,
turning into ash, urchin’s
brightest moon.

Standing on the crossroads
who was burning clouds ?
Rains will never come again.

Phylogeny flattens the guns.
We were hiding behind the
rituals watching the fall of light.

I will make my own truce
with death. I refuse to walk
under the belly of smoke.

Satish Verma

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inspiration, lack of skill,
wood working bandit, gallops,
standing, world freely spins,
out from the stream a new breed of death begins.

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For me

Letting go never makes it easier,
And with hope confusion only builds 
I opened my heart and I'm too terrified to let it close
My walls took so long to fall
My mind tells me to rebuild and start new 
A impenetrable wall must be made, just to not let this world put me in my grave
But my heart loved and was free
Love you found me just to remind me of everything I will never be? 
The words circle in my head, It's just not there anymore
I felt my soul as it tore
God, haven't I lost enough?
Hasn't this world taught me not to trust for too long 
The feeling of knowing it'll never be the same won't be shaken 
How could I be so blind, to think I could change your mind 
But when my world falls down, I swear I'll run 
Yet I stand still like my heart is holding a load gun 
I swore I would never let you go, But like a childhood dream 
I thought if I wanted it, then it would be
All I wanted was for you to love me
The fairy tails I read, lied to me, They swore that love was all you would need 
The darkness rolled into my happy land 
As I realize I really did loose my man
And I hold on to the hope that I hate like it'll save me from my desolate fate 
Just let this be, and we will see
But with all my pain and all my loss I feel my love drift away 
And like countless times before everyone leaves and they don't know why
My tears consume me, and I hate myself for believing in love 
My anger kept me alive, and you stripped that away so I knew that you were the one that would stay 
So now I am left in no man's land 
Not knowing to let go, But praying and begging you will come save me 
I can't make you love me again, But as you walked away 
I realize that there wasn't a single day I thought you wouldn't be with me 
I thought I knew heart break I thought I could handle pain 
But through this I see, That I was a broken me 
You put me together, you raised me higher then I've ever been
And the fall from there has been my worse
I know I'm a shell of me, because you showed me how to be free 
So if hope dies, Even through my relentless tries
I will never love again, I can't take proving my father right, I can't take this pain 
It took true happiness to understand true pain 
And if I make it through this still sane 
I'll never do this to myself again, For this is the worlds biggest sin, To watch someone walk away that was the only one you let in    

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Would not place any price-tag 
on me. Like a mannequin dug out from a pit
goes for sale.

Abhor the duplicity.
Want to walk straight –
without the golden thong.

The city goes in flames 
in a circle.
A new fountain was singing.

They were landing in flocks.
The old birds of same plumage
coming to collect the due of old virgins.

There was no message.
Letterbox was empty.
I will not wait for snowfall in the Antarcita.

Satish Verma  

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nothing is left to say,
the wandering cloud was bleeding
for white moon,

the elements, the purity, the ligaments
are fake, joints are festering
with fever on burntout resins ;

the name floats in millions of veins,
tell me the fault line of tremors, 
a mass burial was on way,

the surge of deadly intent
in this night of black spiders
in eternal pursuit of murder, unpalming

thousand hurts, poppies kissing the eyes
of ravaged shutters, locks broken
and ivory taken away 


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Would not wear
the seasoned face.
Eye for eye
blasting the truth.

The path becomes the tunnel.
in pain of speech
at the expense of ethics.

Under the fingernails 
they start interbreeding
the ideas, crimnalizing the
upright past.

A vultured darkness descends
on the raped bed.
The great seduction of moon
had triumphed.

Satish Verma

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Jinxed out
was the sex panel
on the honour’s integrity.
Deep water a fish
was found dead.

The destination
of your rival was
feminism. I was talking
of the moon
without gender.

Your fingers were probing
the dancing words,
in this strange event.
Darkness was falling
on my lips in morning. 

Satish Verma

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Peace or violence, with humans you never know,
When love will sprout or when seeds of hatred will be sown,
When in humanity & compassion people may find satiety,
Or when the lust to kill will choke up all their pity.

The bitterness in the human heart is like a patch of rust,
More the time you provide for it to go but spread all over it must,
For all the time inadvertently it is exposed & encouraged by all,
Till it begins to loom bigger than the source which started it all.

Peace, harmony & brotherhood prevail in times of trouble,
Which in the company of like men seems to disappear like a bubble,
It is true that in times of need often united they stand,
And peace regales on this Earth as the people live hand in hand.

But at times mad violence destructs this harmony & peace,
Fear & terror of its outcome each person’s face does it kiss,
Someplace this hatred reaps for someplace it had been sown,
And try as you might it never seems destructed however often it is stoned.

But sometimes love overcomes this hatred sown so long,
And love itself sways the people with its lovely song,
And acts of love are done worldwide to make other humans aware,
That love alone may be able to remove all traces of hatred. 

Humanity & compassion exist in traces forever,
But it needs a huge catastrophe to make its presence felt all over,
And then unbelievable acts of humanity & kindness are done,
By risking one’s own life to save that of a fellow human.

However merciless killing sometimes throws away this compassion,
When over petty matters are evoked unnecessary flood of emotions,
When sentiments are hurt over religion, creed & caste,
Their intensity provokes acts that threaten to drain away humanity at last.

All this is nothing but the result of a turbulence of emotions,
That creates a cyclone in human heart with vigor & aggression,
Come rain, come storm; keep only love, humanity, peace, compassion & kindness,
& wash away if you can from this human heart all hatred, violence, enemity & bitterness…

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Magical Art

The creativity of magic
Art the pearl of human creativity
fills with happy moments
Creation of images by interactive ideas
Designs of skill with magic of human art
Depth meaning of nice thoughts

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Poetry is such a marvelous topic 
To write on poetry of expressions 
Poetry with inspirational, motivational 
On life, love, friendship, romance 
Coming from an author such an 
Tremendous gift of art  love you not 
Only for what you are, but for what 
I am when I am with you poetry.

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my heart beats passionately for you

Im in love again my heart beats passionately
as i lie you down on silk sheets
your body and mine entangled in a ball of heat

we become as one together you and i 
you ask me where i am at 
i am in outerspace starting to climb

climb higher and higher as we celebrate our love
if i dont come off this cloud i will be stuck forever with you my love
i hope i dont come off this cloud

my heart beats passionately  for you so loving and loud

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A gasping confession
of a pubescent fault.

Why did you enter the bed
of a molten lava ?

Wisdom was in silent eyes
not on the lips of a blackened rose.

The water was white and cool
the sun was red and hot.

A mirror will never tell the truth.
Bleached was the face of moon.

One night I will be killed
in the hands of a benevolent foe.

Satish Verma

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Stone by stone you kill me.
Petal by petal I die –

holding a scalpel
to unwrite my name.

erupts among words.
A temple breaks.
O goddess ! don’t cry beyond silence.

The infant’s milk
spills in darkness.
Antiquity raises a wall
around the mother.

I am vanishing now,
freezing my assets. 

Satish Verma

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Old Guard

Time stood still
The clockwork cranked
Eyes not used to venture 
The gift of sight conjures

The unsaid is the animated 
Affection in forms all coded 
Our legitimate silence

Omniscient eyes used to scour 
Through covert heart that wander, 
Where words and sarcasm are symbiosis, 
Egos pulverized, reduced to effervescence
Words that cut, words that shut
This ample heart loves in cower

Things change…People change
The hair is now a crop of grey
The eyes a steady current. Eyelids lowered
Words he utters
A simmering boundary; dormant yet tenacious

Where is the man I fear?
Where is he whose wrath I quiver?
Where was I when you love me so dear...?

All this time we fail to see
We talk in different tongues 
Swallow bitterness like drugs
Those three simple words stood
Apart like cliffs of gaping ravine
We stay muted to protect each other
We end up hurting one another 

How I wish to tell you
How blessed I am to have you
How I wish to hug you
To thank for all you have been through

This unlawful silence 
Will it break,
Before the sun sets
With all it takes?

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don't worry about me, i want to be free, when i say i love you, that is the key.

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Last Wish

When I slip into the coma 
Of reverence and light 
I ask to keep my heart 
When I fall into the night. 

Lord take my body 
And every other piece of me 
But in the essence of my heart 
I ask you leave it be. 

Take my legs that led me through 
The path you chose for me. 
Take my arms that reached so high 
Accepting Thou as Thee. 

Take my brain full of numbers 
Letters, words and thought. 
For it will get me nowhere 
In the land I have been brought. 

Lord I haven't asked for much 
So please grant my final wish. 
Let me take my heart with me 
To forever keep the love I've lived.

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A leached amputee
living with stumps of flawless

Round and round, blindfolded
moving in circle, drawn by rhyming

Perhaps you need to suffer
with the drunken race of

I am in the silent valley of
barefoot secrets where moon waits to

The poppies will buy the bullets,
a gift to unending kiss of

Tell every vulture on the tree,
there is endless arrival of 


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I am not too well, he felt.
The flames chased him in charred landscape.

Fighting over, he pondered about the
crime within, the surge to find a nest hole.

A wounded pride where the salmonella hits.
You enter a slot for more enticements.

Any patch of vague tragedy among the barren
desirability, shares the accident with sacrifice.

Unhappy, you reverse the mode of retrieving
against the terms of swimming alone.

Where was the death’s arc to capture
the mistakes of life ? Was an archaism

sufficient to kill the untruth ? No implant
will enhance the height of achievement.


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To undo, the rare 
appearance of a god; 
scouring the water,before the 
sun, divides the land.

What was the worth 
of a ritual, around the fallen virtues ?
The salt lake threw up 
the broken genes.

The swirling sand covers 
the boat, stranded on the beach. 
A tempest is waited upon. The 
gestures carry a message.

No authority.
I do not want to corrupt myself.
There was a narrow path 
leading to the pink eyes.

Satish Verma

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A sorcerer moon was rising
amidst grizzly clouds.
A lurid willingness of night
to surrender was evident-
skimming the stars.

A pact was inked between an
antiheroine and a renegade.
An apostate-
will find the refuge in serenades.

The feline grace jars the sexism 
by sitting on the fence.
A blue ocean will churn out
the urn of lethal poison.

That flame. Can you kill
the wolf ? The tricks of
child-molesting were
on the big screen.

Satish Verma

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Boots in air 
an elite brain hangs out
from the tall tears.

It does not search an exit.
Time moves out
with a murder in eyes.

Leading a spartan life
in a lair, in tune
with absolutely zilch.

A sexy mouth mimes 
for a glittering tree.
Parakeets were coming in swarms.

Can you believe, he was
in a hit list
of a gliding moon ?

Satish Verma

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Flaunting a brand
holding the horizon between his teeth
he was not taking a bite.

Nobody can open the vault
under the gaze
of black cobras
extending the crumple zone.

Sweet revenge,
he was stepping out of the bright skin
in deep shadows. 
A grey sky was going to melt.

Pouring out the innocence 
which was not so subtle between the words.
Something falls out from your lips
beyond a reasonable sound.

Satish Verma

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You had the numbers.
          The reverse trends begins-
          with uneasy and dark ambush.

A fatal miscue. You
          will get the message.
          The fingerprints will stay on the wall.

Enduring the onslaughts.
          Remaining sky-clad I 
          will wander in your arms.

Fighting with the curves,
          on sleepy islands, will
          you hail my outstanding landing ?

The revelation has a price.
          You will not open the envelope
          till I am dead.

Satish Verma

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One wardrobe malfunction
was a blast, a kill;
undressing imagination.
I was ready for an ambush.

Like boa’s grip, entwined, strangulating,
hardly breathing. I am in blue water
like a humpback whale;
donot go for the revenge.

It was not the fabric of flesh
hair and bones. I was tasting
the ash falling off the forehead
of a fallen saint.

The smile was going up for sale
in a gulp of greed.
Tomorrow morning I will find
amnion shaved on street. 


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my desire,
moves in a sky of principles
makes a perfect landing

this was the place
this was the name
my god, I have not reached anywhere

the words float in air
hissing reverberates
now you can talk, without tongue

the eye,
looks past you, a single
red flame, going straight into heart

the end,
comes steaming, of a sheer delight
moon was lying bleeding

the thread breaks
it was neither beginning nor end
body floats between earth and clouds
no perception, no awareness
I may be moving or static
suspension of eyes in a tube

the sky breaks
this is a path between hills
I may stop or play with death
effortlessly   sometimes you don’t want
any mercy    no benign or malignant tumor
which can halt the steep decline

the thought breaks
you are listening a new story only
ladder will climb to palace   there is no
traveler, no caravan   the truth about the truth
was false   only a wooly rhino buried
under the snow was true


I take you
between the veils
the shadows are chasing us
the rains will wash the sins

the bleeding must stop
every exit was red
guns are loud, and sun was in hiding
can you read me ?

I am tired
want to write a poem on my palm
can see it again and again
in dark

Satish Verma 

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Spectrum Delight

Against Blazing Countryside Delicate Eternal Flora Grows Having Intense Jurisdiction, Keeping Limitless Motion Now On Prairie, Quiet Rolling Skies, Take Undeniable victory, With Xanthous Yielding Zone.

written for
Sponsor john freeman 
Contest Name Nature’s Bounty  

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talk to your restive soul,
elementally abstract.

Home –
was minimal comfort,
for the flying birds.

to explode today 
on your face.

You were eying
the bride,
in turbulent sky.

Who had
brought the moon 
at Agave’s feet ?  

Satish Verma   

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Joined by the funeral, we sit down,
under the blue sky, fire watching, sequentialling
the processions. Ultimately one by one they come,
to dust, hands turned down. After close of the rainbow
there is an explosion and a transition
censored by stone age. They flee from the shrapnels
to swathe in bioluminence of death. The penury
makes a fanciest atrocity.

A pockmarked moon stands there to listen
the scandalized whispers of crulest legends
in century’s hopelessness, guilt’s bleeding.
You never chained the voice of booms. A god
mourns in fading light.


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Sitting on the hill,
nestled against the moon,
talking to stars.

You love a woodpecker.
What a stupid thing.
A panther dies of thirst.

A tall fern unfurls
the frond, to catch
a crested iguana.

In deep blue water
seventeen summers 
drowned, in one go.

A sapsucker goes
on, making holes,
in my psyche.

A tree will wait
for the summer to end.
Then it will tow the rain.

Satish Verma

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i  make ready myself for an insult
and chest pain, keeping unshorn hair like nettles
on contours, to take unknown turns for restoring
the clouds on moon-blue hills, spreading the water colors
on trees; someone inside the shrine was making
turbulence: yellow room has the footprints of
a naked fakir, after the apocalypse, who walked eyes closed
on the burning ghats, his rags are now worshipped,
the later years found the darkness
glowing in the furnace of propped up body
by roses,roses all the way, he tells the
hanging man, how tall were the poles, with song


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Joy and Perseverence

Are you familiar with the quote “Sometimes joy can be the source of your smile, and 
sometimes your smile is the source of your joy”?

I am blessed with an infinitely optimistic, euphoric inner joy, that I hope glows and 
sheds its’ brilliant rays of warmth to others … 
I believe it will…joy is contagious, and its’ glow comfortably infectious.

Do you ever have those days when you feel utterly and completely alone?
Those days when you expect the phone to ring, yet it remains silent?
You know you are loved, but you have an overwhelming desire for those feelings to 
be justified.
You yearn for the affirmation that all you feel, all you believe in, is indeed real.

Yet, this confirmation remains invisible… this is when you must shine!
You must believe that the best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be 
seen or touched; they must be felt with the heart.

I look but I cannot see…
Just because I cannot see the top of the staircase, does this mean I should avoid 
taking the first step?
I know not where my path will take me, but it is a journey I must make… I will tread 
carefully around those that attempt to discourage, those that pessimistically 
threaten what defines me, while I look upon them with empathy… for their journey 
will forever be more difficult than my own.

I walk with empty pockets, but with a warm, sensitive heart that fulfills my utmost 
desires… because I know that, with this heart, I will be wealthy beyond belief… 
money is only temporary, my heart will continue to provide because I know I cannot 
buy inspiration, courage, compassion, and I know that giving of possessions is 
hollow, it is when I give of myself that defines my character, and carries 
consequential substance.

So how will you remember me if our paths cross on separate journeys?
You will not need to consciously recollect, hopefully you will feel the fingerprints that 
remain because you allowed me to touch your heart.
If you will do this for me, you will become part of the air I breathe; you will become 
part of the fuel that drives me… the lives and hearts I’ve touched will provide, and 
become the foundation of my perseverance.

For this… I thank you.

~Dave Blount
Dec 30th 2010

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Colors turn Gray

my life is my pain, my pain is my life,

lost bonds, friendships and love long gone

hate fills my eyes, my eyes are filled with dismay,

my soul dies, heart cracked colors turn gray,

clouded sight, misery laced within my blood

pain is that of delight, for i no longer feel love

my bones get week, heart and soul dies,

alone i walk the street, confused by the night skies

the feeling that bare, are that of pain and fear,
my soul tells me not to care, for love  i have shed my last tear

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An autopsy was being conducted
with brutality
to silence the rising dialogue,

pulling out the lethal crunch
of scripted history.
You want the kiss of a parting grain.

A secondhand face crops 
up in a newspaper. Are you ashamed
of curtains ? They have covered

all the skeletons. The tangerines,
why do I remember them
like juicy lips in dark.

We are going to bungle together,
decked up to receive the body
of a honed player. 

Satish Verma   

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It was not dark
in a killing field.
A primitivism has prevailed
upon an intimate hate crime
for brand mnemonics.

A bronzed moon
will come out tonight.
The glances were missing
and you -
cannot see properly.

The blue bird
was nesting in a pink cloud,
when you were -,
less than half. Killed
but not raped.

Who rattles the montage ?
Let the etiolation speak.
Blood was scarped off,
but the ornamental stealing
goes on.

Satish Verma

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I don't know

Squeeze of this fade
My fate
Who want to be fine
Descent of heaven
That's my call
That's my cast
How  could one comprehend
The love
If heart who let
Don't have a hint
And mind is out of touch
How  could one compromise
With love
If heart who lame
With love 
Is full of lumps
And mind is out of logic
How  could one concentrate
When heart is lost
In his doubt of love
And mind is high
As dopey
With love
But no retreat
Don't ask
I don't know
But I love more then
The breath of mine
More then my blood
In veins for my life
Don;t ask
I don't know

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What Fear Fed On

The venom that rains
Got you
In the desert
And a spirit
Weak in brevity
Strong but unbelieving
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

Society cuts
Flying wings
As to drain
The courageous soul
Of its hope
And then
People die
Rich with power
Power they never used
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

I see plain pain
In your eyes
Hurt laughing at you
You’re afraid
To ever love again
Because your past
Caused you wounds
So you walk agape
In a cold escape
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

I see your dried tears
On your broken face
But a determination
You’ve been robbed of
That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

So will you
Forever sulk
Forever your conscience bulk
In a pessimist bask?

Or will you
Your mantle take
And fear forever shake
For you live dead
When fear drives your head

That’s what fear fed on
Fear fed on you

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   Your prayers.
It was not yet dark.
   Waiting for moon.


Crying without tears.
   Want to fly again
   with bare limbs.


Tears will burn –
the geese, out of water.
    The crocodiles.

Satish Verma

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New Thoughts

"New Thoughts"

New everything,
new songs that we will sing,
new words,
nouns and verbs,
with the pure function,
of holding sentences together,
like houses held tight in bad weather,
New thoughts and ideas,
new ways to adhere,
if you hear,
New places to explore,
new inspirations to adore,
new is more,
more friends to read and be read,
words over screens easily spread,
egos easily fed,
words spoken softly to end the dread,
on my page speech is in your font,
your style no one here will taunt,
no bad spirits to haunt,
just a forum,
to run,
penned poetic,
oh the thoughts that can be,
expressed so free,
here where we lay on beds of poetry,
all to be feathers in a wind,
thrown from one place again and again,
New words from my pen!

By Sylvester "Written on the computer screen" Wright

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untouchable that bleeds, lonely
in black sky, that haunting moon
walks gingerly on quivering sea:
lovers killed in shame in broad daylight
by gunshots before a crowd; some possessed
maniacs turning the clock back: history
lets go the leaves, the autumn,

trees stand naked, not malevolent
but want to poach upon the wrong side
of faith; my vision starts failing,
crosses the river in ancient lingua franca
joining the broken hearts

i was apprehensive, clouds come and 
go, each death becomes a daisy


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Midcloud of the – 
rainy day. 
I am waiting for 
the winged guests.

In trance 
I catch the flying words. 
The blank paper 
prints the nude.


I need 
to cover the sharp contours.
You will find 
a mystic profile.

Satish Verma

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Why you have to go Brandon

Why you have to go 
I don't want you to go 
I understand why you have to go
When it's all over will you come bac to me
I love you so much and I hope you love me too
We can be as one and we can be good together
I want to give my heart to you if u let me 
My heart is all for you if you want it 
I ride or die for you and I think you can see that 
I love when I'm around you 
You ligth up my day and you are my star at nigth 
I need a man like you in my life
Your the one I dream about at nigth
That's how much I love you and not going to stop loveing you
I feel so happy when I'm with you 
I want to take you away from all the bad thing you seen 
Give it all to me Brandon and don't run from me baby

This is for the man I love Brandon

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It slithers, the tongue
trying to find
the rage on cold words.

A window
shuts on fire for a deliberate 
withdrawl from conflicts.

The virgin iron 
becomes a corpse
under the golden 
amnesia of hot greens.

The colors are changing
on face
and the silky grass of paradise.  

Satish Verma

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A man,
in the shadow of a child,
walks, for the sake of

The Great Bustard,
was on the brink of
extinction. Somebody
was not an achiever.

an inborn god in thighs,
for running faster than light,
weightless, faceless.

Dust will take,
dust for the dark matter
sequencing a disaster.
The animal within roars.

Satish Verma

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A drone kills a dove.
An aphrodisiac ?

Bashing the ground,
cajoling the sky.
Trapped in bed,

coupling in amber.
You want to rein in
moon, for a shout ?

And weather had the
wasness of a glory.
You wanted to change the gender ?

Would not go near the dais.
was burning the doors

Satish Verma   

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grandma and papa

Everytime i get ready to leave
I start getting anxity because I 'm going to miss you guys more than you can believe,
        Even if it's just for a short amount of time when I go, I still miss you everyday I;m gone and more than you know.
        Your more than just my grandparents, Your like my mother and father and my bestfriend it's not going to be easy to go when that shuttle bus arrives I can't even pretend , My love for you guys is so strong it will never end 
        You guys are my everything,Without you I would have nothing,To my heart you are my Queen and King 
         Only for a short amount of time I will be away,But it's hard because I'm use to seeing you everyday,On my mind you stay therefor it keeps me going and I'll be okay 
          I Love You Grandma and Papa  see you when I get back ,You two are so special to me dont ever forget that my heart is home where you guys are at

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Confused and wary like a
spermwhale, you are

through the shadows
of terrible pain
ejecting ambergris.

Who was getting
the bribery
to fix the belly button ?

This was not revolution.
It was evolution-
of a stinking city. 

The gods were sleeping
on the lips of a pride.
Nurses were preparing the bed.

How far the sane voice
will reach, to deliver
the relics of a salted dynasty ?


Unbodied, how do I touch you
groping ? The message was not
clear. How to kill oneself on stage ?

A beehive falls on
your head. Are you going
to scream ?

Entire town was going
for a pilgrimage. The saint
was preparing for a self-burial.  

A hundred thousand moons
were placed on your crown.
The sun was going to roll.

Charred bodies
were turning in graves.
Who was becoming untouchable now ?

Give me a kiss of cobra.
My bandaged life
wants to sleep in peace.

His severed legs were
tucked under his head to serve as a pillow.
He was half-eaten.

was silencing all the shames
Woman, I am not coming home.

Satish Verma

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The secular love:
you are contaminated
between skin and prayer.

Back from the odyssey
finding a crop-circle
in bridal chamber.

Rival was an alien
with a flat stomach
thinking black.

The thieving sperms 
had a glorious end,
unentered in grass.

Your body was churning out
a religion.
I will find out my own god.

Satish Verma

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A tribal kill; 
after a blood sucking 
Do you have a problem ?


Hovering wasps 
will land at will, on 
tardy syntax 
and misspelt masks.


The clouds 
have wit and intelligence.
Will drop rains 
on venoms.

Satish Verma

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Walk rosie, walk on the serrated thorns;
exiting the blue abyss, shamelessly a baby god climbs

a salt mountain, incantatory, flicks
through: cranberry, cranberry it was the end of beginning,

the whole, was in peril, bits flying, licking
the toes, upending the truth, cracks appearing one by one

the attic was full of portraits, atrium empty, the
blue landscape latched to windows, a sick air map,

pseudumonas again attacking the viscera, festering,
a roadshow full of blisters, ribbed easily, climbing

on the poles to get a look at queenbee, pretending
to replace the beyond, we will remain faithfull.


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Ahead of pain, we did not cry;
intimating of dreams, crowded;
stranded on issues, reaching nowhere.

Black, a weired hairdo, unfurls a moon
in half-sleep. You can open the door
without sound. The snake writhes under your feet.

A traveler waits for a hymn, holds a green
urn, full of tiny eyes, looks at sky and returns
the darkness for any possibility of light.

The missile whistles down; hushed, gnarled
fingers start the rescue efforts in a lonely
cosmos; goldilocks starts howling.

Terror strikes again in offering, so far
about nothingness; a vague, masked scapegoat
sits in bold greens, to start the beginning of end.


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love me and hold my hand

my heart is shapely and red
my heart is sad and depressed 
as i lay here in a molt im lost in a sea of hope
i dream of a day when my mind is at ease
where i can celebrate and laugh as i please
im lost for words i can not speak
i am so down that i cant find the words to say
my head mourns all the day 
i feel like a prisoner in my head 
held captive by the ungratefull dead
when will i be free 
when will others i will meet 
to help me get on my feet 
it seems no one cares or understand
i am a tormented man
love me and hold my hand

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The light will come, the 
darkness will disappear
It will disperse into the 
midnight air

The clouds that dampen, 
darkness surrounds
It's a natural progression, it's 
soon to be found

Ones mind in turmoil, with a 
ferocity a force
Expel the dark energy, nature 
must not take that course 

One has to be free to have 
clarity of thought
Do not fall on that path of 
negative thought

If you believe you can fly you 
can fly 
If we know ourselves we can 
touch the sky

A strength within, just have the 
courage to bring forth
Unburden oneself, refrain from 
going north

Live for the now, conquer your 
As I said before. make 
everything clear
What you've dreamed , let you 
dreams be so
control your fait and follow the 
path destiny says you should 

Da Predman 
The Urban poetry collection 
29th October 2011

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I forgot, was it me
in a body pile draped in dust,
still hot, bruised, burnt, a mad megalomaniac
starting a civil war, creating suicide bombers,
young virgins inhaling death ?

This journey under the guns, displacing
hapless thousands, will reach destination
on thick, blood stained red, dirt road of life ? Step by step
the dynasty breaks and violence, a malignant
spread overtakes the bones

of avatars ; the round bloodshot eyes
cross the barriers of silence and step out
from the skin: they were bombing 
his bunker.


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For my water god I entered the wetlands.
Fog was increasing and me becoming incoherent.

The swamp throws a high tide of rolling wave
I lift the burden of bones and take a plunge in darkness.

The holy moon gives the company in yellow mood
smelling of honey and rusted-red mulberries.

A maxim inside the solitude hurts the path
where I lost my innocence for a son.

A breeze, a cloud, a beautiful sky
I carry the dust of my home wherever I go.

The wreckage was intact, past was shining.
An octopus was sending the suckers for future.


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The invisible 
throws a visible image 
without a tether. 
Do you see the god ?   

Was a matter of faith ? 
You tie a thread on the wall. Longing 
finally reaches climax. Gravity 
defies a flying dream.       

You had erred, yet 
failed to accept the guilt. 
A scariest moment was, 
when you entered the morph.  

It was a U-turn. Robots 
will dictate the polity. You 
alight on a rostrum; like 
a lovely pink swallow.

Satish Verma

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Sitting between the knees,
I am being bathed by intense anxiety
and fear of harsh light.

A canopy of doubts
confronts the dignity versus anarchy
for a watchman
who will not dare open-

the vault of truth. A fatal
ire of imagination puts him
to dire need of salvation.

Was I moving from the wrong
side of history in my zodiac
to change the drooping eyelids ?

Death opens my door for a shortwhile
and then walks away
after watching the transparencies.


The masks come and masks go.
Cracks do not disappear.
Either you destroy me,

or my inside will have
a singingbird,
closing the golden window.

The hardening of atereies.
Tension was rising
around the absence.

Who was the arbitrator
between dog and lamb ?
The weather was ripening black currants.

Satish Verma

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Shrieveport, mary and me

All these tender little kisses,

so lovin and dear,  but not from the misses,

this potient number nine,

of glasses and silver we dine,

he take me with a hiss,

so gentle like the same of a  summerful bliss,

so wed me if you can,

this lovin taste so bland,

could death be the grasp of my hand,

this secret is more than a man,



it will never finish my friend,

for us theres no happy end.

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It was set on fire, the market place:
from a distance I was watching, the
hieroglyphic climate of the cutouts;

some shoes with yellow human feet embedded 
in them, were thrown on the images
of gods, lying on the steps of tanks:

on hills the sex workers were doing 
brisk business in private retreats
of the holiest of towns, a golden dome

was being erected as an insult to poors,
the streaked priests chanting the sacred
hymns, hurling the abuses on red faced

simians waiting on the rooftops,
ashamed to share the inherited lineage
but why one should kill one’s own daughter?


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outside. Inside a deep
   ocean, thoughtless.


   You want to know
the boundaries of scent.
A musk deer wonders.


   After the death-
of hurricane, would you
   come to see my hibiscus ?

Satish Verma

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Staples were traveling on the
epiderm, thanking the wounds.
The dust, the eternal ugliness
were growling.

Riveting drama:
a royal swanking for a macabre
heist. A bizarre charisma
overtakes the cozy lips.

I was green,
and I was a cloud
where the sunflowers meet
beneath the sun.

Blind poppies assert themselves
unfurling a flag of milky sap.
The wasps were going-
to become stingless.

Satish Verma

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One of America’s most famous writers
Was born in Boston, January of 1809.
Both his parents were failing actors
And his father was drunk most the time.

In 1810 Edgar’s dad disappeared 
His mother died soon after.
A childless couple took him in
Raising him with love and laughter.

Edgar had a Negro nurse
Who brought him to her quarters.
There he listened to ghost stories
Far beyond earthly borders. 

The strange tales he later wrote
May have come from her inspiration.
The words she used to describe death
Gave Poe his taste for sensation.

The Allans moved to England
Where Poe attended boarding schools.
There’s no doubt his time spent there
Sharpened his skills as tools.

 Returning to Richman and back in school
He began to compose new verse.
Heavy debts forced him to leave college 
As his life took a turn for the worse.

Poe caught a ride on a coal barge to Boston
Where he was unable to find employment.
A young printer agreed to publish his poems
Giving him hope and enjoyment.

Penniless, Poe enlisted in the army
And was accepted to West Point in 29.
Poe couldn’t stand not being a writer
Self-imposing his dismissal from The Line.

Afterward he became an editor and critic
And married his cousin who was thirteen.
Six years latter he discovered she was dying
Suffering once more the unforeseen.

He went through periods of insanity
Caused by grieving and functional fall.
He smoked opium and drank too much
Till at his doorsteep death would call.

Edgar Allan Poe the master of verse
Still lives in our hearts today
Famous for The Raven and other great works
May his soul rest in peace we pray.

By Tom Zart

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im criminally insane, ive got alot on my brain, my life's down the drain, and im riding a train. the ghost has been slain, im using a cane, to walk on this gravel, and escape from the crane. the world is corrupt, and thrown into bane, ive taken more walks, down memory lane, than i care to admit, its left such a stain, nothing to lose, and so much to gain. i jump out the plane, im wrapped in a chain, i wish i could train, but life is so plain. i walk between rain, i have so much pain, im so far from sane, my life is so small, as small as a grain. if i told you, that life was dark, i was born in the world, so i could leave a mark, i have soulless eyes, but not like a shark, ive been driving for years and still nowhere to park. what if i said, that life was scary? if fantasy is real, then im no fairy, i don't care about cheese, but i do love the dairy, there is no smooth ride, when life is so hairy. the end of the world, is coming near, i have to admit, that the future is clear, i reek of essence, the essence of fear, ive been driving so long, i forgot how to steer. ive been trapped, in this place, i cant defend, my mental case, for years to come, a lonely face, its time to be done, and finish the race.

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That cameo was my secret grief.
He will make you sing,
the hooded moon.

Not a sacred thing
Kissing the toes of a traveller
for fecundity.

In doorway it was between
us and them for bargaining
for Dahlias.

Lips unkissed will call for
honey from bees.
Eyes will srarch for a candle. 

In alien land of flames
and tumultuous desires,
the golden breasts will take revenge.

Satish Verma

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The ghost walks with me
boneless debris
of hairy limbs.

The device
manipulates the neck
spreading dark litter.

Clouds hurt astoundingly
on the eyes.
Debit of a sin.

A huge umbrells
open on wounds
of the bleeding tree.

The fruits fall
like golden nuggets
on the stretched hands.


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the nectar will be spread
to tame a random tormentor.

Black and white,
I never saw my father weeping.
Lonely he was.

I am
my own creation today
weather beaten. Confession to –

confession, unread. When the-
storm was tethered,
there was flooding and neck deep-

you were in tears. Am cannibalizing
my own poems, to write a new line.
It was a midnight moon.

Satish Verma

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A brisling terror 
tormenting the kelp.

Give me a lamenting mast
that will not go, fall.

In the groins 
holding a promise, 
a crazy god lowers 
the wheel.

The absolute alcohol 
in your nerves, you
want to light the

Smashing a dark
hole, which leads 
to the brown 

Satish Verma

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Throw a nude at him and
he will make it a weapon-
to rape a moon.
Becomes a study to flaunt
the dipping sun.

Not mature enough to
follow the hanging valley.
Going nowhere. The black
sky was immaculately

This is the destiny of charred
words. Untouchable now like
a violence from a dew drop. I
will not wipe out the dust
from the bleary eyes of the young spring.

No complaints. I have hundred
of failures to know
that I have not reached.

Satish Verma   

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The Lonely I am

I am the lonely
My heart isn't whole
I'm the only thing I have
But in my soul I know

I am the lonely
Here's my chance to escape this shame
Things are distinct now
But whose to blame
can you tell

No one cares that I am the lonely
But it will all be ok
Or so I say
These words are just crazy

Because I am the lonely
I sit by myself alone 
This time my heart is gone
And I have nothing to show 
Except that I am the lonely

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The peace has a random price;
buried by sea of volition in knee deep puddles of
saline mud, being in being, after the crash,
to keep dissent alive.

Tell me, how did you go in arc light
in the middle of death, plunged in icy delights
of bloody waters ? Prevailing withdrawl
spills the counts in endless moments,

of permanence and deceit, a face was
present at one time in two canvases;
the despondency was victorious in kelp,
of arboreal moon, night drips orally.

When the future comes in nesting birds,
I will search the eggs of cuckoo, before
I know you again; the venus-fly trap for hidden
kiss will open the honey glands.


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I am Yours

I am yours

Don’t leave me Lord
For losing your presence I cannot afford
You guide me you comfort me I want you here
I love how you always feel so near
I am in your arms I am yours to hold
You keep my spirit warm while my heart is so cold
Please stay with me to the ends of the earth
For you have shown me what I am worth
I am yours you have made me new
You forgive me for all the evil I do
I don’t have to worry I am not scared
For you saved me and my heart is repaired
You are by my side until the end of the day
Oh how you love me in every way

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will take care of the morgue.
I am going to hang my god
today. Howling winds
are crashing into my breath.

In the sea
of flags, the white death walks on
naked bodies of faith. Innocence
will take a back seat
listening to the roaring assault
of blues.

Was it a hymn to drink
the religion of rage ?
The men sitting in the glass vases
worshiping the rising sun in awe 
with folded hands.

Satish Verma

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i live in the anger, i live in the fear, what is the difference? it is the reason why i am here. i try to see my future, but the answers arnt so clear. im driving my life, but i dont know how to steer. i try to be good, i try to be great, but how can i, with all this weight? i hate myself, because i cant get a date, i want to start over, and really clean the slate. but instead im bait, i cant just sit here and wait, to be angry all my life, is that really my fate? my life is just starting, im going to be late, im way above average, but what is my rate? im trying to get better, i dont want a cellmate. but im myself, although i dont know who to be, or what to do, i just want to be free, im done, im me.

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A love thats the best

Staring down at the blue water 
Smell the salt air 
The climb to the top was almost too much to bare 
Closing your eyes remembering wading in the freezing water 
Wondering if this was the end of your life
Arms extending as your heart takes flight
Feeling your feet about to slip 
But in his arms you will never slip 
Your weight shifts as your heart begins to pound
Now you remember the fall 
You remember the wind sweeping past your face
As no sound could escape your lungs.
Accept the fall. 
Knowing his arms were not strong enough to keep you from the waters below 
The nights spent crying as you felt your heart dying 
Cold water froze a beating heart  
In an instant warmth wraps around you 
Strength pulls you in 
As words whisper so softly you swear it was the wind 
Beautiful darling, you can only fall towards me 
Eyes widen to find the deep cold sea 
As far down as it ever could be 
You lean into him, feeling the warmth of the sun above 
Enjoying every moment, every smile, and every second look 
For the first time in a long time 
You no longer fear the sea below 
You no longer wait for the pain 
For the day may come where you are freezing in the waters
But after a climb unlike the rest 
Your lungs will fill with the warmest breath 
And a love that will be your best

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First encounter was skimpy 
unleashing a terror 
of tales. I will not find the 
perfect body of a poem.

the salt lake, where you were
drowned one day in the eyes
of the needle.

It was an ode for the failed 
prophecy which predicted
the fall of an author 
in the ravines of jealousy.

A trampled butterfly exudes
the yellow fumes. Meanwhile
you can draw a nude on
the road for bystanders.

Satish Verma 

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The pixels refuse to leave 
the screen. There was a 
         defiance, unheard so far.   

Will not misspeak about 
the rape ! Was it not a murder
         of the white goddess in light ?    

Are you going to shut a 
pink flame, smouldering 
         in the vicious grip of greed ?

The skinny-dip in boiling
cauldron of hate ? What
         was left now of humor ?

Walking on the lake water 
retrieving your youth ? Was 
         it worth your grand wasted life ?

Satish Verma

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Life at its end, but really a new beginning

Living every day, 
Living every second to the beat of yesterday, 
The memories haunt my soul, 
I wish that we both will never get old, 
I know they say old is gold,
But imagine how much gold has been worn and taken and and those people that wore them don't even exist anymore, 
it's like they were here but not anymore,
Live life to the fullest because of day you will have to go, 
Maybe our souls feel tense in this body of flesh, 
Try and cut a hole in your past please tell me you're fresh, 
Live life as a new beginning every day, 
you're born alone and you die alone, 
You are the only one there are no other clones.

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After the putsch, through night he set himself alight
ensnared in flames of societal conflicts, for a
vision of tomorrow, in the birth of a bloody dawn.
The drone of history had failed on a loaded salt.

A solitary murder of truth was sufficient to unsettle
me for a downturn of unborn wounds of drowned
voice, of a requiem. The dead were coming back to life
in dark alleys of black skulls. The pink scarves

were still holding the snow flakes of standing
wheat for the thirsty children, of grieving mothers
who lost the homes to red hands, the white paper,
the hungry guns. The thieves were coming again.

I was never naked in my blood, my howling bones.


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Unrepenting you start 
from a sore point
to ask an explanation
from an eclipse of the sun.

a corpse, the moon carries the burden
of light, on its bloodied shoulder
for burial in dew.

Half the century we were 
reciting the prayers to open
a blocked artery of a dying god
who would not share our bandages.

The bride steps out
from dark,
unveiled, and undoes the hairs.
There was fire in her eyes
and ice on her lips.

Satish Verma  

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A Dream So Real

Last night I dreamt of you,
And that my wish had come true
You came to me on bended knee,
Saying my love, please forgive me
I want to erase all your pain,
While giving you my love once again
You said, I never meant to hurt you so,
And that you didn't ever want to go
Then you gave me a box of velevet,
And said you loved me ever yet

I opened it and saw my ruby ring,
The one I'd hoped for you to bring
My head was telling me to go slow,
While my heart said now I know
You're my fate, my destiny,
My forever love through eternity
Then the rising sun awoke me,
And once again my bed was empty
For none of it was even real,
Now how will my heart ever heal

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A Walk with GOD

 Step by step HE leads me
 Drop by drop HE feeds me
 Moment by moment He cares for me
 and I walk in green pastures

 Word by word HE teach me
 Hand in hand HE reach me
 Rays by Rays HE shine on me
 Heart in my heart HE dwells with me

 Days on days HE cleansed me
 Cares HIS cares have touched me
 Spirit HIS spirit is guiding me 
 and so I am blessed 

 Blood HIS blood have saved me 
 Cried I cried HE healed me
 Thought by thought HE renewed me
 and so my soul is saved

 Jesus oh Jesus I call on you
 LORD my Lord  , I live for you
 Follow I follow and I follow you
 Thanks n Thanks I offer to you
 Heaven in Heaven , we'll dine inn
 JESUS in Your Presence I Walk-in !!!


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A new 
adage. Who was 
infallible ? 
Because there was no space.


The final 
journey, begins 
for beyond 
the infinite.


Where the gods 
live, there was- 
a small particle, waiting 
to expand.

Satish Verma

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                                      Turn on the music!
Watch my body move
                                      Look at the rythm of my hips
Feeling all vibes of the groove
                                                    My hips shake left
                   Then to the right
                                                 Music so loud it'll make you deaf
     But I can dance all night
                                               The way I move
Making some intimidated
                                              I move so smooth
              No need to hate it
                                              Feel the beat
                       Move with me
                                              Slide and move you feet
                                 Be free!

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Perpetual stasis
in blank stares.
Who was yawning to moon ?

Balmy night will unlock
the secrets of graphic images.
Life casts a spell on you.

Like a round worm 
in search of a ceramic cow.
Let me mix the money with fame.

The unfelt pleasure
of a crooked script –
in twilight zone. Every person

was wearing a cloud. Deftly
you break the urn of ashes
to find the stolen eyes.

Satish Verma

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Irish Woman

Where are you now, 
Irish woman? 
Which universe
Did  you choose for home? 
Which universe
Did you choose for your tropical adventure? 
Which one is your garden? 
Which universe has your favorite stars and moons

Which universe is welcoming you? 
Which one is fearful
From your eyes, 
Your hair, and your lips.
Which universe
Will be your next destiny.
Which universe your love could possibly 
And I still have time 
To reach
And exist?

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When the battle lines were drawn,
the only mandate
for the human torpedo was to blow up
the silence of time.

Sick was the death-struck
new born, praise of the ghost of tiger
in the name of glory of green eyes.
The orange moon was absolutely naked;

the snow dripped in a cave to form a cone
and the valley was burning wide.
The bag of charcoal given
to a shephered had turned into gold-

nuggets at home. The vultured sky
was claiming more bodies.
A miracle was swelling the crowd
and the crown was proud of deaths.


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Instead of pain sublime in body of death
and bracing a hailstorm of bullets
you embrace a white phosphorus
to burn for whole life, as a reminder of

collective suicide. Like my lost children
I am collecting the words to weave a phrase
against the destiny for capturing this moment.
The vast crowd will decide the fate of frigid winter –

to upstage the sun. Barren trees overhear
the wailing winds. Lake of death will outlast
the mirage of inward suffering. Chariot of
Apollo vaults to inconceivable height.


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A calling from zietgeist;
when a flute versus beast
starts a power play.

My world becomes wet.
when I watch a moth in your fist.

A split moon peels off
the cuticle, for a mega show of the
cone, shedding cruciform sword.

The white tiger leaps with
precision, spilling the milk  container.
It was moonlight.

The baked smile now gathers
the teeth for a final bite.
The diamonds now quiver like a fear.

Satish Verma

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Now burns the stillness of thoughts.
Be my enemy.
Ants are running out
of the eye.
I am collecting the ashes from
the burning ghats.
The steps to the lake are disappearing
in the blood of moon.
The dogs-
are carrying away a half-burnt leg.
It stinks
the whole river, all night
all day.
Don’t shut the window
I am crying.


Tin man was walking on the sea
of words.
He did not want to utter F………out.
The hirsute triangle
pops up, every time
you close your eyes.
All night he was dreaming
he had become inert, like a corpse.
Can you start a salvage chemo ?
So that I can levitate in emptiness
and meet
my arithmetic
midway like cherry blossom
falling, yet not falling.
You will never understand me.
I was waiting for the night
beyond the sky 
beyond the stars.


The stigma
the style.
No pollen wants to land on your cherry
Stainless shirt waves a white flag
to stop the war.
I am not a cherry picker
in a moonlit night
undressing the smile.
It is for you, the next life
a little wee
if I don’t come back
from the sea of carnage
pure as a fish.

Satish Verma

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A man that cries alone is a man that dies alone
Living life through the words of a heart filled song
The heart beats to the rhythm of the soul which is hard to contain
The feeling of lost and rejection never can be maintained
If I should die tomorrow where will I go?
Give my flowers while I’m alive because when I’m gone I will never know
In life trials and troubles it seems like one way in and no way out
Doing the right thing but getting the wrong results leaves nothing but a fearful doubt
My past is my past so please don’t judge me
We live in the present so look past all my imperfections and know there is a future that I seek
It’s amazing how the finger points and the beam is blinding your eyes
The truth is always seen no need of a disguise
I died a million deaths and still I stand strong
I was never a follower of anyone because of these battles I have to fight alone
I failed a couple of times which most people liked it that way
They kicked me while I was down and only hoped that was the position that I stayed
But still I rise with a victory of a bittersweet taste
I turned and walked away but happily went back to pick up their faces
I don’t seek for revenge for you reap what you sew
Before your lips part and speak that vapor I will let you prepare yourself to take these notes

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Deluge of criminality in the moral night;
sun was taking a  plunge on the falls,
in the name of cobbled up front, for our
rise and fall in the primary casuality.

Sacred contusion, on the floor of mausoleum,
when you smell like a forgotton god, and
lie in the generosity of asylum under the downy mildew.
You cannot cry in the armless death.

History begins with starvation and murders
of innocents between the blasts. Spiders were fattening
on walls eating untangled, discarded syllables.
Punishment of defeat makes you a sex slave.

The ash smeared body must lie on doormat.


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My blue eye's golden girls

My blue eye's golden girls like my blue sea's your hair is
like gold your heart like a golden vasle of strenght in
times of trouble you come to me like a dove on the 
sea's, your heart is pure silk that covers my sorrow,
and pain, as I look out the universal window of pain
I see you in the distance and your eyes become my
peace and Glory, Glory unto the spirit of the universe
in rest of his arms we found peace, joy and laughter
in the mist of WAR and famine,  as July comes and
we all celebrate his birthday in America, ( his Lady
his Glory) we will dance and sing and watch America
lite up her skys, in Glory, Glory amen.  God no name

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reign in me

Maker,Master,You alone

In my heart sit on the throne

You are King fore'er the same

I will ever praise Your name

You descended as a man

Rescue us,Your perfect plan

Left Your glory up above

Single reason,steadfast love

Perfect heart no spot,no sin

Crown of sorrow,pain was giv'n 

Man deserved all agony

Still love reigned for man like me

Lord and King whose pow'r immense

Jesus You're my only chance!

Rescued soul whose bound for doom,

Splendid face I shall see soon!

Glory,Lordship Sovereignty,

Saviour how I long for thee!

King who snatched me from the fire

Praise Your name,my one Desire

Everything You did create

In my life be Potentate

I on earth shall not please men,

Please my King,my one intent.


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The double-edged truth 
had the exoticism. The blood was
in air. A blue bird draws
a red line, indulging in spiritualization
of a gray design. The testosterones
chart the trajectory in the flame
of the forest.

You deploy your army in zero 
hour. Colored leaves start casting
the spell. You listen to the rustling
of skirt. Moon was walking in.

A pink sword and sharpened 
claws. After the vulture hit,
the death wil swoop down on you suddenly.

Satish Verma

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scars left behind

What a tradgedy when they flew the planes into the twin towers
such thought out violence in the heart of those men
what about the wife who lost her husband that day
what about the son who lost his dad
brother sister mother all died because of hatred
that was a sad day even though i did not  know any of those people
the whole act of terrorism is evil
why take anothers life who has done you no wrong 
purposely destroying him and others lives
what right do they have 
it is totally wrong 
when i saw that my heart sunk 
i felt so sad and angry at the same time
it was so horrific 
to the ones that lost love ones my heart goes out

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something i forgot

there's something i forgot, im dead on the spot, i feel like im shot, and my stomachs a knot. i may be 19, but i feel like a tot, i stole the worlds heart, and i didn't get caught, i don't have that much, so ignore what i got, my head is filled up, so i empty the slot. life is a story, and death is the plot, i have to admit, that i love life a lot, my brain has the boogers, and my nose has the snot, how can i cool, when life is so hot? im driving my life, and parking the lot, thanks for the offer, but i can not be bought, i made it on time, right on the dot, i was boiled alive, and left in the pot. i do what i want, whether you like it or not, the voices of mine, they already fought, you'd be surprised, the knowledge i sought, go out and have fun, while im left here to rot.

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dark matters are floating
like bowls made of leaves
spilling hunger, make me upset, figures moving
like ghosts wrenching out the fish plates
from rails, nothing will move now except
the eyebrows of stone faces, bodhisattvas
sitting in scorching sun, unshaven, crosslegged
waiting for realization to come, not to
them but tormentors, a milky way in ever
night, the dry wind slaps on the faces
to remind them not to sleep, the shade
of the Cacti and Acacia seldom stubborn
to give you the shadow of the blades, the 
sun ultimately compresses you in the
waist- high grass of death trap.


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A tumbler climbs a rain 
in all crimelessness.
Perhaps you will never know 
my in******ting self. The thirst has
become a river.

A pile of books and I cannot read.
The shadow lengthens on the wall.
An eagle melts in the air.
They are shifting him for amputation.
Truth cannot walk.

I become my father tonight 
and watch the house burning .
I am told there was lot of bleeding before.
There will be no need to rescuscitate.
The dead man says, why not ?

Satish Verma

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After the spooky night 
there was the 
morphean balm.

You pull out the meat 
from the bones.
A genteel confession-

keeps tumbling out.
The haunted house
sends forth the tiny ghosts.

It was moon time.
You will drop a torpedo-
to unsettle the stray thoughts.

The geometry
falters. Lines are drawn
to remove the dots.

The skin you left
on the road;
still glows like a smoldering coal.

Satish Verma

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The smile conceals, something.
Does not offer any cue.
You were still traveling 

You wanted to leave the world, 
as it was, without cleaving
the wood, not accepting the veneer.
It rang an alarm bell.

To evolve their own persona;
good to take their own path.
The fallout was widening.This
was an insider’s story.

What an audacious withdrawl;
and you were in a silent mode like a Buddha 
to uptake the film of dust
settling on the innocent rape of book.

Satish Verma

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absence of a melody
          was wrenching
          on the face of a song

surface tension –
a venom creeps
surging in twin black eyes

you raise your price
in extremes
unburdening of embryonic waste

matches his death
          with antiquity 


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My love for him is true, and yet he treats me cruel. 
I’ve cried too many tears, I’ve worried for many years. 
He said he really cared; my hopes and dreams I shared. 
My heart now did he crush, his heart I never touched. 

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Are fairies real

I am the angry of the gods, so real,

so blessed my touch could steal,

often set a trance,

but as tender as in a lady that would tempt me to dance.

to the stars i take a glance.

I surrender, for all I remember,

As tall and powerful as that of a timber.

just as innocent as a child, her touch so tender.

i raise,

I put the world as far and deep and trapped in a daze

bring fire and brimstone where all we graze.

I left you my message but in this phrase.

It must end.

I told you i send you death my friend.

only as swift as the wind.

My father had give me my soul to lend.

Tis my fate.

For the world had turned my love to hate.

so there is the sound.

To the ends, but still the world go round.

Thus the end, for my fate had touch the ground,

I'm here. 

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Life is Beautiful


Life is beautiful; see the nature and its call
Life is gracious see the abundance of rainfall
Life gives us smile see a baby and its crawl
Life is also a struggle see the sorrow and downfall

Life gives you precious pearl, if leader is our GOD
Life has its own art see inside your heart
Life is full of love; shower them to all
Life will be worth living with blessings and rewards

God bestowed us a living creativity 
His Nature speaks it all
Find a new life everyday, for God’s glory revolves
Life is really beautiful, See Superb Art of GOD .


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I'm Sorry

I'm sorry i broke your heart 
PLease forgive me for such art
Let's take it back before this love was broken
Back before those words were spoken
I'm sorry I could say it again and again
I cry to make it rain
Make it rain to wash sorrow
Can I have your heart to barrow
Calm down and let me repair the wound
Tomorrow will come soon
Tomorrow the sun will shine
One more time you'll be mine
I'm sorry could be said so many ways
I just want to wake up next to you for the rest of my days
I'm sorry

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The Truth

Whats this love for? Is it worth it this time?
Are you gonna break my heart? 
Are you truly gonna be mine? 
Guys will say anything behind those jail walls , but 
the sad thing is I wouldn't believe you even if you 
weren't in jail at all.
You've done some horrible things Bobby. 
You truly broke my heart.
When I lost you my whole damn world feel apart.
I'm not saying that to make you feel bad.
I'm saying that cause when I lost my whole world got sad.
I'm not perfect never have been but , I truly loved you 
and still remained your friend.
Now 7 years later the same words you once said.
I love you Megan , I need you so bad.
The sound of your voice is still the same and hidden in your words are lies.
Things are different this time. I'm not the same girl.
If you try to play games with me I promise I will get the highest score.
I won't fall for it this time I'm mean it I do.
I won't let another guy put me threw what you put me threw , not even you.
If you love me we can hold each other threw all this bad weather.
We can get threw it together , but if you hurt me its gonna be bad. 
Not trying to sound mean but my pride is all that I have. 
I promise to love you & be there till the end , and if *****gets to 
deep I promise to remain your friend. 
I hope you do the same , but I hope even more you mean what your saying.
Just be honest Bobby thats all I ask. If you do that I willing to let go of the past.
I wont bring it up no more , if you can show me there's a reason I fell in love with you.
I want to know there is love behind all this pain we've been threw.
If you can do that then the sun will truly shine , and the gas is greener on the other side.
Most of I will be your everything and you'll be mine.
I'll love and cherish you and when you do time I'll do time.
Like Bonnie & Clyde if you show me you love me , I'll ride or die. 
To the end of time , you could be the only man that's on my mind.
That's precious. Getting me to say some *****like that is a blessing.
I hope you learned your lesson. Your 34 I hope your ready to man up , and be all 
that you can be and more. You owe to it yourself but even more to your kids.
You need to show them their dad's not as bad as everyone says he is. 
I know together we can make it. If I didn't it would be heartbreak that I'm risking
So please hear my words their is more to life than trying to put yourself in the dirt.
Stand up and realize what your worth I want you to love yourself and remember I 
loved you first. 

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since you been gone

Feeling so all alone now i dont know wat to do wen i was good before kuz i always had u im falling apart i feel the pain deep in my heart no matter how hard i try to keep it together i feel myself falling  harder n harder everyday it gets worst i feel soon im just gona burst   I cant believe im never gona see you again its hard for me to accecpt n comprehend r.i.p cholo without you i feel all alone now im riding solo i miss you alot a place in my heart u got believe me my nigga everyday in my mind ur a thought i dont know wat im gona do this is the hardest thing i ever went threw

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One look
Only one time
A lifetime it took
It was that one look
It happend at that moment
When you least expect it
It hits like a ton of bricks
That moment that changes your life
A split second it takes
That very instance, you change as a person
A new perspective on life arises within 
A feeling that can happen only once in a lifetime
Our eyes locked together
He looked deep down into my soul
Down to the very core
An unexplainable moment 
I felt it deep in my heart, my soul, my entire essence as a human being
The planets galaxies and universe were nsync
For a brief moment... my life, his life..
Our souls were one 
Our souls met eachother
Nothing else existed
This moments was eveything 
Peace and serenity lingered all around
Serendipity at its finest

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The Struggle

The Struggle

It seems like there’s a war waging on my inside
With all these things like lust, fame, and pride
It’s like these things are eating me alive
They feed on my insecurity and continue to thrive
I always feel so helpless, I’m just so weak
I need to connect to another power source, my plan needs to tweak
I can’t do it by myself, I’m simply not enough
Without outside help, I’m left alone to fight all this stuff
I look at myself and I don’t like who I am
I feel like the life I’m living is nothing but a scam
I love to help others, my words to them seem so nice
But I wish that I could start taking my own advice
I know what I should do, I just can’t seem to have them apply
The real question I constantly ask is why?
Why can’t I do it? Why can’t I succeed?
From these things I so badly want to be freed
They eat me inside and I wonder why I can’t apply my advice to my own life
Why can’t I escape this inner pain and strife?
I don’t get it, what am I doing wrong?
I’m done trying to admit that I can handle this and that I’m strong
Lord I’m begging you to come set me free
 I want to become all you created me to be
I want to follow your will and stick to your plan
I want to be a true follower, not just a fan
I’m done trying to do this myself, I know it will never work
I bet when you see my try, you just can’t help but to smirk
You know the only way to victory is solely through you
Now please guide my heart and show me what to do
I know that without you I will do nothing but fail
Please show me your way so it’s not just another fairytale
I know you’re there, but I’m blind and cannot see
I have to remember that you’re always here with me
So Lord I give up my life, I lift it up to you
Please change my heart and make me brand new
I know things will take time, I won’t be instantly changed
But please take my heart and have its motives rearranged
I want to focus on you and have you be at the center
I’m opening the door to my life, please will you enter
I know this battle may seem like a marathon
So please help me always choose you to lean on
So I’m ready to change and die to my own self
I have to make this decision, I just can’t put in on the shelf
Lord help me follow you no matter the cost
Because without you, I’m nothing but lost
Now I’m not alone in fighting this way
I have you on my side and you will always win cause your power is so much more
Now through you alone I can fight my inner sin
With you on my side, there’s no way we can’t win

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Just so I'm with you

As I close my eyes and try to remember your face
A darkness comes I can't seem to erase 
I sit in silence just to hear your voice 
But the noise of how my life has changed is the only thing I can hear
My heart has let go, for feeling are too far gone 
But my mind holds on remembering a smile 
For I have no hope to hold on to now
And I'm stuck in limbo praying for hell 
Heaven never last 
With hell wrapped around like a cast 
You did what I told you to do 
Left no doubt of what you wanted to do 
The only question I have left 
Is what happen to the man I saw that day 
The beautiful words you called to say 
You loved me
For that I have no doubt and in all my years I thought pain had nothing left to teach me 
But pain taught me love wasn't enough 
So I come home to stare into brown eyes
That saved me countless times
To find death has taken hold
To the last thing that had my soul 
And with all the dying 
I've been trying to see the reason of love
But all that is left is pictures of days in the past 
When happiness seemed to last
Now like countless times before
I see my self wishing for the past even more 
Reaching with empty arms 
For something I can't have back 
And with you both my skin still can feel your touch 
My lips fear to have lust 
For they fit perfect with you 
But death had to claim you 
In that moment I saw my love was true 
So let me not fear this knife
With it's cold blade of truth 
Let me feel the blood 
From the heart that bleeds for you 
For if death can take you 
Then it can come for me too 
Rejoin us in heaven or hell 
Just so I'm with you 

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# 2 A heart sealed with Rust

A heart sealed with Rust. 
I Love you 
I love you
I love you
I want to say it
But what does it mean,
I love you
I love you
I love you
From all the others,
You've heard it all before
So would you belive me?,
I love you 
I love you
I love you
How are you here
Yet gone,
Why do I imagine My head's rested on?,
I love you
I love you
I love you
So my mind thinks,
To much,
And my heart speaks out,
So as I leave behind,
What i think's A love of mine,
I say,
I love you,
I love you
I love you,
I believe you make my other side whole,
I believe this is Love,
But I'm drowning in it all,
Please say Yes,
Please say you do,
I cant take this anymore,
AM I in love with you?

Copyright © 2007 Carina Emerine 

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The promised apple I did not eat.

The red skin started bleeding
in my palm. Butterfly flesh
was unable to glide.

Two round, intense eyes were chasing me.

A namesake volcano
bursts open in my chest,
then I notice the flowing lava
from hungry eggs.

The earth will not conceive again.

In the backyard a blue jay
was waiting for the golden seed.
I suck a fatal tweak
in the sundrunk green.

Thirsting for the logic will never the unmade.						


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There was no colour in the nude
and skin deep fire was raging
not leaving much of a trail.

A Janus cat,
that is our man of polity
with two faces.

Walking alone at midnight,
that is larger than life, on
death of a galaxy, where -

the crack of dawn meets
dandelion to decide the course
of bloody day. They were –

coming in huge lots to kneel
and kiss the hands of their master,
who will leave his signature –

in deep cleavage. Who was
guarding the doorway to
my sleep ?

Satish Verma

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Free Write

free write #1

an extreme feeling takes over my body when i hear your voice
it befuddles me in a trans
Abrupty it dawns on me that i'm in love
my world begins to spin looking at her unadulterated body
Covered with allegiance
Her beckon signals me to relax and breathe
this fictitous scene is of a motion picture
Free write

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I love you so

I love you so much
That i can't say it with word's.

I love you so abundantly
That i can't put it in a gift box.

I love you so endlessly
That i can't measure it with time.

I love you so wildly
That i can't control the beast inside of me.

I love you so, so, so,
Much more each and every day
Till the end of time and always and forever!!!

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I was learning, how
not to catch you.

Called the cloud
hugging a hillside.
Can you climb on the road ?
No , it said, I want to play with the moon.

this was becoming,
without presence.
An epiphany ? No it was a crying
theme, discovery of the self.

When the tremors came,
you were flung like a doll,
opening the earth
one breath long.

Swallows were eyeing the sky.


The hollow tree
traps the light and sends out
the blue pupils of yellow eyes.

I am still counting the limbs
under the boulders.
The landmass was moving asking names.

The big vulture was watching 
the end of the feast,
for schizophrenics.

A bomb hidden in turban will
kill a saint. You say I should
call for the girls.

Why don’t you wear the skullcap
to cover the beautiful mind
which will not kiss the fire ?

Satish Verma

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Take it to the doors of heart :
features are same,
of whores and nuns.

Small steps, big hands
move towards the blood-gates of ropes
to pluck the thorns from books.

Tomorrow was yet to come.
Today it is bloodbath
in river of slogans

Afterword was mine.
The candle will burn for whole night
in different colors.

Who was outsider
in the shivering crowd ?
Let everybody shed the mask. 


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You become a chair.
A dream sits in you
for a graphic detail of
pelvis. A trophy ?

Was it undecorous to present
a cadaver walking on the earth ?
A serial killer wants a plaque
on his grave after the verdict.

Saber-rattling has started,
unplucking the lovers of game.
A peltate shield in hushed silence
covers the undressing.

The prisoner of words tempers with
a mask to become a bruise. 

Satish Verma

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My dark friend

An evil falls within your bodyThat no one can see
A darkness that's meant for you and me 
Never in this world have I found a soulAs evil as dark as broken as mine
Hood up eyes darken your heart beats slower as you walk my way
A friend of mine you have changed
Every muscle in my body tells me to run Away 
My heart feels the painAs my soul watches its twin walking in 
Sliding down the wallUnable to do anything else
Breathing quicken as I feel you next to me
Eyes open to see evil itself in front of meA growl flows from the familiar places
Your breathe burns my neck in the best ways
Scared of what I see but I can't push you away 
I lean farther to the cornerAnd in the moment of my weakness 
You went in for the killYour body pushed against mine
Your teeth on my neckGrowling As I knew in any second my life could be through
Your teeth scrapping my neckAs you breath filled my ears and blow my hair
No where to run,not wanting to scream
Curling into my selfYou pull my arms away 
Pinned now Held by your power
The darkness covers me and I give up the fight
My Evil rises My demons once again walk
My resting place I have found, an understanding of the claimed now
Unleashed and untamed I look into your eyes
Only to find the light is gone,The humanity has fallen
Now I see everythingNo shield No glamor 
Blackness pours out of your eyes as if they were waterfalls
My mind tells me to be scared The light in my soul says to pray
Voices said that you were hear to make me learn 
To teach me the ways 
We are the two that our cursed
Smiles cross our faces I now no where I completely belong
Your hand reaches outI can't resistsThe peace the comfort 
I'm Home as I accept his hand and my life begins to fall away 
Now I understand that I am yours
I know who you are As the world passes us by
You pull me off the wall and lead me towards his victims 
Or are they our friendsLooking around they see nothing different 
My hand in his as we stand by there sides
A moment in time we shared A moment only we could see 
As if someone stopped the turn of this world 
I Urn for the feeling of our darkness
It whips away all the pain, It connects us in a ungodly way
Feening for this drug again, Sober scares us into the light
Stoned enables us to find the meaning of our life
You are my connection to what is ours
You are my darkness that pulls me back from the light
You are what reminded me of why I am here
We were meant to meet meant to invoke the powers we were giving
And save our selves from each other

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When the curtain falls, the puzzled instinct 
inherits the confusion of clouds. The beleaguered 

moon goes into a rage. Hungry vultures start
a wait for the fall of a titan, stimulating the sun

to exhibit the trove of the golden rings. Go
blackberries, with bloody roses into the dawn.

Whole night our bones had gone crazy. Flickering
like stars on the lake of speechless body.

All his life he was searching for the windows
to let in the fire for burning up the boots.

Satish Verma  

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You are peeling me off
like a crab.
Time has sunk very low.

For the hungry kids
who was growing crab apples ?

Creating art,
arriving between the pubes.

A microfossil
roosting within me.
I could live without oxygen.

the liquid wounds.
I will not send any salvo.

Satish Verma

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In the Trap of My Own Confusion

I find it so difficult to focus,
My mind is always in a haze.
I want to get something done today, 
But I feel like I am trapped in a maze.
My thoughts are always wandering,
I can't focus much longer than a minute.
I want to get something done today,
But I always fall back in it.
Into the trap of my own confusion
Into the snare of my cluttered mind
I'd really like to reach for help,
But I'm afraid of what I will find.
Some people think that I am copping out,
That this is just some big excuse
I'd really like to reach for help, 
But I just think "What's the use?"
I feel like there is something more,
That's waiting out there for me.
Like so much life has passed me by,
That there is still so much more to see.

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There was a soul-searching 
after a negative assassination
tearing my past, my future.

Beneath the burden 
lies the mountain of bail-outs.
You don’t feel whole
in shadows of countings.

The borders were breached 
for lavish darkness
alive under the full moon.

Was it a flight risk in a swan 
lake, when you were
taking a dive to pluck the 
erupting fire of indictment.

Satish Verma

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A pithy moon
on a skull
to unmask the alien,
blacker than coal.

A pregnancy reduction
was needed
to prune out
the motor plan of the moving
target, who had-

a neural circuitry
for obstructing
the light. Can you
transcend a prude who will not
accept a celibate ?

Not so sad, a beautiful face
abandons the darkness.

Satish Verma

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i have to admit that there are somethings i hate, all of my friends have someone while i cant even get a date, would you call it destiny, or would you call it fate? im sitting in water, i feel like im bait.

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,dnt know prefect about bastards

Reall,really,,dnt know prefect about bastards
Would be share little bit something about bastards
Whenever in any human,you find selfishness
Intial point for you to know about bastards
Have different intentions about himself or yourself
In history,this act has been done by different bastards
Monarchy to imperialism,aristocracy to now democracy
Many revolutions have removed many bastards
No comfort can be brought without humanity
Think please,amiee request to every bastards

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im the dumbest in my class, but everybody says im smart, i only am in crime, people laugh and i taste tart, im disgusting and repulsive, but i do try not to fart, they will need another clown, so im trying for the part. the county steals my money, there is so much in my cart, i wish i could give love, but i do not have a heart, i dont care if you go cry, i just want to be apart, i graduated from a school, but i did not get a start. academically im dumb, but i know i can make art, i never want to get a car, so i will just stick with Bart, im small just like an ant, but i am big as a mart, every time the people laugh, i feel they shot me with a dart.

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Thing Called Love, I Can't Speak

Writing Yet Again, grab my 
pad, I grab my pen, in deep 
thought I begin to write my 
feelings I hide within.
Within the deepest part of my 
These emotions I can't control, 
and yet my heart won't let you 
go, can't walk away and this 
you know.
Deep inside my heart just 
bleeds, and now I'm always 
feeling weak, u ask me 
questions I can't speak, look 
you've done,  done to me.
It seems I'm always gettin 
jelous but baby boy I just can't 
help it, it's that thing called 
love, I thought u felt it.
Everytime I hear a text I think 
it's her textin you that, and 
then you always turn ya back 
Juss to respond now what is 
You told me that u loved me 
now your walkin away from me, 
got me feeling like the dummy, 
and it hurts to know you'd 
leave me lonely.
Yet and still I can't speak.....
There's a lot of things I see, 
and I pretend that I don't peep, 
and u always lie to me, I guess 
I'm blinded by this love.
This silly thing that we call love, 
no one said it'll hurt this much, 
knocks you down, don't help 
you up.
That's the reason I can't 
I'm always yearning for ya kiss, 
always dying for ya touch, 
always needed you to hold 
me,prolly cause I love you so 
damn much, and it Juss hurts 
cause you don't see.
I always thought that you were 
perfect,  thought that maybe 
you were worth it, and us two 
together was for a purpose, 
was this a BIG,BIG MISTAKE?
Gave you my heart, you balled 
it up, 
And some how I still can't get 
Have I really gotten weak?
I've always had ya back since 
day one and that's a fact, now 
it's ya turn, and I get ya ass.... 
To kiss.
I truly do believe a good girl 
you had indeed, somehow 
someway u dont need me, I 
was too blinded by your love.
People always tried to tell me, 
let it go cause he's not worthy, 
worthy of ya love. 
And I'd Just sit and cry,  I'd try 
and try to deny it, hoping you'd 
Just change, but I see that they 
were right.
I stand putting up this fight, 
and I know you no longer 
like.... Me or even care.
So now I'll let you walk away, 
still you'd be thought of 
everyday, I know I'll miss you 
Sooo damn much.
But you were Just keepin me 
stressed always worried bout 
the rest, instead of being here 
and loving me.
But this is what I once called 
love and swore I couldn't get 
But here's from me to you, 
cause I can't speak.....

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In search of peace
the free hand was inflicting casualities.
The kids were buried like insects in a rubble.

Step by step in speculation
the streets were livid with rustic murals
of splintered blood on walls.

The foxgloves had lobbed rockets
on tall heads. Beleaguered
eyes nailed to fire.

I am watching you my art,
to witness the agony of man.
Burn,burn my cupped hands with snatched words.


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the old

everything old, is better than new, don't try to improve, whatever you do, the past is better, than the future, its true, they think today's better, but they don't have a clue.

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Was there any option left ?
Violence was there,
evil existed in pacifism.

Signature flora demonstrates
the mental poise.
I call for the imperfections.

In blue mood, I kill the moon
and take a walk on the cinders.
Will you give me a hand ?

There was no path left,
but the trees were walking on beach.
The war will never end

between the genders. The
secret of butterfly catcher
was buried long ago.

From a childhood into the –
forest of lies, it was a long
journey losing the scents.

Satish Verma

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A monster from a tree 
jumps and runs around the bushes
to mate.

A blank statement
is issued. The system groans
and collective pshyche fails.

A stark silence
for the food for thoughts.
I sit down to meditate-

to find the bloody answer 
for white death. The dirty
work to sweep the floor.

It smells like an
amputated leg.
Do we need to draw a circle around the bomb ?

With a lie on your lips,
are you going to negotiate
with violence ?

Satish Verma

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The shoes 
will have to come off.
You have to walk 
barefoot on grass.

Life had become 
unworthy, of death.
Do you believe 
in killing of a river ?

This was age 
of denials. When glib was 
beseeched by truth not to 
speak against dry bed of water.

The flames of battlefield 
suck the glory of coci.
They were standing 
in a line for the prayers.

Did you know what 
was beyond the sky ?
A loveless world 
where no bird sings.

Satish Verma

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For You

  As I lay my self down to sleep I give to you my soul to keep
 For u I would take a stand, to keep our love strong I'll do anything I can
Everytime I feel your touch which i dont feel enough, Its like Im begging 
for your love! Its like im invisable to you why cant i be what you need!
The pain and suffering that I have allways known tends to stay with me
as I grow,My nightmares has lengerd threw all these years I have shed
way to many tears! When i meat you my heart was like coal , I'V never
been showed love as you no , But yet you show nothing now,
In the bagning a light shined on me and It was you , Then I was no 
longer haunted by what men put me through! Now that I have meat you 
This monster you have slain And every day being with you keeps me saine 
Love deciet dishunesty and pain cover my soul like the distant rain 
 wanting your love  me pushes me insaine  Cant you see your
all I have For you my love is pure and true ,you dont even have a clue 
its hard for me when your not near losing you is my biggest fear.
U and Elissa are my family ! Something Iv never had And I would 
go to the end of the earth to get it back I need for us to be togeather tell 
the end ! But do u? For u I would do anything I can!
I say I love you because I do in my heart mind and soul And you know  its true For 
you Id gladly
give my life in hope that one day ill be your wife

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A leap into death bed.
The water of life 
had sucked you dry.

Tracking a subtle sound,
I was chasing you
in the jungle of untruths.

You being in the crowd,
I was locating the god’s
vision in failing lights.

Who was hiding behind 
the torn pages of
scriptures ? The words

had started bleeding.
O, my god, the man was 
going to defile a beast !

Satish Verma

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You hurt me

You hurt me bad You made me sad And even though i tryed All that happened was i cryed. I thought you was the one Till i was woke alone by the morning sun. Then i realized your like all other men Thats why im moving this pen. To write down all the hurt And let everyone know you thru my heart in the dirt. Sometimes i wonder why i bother to cry , your not worth my tears And what bothers me most is you will remain in my heart for YEARS !!!!

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Why did your hand
become the fist ?
You were thinking about the indignities
heaped upon the lake,
when you were retrieving a song
of freedom from the depth of questions.

There was no capitulation.
You went on opening the congealed-
blobs of blood to know 
the keynote of violence.

The sectarian hate.
It outlives the love of brotherhood.
You want to go back to, from where
the jungle starts. It had swept
away the snow-white young

Footprints of some movement.
Can you see that ?

Satish Verma

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Witch hazel jumps the 
gun. Questions arise.
Why the cuckoo will not sing today ?

I am drumming the wall
raised between us,
opening a small window towards the sea.

Strange things happen.
Full moon was bleeding
Astringent. I call for the mountain’s music.

This fractured statecraft.
You become a stone after a blast;
moving towards the periphery.

Half-naked a statuette
was walking in night to find a 
mortuary where Apollo was laid to rest.

Satish Verma

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the bridge

If the bridge is burned why should I cross it 
Again just leave it the way it is. 
Why continue to keep on going back and 
Forth with the same thing that is going to be 
The same outcome as it was before. 
Just don't jump off of it into the sea make 
Sure that your mission is worth the while 
And complete. Never forget the bridge 
Who have brought you across forgive 
And don't forget the cost and the choice 
That you made for the price that had to 
Be paid just to get over the bridge.

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Where do 
I go in dark ?
There  was no moon
no taper.       


The petals, 
unspeak, fall 
from the endowed, 
forehead of goddess !


Do you believe- 
in omens ?
Between right and wrong 
I am crumbling.

Satish Verma

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Thank God for this precious freedom,
something too invaluable to be lost;
and with all the liberties to choose ready to toast!
America has always opened her arms to all who mourn,
and will certainly continue to do so;
does her kind and lovable heart ever let go?

When night comes, look over the dark ocean...and see
how many stars God sends out to make her beautiful and grand:
that sheer splendor is yours indefinitely;
and what do the brave soldiers think of their distant homeland?
America is indomitable and triumphant... 
the hope-deliverer and the strength-giver of every destiny! 

Thank God for this precious freedom,
it was given as a token of generosity,
abiding by the wisdom of the Holy Bible;
America was a Christian Nation, faithful and simple,
and will certainly continue to be...
and right now is the cradle of Christendom! 

Make her shine with your faith,
and be one of those stars, immortal and great,
and could anyone put that devotion out?
Protect, honor and obey her just laws,
and peace, with another era of prosperity, will be yours;
persist in your fortitude and richness will abound! 

Thank God for this precious freedom,
He gives it freely to anyone putting down the sharp sword;
observe the humble and obedient heart rejoicing in the Lord:
it only feels the purest joy love can express!
So proclaim it with your joyful song...
of justice, equality and fairness!   

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The path disappears
under the foot.
Gently I lay down the  book
and start reading the blank page.

Stainless thoughts.I strip to root.
A stunning revelation
about a tinned dialogue.

Blue hydrangeas
were telling something.
It was time to become insane
on the street.

The lust,
the sex
creeps into the sect. Religion was a proxy
to kill, to achieve a stop.
going nowhere.

Satish Verma

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Sad and Alone

Sad and alone,
I see you cry.
"Look at me,
please dont tell me a lie!"

You try to speak,
But no words come out.
I see the tear,
and start to shout.

"You were with her 
and not with me"
You try to speak,
But I cry "LET ME BE!"

Walking off,
I break slowly down.
I hear your voice,
and start to frown.

"Leave me alone,
and dont come back,
Maybe now that your gone,
my life will be on track"

Five weeks gone,
and Im still bleeding.
Its your love you gave me,
that I am needing.

My heart breaks,
cause your not here.
Your probely with her,
That's something I fear.

I know your happy,
But Im dying inside.
I wish you were here,
So we could go for that ride.

I cant live like this,
I hate being apart.
But I hate you so,
But you'll always be in my heart.

I'll be alone,
& Im sure you wont be doing the same,
You'll be out with her,
which I find extremly lame.

Looking out the window,
I see her with another lad.
I smile and call you up,
It's now time for you to be sad.

You cry your heart out,
Telling me what to do now.
I tell you I still love you,
and we start a new row.

You can run after her if you want to,
and ask her to stay.
She'll say she loves you,
But she will betray.

We could never really be together,
Cause you love her so.
So I just rip your picture up,
and scream "Just GO"

Never will I love again,
cause you tore me apart.
So dont come back,
otherwise I'll break your heart.

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Taut flesh of toxic seductress
comes out of the skin,
rolls in the dream.

A century buries the neck of God
and creates the words
of unbroken greed for useless faith.

A path stuns the sharp thorns.
Nothing would stop the seeker,
he has to annihilate the rival.

Somebody takes an aim
at the dancing egos
and brings down the marvel.

The bitter feud continues, between
stars and moon.
The molten lava moves like a snake.


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Building your space,
you were dying daily
invading the acoustics.

How the continence
was going to help-
living with scars of explosions ?

Mutating into a full-fledged
saintliners, an inner conflict
becomes a profile.

Crawling to a stone
a crayon draws a cell
without incendiary rhetoric ?

Decoding an icon
becomes a daily ritual. From
where will come the write ?

Satish Verma

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They walked out gagged 
before they entered the water
for an irreverent

It was a coal time 
to start the fire. A salute
in light was given to those
who were alive.

You can go for a strip-
search of a gaint jelly fish
to find the vertical beams
in its dome.

A painted stork comes 
with an empty pouch. There 
was a perpetual delay in
understanding the parenthesis.

Satish Verma

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A sad poem about my ex

Your gome from my arms,
Gone from my heart but,
your memory still lingers,
I loved you,
Not as a love but as a friend.

I want you back in my life but you
can't back
Removed from me for a while
But when you to be back I'll be waiting,
waiting for you to be back in my arms,
Back in my heart forever.

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The sun beats mercilessly.
A coastline invites the violence
of the great lake.

A sinking feeling of a boat. The battle
of tides and limbs. You can see
the colors, the dragons
flying. The blasted sky
and blackened clouds. A shriek
sets the lake on fire, as the dusk sets in.

A tribal instinct to burn
the fences, set the horizons
free for a new comet, landing from
unknown space. You want to touch
the lips of a mute, blotted moon.

Fireflies start dotting the night.
You move inward; find a dark
niche to graze the wounds. The hurt
brings the words. You pick up an
axe and start chopping
the dead wood.

Satish Verma

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It was more than
I could take.
The phallic paranoia.

Can I come out of 
your body and kneel
before death ?

Less than dark
I dream of the nipples
spurting out venom.

A pumice raft
of the crowd, sailing
on the waves of narcissism.

Invisible sharks
on high seas
open the lambs for salt.

Can you eat your
words please ?
There is nothing left on the plate.

Satish Verma

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Buried at sea
the dead man lives, as if a blood
in a reliquary.

Remains of a day 
were very volatile.The backlash
will start with a kiss of moon.

By the lack of a sin 
you meet an ambush
lying in wait.

The severed hand will 
hold the sunrise.
Who will write the epitaph ?

A stunning breast, over your
reflection, the red rains
come for celebration.

Satish Verma
UNREADABLE                                                    4 May 2011

It was a fake time,
moon will not rise.

Words were afloat 
on junk dna.

A stonefaced pseudonym
dies point-blank.

The surprise, the speed
was not on our radar.

The ravenous siblings
now asleep on walls.

Naive or disingenuous.
A sitting Buddha will decide.

Satish Verma

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It was your

at the time of ubiquitous pain
of separation, you want to move the home
away from home

to terms with the trauma
your shadow was not following you

playing dead
nuzzling the earth, racing to fill
the void, entering the truthlessness

this world
of violence, of mayhem, of self-betrayal,
the flags are not able to cover the nudity

Satish Verma

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Ethics of brands will find 
         out the anatomist,
who will rip apart the hope 
         from the bones.

Death will come from 
         underside. The sky
will remain blue even after
         the murder of the moons.

The revenge at dawn
         was very painful. The
crows will scatter the
         light from your hands.

The mobile towers had 
         come to a standstill.
Sparrows had become suspicious,
         left for a holy bath.

Satish Verma

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Uncovering your breasts
and waist,
you become half-eaten.

fathere a child.

The intimacy was
false. There were anger and theatrics.

The paternity suit falls
flat. The boundaries between
underthings are torn.

Painting the self-portrait
I had made a cut on my face
for you to bleed.

With a flick of hand
you wipe out the whole future.

Satish Verma

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The accretion of a perfect squall
when claws were out-

scavenging novelties. A lewd
paranoia slains a farewell

in a trench. The chamber has
vomited a mound of gold blinding a shell.

The combs did not straighten
the puff. The old man was very lonely.

I would stop hunting the stings
of a bare-chested moon.

I recuse myself from judging the paperboat
which wanted to cross the ocean.

Satish Verma

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In your domain
walking with men of straw
to immolate myself.

If power was sacred
why you did not stop
the reversing of gender role ?

Oh, there was water on Mars
streaking like the tears
on your face.

The apes were coming.
There was elation and suspicion.
The vortex of existence needs surgery.

Unlikeness calls for
introspection. I am asking
god to pray for me.

Satish Verma

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it was
call of the moon at night
to stop the flesh trade of fireflies,

when million stars
were gazing in amazement
after the blast

of sky, i was rocked
in sleep: picking the seeds
of lightening from the lips

of new born thoughts; there
was no sand in the hourglass
of body;

off was the castle of bones
erected on the black widows;
the sea licking the fog


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Walk with me
blood moon,
I am very lonely today

like an orang-utan
at the very edge of lips
wants to know, where the forest will end.

In the last strip of land
they were surrounded.
Anytime they will commit mass suicide

to save the honour
of thighs and guns :
they will bite the glass capsules of cyanide.

Must I feel sadness ?
God, they are going to sleep in dust
without saying thank you.


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How timeless 
you were, 
O, violence; 
after summary executions.

A climactric battle 
rages on, with self.
Inside you, seeking devastatingly-
the brown earth. 
After the black night, 
I will wait for a bright 
sun. it is there, feel 
of sharp landing, through the eye of a needle.

Freedom from the legacy 
of legends. Where you were,
there was no traffic
of crawling truths.

Satish Verma

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A chocolaty moon was rising.
I have lost my riverbed.
Accuser has become accused.

The hangman has shifted
the ground while glistening
in moonlight. Oxymoronic ?

Eponym exited the lips of a drone fly.
A flotilla of tears
dies in an eye of a storm.

An audacity of a drifter
to stop the promiscuous honors
of strangers in death. 

Only night-bloomers will watch
the sunrise in eternal lonliness.
The roots will always stay in dark.

Satish Verma

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stop the clock

im running out of time, and i have to stop the clock, im standing on a roof, but im sitting on the dock, i know i'll lose myself, now i have to find my flock, i do know how to scream, but i dont know how to talk. people try to steal my dreams, now i have to change the lock, i do know how to mimic, but i dont know how to mock, i am hard as a feather, but im soft just like a rock, im running like a cheetah, and im fighting like a cock. my hair is green as money, and my skin is white as chalk, i do know how to creep, but i dont know how to stalk, i slip on like a glove, and i come off like a sock, im criminally smart, but that shouldnt be a shock. i do know how to tap, but i dont know how to knock, i wish i could give love, but right now im out of stock, im square just like a ball, and im round just like a block, im majestic like a horse, and im free just like a hawk.

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Will you come for a 
final goodbye in dark.
I will wear you like a moon.


The black hole was 
widening. There was no
sin, if you bring a candle.


September, morning.
The cuckoo gives a two-note call.
Anybody still sleeping ?

Satish Verma

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Drifting away

Seeking the dreem once lost. Within heaven's keep. Sand man drifting weeping for his lost slumber. In to this never ending wonder. Ohh where shall this door lead. Shall i seek this or shall i slumber once more. To awaken to find twisted fate. Slumber no more.

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Heaven on Earth

Black as a summer night
Sweet as morning dew delight
A touch so tender 
My hearts defender
Fantasies dance in the sky full of fulfillment
Eager to be drinched with excitement
As a breeze dances around
Our body together bounded
Heaven on Earth 
Faith unearthed 
Relived generation after generation
Passed down by our forefathers
A seducing sensation
Moves my mind, heart, body, and soul

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           I will not ask 
           for an apology.

The hymn
started too early.
           The dust had 
           settled on the lens.

Not real pearls.
            Your words do not
            convey the thought.

There was a
long distance –
            between your lips 
            and my self-immolation.

Satish Verma

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The sound of animosity 
wakes you up.
There was a shadow war.

The ethnic otherness,
when you were ditching 
the sermons, the adjectives.

Will you accept the 
atrocity of nouns who keep 
on inviting the fat spiders ?

The vision has failed. 
I don’t find any cue
to the nests of sparrows.

Ah, the booming guns.
But I was talking 
to Sisyphus.

Satish Verma

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Wanted to visit old lanes 
for a mocking bird.
A luminous proxy wanted to play a game.

Treachery flees from 
the trees and settles 
on the white wings of flying swans.

No logarithm will stop 
to watch the invisible
numbers going for infinity.

Tomorrow I go back to my 
school, to wear my fallen mask.
The world was very obtuse to watch a setting sun.

Satish Verma

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prisoner of retribution,
he was buried under a salt lake,

elusive, his crotch,
not far from stings of wasps,

the blood spills,
he would wonder how to catch the truth

in black river,
wrapped in imperforated causes,

leaking with curses,
black conjugation of greeds,

with the grief unbuckling the grudges,
uncut wounds, festering under the skin,

the stink starts scything, he starts
folding the denials, in self praise


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of landfall.
I am collecting your berries.

The castle
has connived with the moat
to end an era.

The first step
ends the journey.
An avatar has accepted the bribe.

Gather the tents 
and return the sky.
My morale is sinking very low.

The dream 
will wash the eyes
to read the book again.

Satish Verma

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Answer of peace

All around you the thunder roars.
The waves of torment rolls over your soul.
Within your heart the flood of  disappointment pours.
And you fill as though you will never be whole.

Left and right our brothers and sister fall bybthe way side.
You watch the flame of faith beginning to flicker.
Deep inside you want to find a safe placed to hide.
But all you can see is the night getting thicker.

And you drift out on this sea of doubt.
You don’t know how much more you can stand .
But if within your heart you cry out.
I know Jesus will answer withone command.

When it feels like you are headed for defeat.
He says one simple word and the storm must cease.
With a voice so strong yet sweet.
Jesus will whisper a answer of…………

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Liquidity crunch turns you
into lip slave.
The candlelight bed has the broken legs.
Asleep by the boat you sway in dark.
You are still a number in the books, to be fed.
A jigsaw puzzle in the economic boom
starts a jihad. Here I am waiting for you
to start a crusade against the falling stars.
The encounter turns bloody. Shoot out for innocents.
Kids and women, criss-crossing the path of hate.
I was not ready for this disgrace of religion.
The king was making it free below poverty line.
Every wound will be addressed and healed.


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Spherules start a pincer attack
   on the modesty of an epiphany.
      The manifestation was incomplete.

The windows were very small in-
   the wind-palace. Only ringdoves
      were sitting on the sills, cooing all day.

They were sitting in a row; cross-
   legged, the naked monks. As a penance
      they were getting the scalp hair pinched off.

Swearing will not help. You need to
   suffer like a forgotten language,
      like grass blades who bend again & again.

Satish Verma

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In a haunting trove -;
there was a synthetic insanity.
I asked the moon
to scan the chest.

Fever was rising.
You eject your eyes in a bowl
of silver to read the
lines of money.

A stark effect overwhelms
the spectrum, like the components
of a booty, to be digested
for deep flaws of society.

I should, if I could
rip open the zipped mouth
of black death to count the
teeth of shrunk questions.

After all it was democracy.

Satish Verma

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It was haemolysed 
the homeless night.
Flagellation will bring out the truth.

The bloody kerchief
was thrown on a crowd.
A new comet was sighted.

Dust and ice were
near the tears.
Sun was rising.

Something fell
in the lake. Death was going
to be celebrated.

Flesh has emptied
the juices. Now 
bones will laugh.

Satish Verma  

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It was not your body,
but blood was on the wall.

Inhale the stench of the day.
Grim scene, the multiple kisses
of marrow and flesh. You were
not drawing him, inviting-

him tonight for a date,
but the fetch was on the wall.

From, to turn. Put a starfish
in my bowl, to play. There was
a guest waiting at the door. Will
not abuse your lock and key.

Crawling, groping, darkness descends.
But there was a light on the wall.

Satish Verma

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Do I have a choice 
before knifing the page
for a meaning, when I was
drowned in a nostalgia ?

Cinchona bark. This was my 
keyword for living bitterly
under a tryant inciting
the riots of colors.

The digital death comes as
a reward for insane truth.
You turn the back on home
and walk towards the sea –

to count the empty shells on beach.
Here life completes a cycle
from emptiness to emptiness.
You are ready to go in void.


On waking you find yourself 
dead. Now every one is talking
about you. The words sink in a 
womb – a death watcher.

The house was burning.
How tall you had become after
forgetting the prayer ? Do you
think a window will allow –

you to become immortal ?
The inner strength reverberates
in black stones who were sad,
you will not make them visible

any more in nightless journey.
Moon eater,
You were always hungry
drinking the elixir of death. 

Satish Verma

*On the death of Steve Jobs. 

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Who I Am

Me I am not a trip I am a journey
I am not a snack I'm a full course meal[dessert included]
I am not a girl I'm a growing woman
I am the vibrant , beautiful and might I say smart
I am not the old I am the new begining
I am the growing woman of color brown sugar that's me
I am the music i'm the rhyming of time you know
I am one of the many music notes
From every mountain side freedom will ring in my ears
Me i'm not the taste I am a blend of many herbs and spices
To me my people we are the melody of a thousand notes
NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can tell me what i can and can't do
Just because I am not just a word I'm the whole library
I am not a aplanet i am the universe BABY
Hear me sing, hear me talk , can't nobody take my walk
I am not the regular i'm the supreme
Do you really want to know who I am
I am sweet, beautiful, and intelligant
I am my ancestors, my mom, sister, and brother
BUT if you really must know who I am ........I am ME

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In a death-trap of a stadium,
as if I am stoned to death.
Chrysanthemums bloomed in vain.

On your body three beasts climbed
for ravaging a fawn.
The rape was only your fault,
you had to die.

When a crowd of thousand bystanders
came to watch your mutilated body,
you had left for home,
uncrying and bleeding.

A human soul,
Now a script will be protected.

Stones leap to praise the ghosts.


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It was a severed finger
in an envelope,
which wrote the letter
of consent.

Oh, my father
I am still crying
with loss of words
and figures.

Past the hills
I sent the secret of
my poems which did not tell
me the name of knife-

that was put in my back
by my unknown
brothers of shame. I will
now bleed all life.

It was only an
apology. I will still
walk with my toes drawing
the stripes of welts.

Satish Verma

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You are now standing 
at epicenter 
of violence.
It was an original trauma
for unknowables.

You intend to stride
straight through frozen limbs
cuddling the statement in love
with  slaughter.
The alveoli will speak
for corrugated windows.

Going nowhere from here 
to find the answers for fallen truths.
I have not understood
the concept of lying nude
in terror.

Musical chairs
will decide.
Who wins the bomb ?

Satish Verma

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After being robbed
you want to hide your 
poverty, like sex.
Someone is going to flaunt
the kisses of moon.  

The sinking of twin islands
in lake begins. Claspers
were poised to hold on the tree-
house. The privacy was
threatened. Nobody will conceive tonight.

The erotica wins, temple fails.
A lone wolf smells the wind,
invades the obscene closet of
a god to find locusts
riding on each other devouring
one’s own.

Satish Verma

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Today I want to take a lethal dose
of black lips, confronting the killer on
contract. Time dithers to escort. May be
a cold-blooded murder of a handful of
sick shadows will give a transparent

Planting a sad kiss on blameless
insomniac, I rub the sweet tenderness
of morning blossom, a work of a faithful
artist, an unnoticed grief ( for the sake
of old promise). Meanwhile the blue moon
splits into thousand splinters.

From the height of insanity flows
the chaste river of history. I defy the 
laws of gravity and climb with death
all the time, becoming dark to myself,
finding the shape of light in
beauty of death.


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you are special

you are really special to my heart, 

who knows why you are struck like a dart; 

you are the special on the whole, 

since the day you entered my soul; 

what is your past it doesn't matter; 

it is your heart that makes me flatter; 

oh! it is true that love have no age, 

if it cages then i love to be in cage; 

i don't care if its wrong or right; 

who actually cares if i have to fight; 

for me you are like a guiding light; 

for you i am ready to fight each fright; 

its only on you i want to rely, 

it would hurt if you'll ever lie; 

promise me you'll never make me cry, 

never break my heart or I'll die; 

yes you are really special to my heart..

who knows why you are struck like a dart! !

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His Eyes In The Sky

                                His Eyes in the Sky!

I see His eyes in the sky
I know they’re His
He told me so
I write this poem
For all the human race.
There is only God Jehovah
No other god can take His Place
He is the giver of life
He'll never change
I ask the Holy Spirit everyday
To be my guide to Heavens doors
Then I see the eyes in the sky
Ask anything in My Name
It will be given to you
That is What He says   
There is no time to sigh
Be joyous in Him
That is Jesus you know
He gave his Life for You and me
So beloved be happy to be set free
Believing in Christ
Is the answer above
The eyes in the sky is Love

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Mama Paris

What to do?
I love the fight life
The high life
Do do - power

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Tearing up,
the revised versions.
Wall was rising.

like the unconceived

Half-eaten space,
the man wants to
hide the holiness.

The final leap, 
for the hips, the lips 
for the dive.

The bloodied
paperweight, which smasthed
the skull of a bald deity.

The arguments, that
kill the path, a 
gift of sky.

Satish Verma

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Come and meet me in chamber of death
where the tempest comes every night.

I start disrobing the anger
to find the eye of the moon.

Where do I get that ink that 
writes an unwritten poem on water
of eyes when the ship was
burning after a rare landing.

Come and meet me in sleep of an infant.

It was time to start a dialogue
with golden death sitting on the 
greed of man. The lips were extracting
the other honey from frozen moon.

Come and meet me in merciless sun.         

Satish Verma

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Can oil be separated from water?
Can a mountain be separated from the ground?
Who can drain all the water in the oceans?
I would never forget my root, my beginning
I am bound to this land by blood
My people are my love 
Upon the mountains and valley i would fight
For their liberty and right
Although many may despise me in the long run
But i care not because they belong to me
Even if there is no money, i will work
According to the old song, "Igwebuike"
He that has people has strength and power
My people are my love 
May amadioha protect them
We dance in happiness when our Chi remember us
We dance together in happiness
Measure our joy with our footsteps
I would let go of the past history
Restructure the fallen mountains then
Welcome development in their lives
Because my people are my love.

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It was 
a stunning defection 
in dark.


You felt 
in dark glory.


Reciting the hymn.


Legless larvae 
do not want 
to become flies.

Satish Verma

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Counting the digits, 
of your hand, you forget,
how many fathers you have.

Was it not very odd that 
truth exists in the crying eyes
of a child whose mother
had abruptly disappeared ?

It always hurts, when 
realization comes. A little
sprig of cowlick, reminds you of
timelessness. You can move-

in any direction. You want to
go. That will need a third eye.

Satish Verma

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A doer was seeking 
a physical thing
in this age of carnality.

Truth falls on your 
path when you become 
an absentee.

Take a break from
the silent assaults. Do 
not go for a dirty play.

I will not do any 
commerce with the paid
style of the omnivores.

The soil does not need 
any weapons. It was 
always under your feet.

I will wait for a disaster
to happen.

Satish Verma

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I trace the path of murder, reclaiming
the blood stains
on grass. Becoming a stranger
in my own land.

Stranger ? Yes.
Lead name missing.
Always wanted

less than enough. 

I bare my chest
scrawling a blue butterfly trying to
unwrap the colour. 

Satish Verma

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hangman, flees from the noose.
The day had come to execute.
A thought had become a fear
but fear was not a thought.

Naked in the moon
a wolf wants move of something
leaning on the hills of thirst,
bitten by the views of cemetery.

The landscape
was changing. You want to cover your head
with a topi, standing on the edge
of a lake before you are drowned
under the burning eyelids.

A Buddha smiles from
the shelf. How can you fill the emptiness
of a bowl, which has
hundred holes ?

Satish Verma

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Heart Of A Teenager

At the heart of every teenager,/
There is confidence that's been shut down by worry and rage./
With our lack of confidence, we shrink away from the stage./ 
And yet we each put on a show of our own,/
Whether it's to fit in at school or avoid life at home./

At the heart of every teenager,/
Is the very tiniest thread/
That pulls the broken pieces together again./
For whatever reason, the heart breaks when we cry,/
Leaving that feeling of wanting to die./

At the heart of every teenager,/
Is a hint of insecurity and doubt/
That makes us want to scream and shout./
It clings on tightly and won't go away,/
So we ignore it by turning the other way./ 

At the heart of every teenager,/
Is a little hope that things will change,/
That we won't have to worry, that it will all be okay./
But of course the hope is counteracted by doubt,/
So our high-flying hope is quickly shot down./

And at the heart of every teenager,/
Is the burden that's different in all of us--/
Something we've learned to almost cover up./
But every so often, when the pressure piles on,/
The burden shows, and all our hope and happiness are gone.

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Can you enlarge the moment,
when the time stopped and
you were trying to get a
glimpse of beyond ?

You become a no-moment, a
no-truth , in a sauteed

And someone plucks a death
from your poems to
resuscitate you, draped
in tears.

The track record will show,
you were only yourself,
and never became a riddle.

Let go of me. It was only
a happening, undoing the
play, held in dark. As I
cross the door, you become invisible.

Satish Verma 

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I recognized the vitriol.
There was blood on your hands.
The invisible was burning in dark.

This was the black moon 
and this was the alienation.
An animal climbs on your shoulders.

It goes on and on.
Was it the night to undress 
and show your wounds to dreams ?

The lake has left the shores -
and  flesh eats grass
in absence of cold truth.

I meet the moans of quaking
stars .petals know the music 
of death in fragrance.

Satish Verma

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my angel

To hold you is to love
to be without you is to cry
to never see you again i would die

you are more than a lover 
you are my angel
i am afraid my heart is in danger
because i am past the point of putting up walls
for you my heart loves and for you it would fall

so stay with me for another day
in the sun all day we will lay
as the waves come crashing in 
i will look to you and grin

you are my angel losing you would be a sin

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Trust issues

I rather hear the truth then a lie 
something so deep that could make 
me say goodbye 

living for today as if we have no 
tommrow I guess my heart you still 
cant borrow 

I wont someone whos hear for me 
as if tommrow is something we cant 

Theres no I an me or you because of 
the things my heart is afraid to do


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Have not crossed the street
in many years
to greet you.

A slice of moon 
leaves footprints in blood.
Maintaining the perfection
you start giving names to trees.

you start dismanteling the life
in search of romance with death
for immersing the dreams.

Take hold of my arms
I want to invent your portrait
in sands of nocturne.

Drink the milk of silence.
It is dark, but soothing.
Go to sleep.

Satish Verma

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Night was closing in.
The blind time-
will start eating fire.
A little less than demigods-
they will shuffle on ‘I’ and ‘we’.

An absence-
now speaks, grabbing
the breasts of a nude.
Here lies the god matter:
the lineal descent of creation.

What was holding you
to the unwanted fallout?
The meaning-
of life was same  
as that of death.

A chaos-
will bring the silence of stars.
Let us forget the chest,
till the heart bleeds
and stardust fills your eyes.

Satish Verma

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Leave something for me to imagine.
A skeleton in a pond
leaps to the moon.

In an air bubble 
lies the history of a suspended
name, wasted away on water.

A war is declared on the
family of words, not spoken
to anguish of man.

I thought of my sun 
averting a disaster. The sprouts
will not come out of the earth.

An enquiry into the nature of 
immanence, leads to starvation.
The body of truth turns into a snake.

The revolution within, shows
a false victory. You start again
from the ugly fingers.

Satish Verma

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potray your purpose
obey the clown because this is his circus
walking slowly to realisation like a tortoise
all I need is hope and a choice
Performer against the Audience
The bench-warmer at his defence
entertained me for too long but today I shall dance
For the first time the clown will clap his hands
they lied when they said the fans are worthless
cause when u least expect it a fan will capure your fame, your life your CIRCUS

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The buff flaunts his elements 
in a dissenting voice.
Don’t go into the lake.
There were no survivors.

Stop kissing the moon 
all night. Clouds were moving 
away for the coronation
of the sun.

The windowpane was broken.
Somebody has jumped into
the audience for a
golden drink.

It was my abstract thought 
to donate my grief to
unrelenting god who was always
sending a twister with daffodils.

Satish Verma

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There was peace
without scapegoats.
It was a monopoly. A prelude to a kiss
of insanity. Unzipped between foibles
and forte lies the sanity.
The path will know the sex
sans flowers.

That was the outer side of
fence in the cattle shed, where
the panther had left the half-chewed
leg of a young girl. The naked
model denies the sanctity
and starts talking aloud about the
flying insects.

It was worthless
the travesty of truth. Everybody
wants a share in mining.

Satish Verma 

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looking over my past mistakes

im looking over my past mistakes, i just want to die, every time my heart breaks, im cold like ice, in chocolate shakes, i cant even tell, the realls from the fakes. he doesnt ask, he just takes, and i say no, to the stuff he makes, its like im drowning, in shimmering red lakes. im looking over, my past mistakes, i eat the pies, and destroy the cakes, its like im reborn, every time my heart breaks. looking over my past mistakes, its not as easy as it sounds, my mind is a cat, surrounded by hounds. theres only one way to destroy it, one way it can end, i pick up some nails, and give them a bend. i have knowledge to give, but no money to spend, wich would you rather have? i just want it to end. but just because i want that, doesnt mean i want to die, but i want to be free, theres a difference, in one you can fly. sometimes i think, i just wonder why, im always gonna fail, so why do i try? its time to stop, and grow the hell up, but how can i, with the mind of a pup? there, i said it, this time im done, its time to go out in the world, and finally have fun.

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A sage plant scrambles for the
mob, walking out of bed
and begs for a death.

The adolescence had become
graphic. Do you agree with the
splurge of moonlight under the street light ?

The unborn stink was hovering
after the shipwreck. The seagulls
were bewildered.

There was only one slogan
for the black booth.
Priest was sitting cross-legged in a liplock.

Satish Verma

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For a moonshine, 
there was no moon.
There was no moon
for a moonshine.

It starts a tenuous
soliloquy, raising a –
slew of questions.

Slew of questions will
evoke a mixed response. 

Were you ready for 
a sleepover at the shrine 
to watch the St. Vitus’s dance.

It was leaking at night
from the corner of eyes.

Unaging was the secret
of polity. Are you in ?

Satish Verma 

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The dawn, arrives.
Like fawn, under window.
Get a silk rope.

Across the sky, ravens-
bragging in shrill voice,
of early rise.

Sun chops the sea 
in sharp blows, distributing-
light for everybody.

Satish Verma

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The day was killed 
diving in the books.
A lamb was dyed to
please the race.

You gambled for water
huddled in eyes.
I wanted to scatter the pearls
on cheeks.

Drenched in gasoline you
tried to send the message.
A flame was ready to
light the dark.

Margarine had the lustre
but was not a gold.
A red hot iron will
tell you the same.

Satish Verma

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Men can't live with them or without them
But why do they get the pleasure of hurting us
We sit here pour everything out
Lay our heart on the line
But all the get is our heart stomp on 
And a thing of Ben & Jerry's
With sad movies
And tears running down our check
Men are always telling us what we want to hear
Because they are afraid or to shallow too tell us how they really feel
then you got the men who tells us what we want to here so
he could only get one thing and one thing only 
Those late nights at work or with friends
You never know if he is just out with a other woman and doesn't want to tell you
When a men tell you he wants or needs you
Don't believe it cause sometimes he really doesn't
They are only loving us when they are playing
if you find the one good man and he actually honest Keep him
But if he ant worth nothing throw him away 
Cause you are better then that..

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A repressed scream.
Someone breaks the head.
I was hitting the wall.

The rape hurts.
Withers away the dam.
River was changing the course.

It was very pompous;
the benign torture. No
more I belong to this world.

And the dilapidated
houseboat floats on the lake
to collect the immersed-

bones of ancesters. A 
door opens. The poem prints
the pain of centuries.

Satish Verma

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im sitting in the sky, i don't want to die, i don't know how to fly, but i know i must try. ive told more than one, just little white lie, sometimes i laugh, and sometimes i cry, i know to make friends, who cares if im shy? the mysteries near, and the answer is nigh. i do see the future, but i know i cant scry, although sometimes im up, i try to get by, i really don't like, when people just pry, i have to admit, the best is my buy. i am a Cyclops, but i don't have one eye, my room is so clean, while my house is a sty, i was born in the desert, my mouth is so dry, im sorry to say, but this is goodbye.

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poetry is to me as love is to human nature

A spoken art 
Trace it's steps from the paper to my heart
A rush from my mind to my soul then to the pen
I embrace this gift that from time to time lifts 
my weeping soul form pain as i gain
strength to carry on
Just as a new life is being born
Provokes a new sprit's bells to joyfully ring
Every mountain side will hear it's sing
Poetry is to me as nurture is to family
Making my dreams a reality
non fiction to fiction
wrong to right
day to night
Sometimes I argue with my mind
Only to find a new creation

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A downy mildew.
I will undress
the leaves.

Leaving the truth 
at your door,
trespassing the moon.

When a house 
was felled, why were 
you collecting the blueberries ?

Now, a brown poem 
will write your name 
on the guillotine.

An ocean apart 
a voice booms 
a shame for an empire.

Satish Verma

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Like a butterfly pinned 
in a collage, fluttering.
Death makes a deal.

I was appalled
standing on the edge
watching the withering body.

The lake drowns me.
Seagulls were waiting
for a renaissance.

It is not even midsummer.
The planting of the kiss
remains incomplete.

No sex was involved
in baring midriff.
Moon ignites the legs.

Satish Verma

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picks on the dementia. 
I lash out in drunken rage.

The water world,
I stand on an island 
in incremental rain-

of denials. Time was 
floating on the shells. 
Sea was in sullen mood.

Sunless sky wants 
to start a ceremony of 
clouds and tears.

How far you will 
walk with a gypsy ?
I have started the journey for invisible.

Satish Verma

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broken love

iron hammer, broken magnet in thousand pieces
even though, its keep attracted towards iron
like my heart,will always attracted in you with all broken pieces.

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Hes one of a kind
Blows my mind
I can spend all my time
All my time with this guy
He doesnt even have to try
Genuin at heart
It tears me apart
Because were meant to be 
But we both can see
It can really never be 
Knowing this it kills us inside
But this is what the universe wants
As the world goes round
I stand here in awe
So thankful for what I have found
Found a guy who caught my eye
In such a short period of time
Hes simply impeccably perfect 
Purely one of a kind; unique

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reading more between the words, my fractured
dream, identified by its teeth, begins to bite
in pursuit of an unknown fear, the river
          becoming red, a paranoid delirium
          sets out a scream under the praised
          beheading of a jolted lover in the name

of a betrayal, a son goes to court arrest
for mother, in earth hour of unseen grief,
voiceless, vendetta between the pacemakers
           of sick hearts, the horrible incest, nicked
           and kept in a glass jar to be witnessed by
           waxed faces of dying men rinsing the

heart with blood of fallen heroes; the honeymoon 
of unborn centuries waiting in vain


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you heave a sigh.
In peril, mother of peace?

Real threat
to ice lingam ? the Creator?
Falling apart?

Cat’s claw was not healing.
Where the greens will go?
The pods, the seeds?

Tara, Tara!
come again,
we are waiting on the hills.

Glaciers were shrinking-
rivers are sad
and trees are weeping.


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my life

im tired of everyone, telling me to do, what i dont want to, and nothing is true. in with the old, and out with the new, i dont like college, you can go and feel blue, i dont need medicine, cause i dont have the flu, you think you know me, but you dont have a clue. go to hell by yourself, you cant judge what i drew, it would just be so nice, i dont need to be two, i dont want your soup, i made my own stew, you dont control me, if you think so ill sue.

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Do not remember the names.
Somebody is waiting in the wings.

It is very dark here. The drums
will break the mother’s heart.

The death will not accept the
dew on the grass. She wants tears;

The Buddha is taking a turn
in his sleep. Why is he so restless ?

O, my father, I am watching the
fields turning into piles of ash.

Cannot shut the eyes for a jiffy.
Will you write something for the god ?

Satish Verma

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rAnDoM hEaRtS

When your feeling down & your heart it aches, 
And every moment of your day,  your heart it breaks,  just remember I'm always here for you too pull thrum,  no matter what it is you do. Ill still be here when you need to be loved,  between me and you I'm your angle from above,  here to give you that needed shove,  to help you to find the right path again I will always be your bestest friend.

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You & Me (Problems)

You said you'll never hurt me
You promise you'll be there for me
You showed me all the nice things 
You told me that one day I'll be wearing your promise ring
You said that you loved me, that every time I call you'll answer
You broke my heart and did you care
I didn't even think if you did or didn't
Because of you my heart floats in the air
I treated you right, let you stay at my home when I had to go to school the next day
Even through late nights
I should've let you go when we where going threw our fuses and fights
But instead I heard that what relationship was, true
Thats not an relationship; you cheated and you lied 
I told you from me there should be nothing to hide
I just wanted you to be real, but you couldn't even do that
But that goes with half of these lieing,cheating dudes
To us girls thats known as a fact 
Some of us (the truth and being real) is some we lack
I can't believe you did this to me 
I really didn't think you where going to change 
You left me with know choice now they call me
             Mz. INDEPENDENT

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A hoot at midnight 
goes challenging the deaf.
You strip to bones.

The dawn persists:
Will the sun on the sea
kill the dreams ?

Do you see the gap 
between the clouds ?
I am going to make a heap of
all the interstitial escapes.

Flesheaters were scrawling on
the cheeks. A revolution of
wheels has failed.

A baby dies in womb
without  A leap into future.
The father carries the burden
of chimneys.

A godless moon laughs 
at the stupid earth,
which was talking about stars.

Satish Verma

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Before sinking to knees.
I will talk to flowers.
Day of arrival has come.

In death, wisdom of trees 
will eject the seeds 
of fire on hip-locked roots.

A miracle will raise the bones 
from the rage of crowd.
The king has agreed to depart.

Darkness sings in the 
valley of sun.
Tongues are free to weave the moon.

Till the words are ready
to walk on street of sorrow 
to remove the blood soaked prints.

Satish Verma

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Come Naja, come :
from the scented tree
and spread out your  hood.
I will pull you down on my lips
One day.

Classical porn, Neanderthal.
In your stark nakedness I wanted an asylum.
A place guiltless, hands blackened, moony face,
Nothing to hide, except the fame
Of a fear.

Can I breathe in a cosmos ? with integrity ?
The interviews are corrupt, the dales stun,
The peace perverted, destroying the white birds.
O browning sun !
Wait till the moon rises.

The daily war is very raw
You burn your fingers
for purity.


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Tough time never last but tough people do
LOrd give the guidance to know when to
Hold on and when to let go of my madness
And the grace to make the right decision
With brave heart and dignity as a man
Because if it is going to be, its up to me
I will be a man of courage

I will be a man when the sun
Comes scorching on me fiercely
I will be a man when the moon
Is gone to its abode
I will be a man when the rain is gone
I have my self to love and care
No one cares about my humble self
Rather they exploit me and made
Me sing horribly in tears

I have myself to blame when i fail
I will go there where am needed
I will scream louder than the eagles
Even when the whirlwind keeps tossing and
Torturing my guts like an empty can
Even when life tosses me from east to west 
I will move on with Courage

If things is going to change, is up to me
I am my own sailor in the ship
I am my own pilot in life journey
I drive my own car day and dusk
Everything is fair in war and love
war and love make everything fair
God fill the lacuna, he that 
Knows when the little sparrow falls
And cloths the lilies of the field
Is ever hopeful and watchful

Every cloud has a silver lining
I will survive, i'll make it thro'
Just give me time, i will get over it
I will be a man in every situation
That is my watchword in the darkness 
I have myself to blame when the other phase 
Opens and i leave no trail of goodness.  


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soul survivor

i am a figure, a mystery person, you don't know me, i want to be a poet, i want to be a surgeon. i am not real, a figment of your imagination, i am a shadow, i am your creation. i am a life driver, and a late arriver, i survived life, i am a soul survivor.

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I know that you notice me
our eyes lock everyday.
But fear of being rejected is keeping me away.
I feel I have a burning desire 
way down deep.
I wish we had a love to share,
a love to save and keep.
I want to be together now,
going with the flow
and sometimes, I wonder how,
we can make it go.
You're the one, 
I'd give the sun.
Even the old pale moon.
If only for a second,
we'd be together soon. 

Then one night you
whispered those words I've longed to hear.
"I love you"
but, you don't love me, my dear.
That was long ago,
the feelings all to clear.
I know now you meant those words
and how you'd draw me near.
But once you got attached on me,
I had to let you go.
Because of a higher power, 
and of things we did not know. 

We were friends,
the best ever made.
But, I remember those words, 
in my heart they're saved.
But now you say,
that you were thinking,
and take those thoughtful words away.
My heart is now sinking.
It killed me inside,
I ran to hide,
>From you, what could I say??
How could you take back such a thing?
Three little words, that to me, meant EVERYTHING. 

We had our fun, and now you see,
you come running back to me.
Now you know you meant those words you said,
I had the rage to scream out, in my head.
Not for long,
my rage burned,
and you foung out, your love was returned. 

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Interlude cheats:
the mind fails to understand.
refutes the salt.

You know:
the self-knowledge takes you to a tormentor
for intimate relationship. A dirty hand
scrapes the script.

A sudden flight, you do not want
to face the sun.
I pick up a book
and hide my face.

Parkinson’s dilemma:
The psychic persona
was shaking or tremors in thought.
Now unclasping.

Satish Verma

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The trembling hands were 
ostrasized for living more
than the mafia.

Why the marigold
will not use the magical potent
to understand the conceit ?

Wounded by street
an unease settles on devestated trees.
How the broken moon will rise now ?

The giver will not distort
the truth for the sake of bleak landscape.
Seeds were waiting to sprout.

You can bend the rainbow.
Night was raped for nothing.
Sun will take the revenge.

Satish Verma

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You Saved Me (From me)

Somehow it's like you don't exist
The stars above are missing you
You've been away for oh so long
And I'm drowning in your absence,
Just like drowning in quicksand
I can only stop the struggle
To avoid the complication
You're gone, away
You can't believe
How the fire you lit so long ago
In my soul
In my heart
Can eat me up when you're not around
We're planets apart;
So close, yet so far
And when you're roaming another world
Carefree and smiling
Unaware of the turmoil
Your absence causes
Here I lay, drowning in your memory
No-one to keep me company
But myself
So I sit, and think… and just exist
And the magic you have on me starts to fade
The beauty and meaning which you brought
To my life
Seem to die away
 Into pictures of Utopia
Abstract euphoria 
They fade into the charred night sky
Weighing heavy on my heart tonight
Like a coal ocean breeze,
Or a cave painting, of what used to be
And I start to remind myself… of myself
I see my ugliness, stripped naked
Staring into the mirror
No longer saved, rescued, hidden, covered
By your beauty… 
My pity, my shame… my agony
Bare, unclothed
 No longer lifted by your confidence, 
Your pride, your pleasure
My blasphemies, lies, my defiled soul
No longer sanctified with the purity, the faith, 
The truth you plunge me into
This is my ugly truth
- - - 
I am myself now
My old, pitiful self
I'm the monster I was running away from
Before I crashed so hard… into your arms
But it was the best crash
Fate steered me into

My hero
My savior…

Now, with no shelter
I am a pit
Of everything I used to be
There's no running away
No angel to fly me skywards
To lift me and drown me into the sun
To save me
I'm left to sink in a muted sea
The sea of tears I cry for you 
I cry when I miss you…
I never thought I would
And before I run out of air, 
I just want you to know…

You brought the meaning to my life
You colored all the black and white
Without you I'd be a careless soul
You are the one who made me whole

You saved me from me
From the killer that I was
And if I could sing, to you, my final words
I'd say this… 
You taught me the art of human passion
You taught me to love myself so deeply
And then, I'd be able to love someone else
You taught me to smile when I wanna cry
That there are no limits—
Not even the sky

Thank you

I miss you
I love you…

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Something impossible would happen.
Truth was too much to operate,
life was easy with fakes.

Neither mortal pain, nor needles
would mend the wounds. The chasm
was deepening.And I stitch the orange lights
with the kisses of green tears.

For the punishment of disjointed commitments,
I dream of the killings
standing on the corpse of faith. The
obscene slogans raise the dust,

of hate crimes. The color of the race
was spreading, on bellies, on stones.
The night will bring spiralling comets
in the sky, burning and emptying
the pure.


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Arrive with me in untainted
light. Between two threats:
life and death. Falling from
mantle, there was no surrender.

Bone-deep, I will ask you a
question. What life has given
to you and what death
has taken from you ?

Read more in my eyes. You will
find the ravines of hunger. For
truth. No organic pain. Only thirst.
For a very violent rush of rains.

Ink-stained moon was willing
to cede the moonlight, even dew
to wipe out the nightmares of
your scrapped ego. 

Satish Verma   

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As you walked into the light that shined upon the street
Your eyes met mine and my heart skipped a beat
You were just like an Angel being sent from above
Reminding me the feeling of being in love
So I kept my distance whenever you came near
Afraid from my feelings because love's what I fear
I kept my heart locked with a key I would not give
Scared that you may hurt me so I refused to let you in
But when it finally came down to telling you goodbye
I opened up my heart to you and allowed myself to try
Now my heart is aching for someone I barely know
I hope I never half to learn to let you go
The way I feel for you I can't quiet explain
It makes my heart accelerate and it's driving me insane
though distance may separate us at times while we're apart
But I'll treasure every moment and hold you in my heart

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why did you have to leave
couldnt you stay a little longer
lonelyness in me is a lot more stronger
i know i will see you again 
untill then my heart will mend
so much i miss me and you
with memories that feel brandnew
so untill i meet you there
my heart pain it shall bare
please can you hear what im saying 
come back for me daddy
im still here waiting

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close to you

why do i feel you so close
 yet you are not there 
 why do you not answer
 as if you didnt care
 yet my heart tells me you do 
 you took away the pain they planted there 
 it lifted, for one moment i was free 
 flying free, i was floating, didnt care 
 I was me, our souls were so entwined
 the me that was born, before i was burdened with so much pain
 cant i feel forever this way 
 why do you have to go away
 you linger in my thoughts, but in the cold light of day you are not there
 there is only the reality that really you do not care
 the less i think the more you are there
 but really you are far far away
 my soul despairs
 i cant understand how you cannot love me 
 when my soul tells me that you do 
 when i am always and forever so close to you

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The barons had the corn;-
       you want to float now,
       out-of-the body.

From a distance you watch-
       the melodrama and the 
       pomposity of the marching band.

In fever, the poppies come-
       out, unmasked in the
       glory of the sun.

The black wood screams in-
       pain. Your nakedness was
       in jeopardy at trial.

The phallic hills have no-
       memory of the fallen stones.
       World worships only the ashes.

Satish Verma

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Why are you hurting me too

I sit here 
Looking at you 
On the phone with a other woman
you say it ant nothing
but my heart sit here and aches
I hope this isn't something 
that going to end up 
breaking my heart
I just started to fall for you
And you just here on the phone
laughing and talking to her 
what should  I think 
What should I do
It's like I'm not even in the room
Then you walked out the room
And out the door 
On the phone with her
I not sure what to do
But I know my heart can't take this pain
I thought we had something but I guess not
What happen to us 
Is it gone or not..

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It was 
a graceful exit
with audacious idiocity.
A cyclops was going 
for a dress disaster.

of flesh, mars the beauty.
Cheating starts
between the pails of tears.
I start hitting the planet.

Let the bride
sleep in fog. A volcano
was going to shed
the sperms on your

 Satish Verma

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Otherworldly, tactile retraction
of rainbows,
from the eyes of believers.

Detachment of restless mind
at twilight, pot starts

Sundowning, a paranoia
takes over, you suffer a childhood
near the pyre.

Thing is not a thing
exclusive of an extremist,
something burns inside me also.

The age of a tulip
moves backward; I, untethered,
float thoughtless in speech.


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The Ultimate Makeover

A woman one day had a total makeover 
she completely altered her body and face
But only one week after all the surgery she had 
she found herself standing before God's pearly gates
She said Lord, "what's going on around here 
You told me I had twenty more years?"
The Lord replied," I didn't even recognize you 
and that could be the reason why you are now here"

What is the ultimate makeover? What is it that we feel we must change?
What are we really reaching for? What do we hope to attain?
Botox injections, breast augmentations, changes that require a surgical team
We sometimes take an extreme approach to obtain the  American dream
Pimped out, tricked out the ultimate fantasy car
But without God in your life you won't get very far
The ultimate makeover what you really need in your life
Is to accept as your Savior the Lord Jesus Christ

We all have a God shaped hole in our hearts that only He can fulfill
And no makeover of your fleshly self can completely satisfy that bill
To live your life to the fullest extent you must makeover your inner being
For your soul is the essence of who you are the core that God will be seeing
Neither bulking up nor becoming slim and trim will to God make much of a difference
It's the grace, peace and serenity inside you that will change your outward appearance

So confess that Jesus is your Lord and Savior
and believe His Father raised Him from the dead
For your faith in the Lord Christ should not occur only inside your head
It's not just the consciousness of your thoughts It's how your soul accepts God
So drink of the blood of the new covenant of Christ a makeover transforming your heart
For true belief involves your whole being it's not just cerebral and intellectual perceptions
It's the heart , mind and Spirit of God that should be your personal inceptions

The ultimate makeover the ultimate transformation
Will occur when you accept Jesus Christ's resurrection and salvation
So be recreated with a clean heart renewed and born again
the ultimate makeover that comes from within
But if you continue to hold sin in your heart there's not much that God can do
And you'll have a harder time finding forgivingness if your heart's not contrite and true
So ask the Lord for peace and grace and let the Holy Spirit inside you take over
Be revived, renewed and born again the ultimate Godly makeover

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The maligned,
bloody moon,
will never show
the darkside.

human nature,
a theorem,


The fiction
was incomplete.
The end,
was unending.

the punctuation.


amnesic stance.
I wanted to stitch
The fragmented past.

The tainted
weeds, will not
allow the phrase
to complete.


Was there any
need to catch
the essence of physical ?

The words were
sufficient to hurt
the unborn.

Satish Verma

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It was night sin
of domesticity. Dyed, I am loading
the white secret of pain
in the hollow of a mayhem.

Till every blunder takes a
downward flight striping the outsized 
image of a kill. His flames are
now singeing the eyebrows of angels.

His  foes have entered the compound.
The black was alluringly looped in
a stream of blood. Death did not
wait for a ceremony.

Lips forgetting the golden sheep,
tongue apologies for the wronged earth. 

Satish Verma

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why women cheat

Why do women cheat? 
Is it unintact relationships
Just looking to be swept off their feet
In search of intamacy or just 

More Physical attraction
Is status or attentiveness
Are they looking for a one night wait a minute
Thats a man

A unfaithful man causes emotional 
damage that with time can be healed
Women seek relationships with 
intent of revenge or to replace 
With no conscience of how they 
make a us feel.

We men are far from perfect
We break up many of homes
When we are the victims
We can only blame ourselves
So dont gripe or groan

To a woman we are always the 
Either we dont make them 
happy,make them feel special,dont 
listen,or flat out dont seem to care

All could have been saved showing 
her that you care with opening of a 
door,heart to heart conversation,  
sharing  an intamate kiss and 
breathed the same air

Faith, love, loyalty
Is what all relationhip should never 
It will then go to shambles
That will be the cause or reasons To 
get you heart ripped from your chest 
and stabbed in the back

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Pearl ...

O marphious'beloved. 
love is like a pearl. 
without you life is hell. 
what you think just tell. 
love is in my heart well. 
who will love you I shall. 
how much love you want. 
please come here and tell. 
I listen in my heart a bell. 
life is without you a hell. 

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my first pet

I    got  a  first  pet   it    was  different  from  everybody's  first  pet  i  had  a  half  
cat  half  dog.i  named it  cado.but i  thought he  was  cool.everyone  kept  making  
fun  of  him.but  i  loved  him  dearly.

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Turn the corner
and you will find, some dark figures
huddled together under the rains
of words. In a fractured
embrace. One chunk of floating
pain falls on you. The assassin
had come quietly.

A song was knifed today.

Turn off the lights. A smeared
moon will rise tonight in earth’s
shadow. Now hashish eaters were
coming, now hashish eaters.
Unnoticed, disconnected,
stinging. From olive to bleeding heads,
poetry to prey.  

The koel will not sing tonight.

Satish Verma

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Slightly indecently
the moon was sleeping
beside me in the dark room.
There was a shift in the stance
of window. No wind either was
coming, nor going.

Should you be calling me for an
interview, be aware of the bipolar
mood swings of weather. Sometimes
it is hot, sometimes it was freezing.
If you have a sharp knife, download
it in spirit.

The tribes are fighting for drugs,
money, land and withdrawl syndrome.
There may be a toss for a run-off. A rendezvous
with tulips will make a big start. I am
tired of paparazzo. There should not be
a slide show –
of truth and lies. The situation is very 
catastrophic. Whosoever wins will not
bring drinking water to parched lips
and light to dark books. Take me to
last resort of pain. I am going to sleep.

I stand tonight before the moon
and commit suicide in a beehive.

Satish Verma 

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life is not a dream, life is just a nightmare, people see me as a freak, i can tell by how they stare, people take the things i have, but i do not want to share, i guess ill be all by myself, while my friends are in a pair. i was stabbed inside my mind, and i fell into a snare, im the king of my own world, but ill never have an heir, i did not ask for what i have, life is supposed to be unfair, people say ill find my one, but the life i live is rare. this world is coming to an end, i can see it in the air, i can dare and i can truth, but i can not truth or dare, i keep saying im alone, but nobody gives a care, i get the honey that i want, but im nothing like a bear. i try to keep my life in place, but right then it starts to tear, im in the state of what I've done, but in no state of repair, my depression is the dark, while my anger is a flare, like i said i am a king, but they see me as a mayor. i have so much stuff to learn, like if carnival or fair, i am golden like a peach, but they see me as a pear, the alarm inside my head, you will never see it blare, my time is coming to an end, and i know i must prepare.

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going to far

going to far, dropping the bar, i feel like my life, has been dipped in tar. everything i do, turns out so slow, every face except mine, has a has a beautiful glow. people watch me shrink, when they know i want to grow, i have the world in my hands, so i give it a throw. i wonder what, my future holds, my life still has, the bends and folds, I've been spit on and covered, in different molds, i have to get used, to the news and the olds.

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Take my body for sail,
my wings to fly.
I am trying to find out
the meaning of a drop.

The point man was taking aim.
There was no culpability.
I asked, what was the need to
know the verdict of a rape ?

The bed always suffers. The secret
of a muse overturns a disaster.
In insane sky a beleaguered moon
was taking a shower.

Unmasked, the desire turns to
fire and ignites the palace.
It was not enough to meet death
with empty hands.

Satish Verma

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On periphery of gestures and casts
I speak for fading integrity while a fossil
of a scream was stolen from the womb
of language.

On becoming silent, an untitled truth
shakes sensibility. Small vignettes track
the battleships of calligraphy. The sermons
wage a war.

The saints praised the puffed up sheep,
suffered the asylum of Atlantic for astral
hopes to cross the folds of virginity. Splashed
motherhood refused the onslaught of tears.

You make inadequate love, exiled in
intimacy. Blood-drowned statements
will not make to the surface of time. Century
moves not for you, not for me, not for him.


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I write in perfect silent keeping the rain
From touching the ground
Return home brother to fill the vacuum 
Left in my hands which am not worthy to fill
The sand thirst to feel your presence
The stream we once swam missed you
They rumbled at me my last visit
I supposed they were asking of you.
desperate men with no fear now walk pass
Our native compound with wagging mouth
And accusation fingers pointing directly at us
They were silent men when papa was alive
Return home, lets feast together the sorrow 
Papa left behind for i alone can't behold the raging lions
Papa is died, he fell from the palm tree
at the backyard, when mother heard about that
She collapsed.
the palm trees we both planted at the back
Of the kitchen had been down by the clan
the mound hut we built was brought down
by a mighty wind some days ago
In fact the rain rendered them homeless not hopeless 
UChechi died of ebola virus, during her traditional rites
the percel of land that papa showed us years back
Wa now in Uncle Ude's care and mother his property
He claimed it at papa's funeral rites
The moon shine no more in the community
After the chief priest violated the law
He raped Omalicha daughter of OGbazua to Coma
We saw our forefathers in the land, they came angrily
The gods also visited in human form, rolling and 
Crawling towards Njaba market in the northern part
thanks to your Chi you escaped the wrath 
Of the gods while in prison
I wish i was in your shoes but your shoes 
I was afraid of then is better than mine now
Come home brother, for Isioma they claimed you killed
Had resurrected in his father's farmland.
i think he came home smiling after some 
months you were convicted 
i would be waiting by the door side 
mother had cleaned your bedroom and parlor 
she wait day and night at the door post
come home brother let us at sound the war drum 
together for fight to finish

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Silent Prayers

The hand comes out of the
rubble to throw
the musky odor
of a cross-legged
under the ginkgo tree.

An apparition comes
outside the body of a fan-shaped snake;
ignites the wolf.
We were hungry,we were thirsty.
Untwining we went into the cave
for a snowgod. 

Tossing the coins 
in the water tank;
tying the thread onto a
ficus tree,
the weeping shepherd said-
I want nothing.

 Satish Verma

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A city dies in me
A white sheet spreads/

You don’t feel the epidural.
Untitled, death walks/
like a whore/
contamination of inbreeding.

Recycled pain
hurts again. You want
to give a stillbirth
over the dense-packed nettle.

First birthday of a dream.						


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There was soft
purring. Inviting  but malicious,
when you entered the cave.

A bittersweet encounter.
Quantified. A new dna print
after a cyber attack.

Another turn of the Venus.
The whole world
has never been the same.

Anatomy of violence
was shaping the
future bêtes noires.

Stupid thing, our roots
still commingled with dust
searching the stone-deaf god.

Satish Verma

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Tell me, is it not pathetic
that we keep on drifting
away from our loved-ones as the
time beats us out.

You were in a marathon.
Did something go wrong ? Why,
why did you run faster than others
to become a sole survivor of the massacre ?

Life would want to know
your name, which you had wiped
out from every page of the book,
uncorrupting the painful cessation.

What was concealed
in between the words when you
went into the soul
to erase the bodyprint from the bed ?

There was nothing left unsaid.
The death said, I will not come. 

Satish Verma

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You always repeat the moons
in your eyes.
I will not drop my lids.

I was talking to myself
about the perversity of skimming
the sperm, throwing black rocks
on milk white daisies-
to protest against the fields
not ploughed deeply and scattering
the seeds in wild jungle.

One day panther will die
on his own, head down,
swaying, leaning on one side
and then collapsing.

No pheromones will come out
from the spent body.

Satish Verma

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When I was arranging daffodils
you send in tanks. 

The sky was overcast.
When I was talking to clouds
Fireballs are delivered.

That signals the specific gravity
is shifting to knobs.
The artist was going
to disappear. 

I think of faithfulls.
How beautifully they talk of
two moons.

I had decided to quit
when you send in a hymn. 

Satish Verma 

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here i am, with rhmes again, sitting in a cave, living in a den, bats vs. clowns, like rooster vs. hen, im going to live, this isnt the end. spittin poetry, like something to be, i dont want an i, i want an us, we, you have to admit, that my heart is the key, i dont want to die, i just want to be free. this isnt a job, its a career, death is not, the only thing i fear, sitting on a dock, with my legs over the peer, and when it ends, i wont shed a tear.

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for the first time in years, i swallow my pride, i dont think i can fly, but i know i can glide, im having such fun, on my carnival ride, ive been treated like dirt, and pushed to the side. im alone in the woods, but there's nowhere to hide, i wish i could sleep, but i already tried, i had to give up, cause im just thrown aside, don't try to revive me, i already died. i wish i could help, but my hands are tied, i cant tell the truth, cause i already lied, they told me to help, so i went and applied, please take it back, my food isnt fried. if you think i am crazy, thats what you implied, im standing out front, but i cant go inside, i cant show my face, cause i already cried, but now life is better, and my eyes are dried.

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Moon s Shadow

The path was becoming pathless
after seeking the deluge.
Gunslingers were climbing on trees
to shoot the white doves.

There were ice needles in my eyes 
to check the inheritance of height.
Desires move with a feline grace, lynx-eyed.
You taste me like a lamb.

I am unfolding,
layer by layer; 
year by year. From end to beginning.
The benign tumors are going to attack 

my afterlife.Falling,falling 
my bliss in midnight of words,
across the solace of killer gaze, 
on a stretch of ancient footprints.

Satish Verma

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Anti-howling receives the 
deserter. There was a mass
breast-beating without
any noise.

The pugnacious jaw 
drops. Shows  a frail
sensitivity to tormented
values –

of invisible mirrors, shutting
down the wolf’s face. An
ancient spider jumps
on your bronzed ego.

A transsexual walks on
the ramp to defend her territory.
Cucumbers would jump to
conceive the obnoxious yawning. 

Satish Verma   

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I encorage you to assume, assume Im everything you 
thought I would be like I lived up to the hype, of your 
standards and now walkin in Christ Jesus marvelous light, 
assume Im the man who you been searching for you just 
overlooked becuz there was clutter in ya rearview, 
assume I dont just wear my heart on my sleeve but my 
feelings for you are so see threw, assume Im imperfect 
but striving for progression, I want you to assume nothin 
of what Im telling you is deception, assume together we 
can conqueror everything thats been hindering us from 
going above and beyond, assume what we have goes 
deeper than a physical bond, assume I need you as much 
as you need me, the first thought that comes to your 
mind is how to please me and the last that comes to mine 
is how I wouldn't wanna grieve you, assume the only way 
you can pursue me is by first seeking Christ, and the only 
way Im gonna notice you is if you're obedient to his every 
word with all your heart and might.

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Trapped necklace:
after a kiss of bee
to find the hive.

Honey spills from the
urns. I wet my moons in night.
Wind snatches a sun.

Let’s go back to bricks
for the moral blindness of
king without crown.

Satish Verma

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It was a complete disaster.
I will listen to moon tonight, while
writing your name
on bikini top,

holding the pigeons. The
birds had abandoned the
walnut tree in haste. Between
them can you see a butchered

image of little god, who
broke the cold chain of flirting
and sat on a rosette of
tears blocking the sun ?

Was it true that death always
sits on our shoulders like an
owl undocking the life for piercing
contentious lips ?

Satish Verma   

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Sadness was invading my wounds. Again
I will dip my fingers in bleeding heart
to write a new poem.

A scythe cuts a cloud
that it was not. I reel under
the unexpected rain of wards.

You go up on top ladder
to jump in the hot cauldron,
no pain to drown in bones.

What was the meaning of living
with death daily and still smiling?
A candle makes a hole in your palm!

The brain has an infidel tumor;
if fails to grow and erase you.
You are absent to your being.


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In Every Day Life Of A Weak Heart

Every little breath counts 
In and out 
Hard headed heart 
Short of air don’t come easy
Blood flow pumping pressure to high 
To bare not a ware danger is near
Red light spells fear for those who
Hold you dear

Breathing is a tough fight 
That cant be right 
Slow heart beats causing it to sleep
white coats try to prescribe awake up
Call to stay alive 

Recovery is a hole bunch of pills to swallow 
Putting it all out there bills in the mail
The stress sets in of in every day life 
Moving to fast to catch up

Slowing down is not in option 
Work Sleep Eat seems to be a regular routine
To stay a float a head above water  
These are the times when nothing matters
But to keep a Roof Food Clothing and your Health above 
All God For in time it will All get harder 

The Heart Can Take But So Much

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In transit of soul,
when you were under siege,
you got a new number for afterlife
wearing a white robe-

and could see right through
your past picking up the
lips from the despair
of ancient dream.

Will you catch the honeydew
dripping from the eternal tree
of life ? Have you seen night-
blooming flames gouging-

the intrigues from the black
walls ?There has been a deepening
sense of despair. The venus is
ready to unrobe in full glare of sun.

Satish Verma

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i feel like im stuck, with nothing to do, you may call me crazy, but no thats not true, im sick in the head, but i dont have the flu, i know right from wrong, but i dont have a clue. you may wonder why, the sky is so blue, im standing at gates, but i can not go through, you may call me short, but i already grew, bring back the old, and out with the new. i can not dismiss, what i already knew, my blood is so thick, as thick as beef stew, if i told you my thoughts, i know you'd say ooh, i dont crush the leaves, i make my own brew. my thoughts are so toxic, and lethal like goo, i know i cant fight, but i dont need kung-fu, i have to admit, im part of a crew, im stuck in my head, im stuck there like glue. im ugly on the out, but not on the in, when girls look at me, its like a kick in the shin, the harder i try, the less i will win, it pains me to say, ill never have kin. im dull like a knife, but sharp like a pin, i swim in the sea, but i dont have a fin, i dont know how to live, but i am good at sin, my soul has been taken, and thrown in the bin.

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You were starving the words 
to commit the waves of hunger.
What I wanted was a patch of shade
under an olive grove.

No intrusion. It was a miscarriage 
of justice. We  were searching the –
missing links between the years
of misunderstandings.

We sell our gods and move on
unquietly to understand the-
lament of middle of the road, when
sun was nestling in the clouds.

It was Fall. Fall of vanity, fall of
integrity. Fall, fall-
my pride, my tears. The season
was changing.

Satish Verma

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The Truth-I Know

Could it have never been real,
All love I did once feel.
When will the truth be out?
So I can no longer doubt.
I could never see his eyes,
So I'd never know his lies.
Fake my love is not,
My stomach yet is a knot.
I've never been so scared,
I want my heart to be spared.
The truth I want to know,
But all I hear is no, no, no.
I'm in a strained relationship,
Bound to sink like a great ship.
Always to be apart,
To never hear the other's heart.
If I stumble and trip,
Will I be saved by his grip?
Or will I sink like a ship,
So my heart he can rip?
Wanting to escape it all,
So I can no longer fall.
When will I have no fears,
When can I stop all tears.
This is not meant to be,
He never did love me.
All the love I did once feel,
I now know was never real.
I no longer have doubt,
The truth at last comes out.

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A chilled moon was standing
between the lovers
and night was cruising around
to extract the blood
of a hangman.

You want to go back and talk
to old house for selling the dreams
again. When the body ends,
the hunger lives in another eye. Let 
me break the cycle and become
fodder of a thought.

Layer up layer aching in
half-sleep brings the frozen rain
falling from icy peaks. You bring
cherries for moon who wants more.
Give me a window to have
a glimpse of still life.

Satish Verma

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Raveling bare knees
with gnarled hands.

Why you did not want to wear the clothes
in human chain ?

Seeking the refuge redundantly under
the wings of frugal maternity,

in trance ? The strangeness never dies.

The words were hollow, the shrines 
empty. Who will go after the breast bone ?

Was it a derogratory remark to ask for the
name of a lame duck who was going
to commit a friendly suicide ?

Satish Verma 

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Alive alive I feel so alive
Everyday the sun don't shine
Alive I feel so alive living not
Dead I'm active and alert aware
Having life don't it feel like paradise
Alive alive I feel so alive having life
In existing full of living alive.

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Do not take a vow of silence.
Death will find its home.

The circus has  taken over
the needles.Who will stitch

the wounds of earth. A man
walks into sunset carrying

a bowl of tears. The sit-in
was going to resist a poem

of life. Would you unrobe
your identity in public one day ?

Always I am punctuated at night
by a yellow moon standing

in my window. A nude goddess
is going to mourn the death of a thought.

Satish Verma   

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Between the sun and moon 
you come to transcend 
the frescoes on the sky 
for a lost chance.

It fuels the anxiety.
When do I meet you 
in dark to explore the 
lightning rod.

The inside enemy will 
allude to self-immolation.
Where will end the 
agony of man ?

The carnage continues 
unabated. The crowds are thinning.
Lurking men on fimbriae dump the veils.
Who will invite them today ?

Satish Verma

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Sun was setting over the cacti and critiques.
A cryptogram said, dignity first without
any damage to faithful aloneness. Protection
was not sacrifice, you have to plummet from a cliff.

A plaque has no mortality. The pressing of
lips places pain ahead of hope. The smiles 
have a coercive expedience. I become voiceless
in a delirium of hooves.Sex green death opens

a door. Fear of feathers surprises, would
not measure the sky. Bound by winds the giant
trees search for the soil. Any grass can send

the butterflies. The bald piston throws the
blood on the spikes. Spiders are unwinding
by kisses. Beds are empty.


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Delta. I was the fourth child.
The delta connection of a
triangular love. No blues.
Only cottony belly.

My copper coins. I want to save
them for making talismans.
My arms are entwined like
a python around the neck of a medusa.

That hairy push of a trident.
The stinging tentacles. The
polyp was enlarging. Now the
snake was shedding the skin.

Statesmen. They change their colour
like chamaeleon. Prehensile
tail trailing behind the witch-
craft of black goddess.

Satish Verma

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The Siege

Dual fall of the brass.
From the bine, 
from the bliss of flower strength. 
An apparition 
of infiniteness of agony.
Becoming one with failures.

It tends to stay 
and enters the forbidden city 
of endless gods.Me beseeching, imploring 
to remain poor of any treasure.
The mysterious pain 
a trap cannot catch.

Oh,pass on a cloud 
my eyes want to rain.

Satish Verma

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You punish yourself 
for not becoming a naught.
The triumph had 
destroyed you completely.

A seductive purr 
of a surrogate write,
wants to lift your parameters
without attribution.

A vague integrity was 
choking the vitals.
The defeat was within.
You failed to accept the judgement.

Rendered clean after 
the bristled attack, your shirt 
does not show stains 
of slurred concentrate.

The guilt was not the same.
It was the ephemeral moon.
Night was not going to wait.
I was not ready to sin.

Satish Verma

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Encouragement, to stand strong; 
against the discouragement, of 
doing wrong.
Trying to change, before its too late; 
deranged, cause I'm staring in the 
eyes of my fate.
I thought, I finally had it; I fought, 
maybe its more than just a habit.
Could it be me, that's so screwed 
up; not worried bout the enemy, 
but by the Lord don't want to get 
chewed up.
Once again, it's time to make a 
crucial decision; D.T.R. with a close 
friend, refusal to lead to removal of 
this brutal incision.
Complications, left and right; 
frustrations, day and night.
My heart screaming your name, 
what if utters my brain; I'm older 
now this love thing isn't a game, yet 
situations repeating itself like stops 
on a train. 
Confusion, created by self; illusion, 
bad for my heart or my health?
State of mind, half past crazy; point 
in time, all or nothing can't be 
My mouth saying no, but actions not 
matching; i say whatever you want 
goes, however you throwing balls 
but I'm not catching.
You say its up to me, regardless 
you'll be my friend; but truthfully, if 
I can't be with you I can't see u 
(Note: DTR= Determine The 

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He was no longer angry 
writing his own epitaph.
Fighting a singular brute
without repeating himself.

Midnight. Untouchable moon
drops the ear-ring.
A mottled face worships
a ladder expressionlessly.

A monk walks past an
oversexed monkey.
A hidden agenda in end,
shows a dirty hand.

You know, I do not want
to tame an exploding –
navel. Transfixed I throw
the bottle in a sea.

One more parakeet dies
in my hands. How do I catch
a flying saucer in the
alien body. ?

Satish Verma

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Bad guy and a rose

I remember the way it felt
with my head on your chest
I could feel your heart beating
through my body
The way you moved
I moved
One day it stopped
it just went away 
You were the bad guy
and I was the rose
All I had to say was good
Even tho you was the bad guy
and I was the rose
If the liquor that you're 
drinking on 
Makes you start to think
You want what we had before
and you change your mind 
And come to my front door
ill be waiting at the peep hole
You got the kee to my heart 
and soul
Cause I can't stop loving you
I was ment for you 
I keep all the memories
The good and the bad
Just keeps the hope alive 
For the bad guy and the rose 
Why don't you want me to love
you anymore
Remains a mystery 
Like why you and me are 
Can't believe you don't miss me
It destroys me
Can't believe the bad guy is 
and the rose dies

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Wind prowled.
You had a hornet’s sting
buried half in your hand.

Anaphylactic shock.
Translates into night of terror.
You hesitate to smile.

Midnight blues.
You cannot count the stars.
Pesky. Stories spread about moon’s pink thighs.

An ode to the death’s kiss.
You were sleeping in the
sole embrace of pain.

The denizen breaks the rule.
Moves into the sea
for courtship with depth.

Satish Verma  

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waded through
        the dark wounds and found
        the snake, which never was;
                 in the green book.

wager was
        high. A pre-emptive strike
        and you were punished to burn
                 on the stake for whole life.

It will 
hiss, but not
        bite. Was it a filial rivalry ?
        Ask the moon and the sun.
                 They will never stand together.

        A downhill slide of mud and start hiding behind
                 the wall. The wall of a crystal.

Satish Verma

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Nothing was beholden.
Colony counts were perfect.
You were never guaranteed and exit.

I am stalked by lips 
of a black tulip holding
a moonbeam.

The world moves
wearing a shell of emptiness
in a cosmos, inviolable.

beyond the bluffing.
More beliefs and many withdrawls.

You will not kill me ?
Half-way to soothing words
of ecstasy.

Satish Verma

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And you explore me-
to the limits of enchantment.
As I was-
dying in a nonfiction.

Half brothers-
were moving like pincers
to catch a pen
like a little solidier.

Sad little god was telling
I do,
I am moving in non-existent darkness
for a sundial.

A lobster-
was trying to climb on
an ancient throne.
He wanted to become a neoking.
And throw his weight for the kittens
and unborn dogs.

Satish Verma

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Are you sure after the sunset 
the hunger will find the mouths
in black alley ?

I go to my ailing land.
Stand on a mass grave.
No faces, No names.

Brother, I am not bickering
I am listing on my  fingers.

Was it possible that we could
count the virgins in the town ?

Mudslinging starts. Who was not
corrupt ? The prevailing conjugation.
How you will tell your kid who
was your mother ?

I become restless, tossing around.
A single word shimmers like a
blood soaked jewel. I pick it up.
A baby poem is born.

Satish Verma

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After the rains, 
it was a full moon
in summer night.

Fleeing from a subculture-
of violence, she was
nestling in the arms of clouds.

A lost killer swearing 
with bruised arms,
raking up the old vendetta-

beheads the phallic
image. A brutalizing
score, when we were celebrating

the moon’s arrival. There was
no impropriety in spilling.
Sperm was the conjugal bliss.

Satish Verma

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Absurdity had a presence.
I was trying 
to find the meaning of a laughter.

The living stone-
had a personality,
in the battle of a cosmic dance.

It was crippling. 
A wide swath of landscape 
was inundated by fluid darkness. 

You will not find 
your home. Unconscious mind 
was busy in knitting –

a yellow moon. Do you 
hear the sound of loneliness 
in the black sky ?

Satish Verma

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When life is done
and parrots are gone; 
take me to the canal.

All life lived in small
footprints. There were eponyms
all the way.
When the name is done
and wigs are gone;
take me to the canal.

The kids had guns, when
you were hacked. You wrote
for yourself one beautiful elegy .
When the road was done and
stones were gone;
take me to the canal.

In one blue moon, one another day,
a journey will start in
elephant grass. They were hiding
behind the bush. When pink and white
I will unfurl a flag
take me to the canal.

Truth handbound in jail for a crime
I will dig a grave for you.
Take me to the canal.

Satish Verma

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      It does not work; 
the manipulation of the fast.
     The genomic fugitive
nurtures a home of light, windswept pyre.

      Under the prophet
a gloom unloosens the absolute.
      Now as you weave
a pattern of lies, the page hits.

      The book is thrown into
fire. The words swim, break the grief
       of naked sun. There
is flooding of wombs. Who will conceive a god ?

       Between you and me,
a river flows. I become voiceless.
      You cannot build a bridge.
The spinning curve outlines the shore.  

Satish Verma

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Dusting a rose
dissecting a heart. There was wilder-
ness in the woods.

I cannot touch you
O, wood sage
you were so ephemeral.

Your hands were
knitting a bright wound in the air.
Where was the moon ?

Not a kiss, 
the prodigal sun
wants a death wish of a canary.

The snow on the
eyes. I wished I had
met you earlier.

Satish Verma

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After breach in tolerance
one peeled truth becomes incendiary.
Afraid of the known:
pitched against

Dying young with stiff upper lip,
the grief,
was not curtained enough.
The malignant spread,
refused to retract a name from the epitaph.

Greed overtook
by calculation,
powerful thrust to run the winds,

the virgin grass will not surrender.
Lethal on the move, a humble shout
was nearer to god.						


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A killer moon
in a mating dance.

Smothered by kisses
frugal night
seethes with anger.

In synchronized,
house of limbs -;
the pink underside.

lost the way
between light and dark.

Of sunflowers
and a nude
lies a tale.

Satish Verma

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traveling backward in dark to meet
my father I held the hands of my grandchild

in broken dawn of random spring to collect
the lost years of old house where we could not

meet and he sat feet resting on the thighs
in the valley of unwritten letters and thin

silence, you left before I knew my thumb
had your skin, climbed to despair I untied

the knot and had a fatal, pure wound, which
like a lantern still burns in the eyes of

my offsprings unabated, the seeds and salt
and bloodstained umbrella will cover the street 


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Flirting will broken bread
I taste a bitter truth.
I am entering into a stupor
from head to toe. The
intimate torture has begun.

Trying to locate the
dirt path back to
home. The bird watching
has come to an end.

The meaningless ailing
now bleeds from dark
orifices. I return back
your globe.

The river has changed
its course. It does not flow
by my home. I am planting
forget – me – not.

Satish Verma

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Delhi blast

I am still naked inside.
Beautiful, trace element 
is trembling, involuntarily
in infamy.

You live to succumb again.
The halved body does not stir
after the explosion.
Lips were moving without voice.

Tonelessly your feet
melt in the steps of saints.
The wounded sun is born again
in the name of faceless martyrs.

For whom the birds will fly
after a terror strike ?
The sky was asking the wayfarer,
who has betrayed the path ?

Satish Verma

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I was a non-believer in exodus
of nothingness. 
Here you are,
I am.

In crimson sky 
talking of nobody, unbuttoning the moon.
Fill up my glass 
with tears of joy.

And sleep I must 
in the arms of sorrow.
There was a shipwreck in absence 
while chasing the eyes.

Satish Verma  

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Black Rose of Love

       The dread black rose has such  dark meaning to it.
       It can never find a way to a heart .
       The Thorns are deadly t all who touch and hold .
        The Black pedals on that on the rose show pain and suffering and loss .  
        A Creation of such darkness such Agony and Despite  in it .
        How  does a person turn such a creation a Black Rose into a Red  Rose .
        The Black Rose of Love is  heart ache , pain , hatred  for your love of people and things .
 For that is the Black rose of love  

                      Stay away from the Black Rose of Love.

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Seizing a chance in 
a trice, in one dark September 
night of apotheoses-

a bird crashed in my
lap. I would not know
the virginity of the strange surrender.

The windows were tall,
with the black laces violating
the sovereignty of light.

I will not know you, will
not call the black magic,
will not transcend the body.

The white lilies were
staring down at water.
Was the dawn nearby ?

Satish Verma

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i can not keep, fighting back tears, girls clip my limbs, like using sheers, ill just stay here, while you say cheers, nothing to show, for all these years. ill stand my ground, and face my fears, they may be teens, but arnt my peers, cant get a job, with these careers, ive given up, i'm shifting gears.

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Do not give credence 
to mundanity. An iconic
black night was getting ready
to welcome Venus.

A storm was raging inside,
vandalizing the secrets of the house,
uprooting the doors and windows.
The whole life was at stake.

Shrinking the head of foes,
you start eating the live insects.
But the truth was escaping
from your lips.

My poem drop the seeds,
for the unborn children of violence.
I dedicate a book for the other me,
as I near the crossroads of uncertainty.

Satish Verma

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She's Gone

When I first heard you were dying all I was doing was crying I thought my life was over even though your gone to some people just know im not one of them forever in my heart even after dark you will be in my heart even though it’s been seven months I miss u so much I pray every night hoping we will reunite I still ask god why me I feel like I’m just to young and depressed cry cry that’s all I do is cry can’t you see the tears comin out of my eyes I wish I could lay down and die but it’s not my time lord tell my grandma one thing for me when it’s my time to come home she would be there to take my hand!! Imiss u grandma R.I.P much luv from the family

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I am he who threw the cat down 
and its back touches the ground with fears.
He who unmasked the masquerade in the market place
and its went in to hiding.
I have fought with the wind and won,
I have been to the forest and killed 
Thousands but one lion and the elephant left 
Their domain weeping.
Do you know who i am?
I am john chizoba Vincent
The social crusader who fear no one.
I can look the sun in the face 
And send him back to his mother.
I weep when no one is weeping
I smile and laugh when no one laughs.
I am john chizoba Vincent,
An image of a new Nigeria 
Born in the house of symbols.
I can stand tall look death in the face and 
He runs back for freedom.
I am john chizoba vincent 
An image of change to a better atmosphere.

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   Time. Marches on;
tasting the blood of hikers,
   who would not-
   reach the summit.


   Red clover.
I walk under the black
   moon to light-
     the fire.


   Meet me
sometime,in the half way
   house, I have forgotten
     my name.

Satish Verma

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There were, peels 
of ripples. Between.

The tangled arguments. Then you
start reading in the bumps;
a cold blooded murder.

Of poems ? Serrated, when

I lifted them from your bloody hands.
No miracle. The animal 
survives, without water, air.

You come down the ramp 
without shoes to reclaim 
the heritage.

And that means, there had been 
an attempt, to commit suicide !

Satish Verma

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It was
A body book.
You could read it
without opening the poem.

the flavor.
The night was a golden
door to enter.

Into a moon,
and to find the lips of
a hot encounter.
You fall back after a dizzy ride.

Satish Verma

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The One

I wish I could be the one that 
makes your heart skip a beat. 
The one who can be the man to 
sweep you off your feet. I wish 
I could be around you night and 
day. For the way I look at you, 
just wanting to be the one you 
look at the same way. Having 
my smile that makes you weak 
at the knees. And be the one 
that is a constant presence in 
your dreams. I want to be the 
one that is number one in your 
life. Being that one to call you 
my wife. So we can gravitate to 
the sun. Let the heat melt our 
hearts into one.  But truth is I 
am really just none.  Because 
your heart for me has no love. 
And I don't blame you, I blame 
me. Because you laid out your 
feelings clear and simply. I just 
simply don't want to lose the 
feeling. That one day you'll 
have a change of feelings. But I 
need to realize when to say it's 
done. And just realize I am not 
the one.

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the midnight  at target shooting
making away of yourself.

The morning smells coming from
your axillae ?
I cannot believe my
jaundiced eyes.

The blue night abusing
the white moon –
in a sizzling sky.
Hedonism ?

I will keep your name
on the brink, before
I jump into fire.

What was the secret of the
lovers, who left their belongings
before disappearing into dark woods ?

Satish Verma

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It was like homecoming of
timber rattle snake.
A bit jarring.

Signs were acquitted,
when the summer becomes
sensuous at dusk.

I start collecting the colors
from sky. The night was
moving behind the moon-

like a concubine, in black
skirt. Amidst the gray clouds
a green man was laughing.

The death’s translation
was simple. Nobody will
attend the funeral of sun.

Satish Verma 

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A severed head sits upright on mud floor
coruscating in moonlight. It was a meditating
Buddha with eyes downcast after a perfect death.

With indecent exposure there was no artifact
to celebrate. The steel was rusted and the name
erased from the asylum.

You walk like a stranger in your home,
possessed, in merciless purity. The greatness
of unbeliever touches a giant guilt.


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Colors of fall 
yellow, orange, red and brown
and then unending drop.
I used to laugh on unheard jokes.

The crowd thins
as tall stalwarts
autumn-wished, begin to shed
the pretentions.

The naked spirit roars on the hill.
Age will be no bar,
the war is still on –
stitching the tears.

I can hear the whispers.
It was the shirt of death,
which you want to put on
and play the game for charity.					


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The freak accident 
of a paranormal mystic, begins
a telekinesis in the dark room
to internalize the chopped off
obsession of sex.

You will be needed as a 
fugitive now, in the
muddle of passions. There was 
a complete lull before the storm.
A pindrop silence.

An anxiety starts, of-
becoming nothing, in the comfort
zone. The roots look up
at the lunar month, to bail out
the loner, convicted of sedition.

Satish Verma 

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black shadows

i sit by myself, in these black shadows, i see a flash in my mind, of me hanging from the gallows. im by myself, all alone in the dark, my mind is a sea, with an all black shark. im in the dark, all alone, im on a field, but im not in the zone, my life was carved with a knife, and set in stone, and now there's nothing left, but broken bone.

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Drought had entered 
into grass roots. 
It was a perfect landing. 

Sequential. You are  
chopped into pieces. A shoal 
of fish will make you disappear.   

The vacancy will call 
a choreographed entry. The 
descent will find a goldenrod.     

Snow-capped peaks. It 
is difficult to stay for a long time. 
You climb down. River remains dry.

Satish Verma   

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A golden bullet will bite 
the adolescence for the sake of
prudence. Inebriated
everybody wanted to go in a state of bliss.

It was a targeted killing
of a dream. Redolent of a prophet
who will not answer the call
of a burning dune.

The holy moonless night will wash
the sins of a city today. I am not
going  to meet the death tonight.
I am the eye and I am the nude.

Like truth on the other side of
exhibits. Pure beak was ready 
to eat a virgin lie. Again we are
sitting to solve the mystery of adultery.

Satish Verma

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It was 
a killing line.
Walking on razor wire,
when toes would not leave the sky
and heels will not touch the ground.

Myths and legends 
were becoming a witchcraft.
Are you ready to eschew the classical script 
and write a new fable, about
a life size robot, 

who will speak for millions 
and put his signature on the wall
of a dying moon for the sake of blue clouds ?
The caldron is empty. No body was
throwing any baby in it.

Stay still.
The bold instincts will come back with vengeance.

Satish Verma

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Sky overcast, moon was sad.
Ashes were sent to the lake.

Who killed the bird in morning rain ?
Ashes were sent to the lake.

A hidden slaughterman did not die.
Ashes were sent to the lake.

The good old name now spells the doom.
Ashes were sent to the lake.

I will call you in pitch-dark night.
Ashes were sent to the lake.

Ascending gods have ruined my life.
Ashes were sent to the lake.

A child was stolen from a mother’s bed.
Ashes were sent to the lake.


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The wound peeks out
from the round eyes. No lashes,
brows. Singed face betrays the scars
of last century.
He was fighting with his fists only.

Iced lids throwing the flames;
god knows what was the pain of memories?
He did not reverse the wheels of woes;
did not bring back the stream
lost in the volcanic rocks.

Playing truant from black death
a frail hope kindles the small fish
to swim against the current, 
ruts of repetitions and bores of endless
barrels shooting roadmaps.			


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Change my mind

I thought that i forgot what I should should do with this,
I want to be able to use it,
I want to be able to explore it...
taste it,
feel it, 
change it,
twist it, 
turn it. 
But first I have to find out what it is, 
Is it worth it,
Do I still have the ability to?
Can it satisfy me?
I'm sure I can,
Does the magnitude of self-esteem show on the outside?,
Is change so translucent that I've missed the mark?
How can I determine the in-evident?
Should I ponder on the strange and awkward moments?
How does philosophy underestimate questions?
Some things are not as evident as they seem right? 

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Snippets of truth
come to you, 
when you chase the anger and set yourself
on fire. An intimate slap of a fall guy
rages after the defiance.

You are no longer bleeding gold.
A windowless home 
for the defiled, waits for you
at the end of the road.
The democracy has drained out all the symbols.

Behind the grain now lies the eye;
behind the wood now fire rages.
A stretch of pair on ethnic hills.
Wings unfold,
but light goes out. 

Satish Verma

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The Sleeveless Heart

A deep impression it's made
 Soaked in red, never to fade
 Drips down my arm and onto my leg
 A price said now fully paid

 True blue it once was
 Sounds of a drum make my ears buzz
 Scars show from all of my loves
 With no reasoning,  just because

 Be gentle with this frail thing
 Cut it out and it will no longer sing
 Ruled once by his majesty the king
 Held on now by nothing now but a string

 I wear it here to show my curse
 No pain to gain, nothing could be worse

 But true I stand, still to myself
 No fortune to gain, only my own self wealth.

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A peacock becomes non-violent
keeping the warheads
in his tail. In bird hour
who wants to blink ?

The chicken runs amok.
Lying motionless was
painful for being slaughtered.
Subversion was more acceptable-

than falling in love. The bare
chest shows a gored scar.
They have started a dance
to entice a herd of pachyderms.

Bleeding ? No. They have
cobbled an army of bedbugs
to start a violent protest
against the moon.

Satish Verma   

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It did not stay in bed for long 
the ultimate.
Clouds climbed down from immortality.

The sick motherhood.

We made love 
listening to winds
draping our ashes.

A father waited at the door.

I am the sun
I am the moon
interpenetrating in you.

In concept of two enemies.

Satish Verma  

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I met a talking moon 
on the road of death.
What easily comes, goes easily with winds.
I was counting the ribs of
my dying child. He went into the
woods to fight the unknown wars
of hunger.

Bunker:it went into flames 
sailing into brilliance of space.
I am going to inherit the black grains
of molten day. How I will confront
the night tainted with bonfires
of sunken eyes ?

God  particles in tiny fists spreading
the spun cotton, intitating a  
revolution of thoughts. A bumpy
argument. The icon denies the guilt
of mass killing. I want
to remain unsung.

Satish Verma

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On the edge,
you receive the onslaught
of moonlight.

Drummed and sawed, 
you take up the challenge
and move on.

In rains 
the dreams wash the rainbow
inviting the Iris.

Tonight, you 
will have an audience
will the estranged god.

A taper 
in the sun wants its
place on the moon.

Satish Verma

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Hurling the body from a rooftop 
for a second life 
after death.

An insult to human line. 
I have no friend now
in this world.

Stay quiet. The storm is 
dying, instead of 
bringing down the palace.

Everything looks murkier. 
Will you go to sit in 
mourning for a broken wheel ?

A begger’s dream ? Will
you open the window
for a last look at the moon.

Satish Verma

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fatle lust

The fatle lust that I was in with you can 
This be true of the fatle lust. Lust of the 
Thought of being in love but don't ever 
Mix sex with love. When your in lust 
There are lies being told sometimes you 
Have to be smart enough not to believe 
The fatle lust of lies the long term of 
This strong sexual desire of being in 
Fatle lust with you.

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Drunk with pride 
the streets are bursting
in self-indulgence.
Who was calling the shots ?

Do you know the words
between intermissions, carry a secret-
till the brazen scoop
finds the hidden meaning.

It was grave
very grave truice, unmaking love
between the estranged lovers-
when clouds were seducing the moon.

You don’t belong to this
crowd of renegades. Ants
will take away the
divorced dreams. 

Fissile belly
has started showing signs
of reckoning. A gloom has settled,
gyrating in a sunken garden
for the hung corpses.

Never cruel were the times before
when blind needles were unstitching
the lips of frozen faces. I refuse
to start a prayer
till the grass covers a silent tomb.

Last night it had rained 
on the private flesh. It was
full of semen. You do not 
belong to this world
of pregnant pause.

Satish Verma

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I will deceive the immortality
in my inadequacy, between myself
and a messy belief.

The sky cracks open.
One unreal moon
slaps the dark clouds.

You want to rest on my shoulder
till eternity.
The silence leads to nothingness.

Over the rifts, space and time
eyes stalk the hands.
You cannot write your name.

You will not move a step,
I will not stay for long.
The distance will defend us both.


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Autumn's Dream

                                        Autumn's dream is falling
                                    In brown, orange, and in red
                                         Soon it will be final
                                             Autumn will be dead!

                                         Winter will take autumn's place
                                              And cold will cover the earth
                                     But, we all know, autumn will be back
                                             Next year, it will re-birth!

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To confront his terror 
he changed the game 
plan for a mystery dive.

The custodian of a flame 
will show serendipity. 
Sun was enveloped in a dark matter.

The Teflon  has disappeared.
You will remember the things-
you did not understand.

Someone nips at your heels.
You run faster. The evil 
was flying home.

The house was in disarray.
Give me a comb to keep 
the dark figures out.

Satish Verma

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An ascetic dies in a shoe
spilling blood.
A surreal moon
wants to investigate –

a sectarian divide of
fraudulent sky.
And you want to be buried
under rose petals –

courting controversies
to clean the polluted river.
A lifeboat was needed
to take you for a quiz –

singing national anthem.
You were sharpening
your nails.

Satish Verma

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Take a call and bring 
the upside down.
The desire becomes supreme.

Are you going to redeem 
for the lost empire ?
A musk deer will start

the scent-marking.
This was the price of
insecurity in the mob.

Unhook the wounds.
Life will give you
a new pretext to die.

It was an ordinary name.
No prefix and no frills.
You were ready to become anonymous.

Satish Verma

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Looking back
At all the pasts and cries
I've had,
I realize that,
I have to move on
To a place where happiness
Is not sad,
A place where tears doesn't       
Express pain, but joy,
A place where truth doesn't lie.

Life isn't worth living when 
Loneliness is all you have, and
nobody,  but nobody is by your side.

You've got everything, but
your heart has not a home,
your soul has not a place,
your  voice has no tone, and       
when you cry,  nobody and nobody,
but only you hear yourself inside.
You have no mind peace,  because
You lack the vital piece 
That makes your world complete.

Life isn't worth living when
Loneliness is all you have,  and
Nobody, but nobody is by your side.

I don't know  what to do, 
Confused, because 
I don't know how
To make my heart
Sing the blues, 
Bringing back to me,
You, my melody so true.
The days seem so long and cold.
My nights are so empty and old,
Because loneliness 
Is the only word my heart is told,
The only feeling my body knows.

Life isn't worth living,
Because I can't make it out here alone.
Loneliness is all I have, and
Nobody, but nobody is by my side.

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They brought back saddle
without the warrior.
Wrinkled eyes of a broken mother
frozen with tears, pick up the pieces of carpet
woven with blood.

Lotuses are disappearing
from the serene lake; migrated to seeds.
There are no visitors.

Who was losing the battle?
Have not you heard about militancy
and mutilated god? We gave him
our sons and daughters, still he was hungry.

The mankind celebrates the decline,
mourning hills,
dances with the bones of ancestors.						


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Wrapped in explosives he was unready
for a bruise. A dive at a mound of torso
to unearth the archives of areolae.

Apnoea will come for arbitration
in clenched insinuation :
pull nipples to open the window of mind.

On the forehead a smear of vermilion
brings glare like a third eye.
Real fish in the green pond of envy.

Desiccation of spine excites the rhetoric
blurs the sea of swans. A lone tree
explodes into a spring, not just leaves of old flame.

Silver moon recognizes the battered hill.
A white wolf was cruising on the road
for appleblossoms.


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Immenseness of the contrast –
from blue eyes to red apples,
(we must stop apple picking!)
from smashed leg  to a stone wall –
squanders the soft toys of time.

A peach colored queen lies in state
from centuries
to be buried in a golden casket.
Poverty of words,
hunts for the meaning,  rhyme and consonance.

I drink darkness from the white lips.
Green eyes will find,
a sun at last.
The urn is broken.

The scented hairs cover my face –
tendrils of a brute fate.
A mutilated mirror will reflect the distorted history
of man, through the ages of dust 
and wounds. The earth was riveting the god.				


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you want to shut the book
and bring out the darkness from bleached words
of a lonely march of the tree.
How to think or not to think 
drinking the wine of pain ?

Baby, do not go into the river.
The alligators will celebrate your birthday
by climbing on you for a purple bath.
Today the sun will not rise from Styx.
An anonymous author will steal a gun
and make a hole in head. 

A black tulip in snow bleeds red 
for a fallen sky and dies to ask some
uncomfortable questions.

Satish Verma

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Let the commerce begin
in moral crimes.
You had been selling the death, daily.

The lichens,
had invaded the tongues.
Speech was blurred and words were gray.

Someone comes knocking
at the door in night. When I
opened , it was moon.

The potter will not fail you
once, writes a blood poem
for the drifters.

In the beginning there
was turbulence in the sea.
Now the boat sails on fins.  

Satish Verma

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It was not the ordinariness.
The pain of rejection. One
night  my lips touched
the lips of moon, to soak the
grief. Do not want to cross-
the threshold of guilts, like
burnished armor
taking the law into my own hands.

Waiting for a spacewalk
of the gods to find the culprit,
who escaped before your 
own eyes through the gauze
of silver dust. To quit the ground 
or not was the cardinal point.
You remained attached to the
faded poster of childhood. It was
a generational tragedy.

Satish Verma

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It was a summer night.
A windswept moonbeam
plummeted. Sexualizing 

an indigo flesh. A butcher
was seducing
a spider, in company of

a holy book. Sunbathing in
mass grave of skulls. The eyes 
peeking out of the caps.

You want to pluck the blue
berries from
volcano mounts. The key player

will burn your script. Body
of milk died on snow. The 
moth was coming out of cocoon.

Satish Verma   

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times up

you never really know, when your days are gonna end, i do not like the life i have, so i make it twist and bend, i do not have some love to give, but i may have some to lend, i guess right now im on my own, i do not want the latest trend. why do i protect, the things i know i cant defend? when you have these scary thoughts, no there is nothing like a friend, you may wonder why im mad, it has to do with the descend, i only know how i can heal, i do not know how i can mend. oh no theres not much i can give, so theres nothing i can send, i should be focused on my life, i have this problem i should tend, i shall see where i end up, but i guess it does depend, i do not have the things i want, but i guess i could pretend.

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King love

Heart full of pain
Thick skin
Full metal jacket
Zipped up
I been through the war
Ready to win
ready to conquer
Not aware of the sore
That I caused you
Not aware of the pain
I apologize
But you brusied me 
Let me let you walk out the 
No coming back 
Shit don't matter no more
I felt more then you
I fell for you
Winter summer spring
All that year I see
Didnt mean a thing
You looked back 
Not even once 
No rear view mirror
Cant even count
No class
How many times 
I cried
Begged you
to come back
Make it better
Storm this weather
Noyhin last forever
Now I know its true
Nothin is promised but death
Not even your next breath
Im here living a fantasy
Wishin you was still here with 
While life is passing me by
Cant tell me nothin
Shoulda listened to you 
When you said I could do better
Hard head makes for a softass
And a broken heart
All cuts up and down my arm
Blood dripping askin God
To take me home
Cause I lived 
And I lost
I loved 
And it cost
My heart
These scars
Why love gotta be so hard
Livin alone so lonely
No one to hold me noone to 
love me
I gave my all, not enough
To satisfy the next human soul
What am I here for
Im a woman so ima let these 
tears fall
let the drops write the answer 
in my cup
no pen no paper just thoughts
Wondering why im so lost
No one gets me 
Not even me 
Indecisive shit I might be 
Crazy undoubtedly 
Justt want someone to please 
show me what its like 
Treat me like a queen 
Cause my love is only made for 
a king 
No you don't need bling and 
to satisfy me 
Just follow my lead 
let me show you 
the Secrets of my heart 
With no judging please 
What you will find 
is hard to believe 
That a smile can hide 
what the eyes can't find 
Another heart like mine is what 
it takes 
To be fine 
Refine me 
make me new again 
Show me what it takes 
what its like to live again 
Dont be like the past and 
leave again 
Cause ill just bleed again 
That'd be the end

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Dying piece by piece in shock –
a life without a mutiny.
Walking amidst blue kraits
you never raised the stick.

Of extinct possibilities in the night
of unmanned crossing-
the blood streaked globe goes on
revolving round the blazing sun.

Short legged pygmies waving
to tall peaks of ice from the 
burnt-out shelters, to learn
obedience again.

Crushed and upturned, we lost
each other in the jungle of
uncertainties. Peeled off skin
made us afraid of each other.


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Under lip’s shadow
dislocated in faint moonlight
we discussed the maligned communications

         between fuming monologues
         of desiccsatd life. Sorcery was not able to
         knife the secrets of the park, branches

and trees of memory. The game continues
in jungle of lies, blessed by lines of murder:
a divided loyality to have the last laugh.

          The nose-dive for inheritance inside the flesh
          lays the bones bleached white to dye
          them again in pink morale :

I reach where I never intended to travel.
There is no death to mourn now. Each maggot
was ready to enter the spine of image.


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After a face – off
you toss the coin
resenting the liquid fame.

Frame extracts the price
of picture.
Compassion for the artist was missing.

I suffer in mid moon
between darkness and light
clarity of rags was improving.

Homage is now going to hurt
after the fall of ego, in
ending of alchemy.

In spite or sorrow
a face drills holes
in my wheels.						


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Half-mooned I have left the envy.
The basic instinct of lesser love
for my failing god.

Come to me, my cloaked enemy,
a sweet lover of pain
in the milky hours.

Mother of seeds was far away
and you wanted to suck on the
pollen from the wings of honeybees.

Soft and cruel, I cannot leave you
nor I can abandon the post.
The war cry was coming nearer.

Was it a virginal drink to –
placate the lips of a flame ?
Time will never know the ultimate.

Satish Verma

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It in now dark.
Talking of exposed genitalia
I go into a terrible shock.

A compulsive deceit
takes hold of the attention.
The candle burns me inside.

Between eyes
a *chakra uncoils, like a Naja.
Strikes ! You are stricken-

with a bulbar palsy.
No haemorrhage. A purple venom
spreads in the whole nativism.

Voices move in half-lit corridor.
The doors do not lead to rooms.
All exits disappear.

A chandelier crashes. You
are awakened from a deep slumber.
A poem is born.

*In Indian thought a chakra is the center of spiritual power in the 
human body. They are seven in numbers.

Satish Verma

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The spill overwhelms-
the bank. The fish
will meet the mates.


Fireflies outstretch,
in green blaze, igniting
the extinct flame.

It is September, and 
I need you, for
a final rendezvous.

Satish Verma

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For jealousy is the cruel of the grave of 
Human nature jealousy is a Serious disease. 
For it is always the smallest things in life 
That makes a person happy well that's a 
small Thing to a gaint.Set me as a seal 
upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm 
for love is strong as death.

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Outraged film
and dirt life.
The descent was complete.

A shadow under the moon
walks past the lake,
comes out of the body.

Every dream
leaves an imprint on the glass.
Will never drink the moonlight again.

The blank surrender
alongside crutches
loses the tolerance of question marks.

Like my fear
enveloping you in blazing sun
for a candle. 

Satish Verma 

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a savage desire to severe off
one’s neck, the song will get a name
in troubled mind,
to remove the stain on tongue of black spider,
you will think again to commit your sleep
for that beautiful death :

guess what happens when you come out of the body
like a blue beam and strike a black hole amidst
the shining legies, the lines on your hand
        till a different merger when the listening
        was unheard and the body does not talk,

wolves were coming; no one minds the bullets,
but sneaking in dark, like paroxysm of sunrealistic
chorus of mutiny or angles fallen from the sky
the acid was thrown on the face,of rosy lips
        because they were finding new words.


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It was a dirty war 
of moat 
flaying the legs in emotional outburst.

No stings.
Only mandibles will do the job of chewing
on your dark fingers. 

Flat, the taste of milk: 
a synthetic formula to eat your entrails.
The plastic nose will smell the rose.

message will bring the fishplates 
and birthmark of violence. 

Death has a cult of contusions. 
You bleed to bones
for illuminating the street. 

Satish Verma                             

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After scarring, the big gap
confronts a mascot.
The caster is telling a lie.

Under shock and anger
you start cursing the renegade truth.

Black windows now perceive the light.

Nobody wants to catch the dust now,
falling from the stars.

War of words comes to disarming of
wailing hands.
I reconcile with the setting sun.

Back and forth, back and forth
the unabashed, moves a bridal moon.

 Satish Verma  

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Before too long

Before too long, I'll be older 
Before too long, I'll be stronger 
Before too long, I'll be faster 
Before too long, I'll see you in a whole new light 
Before too long, I'll be smarter 
Before too long, We'll all pass along 
Before too long, We'll see the light or the dark 
Before too long, We'll live peacefully in complete solace 
Before too long.... Our story will JUST begin

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on the celestial pole,
did you come
for a lethal kiss ?

in vacuity,
do you find some depth
in the black hole ?

The wheels
move on stolen track
of an epic. You come back
to a dead sea-

for a swim. What looked pink
was not a flamingo
with a bent bill
held upside down.

Satish Verma

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One might think a good place to start
Is in the head for all the words
Longing to come out.

Yet every poet knows it. 
In the heart the words
Start to grow
They grow and grow

They have no place else to go-
So they bust forth-
In the growth that spills
From your heart,
Into words with meanings 
And words with feelings.
The thoughts of TRUTH.

The person inside of you, all the world does know, you now.
It’s where you start to know, YOURSELF.

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Leaving the stains behind
I am moving to a new home
O mother 
to wear the sun.

The black moon 
had been stalking me for years
O mother
for a pink romance lifting the clouds.

Though, I will not come back
ever, in the valley of skins
O mother
yet I will remember your beloved night.

Nebulous was the transit 
to sleep without beds.
O mother
How long these protests will continue ?

Satish Verma

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" Forgive Yourself"

Learn t o Forgive yourself
to able go on with your own life

A person whom can't make you 
to forgive yourself
To order for yourself to understand
Whatever, you had done wrong, damages,
Revenges to the person, violated to yourself
or to other person

Once you do forgive yourself 
It's will take you into the different
path down the roads can be splitting up
Wherever, you go to walk on the road
So, that you can reach the calmness peace
Around you and ask you "Are you willing to forgive yourself?"

If your answer is " Yes"
then, inner voice from other side would say, 
" Then, you have to move on your life and your futures are waiting for you"

that how you can do it
do it now 
Before, too late
Trust in your heart 
Your heart really do know 
That you an able to forgive yourself
Even more you can't even imagine 
that your life can change completely 
difference than you were before

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A skylight begins the apartheid
in ironed out differences.
At the shores skulls have reappeared.

Blue flames were eating away the green carbon
of the dying giants. Fake photosynthesis
was canning the skimmed breeze in books

and encapsulated euthanasia was available
over the counters. Eyeshadows were hiding
the dying grace. Tempest would go for a classical dance

only. Counting of heads had begun. Price hike
of black arrows would decide the fate of a nation.
Hunger was writ large on cheekbones of

roaming rocks, shining the landscapes.
The chorus spreads like eau de cologne
over the solitude of my homeland.


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dust me

dust me like, a dirty shelf, treat me like, a playful elf. eat me like, a piece of cake, use me like, a broken rake. race me like, the fastest car, gaze upon me, like a star. wear me like, a woman's shoe, this is all, i ask from you. ?

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After the deluge:dark,
where the river,
meets the sea-
a city becomes a ghost.


The narrator,
went to sleep,
A story moved on.


A replica
steps out from the black
water, white
as the moon.

Satish Verma  

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Those migratory storks,
will not come
this year.
The lake was burning.

The secret kill
of the wringer
was metastasizing.
Make the tether-

small for the macabre
end. I am not yet
frozen. The stalker

will not leave the
flame. Outside a tribute
was ready for
an uprooted tree.

My shadow moves ahead
to catch a cage bird,
in the parrot green sky.

Satish Verma

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There was a pithy art on velvety rock.
The turban was flying 
churning out the outrage.

No sanitized verse was needed 
to explain xenophobia.
We were white tigers.

Lurking behind the moon
was a lute, with broken strings.
A sluice opens the grief of sky.

Show me your palm with full
of curses. Where do you want
to leave the prints of death ?

Alphabets were counting the
steps, towards non-center. The
boundaries were collapsing.

Satish Verma

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A nebula rises unfazed after fission:
after a fractured debate, greed crouching on
the wrinkled noses of rugged bouncers.
In remote history someone was burning itself out.

A black eye surges forward, sings an ode to
championship. Ankles swell up. Veins become
jelly. The thyme is absent. Stink bellows on
your faces. The green pond becomes red; tragedy of wounds.

Speaker in bloody silence quotes the black sun
out of despair. Everything was in disarray.
In mating of souls flesh flew in rage;
a pink river swamped the inmates of tomorrow.

Enough! Time marches on the dead leaves of sorrow.
My candle burns at both ends. Alien moons
keep a watch. Bloodlines are obliterating. We 
seek the graves of unknown soldiers!


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After dousing the bride to a nice flame,
in between the howls
there were songs.

On mud path the hoofprints
came out prominently. On bullock carts
they had come for a sit in,

to resist, rebel or kill.
All day the heat, dust & winds
blurred the vision.

Hills between us
to feed the hate.
It is nothing like the good old earth.

The nascent bleed.
Time of non-movement.
Shadows of snow-peaks.


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In your azure eyes
I was teaching myself:
how to drown. What a nodal  
agency to receive the award.

The ailing moon 
will not come to my rescue.
The seized cloud had failed
to cry –

embarrassing the sidewalks. An
unfathomable legend.
A bloated name becomes the
mother of rapes.  

At stake were all the crutches.
The tribal stain had a stark
reality. The basic instinct,
walks home to stand on the mount of bones.   

Satish Verma

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Were you ready for a virginity test
to cross the umbrella of harpoons.
A chilled moon

will welcome you after slaying
the hot sun in the valley
of gods. A schism scoops

ignominy. Seeing the lights
which were not there. Almost
sexy, the sky pretends to unrobe.

No weeping. A Caucasian brings
red grapes for a naming
ceremony of black password,

searing the age of complicity.
A rocket propelled grenade
is going to blast a whisper.

Satish Verma   

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When I Looked Into your Eyes

When you came to your door tonight,
And your beautiful eyes gazed at me
From the darkness within,
The world around me came to a stop,
For just a few seconds,
As I saw the love from within you.

You looked at me with your warm smile,
Your black hair around your face,
And whispered softly, "hi baby",
And once again,
I was at your mercy.

For when you look into my soul
And I hear the sound of your sweet voice,
My heart opens to you my love,
With all of my dreams now fulfilled.

I never knew that a love like this
Could ever exist,
A love that consumes me,
A love so powerful,
And so overwhelming,
That I fear if I were without it,
My heart would no longer have a meaning
To its existence,
For the love that flows through it now, 
Is what keeps me alive,
Keeps me whole.

As I gaze into your eyes my love,
Down into the depths of your very being,
I can see the love you feel for me,
A love as strong as my own,
A love that fills me so full of emotion,
So full of hope for the future,
That I pray I will spend the rest of my days,
Gazing into your eyes

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Lame Duck

A lame duck re-emerges 
from water of life, 
after paying for night of clouds.

The sex determines 
the economy of a nation and democracy
writes the future of a man.

Who was bankrupt 
in poor country of rich people ?  
You were the boss of a pavement.

The helplessness of a poetic justice 
was writ large on your face.
A dog was throwing the bone for the poor.

A fierce battle was raging
between the sun and the moon.
The stars have eloped with the winds.

Satish Verma

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Motionless within the ambit
of moon,
the rain squirms and flickers
under the street light
in the vacuous silence
of a monolith.

A cricket walks on a cloud 
and starts the lightning.
The urn was blind, fills up with grief.
The goddess climbs out of rainbow
and accepts the message
of fireworks.

After the pain, there was 
frigidity. The lips will not move under
the mortgage of unvenerable words.
An innocent deal was brokered
with stings about the truth
of the wasp.


 Satish Verma  

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The snarled monogamy
needs a firework.
A solitary moon walks on a lake

The marriage
between the planet and moon
was falling apart.
In amphora lies the secret

of a jeweled crown. Cynical
berries were searching
a quartz to find the truth of the bush
where the colors were mixed.

There is