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(i Had Myself A) True Love Barbra Streisand
(if You Want It) Do It Yourself Gloria Gaynor
(im Gonna) Cry Myself Blind Primal Scream
(Ive Got No) No Self Control Gareth Gates
(Ive Got No) No Selfcontrol Gareth Gates
(please) Lose Yourself In Me My Bloody Valentine
A Mind Beside Itself -- I. Erotomania Dream Theater
A Mind Beside Itself -- I.erotomania Dream Theater
A Moment to Myself Macy Gray
A Self Called Nowhere They Might Be Giants
A Self Made Man David Byrne
A Self-made Man Tom Petty
A Toast To My Former Self Project 86
Accept Yourself (bbc) Smiths, The
All by Myself Daryl Hall
All by Myself Irving Berlin
All by Myself Hall Oates
All by Myself Sheryl Crow
All By Myself Roy Orbison
All By Myself Hall & Oates
All by Myself Ella Fitzgerald
All By Myself Green Day
All by Myself Jewel
All by Myself Eric Carmen
All by Myself Celine Dion
All by Myself Bee Gees
All By Myself Michael Ball
All By Myself Perry Como
All For Self Fun Lovin' Criminals
All For Self Fun Lovin Criminals
All To Myself Tantric
All To Myself Philosopher Kings
Amuse Yourself Bendik
And I Say To Myself David Bowie
Anyone But Myself Indigo Girls
Ashamed Of Myself Pursuit Of Happiness
Ask Yourself Why Barbra Streisand
Bad By Myself TLC
Ballad Of A Salesman Who Sold Himself Kevin Ayers
Ballad Of The Self-loading Pistol Bruce Springsteen
Be Good to Yourself Journey
Be True To Yourself Kiske Michael
Be Yourself Enrique Iglesias
Be Yourself Donuts
Be yourself Morcheeba
Be Yourself Mad'house
Beat Yourself Blind Skid Row
Behave Yourself Baby Manic Street Preachers
Believe In Something Other (than Yourself) Posies
Believe in Yourself Diana Ross