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Famous Short Places Poems

Famous Short Places Poems. Short Places Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Places short poems

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by Dejan Stojanovic

The Return

I visited many places, 
Some of them quite 
Exotic and far away, 
But I always returned to myself.

by John Masefield

An Epilogue

 I had seen flowers come in stony places
And kind things done by men with ugly faces,
And the gold cup won by the worst horse at the races,
Ao I trust, too.

by William Butler Yeats

The Great Day

 Hurrah for revolution and more cannon-shot!
A beggar upon horseback lashes a beggar on foot.
Hurrah for revolution and cannon come again! The beggars have changed places, but the lash goes on.

by Omar Khayyam

The Wheel of Heaven only multiplies our griefs! It

The Wheel of Heaven only multiplies our griefs! It
places nothing here below that it does not soon bear
away. Oh! if those who have not yet come knew
the suffering this world inflicts, they would guard themselves
well from coming here.

by Donald Justice

A Map Of Love

 Your face more than others' faces
Maps the half-remembered places
I have come to I while I slept—
Continents a dream had kept
Secret from all waking folk
Till to your face I awoke,
And remembered then the shore,
And the dark interior.

by Emily Dickinson

Death leaves Us homesick who behind

 Death leaves Us homesick, who behind,
Except that it is gone
Are ignorant of its Concern
As if it were not born.
Through all their former Places, we Like Individuals go Who something lost, the seeking for Is all that's left them, now --

by Omar Khayyam

The dogmas of religion admit only that which places

The dogmas of religion admit only that which places
you under obligation to the Divinity. That morsel of
bread that you have, refuse not to others; keep from
speaking evil; render evil to no one, and it is I who
promise you a future life: bring wine.

by Omar Khayyam

The temple of idols and the Kaaba are places of

The temple of idols and the Kaaba are places of
adoration; the chime of the bells is but a hymn chanted to
the praise of the All-Powerful. The mehrab [Mohammedan
pulpit], the church, the chapel, the cross are, in truth,
but different stations for rendering homage to the Deity.

by Robert Frost


 Inscription for a Garden Wall

Winds blow the open grassy places bleak;
But where this old wall burns a sunny cheek,
They eddy over it too toppling weak
To blow the earth or anything self-clear;
Moisture and color and odor thicken here.
The hours of daylight gather atmosphere.

by Carl Sandburg


 THERE are places I go when I am strong.
One is a marsh pool where I used to go with a long-ear hound-dog.
One is a wild crabapple tree; I was there a moonlight night with a girl.
The dog is gone; the girl is gone; I go to these places when there is no other place to go.

by Stephen Crane

Places among the stars

 Places among the stars,
Soft gardens near the sun,
Keep your distant beauty;
Shed no beams upon my weak heart.
Since she is here In a place of blackness, Not your golden days Nor your silver nights Can call me to you.
Since she is here In a place of blackness, Here I stay and wait

by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

We Never Said Farewell

 WE never said farewell, nor even looked 
Our last upon each other, for no sign 
Was made when we the linkèd chain unhooked 
And broke the level line.
And here we dwell together, side by side, Our places fixed for life upon the chart.
Two islands that the roaring seas divide Are not more far apart.

by Emily Dickinson

In many and reportless places

 In many and reportless places
We feel a Joy --
Reportless, also, but sincere as Nature
Or Deity --

It comes, without a consternation --
Dissolves -- the same --
But leaves a sumptuous Destitution --
Without a Name --

Profane it by a search -- we cannot
It has no home --
Nor we who having once inhaled it --
Thereafter roam.

by Adela Florence Cory Nicolson


   Give me your self one hour; I do not crave
     For any love, or even thought, of me.
   Come, as a Sultan may caress a slave
     And then forget for ever, utterly.

   Come! as west winds, that passing, cool and wet,
     O'er desert places, leave them fields in flower
   And all my life, for I shall not forget,
     Will keep the fragrance of that perfect hour!

by Dejan Stojanovic

Unpretentious Dreams

How hard it is not to say too much, 
How hard to love more, 
To say simple things, 
Live like a river slowly eroding the stone, 
Watch from the shore the distant dot, 
Imagine places bathing in its light, 
To see, not colors, not shapes, not the sea 
But the simple life glistening 
And hovering like a bird 
Full of unpretentious dreams 
Satisfied only with the ability to fly.

by Sarojini Naidu

To My Fairy Fancies

 NAY, no longer I may hold you, 
In my spirit's soft caresses, 
Nor like lotus-leaves enfold you 
In the tangles of my tresses.
Fairy fancies, fly away To the white cloud-wildernesses, Fly away! Nay, no longer ye may linger With your laughter-lighted faces, Now I am a thought-worn singer In life's high and lonely places.
Fairy fancies, fly away, To bright wind-inwoven spaces, Fly away!

by Katherine Mansfield


 These be two
What a size! Grand big arms And round red faces; Big substantial Sit-down-places; Great big bosoms firm as cheese Bursting through their country jackets; Wide big laps And sturdy knees; Hands outspread, Round and rosy, Hands to hold A country posy Or a baby or a lamb-- And such eyes! Stupid, shifty, small and sly Peeping through a slit of sty, Squinting through their neighbours' plackets.

by William Blake

Song: Memory hither come

 Memory, hither come, 
And tune your merry notes;
And, while upon the wind
Your music floats,

I'll pore upon the stream
Where sighing lovers dream,
And fish for fancies as they pass
Within the watery glass.
I'll drink of the clear stream, And hear the linnet's song; And there I'll lie and dream The day along: And, when night comes, I'll go To places fit for woe, Walking along the darken'd valley With silent Melancholy.

by Joyce Kilmer


 (For Aline)

Homer, they tell us, was blind and could not see the beautiful 
Looking up into his own and reflecting the joy of his dream,
Yet did he seem
Gifted with eyes that could follow the gods to their holiest places.
I have no vision of gods, not of Eros with love-arrows laden, Jupiter thundering death or of Juno his white-breasted queen, Yet have I seen All of the joy of the world in the innocent heart of a maiden.

by Rainer Maria Rilke

What Fields Are As Fragrant As Your Hands?

 What fields are as fragrant as your hands?
You feel how external fragrance stands
upon your stronger resistance.
Stars stand in images above.
Give me your mouth to soften, love; ah, your hair is all in idleness.
See, I want to surround you with yourself and the faded expectation lift from the edges of your eyebrows; I want, as with inner eyelids sheer, to close for you all places which appear by my tender caresses now.

by Ezra Pound


 You came in out of the night
And there were flowers in your hand,
Now you will come out of a confusion of people,
Out of a turmoil of speech about you.
I who have seen you amid the primal things Was angry when they spoke your name IN ordinary places.
I would that the cool waves might flow over my mind, And that the world should dry as a dead leaf, Or as a dandelion see-pod and be swept away, So that I might find you again, Alone.