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Famous Short May Poems

Famous Short May Poems. Short May Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best May short poems

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May | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Hilaire Belloc

Lines For A Christmas Card

 May all my enemies go to hell,
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel

by Robert Herrick


 Man may want land to live in; but for all
Nature finds out some place for burial.

by Emily Dickinson

To their apartment deep

 To their apartment deep
No ribaldry may creep
Untumbled this abode
By any man but God --

by Robert Herrick


 Let's live in haste; use pleasures while we may;
Could life return, 'twould never lose a day.

by Robert Herrick


 Drink wine, and live here blitheful while ye may;
The morrow's life too late is; Live to-day.

by Emily Dickinson

Unto a broken heart

 Unto a broken heart
No other one may go
Without the high prerogative
Itself hath suffered too.

by W S Merwin

Do Not Die

In each world they may put us
Farther apart
Do not die
As this world is made I might
Live forever

by Emily Dickinson

Triumph -- may be of several kinds

 Triumph -- may be of several kinds --
There's Triumph in the Room
When that Old Imperator -- Death --
By Faith

by W S Merwin


 The star in my
Hand is falling

All the uniforms know what's no use

May I bow to Necessity not
To her hirelings

by Emily Dickinson

Tried always and Condemned by thee

 Tried always and Condemned by thee
Permit me this reprieve
That dying I may earn the look
For which I cease to live --

by Emily Dickinson

Declaiming Waters none may dread --

 Declaiming Waters none may dread --
But Waters that are still
Are so for that most fatal cause
In Nature -- they are full --

by Robert Burns

506. Epigram on Mr. James Gracie

 GRACIE, thou art a man of worth,
 O be thou Dean for ever!
May he be d—d to hell henceforth,
 Who fauts thy weight or measure!

by Dorothy Parker

De Profundis

 Oh, is it, then, Utopian
To hope that I may meet a man
Who'll not relate, in accents suave,
The tales of girls he used to have?

by Robert Burns

120. Epitaph for Gavin Hamilton Esq

 THE POOR man weeps—here Gavin sleeps,
 Whom canting wretches blam’d;
But with such as he, where’er he be,
 May I be sav’d or d—d!

by Friedrich von Schiller

Inside And Outside

 God alone sees the heart and therefore, since he alone sees it,
Be it our care that we, too, something that's worthy may see.

by Friedrich von Schiller

Friend And Foe

 Dearly I love a friend; yet a foe I may turn to my profit;
Friends show me that which I can; foes teach me that which I should.

by Robert Burns

36. Epitaph on James Grieve

 HERE lies Boghead amang the dead
 In hopes to get salvation;
But if such as he in Heav’n may be,
 Then welcome, hail! damnation.

by Maya Angelou

Passing Time

Your skin like dawn
Mine like musk

One paints the beginning
of a certain end.
The other, the end of a sure beginning.

by Walter Savage Landor


 Stand close around, ye Stygian set,
With Dirce in one boat conveyed,
Or Charon, seeing, may forget
That he is old and she a shade.

by Emily Dickinson

So set its Sun in Thee

 So set its Sun in Thee
What Day be dark to me --
What Distance -- far --
So I the Ships may see
That touch -- how seldomly --
Thy Shore?

by Emily Dickinson

Whose Pink career may have a close

 Whose Pink career may have a close
Portentous as our own, who knows?
To imitate these Neighbors fleet
In awe and innocence, were meet.

by Emily Dickinson

To venerate the simple days

 To venerate the simple days
Which lead the seasons by,
Needs but to remember
That from you or I,
They may take the trifle
Termed mortality!

by Robert Louis Stevenson

To My Mother

 You too, my mother, read my rhymes 
For love of unforgotten times, 
And you may chance to hear once more 
The little feet along the floor.

by Dorothy Parker

Partial Comfort

 Whose love is given over-well
Shall look on Helen's face in hell,
Whilst those whose love is thin and wise
May view John Knox in Paradise.

by Ogura Hyakunin Isshu

Sojo Henjo

O ye Winds of Heaven!
In the paths among the clouds
Blow, and close the ways,
That we may these virgin forms
Yet a little while detain.