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Famous Short Love Poems

Famous Short Love Poems. Short Love Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Love short poems

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Love | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Kobayashi Issa

Im going out

 I'm going out,
flies, so relax,
make love.

by Richard Brautigan

Color As Beginning

 Forget love 
I want to die 
in your yellow hair

by Kobayashi Issa

Having slept the cat gets up

 Having slept, the cat gets up,
yawns, goes out
to make love.

by Henry Van Dyke

Katrinas Sun-Dial

 Hours fly,
Flowers die:
New days,
New ways:
Pass by!
Love stays.

by Sappho

Without Warning

Without warning 
as a whirlwind 
swoops on an oak 
Love shakes my heart

by Robert Herrick


 Love is a circle, that doth restless move
In the same sweet eternity of Love.

by James A Emanuel

Louis Armstrong And Duke Ellington

 Satchmo's warm burlap,
Duke's cool cashmere: fine fabrics
make your love "Come here!"

by Bliss Carman


 Love's of itself too sweet; the best of all
Is, when love's honey has a dash of gall.

by Richard Brautigan

Just Because

 Just because
people love your mind, 
doesn't mean they 
have to have 
your body, 

by Dorothy Parker

Two-Volume Novel

 The sun's gone dim, and
The moon's turned black;
For I loved him, and
He didn't love back.

by James A Emanuel

John Coltrane

 "Love Supreme," JA-A-Z train,
prompt lightning-express, but made ALL local stops.

by Robert Herrick


 When words we want, Love teacheth to indite;
And what we blush to speak, she bids us write.

by Emily Dickinson

Sometimes with the Heart

 Sometimes with the Heart
Seldom with the Soul
Scarcer once with the Might
Few -- love at all.

by Emily Dickinson

The incidents of love

 The incidents of love
Are more than its Events --
Investment's best Expositor
Is the minute Per Cents --

by Emily Dickinson

Love is done when Loves begun

 Love is done when Love's begun,
Sages say,
But have Sages known?
Truth adjourn your Boon
Without Day.

by Emily Dickinson

Love -- is anterior to Life --

 Love -- is anterior to Life --
Posterior -- to Death --
Initial of Creation, and
The Exponent of Earth --

by Walt Whitman

Thou Reader

 THOU reader throbbest life and pride and love the same as I, 
Therefore for thee the following chants.

by Nizar Qabbani

Every Time I Kiss You

 Every time I kiss you
After a long separation
I feel
I am putting a hurried love letter
In a red mailbox.

by Emily Dickinson

The immortality she gave

 The immortality she gave
We borrowed at her Grave --
For just one Plaudit famishing,
The Might of Human love --

by Emily Dickinson

Is it too late to touch you Dear?

 Is it too late to touch you, Dear?
We this moment knew --
Love Marine and Love terrene --
Love celestial too --

by Emily Dickinson

To wait an Hour -- is long --

 To wait an Hour -- is long --
If Love be just beyond --
To wait Eternity -- is short --
If Love reward the end --

by Emily Dickinson

Loves stricken why

 Love's stricken "why"
Is all that love can speak --
Built of but just a syllable
The hugest hearts that break.

by Dorothy Parker


 Hope it was that tutored me,
And Love that taught me more;
And now I learn at Sorrow's knee
The self-same lore.

by William Morris


 Spring am I, too soft of heart
Much to speak ere I depart:
Ask the Summer-tide to prove
The abundance of my love.

by Emily Dickinson

That Love is all there is

 That Love is all there is,
Is all we know of Love;
It is enough, the freight should be
Proportioned to the groove.