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Famous Short Howl Poems

Famous Short Howl Poems. Short Howl Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Howl short poems

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Howl | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Natsume Soseki

Over the wintry

Over the wintry
forest, winds howl in rage
with no leaves to blow.

by Edward Lear

There was an Old Man with an Owl

There was an Old Man with an Owl,
Who continued to bother and howl;
He sat on a rail, and imbibed bitter ale,
Which refreshed that Old Man and his Owl.

by Robert Burns

64. Fragment of Song—'My Jean!'

 THO’ cruel fate should bid us part,
 Far as the pole and line,
Her dear idea round my heart,
 Should tenderly entwine.
Tho’ mountains, rise, and deserts howl, And oceans roar between; Yet, dearer than my deathless soul, I still would love my Jean.

by Barry Tebb


 How I loathe this land of my exile,

Concrete upon concrete,

Steel upon steel,

Glass upon glass

In massed battalions

And no way back.
My mind moves to a far-off place To a hill-top where the wind is my succour, Its blow and howl and rage Over the springing turf and heather Calms as the song of a mother And the last light’s glimmer.

by Robert Burns

425. Song—Had I a cave

 HAD I a cave on some wild distant shore,
Where the winds howl to the wave’s dashing roar:
 There would I weep my woes,
 There seek my lost repose,
 Till grief my eyes should close,
 Ne’er to wake more!

Falsest of womankind, can’st thou declare
All thy fond, plighted vows fleeting as air!
 To thy new lover hie,
 Laugh o’er thy perjury;
 Then in thy bosom try
 What peace is there!