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Famous Short Fish Poems

Famous Short Fish Poems. Short Fish Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Fish short poems

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Fish | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Yosa Buson

Old well

 Old well,
a fish leaps--
 dark sound.

by Margaret Atwood

You Fit Into Me

 You fit into me
like a hook into an eye
A fish hook
An open eye

by Matsuo Basho

What fish feel

 What fish feel,
birds feel, I don't know--
 the year ending.

by Kobayashi Issa

Not knowing

 Not knowing
it's a tub they're in
the fish cooling at the gate.

by Yosa Buson


fish the cormorants haven't caught
swimming in the shallows.

by Hilda Doolittle

The Pool

 Are you alive? 
I touch you.
You quiver like a sea-fish.
I cover you with my net.
What are you - banded one?

by Carl Sandburg


 THE SIX month child
Fresh from the tub
Wriggles in our hands.
This is our fish child.
Give her a nickname: Slippery.

by Edward Lear

N was a net


was a net
Which was thrown in the sea
To catch fish for dinner
For you and for me.


Nice little net!

by Edward Lear

F was a fish


was a fish
Who was caught in a net;
But he got out again,
And is quite alive yet.


Lively young fish!

by Edward Lear

Ff Fishy



Fishy, Wishy, Squishy, Fishy, In a dishy, Little fish!

by William Butler Yeats

Three Movements

 Shakespearean fish swam the sea, far away from land;
Romantic fish swam in nets coming to the hand;
What are all those fish that lie gasping on the strand?

by Edward Lear

F was a little Fish


was a little Fish.
Cook in the river took it Papa said, "Cook! Cook! bring a dish!
And, Cook! be quick and cook it!"

by Richard Brautigan

December 30

 At 1:30 in the morning a fart 
smells like a marriage between
an avocado and a fish head.
I have to get out of bed to write this down without my glasses on.

by Nizar Qabbani

In The Summer

 In the summer
I stretch out on the shore
And think of you
Had I told the sea
What I felt for you,
It would have left its shores,
Its shells,
Its fish,
And followed me.

by Omar Khayyam

'Tis best all other blessings to forego

'Tis best all other blessings to forego
For wine, that charming Turki maids bestow;
Kalendars' raptures pass all things that are,
From moon on high down into fish below!

by Edward Lear

There was an Old Man of the South

There was an Old Man of the South,
Who had an immoderate mouth;
But in swallowing a dish that was quite full of Fish,
He was choked, that Old Man of the South.

by Edward Lear

There was a Young Lady of Wales

There was a Young Lady of Wales,
Who caught a large Fish without scales;
When she lifted her hook, she exclaimed, "Only look!"
That ecstatic Young Lady of Wales.

by Edward Lear

There was an old person of Brill

There was an old person of Brill,
Who purchased a shirt with a frill;
But they said, "Don't you wish, you mayn't look like a fish,
You obsequious old person of Brill?"

by Edward Lear

There was an Old Man of Marseilles

There was an Old Man of Marseilles,
Whose daughters wore bottle-green veils:
They caught several Fish, which they put in a dish,
And sent to their Pa at Marseilles.

by John Montague

The Golden Hook

 Two fish float:

one slowly downstream
into the warm
currents of the known

the other tugging
against the stream,
disconsolate twin,

the golden 
marriage hook
tearing its throat.

by Omar Khayyam

Quoth fish to duck, Twill be a sad affair,

Quoth fish to duck, «Twill be a sad affair,
If this brook leaves its channel dry and bare»;
To whom the duck, «When I am dead and roasted
The brook may run with wine for aught I care.»

by Edward Lear

There was an old man of the Dargle

There was an old man of the Dargle
Who purchased six barrels of Gargle;
For he said, "I'll sit still, and will roll them down hill,
For the fish in the depths of the Dargle.

by Omar Khayyam

O Wheel of Heaven! Thou art complete in Thy ingratitude

O Wheel of Heaven! Thou art complete in Thy ingratitude.
Thou keepest me constantly bare [naked]
like a fish. The weaver's loom weaves clothes for human
beings; more charitable is it than Thou, O Wheel of

by José Martí

Once I was sailing for fun (Simple Verses XII)

Once I was sailing for fun
On a lake of great allure,
Like gold the sun shone so pure,
And my soul more than the sun.
Then suddenly I could smell Before I saw at my feet, A foul fish, with death replete, At the bottom of the well

by Mother Goose

One, Two, Three

One, two, three, four, five,
Once I caught a fish alive.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
But I let it go again.
Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so.
Which finger did it bite?
The little one upon the right.