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Famous Short Beautiful Poems

Famous Short Beautiful Poems. Short Beautiful Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Beautiful short poems

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Beautiful | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Emily Dickinson

The words the happy say

 The words the happy say
Are paltry melody
But those the silent feel
Are beautiful --

by Carl Sandburg

My People

 MY people are gray,
 pigeon gray, dawn gray, storm gray.
I call them beautiful, and I wonder where they are going.

by Walt Whitman

Beautiful Women

 WOMEN sit, or move to and fro—some old, some young; 
The young are beautiful—but the old are more beautiful than the young.

by Friedrich von Schiller

The Moral Force

 If thou feelest not the beautiful, still thou with reason canst will it;
And as a spirit canst do, that which as man thou canst not.

by Edward Lear

L was a lily


was a lily,
So white and so sweet!
To see it and smell it
Was quite a nice treat.


Beautiful Lily!

by Edward Lear

F was a fan


was a fan
Made of beautiful stuff;
And when it was used,
It went puffy-puff-puff!


Nice little fan.

by Edward Lear

A was an ape


was an ape,
Who stole some white tape,
And tied up his toes
In four beautiful bows.


Funny old Ape!

by Edward Lear

Z was some zinc


was some zinc,
So shiny and bright,
Which caused you to wink
In the sun's merry light.


Beautiful zinc!

by Edward Lear

W was a watch


was a watch,
Where, in letters of gold,
The hour of the day
You might always behold.


Beautiful watch!

by Edward Lear

P was a polly


was a polly,
All red, blue, and green,—
The most beautiful polly
That ever was seen.


Poor little Polly!

by Edward Lear

E was an eagle


was an eagle,
Who sat on the rocks,
And looked down on the fields
And the-far-away flocks.


Beautiful eagle!

by Richard Brautigan

Deer Tracks

 Beautiful, sobbing 
high-geared fucking 
and then to lie silently 
like deer tracks in the 
freshly-fallen snow beside 
the one you love.
That's all.

by Richard Brautigan


 The petals of the vagina unfold
like Christofer Columbus
taking off his shoes.
Is there anything more beautiful than the bow of a ship touching a new world?

by Omar Khayyam

The sages who have well considered this world of

The sages who have well considered this world of
dust, this sojourn of inconstancy from one end to the
other, see nothing in it agreeable but wine in ruby
cups and beautiful countenances.

by Robert Burns

472. To the beautiful Miss Eliza J——n on her principles of Liberty and Eqality

 HOW, Liberty! girl, can it be by thee nam’d?
Equality too! hussey, art not asham’d?
Free and Equal indeed, while mankind thou enchainest,
And over their hearts a proud Despot so reignest.

by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Recipe For Happiness Khaborovsk Or Anyplace

 One grand boulevard with trees
with one grand cafe in sun
with strong black coffee in very small cups.
One not necessarily very beautiful man or woman who loves you.
One fine day.

by Omar Khayyam

Yes, it is beautiful to enjoy good fame; it is shameful

Yes, it is beautiful to enjoy good fame; it is shameful
to complain of the injustice of heaven; it is better to
become drunk with the juice of the grape, than to be
puffed up with false devotion.

by Omar Khayyam

To drink wine and seek beautiful faces is wiser than

To drink wine and seek beautiful faces is wiser than
to practise hypocrisy and apparent devotion. It is evident
that if there exist a Hell for lovers and drinkers,
no one would wish for Paradise.

by Omar Khayyam

Who will believe that He who fashioned the cup could

Who will believe that He who fashioned the cup could
think of destroying it? All these beautiful heads, all
these beautiful arms, all these dainty hands, are by what
love created and by what hate destroyed?

by Robert Creeley

Water Music

 The words are a beautiful music.
The words bounce like in water.
Water music, loud in the clearing off the boats, birds, leaves.
They look for a place to sit and eat-- no meaning, no point.

by William Butler Yeats

The Lover Mourns For The Loss Of Love

 Pale brows, still hands and dim hair,
I had a beautiful friend
And dreamed that the old despair
Would end in love in the end:
She looked in my heart one day
And saw your image was there;
She has gone weeping away.

by Spike Milligan

Mirror Mirror

 A young spring-tender girl
combed her joyous hair
'You are very ugly' said the mirror.
But, on her lips hung a smile of dove-secret loveliness, for only that morning had not the blind boy said, 'You are beautiful'?

by Omar Khayyam

Oh! what damage may the vessels filled to flowing do,

Oh! what damage may the vessels filled to flowing do,
and how incomplete are they who possess riches! The
eyes of beautiful Turkish women are a feast to the heart,
yet they are simple learners from the slaves who own

by Emily Dickinson

Id rather recollect a setting

 I'd rather recollect a setting
Than own a rising sun
Though one is beautiful forgetting --
And true the other one.
Because in going is a Drama Staying cannot confer To die divinely once a Twilight -- Than wane is easier --

by Richard Brautigan

The Beautiful Poem

 I go to bed in Los Angeles thinking
about you.
Pissing a few moments ago I looked down at my penis affectionately.
Knowing it has been inside you twice today makes me feel beautiful.
3 A.
January 15, 1967