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Famous Car Poems | Examples of Famous Car Poetry

These are examples of famous Car poems written by famous poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of famous Car poems about Car. These examples illustrate what famous Car poems looks like and its form.

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Famous PoemPoet
I Write My Mother a Poem Brown, Fleda
The Magpie Evening: A Prayer Fincke, Gary
Sonnet -- To Science Poe, Edgar Allan
Berck-Plage Plath, Sylvia
Song of the Indian Maid Keats, John
Sunflower Sutra Ginsberg, Allen
The Triumph ,
Astrophel and Stella Sidney, Sir Philip
To Speak of Woe That Is in Marriage Lowell, Robert
Skunk Hour Lowell, Robert
In a Train Bly, Robert
Who Runs America? Ginsberg, Allen
Crow and Mama Hughes, Ted
Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat Eliot, Thomas Stearns Eliot (T S)
In My Youth I Was a Tireless Dancer Dorn, Edward
At The Smithville Methodist Church Dunn, Stephen
The Waste Land Eliot, Thomas Stearns Eliot (T S)
Broadway Doty, Mark
Metro North Doty, Mark
The Knights Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey
Drinking While Driving Carver, Raymond
Fear Carver, Raymond
Bobber Carver, Raymond
I Know A Man Creeley, Robert
Filthy Savior Bosselaar, Laure-Anne
Dilton Marsh Halt Betjeman, John
Meditation on the A30 Betjeman, John
Inexpensive Progress Betjeman, John
Five OClock Shadow Betjeman, John
A Subalterns Love Song Betjeman, John
The Irish Unionists farewell to Greta Hellastrom in 1922 Betjeman, John
The Twenty Hoss-Power Shay Butler, Ellis Parker
Says Mister Doojabs Butler, Ellis Parker
All Distance Belieu, Erin
The Moon Berman, David
To Mr. Blanchard the Celebrated Aeronaut in America Freneau, Philip
Lachin Y Gair Byron, George (Lord)
Show Biz Bukowski, Charles
The Icecream People Bukowski, Charles
Gamblers All Bukowski, Charles
Hot Bukowski, Charles
We Aint Got No Money Honey But We Got Rain Bukowski, Charles
Another Day Bukowski, Charles
Young In New Orleans Bukowski, Charles
I Made A Mistake Bukowski, Charles
Let It Enfold You Bukowski, Charles
The City Planners Atwood, Margaret
What Kind Of A Person Amichai, Yehuda
The Norsemen ( From Narrative and Legendary Poems ) Whittier, John Greenleaf
A Poem About George Doty In The Death House Wright, James
Outside Fargo North Dakota Wright, James
A Farewel To America to Mrs. S. W. Wheatley, Phillis
To His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor Wheatley, Phillis
To Elsie Williams, William Carlos (WCW)
The Term Williams, William Carlos (WCW)
Romance Moderne Williams, William Carlos (WCW)
The Young Housewife Williams, William Carlos (WCW)
A Goodnight Williams, William Carlos (WCW)
Mercian Hymns XVII Hill, Geoffrey
Les pas Valery, Paul
Non-Stop Taylor, Edward
Demeter And Persephone Tennyson, Alfred Lord
September On Jessore Road Ginsberg, Allen
Those Two Ginsberg, Allen
Merry-Go-Round Hughes, Langston
The Alarm Hardy, Thomas
The House Of Dust: Part 01: 06: Over the darkened city the city of towers Aiken, Conrad
An old life Hall, Donald
Postscript Heaney, Seamus
Keeping Going Heaney, Seamus
From The Frontier Of Writing Heaney, Seamus
The Flaâneur Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Paragraphs from a Day-Book Hacker, Marilyn
Woolworths Hillringhouse, Mark
Next Day Jarrell, Randall
The House In The Woods Jarrell, Randall
Bixbys Landing Jeffers, Robinson
The Road Jones, Richard
On Leaving Some Friends At An Early Hour Keats, John
Endymion: Book I Keats, John
Endymion: Book IV Keats, John
Endymion: Book II Keats, John
Song of the Indian Maid from Endymion Keats, John
Song of the Indian Maid from Endymion Keats, John
As the Bell Clinks Kipling, Rudyard
MFingal - Canto II Trumbull, John
Bridge-Guard in the Karroo Kipling, Rudyard
On the Road McKay, Claude
A Passing Glimpse Frost, Robert
The Dog Lovers Milligan, Spike
Sexism Lehman, David
Five Haiku Eluard, Paul
From Arcades Milton, John
To Various Persons Talked To All At Once Koch, Kenneth
Romance Son?mbulo García Lorca, Federico
La Casada Infiel García Lorca, Federico
Venus of the Louvre Lazarus, Emma
Money Larkin, Philip
Breadfruit Larkin, Philip
The Building Larkin, Philip