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Best Famous Education Poems

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous Education poems. This is a select list of the best famous Education poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous Education poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. These top poems are the best examples of education poems.

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by Constantine P Cavafy | |

Apollonius Of Tyana In Rhodes

 Apollonius was talking about
proper education and conduct with a young
man who was building a luxurious
house in Rhodes.
"As for me" said the Tyanian at last, "when I enter a temple however small it may be, I very much prefer to see a statue of ivory and gold than a clay and vulgar one in a large temple".
-- The "clay" and "vulgar"; the detestable: that already some people (without enough training) it deceives knavishly.
The clay and vulgar.

by Tanwir Phool | |

Bachchay (Kids)

Bachchay hamaara kal haiN
Ham paiR haiN,woh phal haiN
Ta'aleem gar ho achchhi
Sab mas'alay hi Hal haiN
(Tanwir Phool)
( English translation)
Our kids are our future
We are trees and they are fruits
If better education is provided to them
There will be no problem at all

by David Lehman | |

Ode To Modern Art

 Come on in and stay a while
I'll photograph you emerging from the revolving door
like Frank O'Hara dating the muse of modern art
Talking about the big Pollock show is better
than going to it on a dismal Saturday afternoon
when my luncheon partner is either the author or the subject
of The Education of Henry Adams at a hard-to-get-
a-table-at restaurant on Cornelia Street
just what is chaos theory anyway
I'm not sure but it helps explain "Autumn Rhythm"
the closest thing to chaos without crossing the border
I think you should write that book on Eakins and also the one
on nineteenth century hats the higher the hat the sweller the toff
and together we will come up with Mondrian in the grid of Manhattan
Gerald Murphy's "Still Life with Wasp" and the best Caravaggio in the country
in Kansas City well it's been swell, see you in Cleveland April 23
The reason time goes faster as you grow older is that each day
is a tinier proportion of the totality of days in your life

by Emily Dickinson | |

Through the Dark Sod -- as Education

 Through the Dark Sod -- as Education --
The Lily passes sure --
Feels her white foot -- no trepidation --
Her faith -- no fear --

Afterward -- in the Meadow --
Swinging her Beryl Bell --
The Mold-life -- all forgotten -- now --
In Ecstasy -- and Dell --