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Best Famous Nikki Giovanni Poems

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous Nikki Giovanni poems. This is a select list of the best famous Nikki Giovanni poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous Nikki Giovanni poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. These top poems are the best examples of Nikki Giovanni poems.

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Written by Nikki Giovanni |

Love Is

Some people forget that love is

tucking you in and kissing you

"Good night"

no matter how young or old you are

Some people don't remember that

love is

listening and laughing and asking


no matter what your age

Few recognize that love is

commitment, responsibility

no fun at all


Love is

You and me 

Written by Nikki Giovanni |


If i can't do

what i want to do

then my job is to not

do what i don't want

to do

It's not the same thing

but it's the best i can


If i can't have

what i want .<br> .<br> .<br> then

my job is to want

what i've got

and be satisfied

that at least there

is something more to want

Since i can't go

where i need

to go .<br> .<br> .<br> then i must .<br> .<br> .<br> go

where the signs point

through always understanding

parallel movement

isn't lateral

When i can't express

what i really feel

i practice feeling

what i can express

and none of it is equal

I know

but that's why mankind

alone among the animals

learns to cry 

Written by Nikki Giovanni |

You Came, Too

<h3>You Came, Too</h3><br>I came to the crowd seeking friends  <br>I came to the crowd seeking love  <br>I came to the crowd for understanding    <p><br>I found you    </p><p><br>I came to the crowd to weep  <br>I came to the crowd to laugh    </p><p><br>You dried my tears  <br>You shared my happiness    </p><p><br>I went from the crowd seeking you  <br>I went from the crowd seeking me  <br>I went from the crowd forever    </p><p><br>You came, too    </p>

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Written by Nikki Giovanni |

Life Cycles

<h3>Life Cycles</h3><br>she realized  <br>she wasn't one  <br>of life's winners  <br>when she wasn't sure  <br>life to her was some dark  <br>dirty secret that  <br>like some unwanted child  <br>too late for an abortion  <br>was to be borne  <br>alone    <p><br>she had so many private habits  <br>she would masturbate sometimes  <br>she always picked her nose when upset  <br>she liked to sit with silence  <br>in the dark  <br>sadness is not an unusual state  <br>for the black woman  <br>or writers    </p><p><br>she took to sneaking drinks  <br>a habit which displeased her  <br>both for its effects  <br>and taste  <br>yet eventually sleep  <br>would wrestle her in triumph  <br>onto the bed    </p>

Written by Nikki Giovanni |


<h3>Habits</h3><br>i haven't written a poem in so long  <br>i may have forgotten how  <br>unless writing a poem  <br>is like riding a bike  <br>or swimming upstream  <br>or loving you  <br>it may be a habit that once aquired  <br>is never lost    <p><br>but you say i'm foolish  <br>of course you love me  <br>but being loved of course  <br>is not the same as being loved because  <br>or being loved despite  <br>or being loved    </p><p><br>if you love me why  <br>do i feel so lonely  <br>and why do i always wake up alone  <br>and why am i practicing  <br>not having you to love  <br>i never loved you that way      </p>

Written by Nikki Giovanni |

All I Gotta Do

<h3>All I Gotta Do</h3><br>all i gotta do  <br>is sit and wait  <br>sit and wait  <br>and it's gonna find  <br>me  <br>all i gotta do  <br>is sit and wait  <br>if i can learn how    <p><br>what i need to do  <br>is sit and wait  <br>cause i'm a woman  <br>sit and wait  <br>what i gotta do  <br>is sit and wait  <br>cause i'm a woman  <br>it'll find me    </p><p><br>you get yours  <br>and i'll get mine  <br>if i learn  <br>to sit and wait  <br>you got yours  <br>i want mine  <br>and i'm gonna get it  <br>cause i gotta get it  <br>cause i need to get it  <br>if i learn how    </p><p><br>thought about calling  <br>for it on the phone  <br>asked for a delivery  <br>but they didn't have it  <br>thought about going  <br>to the store to get it  <br>walked to the corner  <br>but they didn't have it    </p><p><br>called your name  <br>in my sleep  <br>sitting and waiting  <br>thought you would awake me  <br>called your name  <br>lying in my bed  <br>but you didn't have it  <br>offered to go get it  <br>but you didn't have it  <br>so i'm sitting    </p><p><br>all i know  <br>is sitting and waiting  <br>waiting and sitting  <br>cause i'm a woman  <br>all i know  <br>is sitting and waiting  <br>cause i gotta wait  <br>wait for it to find  <br>me    </p>

Written by Nikki Giovanni |

When I Die

<h3>When I Die</h3><br>when i die i hope no one who ever hurt me cries  <br>and if they cry i hope their eyes fall out  <br>and a million maggots that had made up their brains  <br>crawl from the empty holes and devour the flesh  <br>that covered the evil that passed itself off as a person  <br>that i probably tried  <br>to love      

Written by Nikki Giovanni |

Winter Poem

<h3>Winter Poem</h3><br>once a snowflake fell  <br>on my brow and i loved  <br>it so much and i kissed  <br>it and it was happy and called its cousins  <br>and brothers and a web  <br>of snow engulfed me then  <br>i reached to love them all  <br>and i squeezed them and they became  <br>a spring rain and i stood perfectly  <br>still and was a flower    

Written by Nikki Giovanni |

Knoxville Tennessee

 I always like summer
you can eat fresh corn
From daddy's garden
And okra
And greens
And cabbage
And lots of
And buttermilk
And homemade ice-cream
At the church picnic
And listen to
Gospel music
At the church
And go to the mountains with
Your grandmother
And go barefooted
And be warm
All the time
Not only when you go to bed
And sleep

Written by Nikki Giovanni |

Sky Diving

<h3>Sky Diving</h3><br>I hang on the edge  <br> of this universe  <br> singing off-key  <br> talking too loud  <br> embracing myself  <br> to cushion the fall    <p><br>I shall tumble  <br> into deep space  <br> never in this form  <br> or with this feeling  <br> to return to earth    </p><p><br> It is not tragic    </p><p><br>I will spiral  <br> through that Black hole  <br> losing skin limbs  <br> internal organs  <br> searing  <br> my naked soul    </p><p><br>Landing  <br> in the next galaxy  <br> with only my essence  <br> embracing myself  <br> as    </p><p><br>I dream of you    </p>

Written by Nikki Giovanni |

For Saundra

<h3>For Saundra</h3><br>i wanted to write  <br>a poem  <br>that rhymes  <br>but revolution doesn't lend  <br>itself to be-bopping    <p><br>then my neighbor  <br>who thinks i hate  <br>asked  do you ever write  <br>tree poems  i like trees  <br>so i thought  <br>i'll write a beautiful green tree poem  <br>peeked from my window  <br>to check the image  <br>noticed that the school yard was covered  <br>with asphalt  <br>no green  no trees grow  <br>in manhattan    </p><p><br>then, well, i thought the sky  <br>i'll do a big blue sky poem  <br>but all the clouds have winged  <br>low since no-Dick was elected    </p><p><br>so i thought again  <br>and it occurred to me  <br>maybe i shouldn't write  <br>at all  <br>but clean my gun  <br>and check my kerosene supply    </p><p><br>perhaps these are not poetic  <br>times  <br>at all    </p>