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Best Famous Isaac Watts Poems

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous Isaac Watts poems. This is a select list of the best famous Isaac Watts poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous Isaac Watts poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. These top poems are the best examples of Isaac Watts poems.

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Written by Isaac Watts | |

Psalm 139 part 3

 Sincerity professed, and grace tried; or, The heart-searching God.
My God, what inward grief I feel When impious men transgress thy will! I mourn to hear their lips profane Take thy tremendous name in vain.
Does not my soul detest and hate The sons of malice and deceit? Those that oppose thy laws and thee, I count them enemies to me.
Lord, search my soul, try every thought; Though my own heart accuse me not Of walking in a false disguise, I beg the trial of thine eyes.
Doth secret mischief lurk within? Do I indulge some unknown sin? O turn my feet whene'er I stray, And lead me in thy perfect way.

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Psalm 118 part 3

22,23 C.
Christ the foundation of his church.
Behold the sure foundation-stone Which God in Zion lays, To build our heav'nly hopes upon, And his eternal praise.
Chosen of God, to sinners dear, And saints adore the name; They trust their whole salvation here, Nor shall they suffer shame.
The foolish builders, scribe and priest, Reject it with disdain; Yet on this Rock the church shall rest, And envy rage in vain.
What though the gates of hell withstood, Yet must this building rise; 'Tis thy own work, almighty God, And wondrous in our eyes.

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Hymn 96

 Election excludes boasting.
1 Cor.
But few among the carnal wise, But few of noble race, Obtain the favor of thine eyes, Almighty King of Grace.
He takes the men of meanest name For sons and heirs of God; And thus he pours abundant shame On honorable blood.
He calls the fool, and makes him know The myst'ries of his grace, To bring aspiring wisdom low, And all its pride abase.
Nature has all its glories lost When brought before his throne; No flesh shall in his presence boast, But in the Lord alone.

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Written by Isaac Watts | |

Hymn 24

 The rich sinner dying.
49:6,9; Eccl.
8:8; Job 3:14,15.
In vain the wealthy mortals toil, And heap their shining dust in vain, Look down and scorn the humble poor, And boast their lofty hills of gain.
Their golden cordials cannot ease Their pained hearts or aching heads, Nor fright nor bribe approaching death From glitt'ring roofs and downy beds.
The ling'ring, the unwilling soul The dismal summons must obey, And bid a long, a sad farewell To the pale lump of lifeless clay.
Thence they are huddled to the grave, Where kings and slaves have equal thrones; Their bones without distinction lie Amongst the heap of meaner bones.

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Hymn 23 part 1

 Absent from the body, and present with the Lord.
2 Cor.
Absent from flesh! O blissful thought! What unknown joys this moment brings! Freed from the mischiefs sin has brought, From pains, and fears, and all their springs.
Absent from flesh! illustrious day! Surprising scene! triumphant stroke That rends the prison of my clay; And I can feel my fetters broke.
Absent from flesh! then rise, my soul, Where feet nor wings could never climb, Beyond the heav'ns, where planets roll, Measuring the cares and joys of time.
I go where God and glory shine, His presence makes eternal day: My all that's mortal I resign, For angels wait and point my way.

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Hymn 121

 Children devoted to God.
[For those who practise infant Baptism.
] Gen.
17:7,10; Acts 16:14,15,33.
Thus saith the mercy of the Lord, "I'll be a God to thee; I'll bless thy num'rous race, and they Shall be a seed for me.
" Abram believed the promised grace, And gave his sons to God; But water seals the blessing now, That once was sealed with blood.
Thus Lydia sanctified her house, When she received the word; Thus the believing jailer gave His household to the Lord.
Thus later saints, eternal King! Thine ancient truth embrace; To thee their infant offspring bring, And humbly claim the grace.

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Hymn 122

 Believers buried with Christ in baptism.
Do we not know that solemn word, That we are buried with the Lord, Baptized into his death, and then Put off the body of our sin? Our souls receive diviner breath, Raised from corruption, guilt, and death; So from the grave did Christ arise, And lives to God above the skies.
No more let sin or Satan reign Over our mortal flesh again; The various lusts we served before Shall have dominion now no more.

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Hymn 105

 Heaven invisible and holy.
1 Cor.
2:9,10; Rev.
Nor eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard, Nor sense nor reason known, What joys the Father hath prepared For those that love the Son.
But the good Spirit of the Lord Reveals a heav'n to come; The beams of glory in his word Allure and guide us home.
Pure are the joys above the sky, And all the region peace; No wanton lips nor envious eye Can see or taste the bliss.
Those holy gates for ever bar Polution, sin, and shame None shall obtain admittance there But followers of the Lamb.
He keeps the Father's book of life, There all their names are found; The hypocrite in vain shall strive To tread the heav'nly ground

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Hymn 106

 Dead to sin by the cross of Christ.
Shall we go on to sin Because thy grace abounds; Or crucify the Lord again, And open all his wounds? Forbid it, mighty God! Nor let it e'er be said, That we whose sins are crucified Should raise them from the dead.
We will be slaves no more, Since Christ has made us free; Has nailed our tyrants to his cross, And bought our liberty.

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Psalm 3

 Doubts and fears suppressed.
My God, how many are my fears! How fast my foes increase! Conspiring my eternal death, They break my present peace.
The lying tempter would persuade There's no relief in heav'n; And all my swelling sins appear Too big to be forgiv'n.
But thou, my glory and my strength, Shalt on the tempter tread, Shalt silence all my threatening guilt, And raise my drooping head.
[I cried, and from his holy lull He bowed a listening ear; I called my Father, and my God, And he subdued my fear.
He shed soft slumbers on mine eyes, In spite of all my foes; I woke, and wondered at the grace That guarded my repose.
] What though the hosts of death and hell All armed against me stood, Terrors no more shall shake my soul; My refuge is my God.
Arise, O Lord, fulfil thy grace, While I thy glory sing; My God has broke the serpent's teeth, And death has lost his sting.
Salvation to the Lord belongs; His arm alone can save: Blessings attend thy people here, And reach beyond the grave.

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Psalm 30 part 1

 Sickness healed, and sorrow removed.
I Will extol thee, Lord, on high, At thy command diseases fly: Who but a God can speak and save From the dark borders of the grave? Sing to the Lord, ye saints of his, And tell how large his goodness is; Let all your powers rejoice and bless While you record his holiness.
His anger but a moment stays; His love is life and length of days; Though grief and tears the night employ, The morning star restores the joy.

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Psalm 30 part 2

6 L.
Health, sickness, and recovery.
Firm was my health, my day was bright, And I presumed 'twould ne'er be night; Fondly I said within my heart, "Pleasure and peace shall ne'er depart.
" But I forgot thine arm was strong Which made my mountain stand so long: Soon as thy face began to hide, My health was gone, my comforts died.
I cried aloud to thee, my God, "What canst thou profit by my blood? Deep in the dust can I declare Thy truth, or sing thy goodness there? "Hear me, O God of grace," I said, "And bring me from among the dead:" Thy word rebuked the pains I felt, Thy pard'ning love removed my guilt.
My groans, and tears, and forms of woe Are turned to joy and praises now; I throw my sackcloth on the ground, And ease and gladness gird me round My tongue, the glory of my frame, Shall ne'er be silent of thy name; Thy praise shall sound through earth and heav'n For sickness healed and sins forgiv'n.

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Psalm 31 part 1

5,13-19,22,23 C.
Deliverance from death.
Unto thine hand, O God of truth, My spirit I commit; Thou hast redeemed my soul from death, And saved me from the pit.
The passions of my hope and fear Maintained a doubtful strife, While sorrow, pain, and sin conspired To take away my life.
"My times are in thine hand," I cried, "Though I draw near the dust; Thou art the refuge where I hide, The God in whom I trust.
O make thy reconciled face Upon thy servant shine, And save me for thy mercy's sake, For I'm entirely thine.
['Twas in my haste my spirit said, "I must despair and die, I am cut off before thine eyes; But thou hast heard my cry.
] Thy goodness how divinely free! How wondrous is thy grace To those that fear thy majesty, And trust thy promises! O love the Lord, all ye his saints, And sing his praises loud; He'll bend his ear to your complaints, And recompense the proud.

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Psalm 31 part 2

7-13,18-21 C.
Deliverance from slander and reproach.
My heart rejoices in thy name, My God, my help, my trust; Thou hast preserved my face from shame, Mine honor from the dust.
"My life is spent with grief," I cried, "My years consumed in groans, My strength decays, mine eyes are dried, And sorrow wastes my bones.
" Among mine enemies my name Was a mere proverb grown, While to my neighbors I became Forgotten and unknown.
Slander and fear on every side Seized and beset me round I to the throne of grace applied, And speedy rescue found.
How great deliverance thou hast wrought Before the sons of men! The lying lips to silence brought, And made their boastings vain! Thy children from the strife of tongues Shall thy pavilion hide; Guard them from infamy and wrongs, And crush the sons of pride.
Within thy secret presence, Lord, Let me for ever dwell; No fenced city, walled and barred, Secures a saint so well.

Written by Isaac Watts | |

Psalm 32

 Forgiveness of sins upon confession.
O Blessed souls are they Whose sins are covered o'er! Divinely blest, to whom the Lord Imputes their guilt no more.
They mourn their follies past, And keep their hearts with care; Their lips and lives, without deceit, Shall prove their faith sincere.
While I concealed my guilt, I felt the fest'ring wound; Till I confessed my sins to thee, And ready pardon found.
Let sinners learn to pray, Let saints keep near the throne; Our help, in times of deep distress, Is found in God alone.