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Best Famous Isaac Watts Poems

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous Isaac Watts poems. This is a select list of the best famous Isaac Watts poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous Isaac Watts poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. These top poems are the best examples of Isaac Watts poems.

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Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 94 part 1

1,2,7-14 C.
Saints chastised, and sinners destroyed; or, Instructive afflictions.
O God, to whom revenge belongs, "Proclaim thy wrath aloud; Let sovereign power redress our wrongs, Let justice smite the proud.
They say, "The Lord nor sees nor hears:" When will the fools be wise? Can he be deaf who formed their ears? Or blind, who made their eyes? He knows their impious thoughts are vain, And they shall feel his power; His wrath shall pierce their souls with pain In some surprising hour.
But if thy saints deserve rebuke, Thou hast a gentler rod; Thy providence's and thy book Shall make them know their God.
Blest is the man thy hands chastise, And to his duty draw; Thy scourges make thy children wise When they forget thy law.
But God will ne'er cast off his saints, Nor his own promise break He pardons his inheritance For their Redeemer's sake.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 89 part 2

7ff C.
The power and majesty of God; or, Reverential worship.
With rev'rence let the saints appear, And bow before the Lord; His high commands with rev'rence hear, And tremble at his word.
How terrible thy glories be! How bright thine armies shine! Where is the power that vies with thee, Or truth compared to thine? The northern pole and southern rest On thy supporting hand; Darkness and day, from east to west, Move round at thy command.
Thy words the raging winds control, And rule the boist'rous deep; Thou mak'st the sleeping billows roll, The rolling billows sleep.
Heav'n, earth, and air, and sea, are thine, And the dark world of hell; How did thine arm in vengeance shine When Egypt durst rebel! Justice and judgment are thy throne, Yet wondrous is thy grace; While truth and mercy, joined in one, Invite us near thy face.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Hymn 133

 Love and charity.
1 Cor.
13:2-7, 13.
Let Pharisees of high esteem Their faith and zeal declare, All their religion is a dream, If love be wanting there.
Love suffers long with patient eye, Nor is provoked in haste; She lets the present injury die, And long forgets the past.
[Malice and rage, those fires of hell, She quenches with her tongue; Hopes and believes, and thinks no ill, Though she endure the wrong.
] [She nor desires nor seeks to know The scandals of the time; Nor looks with pride on those below, Nor envies those that climb.
] She lays her own advantage by To seek her neighbor's good; So God's own Son came down to die, And bought our lives with blood.
Love is the grace that keeps her power In all the realms above; There faith and hope are known no more, But saints for ever love.

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Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 147

7-9,13-18 C.
The seasons of the year.
With songs and honors sounding loud, Address the Lord on high; Over the heav'ns he spreads his cloud, And waters veil the sky.
He sends his showers of blessing down To cheer the plains below; He makes the grass the mountains crown, And corn in valleys grow.
He gives the grazing ox his meat, He hears the raven's cry; But man, who tastes his finest wheat, Should raise his honors high.
His steady counsels change the face Of the declining year; He bids the sun cut short his race, And wintry days appear.
His hoary frost, his fleecy snow, Descend and clothe the ground; The liquid streams forbear to flow, In icy fetters bound.
When from the dreadful stores on high He pours the rattling hail, The wretch that dares this God defy Shall find his courage fail.
He sends his word, and melts the snow, The fields no longer mourn; He calls the warmer gales to blow, And bids the spring return.
The changing wind, the flying cloud, Obey his mighty word: With songs and honors sounding loud, Praise ye the sovereign Lord.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 83

 A complaint against persecutors.
And will the God of grace Perpetual silence keep? The God of justice hold his peace, And let his vengeance sleep? Behold, what cursed snares The men of mischief spread! The men that hate thy saints and thee Lift up their threat'ning head.
Against thy hidden ones Their counsels they employ, And malice, with her watchful eye, Pursues them to destroy.
The noble and the base Into thy pastures leap; The lion and the stupid ass Conspire to vex thy sheep.
"Come, let us join," they cry, "To root them from the ground, Till not the name of saints remain, Nor mem'ry shall be found.
" Awake, Almighty God, And call thy wrath to mind; Give them like forests to the fire, Or stubble to the wind.
Convince their madness, Lord, And make them seek thy name; Or else their stubborn rage confound, That they may die in shame.
Then shall the nations know That glorious, dreadful word, Jehovah is thy name alone, And thou the sovereign Lord.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm LXXII: Great God

 Great God, whose universal sway
The known and unknown worlds obey,
Now give the kingdom to thy Son,
Extend his power, exalt his throne.
The scepter well becomes his hands; All heaven submits to his commands; His justice shall avenge the poor, And pride and rage prevail no more.
With power he vindicates the just, And treads the oppressor in the dust: His worship and his fear shall last Till the full course of time be past.
As rain on meadows newly mown, So shall he send his influence down: His grace on fainting souls distils, Like heavenly dew on thirsty hills.
The heathen lands, that lie beneath The shades of overspreading death, Revive at his first dawning light; And deserts blossom at the sight.
The saints shall flourish in his days, Decked in the robes of joy and praise; Peace, like a river, from his throne Shall flow to nations yet unknown.
Jesus shall reign where'er the Sun Doth his successive journeys run; His kingdom stretch from shore to shore, Till suns shall rise and set no more.
For him shall endless prayer be made, And praises throng to crown his head; His name like sweet perfume shall rise With every morning sacrifice.
People and realms of every tongue Dwell on his love with sweetest song; And infant voices shall proclaim Their young Hosannas to his name.
Blessings abound where'er he reigns; The prisoner leaps to lose his chains; The weary find eternal rest; And all the sons of want are blest.
Where he displays his healing power, Death and the curse are known no more: In him the tribes of Adam boast More blessings than their father lost.
Let every creature rise, and bring Its grateful honors to our King; Angels descend with songs again, And earth prolong the joyful strain.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm XIX: The Heavens Declare Thy Glory Lord

 The heavens declare thy glory, Lord,
In every star thy wisdom shines;
But when our eyes behold thy word,
We read thy name in fairer lines.
The rolling sun, the changing light, And night and day, thy power confess; But the blest volume thou hast writ Reveals thy justice and thy grace.
Sun, moon, and stars convey thy praise Round the whole earth, and never stand; So when thy truth began its race, It touched and glanced on every land.
Nor shall thy spreading gospel rest Till through the world thy truth has run Till Christ has all the nations blest, That see the light or feel the sun.
Great Sun of righteousness, arise, Bless the dark world with heavenly light: Thy gospel makes the simple wise; Thy laws are pure, thy judgments right.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Examples of Early Piety

 What blest examples do I find
Writ in the Word of Truth
Of children that began to mind
Religion in their youth!

Jesus, who reigns above the sky,
And keeps the world in awe,
Was once a child as young as I,
And kept His Father's law.
At twelve years old he talked with men, The Jews all wondering stand; Yet He obeyed his Mother then, And came at her command.
Children a sweet hosanna sung, And blest their Savior's name; They gave Him honor with their tongue, While scribes and priests blaspheme.
Samuel the child was weaned and brought To wait upon the Lord: Young Timothy betimes was taught To know his holy Word.
Then why should I so long delay What others learnt so soon? I would not pass another day Without this work begun.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 100

 A plain translation.
Praise to our Creator.
Ye nations round the earth, rejoice Before the Lord, your sovereign King; Serve him with cheerful heart and voice, With all your tongues his glory sing.
The Lord is God; 'tis he alone Doth life, and breath, and being give; We are his work, and not our own, The sheep that on his pastures live.
Enter his gates with songs of joy, With praises to his courts repair; And make it your divine employ To pay your thanks and honors there.
The Lord is good, the Lord is kind, Great is his grace, his mercy sure; And the whole race of man shall find His truth from age to age endure.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 90 part 2

8-12 C.
Infirmities and mortality the effect of sin.
Lord, if thine eye surveys our faults, And justice grows severe, Thy dreadful wrath exceeds our thoughts, And burns beyond our fear.
Thine anger turns our frame to dust; By one offence to thee Adam with all his sons have lost Their immortality.
Life, like a vain amusement, flies, A fable or a song; By swift degrees our nature dies, Nor can our joys be long.
'Tis but a few whose days amount To threescore years and ten; And all beyond that short account Is sorrow, toil, and pain.
[Our vitals with laborious strife Bear up the crazy load, And drag those poor remains of life Along the tiresome road.
] Almighty God, reveal thy love, And not thy wrath alone; O let our sweet experience prove The mercies of thy throne! Our souls would learn the heav'nly art T' improve the hours we have, That we may act the wiser part, And live beyond the grave.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Against Scoffing and Calling Names

 Our tongues were made to bless the Lord,
And not speak ill of men:
When others give a railing word,
We must not rail again.
Cross words and angry names require To be chastised at school; And he's in danger of hell-fire That calls his brother fool.
But lips that dare be so profane To mock, and jeer, and scoff At holy things, or holy men, The Lord shall cut them off.
When children, in their wanton play, Served old Elisha so, And bade the prophet go his way, "Go up, thou bald head, go!" God quickly stopped their wicked breath; And sent two raging bears, That tore them limb from limb to death, With blood, and groans, and tears.
Great God! How terrible art thou To sinners e'er so young: Grant me thy grace, and teach me how To tame and rule my tongue.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 85 part 2

9ff L.
Salvation by Christ.
Salvation is for ever nigh The souls that fear and trust the Lord And grace descending from on high Fresh hopes of glory shall afford.
Mercy and truth on earth are met, Since Christ the Lord came down from heav'n; By his obedience so complete, Justice is pleased, and peace is giv'n.
Now truth and honor shall abound, Religion dwell on earth again, And heav'nly influence bless the ground In our Redeemer's gentle reign.
His righteousness is gone before To give us free access to God; Our wand'ring feet shall stray no more, But mark his steps and keep the road.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 32 part 1

 Repentance and free pardon.
Blest is the man, for ever blest, Whose guilt is pardoned by his God; Whose sins with sorrow are confessed, And covered with his Savior's blood.
Blest is the man to whom the Lord Imputes not his iniquities; He pleads no merit of reward, And not on works, but grace relies.
From guile his heart and lips are free; His humble joy, his holy fear, With deep repentance well agree, And join to prove his faith sincere.
How glorious is that righteousness That hides and cancels all his sins, While a bright evidence of grace Through his whole life appears and shine!

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 25 part 1

1-11 S.
Waiting for pardon and direction.
I Lift my soul to God, My trust is in his name: Let not my foes that seek my blood Still triumph in my shame.
Sin, and the powers of hell, Persuade me to despair: Lord, make me know thy cov'nant well, That I may 'scape the snare.
From the first dawning light Till the dark ev'ning rise, For thy salvation, Lord, I wait With ever-longing eyes.
Remember all thy grace, And lead me in thy truth; Forgive the sins of riper days, And follies of my youth.
The Lord is just and kind, The meek shall learn his ways, And every humble sinner find The methods of his grace.
For his own goodness' sake He saves my soul from shame: He pardons, though my guilt be great, Through my Redeemer's name.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 147 part 2

 Summer and winter.
A Song for Great Britain.
O Britain, praise thy mighty God, And make his honors known abroad, He bid the ocean round thee flow; Not bars of brass could guard thee so.
Thy children are secure and blest; Thy shores have peace, thy cities rest; He feeds thy sons with finest wheat, And adds his blessing to their meat.
Thy changing seasons he ordains, Thine early and thy latter rains; His flakes of snow like wool he sends, And thus the springing corn defends.
With hoary frost he strews the ground; His hail descends with clatt'ring sound: Where is the man so vainly bold That dares defy his dreadful cold? He bids the southern breezes blow; The ice dissolves, the waters flow: But he hath nobler works and ways To call the Britons to his praise.
To all the isle his laws are shown, His gospel through the nation known; He hath not thus revealed his word To every land: praise ye the Lord.