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Best Famous Christopher Smart Poems

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous Christopher Smart poems. This is a select list of the best famous Christopher Smart poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous Christopher Smart poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. These top poems are the best examples of Christopher Smart poems.

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by Christopher Smart |

Jubilate Agno: Fragment C

 Let Ramah rejoice with Cochineal.
Let Gaba rejoice with the Prickly Pear, which the Cochineal feeds on.
Let Nebo rejoice with the Myrtle-Leaved-Sumach as with the Skirret Jub.
Let Magbish rejoice with the Sage-Tree Phlomis as with the Goatsbeard Jub: 2d.
Let Hashum rejoice with Moon-Trefoil.
Let Netophah rejoice with Cow-Wheat.
Let Chephirah rejoice with Millet.
Let Beeroth rejoice with Sea-Buckthorn.
Let Kirjath-arim rejoice with Cacalianthemum.
Let Hadid rejoice with Capsicum Guiney Pepper.
Let Senaah rejoice with Bean Cape.
Let Kadmiel rejoice with Hemp-Agrimony.
Let Shobai rejoice with Arbor Molle.
Let Hatita rejoice with Millefolium Yarrow.
Let Ziha rejoice with Mitellia.
Let Hasupha rejoice with Turky Balm.
Let Hattil rejoice with Xeranthemum.
Let Bilshan rejoice with the Leek.
David for ever! God bless the Welch March 1st 1761.
Let Sotai rejoice with the Mountain Ebony.
Let Sophereth rejoice with White Hellebore.
Let Darkon rejoice with the Melon-Thistle.
Let Jaalah rejoice with Moly wild garlick.
Let Ami rejoice with the Bladder Sena in season or out of season bless the name of the Lord.
Let Pochereth rejoice with Fleabane.
Let Keros rejoice with Tree Germander.
Let Padon rejoice with Tamnus Black Briony.
Let Mizpar rejoice with Stickadore.
Let Baanah rejoice with Napus the French Turnip.
Let Reelaiah rejoice with the Sea-Cabbage.
Let Parosh rejoice with Cacubalus Chickweed.
Let Hagab rejoice with Serpyllum Mother of Thyme.
Hosanna to the memory of Q.
March 8th N.
1761 -- God be gracious to old Windsmore.
Let Shalmai rejoice with Meadow Rue.
-- Let Habaiah rejoice with Asteriscus Yellow Starwort.
Let Tel-harsa rejoice with Aparine Clivers.
Let Rehoboam rejoice with Folium Montanum.
God give grace to the Young King.
Let Hanan rejoice with Poley of Crete.
Let Sheshbazzar rejoice with Polygonatum Solomon's seal.
Let Zeboim rejoice with Bastard Dittany.
Let The Queen of Sheba rejoice with Bulapathon Herb Patience.
Let Cyrus rejoice with Baccharis Plowman's Spikenard.
God be gracious to Warburton.
Let Lebanah rejoice with the Golden Wingged Flycatcher a Mexican Small Bird of Passage.
Let Hagabah rejoice with Orchis.
Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus for my seed in eternity.
Let Siaha rejoice with the Razor-Fish.
God be gracious to John Bird and his wife.
Let Artaxerxes rejoice with Vanelloes.
Palm Sunday 1761.
The Lord Strengthen me.
Let Bishlam rejoice with the Cotton-bush.
Let Mithridath rejoice with Balsam of Tolu.
Let Tabeel rejoice with the Carob-Tree.
Let Ariel rejoice with Balsam of Peru, which sweats from a tree, that flowers like the Foxglove.
Let Ebed rejoice with Balsam of Gilead.
God be gracious to Stede.
Let Jarib rejoice with Balsam of Capivi.
The Lord strengthen my reins.
Let Shimshai rejoice with Stelis Missletoe on Fir.
Let Joiarib rejoice with Veronica Fluellen or Speedwell.
Let Tatnai rejoice with the Barbadoes Wild Olive.
Let Ezra rejoice with the Reed.
The Lord Jesus make musick of it.
Good Friday 1761.
Let Josiphiah rejoice with Tower-Mustard.
God be gracious to Durham School.
Let Shether-boznai rejoice with Turnera.
End of Lent 1761.
Let Jozadak rejoice with Stephanitis a vine growing naturally into chaplets.
Let Jozabad rejoice with the Lily-Daffodil.
Easter Day 22nd March 1761.
Let Telem rejoice with Hart's Penny-royal.
Let Abdi rejoice with Winter-green.
God be gracious to Abdy.
Let Binnui rejoice with Spotted Lungwort or Couslip of Jerusalem.
God give blessing with it.
Let Aziza rejoice with the Day Lily.
Let Zabbai rejoice with Buckshorn Plaintain Coronopus.
Let Ramoth rejoice with Persicaria.
Let Athlai rejoice with Bastard Marjoram.
Let Uel rejoice with Lysimachia Loose-strife which drinks of the brook by the way.
Let Kelaiah rejoice with Hermannia.
Let Elasah rejoice with Olibanum White or Male Frankinsense from an Arabian tree, good against Catarrhs and Spitting blood from which Christ Jesus deliver me.
Let Adna rejoice with Gum Opopanax from the wounded root of a species of panace Heracleum a tall plant growing to be two or three yards high with many large wings of a yellowish green -- good for old coughs and asthmas.
Let Bedeiah rejoice with Gum Sagapenum flowing from a species of Ferula which grows in Media.
Lord have mercy on my breast.
Let Ishijah rejoice with Sago gotten from the inward pith of the breadtree.
The Lord Jesus strengthen my whole body.
Let Chelal rejoice with Apios Virginian Liquorice Vetch.
Let Miamin rejoice with Mezereon.
God be gracious to Polly and Bess and all Canbury.
Let Zebida rejoice with Tormentil good for hæmorrhages in the mouth even so Lord Jesus.
Let Shemaria rejoice with Riciasides.
Let Jadau rejoice with Flixweed.
Let Shimeon rejoice with Squills.
Let Sheal rejoice with Scorpioides.
God be gracious to Legg.
Let Ramiah rejoice with Water-Germander.
Let Jeziah rejoice with Viper's Grass.
Let Machnadebai rejoice with the Mink, a beast.
Let Meremoth rejoice with the Golden Titmouse of Surinam.
Let Mattenai rejoice with Hatchet Vetch.
Let Chelluh rejoice with Horehound.
Let Jaasau rejoice with Bird's foot.
Let Maadai rejoice with Golden Rod.
Let Sharai rejoice with Honey-flower.
Let Shashai rejoice with Smyrnium.
Let Hananiah the son of an apothecary rejoice with Bdellium.
Let Hassenaah rejoice with the White Beet.
God be gracious to Hasse and all musicians.
Let Hachaliah rejoice with Muscus Arboreus.
Let Sanballat rejoice with Ground Moss found sometimes on human skulls.
Let Col-hozeh rejoice with Myrobalans, Bellerica, Chebula, Citrina, Emblica and Indica.
Let Meah rejoice with Varias, a kind of streaked panther.
April 8th praise the name of the Lord.
Let Eliashib rejoice with Shepherd's Purse.
Let Azbuk rejoice with Valerianella Corn Sallet.
Let Geshem (which is Rain) rejoice with Kneeholm.
Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus for Rain and his family and for the plenteous rain this day.
April 9th 1761.
Let Bavai rejoice with Calceolus Ladies Slipper.
Let Henadad rejoice with Cacalianthemum.
Let Shallun rejoice with Mullein Tapsus barbatus good for the breast.
Let Ophel rejoice with Camara.
Let Meshezabeel rejoice with Stephanomelis.
Old April bless the name of the Lord Jesus.
Let Zadok the son of Baana rejoice with Viburnum.
Let Vaniah rejoice with Pug in a pinner.
God be gracious to house of Vane especially Anne.
Let Besodeiah rejoice with the Nettle.
Let Melatiah rejoice with Adonis Bird's eye.
Let Jadon rejoice with Borrage.
Let Palal rejoice with the female Balsamime.
God be gracious to my wife.
Let Ezer rejoice with Basella Climbing Nightshade.
Let Uzai rejoice with Meadow Sweet.
Let Zalaph rejoice with Rose-bay.
Let Halohesh rejoice with Ambrosia, that bears a fruit like a club.
Let Malchiah Son of Rechab rejoice with the Rose-colour'd flow'ring Rush.
Let Sia rejoice with Argemone Prickly Poppy.
Let Lebana rejoice with Amaranthoides Globe Amaranth.
Let Rephaiah the Son of Hur rejoice with the Berry-bearing Angelica.
Let Harhaiah of the Goldsmiths rejoice with Segullum, the earth that detects the mine.
Let Harumaph rejoice with the Upright Honeysuckle.
Let Hashabniah rejoice with the Water Melon.
Blessed be the manuscripts of Almighty God.
Let Phaseah rejoice with the Cassioberry Bush.
Let Nephishesim rejoice with Cannacorus Indian Reed.
Let Tamah rejoice with Cainito Star-Apple -- God be praised for this Eleventh of April o.
in which I enter into the Fortieth Year of my age.
Blessed! Let Siloah rejoice with Guidonia with a Rose-Colour'd-Flower.
Let Benjamin a Rebuilder of Jerusalem rejoice with the Rock-Rose.
Newton, bless! Let Malchijah Son of Harim rejoice with Crysanthemoides.
Let Besai rejoice with Hesperis Queen's Gilly-Flow'r.
Let Perida rejoice with Podded Fumitory.
Let Tabbaoth rejoice with Goldy Locks.
God be merciful to my wife.
Let Bakbuk rejoice with Soft Thistle.
Let Hodevah rejoice with Coronilla.
Let Tobiah rejoice with Crotolaria.
God be praised for his infinite goodness and mercy.
Let Mehetabeel rejoice with Hsemanthus the Blood Flower.
Blessed be the name of the Blood of the Lord Jesus.
Let Bazlith rejoice with the Horned Poppy.
Let Hagaba rejoice with the Turnsole.
God be gracious to Cutting.
Let Shalmai rejoice with Lycopersicum Love-apple.
God be gracious to Dunn.
Let Arah rejoice with Fritillaria the Chequer'd Tulip.
Let Raamiah rejoice with the Double Sweetscented Pione.
Let Hashub Son of Pahath-moab rejoice with the French Honeysuckle.
Let Ananiah rejoice with the Corn-Flag.
Let Nahamani rejoice with the May-apple.
God give me fruit to this month.
Let Mispereth rejoice with the Ring Parrakeet.
Let Nehum rejoice with the Artichoke.
Let Ginnithon rejoice with the Bottle Flower.
Let Zidkijah rejoice with Mulberry Blight.
God be gracious to Gum my fellow Prisoner.
Let Malluch rejoice with Methonica Superb Lily.
Let Jeremiah rejoice with Hemlock, which is good in outward application.
Let Bilgai rejoice with Tamalapatra Indian Leaf.
Let Maaziah rejoice with Chick Pease.
God be gracious to Harris White 5th of May 1761.
Let Kelita rejoice with Xiphion the Bulbous Iris.
Let Pelaiah rejoice with Cloud-Berries.
God be gracious to Peele and Ferry.
Let Azaniah rejoice with the Water Lily.
Let Rehob rejoice with Caucalis Bastard Parsley.
Let Sherebiah rejoice with Nigella, that bears a white flower.
Let Beninu rejoice with Heart-Pear.
God be gracious to George Bening.
Let Bunni rejoice with Bulbine -- leaves like leek, purple flower.
Let Zatthu rejoice with the Wild Service.
Let Hizkijah rejoice with the Dwarf American Sun-Flower.
Let Azzur rejoice with the Globe-Thistle.
Let Hariph rejoice with Summer Savoury.
Let Nebai rejoice with the Wild Cucumber.
Let Magpiash rejoice with the Musk.
Let Hezir rejoice with Scorpion Sena.
*** For H is a spirit and therefore he is God.
For I is person and therefore he is God.
For K is king and therefore he is God.
For L is love and therefore he is God.
For M is musick and therefore he is God.
For N is novelty and therefore he is God.
For O is over and therefore he is God.
For P is power and therefore he is God.
For Q is quick and therefore he is God.
For R is right and therefore he is God.
For S is soul and therefore he is God.
For T is truth and therefore he is God.
For U is union and therefore he is God.
For W is worth and therefore he is God.
For X has the pow'r of three and therefore he is God.
For Y is yea and therefore he is God.
For Z is zeal and therefore he is God, whom I pray to be gracious to the Widow Davis and Davis the Bookseller.
For Christ being A and O is all the intermediate letters without doubt.
For there is a mystery in numbers.
For One is perfect and good being at unity in himself.
For Two is the most Imperfect of all numbers.
For every thing infinitely perfect is Three.
For the Devil is two being without God.
For he is an evil spirit male and female.
For he is called the Duce by foolish invocation on that account.
For Three is the simplest and best of all numbers.
For Four is good being square.
For Five is not so good in itself but works well in combination.
For Five is not so good in itself as it consists of two and three.
For Six is very good consisting of twice three.
For Seven is very good consisting of two compleat numbers.
For Eight is good for the same reason and propitious to me Eighth of March 1761 hallelujah.
For Nine is a number very good and harmonious.
For Cipher is a note of augmentation very good.
For innumerable ciphers will amount to something.
For the mind of man cannot bear a tedious accumulation of nothings without effect.
For infinite upon infinite they make a chain.
For the last link is from man very nothing ascending to the first Christ the Lord of All.
For the vowell is the female spirit in the Hebrew consonant.
For there are more letters in all languages not communicated.
For there are some that have the power of sentences.
O rare thirteenth of march 1761.
For St Paul was caught up into the third heavens.
For there he heard certain words which it was not possible for him to understand.
For they were constructed by uncommunicated letters.
For they are signs of speech too precious to be communicated for ever.
For after ? there follows another letter in the Hebrew tongue.
For his name is Wau and his figure is thus .
For the Æolians knew something of him in the spirit, but could not put him down.
For the figures were first communicated to Esaw.
God be gracious to Musgrave.
For he was blest as a merchant.
For the blessing of Jacob was in the spirit and Esau's for temporal thrift.
For the story of Orpheus is of the truth.
For there was such a person a cunning player on the harp.
For he was a believer in the true God and assisted in the spirit.
For he play'd upon the harp in the spirit by breathing upon the strings.
For this will affect every thing that is sustaind by the spirit, even every thing in nature.
For it is the business of a man gifted in the word to prophecy good.
For it will be better for England and all the world in a season, as I prophecy this day.
For I prophecy that they will obey the motions of the spirit descended upon them as at this day.
For they have seen the glory of God already come down upon the trees.
For I prophecy that it will descend upon their heads also.
For I prophecy that the praise of God will be in every man's mouth in the Publick streets.
For I prophecy that there will be Publick worship in the cross ways and fields.
For I prophecy that the general salutation will be.
The Lord Jesus prosper you.
I wish you good luck in the name of the Lord Jesus! For I prophecy that there will be more mercy for criminals.
For I prophecy that there will be less mischief concerning women.
For I prophecy that they will be cooped up and kept under due controul.
For I prophecy that there will be full churches and empty play-houses.
For I prophecy that they will learn to take pleasure in glorifying God with great cheerfulness.
For I prophecy that they will observe the Rubrick with regard to days of Fasting and Abstinence.
For I prophecy that the clergy in particular will set a better example.
For I prophecy that they will not dare to imprison a brother or sister for debt.
For I prophecy that hospitality and temperance will revive.
For I prophecy that men will be much stronger in the body.
For I prophecy that the gout, and consumptions will be curable.
For I prophecy that man will be as good as a Lupine.
For the Lupine professes his Saviour in Grain.
For the very Hebrew letter is fairly graven upon his Seed.
For with diligence the whole Hebrew Alphabet may be found in a parcel of his seed.
For this a stupendous evidence of the communicating God in externals.
For I prophecy that they will call the days by better names.
For the Lord's day is the first.
For the following is the second.
For so of the others untill the seventh.
For the seventh day is the Sabbath according to the word of God direct for ever and ever.
For I prophecy that the King will have grace to put the crown upon the altar.
For I prophecy that the name of king in England will be given to Christ alone.
For I prophecy that mm will live to a much greater age.
This ripens apace God be praised.
For I prophecy that they will grow taller and stronger.
For degeneracy has done a great deal more than is in general imagined.
For men in David's time were ten feet high in general.
For they had degenerated also from the strength of their fathers.
For I prophecy that players and mimes will not be named amongst us.
For I prophecy in the favour of dancing which in mutual benevolence is for the glory of God.
For I prophecy that the exactions of Moab will soon be at an end.
For the Moabites even the French are in their chastisement for humiliation.
For I prophecy that the Reformation will make way in France when Moab is made meek by being well drubbed by the English.
For I prophecy that the Reformation will make great way by means of the Venetians.
For the Venetian will know that the Englishman is his brother.
For the Liturgy will obtain in all languages.
For England is the head and not the tail.
For England is the head of Europe in the spirit.
For Spain, Portugal and France are the heart.
For Holland and Germany are the middle.
For Italy is one of the legs.
For I prophecy that there will not be a meetinghouse within two miles of a church.
For I prophecy that schismaticks will be detected.
For I prophecy that men will learn the use of their knees.
For every thing that can be done in that posture (upon the knees) is better so done than otherwise.
For I prophecy that they will understand the blessing and virtue of the rain.
For rain is exceedingly good for the human body.
For it is good therefore to have flat roofs to the houses, as of old.
For it is good to let the rain come upon the naked body unto purity and refreshment.
For I prophecy that they will respect decency in all points.
For they will do it in conceit, word, and motion.
For they will go forth afield.
For the Devil can work upon stagnating filth to a very great degree.
For I prophecy that we shall have our horns again.
For in the day of David Men as yet had a glorious horn upon his forehead.
For this horn was a bright substance in colour and consistence as the nail of the hand.
For it was broad, thick and strong so as to serve for defence as well as ornament.
For it brightened to the Glory of God, which came upon the human face at morning prayer.
For it was largest and brightest in the best men.
For it was taken away all at once from all of them.
For this was done in the divine contempt of a general pusillanimity.
For this happened in a season after their return from the Babylonish captivity.
For their spirits were broke and their manhood impair'd by foreign vices for exaction.
For I prophecy that the English will recover their horns the first.
For I prophecy that all the nations in the world will do the like in turn.
For I prophecy that all Englishmen will wear their beards again.
For a beard is a good step to a horn.
For when men get their horns again, they will delight to go uncovered.
For it is not good to wear any thing upon the head.
For a man should put no obstacle between his head and the blessing of Almighty God.
For a hat was an abomination of the heathen.
Lord have mercy upon the Quakers.
For the ceiling of the house is an obstacle and therefore we pray on the house-top.
For the head will be liable to less disorders on the recovery of its horn.
For the horn on the forehead is a tower upon an arch.
For it is a strong munition against the adversary, who is sickness and death.
For it is instrumental in subjecting the woman.
For the insolence of the woman has increased ever since Man has been crest-fallen.
For they have turned the horn into scoff and derision without ceasing.
For we are amerced of God, who has his horn.
For we are amerced of the blessed angels, who have their horns.
For when they get their horns again they will put them upon the altar.
For they give great occasion for mirth and musick.
For our Blessed Saviour had not his horn upon the face of the earth.
For this was in meekness and condescension to the infirmities of human nature at that time.
For at his second coming his horn will be exalted in glory.
For his horn is the horn of Salvation.
For Christ Jesus has exalted my voice to his own glory.
For he has answered me in the air as with a horn from Heaven to the ears of many people.
For the horn is of plenty.
For this has been the sense of all ages.
For Man and Earth suffer together.
For when Man was amerced of his horn, earth lost part of her fertility.
For the art of Agriculture is improving.
For this is evident in flowers.
For it is more especially manifest in double flowers.
For earth will get it up again by the blessing of God on the industry of man.
For the horn is of plenty because of milk and honey.
For I pray God be gracious to the Bees and the Beeves this day.

by Christopher Smart |

Jubilate Agno: Fragment B Part 1

 Let Elizur rejoice with the Partridge, who is a prisoner of state and is proud of his keepers.
Let Shedeur rejoice with Pyrausta, who dwelleth in a medium of fire, which God hath adapted for him.
Let Shelumiel rejoice with Olor, who is of a goodly savour, and the very look of him harmonizes the mind.
Let Jael rejoice with the Plover, who whistles for his live, and foils the marksmen and their guns.
Let Raguel rejoice with the Cock of Portugal -- God send good Angels to the allies of England! Let Hobab rejoice with Necydalus, who is the Greek of a Grub.
Let Zurishaddai with the Polish Cock rejoice -- The Lord restore peace to Europe.
Let Zuar rejoice with the Guinea Hen -- The Lord add to his mercies in the WEST! Let Chesed rejoice with Strepsiceros, whose weapons are the ornaments of his peace.
Let Hagar rejoice with Gnesion, who is the right sort of eagle, and towers the highest.
Let Libni rejoice with the Redshank, who migrates not but is translated to the upper regions.
Let Nahshon rejoice with the Seabreese, the Lord give the sailors of his Spirit.
Let Helon rejoice with the Woodpecker -- the Lord encourage the propagation of trees! Let Amos rejoice with the Coote -- prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.
Let Ephah rejoice with Buprestis, the Lord endue us with temperance and humanity, till every cow have her mate! Let Sarah rejoice with the Redwing, whose harvest is in the frost and snow.
Let Rebekah rejoice with Iynx, who holds his head on one side to deceive the adversary.
Let Shuah rejoice with Boa, which is the vocal serpent.
Let Ehud rejoice with Onocrotalus, whose braying is for the glory of God, because he makes the best musick in his power.
Let Shamgar rejoice with Otis, who looks about him for the glory of God, and sees the horizon compleat at once.
Let Bohan rejoice with the Scythian Stag -- he is beef and breeches against want and nakedness.
Let Achsah rejoice with the Pigeon who is an antidote to malignity and will carry a letter.
Let Tohu rejoice with the Grouse -- the Lord further the cultivating of heaths and the peopling of deserts.
Let Hillel rejoice with Ammodytes, whose colour is deceitful and he plots against the pilgrim's feet.
Let Eli rejoice with Leucon -- he is an honest fellow, which is a rarity.
Let Jemuel rejoice with Charadrius, who is from the HEIGHT and the sight of him is good for the jaundice.
Let Pharaoh rejoice with Anataria, whom God permits to prey upon the ducks to check their increase.
Let Lotan rejoice with Sauterelle.
Blessed be the name of the Lord from the Lote-tree to the Palm.
Let Dishon rejoice with the Landrail, God give his grace to the society for preserving the game.
Let Hushim rejoice with the King's Fisher, who is of royal beauty, tho' plebeian size.
Let Machir rejoice with Convolvulus, from him to the ring of Saturn, which is the girth of Job; to the signet of God -- from Job and his daughters BLESSED BE JESUS.
Let Atad bless with Eleos, the nightly Memorialist e?e?s?? ????e .
Let Jamim rejoice with the Bittern -- blessed be the name of Jesus for Denver Sluice, Ruston, and the draining of the fens.
Let Ohad rejoice with Byturos who eateth the vine and is a minister of temperance.
Let Zohar rejoice with Cychramus who cometh with the quails on a particular affair.
Let Serah, the daughter of Asher, rejoice with Ceyx, who maketh his cabin in the Halcyon's hold.
Let Magdiel rejoice with Ascarides, which is the life of the bowels -- the worm hath a part in our frame.
Let Becher rejoice with Oscen who terrifies the wicked, as trumpet and alarm the coward.
Let Shaul rejoice with Circos, who hath clumsy legs, but he can wheel it the better with his wings.
-- Let Hamul rejoice with the Crystal, who is pure and translucent.
Let Ziphion rejoice with the Tit-Lark who is a groundling, but he raises the spirits.
Let Mibzar rejoice with the Cadess, as is their number, so are their names, blessed be the Lord Jesus for them all.
Let Jubal rejoice with Cascilia, the woman and the slow-worm praise the name of the Lord.
Let Arodi rejoice with the Royston Crow, there is a society of them at Trumpington and Cambridge.
Let Areli rejoice with the Criel, who is a dwarf that towereth above others.
Let Phuvah rejoice with Platycerotes, whose weapons of defence keep them innocent.
Let Shimron rejoice with the Kite, who is of more value than many sparrows.
Let Sered rejoice with the Wittal -- a silly bird is wise unto his own preservation.
Let Elon rejoice with Attelabus, who is the Locust without wings.
Let Jahleel rejoice with the Woodcock, who liveth upon suction and is pure from his diet.
Let Shuni rejoice with the Gull, who is happy in not being good for food.
Let Ezbon rejoice with Musimon, who is from the ram and she-goat.
Let Barkos rejoice with the Black Eagle, which is the least of his species and the best-natured.
Let Bedan rejoice with Ossifrage -- the bird of prey and the man of prayer.
Let Naomi rejoice with Pseudosphece who is between a wasp and a hornet.
Let Ruth rejoice with the Tumbler -- it is a pleasant thing to feed him and be thankful.
Let Ram rejoice with the Fieldfare, who is a good gift from God in the season of scarcity.
Let Manoah rejoice with Cerastes, who is a Dragon with horns.
Let Talmai rejoice with Alcedo, who makes a cradle for it's young, which is rock'd by the winds.
Let Bukki rejoice with the Buzzard, who is clever, with the reputation of a silly fellow.
Let Michal rejoice with Leucocruta who is a mixture of beauty and magnanimity.
Let Abiah rejoice with Morphnus who is a bird of passage to the Heavens.
Let Hur rejoice with the Water-wag-tail, who is a neighbour, and loves to be looked at.
Let Dodo rejoice with the purple Worm, who is cloathed sumptuously, tho he fares meanly.
Let Ahio rejoice with the Merlin who is a cousin german of the hawk.
Let Joram rejoice with the Water-Rail, who takes his delight in the river.
Let Chileab rejoice with Ophion who is clean made, less than an hart, and a Sardinian.
Let Shephatiah rejoice with the little Owl, which is the wingged Cat.
Let Ithream rejoice with the great Owl, who understandeth that which he professes.
Let Abigail rejoice with Lethophagus -- God be gracious to the widows indeed.
Let Anathoth bless with Saurix, who is a bird of melancholy.
Let Shammua rejoice with the Vultur who is strength and fierceness.
Let Shobab rejoice with Evech who is of the goat kind which is meditation and pleasantry.
Let Ittai the Gittite rejoice with the Gerfalcon amicus certus in re incertâ cernitur.
Let Ibhar rejoice with the Pochard -- a child born in prosperity is the chiefest blessing of peace.
Let Elishua rejoice with Cantharis -- God send bread and milk to the children.
Let Chimham bless with Drepanis who is a passenger from the sea to heaven.
Let Toi rejoice with Percnopteros which haunteth the sugar-fens.
Let Nepheg rejoice with Cenchris which is the spotted serpent.
Let Japhia rejoice with Buteo who hath three testicles.
Let Gibeon rejoice with the Puttock, who will shift for himself to the last extremity.
Let Elishama rejoice with Mylæcos ?s?ete ?e??a µ??a??? a??t??de? .
e?dete µa??a .
Let Elimelech rejoice with the Horn-Owl who is of gravity and amongst my friends in the tower.
Let Eliada rejoice with the Gier-eagle who is swift and of great penetration.
Let Eliphalet rejoice with Erodius who is God's good creature, which is sufficient for him.
Let Jonathan, David's nephew, rejoice with Oripelargus who is noble by his ascent.
Let Sheva rejoice with the Hobby, who is the service of the great.
Let Ahimaaz rejoice with the Silver-Worm who is a living mineral.
Let Shobi rejoice with the Kastrel -- blessed be the name JESUS in falconry and in the MALL Let Elkanah rejoice with Cymindis -- the Lord illuminate us against the powers of darkness.
Let Ziba rejoice with Glottis whose tongue is wreathed in his throat.
Let Micah rejoice with the spotted Spider, who counterfeits death to effect his purposes.
Let Rizpah rejoice with the Eyed Moth who is beautiful in corruption.
Let Naharai, Joab's armour-bearer rejoice with Rock who is a bird of stupendous magnitude.
Let Abiezer, the Anethothite, rejoice with Phrynos who is the scaled frog.
Let Nachon rejoice with Parcas who is a serpent more innocent than others.
Let Lapidoth with Percnos -- the Lord is the builder of the wall of CHINA -- REJOICE.
Let Ahinoam rejoice with Prester -- The seed of the woman hath bruised the serpents head.
Let Phurah rejoice with Penelopes, the servant of Gideon with the fowl of the brook.
Let Jether, the son of Gideon, rejoice with Ecchetae which are musical grashoppers.
Let Hushai rejoice with the Ospray who is able to parry the eagle.
Let Eglah rejoice with Phalaris who is a pleasant object upon the water.
Let Haggith rejoice with the white Weasel who devoureth the honey and it's maker.
Let Abital rejoice with Ptyas who is arrayed in green and gold.
Let Maacah rejoice with Dryophyte who was blessed of the Lord in the valley.
Let Zabud Solomon's friend rejoice with Oryx who is a frolicksome mountaineer.
Let Adoniram the receiver general of the excise rejoice with Hypnale the sleepy adder.
Let Pedahel rejoice with Pityocampa who eateth his house in the pine.
Let Ibzam rejoice with the Brandling -- the Lord further the building of bridges and making rivers navigable.
Let Gilead rejoice with Gentle -- the Lord make me a fisher of men.
Let Zelophehad rejoice with Ascalabotes who casteth not his coat till a new one is prepared for him.
Let Mahlah rejoice with Pellos who is a tall bird and stately.
Let Tirzah rejoice with Tylus which is the Cheeslip and food for the chicken.
Let Hoglah rejoice with Leontophonos who will kill the lion, if he is eaten.
Let Milcah rejoice with the Horned Beetle who will strike a man in the face.
Let Noah rejoice with Hibris who is from a wild boar and a tame sow.
Let Abdon rejoice with the Glede who is very voracious and may not himself be eaten.
Let Zuph rejoice with Dipsas, whose bite causeth thirst.
Let Schechem of Manasseh rejoice with the Green Worm whose livery is of the field.
Let Gera rejoice with the Night Hawk -- blessed are those who watch when others sleep.
Let Anath rejoice with Rauca who inhabiteth the root of the oak.
Let Cherub rejoice with the Cherub who is a bird and a blessed Angel.
* * * For I am not without authority in my jeopardy, which I derive inevitably from the glory of the name of the Lord.
For I bless God whose name is Jealous -- and there is a zeal to deliver us from everlasting burnings.
For my existimation is good even amongst the slanderers and my memory shall arise for a sweet savour unto the Lord.
For I bless the PRINCE of PEACE and pray that all the guns may be nail'd up, save such are for the rejoicing days.
For I have abstained from the blood of the grape and that even at the Lord's table.
For I have glorified God in GREEK and LATIN, the consecrated languages spoken by the Lord on earth.
For I meditate the peace of Europe amongst family bickerings and domestic jars.
For the HOST is in the WEST -- the Lord make us thankful unto salvation.
For I preach the very GOSPEL of CHRIST without comment and with this weapon shall I slay envy.
For I bless God in the rising generation, which is on my side.
For I have translated in the charity, which makes things better and I shall be translated myself at the last.
For he that walked upon the sea, hath prepared the floods with the Gospel of peace.
For the merciful man is merciful to his beast, and to the trees that give them shelter.
For he hath turned the shadow of death into the morning,the Lord is his name.
For I am come home again, but there is nobody to kill the calf or to pay the musick.
For the hour of my felicity, like the womb of Sarah, shall come at the latter end.
For I shou'd have avail'd myself of waggery, had not malice been multitudinous.
For there are still serpents that can speak -- God bless my head, my heart and my heel.
For I bless God that I am of the same seed as Ehud, Mutius Scævola, and Colonel Draper.
For the word of God is a sword on my side -- no matter what other weapon a stick or a straw.
For I have adventured myself in the name of the Lord, and he hath marked me for his own.
For I bless God for the Postmaster general and all conveyancers of letters under his care especially Allen and Shelvock.
For my grounds in New Canaan shall infinitely compensate for the flats and maynes of Staindrop Moor.
For the praise of God can give to a mute fish the notes of a nightingale.
For I have seen the White Raven and Thomas Hall of Willingham and am my self a greater curiosity than both.
For I look up to heaven which is my prospect to escape envy by surmounting it.
For if Pharaoh had known Joseph, he woud have blessed God and me for the illumination of the people.
For I pray God to bless improvements in gardening till London be a city of palm-trees.
For I pray to give his grace to the poor of England, that Charity be not offended and that benevolence may increase.
For in my nature I quested for beauty, but God, God hath sent me to sea for pearls.
For there is a blessing from the STONE of JESUS which is founded upon hell to the precious jewell on the right hand of God.
For the nightly Visitor is at the window of the impenitent, while I sing a psalm of my own composing.
For there is a note added to the scale, which the Lord hath made fuller, stronger and more glorious.
For I offer my goat as he browses the vine, bless the Lord from chambering and drunkeness.
For there is a traveling for the glory of God without going to Italy or France.
For I bless the children of Asher for the evil I did them and the good I might have received at their hands.
For I rejoice like a worm in the rain in him that cherishes and from him that tramples.
For I am ready for the trumpet and alarm to fight, to die and to rise again.
For the banish'd of the Lord shall come about again, for so he hath prepared for them.
For sincerity is a jewel which is pure and transparent, eternal and inestimable.
For my hands and my feet are perfect as the sublimity of Naphtali and the felicity of Asher.
For the names and number of animals are as the name and number of the stars.
-- For I pray the Lord Jesus to translate my MAGNIFICAT into verse and represent it.
For I bless the Lord Jesus from the bottom of Royston Cave to the top of King's Chapel.
For I am a little fellow, which is intitled to the great mess by the benevolence of God my father.
For I this day made over my inheritance to my mother in consideration of her infirmities.
For I this day made over my inheritance to my mother in consideration of her age.
For I this day made over my inheritance to my mother in consideration of her poverty.
For I bless the thirteenth of August, in which I had the grace to obey the voice of Christ in my conscience.
For I bless the thirteenth of August, in which I was willing to run all hazards for the sake of the name of the Lord.
For I bless the thirteenth of August, in which I was willing to be called a fool for the sake of Christ.
For I lent my flocks and my herds and my lands at once unto the Lord.
For nature is more various than observation tho' observers be innumerable.
For Agricola is G??????? .
For I pray God to bless POLLY in the blessing of Naomi and assign her to the house of DAVID.
For I am in charity with the French who are my foes and Moabites because of the Moabitish woman.
For my Angel is always ready at a pinch to help me out and to keep me up.
For CHRISTOPHER must slay the Dragon with a PHEON's head.
For they have seperated me and my bosom, whereas the right comes by setting us together.
For silly fellow! silly fellow! is against me and belongeth neither to me nor my family.
For he that scorneth the scorner hath condescended to my low estate.
For Abiah is the father of Joab and Joab of all Romans and English Men.
For they pass by me in their tour, and the good Samaritan is not yet come.
-- For I bless God in the behalf of TRINITY COLLEGE in CAMBRIDGE and the society of PURPLES in LONDON.
-- For I have a nephew CHRISTOPHER to whom I implore the grace of God.
For I pray God bless the CAM -- Mr HIGGS and Mr and Mrs WASHBOURNE as the drops of the dew.
For I pray God bless the king of Sardinia and make him an instrument of his peace.
For I am possessed of a cat, surpassing in beauty, from whom I take occasion to bless Almighty God.
For I pray God for the professors of the University of Cambridge to attend and to amend.
For the Fatherless Children and widows are never deserted of the Lord.
For I pray God be gracious to the house of Stuart and consider their afflictions.
For I pray God be gracious to the seed of Virgil to Mr GOODMAN SMITH of King's and Joseph STUD.
For I give God the glory that I am a son of ABRAHAM a PRINCE of the house of my fathers.
For my brethren have dealt deceitfully as a brook, and as the stream of brooks that pass away.
For I bless God for my retreat at CANBURY, as it was the place of the nativity of my children.
For I pray God to give them the food which I cannot earn for them any otherwise than by prayer.
For I pray God bless the Chinese which are of ABRAHAM and the Gospel grew with them at the first.
For I bless God in the honey of the sugar-cane and the milk of the cocoa.
For I bless God in the libraries of the learned and for all the booksellers in the world.
For I bless God in the strength of my loins and for the voice which he hath made sonorous.
For tis no more a merit to provide for oneself, but to quit all for the sake of the Lord.
For there is no invention but the gift of God, and no grace like the grace of gratitude.
For grey hairs are honourable and tell every one of them to the glory of God.
For I bless the Lord Jesus for the memory of GAY, POPE and SWIFT.
For all good words are from GOD, and all others are cant.
For I am enabled by my ascent and the Lord haith raised me above my Peers.
For I pray God bless my lord CLARENDON and his seed for ever.
For there is silver in my mines and I bless God that it is rather there then in my coffers.
For I blessed God in St James's Park till I routed all the company.
For the officers of the peace are at variance with me, and the watchman smites me with his staff.
For I am the seed of the WELCH WOMAN and speak the truth from my heart.
For they lay wagers touching my life.
-- God be gracious to the winners.
For the piety of Rizpah is imitable in the Lord -- wherefore I pray for the dead.
For the Lord is my ROCK and I am the bearer of his CROSS.
For I am like a frog in the brambles, but the Lord hath put his whole armour upon me.
For I was a Viper-catcher in my youth and the Lord delivered me from his venom.
For I rejoice that I attribute to God, what others vainly ascribe to feeble man.
For I am ready to die for his sake -- who lay down his life for all mankind.
For the son of JOSHUA shall prevail against the servant of Gideon -- Good men have their betters, For my seed shall worship the Lord JESUS as numerous and musical as the grashoppers of Paradise.
For I pray God to turn the council of Ahitophel into foolishness.
For the learning of the Lord increases daily, as the sun is an improving angel.
For I pray God for a reformation amonst the women and the restoration of the veil.
For beauty is better to look upon than to meddle with and tis good for a man not to know a woman.
For the Lord Jesus made him a nosegay and blessed it and he blessed the inhabitants of flowers.
For a faithful friend is the medicine of life, but a neighbour in the Lord is better than he.
For I stood up betimes in behalf of LIBERTY, PROPERTY and NO EXCISE.
For they began with grubbing up my trees and now they have excluded the planter.
For I am the Lord's builder and free and accepted MASON in CHRIST JESUS.
For I bless God in all gums and balsams and every thing that ministers relief to the sick.
For the Sun's at work to make me a garment and the Moon is at work for my wife.
For tall and stately are against me, but humiliation on humiliation is on my side.
For I have a providential acquaintance with men who bear the names of animals.
For I bless God to Mr Lion Mr Cock Mr Cat Mr Talbot Mr Hart Mrs Fysh Mr Grub, and Miss Lamb.
For they throw my horns in my face and reptiles make themselves wings against me.
For I bless God for the immortal soul of Mr Pigg of DOWNHAM in NORFOLK.
For I fast this day even the 31st of August N.
to prepare for the SABBATH of the Lord.
For the bite of an Adder is cured by its greese and the malice of my enemies by their stupidity.
For I bless God in SHIPBOURNE FAIRLAWN the meadows the brooks and the hills.
For th adversary hath exasperated the very birds against me, but the Lord sustain'd me.
For I bless God for my Newcastle friends the voice of the raven and heart of the oak.
For I bless God for every feather from the wren in the sedge to the CHERUBS and their MATES.

by Christopher Smart |

The Long-Nosed Fair

 Once on a time I fair Dorinda kiss'd, 
Whose nose was too distinguish'd to be miss'd; 
My dear, says I, I fain would kiss you closer, 
But tho' your lips say aye--your nose says, no, Sir.
-- The maid was equally to fun inclin'd, And plac'd her lovely lily-hand behind; Here, swain, she cry'd, may'st thou securely kiss, Where there's no nose to interrupt thy bliss.

by Christopher Smart |

Epistle to Mrs. Tyler

 It ever was allow'd, dear Madam, 
Ev'n from the days of father Adam, 
Of all perfection flesh is heir to, 
Fair patience is the gentlest virtue; 
This is a truth our grandames teach, 
Our poets sing, and parsons preach; 
Yet after all, dear Moll, the fact is 
We seldom put it into practice; 
I'll warrant (if one knew the truth) 
You've call'd me many an idle youth, 
And styl'd me rude ungrateful bear, 
Enough to make a parson swear.
I shall not make a long oration in order for my vindication, For what the plague can I say more Than lazy dogs have done before; Such stuff is naught but mere tautology, And so take that for my apology.
First then for custards, my dear Mary, The produce of your dainty dairy, For stew'd, for bak'd, for boil'd, for roast, And all the teas and all the toast; With thankful tongue and bowing attitude, I here present you with my gratitude: Next for you apples, pears, and plums Acknowledgment in order comes; For wine, for ale, for fowl, for fish--for Ev'n all one's appetite can wish for: But O ye pens and O ye pencils, And all ye scribbling utensils, Say in what words and in what meter, Shall unfeign'd admiration greet her, For that rich banquet so refin'd Her conversation gave the mind; The solid meal of sense and worth, Set off by the desert of mirth; Wit's fruit and pleasure's genial bowl, And all the joyous flow of soul; For these, and every kind ingredient That form'd your love--your most obedient.

by Christopher Smart |

On a Lady Throwing Snow-Balls at Her Lover

 [From the Latin of Petronious Ascanius.
] When, wanton fair, the snowy orb you throw, I feel a fire before unknown in snow.
E'en coldest snow I find has pow'r to warm My breast, when flung by Julia's lovely arm.
T'elude love's pow'rful arts I strive in vain, If ice and snow can latent fires contain.
These frolics leave: the force of beauty prove, With equal passion cool my ardent love.

by Christopher Smart |

On My Wifes Birth-Day

 'Tis Nancy's birth-day--raise your strains, 
Ye nymphs of the Parnassian plains, 
And sing with more than usual glee 
To Nancy, who was born for me.
Tell the blythe Graces as they bound, Luxuriant in the buxom round; They're not more elegantly free, Than Nancy, who was born for me.
Tell royal Venus, tho' she rove, The queen of the immortal grove, That she must share her golden fee With Nancy, who was born for me.
Tell Pallas, tho' th'Athenian school, And ev'ry trite pedantic fool, On her to place the palm agree, 'Tis Nancy's, who was born for me.
Tell spotless Dian, tho' she range, The regent of the up-land grange, In chastity she yields to thee, O Nancy, who was born for me.
Tell Cupid, Hymen, and tell Jove, With all the pow'rs of life and love, That I'd disdain to breathe or be, If Nancy was not born for me.

by Christopher Smart |

Wheres the Poker?

 The poker lost, poor Susan storm'd, 
And all the rites of rage perform'd; 
As scolding, crying, swearing, sweating, 
Abusing, fidgetting, and fretting.
"Nothing but villany, and thieving; Good heavens! what a world we live in! If I don't find it in the morning, I'll surely give my master warning.
He'd better far shut up his doors, Than keep such good for nothing whores; For wheresoe'er their trade they drive, We vartuous bodies cannot thrive.
" Well may poor Susan grunt and groan; Misfortunes never come alone, But tread each other's heels in throngs, For the next day she lost the tongs; The salt box, colander, and pot Soon shar'd the same untimely lot.
In vain she vails and wages spent On new ones--for the new ones went.
There'd been (she swore) some dev'l or witch in, To rob or plunder all the kitchen.
One night she to her chamber crept (Where for a month she had not slept; Her master being, to her seeming, A better play fellow than dreaming).
Curse on the author of these wrongs, In her own bed she found the tongs, (Hang Thomas for an idle joker!) In her own bed she found the poker, With the salt box, pepper box, and kettle, With all the culinary metal.
-- Be warn'd, ye fair, by Susans crosses: Keep chaste and guard yourselves from losses; For if young girls delight in kissing, No wonder that the poker's missing.

by Christopher Smart |

The Sweets of Evening

 The sweets of evening charm the mind, 
Sick of the sultry day; 
The body then no more confin'd, 
But exercise with freedom join'd, 
When Phoebus sheathes his ray.
While all-serene the summer moon Sends glances thro' the trees, And Philomel begins her tune,.
And Asteria too shall help her soon With voice of skillful ease.
A nosegay, every thing that grows, And music, every sound To lull the sun to his repose; The skies are colour'd like the rose With lively streaks around.
Of all the changes rung by time None half so sweet appear, As those when thoughts themselves sublime, And with superior natures chime In fancy's highest sphere.

by Christopher Smart |

The Pig

 In ev'ry age, and each profession, 
Men err the most by prepossession; 
But when the thing is clearly shown, 
And fairly stated, fully known, 
We soon applaud what we deride, 
And penitence succeeds to pride.
-- A certain Baron on a day Having a mind to show away, Invited all the wits and wags, Foot, Massey, Shuter, Yates, and Skeggs, And built a large commodious stage, For the Choice Spirits of the age; But above all, among the rest, There came a Genius who profess'd To have a curious trick in store, Which never was perform'd before.
Thro' all the town this soon got air, And the whole house was like a fair; But soon his entry as he made, Without a prompter, or parade, 'Twas all expectance, all suspense, And silence gagg'd the audience.
He hid his head behind his wig, With with such truth took off* a Pig, [imitated] All swore 'twas serious, and no joke, For doubtless underneath his cloak, He had conceal'd some grunting elf, Or was a real hog himself.
A search was made, no pig was found-- With thund'ring claps the seats resound, And pit and box and galleries roar, With--"O rare! bravo!" and "Encore!" Old Roger Grouse, a country clown, Who yet knew something of the town, Beheld the mimic and his whim, And on the morrow challeng'd him.
Declaring to each beau and bunter That he'd out-grunt th'egregious grunter.
The morrow came--the crowd was greater-- But prejudice and rank ill-nature Usurp'd the minds of men and wenches, Who came to hiss, and break the benches.
The mimic took his usual station, And squeak'd with general approbation.
"Again, encore! encore!" they cry-- 'Twas quite the thing--'twas very high; Old Grouse conceal'd, amidst the racket, A real Pig berneath his jacket-- Then forth he came--and with his nail He pinch'd the urchin by the tail.
The tortur'd Pig from out his throat, Produc'd the genuine nat'ral note.
All bellow'd out--"'Twas very sad! Sure never stuff was half so bad! That like a Pig!"--each cry'd in scoff, "Pshaw! Nonsense! Blockhead! Off! Off! Off!" The mimic was extoll'd, and Grouse Was hiss'd and catcall'd from the house.
-- "Soft ye, a word before I go," Quoth honest Hodge--and stooping low Produc'd the Pig, and thus aloud Bespoke the stupid, partial crowd: "Behold, and learn from this poor creature, How much you Critics know of Nature.

by Christopher Smart |

A Song To David

O THOU, that sit'st upon a throne, 
With harp of high majestic tone, 
 To praise the King of kings; 
And voice of heav'n-ascending swell, 
Which, while its deeper notes excell, 
 Clear, as a clarion, rings: 

To bless each valley, grove and coast, 
And charm the cherubs to the post 
 Of gratitude in throngs; 
To keep the days on Zion's mount, 
And send the year to his account, 
 With dances and with songs: 

O Servant of God's holiest charge, 
The minister of praise at large, 
 Which thou may'st now receive; 
From thy blest mansion hail and hear, 
From topmost eminence appear 
 To this the wreath I weave.
IV Great, valiant, pious, good, and clean, Sublime, contemplative, serene, Strong, constant, pleasant, wise! Bright effluence of exceeding grace; Best man!—the swiftest and the race, The peril, and the prize! V Great—from the lustre of his crown, From Samuel's horn, and God's renown, Which is the people's voice; For all the host, from rear to van, Applauded and embrac'd the man— The man of God's own choice.
VI Valiant—the word, and up he rose; The fight—he triumph'd o'er the foes, Whom God's just laws abhor; And, arm'd in gallant faith, he took Against the boaster, from the brook, The weapons of the war.
VII Pious—magnificent and grand; 'Twas he the famous temple plann'd; (The seraph in his soul:) Foremost to give his Lord His dues, Foremost to bless the welcome news, And foremost to condole.
VIII Good—from Jehudah's genuine vein, From God's best nature good in grain, His aspect and his heart; To pity, to forgive, to save, Witness En-gedi's conscious cave, And Shimei's blunted dart.
IX Clean—if perpetual prayer be pure, And love, which could itself inure To fasting and to fear— Clean in his gestures, hands, and feet, To smite the lyre, the dance complete, To play the sword and spear.
X Sublime—invention ever young, Of vast conception, tow'ring tongue, To God th'eternal theme; Notes from yon exaltations caught, Unrival'd royalty of thought, O'er meaner strains supreme.
XI Contemplative—on God to fix His musings, and above the six The Sabbath-day he blest; 'Twas then his thoughts self-conquest prun'd, And heav'nly melancholy tun'd, To bless and bear the rest.
XII Serene—to sow the seeds of peace, Rememb'ring, when he watch'd the fleece, How sweetly Kidron purl'd— To further knowledge, silence vice, And plant plant perpetual paradise, When God had calm'd the world.
XIII Strong—in the Lord, Who could defy Satan, and all his pow'rs that lie In sempiternal night; And hell, and horror, and despair Were as the lion and the bear To his undaunted might.
XIV Constant—in love to God, THE TRUTH, Age, manhood, infancy, and youth— To Jonathan his friend Constant, beyond the verge of death; And Zilba, and Mephibosheth, His endless fame attend.
XV Pleasant—various as the year; Man, soul, and angel, without peer, Priest, champion, sage, and boy; In armor, or in ephod clad, His pomp, his piety was glad; Majestic was his joy.
XVI Wise—in recovery from his fall, Whence rose his eminence o'er all, Of all the most revil'd; The light of Israel in his ways, Wise are his precepts, prayer and praise, And counsel to his child.
XVII His muse, bright angel of his verse, Gives balm for all the thorns that pierce, For all the pangs that rage; Blest light, still gaining on the gloom, The more than Michal of his bloom, Th'Abishag of his age.
XVIII He sung of God—the mighty source Of all things—the stupendous force On which all strength depends; From Whose right arm, beneath Whose eyes, All period, pow'r, and enterprise Commences, reigns, and ends.
XIX Angels—their ministry and meed, Which to and fro with blessings speed, Or with their citherns wait; Where Michael with his millions bows, Where dwells the seraph and his spouse The cherub and her mate.
XX O David, scholar of the Lord! Of God and Love—the Saint elect For infinite applause— To rule the land, and briny broad, To be laborious in His laud, And heroes in His cause.
XXI The world—the clust'ring spheres He made, The glorious light, the soothing shade, Dale, champaign, grove, and hill; The multitudinous abyss, Where secrecy remains in bliss, And wisdom hides her skill XXII Trees, plants, and flow'rs—of virtuous root; Gem yielding blossom, yielding fruit, Choice gums and precious balm; Bless ye the nosegay in the vale, And with the sweetness of the gale Enrich the thankful psalm.
XXIII Of fowl—e'en ev'ry beak and wing Which cheer the winter, hail the spring, That live in peace or prey; They that make music, or that mock, The quail, the brave domestic cock, The raven, swan, and jay.
XXIV Of fishes—ev'ry size and shape, Which nature frames of light escape, Devouring man to shun: The shells are in the wealthy deep, The shoals upon the surface leap, And love the glancing sun.
XXV Of beasts—the beaver plods his task, While the sleek tigers roll and bask, Nor yet the shades arouse: Her cave the mining coney scoops; Where o'er the mead the mountain stoops, The kids exult and browse.
XXVI Of gems—their virtue and their price, Which hid in earth from man's device, Their darts of lustre sheathe; The jasper of the master's stamp, The topaz blazing like a lamp, Among the mines beneath.
XXVII Blest was the tenderness he felt When to his graceful harp he knelt, And did for audience call; When Satan with his hand he quell'd And in serene suspense he held The frantic throes of Saul.
XXVIII His furious foes no more malign'd As he such melody divin'd, And sense and soul detain'd; Now striking strong, now soothing soft, He sent the godly sounds aloft, Or in delight refrain'd.
XXIX When up to heav'n his thoughts he pil'd From fervent lips fair Michal smil'd, As blush to blush she stood; And chose herself the queen, and gave Her utmost from her heart, "so brave, And plays his hymns so good.
" XXX The pillars of the Lord are seven, Which stand from earth to topmost heav'n; His wisdom drew the plan; His WORD accomplish'd the design, From brightest gem to deepest mine, From CHRIST enthron'd to man.
XXXI Alpha, the cause of causes, first In station, fountain, whence the burst Of light, and blaze of day; Whence bold attempt, and brave advance, Have motion, life, and ordinance And heav'n itself its stay.
XXXII Gamma supports the glorious arch On which angelic legions march, And is with sapphires pav'd; Thence the fleet clouds are sent adrift, And thence the painted folds, that lift The crimson veil, are wav'd.
XXXIII Eta with living sculpture breathes, With verdant carvings, flow'ry wreathes, Of never-wasting bloom; In strong relief his goodly base All instruments of labor grace, The trowel, spade, and loom.
XXXIV Next Theta stands to the Supreme— Who form'd, in number, sign, and scheme, Th'illustrious lights that are: And one address'd his saffrom robe, And one, clad in a silver globe, Held rule with ev'ry star.
XXXV Iota's tun'd to choral hymns Of those that fly, while he that swims In thankful safety lurks; And foot, and chapitre, and niche, The various histories enrich Of God's record'd works.
XXXVI Sigma presents the social droves, With him that solitary roves, And man of all the chief; Fair on whose face, and stately frame, Did God impress His hallow'd name, For ocular belief.
XXXVII OMEGA! GREATEST and the BEST, Stands sacred to the day of rest, For gratitude and thought; Which bless'd the world upon his pole, And gave the universe his goal, And clos'd th'infernal draught.
XXXVIII O DAVID, scholar of the Lord! Such is thy science, whence reward And infinite degree; O strength, O sweetness, lasting ripe! God's harp thy symbol, and thy type The lion and the bee! XXXIX There is but One who ne'er rebell'd, But One by passion unimpell'd, By pleasures unentic'd; He from Himself His semblance sent, Grand object of His own content, And saw the God in CHRIST.
XL Tell them, I am, JEHOVAH said To MOSES; while earth heard in dread, And, smitten to the heart, At once above, beneath, around, All Nature, without voice or sound, Repli'd, "O Lord, THOU ART.
" XLI Thou art—to give and to confirm, For each his talent and his term; All flesh thy bounties share: Thou shalt not call thy brother fool; The porches of the Christian school Are meekness, peace, and pray'r.
XLII Open, and naked of offence, Man's made of mercy, soul, and sense; God arm'd the snail and wilk; Be good to him that pulls thy plough; Due food and care, due rest, allow For her that yields thee milk.
XLIII Rise up before the hoary head, And God's benign commandment dread, Which says thou shalt not die: "Not as I will, but as Thou wilt," Pray'd He Whose conscience knew no guilt; With Whose bless'd pattern vie.
XLIV Use all thy passions!—love is thine, And joy, and jealousy divine; Thine hope's eternal fort, And care thy leisure to disturb, With fear concupiscence to curb, And rapture to transport.
XLV Act simply, as occasion asks; Put mellow wine in season'd casks; Till not with ass and bull: Remember thy baptismal bond; Keep from commixtures foul and fond, Nor work thy flax with wool.
XLVI Distribute: pay the Lord His tithe, And make the widow's heart-strings blythe; Resort with those that weep: As you from all and each expect, For all and each thy love direct, And render as you reap.
XLVII The slander and its bearer spurn, And propagating praise sojourn To make thy welcome last; Turn from Old Adam to the New; By hope futurity pursue; Look upwards to the past.
XLVIII Control thine eye, salute success, Honor the wiser, happier bless, And for thy neighbor feel; Grutch not of Mammon and his leav'n, Work emulation up to heav'n By knowledge and by zeal.
XLIX O DAVID, highest in the list Of worthies, on God's ways insist, The genuine word repeat: Vain are the documents of men, And vain the flourish of the pen That keeps the fool's conceit.
L PRAISE above all—for praise prevails; Heap up the measure, load the scales, And good to goodness add: The gen'rous soul her Saviour aids, But peevish obloquy degrades; The Lord is great and glad.
LI For ADORATION all the ranks Of angels yield eternal thanks, And DAVID in the midst; With God's good poor, which last and least In man's esteem, thou to thy feast, O blessed bridegroom, bidst.
LII For ADORATION seasons change, And order, truth, and beauty range, Adjust, attract, and fill: The grass the polyanthus checks; And polish'd porphyry reflects, By the descending rill.
LIII rich almonds color to the prime For ADORATION; tendrils climb, And fruit-trees pledge their gems; And Ivis with her gorgeous vest, Builds for her eggs her cunning nest, And bell-flowers bow their stems.
LIV With vinous syrup cedars spout; From rocks pure honey gushing out, For ADORATION springs; All scenes of painting crowd the map Of nature; to the mermaid's pap The scaled infant clings.
LV The spotted ounce and playsome cubs Run rustling 'mongst the flow'ring shrubs, And lizards feed the moss; For ADORATION beasts embark, While waves upholding halcyon's ark No longer roar and toss.
LVI While Israel sits beneath his fig, With coral root and amber sprig The wean'd advent'rer sports; Where to the palm the jasmine cleaves, For ADORATION 'mongst the leaves The gale his peace reports.
LVII Increasing days their reign exalt, Nor in the pink and mottled vault The opposing spirits tilt; And, by the coasting reader spi'd, The silverlings and crusions glide For ADORATION gilt.
LVIII For ADORATION rip'ning canes And cocoa's purest milk detains The western pilgrim's staff; Where rain in clasping boughs enclos'd, And vines with oranges dispos'd, Embow'r the social laugh.
LIX Now labor his reward receives, For ADORATION counts his sheaves To peace, her bounteous prince; The nect'rine his strong tint imbibes, And apples of ten thousand tribes, And quick peculiar quince.
LX The wealthy crops of whit'ning rice, 'Mongst thyme woods and groves of spice, For ADORATION grow; And, marshall'd in the fenced land, The peaches and pom'granates stand, Where wild carnations blow.
LXI The laurels with the winter strive; The crocus burnishes alive Upon the snow-clad earth: For ADORATION myrtles stay To keep the garden from dismay, And bless the sight from dearth.
LXII The pheasant shows his pompous neck; The ermine, jealous of a speck, With fear eldues offence: The sable, with his glossy pride, For ADORATION is describ'd, Where frosts the waves condense.
LXIII The cheerful holly, pensive yew, And holy thorn, their trim renew; The squirrel hoards his nuts; All creatures batten o'er their stores, And careful nature all her doors For ADORATION shuts.
LXIV For ADORATION, DAVID's psalms Life up the heart to deeds of alms; And he, who kneels and chants, Prevails his passions to control, Finds meat and med'cine to the soul, Which for translation pants.
LXV For ADORATION, beyond match, The scholar bullfinch aims to catch The soft flute's iv'ry touch; And, careless on the hazel spray, The daring redbreast keeps at bay The damsel's greedy clutch.
LXVI For ADORATION in the skies, The Lord's philosopher espies The Dog, the Ram, and Rose; The planet's ring, Orion's sword; Nor is his greatness less ador'd In the vile worm that glows.
LXVII For ADORATION, on the strings The western breezes work their wings, The captive ear to sooth.
Hark! 'Tis a voice—how still, and small— That makes the cataracts to fall, Or bids the sea be smooth! LXVIII For ADORATION, incense comes From bezoar, and Arabian gums; And from the civet's fur: But as for prayer, or e'er it faints, Far better is the breath of saints Than galbanum and myrrh.
LXIX For ADORATION from the down Of dam'sins to th'anana's crown, God sends to tempt the taste; And while the luscious zest invites, The sense, that in the scene delights, Commands desire be chaste.
LXX For ADORATION, all the paths Of grace are open, all the baths Of purity refresh; And all the rays of glory beam To deck the man of God's esteem, Who triumphs o'er the flesh.
LXXI For ADORATION, in the dome Of Christ, the sparrows find a home; And on His olives perch: The swallow also dwells with thee, O man of God's humility, Within his Saviour CHURCH.
LXXII Sweet is the dew that falls betimes, And drops upon the leafy limes; Sweet, Hermon's fragrant air: Sweet is the lily's silver bell, And sweet the wakeful tapers smell That watch for early pray'r.
LXXIII Sweet the young nurse with love intense, Which smiles o'er sleeping innocence; Sweet when the lost arrive: Sweet the musician's ardour beats, While his vague mind's in quest of sweets, The choicest flow'rs to hive.
LXXIV Sweeter in all the strains of love, The language of thy turtle dove, Pair'd to thy swelling chord; Sweeter, with ev'ry grace endu'd, The glory of thy gratitude, Respir'd unto the Lord.
LXXV Strong is the horse upon his speed; Strong in pursuit the rapid glede, Which makes at once his game: Strong the tall ostrich on the ground; Strong through the turbulent profound Shoots xiphias to his aim.
LXXVI Strong is the lion—like a coal His eyeball—like a bastion's mole His chest against his foes: Strong, the gier-eagle on his sail, Strong against tide, th'enormous whale Emerges as he goes.
LXXVII But stronger still in earth and air, And in the sea, the man of pray'r; And far beneath the tide; And in the seat to faith assign'd, Where ask is have, where seek is find, Where knock is open wide.
LXXVIII Beauteous the fleet before the gale; Beauteous the multitudes in mail, Rank'd arms and crested heads: Beauteous the garden's umbrage mild, Walk, water, meditated wild, And all the bloomy beds.
LXXIX Beauteous the moon full on the lawn; And beauteous, when the veil's withdrawn, The virgin to her spouse: Beauteous the temple, deck'd and fill'd, When to the heav'n of heav'ns they build Their heart-directed vows.
LXXX Beauteous, yea beauteous more than these, The shepherd king upon his knees, For his momentous trust; With wish of infinite conceit, For man, beast, mute, the small and great, And prostrate dust to dust.
LXXXI Precious the bounteous widow's mite; And precious, for extreme delight, The largess from the churl: Precious the ruby's blushing blaze, And alba's blest imperial rays, And pure cerulean pearl.
LXXXII Precious the penitential tear; And precious is the sigh sincere; Acceptable to God: And precious are the winning flow'rs, In gladsome Israel's feast of bow'rs, Bound on the hallow'd sod.
LXXXIII More precious that diviner part Of David, ev'n the Lord's own heart, Great, beautiful, and new: In all things where it was intent, In all extremes, in each event, Proof—answ'ring true to true.
LXXXIV Glorious the sun in mid career; Glorious th'assembled fires appear; Glorious the comet's train: Glorious the trumpet and alarm; Glorious th'almighty stretch'd-out arm; Glorious th'enraptur'd main: LXXXV Glorious the northern lights a-stream; Glorious the song, when God's the theme; Glorious the thunder's roar: Glorious hosanna from the den; Glorious the catholic amen; Glorious the martyr's gore: LXXXVI Glorious—more glorious, is the crown Of Him that brought salvation down, By meekness, call'd thy Son: Thou at stupendous truth believ'd;— And now the matchless deed's achiev'd, DETERMIN'D, DAR'D, AND DONE.