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by Calvin Ziegler |

Am Grischtdaag / At Christmas


Sis Grischtdaag. Die ganz Welt iwwer
Frei die Leit sich sehr,
Un alles is harrlich, as wann der Daag
Vom Himmel gelosse waer.

Ich hock allee in mei Zimmer
Un denk so iwwer die Zeit -
Wie der Geischt vun Grischt sich immer
Weider un weider ausbreid:

Un wie heit in yeder Famillye
Frehlich un gutes Mut
In die liewi aldi Heemet
Sich widder versammle dutt.

Ach widder deheem! Ach, Yammer! -
Net all! Deel sin yo heit
Zu weit vun uns ab zu kumme - 
Fatt in de Ewichkeit.

Net all deheem! Verleicht awwer -
Unich behaap's kann sei -
Im Geischt sin mir all beisamme
Un griesse enanner uff's nei!

So sin mir vereenicht widder -
Loss die Zeit vergeb wiesie will;
Ich drink eich ein Gruss, ihr Brieder!
Verwas sitzt dir all so schtill?

Weit ab - iwwer Barig un Valley,
Un iwwer die Ewichkeit's Brick -
Vun eich Brieder all, wie Geischdeschall
Kummt mir Eier Gruss zerick.


It's Christmas. The whole world over
Everyone's filled with love,
And everything's joyful, as if the day
Was given from above.

I sit alone in my room
Thinking about the times -
How the spirit of Christ always
Wider and wider shines.

And how today all families
With much happiness embrace
As they gather once again
In the dear old home place.

All home again! Oh, not so! -
Not all! Some today in reality
Are far from us below -
Away in eternity!

Not all at home! Perhaps though -
And I insist I knew -
In the spirit we're all together
And greet each other anew.

So we are together again -
May the time go as it will,
I drink to you a toast, brothers!
Why do you all sit so still?

Far away - over valley and ridge,
And over the eternal bridge - 
From you brothers, like a spiritual echo
Your greeting returns below.