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Best Famous Yosa Buson Poems

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous Yosa Buson poems. This is a select list of the best famous Yosa Buson poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous Yosa Buson poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. These top poems are the best examples of Yosa Buson poems.

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Written by Yosa Buson |

Harvest moon

 Harvest moon--
called at his house,
he was digging potatoes.

Written by Yosa Buson |

Old well

 Old well,
a fish leaps--
 dark sound.

Written by Yosa Buson |

Early summer rain

 Early summer rain--
houses facing the river,
 two of them

Written by Yosa Buson |

Sparrow singing

 Sparrow singing--
its tiny mouth

Written by Yosa Buson |

Variations on The short night

 Below are eleven Buson haiku
beginning with the phrase
'The short night--'

The short night--
on the hairy caterpillar
beads of dew.
The short night-- patrolmen washing in the river.
The short night-- bubbles of crab froth among the river reeds.
The short night-- a broom thrown away on the beach.
The short night-- the Oi River has sunk two feet.
The short night-- on the outskirts of the village a small shop opening.
The short night-- broken, in the shallows, a crescent moon.
The short night-- the peony has opened.
The short night-- waves beating in, an abandoned fire.
The short night-- near the pillow a screen turning silver.
The short night-- shallow footprints on the beach at Yui.
User Submitted "The short night--" Haiku Submit your own haiku beginning with the line "The short night--" and we'll post the best ones below! Just dash off an e-mail to: theshortnight@plagiarist.
com The short night- a watery moon stands alone over the hill Maggie The short night-- just as I'm falling asleep my wife's waking up Larry Bole

Written by Yosa Buson |

Evening wind

 Evening wind:
water laps
 the heron's legs.

Written by Yosa Buson |

Blow of an ax

 Blow of an ax,
pine scent,
the winter woods.

Written by Yosa Buson |

The spring sea rising

 The spring sea rising
and falling, rising
 and falling all day.

Written by Yosa Buson |

A bat flits

 A bat flits
in moonlight
above the plum blossoms.

Written by Yosa Buson |


the sound of the bell
 as it leaves the bell.

Written by Yosa Buson |

Lighting one candle

 Lighting one candle
with another candle--
 spring evening.

Written by Yosa Buson |


 STILL as the holy of holies breathes the vast,
Within its crystal depths the stars grow dim;
Fire on the altar of the hills at last
 Burns on the shadowy rim.
Moment that holds all moments; white upon The verge it trembles; then like mists of flowers Break from the fairy fountain of the dawn The hues of many hours.
Thrown downward from that high companionship Of dreaming inmost heart with inmost heart, Into the common daily ways I slip My fire from theirs apart.

Written by Yosa Buson |

White blossoms of the pear

 White blossoms of the pear
and a woman in moonlight
 reading a letter.

Written by Yosa Buson |

The end of spring

 The end of spring--
the poet is brooding
 about editors.

Written by Yosa Buson |

My arm for a pillow

 My arm for a pillow,
I really like myself
under the hazy moon.