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Best Famous Ruth Padel Poems

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous Ruth Padel poems. This is a select list of the best famous Ruth Padel poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous Ruth Padel poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. These top poems are the best examples of Ruth Padel poems.

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by Ruth Padel | |


 The ground verdigris, fluffy with young mosquitoes.
Waters as sacred as these, as fatted with reeds.
Bronze palm planted to Sun.
Lizards, Nile alligators, hindquarters rolling on granite sphinx-chippings.
Air salted with confident brown larks, Travelling, you remember (mind upturning these foreign priests, finding the causes) that stamen-summit: white long unbloody altar, giddy blues under you, calyx of bronze flat islands unfolding, blind.

by Ruth Padel | |


 Water, moonlight, danger, dream.
Bronze urn, angled on a tree root: one Slash of light, then gone.
A red moon Seen through clouds, or almost seen.
Treasure found but lost, flirting between The worlds of lost and found.
An unjust law Repealed, a wish come true, a lifelong Sadness healed.
Haven, in the mind, To anyone hurt by littleness.
A prayer For the moment, saved; treachery forgiven.
Flame of the crackle-glaze tangle, amber Reflected in grey milk-jade.
An old song Remembered, long debt paid.
A painting on silk, which may fade.

by Ruth Padel | |


 Flamingo silk.
New ruff, the ivory ghost of a halter.
Chestnut curls, * commas behind the ear.
"Taller, by half a head, than my Lord Walsingham.
" * His Devon-cream brogue, malt eyes.
New cloak mussed in her mud.
* The Queen leans forward, a rosy envelope of civet.
A cleavage * whispering seed pearls.
Her own sleeve rubs that speck of dirt * on his cheek.
Three thousand ornamental fruit baskets swing in the smoke.
* "It is our pleasure to have our servant trained some longer time * in Ireland.
" Stamp out marks of the Irish.
Their saffron smocks.
* All curroughs, bards and rhymers.
Desmonds and Fitzgeralds * stuck on low spikes, an avenue of heads to the war tent.
* Kerry timber sold to the Canaries.
Pregnant girls * hung in their own hair on city walls.
Plague crumpling gargoyles * through Munster.
"They spoke like ghosts crying out of their graves.