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Best Famous Isaac Watts Poems

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous Isaac Watts poems. This is a select list of the best famous Isaac Watts poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous Isaac Watts poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. These top poems are the best examples of Isaac Watts poems.

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Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 129

 Persecutors punished.
Up from my youth, may Isr'el say, Have I been nursed in tears; My griefs were constant as the day, And tedious as the years.
Up from my youth I bore the rage Of all the sons of strife; Oft they assailed my riper age, But not destroyed my life.
Their cruel plow had torn my flesh With furrows long and deep; Hourly they vexed my wounds afresh, Nor let my sorrows sleep.
The Lord grew angry on his throne, And, with impartial eye, Measured the mischiefs they had done, Then let his arrows fly.
How was their insolence surprised To hear his thunders roll! And all the foes of Zion seized With horror to the soul! Thus shall the men that hate the saints Be blasted from the sky; Their glory fades, their courage faints And all their projects die.
[What though they flourish tall and fair, They have no root beneath; Their growth shall perish in despair, And lie despised in death.
] [So corn that on the house-top stands No hope of harvest gives; The reaper ne'er shall fill his hands, Nor binder fold the sheaves.
It springs and withers on the place; No traveller bestows A word of blessing on the grass, Nor minds it as he goes.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Against Lying

 O 'tis a lovely thing for youth
To early walk in wisdom's way;
To fear a lie, to speak the truth,
That we may trust to all they say!

But liars we can never trust,
Even when they say what is true.
And he who does one fault at first And lies to hide it, makes it two.
Have we not known, nor heard, nor read How God does hate deceit and wrong? How Ananias was struck dead, Caught with a lie upon his tongue? So did his wife Sapphira die, When she came in, and grew so bold As to confirm that wicked lie, Which just before her husband told.
The Lord delights in them that speak The words of truth; but every liar Must have his portion in the lake That burns with brimstone and with fire.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 124

 A song for the fifth of November.
Had not the Lord, may Isr'el say, Had not the Lord maintained our side, When men, to make our lives a prey, Rose like the swelling of the tide; The swelling tide had stopped our breath, So fiercely did the waters roll, We had been swallowed deep in death; Proud waters had o'erwhelmed our soul.
We leap for joy, we shout and sing, Who just escaped the fatal stroke; So flies the bird with cheerful wing, When once the fowler's snare is broke.
For ever blessed be the Lord, Who broke the fowler's cursed snare, Who saved us from the murd'ring sword, And made our lives and souls his care.
Our help is in Jehovah's name, Who formed the earth and built the skies: He that upholds that wondrous frame Guards his own church with watchful eyes.

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Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 147

7-9,13-18 C.
The seasons of the year.
With songs and honors sounding loud, Address the Lord on high; Over the heav'ns he spreads his cloud, And waters veil the sky.
He sends his showers of blessing down To cheer the plains below; He makes the grass the mountains crown, And corn in valleys grow.
He gives the grazing ox his meat, He hears the raven's cry; But man, who tastes his finest wheat, Should raise his honors high.
His steady counsels change the face Of the declining year; He bids the sun cut short his race, And wintry days appear.
His hoary frost, his fleecy snow, Descend and clothe the ground; The liquid streams forbear to flow, In icy fetters bound.
When from the dreadful stores on high He pours the rattling hail, The wretch that dares this God defy Shall find his courage fail.
He sends his word, and melts the snow, The fields no longer mourn; He calls the warmer gales to blow, And bids the spring return.
The changing wind, the flying cloud, Obey his mighty word: With songs and honors sounding loud, Praise ye the sovereign Lord.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 56

 Deliverance from oppression and falsehood.
O Thou whose justice reigns on high, And makes th' oppressor cease, Behold how envious sinners try To vex and break my peace.
The sons of violence and lies Join to devour me, Lord; But as my hourly dangers rise, My refuge is thy word.
In God most holy, just, and true, I have reposed my trust; Nor will I fear what flesh can do, The offspring of the dust.
They wrest my words to mischief still, Charge me with unknown faults; Mischief doth all their counsels fill, And malice all their thoughts.
Shall they escape without thy frown? Must their devices stand? O cast the haughty sinner down, And let him know thy hand.
God counts the sorrows of his saints, Their groans affect his ears; Thou hast a book for my complaints, A bottle for my tears.
When to thy throne I raise my cry, The wicked fear and flee; So swift is prayer to reach the sky, So near is God to me.
In thee, most holy, just, and true, I have reposed my trust; Nor will I fear what man can do, The offspring of the dust.
Thy solemn vows are on me, Lord, Thou shalt receive my praise; I'll sing, "How faithful is thy word, How righteous all thy ways!" Thou hast secured my soul from death, O set thy pris'ner free! That heart and hand, and life and breath, May be employ'd for thee.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 32

 Forgiveness of sins upon confession.
O Blessed souls are they Whose sins are covered o'er! Divinely blest, to whom the Lord Imputes their guilt no more.
They mourn their follies past, And keep their hearts with care; Their lips and lives, without deceit, Shall prove their faith sincere.
While I concealed my guilt, I felt the fest'ring wound; Till I confessed my sins to thee, And ready pardon found.
Let sinners learn to pray, Let saints keep near the throne; Our help, in times of deep distress, Is found in God alone.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 81

1,8-16 S.
The warnings of God to his people.
Sing to the Lord aloud, And make a joyful noise; God is our strength, our Savior God; Let Isr'el hear his voice.
"From vile idolatry Preserve my worship clean; I am the Lord, who set thee free From slavery and sin.
"Stretch thy desires abroad, And I'll supply them well: But if ye will refuse your God, If Isr'el will rebel; "I'll leave them," saith the Lord, "To their own lusts a prey, And let them run the dang'rous road, 'Tis their own chosen way.
"Yet, O! that all my saints Would hearken to my voice! Soon I would ease their sore complaints, And bid their hearts rejoice.
"While I destroy their foes, I'd richly feed my flock; And they should taste the stream that flows From their eternal rock.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 126

 Surprising deliverance.
When God restored our captive state, Joy was our song, and grace our theme; The grace beyond our hopes so great That joy appeared a painted dream.
The scoffer owns thy hand, and pays Unwilling honors to thy name; While we with pleasure shout thy praise, With cheerful notes thy love proclaim.
When we review our dismal fears, 'Twas hard to think they'd vanish so; With God we left our flowing tears, He makes our joys like rivers flow.
The man that in his furrowed field His scattered seed with sadness leaves, Will shout to see the harvest yield A welcome load of joyful sheaves.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Hymn 33

 Absurdity of infidelity.
1 Cor.
Shall atheists dare insult the cross Of our Redeemer, God? Shall infidels reproach his laws, Or trample on his blood? What if he choose mysterious ways To cleanse us from our faults? May not the works of sovereign grace Transcend our feeble thoughts? What if his gospel bids us fight With flesh, and self, and sin, The prize is most divinely bright That we are called to win.
What if the foolish and the poor His glorious grace partake, This but confirms his truth the more, For so the prophets spake.
Do some that own his sacred name Indulge their souls in sin? Jesus should never bear the blame, His laws are pure and clean.
Then let our faith grow firm and strong, Our lips profess his word; Nor blush nor fear to walk among The men that love the Lord.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 130

 Pardoning grace.
Out of the deeps of long distress, The borders of despair, I sent my cries to seek thy grace, My groans to move thine ear.
Great God, should thy severer eye, And thine impartial hand, Mark and revenge iniquity, No mortal flesh could stand.
But there are pardons with my God For crimes of high degree; Thy Son has bought them with his blood, To draw us near to thee.
[I wait for thy salvation, Lord, With strong desires I wait; My soul, invited by thy word, Stands watching at thy gate.
] [Just as the guards that keep the night Long for the morning skies, Watch the first beams of breaking light, And meet them with their eyes; So waits my soul to see thy grace, And, more intent than they, Meets the first openings of thy face, And finds a brighter day.
] [Then in the Lord let Isr'el trust, Let Isr'el seek his face; The Lord is good as well as just, And plenteous is his grace.
There's full redemption at his throne For sinners long enslaved; The great Redeemer is his Son, And Isr'el shall be saved.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 123

 Pleading with submission.
O thou whose grace and justice reign Enthroned above the skies, To thee our hearts would tell their pain, To thee we lift our eyes.
As servants watch their master's hand, And fear the angry stroke; Or maids before their mistress stand, And wait a peaceful look; So for our sins we justly feel Thy discipline, O God; Yet wait the gracious moment still, Till thou remove thy rod.
Those that in wealth and pleasure live, Our daily groans deride, And thy delays of mercy give Fresh courage to their pride.
Our foes insult us, but our hope In thy compassion lies; This thought shall bear our spirits up, That God will not despise.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Hymn 133

 Love and charity.
1 Cor.
13:2-7, 13.
Let Pharisees of high esteem Their faith and zeal declare, All their religion is a dream, If love be wanting there.
Love suffers long with patient eye, Nor is provoked in haste; She lets the present injury die, And long forgets the past.
[Malice and rage, those fires of hell, She quenches with her tongue; Hopes and believes, and thinks no ill, Though she endure the wrong.
] [She nor desires nor seeks to know The scandals of the time; Nor looks with pride on those below, Nor envies those that climb.
] She lays her own advantage by To seek her neighbor's good; So God's own Son came down to die, And bought our lives with blood.
Love is the grace that keeps her power In all the realms above; There faith and hope are known no more, But saints for ever love.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Psalm 131

 Humility and submission.
Is there ambition in my heart?.
Search, gracious God, and see; Or do I act a haughty part? Lord, I appeal to thee.
I charge my thoughts, be humble still, And all my carriage mild, Content, my Father, with thy will, And quiet as a child.
The patient soul, the lowly mind, Shall have a large reward: Let saints in sorrow lie resigned, And trust a faithful Lord.

Written by Isaac Watts |

Hymn 121

 Children devoted to God.
[For those who practise infant Baptism.
] Gen.
17:7,10; Acts 16:14,15,33.
Thus saith the mercy of the Lord, "I'll be a God to thee; I'll bless thy num'rous race, and they Shall be a seed for me.
" Abram believed the promised grace, And gave his sons to God; But water seals the blessing now, That once was sealed with blood.
Thus Lydia sanctified her house, When she received the word; Thus the believing jailer gave His household to the Lord.
Thus later saints, eternal King! Thine ancient truth embrace; To thee their infant offspring bring, And humbly claim the grace.

Written by Isaac Watts |

PSALM 105 Abridged

 God's conduct of Israel, and the plagues of Egypt.
Give thanks to God, invoke his name, And tell the world his grace; Sound through the earth his deeds of fame, That all may seek his face.
His cov'nant, which he kept in mind For num'rous ages past, To num'rous ages yet behind In equal force shall last.
He sware to Abraham and his seed, And made the blessing sure; Gentiles the ancient promise read, And find his truth endure.
"Thy seed shall make all nations blest," (Said the Almighty voice,) "And Canaan's land shall be their rest, The type of heav'nly joys.
" [How large the grant! how rich the grace, To give them Canaan's land, When they were strangers in the place, A little feeble band! Like pilgrims through the countries round Securely they removed; And haughty kings that on them frowned Severely he reproved.
"Touch mine anointed, and my arm Shall soon revenge the wrong: The man that does my prophets harm, Shall know their God is strong.
" Then let the world forbear its rage, Nor put the church in fear; Isr'el must live through every age, And be th' Almighty's care.
When Pharaoh dared to vex the saints, And thus provoked their God, Moses was sent at their complaints, Armed with his dreadful rod.
He called for darkness; darkness came Like an o'erwhelming flood; He turned each lake and every stream To lakes and streams of blood.
He gave the sign, and noisome flies Through the whole country spread; And frogs in croaking armies rise About the monarch's bed.
Through fields, and towns, and palaces, The tenfold vengeance flew; Locusts in swarms devoured their trees, And hail their cattle slew.
Then by an angel's midnight stroke The flower of Egypt died; The strength of every house was broke, Their glory and their pride.
Now let the world forbear its rage, Nor put the church in fear; Isr'el must live through every age, And be th' Almighty's care.
Thus were the tribes from bondage brought, And left the hated ground; Each some Egyptian spoils had got, And not one feeble found.
The Lord himself chose out their way, And marked their journeys right; Gave them a leading cloud by day, A fiery guide by night.
They thirst, and waters from the rock In rich abundance flow; And following still the course they took, Ran all the desert through.
O wondrous stream! O blessed type Of ever-flowing grace! So Christ, our Rock, maintains our life Through all this wilderness.
Thus guarded by th' Almighty hand, The chosen tribes possessed Canaan, the rich, the promised land, And there enjoyed their rest.
Then let the world forbear its rage, The church renounce her fear; Isr'el must live through every age, And be th' Almighty's care.