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Famous America Poems | Examples of Famous America Poetry

These are examples of famous America poems written by famous poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of famous America poems about America. These examples illustrate what famous America poems looks like and its form.

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Famous PoemPoet
Still I Rise Angelou, Maya
We Wear the Mask Laurence Dunbar, Paul
I Hear America Singing Whitman, Walt
To a Lady on the Death of Her Husband Wheatley, Phillis
Touched by An Angel Angelou, Maya
Phenomenal Woman Angelou, Maya
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Angelou, Maya
To S. M. a young African Painter on seeing his Works Wheatley, Phillis
Rememberance Angelou, Maya
When You Come Angelou, Maya
The Lesson Angelou, Maya
Men Angelou, Maya
Passing Time Angelou, Maya
A Conceit Angelou, Maya
On the Pulse of Morning Angelou, Maya
Million Man March Poem Angelou, Maya
An Hymn to the Evening Wheatley, Phillis
An Hymn to the Morning Wheatley, Phillis
To the Honourable T. H. Esq; on the Death of his Daughter Wheatley, Phillis
On the Death of a young Lady of Five Years of Age Wheatley, Phillis
A Supermarket in California Ginsberg, Allen
Who Runs America? Ginsberg, Allen
Inaugural Poem Angelou, Maya
Dickinson Poems by Number Dickinson, Emily
The Waste Land Eliot, Thomas Stearns Eliot (T S)
The Ancestral Dwelling Dyke, Henry Van
America Creeley, Robert
The Good Man Brooks, Gwendolyn
Bird With Two Right Wings Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
sisters Clifton, Lucille
shapeshifter poems Clifton, Lucille
Having Lost My Sons I Confront The Wreckage Of The Moon: Christmas 1960 Wright, James
Some Foreign Letters Sexton, Anne
To Mr. Blanchard the Celebrated Aeronaut in America Freneau, Philip
To the Bartholdi Statue Bierce, Ambrose
The Vision of Judgment Byron, George (Lord)
The Other Tiger Borges, Jorge Luis
The Runaway Slave at Pilgrims Point Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
To Be In Love Brooks, Gwendolyn
We Real Cool Brooks, Gwendolyn
Sadie and Maud Brooks, Gwendolyn
A Sunset of the City Brooks, Gwendolyn
The Ballad of Rudolph Reed Brooks, Gwendolyn
To Be In Love Brooks, Gwendolyn
My Dreams My Works Must Wait Till After Hell Brooks, Gwendolyn
One Wants A Teller In A Time Like This Brooks, Gwendolyn
The Crazy Woman Brooks, Gwendolyn
The Mother Brooks, Gwendolyn
Mock Panegyric on a Young Friend Austen, Jane
A Man Bukowski, Charles
On The Death Of Dr. Samuel Marshall Wheatley, Phillis
Isaiah LXIII Wheatley, Phillis
A Farewel To America to Mrs. S. W. Wheatley, Phillis
To a Lady on Her Coming to North-America Wheatley, Phillis
To a Gentleman on His Voyage to Great-Britain Wheatley, Phillis
To Captain H-----d of the 65th Regiment Wheatley, Phillis
A Rebus By I. B. Wheatley, Phillis
To His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor Wheatley, Phillis
To a Gentleman and Lady on the Death of the Ladys Brother and Sister Wheatley, Phillis
To the Rev. Dr. Thomas Amory Wheatley, Phillis
On the Death of the Rev. Dr. Sewell Wheatley, Phillis
To A Lady On The Death Of The Three Relations Wheatley, Phillis
To a Lady on Her Remarkable Preservation Wheatley, Phillis
To A Clergyman On The Death Of His Lady Wheatley, Phillis
To a Lady and Her Children Wheatley, Phillis
Ode To Neptune Wheatley, Phillis
On The Death Of Rev. Mr. George Whitefield Wheatley, Phillis
To The Kings Most Excellent Majesty Wheatley, Phillis
To The Right Honourable William Earl Of Dartmouth His Majestys Principal Secretary Of The State For North-America Wheatley, Phillis
Goliath Of Gath Wheatley, Phillis
On The Death Of J. C. An Infant Wheatley, Phillis
On the Death of a Young Gentleman Wheatley, Phillis
Niobe in Distress Wheatley, Phillis
On Virtue Wheatley, Phillis
Thoughts On The Works Of Providence Wheatley, Phillis
On Recollection Wheatley, Phillis
Before you knew you owned it Walker, Alice
A Funeral Poem on the Death of C.E. Wheatley, Phillis
On Imagination Wheatley, Phillis
On Being Brought from Africa to America Wheatley, Phillis
An Hymn To Humanity (To S.P.G. Esp) Wheatley, Phillis
To S.M. A Young African Painter On Seeing His Works Wheatley, Phillis
To Mæcenas Wheatley, Phillis
An Answer To The Rebus By The Author Of These Poems Wheatley, Phillis
To The University Of Cambridge In New-England Wheatley, Phillis
One Being Brought From Africa To America Wheatley, Phillis
To Elsie Williams, William Carlos (WCW)
America Melville, Herman
Sympathy Laurence Dunbar, Paul
Howl Ginsberg, Allen
America Ginsberg, Allen
Kissass Ginsberg, Allen
Death and Fame Ginsberg, Allen
Knoxville Tennessee Giovanni, Nikki
September On Jessore Road Ginsberg, Allen
Making The Lion For All Its Got -- A Ballad Ginsberg, Allen
CIA Dope Calypso Ginsberg, Allen
Crossing Nation Ginsberg, Allen
Plutonian Ode Ginsberg, Allen