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Brookland Road

 I was very well pleased with what I knowed,
I reckoned myself no fool--
Till I met with a maid on the Brookland Road,
That turned me back to school.
Low down-low down! Where the liddle green lanterns shine-- O maids, I've done with 'ee all but one, And she can never' be mine! 'Twas right in the middest of a hot June night, With thunder duntin' round, And I see'd her face by the fairy light That beats from off the ground.
She only smiled and she never spoke, She smiled and went away; But when she'd gone my heart was broke And my wits was clean astray.
0, stop your ringing and let me be-- Let be, 0 Brookland bells! You'll ring Old Goodman out of the sea, Before I wed one else! Old Goodman's Farm is rank sea-sand, And was this thousand year; But it shall turn to rich plough-land Before I change my dear.
0, Fairfield Church is water-bound From autumn to the spring; But it shall turn to high hill-ground Before my bells do ring.
0, leave me walk on Brookland Road, In the thunder and warm rain-- 0, leave me look where my love goed, And p'raps I'll see her again! Low down--low down! Where the liddle green lanterns shine-- 0 maids, I've done with 'ee all but one, And she can never be mine!

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