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Written by: Rupert Brooke | Biography
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 Opposite me two Germans snore and sweat.
Through sullen swirling gloom we jolt and roar.
We have been here for ever: even yet A dim watch tells two hours, two aeons, more.
The windows are tight-shut and slimy-wet With a night's foetor.
There are two hours more; Two hours to dawn and Milan; two hours yet.
Opposite me two Germans sweat and snore.
One of them wakes, and spits, and sleeps again.
The darkness shivers.
A wan light through the rain Strikes on our faces, drawn and white.
Somewhere A new day sprawls; and, inside, the foul air Is chill, and damp, and fouler than before.
Opposite me two Germans sweat and snore.

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