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Beautiful Monikie

Written by: William Topaz McGonagall | Biography
 Beautiful Monikie! with your trees and shrubberies green
And your beautiful walks, most charming to be seen:
'Tis a beautiful place for pleasure-seekers to resort,
Because there they can have innocent sport,
taking a leisure walk all round about,
And see the ang1ers fishing in the pand for trout.
Besides, there's lovely white swans swimming on the pond, And Panmure Monument can be seen a little distance beyond; And the scenery all round is enchanting I declare, While sweet-scented fragrance fills the air.
Then away, pleasure-seekers of bonnie Dundee, And have a day's outing around Monikie, And inhale the pure air, on a fine summer day, Which will help to drive dull care away; As ye gaze on the beautiful scenery there, Your spirits will feel o'erjoyed and free frozen care.
Then near to the pond there's a beautiful green sward, Where excursionists can dance until fatigue does them retard; And if they feel thirsty, the Monikie water's near by, Where they can quench their thirst if very dry.
Then, after that, they can have a walk at their ease, Amongst the green shrubbery and tall pine trees; And in the centre of the pand they can see Three beautiful little islets dressed in green livery.
Monikie is as bonnie a place as ye could wish to see, And about eleven or twelve miles from bonnie Dundee; It's the only place I know of to enjoy a holiday, Because there's a hall of shelter there to keep the rain away.
Then there's a large park, a very suitable place, For the old and the young, if they wish to try a race; It's there they can enjoy themselves during the live-long summmer day, Near to the little purling burn, meandering on its way, And emptying itself into the pond of Monikie, Which supplies the people with water belonging to Dundee.