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Tea On The Lawn

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Written by: Robert William Service | Biography
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 It was foretold by sybils three
that in an air crash he would die.
"I'll fool their prophesy," said he; "You won't get me to go on high.
Howe're the need for haste and speed, I'll never, never, never fly.
" It's true he traveled everywhere, Afar and near, by land and sea, Yet he would never go by air And chance an evil destiny.
Always by ship or rail he went - For him no sky-plane accident.
Then one day walking on the heath He watched a pilot chap on high, And chuckled as he stood beneath That lad a-looping in the sky.
Feeling so safe and full of glee Serenely he went home to tea.
With buttered toast he told his wife: "My dear, you can't say I've been rash; Three fortune tellers said my life Would end up in an air-plane crash.
But see! I'm here so safe and sound: By gad! I'll never leave the ground.
"For me no baptism of air; It's in my bed I mean to die.
Behold yon crazy fool up there, A-cutting capers in the sky.
His motor makes a devilish din .
Look! Look! He's gone into a spin.
"He's dashing downward - "Oh my God!" .
Alas! he never finished tea.
The motor ploughed the garden sod And in the crash a corpse was he: Proving that no man can frustrate The merciless design of Fate.

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