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Virelay - Definition

The definition of: Virelay is below.
There are 3 syllables in the word Virelay.
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Definition of: Virelay

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Poetry Definition

Virelay is an ancient French format having stanzas of different string lengths and number with alternating long and short lines. The rhyme scheme is interlaced: a-b-a-b....b-c-b-c....c-d-c-d....d-e-d-e… 


Virelay poem Looking Back Upon This Road Looking back into the past, footsteps upon this road, impress themselves and infused to mind. But notice not, depressions made from my heavy load, those passing in the road, refined. Would I choose another path, one not so confined, and brings an ending to my stride? Yet the road will bend my way, this road called mankind. Always underfoot, always very wide. The things I’ve seen and memories will forever try to hide, burdens carried within my purse. My greeting swells politely but within I know I’ve lied, for ears are deaf in human curse. But could I turn, going back, make my path reverse? Could I find my way? Rejoin a time where kindness flowed, perched on every verse. Was there ever such a day? Tis just a dream and I allow my mind to drift and sway, into passing times, now so very old. Still walking on as I must, my brother time will not delay, looking back upon this road. Kactus Berry

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Misc. Definitions

\Vir"e*lay\, n. [F. virelai; virer to turn + lai a song, a lay.] An ancient French song, or short poem, wholly in two rhymes, and composed in short lines, with a refrain. Of such matter made he many lays, Songs, complains, roundels, virelayes. --Chaucer. To which a lady sung a virelay. --Dryden. Note: ``The virelay admitted only two rhymes, and, after employing one for some time, the poet was virer, or to turn, to the other.'' --Nares.