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Turk - Definition

The definition of: Turk is below.
There are 1 syllables in the word Turk.
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Definition of: Turk

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Standard Definition

[n] a native or inhabitant of Turkey

Misc. Definitions

\Turk\, n. [Per. Turk; probably of Tartar origin: cf. F. Turc.]
1. A member of any of numerous Tartar tribes of Central Asia, etc.; esp., one of the dominant race in Turkey.
2. A native or inhabitant of Turkey.
3. A Mohammedan; esp., one living in Turkey. It is no good reason for a man's religion that he was born and brought up in it; for then a Turk would have as much reason to be a Turk as a Christian to be a Christian. --Chillingworth.
4. (Zo["o]l.) The plum weevil. See {Curculio}, and {Plum weevil}, under {Plum}. {Turk's cap}. (Bot.) (a) Turk's-cap lily. See under {Lily}. (b) A tulip. (c) A plant of the genus {Melocactus}; Turk's head. See {Melon cactus}, under {Melon}. {Turk's head}. (a) (Naut.) A knot of turbanlike form worked on a rope with a piece of small line. --R. H. Dana, Jr. (b) (Bot.) See {Turk's cap} (c) above. {Turk's turban} (Bot.), a plant of the genus {Ranunculus}; crowfoot.