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Nonsense - Definition

The definition of: Nonsense is below.
There are 2 syllables in the word Nonsense.
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Definition of: Nonsense

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Standard Definition

[n] ornamental objects of no great value
[n] a message that seems to convey no meaning


falderal - (3 syllables), folderol - (3 syllables), frills - (1 syllables), gimcrackery - (4 syllables), gimcracks - (2 syllables), hokum - (2 syllables), meaninglessness - (4 syllables), nonsensicality - (6 syllables), trumpery - (3 syllables)

Misc. Definitions

\Non"sense\, n. [Pref. non- + sense: cf. F. nonsens.]
1. That which is not sense, or has no sense; words, or language, which have no meaning, or which convey no intelligible ideas; absurdity.
2. Trifles; things of no importance. {Nonsense verses}, lines made by taking any words which occur, but especially certain words which it is desired to recollect, and arranging them without reference to anything but the measure, so that the rhythm of the lines may aid in recalling the remembrance of the words. Syn: Folly; silliness; absurdity; trash; balderdash.