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Fishing - Definition

The definition of: Fishing is below.
There are 2 syllables in the word Fishing.
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Definition of: Fishing

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Standard Definition

[n] the act of someone who fishes as a diversion
[n] the occupation of catching fish

Misc. Definitions

\Fish"ing\, n.
1. The act, practice, or art of one who fishes.
2. A fishery. --Spenser.
\Fish"ing\, a. [From {Fishing}, n.] Pertaining to fishing; used in fishery; engaged in fishing; as, fishing boat; fishing tackle; fishing village. {Fishing fly}, an artificial fly for fishing. {Fishing line}, a line used in catching fish. {Fishing net}, a net of various kinds for catching fish; including the bag net, casting net, drag net, landing net, seine, shrimping net, trawl, etc. {Fishing rod}, a long slender rod, to which is attached the line for angling. {Fishing smack}, a sloop or other small vessel used in sea fishing. {Fishing tackle}, apparatus used in fishing, as hook, line, rod, etc. {Fishing tube} (Micros.), a glass tube for selecting a microscopic object in a fluid.