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Epode Poem Definition

The definition of: Epode is below.
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Definition of: Epode

Poetry Definition

The third stanza of a Pindaric ode. See ode.


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Standard Definition

Misc. Definitions

\Ep"ode\, n. [L. epodos, Gr. ?, fr. ?, adj., singing to, sung or said after, fr. ? to sing to; 'epi` upon, to + ? to sing: cf. F. ['e]pode. See {Ode}.] (Poet.) (a) The after song; the part of a lyric ode which follows the strophe and antistrophe, -- the ancient ode being divided into strophe, antistrophe, and epode. (b) A species of lyric poem, invented by Archilochus, in which a longer verse is followed by a shorter one; as, the Epodes of Horace. It does not include the elegiac distich.


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