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Arcadia - Definition

The definition of: Arcadia is below.
There are 4 syllables in the word Arcadia.
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Definition of: Arcadia

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Poetry Definition

Originally a mountainous area in the Peloponnese; then a symbol for idyllic rural life. Virgil's Eclogues were set in Arcadia. See also pastoral.


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Standard Definition

[n] a department of Greece in the central Peloponnese

Misc. Definitions

\Ar*ca"di*a\, n. [L. Arcadia, Gr. ?.]
1. A mountainous and picturesque district of Greece, in the heart of the Peloponnesus, whose people were distinguished for contentment and rural happiness.
2. Fig.: Any region or scene of simple pleasure and untroubled quiet. Where the cow is, there is Arcadia. --J. Burroughs.