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Anacrusis - Definition

The definition of: Anacrusis is below.
There are 4 syllables in the word Anacrusis.
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Definition of: Anacrusis

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Poetry Definition

In poetry, anacrusis is the lead-in syllables that precede the first full measure, while, similarly, in music, it is the note or notes (even a phrase) which precede the first downbeat in a group. In the latter sense an anacrusis is often called a pickup, pickup note, or pickup measure.


In the Star Spangled Banner, the word "Oh" in the first line is an anacrusis.

Standard Definition

Misc. Definitions

\An`a*cru"sis\, n. [Gr. ?, fr. ? to push up or back; ? + ? to strike.] (Pros.) A prefix of one or two unaccented syllables to a verse properly beginning with an accented syllable.