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Sedoka - Definition

The definition of: Sedoka is below.
There are 3 syllables in the word Sedoka.
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Definition of: Sedoka

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Poetry Definition

Sedoka is a Japanese verse form that evolved from ancient songs. They can be mood poems, similar to tanka, or they can tell stories in the manner of a song. Sedoka consist of 6 lines of 5-7-7-5-7-7 syllables respectively. Each 5-7-7 unit is called a katauta. Traditionally, the second katauta says the same thing as the first katauta, although in a different way. In modern English the syllable count is somewhat more flexible, and there is usually a turn, or change in direction, in lines 3 and 5. The turn in line 3 is sharp, and the turn in line 5 is gentle.


Example by Unknown Author:

In Your Absence I write Sedoka...

I write sedoka
to tell you how my love grows
even in your short absence.
Since you went away
two bright red roses have bloomed—
your cat brought home a rabbit.

This morning the rain
left wet puddles on the lawn—
wind damaged the cherry tree.
The afternoon sun
dried the grass and I pruned
the minor garden damage.

Did you know actress
Anne Bancroft passed on Monday,
a youngster—seventy-three.
Thank you for phoning
to let me know you’ll be home on
Saturday for the Art Fair.

I must end this note—
the red rose in the white vase
dropped several petals today.
I place two inside—
write your name and lick the stamp
speeding my letter to you.

Out in the June sky
I see your face in the clouds
of the setting sun just now.
I pause in the dark—
on the horizon full moon
casts your shape to stand near me.

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