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The difference in the ism

Capitalism -
Is every man screwing everyone else.
But communism -
On the other hand, is just the reverse.

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America's Idle Pastime

America's (Idle) Pastime From New York, Austin, and L.A., From Cleveland and Seattle, Ingloriously they screech or bray In an auditioning battle. And by the time we all feel sick, (the judges homicidal!), we get to know from whom we’ll pick our next great Singing Idol. For the "A GROOK FOR ALL OCCASIONS" Poetry Contest of Suzzette Crous (using topic one, annoying sound and also etc topic, on a TV show I actually love!)

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Playboy Model.

Sweet sensual skin
wears scruples thin
until you see your own true sin.

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Is this a Grook or Not? (Nothing)

How can something come out from nothing
When nothing can come from nothing?
So nothing isn’t nothing when it results into something,
Because by then, it would’ve been something and not nothing,
Since something must always result from another thing, 
but never from nothing.
Because nothing is not anything and something is anything.
Nothing can never be something and something can never be nothing.
So what is this business of something coming from nothing?
Nothing…because there exists no such thing.

** 2000-- ummm I'm still trying to grasp this grook, haha
and my attempts at it are fizzling out so I'm going to be
sneaky and just submit this, lol 
please bear with me I have NO idea if this old write of mine 
can even classify as a grook! Sorry Charles...will still try to 
come up with something though...

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Jealous Beast

When it comes to the vacuum cleaner
my dog is a jealous beast,
showing off his fangs and claws.
Does he not know that I'd feed
my Oreck less if he, now and then, but
wiped his paws?

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Cosmic Karma

I traverse the oceans within a breeze
I light my way holding burning trees
Freeing my body, my heart, my soul
I talk and walk through miles and roads
I view the future with discernable need
Yet I succumb to my fate with noted heed

Do I lack the courage to go beyond my whole?
Do I feel the need to remain stagnant and tole?

I lack conviction in my sturdy brain
Trying to fight these excuses so lame

Solitary in my endeavours I so create
My weakness I continually berate

In my minds eye I spy this epic infused
In a twilight of colours I discover loosed 

Yet I traverse the oceans within a breeze
And light my way holding burning trees . . .

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Chihuahua Rides As Navigator

                                       Everywhere I go
                               My Chihuahua rides with me
                              In his McDonald's coffee cup
                               Right next to me on the seat

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Thirst (Grook-y Look-y)

the thirst for knowledge
makes one drown in mysteries
the thirst for happiness
makes one drown in miseries 

** July 13, 2010---I'm writing this with a half-asleep 
brain golly can anyone tell me if this is better --
pretty please? Shucks such a puzzle why I can't
grasp this form?? I need to sleep!! & the wind's 
howling outside too!!! Thanks for all who'll give their insights

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the she who slumbers among the numbers of content souls who abide not anger nor snide remarks
the she who sets the flames of verbiage to sparks
the she who sees my smiles though she sees me not
the she who follows a righteous and pious path and plot
she who grants me the grace of platitudes
with never any negative attitudes
the she whom i envision giggling and wiggling her way through this planet we call Earth
the she i deem a delight and have the the right for what's that's worth
        (c) 2011......Phreepoetry ~free cee!~

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Here’s to Möbius and his strip.

Like some attitudes, it is a circuitous

one sided trip!

© 2010 John M.Trusty

*For the Grook contest. Dedicated to A.F.Möbius (et al) and the attitude of some people, 
which will never be as fascinating as his strip.