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Moving Toward 2020 Vision
I realize it's been over a year now But, sorry dear, I just can't seem to move past our loss, nearly half our extended national family in one cataclysmic day. You mean the Donald and those who might consider voting for him again today and tomorrow if they could? Yes. Especially the ones who believe they are Christians in good faith and Catholics in good moral standing. You sound pro-life judgmental. And I feel victimized but these ZeroZone victim feelings of violation and fear to listen to national and Earth news, my sense of imploding climate doom, these include us all, even the most bigoted and demented and desecrating RightWing OnePercent, Because all our children and theirs and theirs are democratically equal in these exponential risks against Earth's 7-Generation designing and planning and cooperative living, in supporting PositivEnergy Democratic Trust restorative healing self-with-other perpetuating WinWin resiliently brillant healthy future regenerations. And would your sacred ecotherapy co-arise RightWing ego restorations, health trends toward something resembling secular with sacred healthy sanity? Well right now I would settle for becoming capable of explaining to our wealthy optimistic kids why nearly half those who voted in the U.S. in November of 2016, in the very last election before our 2020 PolyCultural Rapture, Why would good faith gospelers vote for competitive and punishing monocultural Trumpism, playing the miserable role of Anti-Restorative Healing Christ, when he specifically threatened He is pro-nationalistic supremacy more than pro-All EarthLives Matter. He is against protecting clean air, against restoring healthy organic soil, against protecting purity of living water, and against a federal commitment to universal health-care giving and receiving affordable to all U.S. PositivEnergy co-investors in good-faith social security and ecopolitical health-conservation optimization; His Red White and mostly Blue DeathLips spit against No Gun EarthZones, against WinWin non-violent PositivEnergy Democracy, cooperatively invested Trust, Good Faith, Healthy-Wealthy Enculturation. Wow! Your fascination with this CEO selection issue for this time and in this divided Red-RightWing Blue-LeftWing place has taken on epic Green Revolutionary West-Greets-East proportions of good YangRight resilient ego/eco-centered voters conjoining YinLeft resonant RightBrained poets and prophets, artists and permacultural healers who prefer not to fade among self-appointed Naked Apprentice Kings. With embarrassingly vain combovers. Don't forget his transparent mendacity when what Christians, and all good faith adults, pray for is moral integrity, within as without.
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