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make me yours pt1:erotica
Mitchell had been teasing Chris all day. It was one of those glorious "come to my house and watch black panther "Saturday's. Mitchell had soaked in all the emotions that flowed between them, but for the past week the sexual tension had grown monstrous. There was this time he "accidentally "bumped into her from behind and she felt like riding his stiff cock right there at the cafeteria. The afternoon was hot, so her booty shorts and crop top were justified. She found every opportunity to bend and she glowed in smiles whenever she noticed Chris twisting his legs in an awkward manner. She was an obsidian princess, with curves flowing profoundly. She had a cute look but he was just about to find out that demons can also come in halos and golden wings. She came with the popcorn and unannouncedly sat on his lap. "I hope I don't break it",she teased. Mitchell wiggled uncontrollably on top of Chris and he had to put his hands around her waist. She arched herself backwards and dragged his name slowly across her lips .Slow enough for the tropical Kenyan winds to pass through every syllable and blow the lust right into his ears ."let the games begin ",he thought to himself. His lips trailed a highway of flames along her neck, slightly tugging at her ears with his lips. She closed her eyes and let him take control. Her shy nature only allowed her to visualize his hands on her perky, well cupped breasts. It was as if he'd read her mind, because soon his hands were beneath her bra-less crop top, nipping her swollen buds and massaging her bouncy boobs. She was breathing in a desperate rage. "MORE ",her body seemed to scream. She went back to grind him in such chaotic rhythm. She got wet,hearing him growl beneath her ear. The foreplay came to a standstill when his throbbing dick came right at the entrance of her weeping pussy. She could no longer stand the clothes. She wanted to be filled and piped down so good till all the stars exploding all over her body aligned into a constellation .They undressed each other while grunting like the animals they were. Mitchell knelt to take in Chris' stiff cock between her full lips. He was going crazy, watching it dissapear and feeling the warmth and wetness inside. The slurping noises as she went faster were a crazy turn on. His shaft almost exploded, touching the back of her throat. He pulled out and gave her a long kiss. Their tongues invaded each others mouths as his hands grabbed onto her amazing buttcheeks. He massaged them, squeezed them and did whatever else his hands could. He put her on the carpet and she got on top of him, riding his face. He flipped her to the other direction so that she could blow him away. She smothered his face with her beautiful caramel pussy. He parted her buttcheeks and played swordfight with her clit and his tongue. Mitchell's body was vibrating and he slipped two fingers in her, pumping them in vigorously while still torturing her clit. She felt so good, his dick was stuck in her mouth like a thermometer. She resumed her initial position and rode his face, as his hands alternated from her breasts to her ass. She felt her walls clench around his tongue and closed her eyes, with an intense orgasm washing into his face. He looked cute that way. They tried going upstairs but he just laid her on the stairs. This was wilder than she expected. She closed her eyes, as he opened her legs wider.... Catch part two on the next chapter! Hope you like this. Share share share and don't forget to vote and leave a comment. ?????
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