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Lies, Liars and Love
Lies, Lovers and Love I- The Perfect Lie It was easy for her to say “I Love You”. She must have practiced it a thousand times, with the mirror as her lover. She said it as an afterthought, added to the conversation at just the right moment, her timing always impeccable. Her mouth opened and the words came out with the perfect lie. She needed to feel loved, and saying these words out loud made it all the more believable to her. What would come later did not add anything to the equation of being in love. Words injected into her orbit were objects to be shifted around, picked up for a time, discarded when they no longer served any purpose. She always remained confident of the outcome, unable to understand what she had said would become the lie between us. Her words rest on the floor in the dust bin of shallow memories that cannot be altered with the transit of time. Perhaps it is better to pretend what we know to be the truth is not what we heard. Words cannot equal love, for that to happen you cannot tell the perfect lie. II- The Death of Love Love often dies hard. Twisted into fragmentary Pieces, Bit by bit Until time and pain obliterate Everything. Love disappears around corners, behind doors, Within rooms, trapped Between two worlds. Both offer alternate endings, As the dark devours The light and what is left is what We cannot take with us. It is only in dreams of white clouds Are we allowed to see what is not there. The moment when love is squandered, Plummeted by the pain it causes. Bitter, Piercing, Unending. Lovers explain every misjudgment into Small judgments, Measured by the few words Never spoken. Parcels of love litter the ground, Fashioned into an unfinished puzzle That can never be solved. Lovers traverse the endless Corridor of memories Waiting to reclaim What they cannot, and in the end Will die a thousand deaths, But live only once. It is the nature of being in love. III- Lost and Found I was lost, your unintended victim the moment our lips touched, a seemingly innocent feathery whisper of a kiss, infused with the burning pain caused by bolt of lightning searing my heart. That moment between us was too long, even for a second. Every emotion I knew was scattered into microscopic particles of dust spewed across an endless barren desert without any chance of knowing love. There never are visitors to this place, only pilgrims trying to avoid the quicksand of love and not be swallowed up by a single misstep; each surrounded by the driftwood of a discarded love that will not end. I move across a vast plain, one foot in front of another, searching for shelter while your presence never seems to disappear, constantly dragged through my mind as I try to understand how this happened. There always is light in the night, but in the morning, nothing will have changed. I can still see the mountains in the distance and I still seem to be drifting further away from you, taken by a never-ending nightmare. Disoriented, I awake, wondering, where am I? Then I hear your voice calling my name from the bathroom as you come out of the shower, your body glistening and I remember your love, forever and a day.
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