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Voting With Our Feet
It seemed to me, when I was eight, U.S. Christian disciples and teachers had been given so much grace And had fundamentally boiled it down to settling for such small subcontinental WhitePatriarchal colonizing gratitude for God's universally healthy multicultural EarthTribes. It was so simple, when I was of sufficient college-bound age, to simply shop around play around work around the Great PolyPathic Perennial Philosophy to find others like my multiculturally grateful self. I voted with my feet but also quickly joined my heart and WinWin regenerative mind, my nature as my spirit flowing out and echoing back with resonant polyphonic four-toned gospels, abundant integrity of Truths with Beauty in Golden Ratios of Good with just plain mono-supremacist BadPolitics Climates of healthy wealth prevailing still with some rainy Monday pre-millennial pathology. I was, and remain, a conscientious objector to colonizing Christian fundamental-fascist supremacy of bad attitude toward sacred polypathic polycultures within our universal HolySpirit-Nature. For no RealTime Jewish Teacher would separate these two, YangNature with YinSpirit conjoined in YHWH; bicameral-trinitarian, patriarchal-matriarchal ego-eco humane-divine SacredHead, AlphaPoint BlackHole, Earth's AnimaMundi, Secular/Sacred Original Intent. I was a conscientious objector to Vietnam violence, to war and slavery and forced extractions and violent competitions aborting yet-unborn restorative therapies. A C.O. to less than co-passionate love for disenfranchised and under-valued women and for sadly maladapted and under-educated brilliantly healthy cooperative post-millennial children, Who somehow know pre-millennial Climate Change as opportunities to face post-millennial Climate Pathologies. What if polypathically loving children, or even WiseEldering adults, were free to Conscientiously Object with their feet? Object to nationalistic pathologies, disinvest from aggressive intent of too viciously circling and hoarding predators, trading bad-faith threats of economic-political OnePercent Supremacy enforcing and securing 99% apartheid while promising/threatening Gospel of PatriarchDominant Orthodox Grace not including yin-resilient eisegetical integrity of Holy ZeroZen EarthSpirit-Nature Filling with richer and deeper liturgical dancing, more sacred ego-ecosystemic WinWin balance of AnimaMundi, notnot just post-millennially (0)Sum-Core-Soul but Original Intent of DNA-RNA Multi-PolyPhonic RegeneratorGod. What if Conscientious Objectors felt free to follow our diverse Holy EarthSoul vocations wherever on Earth we are most deeply invited to DNA with RNA co-invest? Where meet our hearts and minds beyond and through any nationalistic boundaries, Cultural invitations we might find in response to merely passing an investment and personal-political education application with flying rainbow colors demonstrating experience to date with nurturing maturing as a healthy cooperative-loving grateful and actively integrating potential co-investor, and supporter, and voter for multicultures of healthy resilience, resonance, robust nutritional wealth long awaited by all international Conscientious Objectors to National Rights and Wrongs reigning supreme over Earth Climate and Energy and Nutrition and Health Matriotic Rights and Patriotic Wrongs. If I receive recruitment brochures on 100% recycling paper for Conscientious Objectors to extractive colonizing mentalities wanted in Malaysia and Fiji, Panama and Brazil, Egypt and South Africa, Ireland and Turkey, Israel and India, Japan and North and South Korea, Iceland and Australia, looking to attract objectors to Totalitarian Militaristic Cultures and EnCulturation, in all its secular and quasi-sanctimonious fundamentally xenophobic apartheid deformations, Looking for those supporting a thinner healthier non-violent Switzerland of nutritional and energy democracy, Rights to HealthingEarth, Mother Forest inhabitations, Pacific Beach combing and networking and sand reweaving waves of time ourselves. What Conscientious Objector could resist such lavish invitations to walk away from those left pre-millennially behind to think and stink its OK and safer to buy and sell and extract each others' sacred vocations? To health and healing and healer, to co-redeem, restore just and peaceful karma cultures. What God has conjoined as Sacred EarthTribes re-integrating cooperative ParadiseLost designed best for creole WinWinning together Elite and NotNotElite. I have always wanted healthier cooperative wealth, not only with Earth's humane conscientious objectors to Business As Usual Apartheid, but also bilaterally co-invested ego-ecoconscientious advocates mentors teachers parents most gracefully abundant and awesomely edible forest-dwellers, restoring turquoise surfing oceans, breathing in as out, Without annoying distractions of nationalistic apartheid investing in wall-building where YHWH has planted conjoining rivers, heading both from and toward MatrioticEarth's deeply learning sacred ecological polypathic theology.
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