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AntiEcological Apartheid
Patriotically empowered boundaries of apartheid are also economic and ecological apartheid of borders unrecognized by MatrioticEarth. Economic and ecological apartheid of Earth's nature ourselves, one Immigrant Creolizing Body, are inhumane and anti-healthy faces of politically empowered fascism, totalitarianism, rulership of patriarchally self-inspired Elites now rabidly cannibalizing our own overpopulating NatureSpirit MindBody. To become ProLife, for born and yet unborn, cannot be AntiLiving lack of future Earth. Demonic powers of fascism are politically autocratic forces building tolerance for desecrating polycultural natural-spiritual dipolar experiences, ecological history with mythic herstory of a self-cannibalizing Species turning against MotherEarth, flooding out and burning down our own drying-out SacredHabitat, Anima Mundi, Holy NatureSpirit. Desecrations of dipolar nature-spirit experience is our narrative of Earth's apartheid devolution toward monocultural ecopolitical capitalism, Our rapacious journey toward Loser outcomes for unwashed 99% masses, for what remains of One Sacred/Humane Organic LivingBody of Christ, if you prefer, of Buddha, for others, of Yang/Yin interdependent/empty = notnot (0)Sum calculating bicameral consciousness of self as others, of PolyPathic resonant equivalence with notnot Polyphonic resonance, double-binary regenerative strings for co-relational meta-physicists of and for PolyCultural EarthLife healthy outcomes, Or whatever mythos or logos you healthy ecology deeply and widely prefer. We suffer from punitive apartheids of mediated BadNews, devolution, degeneration, dying hopes and dreams. Outcomes our monocultural AmericaFirst advocates champion, so red and yellow and black and white unborn babies Lose prospects for any sacred climates of healthy futures. All those apartheid opposed to Golden Rule co-investments, Win-Win ecopolitical commitment have been incited, invited, to please continue raising your gambling RightWing hands to vote against unborn babies of all fading species, unborn healthy wombs, unborn wealthy eggs, rather than remaining actively stuck on strength and resilience of love, sacred grace, secular karma, natural-spiritual cause-effect co-development of EarthTribe's DNA-RNA Solidarity Traditions of ReGenesis, restorative justice as equitable peace. Exegetically orthodox nutrition of ancient WiseElder PolyPaths. So our GoodNews Gospel could become our 2020 ReVision, reweaving, regenerating, restoring healing ego-ecotherapy rather than continuing investments in apartheid. Putting back together what fundamentalist fake-piety, what fascist fake-patriotism, what aparthbeid fake-healthcare nationalism LeftBrain dominantly Business As WhiteCapital-Christian-AmericaFirst Usual has deductively separated, commodifying NonElite lives apart from God's long sacredly inclusive nature. It is not only rudely and crudely elitist to commodify EarthTribe's holonic secular-sacred potential balance, grace, karma. It is also anti-democratic and anti-healthcare and anti-longterm slow organic wealth of One PolyPathic-PolyPhonic Body SelfCare, where SecularSelf remains equivalently committed to notnot (0)Sum SacredEarth. Prime (0)Core bilateral dipolar Educational Relationship; GoldenRules and Rhythms and Revolutions of natural law as Sacred Original ResonantOrder. Personal and intimately loving, economically ecological, politically conjoining Win-Win actively cooperative bicameral hope in PositivEnergy ReVolutions for restoring local through global ego-ecojustice, postmillennial climate peace, first 1% through last 99%, for strong sun-warmed EarthFirst Days together And resilient nighttime DNA-RNA solidarity stallions whispering love's karmic grace with yet unrested cacophonic monoculturing residual nightmares, deep learning sacred anti-apartheid ecology, cooperative PositivEnergy EcoPolitics.
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