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Before The Day Ends
I saw a girl at the museum. I had to take her number It was like my heart woke up from a long slumber She was admiring a Picasso painting. I knew nothing about art so I just said it was amazing She said "Yeah. It's quite breathtaking" She was going into details I was going to be exposed but her beauty was enough for me to listen to her talking about something I loathed I mean the only thing that made less sense to me than paintings was poetry I didn't hear a word she said but I nodded unknowingly Then I realized I just said I was going to an auction I guess I have to work on y methods of seduction When I went to the auction and I saw how much people were bidding I got depressed Then I remembered this was my only way to get her interest I waited for the auctioneer to announce a very important painting that belonged to an artist whose name I couldn't pronounce I bid and the guy beside me raised We went back and forth. It felt like it could've went for days I won then I realized I was about to spend the money I had saved for a new car and tears almost fell from my eyes She was impressed so I guess it was job well done Now it was time for a date I deserved to have fun Before I asked her out she said "I gotta go. My boyfriend is waiting." I almost dropped dead I learned my lesson not a dollar will be spent Before I make sure the girl doesn't have a boyfriend I went to a gym which I've never done in my life I saw a girl on the bike and said she must become my wife I passed huge guys and went to the other bike I didn't know what It'd feel like We started a conversation, minutes later I was gasping for air I blacked out and when I regained consciousness. She wasn't there. I got up and started to cuss and everyone just started to stare Before I left the gym I saw a girl. She was even hotter but the manager wanted me out so I didn't bother I decided to go to the bar though I've never drank but first I had to stop at the gas station cause I had an empty tank Waiting for my turn I saw a hot lady beside her car I said "Hi, wanna join me? I was on my way to the bar" She said "Sure but can you do me a favor first? Can you please buy me a drink. I'm dying of thirst." It was a weird request but it was a small price. I was finally going on a date I came back with the drink but it was too late She stole my car. I was going to take hers but was stopped by 3 guys in matching shirts apparently it was their car and they thought I was the thief I said "It was just a misunderstanding guys. I'm gonna leave" Believe me I'm a good man I'm the victim here. You don't understand I tried to leave but before I could run They gave me a beating and man was it a good one I went to the bar. I almost forgot about finding a date I just wanted to drink and forget everything that happened today I ordered a bunch of drinks that sounded cool I got wasted quick and fell off my stool A chick helped me back up The bar was spinning and it didn't stop We had a conversation I was doing the talking I told her everything that had happened and she listened to every word that was spoken I paid and said I have to go She said "Do you know where you live?" I said "I don't know." She said "Let me help you get home" I said "I can do it on my own" She said "Fine. At least take this It's a special medicine take it then take a short rest You'll be sober quicker Believe me it'll help." I said "It better" I struggled to get home.I took the pills then laid down an hour later I woke up and looked around I remembered what happened. I remembered the girl Everything was clear when the world didn't twirl I ruined the best shot I had so far I hoped she was still there. I ran back to the bar I asked the bartender. He said "She comes every year She went back home. She thought about settling here but she's superstitious and after you rejected her she felt it was a sign to go back home." I was going to lose my mind I was walking in the street. It was afternoon I said to myself I better find a girl to go after soon Cause I made a vow to myself to not go home today without a date I've been alone for so long and I wanted to find love before it was too late. I thought for long where to go next I was interrupted by a text It was from a lady it said "Go to this address. A big surprise is waiting for you" I decided to go maybe God was rewarding me after all I'd been through The address was far and I didn't have enough money in my pocket. I stopped a car and the driver agreed to give me a lift but I was stuck with two smelly men in the backseat I was in the middle squeezed, that plus the heat. I felt so sick I left the car and I vomited I couldn't walk and if I was honest with Myself I was losing hope then I met a modest chick She give me a ride and bragged about her achievements all the way but it was nothing compared to what I'd been through today I reached the place and dialed the number I looked around and I saw a girl picking up her phone standing beside her lover. She said "This is embarrassing. That text wasn't meant for you. It was meant for my guy But I must've mistaken the last digit." I didn't know how to reply. She said "I hope I didn't cause you much trouble." I said "No. I actually live here." She said "Cool. I have to go" Going home was a bigger struggle than coming here Suddenly I remembered the gym, the bar and the auctioneer I wanted to be angry but didn't have any energy left I went home and in front of my door I found a gift I made sure it was for me before I opened it I held it carefully cause it felt like it could get broken quick It was a picture of me and an old friend from college She wanted to meet. I took a shower and put money in my wallet I met my friend her name was Candice She looked stunning in her black dress We had dinner. We fell for each other and after dinner we kissed. It was the best feeling to be honest The day ended and I kept my promise.
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