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Feeling Better, Maybe Not Bigger
Each sacred RightBrain is one of many DNA-RNA scripted WiseElders. RightBrain's first Word for perfectly humane, energy or nutrition, depends on exterior or interior perspective, resonantly compatible with emergent LeftBrain ego-strength as also Sacred RightBrain EcoFlow of Energy's Nutrition. What pre-millennially grew YangPatriarchal outpaced YinMatriarchal WiseElder sacred Traditions. Why? To teach us, prepare us, for what we need to polypathically remember for this Great Revolutionary Transition toward ClimateHealth, to invest more fully in Yang-Yin Left-Right equivalence. What could have been the Original Intent to bring light from YangLightning conjoining YinOil into humane Ego-EcoDivine deep dense consciousness? Light adds LeftBrain secular EarthSoul reflections to deeply immersed ecosystemic RightBrain regenerativity; a Great Transition Research History seeking ever deeper, denser, richer re-creation stories for sacred polypathic cultural antecedents of DNA-RNA Energy BiCameral Democracy, ecologically SecularLeft and beautifully SacredRight sustainable, promising each integrity's Paradise CoPresence of Ego-Eco's Loving NotSelf-Consciousness. Energy as Cosmic Nutritional Positive-Consciousness relies on WinWin to equal NotLose-Ego, NotLose EcoLogical optimization principles from Gaian prehistory, traditional tribal and plant energy cooperatives, land and water and air-based networks of nurturing energy, non-violent economic and political societies restoring ergodic rhythmed systems, patterns of ZeroZen Primal Relationship, Golden WinWin Rules for ethics and aesthetics, for energy and nutrition Prime Relationship, inside as outside, outside as inside democracy. Avoids unnecessarily burning bedeviled fuels, further concentrating smokehouse gases emerging inhumane stress-dissonant atmospheres, prisons, wars, xenophobia, totalitarian atheists and monotheists and polytheists poisoning our ocean biosystems with acid, castrating and raping our sacred soil with fascist chemicals, extinguishing lights of fading EarthTribe species of SacredEnergy, pathologizing human monoculturing climates unforgiving of inhumane sins and LeftBrain dominant dualistic errors of our supremacist plutocratic forefathers committed against SacredEnergy Democracy, washing LeftBrain hubris hands of future re-investments in at least another seven LeftHealth-RightSacredWealth Generations. Sacred Deep Energy CoOperativity speaks for redistributing and ultimately restoring justice within all EarthEnergy. Eliminating carbon waste streams to re-sacralize future energy resource extractions, Eliminating over-LeftBrain productions wasting SacredErgodic NutritionSystems, over-consumption of our grandchildren longing for past nutritional future co-investments Rather than continuing this EnergyBusiness as CommodifiedUsual growing rabidly paranoid climate stressed by overpopulation, Sacred RightBrain sleep deprivation and cultural marginalization, and other similar Western Patriarchal enculturations of a suspiciously eisegetical heterodox lack of humane-divine wu-wei balancing NutritionalEnergy May God bless Earth, where each sacred RightBrain remains one of many DNA-RNA WiseEnergy Elders.
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